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The Unseen = (AlGhayb)

Q: Who owns the Unseen?
A: And to Allah belongs the Unseen of the Heavens and the earth and the Command of The Hour (Day of Judgment) is as in the wink of an eye or it is nearer indeed Allah upon everything is All-Capable.
Translation of: Ayah 77, Surat AlNahl. (16:77)
Words: Ghayb = Unseen, AlSamawat = The Heavens, AlArdh = The earth, AlSa'ah = The Day of the Judgment, KaLamhiLBasr = As in the wink of an eye - In a wink, Agrab = Nearer, Kuli Shaye' = Upon everything, Qadeer = All-Capable.

Q: What is the answer to those who say that they will certainly get what is unseen?
A: And have you considered the one who disbelieved in Our Miraculous Lines (Qur'an) and said I would certainly get wealth and children; Had he been informed about the Unseen or had he taken from the Most Merciful a Pledge; Never - We (Allah) will write what he says and We will prolong for him the punishment; And We (Allah) will make him inherit what he says and he will come to Us alone.
Translation of: Ayat 77 - 80, Surat Maryam. (19:77-80)
Words: AFaRa'ayta = And have you considered, Kafara = Disbelieved, Malan = Wealth - Money, Walada = Children, Ittala = Was informed, Ahda = A Pledge - A Solemn Promise, Namudu = Prolong, AlAthab = The Punishment.

Q: Did Allah's Messengers receive some information about the Unseen World?
A: (Allah) The All-Knowing of the World of the Unseen so He does not inform anyone of His Unseen; Except whom He (Allah) had chosen for a Messenger then He makes (angels) pass him from the front and the back in surveillance*; To make sure that they (Messengers) had delivered the Messages of their God and He (Allah) had knowledge of what (knowledge) they (Messengers and angels) had and He had counted the numbers of everything.
Translation of: Ayat 26 - 28, Surat AlJinn. (72:26-28)
* Angels guarding against the interference of Jinn.
Words: Yudhir = Informs, Ahada = Anyone, Irtadha = Has chosen, Rasool = Messenger, Yasluku Min Bayni Yadayhis Wa Min Khalfihi Rassada = He makes pass him from the front and the back in surveillance, Risalati = Messages, Ahaatta = Had knowledge, Ladaihim = They have, Ahssa = Counted - Enumerated, Kula Shay' = Everything, Adada = Numbers.

Q: Does Allah know the secrets of our hearts?
A: Those who fear their God secretly, for them is Forgiveness and a great Reward. And Keep your talk secret or say it; He (Allah) has full knowledge of what is in your hearts. How can The One Who created not know! and He is The Most Kind and The Expert.
Translation of: Ayat 12 - 14, Surat AlMulk.
Words: Yakhsha = Fears, Maghfirah = Forgiveness, Ajr = Reward, Kabeer = Great, As'irou = Keep secret, Ijharou = Say, That AlSoudour = Heart.

Q: How much is the knowledge of Allah about the hidden things?
A: O my son (Luqman* said to his son) (even) if it (deed) is the weight of a seed of mustard and it is in a rock or in the Heavens or the earth Allah will bring it forth (for account) for Allah is All-Kind, All-Expert.
Translation of: Ayah 16, Surat Luqman. (31:16)

* A wise man said to be a carpenter from a place south of Egypt in Africa. According to "Tafseer waBayan Mufridat AlQuran" in Arabic page 412: A righteous man who used to give formal advisory opinion "fatwa" before the prophethood of David "= Dawood". Then he gained the knowledge delivered by the Prophet David and stopped giving "AlFatwa". He said: Should it not be enough for me (giving Fatwa) when there is enough 'knowledge' above me for me (Allah's Message in the Qur'an) (= ala aktafi itha kufeetu).
Words: Misthqal = Weight of, Habbah = Seed, Khardal = Mustard, Sakhrah = Rock, Ya'ti = Brings forth.

Q: What comes under the knowledge of the the Unseen?
A: Indeed Allah has the knowledge of the Hour (time of the Day of Judgment) and He sends down the rain and He knows what is in the wombs (before the fetus is made) and no soul knows what is going to earn tomorrow (what will happen) and no soul knows in what land it is going to die indeed Allah is All-Knowing, All-Acquainted.
Translation of: Ayah 34, Surat Luqman. (31:34)
Words: Indahu = He has, Ilm = Knowledge, AlSa'ah = The Hour - Day of Judgment, Yunazil = Sends down, Ghaysth = Rain, Ya'lam = Knows, Ar'ham = Wombs, Tadri = Knows, Nafs = Soul, Taksib = Earns, Ghad = Tomorrow, Ardh = Land, Tamout = Dies.

Q: Faith means to believe in the Unseen with your intellect without seeing it. Is it advisable for a person to become Muslim at the time of death for example?
A: Are they waiting for the angels to come? Or for your God to come? Or for some of the Signs (miracles - punishment) of your God to come? The day when any of the Signs of your God comes then the soul's faith (in Allah) will be of no use to it if it did not have faith earlier or if it did not earn in its faith good deeds; Say: Wait (for the Signs)! For we are waiting (for Allah's Judgment)!
Translation of: Ayah 158, Surat AlAn'am.
Words: Yanthur = Wait, Ta'tee = Comes, Ayat = Signs, Yanfe' = Be of use, Kasabat = Earned, Khairun = Good deeds, Muntathir = Waiting.

Q: How far does Allah's knowledge extend?
A: He (Allah) knows what goes into the earth (rain, the dead...etc) and what comes out of it (plants, animals...etc) and what comes down from the sky (angels, revelations, rain...etc) and what ascends (angels, souls...etc) into it and He is the Most-Merciful the Most-Forgiving. And those who disbelieve say: The Hour (Judgment Day) will not reach us. Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) yes indeed - by my God - it will certainly come upon you - (Allah) the All-Knowing of the the unseen - Not a tiny particle in the Heavens nor in the earth is hidden from Him and nothing smaller nor bigger except in a Clear Record (in the Heavens).
Translation of: Ayat 2 - 3, Surat Saba'.
Words: Ya'lam = He knows, Yalij = Goes into, Yakhruj = Comes out, Yanzil = Comes down, Ya'ruj = Ascends, Ta'ti = Reaches - Comes, AlSaa'ah = The Hour, Ya'zab = Is Hidden, Misthqal Tharrah = Tiny particle, Asghar = Smaller, Akbar = Bigger, Kitab = Record - Book, Mubeen = Clear - Self-Explanatory.

Q: Why did the Muslims around the Prophet Mohammad grieved when the Romans lost the war against the Persians? And what does Allah tell them about the Unseen?
Note: Alif Lam Meem; The Romans were Christians. The Persians then were Magus (worshippers of Fire).
A: The Romans have been defeated; In a land close by (Mecca) and they after their defeat will be victorious; In a few years; To Allah (refers) the whole matter from the past and in the future and then the faithful (Muslims) will rejoice. With Allah's support He makes victorious whoever He pleases and He is the All-Powerful, the Compassionist. It is the promise of Allah and Allah does not fail His promise but yet a lot of people do not know.
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 6, Surat AlRoum.
Note: The Romans lost the war against Persia when the Muslims were in Mecca. Then the Romans won the war against Persia when the Muslims were in AlMadina.
Words: Guliba = Has been defeated, Adna = Close by, Ardh = Land, Yaghlib = To be victorious, Bidh' = few, Tafrah = Rejoices, Yansur = Makes victorious, Wa'd = Promise, Ya'lam = Knows.

Q: Are even the small details of everything in the world recorded?
Note: Remember that Allah's standards of everything are sublime and higher than humans.
A: And with Him (Allah) are the keys of the unseen - no one knows them except He - and He knows what is in the earth and sea and no leaf falls without Him knowing it and neither a grain in the depths of darkness of the earth nor a tender (plant) neither a dry (plant) except in an Unmistakable Record*.
Translation of: Ayah 59, Surat AlAn'am.
* Called the Guarded Tablet (Al'Lowh AlMahfoudh) kept in the Heaven.
Words: Ind = With, Mafateh = Keys, Ya'lam = Knows, Bar = Earth - Land, Bahr = Sea, Habbah = Grain, Ratb = Tender - Wet, Yabis = Dry, Kitab Mubeen = Unmistakable Record - Clear Book.

Q: What are some points for contemplation from Allah's knowledge of the unseen?
Note: What Allah takes an oath by are important points worthy of attention and contemplation. Reference can be both in life and in the World of the Unseen.
A: By the Mount (Sinae)*; And by the (Initial) Record (with Allah) written in lines (Kitab Mastoor)**; In a scroll spread open*** (on the Day of Judgment); By the much-frequented House**** (of Allah); By the Ceiling (sky) that is lifted high*****; By the ocean which is overflowing******; For the punishment of your God is certainly coming to pass; For it there is no repellent.
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 8, Surat AlToor. (52:1-8)
* Where Allah talked to the Prophet Moses. (refer to Surat Taha)
** In life refers to Allah's Holy Books. Also remember that the first thing Allah created was the pen. (refer to Note 2)
*** for reading. Also " --- and We (Allah) will take out (= nukhrij) for him (everyone) on the Day of Judgment a record he will find it spread open;" Translation of Line 13 in Chapter AlIsra' in the Qur'an.
**** In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad to his companions: Do you know what is "ALBayt AlMa'mour" ( = The much-frequented House "of Allah")? They said: Allah and His Prophet know better! The Prophet said: It is a House of Allah in the Heaven exactly over the position of AlKa'bah (in Mecca) - if it falls it will fall on AlKa-bah. Everyday (differnt) seventy thousand angels pray in it (= itha kharajou minhu lem ya'oudou akhir ma alayhim)(each seventy thousand has the channce to pray only once). Source: Mukhtasar Tafseer Ibn Kastheer. Volume 3, page 389.
***** The Sky will become fragile and will be split open on the Day of Judgment "When the sky is split open;" Translation of Line 1 in Chapter AlInshiqaq in the Qur'an.
****** Water "of life" under Allah's Throne which will flow down to raise up the dead on the Day of Judgment. See The creation of humans from earth is compared to the creation of plants. (refer to Surat Noah)
Note: In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: There is no day but the water becomes on the verge of overflowing on earth but Allah stops it. Source: Mukhtasar Tafseer Ibn Kastheer. Volume 3, page 389.
Words: Toor = Mount, Kitab = Record, Mastoor = Written in lines, Riq = Scroll, Manshour = Spread open, Bayt = House, Ma'mour = Much-frequented, Saqf = Ceiling - Sky, Marfou' = Lifted high, Bahr = Ocean - Body of water, Athab = Punishment, Lawaqi' = Certainly is going to pass (happen), Da'fi' = Repellent.

Q: Why should we control ourselves at times of grief or happiness?
A: No misfortune happens on earth or in yourselves except (it is) in a Record* before We (Allah) bring it into existence - for that is for Allah easy; So that you do not grieve** over what you missed neither do you become maliciously delighted** with what turns well for you and Allah does not like anyone who is self-conceited, boastful.
Translation of: Ayat 22 - 23, Surat AlHadeed.
* Remember that the first thing Allah created was the pen.
** Man should be patient in time of grief and grateful to Allah in time of joy.
Note: In a summary of two sayings of the Prophet Muhammad: The Prophet Moses debated with Adam so he told him: You caused man to be expelled from the Heaven with your sin so you made him suffer. Adam said: How many years you found out that Allah had written the Torah before I was created? Moses said: Forty years. Adam said: Did you see in it "And Adam disobeyed His God so he was deluded." Moses said: Yes! Adam said: So do you blame me if I did something that Allah had written for me to do forty years before creating me! The Prophet Muhammad said: So Adam won the debate. Source: Mukhtasar Tafseer Ibn Kastheer. Volume 2, page 496.
Words: Asaba = Happens - Museebah = Misfortune - Calamity, Kitab = Record, Nabra' = We bring into existence, Yaseer = Easy, LiKayla = So that, Fata= Missed, Tafrah = You become maliciously delighted, Aata = Turns well for you - Becomes in your favour - Comes your way, Kulu = Anyone, Mukhtal = Who is self-conceited, Fakhour = Boastful.

Q: What did Allah prewrite before making the creation?
Note: Remember to Allah the past, the present and the future of everything is an open book.
A: And We (Allah) destined for Hell many Jinn and humans; They have hearts with which they do not understand (faith in Allah) and they have eyes with which they do not see and they have ears with which they do not hear; They are like the cattle; Yet they are further astray; Those are the unaware.
Translation of: Ayah 179, Surat AlA'raf.
Note: In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: Allah wrote the fate of all his creation before creating the Heavens and the earth by fifty thousand years and His Throne then was on water. Source: Mukhtasar Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, page 68.
Note: From the Qur'anic line it is understood that Jinn, from whom is Satan, have hearts, eyes and ears.
Words: Thara' = Destined - Made, Quloub = Hearts, Yafqah = Understands, A'yun = Eyes, Yubsir = Sees, A'than = Ears, Yasme' = Hears, An'am = Cattle, Adhal = Further astray, Ghafil = Unaware - Inattentive.

Q: What is destiny (fate)?
A: --- and the Command of Allah is a decreed destiny (fate).
Translation of: Ayah 38, Surat AlAhzab.
Note: The complete line 38 and a line before it.
Words: Amr = Command, Qadar = Destiny - Fate, Maqdoura = Decreed - Predestined - Has to be fulfilled.

Q: With what other description is Allah's unseen in the Other World associated?
Note: Allah's unseen world will be revealed on the Day of Judgment.

A: And (command to Prophet Muhammad) say do (good) work for Allah will see your work and His Prophet and the believers (after the Prophet)* and then you will be returned to the All-Knowing (= Aalim) of the Unseen and Witness (= AlGhayb welShahadah) ** and He will inform you about what you were doing.
Translation of: Ayah 105, Surat AlTawbah.
* Each Prophet is a witness upon his companions. Remember the Prophet Jesus (= Issa) was a witness on his people when he was among them. On the Day of Judgement there will be witnesses among the believers besides the Prophets and the angels.
** Each of us will be either a witness or witnessed (The Day of Judgement will take place in the presence of spectators 'witnesses').
Note: Muslims should compete to be witnesses for Allah on the Day of Judgment. The words "shaheed" and "shuhada'" are used many times in the Qur'an. Every time witness(es) is meant and not martyrs (in the Arabic Language "shaheed" also means a martyr).
Note:Islam is based on the testimony "I witness that there is no god but Allah and I witness that Muhammad is a prophet of Allah." Remember the Covenant with Allah.
Words: E'malou = Do work, Saturadoun = You will be returned, Aalim AlGhayb = The All-Knowing of the Unseen - The All-Knowing of the Hidden, AlShahadah = The Witness - The Testimony.

Q: How do you know that Allah has pre-knowledge of what is going to happen?
A: And there is nothing unseen in the Heavens or the earth except in an explicit Record* (with Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 75, Surat AlNaml. (27:75)
* Allah's Record in which everything was written before creating man. (refer to Surat Yunus)
Words: Ghaaibah = Hidden, Kitab = Record, Mubeen = Explicit - Clear.

Q: What two things that man conceals does Allah the Holder of the Unseen know?

A: He knows the treachery of the eyes* and what the hearts conceal.
Translation of: Ayah 19, Surat Ghafir (40:19).
* (= Khaainat AlA'yun). Looking intentionally at the forbidden or signaling (winking) a forbidden thing with the eyes.
Note: In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: The Prophet wanted someone specific to be killed. When the person came to the gathering no one killed him. The Prophet asked the companions later why no one took action. One of them said only if you winked to us about him. The Prophet answered Allah's messengers should not have the treachery of the eyes (= Khaainat alA'yun). Source will be added later insha Allah.
Words: Ya'lam = He knows, Khaainat AlA'yun = The treachery of the eyes, Tukhfi = Conceal, AlSudour = The hearts - The chests.

Q: What is associated with the Unseen?
A: (Everything belongs to) The All-Knowing of the Unseen and Witness* - so Exalted (= Ta'ala) is He above what they partner (with Him).
Translation of: Ayah 92 , Surat AlMo'minoun.
* Note that the Other World is the world of the Unseen and Witness. The Unseen will then become seen and proved.
Note: Ayat 88 - 89 in Surat AlMo'minoun in the Qur'an.
Words: Aalim = The All-Knowing, AlShahadah = Witness, FaTa'ala = So Exalted is He, Yushrikoun = They partner.

Q: Which god that people join as partner with Allah knows the World of the Unseen (the Hidden)?
Note:: (Joining partner(s) with Allah (= yushrikoun from 'shirk'): Please read first the translation of the preceding Lines 59 - 64 in Surat AlNaml.
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) none of those in the Heavens or the earth knows the Unseen except Allah and they* do not (even) feel when they are going to be raised up.
Translation of: Ayah 65, Surat AlNaml. (27:65)
* Idols are forms for creatures worshipped by disbelievers.
Words: La Ya'lem = None knows, AlGhayb = The unseen - The future, Ma Yasharoun = They do not feel, Yubasthoun = They will be raised up.

Q: What is the name of the Other World that is hidden from us?
A: (Allah is) All-Knowing (= Aalim) of the Unseen and Witness* - The AlMighty The All-Wise.
Translation of: Ayah 18, Surat AlTaghabun. (64:18)
* The Other World is the World of the Unseen and Witness.
Words: Aalim = All-Knowing, AlGhayb = The unseen - The hidden, AlShahdah = The Witness - The Testimony.

Q: What is an example of supernatural truths (= Ghaybiyyat) which belong to Allah's Unseen/Invisible World?
A: The Gardens of Eden (complete bliss) which the Most-Merciful had promised His servants in the Unseen (Invisible = BilGhayb) - indeed it is that His Promise is going to be realized.
Translation of: Ayah 61, Surat Maryam. (19:61)
Words: Jannat = Gardens, Eden = Complete Bliss, Wa'ada = Had promised, Ibadahu = His servants, BilGhayb = In the Unseen - In the invisible, Kana Ma'tiyya = Is going to be realized.

Q: What is the Attribute of Allah for All-Knowing the unseen of the past, present and future of this world?
Note: Remember that Allah is All-Knowing of the 'Unseen and Witness' (= Aalim AlGhayb welShahadah) - indication here is to the coming Other World.
A: Indeed Allah is All-Knowing of the Unseen of the Heavens and earth (Universe)* (= Aalim Ghayb AlSamawat welArdh) - indeed He is All-Knowing of what is in the bottom of hearts** .
Translation of: Ayah 38, Surat Fatir.
* Remember where there are stars in the Universe that is only the lowest Heaven.
** "= BiThat AlSodour": Place of deep hidden human secrets and feelings.
Words: BiThat AlSodour = What is in the bottom of hearts.

Q: Why should a believer seek refuge with Allah against the bad thoughts that pass through his mind?
A: And if you raise your voice (Allah knows it) - because He (Allah) knows what is secret and what is more concealed*.
Translation of: Ayah 7, Surat Taha. (20:7)
* For example when one winks. (In Surat Ghafir)
Words: Tajhar BilQawl = Raise your voice, FaInnahu = Because He knows, AlSirr = What is secret, Akhfa = What is mroe concealed.

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