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The 99 Attributes (Names) of Allah

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Allah can be called with 99 Names called Attributes. Each Attribute is mentioned in the Qur'an.

Q: If Allah has 99 Names (Attributes), which Name should we call Him with?
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) call upon Allah or call the Lord of Mercy or whatever (Name) you call with so to Him belongs the Best Names (Attributes) - and do not say your prayer loud and do not whisper it and seek between them a (middle) way.
Translation of: Ayah 110, Surat AlIsra' (also known as Surat Beni Israel).
Words: Edou = Call, AlRahman = The Lord of Mercy - The Most-Merciful, AlAsma' = Names (Attributes), Sabeela = Way - Path.

Q: What belongs to many Muslims and can convey a big religious message? (Even a lot of followers of other religions have them and they will not be stripped out of them)?
Note: Re: Hijab-wearing teen ref red-carded - Soccer association says it follows FIFA's rules: No religious messages.

A: And to Allah belongs the Best Names (Attributes)* so do call Him with them and leave alone those who sinfully deviate (change to abuse)** from His Names - they will be repaid for what they were doing.
Translation of: Ayah 180, Surat AlA'raf.
* Many Muslims' names have the word Abd = "servant" as a prefix added to each of Allah's Attributes.
Many other Muslims are called by the names given to the Prophet Muhammad. The Prophet Muhammad said: The best names (in Islam) what "is served" (followed by Allah's Attribute) and what "is praised". = Khairu AlAsma' Ma Ubbida wa Hummida
** Arab polytheists before Islam worshipped some female idols as godesses: "Allat" whose name was derived from Allah. "AlUzza" whose name was derived from Allah's Attribute (AlAzeez). "Manat" whose name was derived from Allah's Attribute (AlMannan). Source: The Ex-Mufti of Egypt "AlSheikh Hassanain Muhammad Makhlouf's: Safwat AlBayan liMa'ani AlQur'an. Page 228.
Words: AlAsma' = The Names - The Attributes, AlHusna = The Best, Tharou = Leave alone, Yulhidoun = Sinfully deviate (change to abuse), SaYujzawna = They will be repaid.

Q: What glorifies Allah besides man?
Note: Surat 'AlHashr' begins and ends by glorification of Allah.
A: Whatever is in the Heavens and whatever is on earth had glorified* Allah and He is The AlMighty The All-Wise.
Translation of: Ayah 1, Surat AlHashr.
* To glorify Allah is to hold Allah High above any shortcoming or anything that does not suit His Supremacy. Everything glorifies Allah.
Words: Sabbaha = Had glorified.

A: He is Allah The Creator The Originator of creation The Shaper (of forms) - to Him belongs the Best Names (Attributes) - whatever is in the Heavens and whatever is on earth glorifies Him and He is The AlMighty The All-Wise.
Translation of: Ayah 24, Surat AlHashr.
Words: Yusabbeh = Glorifies.

Q: Why do you see a lot of Muslims with the name of "Abdullah = servant of Allah" and not with the name of "Abd AlRubb or Abd Rubbihi ...etc = servant of the God or servant of his God"?
A: Allah there is no god but He - to Him belongs the Best Attributes (Names).
Translation of: Ayah 8, Surat Taha.
Note: Arab Christians and Arab Jews call persons with the name "Abd AlRubb" = servant of the God.
Note: The word "Rubb = god" can be applied by people to any god they worship. Remember what Muslims know that after death the two angels "Munker and Nakeer" come to each dead person in his grave, they help him sit down (awaken) him and ask him three questions: 1. "Men rubbuka = Who is your God?" The Muslim person replies Allah. 2. "Ma Deenuka = What is your religion?" The Muslim person replies: Islam. 3. "Men nabbiyyuka = Who is your prophet?" The Muslim person replies: Muhammad peace be upon him."
Note: Remember the life of "AlBarzakh" where the above mentioned three questions will be asked.
Words: La Illaha = God, Illa Howa = But He - Except He, Lahu = To Him belongs, AlAsma' = Attributes - Names, AlHusna = The Best.

Q: How does Allah describe Himself?
A: He is Allah other than Whom there is no god but He - The All-Knowing of the (World of the) Unseen and Witness* - He is The Lord of Mercy The Most Merciful.
Translation of: Ayah 22, Surat AlHashr.
* Each of us will be either a witness or witnessed. The Day of Judgement will take place in the presence of spectators 'witnesses'). The Day of Judgement is the Day of the World of the Unseen and Witness.
Words: Howa Allah Allathi La Ilaha Illa Howa = He is Allah other than Whom there is no god but He, Aalim = All-Knowing, AlGhayb WalShahadah = The Unseen and Witness, AlRahman = Lord of Mercy, AlRaheem = The Most Merciful.

Q: What Attributes (Names) of Allah condemn those who join any partner with Allah?
A: He is Allah other than Whom there is no god but He - The King (of kings) The All-Holy The All-Source of Peace The All-Source of Faith The Dominant The AlMighty The One Of Absolute Capability The Justly Arrogant - glory to Allah (Allah is High) above what partner they join (with Him).
Translation of: Ayah 23, Surat AlHashr. (59:23)
Note: The translation of the preceding Line is above.
The translation of the succeeding Line.
Note: The translation of the 99 Attributes (Names) of Allah.
Note: His Holiness.
Note: The Justly Arrogant.
Words: Subhan Allah =Glory to Allah, Yushrikoun = What partner they join.

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