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Plagiarism from the Qur'an
(Literary Theft from the Qur'an without crediting the Qur'an)
= Al-Intihal (Intihal Ara' Wa Kalimat AlQur'an)

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Q: What is the punishment of anyone who plagiarizes the Qur'an and refers the new production to himself or to any made up prophet?
A: So woe (destruction) to those who write 'the book'* with their hands then they say "this is from Allah" so as to exchange it for a small price! So woe to them from what their hands wrote! And woe to them for what they gained.
Translation of: Ayah 79, Surat AlBaqarah.
* No one can produce like the Qur'an. If someone makes a production in anyway similar to the Qur'an without crediting the Qur'an then plagiarism from the Qur'an has occurred. Line 88 in Chapter AlIsra in the Qur'an is translated as: "If all human beings and all the race of Jinn gather together to produce the like of this Qur'an - they can not make the like of it even if they backed up one another."
Words: Yaktub = Writes, Aydy = Hands, Yaqoul = Says, Ind Allah = From Allah, Yashtari = Exchanges - Purchases, Sthaman = Price, Qaleel = Little, Yaksab = Earns.

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