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NOTE: To encourage studying the Quran, understanding and learning it, this site was launched in 2007.
We are in the year 2024. On June 7th, 2016 the translation of the whole Qur'an (114 Sowar (chapters) was completed. Praise to Allah.
Study the Quran in the form of questions and answers.
an update to study the Quran Next steps Allah willing for this site: Stay-tuned for the coming work on this site:
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the Whole Chapters = Sowar will be posted as soon as the links are ready.
Today's addition: Link to the Translation of Ayah 15 in Surat Abaqarah.

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"We did not (negligently) miss (= Ma Farrattna) anything in the Scripture (Qur'an)." Translation of Verse 38 in Chapter "AlAn'am" in the Qur'an.

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Study the Quran and seek answers from the Quran in English to do scientific research and for truth-finding contemplation. In the Form of Questions. The answers are based on Qur'anic Verses (Lines).

The Qur'an is not mythology, a fantasy or man-made. It is the Powerful Truth from The Ultimate Truth (Allah = The God, The Creator of man and the Universe).
Allah, the Arabic word for God, is cognate, same ancestral language, with the Hebrew word for God, Eloh, used in the Bible.

The Qur'an (610 CE - 632 CE) is interactive and is for all people, all times, and all places. Some of its verses are obscure in their deep meaning. Prophet Muhammad did not explain them because people of the seventh century would not have understood for example about the definition of death. Thus they are waiting for human research to develop and discover more facts that will unravel the scientific secrets made obscure in the Qur'an.

Please note that in human life, the human brain has a limited thinking capacity and cannot conceive Allah's huge concepts of time and space. consider the cells in the human body. Look towards the space and contemplate about the trillions of galaxies which were created billions of years ago, you will understand what I have said.

In Chapter 'AlNisa' in the Quran, Verse 28 reads "Allah wants to ease it for you and human being is created weak." So in front of a big concept which is beyond current human perception just glorify the Name of Alah and try to move on. Otherwise history shows that some people had converted from believers to disbelievers.

The Holy Qur'an is only in the Arabic language. The site offers in easy English: 1) A translation, from Arabic into English, of selected verses from the Qur'an. 2) A transliteration (spelling) from Arabic into English of some Qur'anic words.

The site is missing: The rhythmic prose and free verse, the rich vocabulary, the grandeur and the glorious tone of Allah's Words in the Arabic Language - the language of the Qur'an.

As the late scholar and famour translator of the Quran 'Abdullah Yusuf Ali' explained, there is no translation or notes that can do adequate justice to the full meaning of Allah's Ayat (Miraculous Signs = Qur'anic verses or Lines), so only the simplest translation is included in this site.

Example of a Must-Read in the Qur'an: About the value of the Qur'an in Translation of: Ayah 21, Surat AlHashr.

The developer of the site was born, lived and studied Arabic in Kuwait, is a librarian (MLS, USA) who also holds a Bachelor Degree in English Literature and Translation (Arabic-English) from Kuwait University.

The site was developed and launced in Toronto, Canada in 2007 - 2023.  made in Canada.

A challenge! The Qur'an (in Arabic) is a miracle that was sent down upon the heart of the Messenger Muhammad peace be upon him - a Prophet of Allah. If you do not find every Verse of the Qur'an greater than its sister, you may blame the translation on the translator of this site or the shortcoming of the English Language. So seek answers from the Quran to contemplate (= Tadabbur AlQur'an) and to research.

A supplication to Allah: May Allah benefit us with the Qur'an in our lives and make the Qur'an our companion in our graves and the source for our elevated ranks in Paradise. Amen!

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