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First: Who fears Allah the most?

Indeed who fear Allah from His servants are the men of learning (with in-depth knowledge = AlUlama').
Translation of Line 28 in Chapter 'Fatir' in the Qur'an.

Q: Does the frightening sound of thunder mean something?
Note: Please read first the translation of the preceding ayah 12 in Surat AlRa'd.
A: And thunder praises His glory (= Yusabbeh) and the angels (too) from His (Allah's) awe (respect with wonder) - and He sends thunderbolts so He strikes with them whom He wills - and (yet) they argue about Allah and He is a Hard Plotter*.
Translation (from Arabic into English) of: Ayah 13, Surat AlRa'd. (13:13)
* Who can put you in a trap or punish you without even you knowing it.
Words in the Ayah (Arabic = English): AlRa'd = Thunder, Yusabbeh = Praises - Holds above any shortcoming, BiHamdihi = His Glory - His Praise, AlMala'ikah = The Angels, AlSsawa'iq = Thunderbolts, Yujadiloun = They argue, Shadeed AlMihal = Hard Plotter - All-Powerful in plotting.

Q: Are mountains stable in one place?
A: You see the mountains and think they are motionless (fixed) while (actually) they pass like the passing of clouds - the making of Allah Who perfected everything indeed He is Well-Acquainted with what you (plural) do.
Translation of: Ayah 88, Surat AlNaml. (27:88)
Words: Aljibal = The mountains, Jamidah = Motionless - Not moving, Alsihab = The clouds, Sune' = The making - The work, Atqana = Perfected - Made perfect, Kulla Shayen = Everything - All things, Khabeer = Well-Acquainted - All-Expert.

Q: If the river pours in a sea, why doesn't the fresh water mix up with the salt water?
A: Allah let flow the two bodies of water - this is fresh water and the other is salty and He made a divider and a forbidden restraint between them.
Translation of: Ayah 53, Surat AlFurqan.
Words: Al Bahrain = Two seas, Athb = Sweet, Milh = Salt, Barzakh = Divider, Partition, Hijr = Forbidden restraint - Forbidden control.

Q: What does Allah do to the shadow?
A: Can you not see how your God spread the shadow and if He wants He could have made it stable (not moving) and then We made the sun a proof for it; Then We drew it back to Us (Allah) with easy drawing back.
Translation of: Ayah 45 - 46, Surat AlFurqan.
Words: Al Dhill = The shadow, Saakin = Stable in one place, Al Shams = The sun, Daleel = Proof, Qabdhan = Drawing back - Holding, Yaseera = Easy.

Q: Why does the shadow move?
A: Have they not seen how the shadows of the non-living things that Allah created move to the right and the left, lying flat on the ground in prostration (worship) while they are humbled (= Dakhiroun).
Translation of: Ayah 48, Surat AlNahl. (16:48)
Words: Yarau = They see, Khalaqa = created, Shay'e = Thing, Yameen = Right, Sujaddan = Lying flat on the ground in porstration, Lillah = For God, Dakhiroun = Humbled - Yielding.

Q: What are the steps involved in Allah's creation of man?

A: And We (Allah) created the human being from an ancestry (Adam) of clay; Then We made him a sperm-drop in a deep-rooted resting place (womb); Then We created the sperm-drop into a blood clot so We created the clot into a (fetus) lump so We created the lump into bones so We covered the bones with flesh then We formed him into another creation so Self-Blessed is Allah - the Best of creators.
Translation of: Ayah 12 - 14, Surat AlMo'minoun. (23:12-14)
Note: The steps of human creation.
Words: Al-Insan = The human being - Man, Sulalah = Ancestry, Tteen = Clay, Notfah = Sperm-drop, Alaqah = Blood clot, Mudhghah = (foetus) lump, Idham = Bones, Lahm = Flesh, Tabaraka = Self-Blessed is, Ansha'nahu = We formed him, Khalq = Creation.

Q: Do animals belong to communities?

A: There is not a moving creature on earth or a bird that flies with its wings but communities like you - We did not miss in the (Holy) Book anything then they will come back to their God.
Translation of: Ayah 38, Surat AlAn'am. (6:38)
Words: Daabbah = A Moving creature - Animal, Taair = Bird, Umam = Communities - Nations.

Q: Why is the night different from the day?
A: And We made the night and the day two wonders then We darkened the wonder of the night and made the wonder of the day with light so that you seek favour from your God and learn the number of years and counting and We classified everything in detail.
Translation of: Ayah 12, Surat AlIsra' (known also as Surat Beni Israel).
Words: Ja'alna = We made, AlLayl = The Night, Fadhl = Favour, Adad = Number, Sineen = Years.

Q: When the birds fly, is it only the gravity that does not pull them down?
A: Have they not seen the birds above them lined up (spreading their wings) and folding (their wings) in - no one holds them up but The Most Merciful (Allah) - indeed He is Observant of all things.
Translation of: Ayah 19, Surat AlMulk.
Words Yarou = They see, AlTayr = The Birds, Faouqahum = Above them, Saaffat = Lined up, Yumsikna = Fold them in, Yumsikhunna = Holds them up, Baseer = Observant.

Q: How do the birds glorify Allah?
A: Have you not considered that Allah - to Him glorifies whoever is in the Heavens and the earth and the birds lined up (glorifying) - each (kind) have known his (way of) praying and glorifying and Allah is All-Knowing of what they do.
Translation of: Ayah 41, Surat AlNoor. (24:41)
Words: Tara = - Have considered - Have realized, Yusabbih = Glorifies, Saafat = Lined Up, Alima = Have known.

Q: What did God create the animals from?
A: Allah created every animal from water. Some of them slither on their bellies, and some of them walk on two legs and some of them walk on four. Allah creates what He wills. Allah is Capable of everything.
Translation of: Ayah 45, Surat AlNoor.
Words: Khalka = Created, Da'bah = Animal, Yamshi = Walks, Rijl = leg, Arba' = Four, Yasha' = Wills.

Q: Has Allah created the universe according to a balanced mathematical order?
A: And the sky He (Allah) lifted it and placed the balance ('alMeezan' = balance of the scales); Do not exceed the proper bounds of the balance; And set the weight with justice of the scales* (= bilQist) and do not fall short in the balance.
Translation of: Ayat 7 - 9, Surat AlRahman. (55:7-9)
* Weigh the parts carefully to reach a balance (judgement) without exceeding or falling short.
Words: AlSama' = The sky, Rafa' = lifted, AlMeezan = The Balance, Tatghaw = Exceed the proper bounds, AlWazna = The Weight, BilQist = With justice of the scales, Tukhsirou = Fall short.

Q: What is the major function of the mountains?
A: And He cast on the earth immovable mountains lest it shakes with you (plural) and (He made) rivers and paths so that you may get the Right Guidance.
Translation of: Ayah 15, Surat AlNahl.
Words: An Tameeda = Lest it shakes, Anhar = Rivers, Subul = Paths.

Q: Has the Qur'an predicted man's travel into space?
A: O communities of AlJinn and humans if you can penetrate the zones of the Heavens and the earth do penetrate - you will not penetrate without authority (legitimation* from Allah = sultan); So which of the Favours of your God do you (both) deny as lies; (Otherwise without authority) A flame of fire and copper will be sent on you and you will (both) not win; So which of the Favours of your God do you (both) deny as lies.
Translation of: Ayat 33 - 36 Surat AlRahman. (55:33-36)
* Conforming to Allah's commands, well-founded and not in vain.
Words: Ma'shar = Communities - People, AlJinn = Creatures Allah created before man, Yanfuth = Penetrate - Ggo through, Aqtaar = Zones - Boundaries, Sultan = Authority - Legitimation, Extreme power - Extreme control, Nar = Fire, Nuhas = Copper (Or smoke of a fire), Aala' = Favours - Blessing, Rub = God. Tukaththiban = (both of you) reject as lies.

Q: Does the size of the land of the earth change?

A: Have they not considered that We (Allah) come to the earth reducing it from its edges* - and Allah rules and there is no reviewer to His Rule and He is Swift in taking account.
Translation of: Ayah 41, Surat AlRa'd. (13:41)
* Refer to Ayah 44 in Surat AlAnbiya' (21:44) for more details.
Words: Na'ti AlArdh Nankusuha = We come to (the size of) the earth reducing it, Attrafiha = Its Edges - Its sides - Its terminal points - Its extremities, Yahkum = Rules, La = No, Saree'ul Hisab = Swift in taking account.

Q: Has Science of Neurology proved that the human brain becomes dead for some time during human sleep?
A: Allah takes the souls at the time of their death and the souls of those who have not died during their sleep - then He holds back those who have died and sends the others to (life to) AN APPOINTED TERM (= Ajal Musamma) - certainly in such are Miraculous Signs (= Ayat) for the people who contemplate.
Translation of: Ayah 42, Surat AlZumar. (39:42)
Words: Yatawaffa = Takes the souls - Makes dead, AlAnfus = The Souls, Heena = At, Mawt = Death, Manam = Sleep, AlUkhra = The Others, Ajal = Term - Time, Musamma = Appointed - Fixed, Yatfakkaroun = Contemplate - Understand.

Q: In pre-historic times, were the sky and the earth joined together?
A: Have those who disbelieved (in Allah) not thought that the Heavens and the earth were patched up (joined together = Ratqan*) and We (Allah) tore them apart (separated them = FaFataqnahuma*) - and We made from water every living thing so will they not believe.
Translation of: Ayah 30, Surat AlAnbiya'. (21:30)
* 'Ratqa' Past tense verb in the Arabic language means 'Sewed up'. And 'Fataqa' Past tense verb in the Arabic language means 'Undid the sewing'.
Note: The Ayah (Qur'anic Line) includes a scientific fact. Remember the Qur'an is only in the Arabic language. Translations of the Qur'an are NOT called the Qur'an.
For digging deep into any scientific fact in the Qur'an refer to the Qur'an with the help of scholars who have deep understanding of the Arabic Language. Transaltions of the Qur'an can differ but Allah's scientific facts in the Qur'an (Arabic Language only) can never be wrong.
Words: Yara = Think - See, AlLatheena Kafaru = Those who disbelieved (in Allah) - Those who are ungrateful (to Allah), Rataqan = Joined, Fataqnahuma = We tore them apart - We ripped them open - We separated them (Heavens and the earth), Ja'alna = We made, AlMa' = Water, Kulla Shayen Hayy = Every living thing, Yu'minoun = Believe - Have Faith.

Q: How do the bees know how to make honey?

A: And your God had inspired (= awha) the bees to take houses in the mountains and the trees and what they (humans) raise; Then eat from all the produce (fruits and flowers = Alsthamarat) and follow the channels of your God submissively - from their bellies a drink (honey) of different colors comes out in it HEALING for people - for in that there is a Miraculous Sign (of Allah's Existence) for the people who contemplate.
Translation of: Ayat 68 - 69, Surat AlNahl. (16:68-69)
Words: Awha = Inspired, Rabuka = Your God, AlNahl = The Bees, Boyout = Houses, AlShajar = The Trees, AlThamarat = Produce - Fruits and flowers, Subul = Channels, Thululan = Submissively, Botoun = Bellies, Alwan = Colors, Shifa' = Healing.

Q: Does the Qur'an mention that the body of 'Pharaoh' will be preserved?

A: And We (Allah) took the people of Israel across the sea so Pharaoh (= Phiroun) followed them in tyranny and assault (attack). When he was about to drown he (Pharaoh) said I believe there is no god but the One in whom the people of Israel have believed and I am from the Muslims (submission to God); (Allah says) Now?! and you disobeyed before and were from the corrupters; So today We (Allah) will save you (Pharaoh) in your body (dead body) so as you become a Miraculous Sign (reminder of Allah) to those who come after you and indeed a lot of people of Our Miraculous Signs are certainly unaware (unmindful).
Translation of: Ayat 90 - 92, Surat Yunus. (10:90-92)
Words: Jaawzna = We took across, Beni = People - Children, AlBahr = The Sea, Bagyan = Tyranny, Adwan = Assault (attack), AlGarak = Drowing, Qabl = Before, Mufsideen = Corrupters, Badan = Body, Ayah = Sign, AlNaas = The People, LaGhafiloun = Certainly Unaware - Unmindful - Careless.

Q: What happens to the clouds before the rain?

A: Have you not seen how Allah moves clouds then He combines them then He makes them in a cumulus (heap). So you can see the rain coming out from them. And He sends down from the sky mountain masses (of clouds) in them hail. So He strikes with it whom He wants and He keeps it away from whom He wants. The flash of its lightning almost takes away the eyesight. He alternates the night and the morning. In this a lesson for those who think.
Translation of: Ayat 43 - 44, Surat AlNoor.
Words: Yuzji = Moves slowly, sahab = clouds, Yualif = Combines, Rukam = cumulus (heap), Alwadq = The rain, Yukhrij = Comes out, AlSama' = The Sky, Barad = Hail, Yuseeb = Strikes, Yasrif = Keeps away, Sana = Flash, Barq = Lightning, Absar = Eyesight.

Q: Will the history of the first creation be repeated?
A: The Day We fold the sky like the folding of the book register. As We started the first creation We will repeat it. It is a promise We had undertaken that We are going to do it.
Translation of: Ayah 104, Surat AlAnbiya'.
Words: Youm = day, Natwi = Fold, AlSama = The Sky, Kama = As, Bada'na = Started, Khalq = Creation. Noeeduh = We repeat it, Wa'ad = Promise

Q: Do the human sperm shape themselves?
A: Have you considered the sperm that you ejaculate; Is it you (plural) who create them or are We (Allah) the Creators.
Translation of: Ayat 58 - 59, Surat AlWaqiah.
Words: AFara'aytum = Have you considered - Have you thought or seen, Ma Tumnoun = The sperm that you ejaculate, AAntum = Is it you, Takhloqounahu = Create it (plural), Nahnu = We.

Q: What can be the origin of the stones and the flames coming down from the sky?
A: For We decorated the lowest Heaven (sky) with the decoration of stars; And as a protection (= hifdhan) from every rebellious Satan (from the Jinn race); In order that they (Jinn) do not eavesdrop (secretly listen) to the Highest Assembly (of angels in the Heaven) and they (Jinn) are hurled down (by stones) from every side; To cast them away and there is a permanent punishment for them; Only who caught a snippet (of the conversation) so a sharp flame (= Shihab Sthaqib) was made to follow him (Jinn).
Translation of: Ayat 6 - 10, Surat AlSaffat. (37: 6-10)
Note: Some Jinn listen secretly to the 'AlMala' AlA'la' = The Highest Assembly (meeting of angels) who receive knowledge of Allah's Commands, If they succeed they pass on the information to some fortune tellers who can be in contact with those Jinn.
Note: In a summary of a speech by the Prophet Muhammad: Aisha, a wife of the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah be pleased with her said: Some people asked the Prophet about the fortune tellers. The Prophet said: They are upon nothing. So they said: But they sometimes speak to us about something then it comes true. So the Prophet said: That is a word a Jinni (one of Jinn) snatches (listens to it secretly) so he transfers it to the ear of his suppporter (fortune teller) so he lies with it a hundred lies.
Words: Yuqdhafoun = Are hurled down, Jaanib = Side, Dohouran = To cast them away, Lahum = For them, Athab = Punishment, Wasib = Permanent, Katafa AlKhatafah = Caught a snatch, Atba'ahu = Was made to follow him, Shihab = Flame - Luminous meteorite - Shooting star, Sthaqib = Sharp - Piercing.

Q: Why some humans in the past were turned by Allah into apes?
A: And (command to Prophet Muhammad) ask* them (Jews) about the village that was near the sea they used to trespass on the Sabbath - their big fishes used to clearly come to them on their Sabbath and on other days they do not come to them; That was how we tested them because of they were sinfully straying away (from Allah's Path); A group of them said why you advise a people (community) whom Allah will destroy or punish severely - they said it was an apology to God so that they might protect themselves by fearing (Allah); Then when they forgot what they were reminded of We saved those who were forbidding the bad acts and inflicted a miserable punishment on those who transgressed (against Allah's Command) because of their wrongdoing; And when they became insolent about what they were forbidden from We said to them be humiliated apes (monkeys).
Translation of: Ayat 163 - 166, Surat AlA'raf. (7:163-166)
* The group of people who rebelled seems to be the same. This narrative comes in Surat AlA'raf immediately after the narrative of those who rebelled against Allah's command in food and Allah's command when entering the Gate: Ayah 161 and Ayah 162 in Surat AlA'raf).
Note: In a summary of a saying when the Prophet Muhammad was asked about the apes and pigs and whether a certain type of apes are the offspring of those people who were punished by transfroming: God did not deform (as a punishment) a creation and left it with an offspring. The monkeys and pigs were existing before.
Words: AlQarya = Village, AlBahr = The Sea, AlSabt = Sabbath (Jews rest on the seventh day (Saturday), Heetan = Big fishes - Whales, Yafsoqoun = Sinfully straying away, AlSou' = The bad acts - Evil, Qawman = A People - A community, Qulna = We said, Qirada = Apes (monkeys), Khasi'een = Humiliated.

Q: Is the human being superior to other creatures?
A: And We had honoured the people of Adam and carried them on land and sea and provided them with good food. And We favoured them a lot upon many of what We created.
Translation of: Ayah 70, Surat AlIsra' (known also as Surat Beni Israel). (17:70)
Words: Karram'na = We Honoured, Bani = People, Sons, Hammala = Carried, AlBar = Land, AlBahr = Sea, Razaqa = Provided, Min = From, AlTayyebat = Good Food - Pleasant food, Faddala = Preferred, Katheer = Many, Khalaqna = We created.

Q: How are the things created by Allah?
A: And of everything We created a pair (two) so that you may remember (the Creator).
Translation of: Ayah 49, Surat AlThariyat. (51:49)
Words: Min = From, Kuli = Every, Shaye' = Thing, Khalaqna = We Created, Zawjain = A Pair - A couple - Two, La'alakum = You may, Tazakaroun = You Remember.

Q: When fearing drought what is the solution to get abundant rain?
A: (Prophet Noah supplicates to Allah) He said my God indeed I called (to Allah) my people night and day; But my calling did not increase but their running away; And indeed everytime I called them so that you grant them Forgiveness they thrust their fingers inside their ears (not to listen) and they pulled their clothes over their heads (not to see) and they persisted (in their rejection) and they became arrogant in a haughty manner; Then indeed I called them in public; Then indeed I announced and (also) I whispered to them with in private; So I said ask your God for Forgiveness for He is Most-Forgiving; He will (then) make the sky pour forth on you (plural) abundant rain; And He will provide you with wealth and sons and He will provide you with gardens (in life) and He will provide you with (flowing) rivers.
Translation of: Ayat 5 - 12, Surat Noah. (71:5-12)
Words: Da'awtu = I called, Qaumi = My people, Firara = Running away, Ja'alou Asaabi'ahum = They thrust their fingers, Athanihim = Their ears, Estaghshaw Sthiyabahum = They pulled their clothes over their heads, Assarou = They persisted, Estakbarou = They became arrogant, Estikbara = In a haughty manner, Jihara = In public, A'lantu = I announced, Assratu = I whispered, Israra = In private, Estaghfirou = Ask for forgiveness, Yursil AlSama' = He will make the sky, Midrara = Pour forth abundant rain, Baneen = Sons, Anhara = Rivers.

Q: Is human being created in stages?
A: What's wrong with you that you do not pay Allah His due reverence and He created you in stages.
Translation of: Ayat 13 - 14, Surat Noah. (71:13-14)
Words: Lilahi = for Allah, Waqaar = Reverence (respect), Wa = And, Khalaqa = Created, Atwaar = Stages.

Q: How did Allah create the Heavens?
A: Have you not seen how Allah created seven Heavens (as) layers one above another; And He made the moon in them an illuminating light and He made the sun* a radiant light.
Translation of: Ayat 15 - 16, Surat Noah. (71:15-16)
* In Islamic books said to be in the fourth Heaven. (reference will be added later insha Allah)
Words: Kayfa = How, Sabe' = Seven, Samawat = Heavens, Tibaqa = Layers one above another, Ja'ala = He made, Qamar = Moon, Noor = Illuminating Light, Siraj = Radiant Light - lamp.

Q: The creation of man is similar to what creation?

Q: Why is the creation of humans from earth compared to the creation of plants?
A: And Allah produced you like plants from the earth in a proper growing; Then He returns you in it (at death) and will bring you out (on Day of Judgment) in a complete production.
Translation of: Ayat 17 - 18, Surat Noah. (71:17-18)
Note: In a summary of a saying of he Prophet Muhammad: Reported by Abdulla Bin Amr Bin AlAs may Allah be pleased with him that the Prophet said: The imposter christ (AntiChrist) will be among my people so he will stay 40 I don't know 40 days or 40 months or 40 years, then Allah will send Jesus (Issa) bin Maryam so he will seek him and kill him then people will live 7 years in peace then a cold wind will come from towards AlSham (Syria and its near countries) and will take away anyone with Faith in his heart and only evil doing people will remain and will follow Satan in everything. Then it will be blown in the Trumpet and people will be thunderstruck (die).
Then Allah will send down water like drizzle or shading so people's corpses (in graves) will grow up with it. (remember one organic matter remains in every human corpse in the tailbone area after death) then it will be blown again so they will be standing looking... Source: Riyadh AlSaliheen Min Kalam Sayed AlMursaleen. (In Arabic), Page 495.
Note: In a workshop Sheikh (Imam) Dr. Ahmad Kutty (IIT, Toronto) reiterated what one of science teachers had said very long ago, that the tail bone of man has a cell that does not ever get destroyed. That cell will be the beginning of Allah's recreation on the Day of Judgment.
Words: Anbatakum = Produced you forth like plants - Brought you forth like plants, Ardh = Earth, Nabata = In a proper growing, Yueedukum = Returns you, Yukhrijukm = Brings you out, Ikhraja = In a complete production - formation.

Q: Why do we find natural flat land between two huge mountains on earth?
A: And Allah made for you the earth a spread out sheet so that you travel through it along paths of roads between mountains.
Translation of: Ayat 19 - 20, Surat Noah. (71:19-20)
Words: Bisata = Spread out sheet - Unrolled carpet, LiTaslikou Minha = So that you travel through it, Subulan = Paths, Fijaja = Roads between mountains.

Q: Why Allah's Gift of abundant rain may not last long?
A: Have they (sinners) not considered how many generations before them did We (Allah) destroy - We made them established (influential) on earth in what We did not make you* and We (Allah) made the sky pour forth on them abundant RAIN and We made the rivers flow** underneath them then We (Allah) annihilated them because of their sins and We set up after them another generation (society).
Translation of: Ayah 6, Surat AlAn'am. (6:6)
* Disbelievers of Arabia at the time of Prophet Muhammad.
** Pharaoh bragged aboutmany rivers in his kingdom at the time of Prophet Moses.(refer to Surat AlZukhruf)
. Note: Even the believers among the Jinn (Satan and his followers are disbelievers) know about the blessing of abundant rain. (refer to Surat AlJinn)
Words: Yaraou = Considered - Thought of, Min Qarn = Many generations - Many societies, Makkannahum = We made them established - We made them influential, Min Tahtihim = Underneath them, FaAhlaknahum = So We annihilated them, Made them vanish, Ansha'na = We set up, Qarnan Akhareen = Another generation - Another society.

Q: What does the Qur'an mention about pregnancy?
A: He created you from a single soul and then He made from the soul its mate (wife) and He sent down from the livestock eight pairs - He creates you in the wombs of your mothers a shaping after a shaping in three depths (veils) of darkness that is Allah your God who owns the Absolute Authority (of the universe) - no God but Him so to whom you turn away.
Translation of: Ayah 6, Surat AlZumar.
Words: Wahidah = A singel, Nafs = Soul, Dhulumat = Depths of darkness, Sthalath = Three, Khalaqakum = He created you, Min = From, Nafs = Soul, Wa'hidah = One, Ja'ala = Made, Zaouj = Mate, Anzala = Sent down, Ana'm = Livestock (farm animals), Fi = In, Botoun = Wombs, Ummahat =, Mothers, Created, Rabukum = Your God, AlMulk = Absolute Authority - The Universe, La Ilaha Illa Howa = No God but Him, Anna = Where to.

Q: Is there a discrepancy (disproportion) in the creation of space?
A: (Allah) Who created the seven Heavens one above another- you will not see in the creation of the Most Merciful any discrepancy; Then return your vision (looking) do you see any crack; Again return your vision a second time (looking) your vision will come back to you chased away and regretful (because you doubted).
Translation of: Ayat 3 - 4, Surat AlMulk. (67:3-4)
Words: Saba'a = Seven, Samawat = Heavens, Ttibaqa = One above another, AlRahman = The Lord of Mercy, Tafawut = Discrepancy, Disproportion, Min = From, Fottoor = Crack (narrow opening), AlBassar = The Vision - The eyesight, Khasi'an = Chased away, Haseer = Regretful.

Q: Why can humans stand up?
A: O man, what tempted you away from your God - The Most Generous; He Who created you and put you in order and straightened you out; In what shape He wills He put you together.
Translation of: Ayah 6 - 8, Surat AlInfitar.
Words: Ma = What, Gharaka = Tempted away, Rabbika = Your God, Allathi = Who, Sawwak = Put you in order - Made, Adalak = Straightened out - Made balanced, Rakkabak = Put you together.

Q: Is iron formed on earth or sent down from another place?
A: --- And We sent down the iron which has great strength and benefits for people so that Allah knows who supports Him and His prophets without seeing Him. Allah is powerful and almighty.
Translation of: Ayah 25, Surat AlHadeed.
Words: Wa = And, AlHadeed = The iron, Ba'as = Strength, Shadeed = Great, Manafi' = Benefits, Na's = People, Yalam = Knows, Yansur = Supports, Rusul = Prophets, Qawei = Powerful, Azeez = Almighty.

Q: When should a mother wean (stop breastfeeding) her infant?
A: And We directed man to take care of his parents - his mother was pregnant with him weakness over weakness and his weaning in two years that give thanks to Me (God) and your parents - to Me (Allah) is the destination.
Translation of: Ayah 14, Surat Luqman. (31:14)
Words: Wassayna = Directed - advised, AlInsan = Man - Human being, Umoho = His mother, Wahan = Weakness, Fissaloho = His weaning, Fi = In, Aamayn = Two years, Ushkur = Give thanks, Walidayka = Your parents, AlMasseer = The destination - The return.

Q: What happens to humans when they live long?
A: And whom We make live long We degenerate him in the creation so will they not understand.
Translation of: Ayah 68, Surat Yaseen. (36:68)
Words: Men = Who, Nuamiruhu = Make him live long, Nunakis = Degenerate - decline, Fi = In, AlKhalq = The Creation. Ya'qil = Understand.

Q: Where does the milk that we drink come from?
A: And indeed you certainly have in the livestock a moral lesson - We give you to drink from what is in their bellies from between the digested food and blood pure milk tasteful for the drinkers.
Translation of: Ayah 66, Surat AlNahl.
Words: AlAn'am = The Livestock, Ibrah = Moral lesson, Nuskeekum = We give you to drink, Botounihi = Their Bellies, Fersth = Digested food, Dem = Blood, Laban = Milk, Khaaliss = Pure, Saaigh = Tasteful, Shaaribeen = Drinkers.

Q: The Qur'an mentions a severe type of punishment by dragging the person who is a sinner and a liar from the forepart of his head. Is the Frontal Lobe (frontal part) of the human brain involved in planning, and controlling speech?

A: Have you considered (thought about) the one who forbids; A devoted person from praying; Have you considered if (who prays) he was on the Right Guidance (from Allah); Or he commanded righteousness; Have you you considered if he (disbeliever) treated (Allah's Truth) as lies and turned away; Does he not know that Allah is watching; By no means if he does not stop We (Allah) will certainly drag him (into fire) by the forepart of his head (= Nasiyah); A forepart which is lying and sinful; So let him call his assembly of top people; We (Allah) will call the Custodians of Hell (= AlZabaniyah); By no means (command to Prophet Muhammad) do not listen to him and prostrate* and come near (to Allah).
Translation of: Ayat 9 - 19, Surat AlAlaq. (96:9-19)
* Muslims stop everything and prostrate when reading this Ayah (19).
Words: Yanha = Forbids, Salla = Prayed, Ammara = commanded, AlTaqwa = Righteousness, Kaththaba = Treated as lies - Rejected, Tawalla = Turned away, Ya'lam = Knows, Yara = Watches, Yantahi = Stops, Nasiyah = Forepart of the head, Khatti'eh = sinful, Iqtarib = Come near, Usjud = Prostrate.

Q: Is there light in the sea at 200 meters and below?

A: And the deeds of those who have not believed are like a mirage in lowlands supposed to be water by a thirsty person until he reaches it he finds nothing and he finds Allah there so He (Allah) pays him his account and Allah is swift in taking account; Or like the depths of darkness (= Dhulumat) in a bottomless ocean covered by waves topped by waves topped by clouds - depths of darkness one above another - if he stretches his hand he even cannot hardly see it - and whom Allah does not give light (Guidance) then for him is no light.
Translation of: Ayat 39 - 40, Surat AlNoor. (24:39-40)
Words: Allatheena = Those, Kafarou = Have not believed, A'mal = Deeds, Sarab = Mirage, Qee'ah = Lowlands, Hasiabahu = His account, Bahr = Ocean - Sea, Lujji = Bottomless - Deep, Mawj = Waves, Sahab = Clouds, Yad = Hand, Yaraaha = See it, Noor = Light.

Q: Can a person's fingertips be replaced during a surgery?
A: I (Allah) do not take an oath* by the Day of Judgment and I (Allah) do not take an oath by the self-rebuking soul**; Does man think that We will not assemble his bones; Yes indeed We (Allah) are Capable of making his fingertips*** (with their ridges).
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 4, Surat AlQiyamah. (75:1-4)
* According to the late scholar "Muhammad Mutawali AlSha'rawi" if Allah was going to take an oath then He would have sworn by the object of the oath. Such objects should be the focus of contemplation because of their major impact on human life.
** It is said in Islam "Bring yourself to account (judge yourself) before it is brought for account in front of Allah" (= Hasibou Anfusakum Qabla An Tuhasabou)
*** "Banan" means fingertips which have the ridges that are recorded in fingerprints.
Words: LaUqsim = Do not take an oath - Do not swear, Yawm AlQiyamah = Day of Judgment, AlNafsu AlLawamah = The self-rebuking soul - The soul which reproaches itself - The repentful soul, AYahsabu = Does think, Najma' = Assemble, Izamah = His bones, Bala = Yes indeed, Qadireena = We are Capable, Bananah = His fingertips.

Q: Is CLONING predicted in the Qur'an?
A: Indeed Allah does not forgive to be joined with a partner and He forgives other than that to whom He wills - and who joins any partner with Allah then he has strayed a far away straying (from Allah's Straight Path), In fact by excluding Him (Allah) they call upon females (goddesses) and in fact they call upon an obstinate rebellious Satan; Allah had cursed him and he (Satan) said I certainly will take a dictated share from your people; And I (Satan) will certainly mislead them and will certainly give them false desires and I will certainly order them then they will certainly cut* little or completely the ears of the cattle (livestock) and I will certainly order them then they will certainly change the creation of Allah - and who takes Satan for a master leaving Allah then he has indeed lost a explicit loss; He (Satan) promises them and gives them false desires and what Satan promises is only a deception; Their dwelling is Hell and they will not find a shelter from it.
Translation of: Ayat 116 - 121, Surat AlNisa'.
* Marks of cloning.
Words: La Yaghfir = Does not forgive, Yushrak = To be joined with a partner, Dallalan Baeed = A far away straying, Yadouna = They call upon, Inasth = Females, Shaitan = Satan, Mareed = Rebellious, La'anahu = Cursed him, Ibad = People, Naseeb = Share, Mafroudh = Dictated - Ordered, Aamir = I will order, Yubatikunna = Cuts little or completely, Yugayer = Change, Khalq = Creation, Yattakhidh = Takes, Wali = Master, Doon = Leaving, Khasira = Lost, Mubeen = Explicit - Unmistakable, Ya'id = Promises, Ghoroor = Deception, Ma'wa = Dwelling, Jahanam = Hell, Yajid = Finds, Mahees = Shelter.

Q: What does the fly do to the food that humans cannot take it back from it?

A: O people (humanity) a parable has been set so listen to it for those whom you call upon other than Allah will not create flies even if they got together for it and if the flies rob them of something they cannot rescue it from them - the pursuer and the sought after (flies) are weak.
Translation of: Ayah 73, Surat AlHajj.
Words: Masthal = Parable - Moral example, Tadouna = Call upon, Yakhluqou = Will not create, Thubab = flies, Lau = Even if, Ijtama'ou = Got together, Yaslub = Rob, Shaye' = Something, Dha'ufa = Are weak, Taalib = Pursuer, Matloub = Sought after.

Q: Are there other creatures in the universe beside humans?

A: So ask them (disbelievers) if they are a more powerful creation or whom We created (Jinn, Angels...etc) - We created them (humans) from sticky clay.
Translation of: Ayah 11, Surat AlSaffat.
Words: Istaftihim = Ask them, Ashshad = More powerful - harder, Khalq = Creation, Em = Or, Tteen = Clay, Lazib = Sticky.

Q: Does the skin contain the body's receptors of pain (nerve endings) so if the skin is burnt, the body doesn't feel the pain?

A: For those who disbelieved in Our Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) We will make them burn in the Fire - everytime their skins become completely cooked (burnt = Nadhijat) We (Allah) Will change them into other skins so that they taste the punishment for Allah is AlMighty the Most-Wise.
Translation of: Ayah 56, Surat AlNisa'. (4:56)
Words: Naran = The Fire, Nadhija = Cooked, Nusleehima Naran = We will make them burn in the Fire, Juloud = Skins, Baddala = Changed, Yathouq = Tastes, AlAthab = The Punishment, Azeez = AlMighty, Hakeem = All-Wise.

Q: What makes the clouds move?

A: And He (Allah) is Who sends the winds as good news of His (Allah) coming Mercy then when they have carried heavy clouds We (Allah) drove them to a dead (without produce) land and We send down on it rain then We bring out with it (rain) from all the produce - such is how We shall bring out the dead perhaps you may REMEMBER*.
Translation of: Ayah 57, Surat AlA'raf.
* Remember that Allah is Capable of raising up the dead.
Words: Yursil = Sends, Riyah = Winds, Bushra Bayna Yadai Rahmatih = As good news of His coming Mercy, Aqqallat = Carried, Sahab = Clouds, Sthiqal = Heavy, Suqnahu = We drove them - We moved them, Balad = Land, Mayyet = Dead (without produce), Anzalna = Sent down, Ma' = Water, Thamarat = Produce - Yield - Fruits, Nukhrij = Bring out - Make emerge - Raise up, AlMawta = The dead, La'alakum Tathakaroun = Perhaps you may remember.

Q: Does the sky have pillars to support it?
A: He (Allah) created the (Seven) Heavens without pillars that you can see and He set on the earth immovable mountains lest it shakes with you (plural) and He scattered in it (earth) of every moving creature and We (Allah) sent down from the sky water so We grew on it (earth) plants from every fine pair; This is the creation of Allah so show Me (Allah) what those other than Him (Allah) created - yet the transgressors (sinners) are in clear straying away (from Allah's Path).
Translation of: Ayat 10 - 11, Surat Luqman. (31:10-11)
Words: Khalaqa = Created, Bighayr = Without, Amad = Pillars, Tarawnaha = You see (plural), Alqa = Set, Tameed = Shakes, Daabah = A moving creature - Animal, Ma'e = Water, FaAnbatna = So We grew plants, Zawj = Pair - Group, Kareem = Fine, Khalq = Creation, Min Dounih = Other than Him, Bel = Yet, AlDhlimoun = The transgressors - The unjust - The sinners, Dhalal = Straying away.

Q: What begins the creation of a human being?
A: Let the human being consider from where he was created. He was created from a gushing out water; It pours out from between the loins and the ribs. Indeed, He (Allah) is Capable of returning him (to life after death); The Day the inner selves will be tested; and he (man) will have no power and no supporter.
Translation of: Ayat 5 - 10, Surat AlTariq.
Words: Yandhur = Consider - Think, Khuliq = Was created, Ma'e = Water - Fluid, Sulb = Loins (man's private parts), Tara'ib = Ribs, Kadir = Capable, Tubla = Will be tested, Sa'rair = Inner selves, Kow'wah = Power, Na'sir = Supporter.

Q: In the past was there a huge flood on earth and where is the Ark (ship) that saved life then?
A: Until when Our (Allah's) command came and the boiling face of the earth (= AlTanoor) exploded We said (to Prophet Noah) carry on it from each (species) couple two pairs and your family except upon whom the Word (of Allah) has been previously uttered (by Allah) and (carry) whoever believed and those who believed with him were only few; And he (Noah) said: Get on board in the Name of Allah is its running and its anchorage - indeed my God is certainly Most-Forgiving Most-Merciful; And it was running with them on waves like mountains and Noah called out to his son (was a disbeliever) and he was separated from him - O my son get on board with us and do not be with the disbelievers; He said I will take shelter in a mountain that will shield me from the water - He (Noah) said there is no protector today from the Command of Allah except upon whom He (Allah) has Mercy and the waves separated them so he (the son) became among the drowned; And it was said O earth swallow your water And O sky stop (the rain) and the water was gone and the command was executed and it (Ark) settled on AlJudi* (a mountain) and it was said away with the transgressing (wrongdoing) people;
And Noah called upon his God so he said O my God for my son is from my family and Your promise is The Truth and You are the Best of judges; He (Allah) said O Noah indeed he (Noah's son) is not from your family - he is AN UNRIGHTEOUS DEED (= Amalun Gayru Saleh)(being a disbeliever) so do not ask Me about what you do not have knowledge for I (Allah) warn you not to be from the ignorant people; He (Noah) said O my God for I seek Your refuge against asking You about what I do not have knowledge - if You do not forgive me and have Mercy on me I will be from the losers; It was said O Noah get off board with peace from Us (Allah) and blessings upon you and upon peoples (communities) of those who are with you and peoples We will grant them temporary enjoyment (in life) and then they will receive from Us a severe punishment;

That is from the news of the Unseen We (Allah) are revealing it to you (Prophet Muhammad) - you did not know about - you neither your people before this (the Qur'an) so be patient indeed the good ending is for the Allah fearing persons.
Translation of: Ayat 40 - 49, Surat Hood. (11:40-49)
* AlJudi is a mountain said to be in Turkey. Refer to 'Noah's Ark found', a Youtube video.
Note: Prophet Noah was pre-warned by Allah not to intercede for disbelievers who were going to be punished by Allah.
Note: In today's (20 May 2017) speech of the visiting Sheikh Tareq Jameel at Nugget Masjid Scarborough, Canada the Sheikh explained using rhyming words, that to inflict some sort of punishment on some sinners Allah moves the air, moves the water, moves the mountain, moves the land in the form of earthquakes. (So The Great Flood is no surprise).
Words: Tanoor = Boiling Face of Earth - Boiling Oven, Far = Exploded - Bubbled up, Ehmel = Carry, Zawjain Ithnain = Two pairs, Ahl = Family, Aamana = Believed, Majraiha = Its Running, Mursaha = Its anchorage, Mawj = Waves, Jibal = Mountains, Naada = He called, SaAawi = I will seek shelter in, Ya'ssimuni = Will Shields me - Protects, Aasim = Protector, Hhala = Separated, Ebli'ee = Swallow (feminine), Sama' = Sky, Aqli'ee = Stop, AlJudi = A mountain (said to be in Turkey), Ibni = My Son, Waa'dak = Your Promise, Ahkamu = The Best of, Hakimeen = Judges, Ilm = Knowledge, Ehbet = Get off board, Barakat = Blessings, Ummam = Peoples - Communities - Nations, Athab = Punishment, Aleem = Severe, Anba' = News, Nuhee = We reveal, Qawm = People, Essbir = Be Patient, AlAqibatu = The good ending, LilMuttaqeen = For the Allah fearing persons, For those who protect themsleves (by fearing Allah) - for The righteous persons.

Q: When a human being dies and his body is buried, what does it gradually change into?
A: And they (disbelievers) were saying what if we die and become soil and bones are we going to be raised up; Or our forefathers; Say the former and the latter; Are certainly going to be gathered to the time of a fixed day; Then O you the wanderers (away from The Right Path) - the deniers are going to eat from a tree of Zaqqoum (Tree in Hell) and you are going to fill from it the bellies; And you are going to drink on it from very hot water; And you are going to drink like the drinking of the camels with burning thirst; This is their hospitality on the Day of The Religion (Judgement Day); It is We (Allah) Who created you so why do you not admit the Truth.
Translation of: Ayat 47 - 57, Surat AlWaqiah.
Words: A'itha = What if, Turab = Soil, Izam = Bones, AlA'ba' AlAwaloun = Forefathers, AlAwaleen = The former, AlAkhareen = The latter, majmu'oun = To be gathered, Miqat = Time, Ma'loum = Fixed, Dhaloun = Wanderers, Shajarah = Tree, Butoun = Bellies, Shurb = Drinking, Hameem = Very hot water, AlHeem = Camels with burning thirst. Nuzul = Hospitality, Yowm AlDeen = The Day of Religion - The Day of Judgment, Khalqa = Created, Tusadiqoun = Admit the Truth.

Q: What should travel teach you?
A: Have they not traveled through the land (for contemplation) so that they have hearts with which they can understand (Faith) or ears with which they can listen - it is not that their eyes that become blind but their hearts that are in their chests that have become blind.
? Translation of: Ayah 46, Surat AlHajj. (22:46)
Words: Alam Yasseerou = Have they not traveled - Have they not walked, Qoloub = Hearts, Athan = Ears, Yasme' = Listens, Ta'ma = Becomes blind, Sudour = Chests.

Q: Is human time put according to human capability to conceive time and limits?
A: And they ask you (Prophet Muhammad) to hasten the punishment (Day of Judgment) and Allah will not break His Promise and a day according to your God is similar to one thousand years from what you count.
Translation of: Ayah 47, Surat AlHajj. (22:47)
Words: Yaste'jelounaka = They ask you to hasten, AlAthab = The punishment, Yukhlef = Breaks, Wa'd = Promise, Yawman = Day, Rubbika = Your God (Allah), Alf = One thousand, Sanah = Year, Mimma = From what, Taudoun = You count.

Q: Will there be an earthquake that will end the world?
A: O people fear your God for the shaking (Earthquake) of The Hour (Day of Judgment) is a catastrophic thing; The Day (of Judgment) you see it distracting every breast-feeding mother away from whom she has breast-fed - and every pregnant woman will drop her pregnancy (miscarriage) - and you will see people intoxicated (because of the terror) and they are not intoxicated (drunk) but the punishment of Allah is severe; And (yet) from people who disputes in Allah without knowledge and he follows every rebellious Satan.
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 3, Surat AlHajj. (22:1-3)
Note: Remember on the Day of Judgment what happens to the earth: "When the earth is shaken by its (Major) Earthquake:" Translation of Line 1 in Chapter 'AlZalzalah' in the Qur'an.
Words: Itaqou = Fear - Be in awe, Zalzalat = Shaking - Convulsion, AlSaah = The Hour - The Day of Judgment, Shaye' = Thing, Adheem = Catastrophic, Yawm = Day, Ardha'at = Breast-fed, Tadha'u = Will drop, Sukaara = Intoxicated - Drunk, Adhab Punishment, Shadeed = Severe - Powerful, Yujadil = Disputes, Yattabe' = Follows, Mareed = Rebellious.

Q: Where did the water, that we drink, originally come from?

A: Have you considered the water that you drink; Is it you (plural) who brought it down from the rain clouds or are We (Allah) Who brought it down; If We will We will certainly make it bitter (salty) so only if you can be thankful.
Translation of: Ayat 68 - 70, Surat AlWaqiah. (65:68-70)
Words: Ra'aytum = Have you considered - Seen - Thought, Ma' = Water, Tashraboun = You Drink, Anzala = Brought Down, Muzn = Rain clouds, Am = Or, Nahnu = We, Law = If, Nasha' = Will - Want, Ujaj = Bitter - Salty water, Tashkurou = Be Thankful.

Q: Is the sun moving from its place? (On The Day of Judgment will the sun be nearer to earth than now?)
A: And the sun is moving on to a resting place for it - that is the proportion (calculation) of the AlMighty the All-Knowing; And the moon We (Allah) proportionally calculated it into stages until it returns (its shape) like the withered date (fruit) seed. The sun does not have the authority to catch up with the moon and the night is not outrunning (= saabiq) the day; And each one (= kullun) floats in an orbit.
Translation of: Ayat 38 - 40, Surat YaSeen. (36:38-40)
Words: Shams = Sun, Tajri = is moving on, mustaqar = Resting Place, Taqdeer = Proportion - Calculation - Measurement, AlAzeez = The AlMighty, AlAleem = All-Knowing, Qamar = Moon, Qaddarnahu = We proportionally calculated it, Urjoon = Date Seed, Qadeem = Withered - Old, Yanbaghi = Has the authority, Tudrik = Catch up, Layl = Night, Saabiq = Outrunning, Yasbahoun = Float - Passing swiftly and smoothly.

Q: What will happen to the sun and the moon on The Day of Judgment?

A: But man wants to keep on living a dissolute life (without restraint) in the time ahead; He asks when is the Day of Judgment; So when the eyesight is lightened (flashed); And (when) the moon eclipses (darkens); And (when) the sun and the moon are grouped*; Man will ask that Day where is the way out; By no means there is no refuge; To your God that Day is the destination; Man will be informed that Day about what he sent forward and what he left (for after his death)**. But man is sharply informed by his own self: And even if he makes his excuses.
Translation of: Ayat 5 - 15, Surat AlQiyamah. (75:5-15)
* In one place (no more need for them).
** The deeds that man makes during his life and the deeds that last after his death. Their lasting effects are recorded for him: Good or bad. For example making an orphanage.
Words: Yureed = Wants, AlInsan = Man - Human being, LiYafjur = - Keeps on living a dissolute life (without restraint) - Keeps on sinning, Amamahu = The time coming ahead, Ayyan = When, Yawm AlQiyamah = Day of Judgment, Bariqa = Lightened (like from sky lightning) - Flashed, Basar = Eyesight, Jumia' = Grouped - Put together, Shams = Sun, Qamar = Moon, Maffar = Catch up, Khasafa = Eclipse, wazar = Refuge, Mustaqar = Destination, Kaddama = Forwarded, Akhara = Left for future, Baseerah = Sharply Informed, Alqa = Made, Ma'atheer = Excuses.

Q: In old times was the life span longer?

A: And We (Allah) sent Noah (= Nooh) to his people and he stayed among them for one thousand years except fifty years and the flood took hold of them while they were sinners; So We saved him and the companions of the Ark and We made it (Ark) a Miraculous Sign for all people.
Translation of: Ayat 14 - 15, Surat AlAnkaboot.
Words: Arsalna = We sent, Labistha = stayed, Alf = One Thousand, Sanah = Year, Khamseen = Fifty, Aam = Year, Akhatha = Took Hold of, Toufan = Flood, Dhalimoun = Sinners - Unjust (to Allah), Anjayna = Saved, Ashab = Companions, Safeenah = Ark, AlAlameen = All people - Inhabitants of the Worlds.

Q: The creation of earth with all of its life forms and the creation of the universe with all its components, can it be the work of more than one God?

A: Or they (disbelievers) took gods* from the earth who are capable of raising up the dead!; If there were in them (earth and Universe) gods other than Allah they (both earth and Universe) would have certainly been spoiled (in confusion = laFasadata) so glory** to Allah - The Lord of The Throne from what they attribute (to Him); He (Allah) will not be asked about what He does but they will be questioned; Or they took gods other than Him - say (command to Prophet Muhammad) bring about your proof (= burhan) - this (Qur'an) is a recollection (Reminder of Allah) of who are (contemporary) with me (Prophet Muhammad) and a recollection of who were before me - but most of them (disbelievers) do not know the Truth therefore they are from it turning away (= Mu'ridhoun); And We (Allah) did not send before you (Prophet Muhammad) any messenger but We had revealed to him that there is no god but I (Allah) so worship (plural) Me (Allah).
Translation of: Ayat 21 - 25, Surat AlAnbiya'. (21:21-25)
* Idols - heroes - nature forces etc.
** Allah is above what they attribute to Him.
Words: Aaliha = gods, Yunshir = raises the dead, Illa = Other than, Fasadata (for two) = Would have been in confusion, Subhana = Glory, Yusal = Will be asked, Yusaloun (plural) = Will be asked. Thikr Recollection - Reminder, Ma'i = Who is with me, Min qabli = Who were before me, Aksthar = Most of them, La Yalamoun = Do not know, AlHaq = The Truth, Mu'ridh = Turning away,

Q: The earth is a part of a galaxy. Can our earth vanish?
A: Indeed Allah holds the Heavens and the earth from (both) separating and vanishing and certainly if they (both) were to separate and vanish no one ever could have held them (both) after Him (Allah) - indeed He (Allah) had been All-Tolerant, Most-Forgiving.
Translation of: Ayah 41, Surat Fatir. (35:41)
Words: Yumsik = Holds, AlSamawat = The Heavens, AlArdh = The earth, Tazoula = (Both) Seperating and vanishing - Breaking up and vanishing , Wa LaIn Zalata = And certainly if they were to separate and vanish, Amsakahuma = Could have held them, Min Ahad = No one ever, Min Ba'dihi = After Him, Haleeman = All-Tolerant, Ghufoura = Most-Forgiving.

Q: Does Allah create things according to proportion (balance)?
A: Allah knows what every female bears (of pregnancy) and what the wombs lack (in time and number) and what they exceed; And everything with Him is according to proportion. The All-Knowing of The World of The Unseen and Witness, The All-Great, The Most-Self Elevated (over others = AlMuta'al).
Translation of: Ayat 8 - 9, Surat AlRa'd. (13:8-9)
Words: Ya'lem = Knows, Tahmil = Bears, Uns(th)a = Female, Tagheedh = Lacks, Arham = Wombs, Tazdad = Exceeds, Shaye' = Thing, Miqdar = Proportion, AlKabeer = The All-Great, AlMuta'al = The Most Self-Elevated.

Q: What can replace the day light?
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) see if Allah makes upon you the night eternal to the Day of Judgement which god other than Allah can bring you sunlight so will you not listen; Say see if Allah makes upon you the day eternal to the Day of Judgement which god other than Allah can bring you night in which you rest (= Taskunoun), so will you not see; And it is out of His Mercy He made for you the night and the day so that you rest in it and to seek from his favour, and hopefully you may be grateful.
Translation of: Ayat 71 - 73, Surat AlQasas. (28:71-73)
Words: Layl = Night, Sarmad = Eternal, Dhiya' = Sunlight, Tasmaoun = Listen, Nahar = Day, Taskunoun = You rest, Tubssiroun = See, Rahmah = Peace, Fadhl = Favour, Tashkuroun = Be grateful.

Q: What comes first in the womb: Life or death?
A: How can you disbelieve in Allah and you were dead (foetus lump in the womb)* so He made you alive then He will make you dead then He will bring you to life (on Day of Judgment) - then to Him you will return.
Translation of: Ayah 28, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:28)
* Man in the beginning is created as a dead lump then the soul is injected in him.
Words: Kayfa = How, Takfuroun = You disbelieve, Amwat = Dead, Ahyakum = He made you alive, Yumeetukm = He will make you dead, Turja'oun = You will return.

Q: Why do we have thirthy months as a maximum for being pregnant with a baby until weaning him?
A: And We had directed man about kindness towards his parents; His mother carried him in pain and delivered him in pain, and his carrying (before delivery) and weaning thirty months*, until he reaches the peak of his strength as well as he reaches forty years he says: God! Allow me to be grateful to your favour that you bestowed upon me and my parents and to make righteous work that you accept and make my offspring righteous; I have repented to you and I am from the muslims (submitting to God). Those are the ones that We accept from them the best of what they do and We overlook (pardon) their bad deeds, among the companions of the Paradise; The truth promise that they were promised. And the one who said to his parents: I am bored of you (= Oof)! Do you promise me that I will be brought out (raised up) and the generations had passed before me (without being raised up), and they seek help from Allah: Woe to you! Have faith! The promise of Allah is truthful and he says: This is not but mythologies of the ancient people. Those are the ones against whom the Word has been uttered among generations that had passed before them from the Jinn and humans - Indeed they were losers. Any everyone will have grades according to what they did and He (Allah) will pay them for their deeds and they will not be dealt with injustice.
Translation of: Ayat 15 - 19, Surat AlAhqaf.
* 24 months at most for breastfeeding, and six months at least for gestation (for a living fetus).
Words: Wassayna = Directed - Advised, Ihsan = Kindness, Hamalat = Carried, Umuhu = His Mother, Kurh = In pain, Wada'athu = She delivered him, Humluhu = Carrying him, Fisaluhu = Weaning him - Stop breastfeeding him, Balagha Ashudahu = Reached the peak of his strength, Arba'een Sanah = Forty years, Awzi'ni = Allow me, Salih = Righteous work, Tardha = You accept, Aslih = Make good, Thuriyeh = Offspring, Tubtu = Repented, Muslimeen = Muslims - Submitting to Allah, Nataqabal = Accept, Ahsen = Best, Natajawaz = Overlook - Pardon, Say'at = Bad deeds, Wa'd = Promise, Ukhraj = brought out - Raised up, Khalat = Had passed, Quroun = Generations, Yastagheeth = Seeks help, Waylek = Woe to you - Destruction to you (parental swear), Aamin = Have faith, Khasireen = Losers, Darajat = Grades, Yuwaffi = Pays, A'mal = Deeds.

Q: In how much time did Allah make the earth and the Heavens? And which was made first?
Note: Remember one year to Allah is a thousand years of human's time. Also remember that Allah's concepts such as of time and space are different than humans' so do not ponder on the question 'how'.
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) do you realize that you certainly disbelieve (are ungrateful) in Who created the earth in two days and you make with Him equals - That is The God of all the inhabitants of the world; And He made in it immovable mountains from above it and He blessed it and appraised in it its foodstuff in four days alike for the seekers; Then He directed Himself towards the sky while it was smoke (Allah created it first as matter) and He said to it and to the earth come together (in proportion) willingly or by force they said we come willingly; So He completed them into seven Heavens in two days and He assigned in each Heaven its mandate
and We (Allah) decorated the Lowest Heaven (sky) with lights (stars) and for protection (= Hifdhan* - that is the proportion of the AlMighty the All-Knowing.
Translation of: Ayat 9 - 12, Surat Fusilat (41:9-12).
* Safeguarded by angels. Some Jinn try sometimes to eavesdrop into the Heaven.
Words: AInnakum = Do you realize that you, Khalaqa = Created, Yawmain = Two days, Andada = Equals, Rawasi = Immovable mountains - Fixed mountains, Baaraka = Blessed, Qaddara = Appraised - Measured, Sawa' = Alike, Sa'ileen = Seekers - Who ask - Who looks for, Istawa = Directed Himself, Dukhan = Smoke, I'tiya = Come together, Tawan = Willingly, Karhan = By force, Atayna = We come - We have come, Qadha = Completed, Sabe' = Seven, Samawat = Heavens, Awha = Assigned, Sama' = Heaven, Amr = mandate - Business, Zayyanna = We decorated, BiMasabeeh = With lights, Hifdhan = For protection - For safeguarding.

Q: When we look up we see one sky. Where did Allah create the Seven Heavens?
A: And We built above you powerful seven (Heavens).
Translation of: Ayah 12, Surat AlNabe'.
Words: Banayna = We Built, Fawq = Above, Sab'an = Seven, Shidadan = Powerful - Firm.

Q: When will the Universe end?
A: Have they not looked into the Kingdom of the Heavens and the earth* and all the things that Allah created - and that perhaps their appointed time has come near (to ending) - so with what Word after that they will believe.
Translation of: Ayah 185, Surat AlA'raf.
* The Universe - wherever there are stars is only the Lowest Heaven from the Seven Heavens Allah created.
Words: Yandhuro = Look into - Think about See, Malakout = Kingdom, Khalaqa = Created; Min Shaye' = All the things, WaAn Asa = And that perhaps - Maybe, Iqtaraba = Has come near to ending, Hadeesth = Word - Speech, Ba'd = After, Yu'minoun = Believe - Have Faith.

Q: Why are humans encouraged to looked into what we call the Universe?
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) Look into what is in the Heavens and the Earth - and WHAT USE ARE THE MIRACULOUS SiGNS* (indicative of Allah's Attributes) and the Warnings (from Allah) for people who do not believe (in Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 101, Surat Yunus. (10:101)
* Such as the sky (The Lowest Heaven of 7 Heavens) and what it contains. (refer to Surat Fusilat)
Words: Undhuru = Look into, AlSamawat = The Heavens (notice AlSamawat is the plural of AlSama' = The Heaven), AlArdh = The Earth, Ma Tughni = What use are, AlAyat = The Miraculous Signs, Nuthur = Warnings, Qawm = People, La = Do not, Yu'minoun = Believe.

Q: Are there more than one place of sunset?
A: Does everyone of them (disbelievers) hope to enter a Garden of Bliss; By No Means - indeed We created them from what they know (clay, sperm, soul); And I (Allah) do not swear* by (Allah) the God of the places of sunrise and the places of sunset (Allah is their God) that We (Allah) are Capable to substitute better than them (disbelievers) and We will not be beat; So leave them to indulge in vain talk and to play about until they meet their Day that they were promised; The Day they will come out from the graves hurriedly - as if to idols they are rushing; Their eyesight is cast down - humiliation tires them out - that is the Day that they were promised.
Translation of: Ayat 38 - 44, Surat AlMa'arij. (70:38-44)
* According to the late scholar "Muhammad Mutawali AlSha'rawi" if Allah was going to take an oath then He would have sworn by what Allah mentions.
Words: AYatma' = Does hope, Na'eem = Bliss - Affluence, Ya'lamoun = they know, LaUksim = Do not swear, Mashaariq = Places of sunrise, Maghaarib = Places of sunset, Nubaddil = Substitute, Khair = Better, Masbooq = To be beat - be overcome, FaTharhum = So leave them, Yakhoudh = Indulge in vain talk, Yalab = Plays about, Yu'ad = Is promised, Yakhruj = Come out, AlAjdasth = the graves, Sira'an = Hurriedly, Nusub = Idols, Yufidhoun = Rushing, Khashi'ah = Cast down Showing reverence, Tarhaq = Tires out, Thillah = Humiliation.

Q: Why does Allah choose the Universe and the human body as examples of His greatness?
A: We (Allah) will show them Our Miraculous Signs (indicative of Allah) in the remote regions* (horizons) and themsleves** so that it becomes clear to them that it is the Truth - is it not enough for your God that He is upon everything a Witness; Well indeed they are in a doubt*** from meeting their God - well indeed He is of everything Fully Aware.
Translation of: Ayat 53 - 54, Surat Fusilat. (41:53-54).
* Remember the Qur'an is for all people and all times. In the past man saw only the sky but nowadays spaceships travelled into the outer space. Watch a documentary about space.
** And a video about cells in the human body.
*** Many Muslims in their sayings and actions are not God cautious and they do not fear Allah as He should be feared. Examples: Not doing the prescribed charity (Zakat), taking bribery, not performing the five prayers...etc.
Note: The Umayyad Caliph "Umar Bin AbdelAzeez" who was famous for his justice and wisdom once said " O people! I did not gather you to talk about a matter. But I have myself thought about the matter to which you all are going to end to (Day of Judgement). I understood that the believer in it is a fool (= Ahmaq") and the denier of it is going to be destroyed (= Halik)." ("Fool" means who knows the severity of the Day of Judgement (refer to Surat AlInfitar) yet he puts it behind his back and does not prepare for it then he is someone who does not use his brain properly.) Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, Volume 4, page 177.
Words: Nurihim = We will show them, Ayatina = Our Miraculous Signs, Aafaq = Remote Places - Horizons, Anfusihim = Themsleves, Yatabayen = Becomes clear, AlHaq = The Truth, Alam Yakfi = Is it not enough, Ala = Well indeed - Yet, Miryah = Doubt, Liqa' = Meeting, Muheet = fully Aware - Had encompassed.

Q: Did Allah bring the attention of any of the prophets towards the Heavens?
A: And this is how We show Abraham (Ibraheem) the vast Kingdom of the Heavens and the earth and so that he becomes among the convinced (= Mina AlMuqineen); So when the night became upon him dark he saw a star- he said this is my god so when it set (went down ) he said I do not like the setters; Then when he saw the moon rising he said this is my god - so when it set he said if my God did not guide me I would have been from the straying people (away from The Right Path); So when he saw the sun rising he said this is my god - this is bigger so when it set he said O my people I am free from what you partner with (Allah); For I have directed my face towards Who created the Heavens and the earth - believing in One God and I am not from the polytheists; And his people disputed with him - he said do you dispute with me about Allah and He has guided me - and I do not fear what you partner with unless my God wills something; My god has embraced everything with knowledge so will you not remember.
Translation of: Ayat 75 - 80, Surat AlAn'am. (6:75-80)
Words: Nuri = To show, Malakout = Mulk means kingdom. Malkout means the vast, excessive and seemingly limitless kingdom. Muqineen = The convinced, Jan'na = Became dark, Layl = Night, Kawkab = Star, Afala = Set - Went down, Uhib = Like, Qamar = Moon, Shams = Sun, Bazigah = Rising, Wajh = Face, Baree' = Free from, Tushirk = Partner with - Become polytheists, Fatara = Created, Haneef = Believing in One God, Haajjahu = Disputed with him, Wasia' = Embraced, Ilm = Knowledge.

Q: When it does not rain how does the plant still get its water?
A: Have you not seen how Allah sends down from the sky water and He passed it in streams in the earth; Then He brings out with it plants whose colours are different then it withers (dries) so you see it yellow; Then He makes it a ruin; Indeed in that is a reminder for men of understanding.
Translation of: Ayah 21, Surat AlZumar.
Words: Anzala = Sent down, Salakhu = Passed, Yanabee' = Streams - Springs, Yukhrij = Brings out, Zare' = Plants, Yaheej = Withers, Musfir = Yellow, Hutam = Ruin, Thikra = Reminder - Remembrance, Uli AlAlbab = Men of understanding - Who use their brains.

Q: How is the reproduction in plants?
A: And it is He (Allah) Who spread out the earth and made in it immovable mountains and rivers and from all the produce* He made in it a pair of two (male and female) - He makes the night cover the day for in that certainly are Miraculous Signs (of Allah's existence) for people who contemplate.
Translation of: Ayah 3, Surat AlRa'd. (13:3)
* Sthamarat means types of produce, fruits or yield. According to "Abdullah Yusuf Ali" in "The Holy Qur'an: English Translation..." page 672: Plants like animals have their reproductive apparatus, male stamens and female pistils. In most cases the same flower combines both stamens and pistils, but in some cases these organs are specialised in separate flowers, and in some cases, even in separate trees. The date-palm of Arabia and the Papaiya of India, are instances of fruit trees which are uni-sexual.
Words: Madda = Spread out, Ardh = Earth, Sthamarat = Fruits - Produce - Yield, Zawjayn Isthnayn = Two pairs - Two couples - Two males and females, Yughshi = Covers, Layl = Night, Nahar = Day, Ayat = Signs - Miracles, Yatafakkaroun = Contemplate - Think.

Q: What type of clouds are there?

A: Allah is Who sends down the winds so they cause clouds then He spreads them in the sky however He wills and He makes them grow dark so you see the rain coming out from them so when it (rain) reaches whoever He wills from His servants suddenly they become happy with the good news; Although they were before it was sent down upon them - before that they were certainly dumb-struck with despair; So look into the consequences of Allah's Mercy - how He brings the earth to life after its death - it is He Who will bring the dead to life and He is upon everything Capable; And certainly if We (Allah) sent down a wind and they saw it (plant) yellow-coloured they certainly would have remained after that disbelieving (in Allah); So you (Prophet Muhammad) do not make the dead listen neither do you make the (intentionally) deaf listen to the call on Allah when they turn running away; And you are not going to rightly guide the (intentionally) blind away from their straying - rather you (Prophet Muhammad) make listen only those who believe (= Yo'min) in Our Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) hence they are Muslims (submitting to Allah Alone = FaHum Muslimoun).
Translation of: Ayat 48 - 53, Surat AlRoum.
Words: Riyah = Winds, Yursil = Sends down, Tus(th)eer = Causes, Sahab = Clouds, Yubsit = Spreads out, Kisf = Dark, Wadq = Rain, Yastabshir = Bcomes happy with the good news, Mublis = Dumb-struck with despair, As(th)ar = Consequences, Yuh'yi = Brings to life, AlMawta = The dead, Reeh = Wind, Musfar = Yellow-coloured, AlSom = The deaf, AlDua' = The call on Allah, Wallou Mudbireen = They turn running away, AlUmye = The blind.

Q: How is the earth similar to the Seven Heavens?

A: Allah is Who created Seven Heavens and of the Earth like (similar to) them*; The Command (of Allah) is (constantly) sent down between them (Heavens and Earth) so that you may know that Allah is upon everything ia All-Capable and that Allah had surrounded everything with knowledge (= Ahata Ilma).
Translation of: Ayah 12, Surat AlTalaq. (65:12)
* According to different classic books explaining the Qur'an, the meaning is either that our earth is layered like the Seven Heavens. Or there are seven earths as there are Seven Heavens.
Words: Khalaqa = Created, Sabe' = Seven, Samawat = Heavens, AlArdh = The Earth, Misthla'huna = Like them, Yatanazal = Is (constantly) sent down, Ta'lam = Know, Qadeer = All-Capable, Ahata = Had surrounded, Kulli Shaye'n = Everything, Ilma = With knowledge.

Q: Why is water a basic part of life on earth?

A: And We brought down from the sky blessed (= Mubarakan) water so We planted with it gardens and seeds of crops; And palm trees tall with stacked spadix (before dates); Sustenance (food) for the servants (people of Allah) and We brought to life with it a dead land - such will be the emergence* (from graves = AlKhurouj).
Translation of: Ayat 9 - 11, Surat Qaf.
* The dead will be raised up.
Words: Nazzalna = We brought down, Ma' = Water, Mubarak = Blessed, Anbata = Planted, Jannat = Gardens, Habb = Seeds, Haseed = Crops, Palm Trees = Nakhl, Basiqat = Tall, Tal' = Spadix, Nadheed = Stacked - Arranged near each other, Rizk = Sustenance - Food, Baldah = Land, Mayt = Dead, AlKhurouj = The emergence - The coming out - Resurrection.

Q: Which part of the human body marks the physical strength of man?
A: It is We (Allah) Who sent down the Qur'an upon you (Prophet Muhammad's heart) - a proper sending down (in stages = Tanzeela); So (command to Prophet Muhammad) be patient and do not obey from them a sinner or the Faith rejector; And mention the Name of your God morning and evening; And (part) of the night do prostrate to Him and glorify Him through a long (time during) night; Indeed these (current disbelievers) like the temporary life in this world and they leave behind them a HEAVY Day (of Judgement). We created them and We strengthened their entire forms and if We will We will change people of their kind into a complete change (disfigured); This is a Reminder so who wants let him take a Path to his God (Straight Path).
Translation of: Ayat 23 - 29, Surat AlInsan. (76:23-29)
Words: Nazzalna = Sent down, Tanzeela = Proper sending down - Sending down in stages, Issbur = Be patient, Tute' = Obey, Aasthim = Sinner, Kafoura = Faith rejector - Disbeliever, Uthkur = Remember, Ism = Name, Bukratan = Morning, Asseela = Evening, Usjud = Prostrate - Put the forehead on the ground in submission to Allah - Bow down in worship, Sabbih = Glorify, Laylan = Night, Ttaweela = Long, Yuhibouna = They like, AlAjilah = Temporay life in this world, Yatharouna = They leave, Yawman = Day, Sthaqeela = Heavy, Khalaqnahum = Created them, Sthaqeela = Heavy, Shadadna = We strengthened, Asrahum = their entire forms - Their entire bodies, Baddalna = We will change, Amthalahum = People of their kind, Tabdeela = Into a complete change, Tathkirah = Reminder, Sabeela = Path - Way.

Q: Has science discovered all that Allah creates?
A: He created the human being from a sperm-drop and suddenly he (man) is an explicit opponent (to Allah). And the livestock He created them, for you in them warmth and benefits and from them you eat. And for you in them beauty when you leave them to rest and when you leave them to graze freely. And they carry your loads to lands that you would have reached it (walking) only with great difficulty; For your God is indeed Most Kind, Most Merciful. And the horses, the mules and the donkeys (He created) so that you ride them and a decoration (in life that you seek); and He creates* what you do not know.
Translation of: Ayat 4 - 8, Surat AlNahl.
* In the present tense (= Yakhluq).
Words: Khalaqa = Created, Nutfah = Sperm-drop, Khaseem = Opponent, Mubeen = Explicit - Fully developed - Unmistakable, An'am = Livestock - Cattle, Dife' = Warmth, Manafi' = Benefits, Takul = You eat, Jamal = Beauty, Tureeh = Leave to rest, Tasrah = Leave to graze freely, Tahmil = Carries, Asthqal = Loads, Balad = Land, Shaq AlAnfus = With great difficulty, Khayl = Horses, Bighal = Mules, Hameer = Donkeys, Tarkab = You ride, Zeenah = Decoration, Yakhluq = Creates, La Ta'lamoun = You (plural) do not know.

Q: Did the Qur'an which was sent down in the seventh century refer to the shape of the earth?
Hint: Only when Christopher Columbus traveled west from Europe in the fifteenth century CE, it was clearly proved to the world that the earth is a sphere (round).
A: He created the Heavens and the earth appropriately (in proportion) - He makes spherical (round) the night over the daytime; And He makes spherical (round) the daytime over the night; And He made the sun and the moon yield (useful to people): Each one runs (its course) to an appointed time; Well He is the Almighty the Most-Forgiving.
Translation of: Ayah 5, Surat AlZumar.
Words: Khalaqa = Created, BilHaq = Appropriately, Yukawwir = Makes spherical - Makes round, Layl = Night, Nahar = Daytime, Sakhkhara = Made yield - Made useful, Shams = Sun, Qamar = Moon, Ajal = Time, Musamma = Appointed.

Q: Why are the mountains of different colours?
A: Have you not seen that Allah has sent down from the sky water so We (Allah) brought out with it produce of different colours; And from the mountains tracks white and red with different shades of colour and (also) black (tracts) intense in black hue; And from humans and moving creatures and cattle of differnt colours - in this way indeed from His servants who have knowledge (scientists) fear Allah for Allah is AlMighty Most-Forgiving.
Translation of: Ayat: 27 - 28, Surat Fatir.
Words: Sthamarat = Produce, Mukhtalif = Different, Alwan = Colours, Jibal = Mountains, Judud = Tracts - Paths, Beedh = White (plural), Dawab = Creatures, An'am = Cattle - Livestock, Yakhsha = Fears, Ibad = Servants, Ulama' = Who have knowledge - Scientists, Azeez = AlMighty, Ghafoor = Most-Forgiving.

Q: Will the earth have another shape on the Day of Judgment?
A: And they ask you (Prophet Muhammad) about the mountains then say my God will blow them up a complete blowing; So He will leave them a leveled bottom; You will not see in it a bend (low = iwaj) or a curve (high); That Day they will follow the Summoner (Angel) - no deviation (from Allah's Command = iwaj) for him* and the voices have been hushed to The Most-Merciful so you will not hear but whispering;
That Day there is no pleading (intercession)** but to whom the Most-Merciful has allowed and accepted that he speaks.
Translation of: Ayat 105 - 109, Surat Taha.
* The Angel Israphil's blowing in the Horn will make people follow the sound to the Gathering Place of Judgement.
Note: In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, the Prophet mentioned that the believer among Muslims who says Allah's blessings and peace be upon him (Prophet Muhammad) he will receive the Prophet's pleading for him on the Day of Judgment.
** In a summary of a Holy Saying (= "Hadeesth Qudsi" directly from Allah through the Angel Gabriel and not part of the Qur'an) narrated by the Prophet Muhammad: The first one to have the Gate of Paradise opened in Prophet Muhammad. And the first nation to enter Paradise is his nation. The Prophet will have three intercessions (= Shafa'at). The first two are only for the Prophet Muhammad: The first one when the Prophet accepts to intecede with Allah to start the judgement (people will be very tired). The second intercession for the companions of Paradise to enter Paradise (without punishment for some sins). The third intercession is for the Prophet Muhammad and other prophets and righteous persons: For some who deserve to be in Hell not to enter it and for some who are in Hell to come out of it. Source: AlAhadeesth AlQudsiyah (in Arabic see the Reference Page) page 283.
Words: Yas'alounka = They ask, Jibal = Mountains, Yathar = Leaves, Qa' = Bottom - Plain, Safsaf = Leveled, Tara = See, Iwaj = Bend, Amat = Curve - High Place, Tattabe' = Follows, AlDaaey = The Summoner - The Caller, Iwaj = Deviation - Bending, Khasha'at = Hushed - Silent showing reverence, Aswat = Voices, Tasme' = Hear, Hams = Whispering, Shafaah = Pleading, Athina = Allowed - Granted permission, Radhiya Lahu Qawla = Accepted that he speaks.

Q: What is the secret of sleepiness (drowsiness) and why do we feel sleepy?

A: When sleepiness covers you as peace of mind from Him (Allah) and He sends down upon you from the Heaven water so as to cleanse you with it and He removes from you the filth (trembling and negative thoughts) of Satan (Satan's whispers) ; And so as to strengthen your hearts (with patience) and to make with it the feet firm (brave).*
Translation of: Ayah 11, Surat AlAnfal. (8:11)
* Reference is to the War of Badr: The first war Muslims fought against their disbelieving polytheists of Mecca. According to Ibn Kastheer, volume 2, page 428: In a summary: Prophet Muhammad was overcome by a short sleep and he woke up smiling and he recited from the Qur'an: The gathering (enemy) will be defeated (in Ayah 40, Surat 'AlQamar'). And disbelievers reached the water place and Muslims were thirsty so Allah sent rain on them.
Words: Yughshi = Covers, Nu'as = Sleepiness - Drowsiness, Amanatan = Peace of mind, Yunazzil = Sends down, Ma' = Water, Yutahhir = Cleanse, Rijz = Filth - Trembling and negative thoughts (of Satan), Yurbitt = Strengthen, Yusthabit = Makes firm, Aqdam = Feet.

Q: Why do some pregnant women deliver boys and the others deliver girls?
A: To Allah belongs the Kingdom of the Heavens and Earth; He creates whatever He pleases; He gives to whoever He wills females and He gives to whoever He wills the males.
Translation of: Ayah 49, Surat AlShoura.
Words: LiAllah = To Allah belongs, Mulk = Kingdom - Control, Yakhluq = Creates, Inas(th) = Females, Thukour = Males.

Q: Does a fruit stone (kernel) or a date pit split on its own so as a plant grows from it?
A: For Allah is Who splits open the seeds and the fruit stones He brings the living from the dead* and He is Who brings the dead from the living** - that is Allah so how can you be deluded (away from the Truth).
Translation of: Ayah 95, Surat AlAn'am. (6:95)
* A chick from an egg for example. And the living plant from the dead land.
** An egg from a hen for example. And a dead infant from an alive woman
Words: Faaliq = Who splits open, AlHab = The seeds, AlNawa = The fruit kernels stones or pits, Yukhrij = Brings out, Hayy = Living, Mayyet = Dead, Tu'fak = Be deluded (Tempted away from the truth).

Q: Does the Qur'an refer to the earth's deterioration because of people's actions?
Note: Allah commanded man to take care of earth.
A: The deterioration (corruption) has appeared on land and in the sea because of what people's hands have done so He (Allah) is making them taste some of what they did (pollution...etc) so that they may return (to Allah's Path); Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) walk through the earth (land) and look for yourselves how the ending was of those from before - most of them were polytheists; So devote yourself to the Precious Religion (submission to Allah, Islam) before a Day comes no turning away for it from Allah - that Day they (all humanity) will be split up; Whoever disbelieves so upon him is his disbelief and who does righteous (deeds) so for themselves they are preparing; So that He (Allah) rewards those who believed and did righteous deeds from His Bounty indeed He (Allah) does not like the disbelievers.
Translation of: Ayat 41 - 45, Surat AlRoum. (30:41-45)
Words: Dhahara = Appeared, Fassad = Deterioration, Barr = Land, Bahr = Sea, Aydi = Hands, Nas = People = Yudheeq = Make taste, Seeru = Walk (plural), Ardh = Earth - Land, Aaqibat = Ending, Mushrikeen = Polytheists - Who partner with Allah - Disbelievers, Aqim Wajhaka = Devote yourself, Qayyem = Precious, Marrad = Turning away, Yassada'oun = Be split up - Be divided, Yamhadoun = Preparing, Fadhl = Bounty - Favour.

Q: All land is Allah's. What did Allah dictate about ineheriting His land?
A: And We (Allah) had written in The Psalm* after the Message (of remembering Allah = AlThikr) that the land will be inherited by My (Allah's) righteous servants.
Translation of: Ayah 105, Surat AlAnbiya'. (21:105)
* AlZabour = An earlier form of Allah's Holy Book. (Book of Allah's Praises). Some of Allah's messengers (= rusul) were given such Holy Books. The plural is "Zubur". Note that Allah's Prophet David (= Dawood) was given a "Zabour" and not the "Zabour".
Words: Kataba = Had written, AlZabour = The Psalm - The Scripture, AlThikr = Allah's Message Tablet - The Origion of Allah's Holy Books, Yaristhuha = Will be inherited, Ibadi = My servants, Salihoun = Righteous.
A: And those who protected themselves by fearing their God (Ittaqou Rubbahum) were led to Paradise in small groups until when they reached it its Gates were opened and their custodians (angels) said to them peace be upon you - good for you so do enter it remaining for eternity (in it); And they (righteous) said praise to Allah Who fulfilled His Promise and appointed us inheritors of the land (the earth = AlArdh) - we stay in Paradise wherever we wish so how wonderful is the reward of the (righteous) workers!
Translation of: Ayat 73 - 74, Surat AlZumar. (39:73-74)
Words: Seeqa = Were led, Ittaqou Rubbahum = Protected themselves by fearing their God, Were aware of their God, Feared, Zumara = In small groups, Futihat = Were opened, Abwab = Gates, Khazantuha = Their custodians, Khalideen = Remaining for eternity, AlArdh = The land - The earth, Natabawa' = We stay (plural), Nasha' = We wish, Ni'ma = Wonderful, Ajr = Reward.

Q: Why can not humans control the clouds that carry the rain?
A: And We (Allah) sent the winds pollinating then We sent down from the sky water and We gave it to you to drink it and you are not going to be its guardians. And it is We Who make alive and Who make dead and We are the Inheritors. And We had known those from you who came before and We had known those who came after; And indeed your God is gathering them (on Day of Judgment); For He is All-Wise, All-Knowing.
Translation of: Ayat 22 - 25, Surat AlHijr.
Words: Riyah = Winds, Lawaqih = Pollinating, Asqa = Gave to drink, Khazin = Guardian, Waris(th) = Inheritor, Mustaqdim = Who came before, Musta'khir = who became after, Yahshur = Gathers.

Q: Do birds speak in a language that they understand? (Note the long speech of the bird!) Also do ants speak in sentences they understand?
Note 1: The Qur'an is not mythology, a fantasy or man-made. It is the powerful truth from The Ultimate Truth (Allah = The God).
On the other hand the human mind is of a limited capacity. Mythologies in man-made religions on in fiction might have somehow based their stories on what prophets were made to know from Allah's World of the Unseen.
Note 2: Allah granted Solomon the miracle of being able to talk to and control the Jinn, animals and birds.

A: And Solomon (Suleiman) inherited David (Prophet Dawood) and he said O people we (I) have been taught (from Allah) the talk of the birds and we have been given (from Allah) from everything for this is certainly the manifest bounty from Allah); And Solomon's (Suleiman) soldiers from the Jinn men and birds were marshalled for him and they were restrained (stopped); And when they reached the valley of the ants an ant said O ants enter your dwellings lest Solomon and his soldiers crush you without their realizing (that); So he (Solomon) smiled laughingly from its saying and said my God allow me to be thankful to your Blessing (Favour) which you bestowed on me and my parents and to do good deeds that You accept

and ADMIT ME IN YOUR (Allah's) MERCY AMONG YOUR RIGHTEOUS SERVANTS (end of Ayah 19); And he inspected the birds then he said why do I not see the hoopoe (bird) or was he from the absentees; Certainly I will punish him a severe punishment or certainly I will execute him or let him bring me a manifest supreme reason; So he (hoopoe) did not remain for long then he said I have comprehensive knowledge about what you (Solomon) did not know and I have
brought you from Saba'* (city in Yemen) trustworthy news; For I saw a woman who rules over them and she has been given (from Allah) of everything and she has a magnificent throne;
I saw her and her people prostrating to the sun leaving Allah and Satan had made their deeds look pleasing to them so he (Satan) prevented them from the Path (Allah's) so they are not guided (to the Path); Why they do not prostrate to Allah Who brings out the hidden (plants, rain etc) in the Heavens and the earth and He knows what you are concealing and what you are revealing; Allah there is no god but He the Owner of The Supreme Throne (Muslims prostrate at this point); He (Solomon) said we will see if you told the truth or you were from the liars; (King Solomon says) Go with this letter of mine then deliver it to them then leave them alone and see what they send back; She (Queen* of Saba' (Sheeba) said O assembly for it has been delivered to me a high-ranking letter; Indeed it is from Solomon and it is in the Name of Allah the Lord of Mercy, the Most-Merciful; Do not be arrogant against me and come to me as Muslims (submitting to Allah Alone); She said O assembly advise me in my matter - I was not going to decide in any matter until you utter your opinion; They said we are people of strength and we are people of strong wars and the command is yours so see what you order; She said indeed when the kings enter a village they destroy it and they make its honourable people disgraced and that is what they do; And I am sending them a present so I am going to wait for what the messengers come back with; So when he (hoopoe) came to Solomon he (Solomon) said do you (people of Saba') provide me with wealth so what Allah had given me is better than what He had given you but you rejoice with your present; Go back to them so we will come to them with soldiers they will not be able to meet and we will cast them out of it disgraced and being humiliated; He (Solomon) said O assembly who can bring me her throne before they come to me as Muslims; He said O assembly who can bring me her throne before they come to me in submission to Allah (= Muslimeen); A demon of the Jinn said I will bring it to you before you get up from your place and I am upon it certainly strong and honest; The one who had knowledge of the Book (Allah's Holy Book) said I will bring it to you before your look comes back to you (blink) so when he (Solomon) saw it placed before him he said this is from the favour of my God to test me if I become thankful or I disbelieve** and who is thankful then he is in fact thankful to himself and who disbelieves then my God can do without, (Allah is) the Bountiful;
He (Solomon) said disguise for her her throne so that we see if she is going to be rightly guided (to Allah) or she is going to be from those who cannot be guided; So when she came it was said to her is your throne like this - she said it looks like that. And we (Solomon and his people) had been given the Knowledge (of Straight Path) before her and we had been Muslims; And what she was worshipping other than Allah had prevented her (from Allah's Path) for she was from disbelieving people;
It was said to her enter the Lofty Palace so when she saw it she thought it was the depth of the sea and she uncovered her legs (to guard her clothes) - he (Solomon) said indeed it is a lofty palace smoothened with hollowed out glass - she said My God (Allah) indeed (before) I did injustice to myself and (now) I submit with Solomon to Allah - the God of the inhabitants of the worlds.
Translation of: Ayat 16 - 44, Surat AlNaml. (27:16-44)
* Saba' was named after its first king Saba' Bin Yashjab Bin Ya'rab Bin Qahtan Bin Hood. Saba' was ruled by Queen Bilqis (Queen of Sheba in the Bible).
** Transliteration of Ayah 40 in Surat AlNaml: --- "Hatha min Fadhli Rubbi liYablowani aashkur em akfur".
Words: Waristha = Inherited, Ulimna = We were given the knowledge, Mantiq = Speech, Shay' = Thing, Hushira = Were marshalled (military arrangement) - Were marshalled (put in ranks); Youzaoun = Restrained by high ranking officers, Jonoud = Soldiers, AlTayr = The Birds, Atau = They reached, Wadi = The Valley, AlNaml = The ants, La Yahatimannakum Suleiman wa Junoudohu = Lest Solomon and his soldiers crush you, Tabassama = Smiled, Daahikan = Laughingly, Ni'mataka = Your Blessing - Your Favour, Waaliday = My Parents, AlSaliheen = Righteous Servants - Righteous people, Tafaqada = Inspected, Tayr = Birds, Hudhud = Hoopoe, Ghaaib = Absentee, Uthabih = Execute, Makastha = Remained, Gayr Baeed = Not for long, Naba' = News, Imra'ah = Woman, Tamlik = Rules, Arsh = Throne, Sadda = Prevented, Khaba' = The hidden, Tukhfi = conceal, Tu'lin = Reveal, Kareem = High-Ranking, Honourable, Kitab = Letter, Alqi = Deliver, A'izzah = Honourable, Athillah = Humiliated, Ta'muroun = You command, Afsadouha = They destroyed it, Mursilah = Sending, Tumidouni = You provide me, Tafrahoun = You rejoice - Be happy, Saaghir = Humiliated, Ifreet = Giant - A cunning and strong one of the jinn - Demon, AAshkur = If I become thankful - Grateful, AlMala' = The assembly, Qabla = Before, Taqoum = Get up, Maqamaka = Your place, Yartad = Comes back, Ttaraf = Look - Eye, Ilm = Knowledge, Mustaqarran = Placed, Fadhl = Favour, Rubbi = My God, Yablou = Test, Shakara = Be Grateful, Kafara = Disbelieves, Ghani = Can do without - Is in no need of, Kareem = Bountiful - Generous, AlSsarh = The lofty palace, Mumarad = Smoothened - Plastered, Qawareer = Hollowed out glass - Hollowed out bottles, Dhalamtu = I did injustice, I was unjust, Rubb AlAlameen = God of the inhabitants of the worlds - God of all people.

Q: Why do we not have excess of rain, fruits ,other produce...etc. overfilling earth?
A: And the earth We (Allah) spread it out and We set in it unshakable mountains and We produced plants in it from everything measured; And We made for you in it means of living and for those which you are not going to provide sustenance for (free creatures as birds); And there is nothing except that We have its treasures and We do not send it down except with a determined amount.
Translation of: Ayat 19 - 21, Surat AlHijr.
Words: Madada = Spread out, Alqa = Set, Rawasi = Immovable mountains - fixed mountains, Anbata = Produced plants, Mawzoon = Measured, Ma'ayesh = Means of living, Raziq = Providing sustenance for, Khaza'in = Treasures, Qadar = Measurement, Ma'loum = Determined - Known.

Q: Does earth experience death and life?
A: So look at the imprints of Allah's Mercy - how He brings the earth to life (with the rain) after its death - indeed He is Who will certainly bring the dead to life and He is upon everything All-Capable; And certainly if We (Allah) send a (destructive) wind and they saw it (the plant) turned yellow they will certainly still remain after it disbelieving.
Translation of: Ayat 50 - 51, Surat AlRoum. (30:50-51)
Words: Undhur = Look, Asthar = Imprints - Results, Rahmat = Mercy, Yuhye = Brings to life - Makes alive, Mawt = Death, Reeh = Wind, Musfar = Turned yellow, LaDhallou = They will certainly still remain, Yakfuroun = Disbelieving - Rejecting.

Q: Why does the calendar have twelve months?
A: For the number of months with Allah are twelve months in the Record of Allah (written) the day He created the Heavens and the earth: From them four are sacred*. That is the Valuable Religion (Islam started by Abraham) so do not transgress upon yourselves in them (sacred months); And (in a fight any month) do fight all together the disbelievers as they all together fight you and let it be known to you that Allah is with those who fear Him.
Translation of: Ayah 36, Surat AlTawbah.
* Before Islam Arabs did not fight in the sacred months.
Words: iddat = Number, Shahr = Month, Es(th)na Ashar = Twelve, Hurum = Sacred, Khalaqa = Created, Mutaqeen = Who fear Allah.

Q: Why does Allah want us to contemplate into how He brings the dead land to life (rain and plants)?
A: Let it be known to you all that Allah brings the land to life after its death We (Allah) had explained to you the Miraculous Signs (of Allah) so that you may come to realize.
Translation of: Ayah 17, Surat AlHadeed. (57:17)
Words: Ta'qiloun = You may come to realize - You may use your brains.

Q: What is the life of this world?
A: Let it be known to you that the life of this world is nothing but play and a pastime and fashion and boasting among you and increasing in types of wealth and children just like rain whose plant pleased the disbelievers then it withers and you see it yellow-coloured then it becomes ruined; And in the Other Life there is a severe punishment (for disbelievers); And Forgiveness from Allah and satisfaction (in Paradise); And the life of this world is nothing but the temporary enjoyment of illusion (temporary life).
Translation of: Ayah 20. Surat AlHadeed. (57:20)
Words: E'lemou = Let it be known to you (plural), Laaibonn = Playing, Lahu = Pastime, Zeenah = Fashion - Decoration, Tafakhur = Boasting, Takassthur = Increasing, Amwal = Types of wealth, Awlad = Children, Ghaysth = Rain, A'jaba = Pleased, Yaheej = withers, Tara = You see, Musfaran = Yellow-coloured, Hutama = Becomes ruined, Ridhwan = Satisfaction - Pleasure, Mata' AlGhorour = Temporary enjoyment of the illusion - Deception.

Q: What do the orbits of the celectial bodies (stars, planets, comets...etc) suggest about Allah?
Note: The ojects that Allah swears by should be the focus of contemplation.
A: (Allah affirms*) By the scatterers (winds) of a proper scattering (of clouds); Then by the carriers (clouds) of heavy loads (of rain); Then by the sailers (ships) with ease; Then by the distributors (angels) of affairs (to people according to Allah's Commands); Indeed what you are being promised is certainly true; And indeed the Judgment (= AlDeen**) is going to happen; (Allah affirms) And by the sky with geniously made orbits: You (disbelievers) are in different talk (about Allah and Faith); Is deluded away from it (Allah's Path) who is deluded; Condemned to ruin are the fabricators of lies; Those who are in a flood of ignorance unaware (of Allah); They ask when is the Day of Judgment (ayah 12); The Day they will be tormented in the Fire; Taste your torment that you used to ask to be hastened (Day of Judgment).
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 14, Surat AlThariyat. (51:1-14)
* According to the late scholar "Muhammad Mutawali AlSha'rawi" if Allah was going to take an oath then He would have sworn by what is mentioned in the oath which should be the focus of contemplation because of its major impact on human life.
** The Day of Judgement is known also as the Day of Religion (Yawm AlDeen). Ayah 19 in Surat AlImran is translated "Indeed the Religion according to Allah is Islam".
Words: AlThariyat = The Scatterers - The ones that scatter, Hamilati = Carriers, Wiqra = Heavy load, Jariati = Sailers - Ships, Yusra = With ease, Muqassimati = Distributors, Amra = Affair, AlDeen = The Judgment, Sama' = Sky, Hubuk = Geniously done orbits, Qawl = Talk, Mukhtalif = Different - Inconsistent, Yu'fak = Is deluded, Qutila = Condemned to ruin, Kharrassoun = Fabricators of lies - Untruth tellers, Ghamrah = Flood of ignorance, Sahoun = Unaware, Yuftanoun = Are tormented, Tasta'jiloun = Ask to be hastened.

Q: Man visited the Moon. Are there any signs that indicate that the moon was split into two parts 14 centuries ago?
A: The Hour (Day of Judgment) has come near and the moon was split* (into two parts); And if they (disbelievers) see a Miraculous Sign they refuse to recognize (it) and they say continuous magic**; And they rejected (it) as lies and they followed their whims and every case (of acceptance or rejection) is going to be settled (on Day of Judgment); And it certainly reached them from the news (of punished nations that perished) that contains a deterrent: (The news are) Far-reaching wisdom so the warnings are of no use (then after the news); So (command to Prophet Mohammad) turn away from them - the Day (of Judgment) when the Caller (Angel Israphil) will call (blow the Trumpet) for something catastrophic:
Their eyes (disbelievers') will be downcast - they will come out from their graves like scattered grasshoppers*** (locusts); Hastening with necks extended forward - towards the caller - disbelievers will say this is a hard Day.
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 8, Surat AlQamar. (54:1-8)
* It happened at the time of the Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad, his companions and many Arab travellers once noticed two parts of the moon with the Mount Hira (in Mecca) between them. Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 4, page 399.
** Disbelievers said continuous magic from the time of Prophet Moses. (refer to Surat AlQasas)
*** Reference to too many people. All humanity will be raised up. An example to visualize how many people in a place.
Words: Iqtarabat = Has come near, Inshakka = Was split, Yaraw = They see, Ayah = Miraculous Sign - Miracle, Yu'ridhou = Refuse to recognize - Turn away, Khathabbou = Rejected as lies, Ahwa'ahum = Their whims - Their desires, Amr = Case - Affair, Mustaqir = Is going to be settled, Muzdajar = Detterent - Restraint that prevents from acting, Anba' = News, Hikmah = Wisdom, Balighah = Far-Reaching - Strong, Tughni = Be of use, Nuthur = Warnings, Nukur = Catastrophic - Terrible, Khusha' = Downcast, Ajdas(th) = Graves, Jarad = Grasshoppers - Locusts, Muntashir = Scattered, Muhte' = Hastening with neck extended forward, Asir = Hard.

Q: Why should man think beyond the surface when studying the existence of objects??
A: They know what is apparent from the Life of this World and they from the Other World are unaware (heedless). Have they not thought in themselves that Allah did not create the Heavens and the earth and what is between them except for a true purpose* and a known (to Allah) period and indeed a lot of people are rejecting as lies the Meeting with their God.
Translation of: Ayat 7 - 8, Surat AlRoum.
* To worship Allah.
Words: Ya'lam = Knows, Dhahir = Apparent - Superficial, Ghafil = Unaware, BilHaq = For a true purspose, Ajal = Period, Musamma = Known - Limited, Kafir = Rejecting as lies - Disbelieving.

Q: According to Allah's standard of time, do humans live a long life?
Note: When the Day of Judgment arrives Allah's standard of time will prevail. For example: "Allah the Owner of the ways of the ascent (in the Seven Heavens); The angels and The Spirit (Garbriel = Jibrail) ascend towards Him in a Day* which equals fifty thousand years (of human time)." Translation of: Lines 1 - 4 in Chapter AlMa'arij in the Qur'an.
A: And when The Hour (Day of Judgment) arrives the sinners will swear that they did not stay in Life except for an hour - this is how they were being deluded. And those who were given the knowledge and faith will say: You stayed according to Allah's Record** until the Day of Resurrection and this is the Day.of Resurrection but you were not knowing. So that Day the excuse of those who transgressed will not be of use to them and they will not be rebuked.
Translation of: Ayat 55 - 57, Surat AlRoum.
* Day of Judgment equals fifty thoussand years.
* The Explicit Record (AlKitab AlMubeen) is a Written Record safeguarded by angels in the Heaven.
Words: Taqoum = Arrives, Yuksim = Swears, Labis(th)a = Stayed, Yu'fak = Is deluded, Ba'th = Resurrection.

A: The Day it will be blown in the Trumpet and We (Allah) gather the sinful* that Day blue-coloured (of terror); They will murmur among themselves indeed you stayed less than ten (days); We (Allah) know what they are saying - when their ideal (exmplary) in way of life will say actually you stayed only a day**.
Translation of: Ayat 102 - 104, Surat Taha. (20:102-104)
* Criminals in Allah's Court (= AlMujrimeen).
** They had keen insight into the good things of life so they will be the first to realize the Truth of the Day of Judgement (true length of this life compared to the Other Life). Source: The Holy Qur'an: English Translation based on the translation of Abdullah Yusuf Ali, page 905.
Note: In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: The Life of this World in comparison to the Other World is like when one of you puts his finger in the sea.
Words: Yunfakh = Is blown, Sour = Trumpet, Ashr = Ten, Yawm = Day, Amsthaluhum Tareeqah = Their ideal in way of life, Yawm = Day.

Q: Which is more difficult to create: The human being or the Sky? And what shows that the earth is a sphere?
Note: The Qur'an came down in the sixth century Common Era. Note also the sequence of Allah's creation.
A: Are you a more difficult creation or the Heaven - He (Allah) built it; He (Allah) lifted its roof and staightened it; And He darkened its night and brought out its morning brightness; And the earth after that He unrolled it; He brought out from it its water and its pasture; And the mountains He fastened them; (All creation) As a provision for you and your cattle.
Translation of: Ayat 27 - 33, Surat AlNazi'at.
Words: Ashad = More difficult, Khalq = Creation, Sama' = Heaven - Sky, Bana = He built, Rafa' = He lifted, Samk = Roof - Ceiling, Sawa' = Straightened, Agtasha = Darkened, Dhuhaha = Its morning brightness - Its day light, Daha = Unrolled - Flattened, Akhraja = Brought out, Mara' = Pasture, Mata' = Provision, Anaam = Cattle.

Q:Why do scientists keep on discovering many new species?
A: Ha Meem*; The sending down of the Scripture (Qur'an) is from Allah - The AlMighty, The All-Wise; Indeed in the Heavens and the earth there are certainly Miraculous Signs for the believers; And in your (man's) creation and in what He (Allah) sends out** (in the present tense) of moving creatures there are Mirculous Signs for a people (= LiQawmin) who are certain about their Faith (believing); And the difference in the night and the day and what sustenance (water) Allah sent down from the Heaven so He brought with it to life the earth after its death and the directing of the winds are Miraculous Signs for a people (community) who understand; Those are the Miraculous Signs (Quranic Lines or Verses) of Allah We (Allah) recite them to you (Prophet Muhammad) in truth so with which word after Allah and His Miraculous Signs (Qur'an) will they have Faith.
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 6, Surat AlJasthiyah. (45:1-6)
* Two letters that do not make a meaningful word in the Arabic Language. From Allah's World of the Unseen.
** Remember: "And your God creates what He pleases" translation of Verse 68 in Chapter AlQasas in the Qur'an.
Words: Tanzeel = Sending down, Ayat = Miraculous Signs - Verses of the Qur'an, Khalq = Creation, Yabusth = Sends out - Lets - Unfolds, Min Daabah = Of moving creatures - From animals, LiQawmin = For a people - For persons, Yuqinoun = Are certain about their Faith, Ikhtilaf = Difference - Variation, Layl = Night, Nahar = Day, Rizq = Provision - Sustenance, Tassreef = Directing - Change, Riyah = Winds, Yaqiloun = Understand - Use their brains, Hadeesth = Word - Speech, Yu'minoun = Have Faith.

Q: In what stage of his creation is a human being not worth mentioning because he is nothing?

A: Has not there come upon man a period of time when he was nothing to be mentioned; For We (Allah) created human being from germ cells* (mingled fluid) of a sperm drop to put him to the trial so We made him a hearer and a seer; Indeed We guided him to the Path (of Allah) either grateful or ungrateful (= Kufoora); For We had prepared for the ungrateful chains and iron collars and Blazing Fire; Indeed the righteous believers (= AlAbrar) will be drinking from a glass its blend is of camphor - a spring from which the servants of Allah drink: They make it flow an abundant flowing (at their wish).
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 6, Surat AlInsan. (76:1-6)
* Gamete or germ cell is a cell which fuses with another gamete during fertilization in organisms that reproduce sexually. (Source: For example: sperm/ovum.
Words: Hel Ata = Has not there come, Heenun mina Aldahr = A period of time, Mathkoura = To be mentioned, Nutfah = Sperm-drop, Amshaj = (plural of masheej) Germ cells - Gametes, Samee' = Hearer , Baseer = Seer, Shakir = Grateful, Kafoora = Ungrateful - Disbeliever, Salasil = Chains, Aghlal = Iron collars, Saeer = Blazing Fire, Yashrab = Drinks, Ka's = Glass, Ayn = Spring, Kafoor = Camphur - Aromatic compound, Yufajjir = Makes flow, Tafjeer = Abundant flowing.

Q: Is the sky supported by some type of pillars or another type of force that humans cannot see? Allah knows Best.
A: Allah is Who raised the Heavens without pillars that you can see then He settled on the Throne (above the Seventh Heaven) and He made the sun and the moon yield (through their submission and obedience)- each runs (its course) for an appointed period - He regulates the command of affairs - (Allah) details the Miraculous Signs (indicative of Allah) perhaps about meeting with your God you become certain.
Translation of: Ayah 2, Surat AlRa'd. (13:2)
Note: Remember Allah's Capabilities and Standards are higher than humans' so do not waste your energy pondering Allah's Attributes.
Words: Rafa' = Raised - Lifted, Ghayr = Without, Tarawn = You see (plural), Arsh = Throne, Sakhkhara = Made yield, Shams = Sun, Qamar = Moon, Kulun = Each one, Ajal = Period - Time, Musamma = Appointed - Timed, Yudabbir = Regulates - Manages, AlAmr = The command of affairs, Yufassir = Explains in detail, Ayat = Mireculous Signs of Allah - Qur'anic Verses (Lines), La'alakum = Perhaps you, Liqa'a = Meeting, Touqinoun = You become certain.

Q: What is the base in the following Lines: The Night or the Day?
A: And a Miraculous Sign* for them is the Night - We (Allah) skin from it the Day and suddenly they are in darkness.
Translation of: Ayah 37, Surat YaSeen. (36:37)
* Indicative of Allah's Attributes.
Words: Layl = Night, Nahar = Day - Opposite of night, Naslakh = Skin - Strip off, Idha = Suddenly, Mudhlim = Be in darkness.

Q: Can birds perform extraordinary jobs?
Note: Remember that the Quran is not mythology, a fantasy or man-made. It is the powerful truth from The Ultimate Truth (Allah = The God).
A: Have you (Prophet Muhammad) not considered what your God did to the companions of the Elephant*. Did He not make their plot in a misdirection! And He sent upon them ranks of birds shooting them with pebbles of baked clay**; So He made them like edible stalks of grain.
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 5, Surat AlFeel.
* According to Hassanain Mohammad Makhlouf, chief scholar (ex-Mufti) of Egypt: In the year 570 C.E. the Ethiopian Prince of AlYemen Abraha Al-Ashram, Christian, came with an army on a war elephant to destroy AlKa'bah in Mecca - Allah's Holy House that the Prophet Abraham (Ibraheem) and his son Ishmael (Ismaeel) built in the past. He wanted to divert the polytheists of Arabia to the church he built in AlYemen. The birds were coming from Arafa to Mecca in ranks from every direction. It is said that where the stones hit boils (pimples) developed. In that year Arabia witnessed the diseases of Smallpox and Measles for the first time. It is reported that the Prophet Muhammad was born after this incident by 50 days. So the incident was a miracle that foretold about the birth of the last prophet - Muhammad peace be upon him.
** Called Sijjeel in Arabic: Allah's special pebbles of punishment from the Heaven. The ancient of nation of the Prophet Lut, near the land of Jordan, was punished with Sijjeel for leading a dissolute (lacking restraints) life.
Words: Alem Tara = Have you not considered - Thought - Seen, Kayfa = What, Fa'ala = Did, Ashab = Companions, Feel = Elephants, Yajal = Makes, Tadhleel = Misdirection, Tayr = Birds, Ababeel = Ranks, Asf = stalks of grain, Ma'koul = Edible - Eatable.

Q: Towards what does Allah repeatedly attract our attention to?
A: And We made the sky a secure ceiling and they from its Miraculous Signs* (miraculous evidences of Allah's Attributes) are turning away (= Mu'ridhoun).
Translation of: Ayah 32, Surat AlAnbiya'. (21:32)
* Examples of Allah's Miraculous Signs in the sky (Lowest Heaven). Refer to Surat Yaseen Ayat 38-40).
Words: Ja'alna = We made, AlSama' = The sky, Saqafan = A ceiling, Hum = They, Ayat = Miraculous Signs, Mu'ridhoun = Turning away.

Q: Which was created first: The Day or the Night? Allah knows better!
Note: The Qur'an is sublime in its style. Even the sequence of objects can convey meaning.
A: And it is He (Allah) Who created the Night and the Day and the sun and the moon each in an orbit floating.
Translation of: Ayah 33, Surat AlAnbiya'. (21:33)
Words: Howa = He, Khalaqa = Created, Layl = Night, Nahar = Day - Daylight, Shams = Sun, Qamar = Moon, Kulun = Each, Falak = Orbit, Yasbahaoun = Floating - Moving swiftly.

Q: In what situation cannot a person shout even if he desperately wanted to?
A: And a Miraculous Sign for them is that We (Allah) carried their human race in the loaded Ark (Noah's Ark). And We created for them from its similar what they board; And if We please We will drown them so there will be no shouting from them neither will they be rescued - Except as a Mercy from us and temporary enjoyment for some time.
Translation of: Ayat 41 - 44, Surat YaSeen. (36:41-44)
Words: Ayah = Miraculous Sign, Hammala = Carried, Thurriyah = Human race, Fulk = Ark - Ship, Mashhoon = Loaded, Mis(th)l = Similar, Yarkab = Boards - Gets on a ship, Nughriqh = We drown, Sareekh = Shouting, Mata' = Temporary enjoyment, Heen = Some time.

Q: What is created the last in the human body and then at death it is the first to leave the human body?

Note: According to the late scholar of Islam 'Muhammad Mutawalli AlSharawi' in the journey back to the Creator the human soul is the first thing to leave the human body before the body starts decaying because it is the last thing that entered the body. Just like a train that goes to a point then it has to go back to where it started from. AlSharawi further illustrates that according to the Qur'an the human body is created from soil (= Turab) that became mud then stinky sludge (like riverbed) then argil (potter's clay) like pottery. Then the soul was added. At death the same steps are reversed. (In the Qur'an = Turab - Tteen - Hama' Masnoun - Salsaal KalFakhkhar).
A: That is (Allah) the All-Knowing of the (World of the) Unseen and the Witness - the Al-Mighty, the Most-Merciful; (Allah) Who PERFECTED (= Ahsana) the CREATION of EVERYTHING and He started the creation of man from clay (= Tteen); Then He made his offspring from a race from despised fluid (sperm = Nutfah). Then He (Allah) straightened him and He blew in him from His Spirit* and He made for you hearing and sight and hearts - a little you become thankful.
Translation of: Ayat 6 - 9, Surat AlSajdah. (32:6-9)
* Line 17 in Chapter 'Maryam' in the Qur'an is translated: So she (Mary = Maryam) withdrew from her people to an eastern place (in the temple); Then she took a partition from them so We (Allah) sent to her Our Spirit (Angel Gabriel) so he appeared before her as a human being of regular build.
Words: Aalim = All-Knowing, AlGhayb = The Unseen, Ahsana = Perfected, Khalq = Creation, Bada' = Started, Tteen = Clay, Naslahu = His offspring, Sulalah = Race, Ma' = Water, Maheen = Despised, Sawwahu = Straightened him - Shaped, Nafakha = Blew, Feehi = In him, Min Roohihi = From His Spirit, Same' = Hearing, Abssar = Sight, Af'idah = Hearts, Qaleelan = A little, Tashkuroun = You become thankful (plural).

Q: Why does Allah separate an olive tree from the rest of the produce?
Hint: The original (virgin) olive oil has healing properties.
A: And We (Allah) brought down from the sky water in due measure so We made it settle in the earth and certainly We are Capable of making it disappear; Then We produced for you with it gardens of palm trees and grapes - for you in them a lot of fruits and of them you eat; And a tree that grows out of Mount Sinai (Jabal Seena')* sprouting with the oil (olive oil for oiling) and (different) flavors for the eaters.
Translation of: Ayat 18 - 20, Surat AlMo'minoun. (23:18-20)
Note: In a summary of a saying by the Prophet Muhammad: Eat the oil (olive oil) and and use it for rubbing (oiling) because it is from a blessed tree.
* Known also in Arabic as the Mount of Moses (= Jabal Moosa).
Words: Anzala = Brought down, Ma' = Water, Biqadar = In due measure, Ala Dhahab = To make it disappear, Askana = Made settle, Nakheel = Palm trees, A'nab = Grapes, Fawakih = Fruits, Kas(th)eerah = A lot, Ta'kul = You eat, Shajarah = Tree, Takhruj = Grows out, Toor = Mount, Tanbut = Sprouts - Grows, Duhn = Oil, Sibgh = Flavors - Seasoning - Food that colors, Aakil = Eater.

Q: Why do some women and some men remain barren (cannot have children) even after seeking medical help?
A: Or He unites them in marriage - males and females and He makes whoever He wills barren for He is All-Knowing, All-Capable.
Translation of: Ayah 50, Surat AlShoura.
Words: Yuzawwij = Unites in marriage, Aqeem = Barren - Sterile.

Q: What actually happens to the land before it produces its yield?
A: --- And you see the land lifeless so when We (Allah) made the water fall on it it moved slightly and grew up and produced of every delightful pair; That is because Allah is The Truth and He is Who brings to life the dead and He is upon everying Capable; And certainly the Hour (Day of Judgment) is nearing without any doubt in it and certainly Allah will raise up those in the graves.
Translation of: Ayat 5 - 7, Surat AlHajj.
Words: Tara = You see, Khamidah = Lifeless - Barren, Ehtazzat = It moves slightly - stirs, Rabat = Grows up, Raises - Swells, Anbatat = Produces, Zawj = Pair, Baheej = Delightful, AlSa'ah = The Hour, Aatiyah = Nearing - Coming soon, La Rayb = No doubt, Yabas(th) = Raises up, Qubour = Graves.

Q: What is the major noticeable physical difference between humans and animals?

A: O people of the Book (Jews and Christians) believe (= Aminou) in what We (Allah) sent down (Qur'an) confirming the Truth (Musadiqqan) which you have with you (in Torah and Bible) before We (Allah) efface (obliterate = Nattmis) faces so We turn them back to their rear parts (= Adbariha*) OR We curse them as We cursed the companions of Sabbath** and the Command of Allah has to be fulfilled; For Allah does not forgive to join any parnter with Him and He forgives other than that to whoever He pleases and whoever joins any partner with Allah so then he has fabricated with lies a grave sin.
Translation of: Ayat 47 - 48, Surat AlNisa'. (4:47-48)
* 'Adbaar' plural. Single is 'Dubr' = Rump backside, buttocks, Posteriors, Rear part, Rear, Hindpart, Back, lst part, End, Tail. Source: Hans Wehr's: A Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic: Arabic-English.
** How the companions of Sabbath brought Allah's Wrath. (refer to Surat AlA'raf)
Note: Refer to BBC: Fetus face does not grow but it is put together as a puzzle.
Note: 'Nattmis' = We efface - We obliterate.
Did Allah's Wrath brought up "Ttams AlA'yun" = Obliteration of the eyes punishment on a group of a community in the past? (refer to Surat AlQamar)
Words: Musaddiqan = Confirming the Truth, Natmis = We efface - Obliterate - Make indistinct - Wipe out - Blot out - Destroy, Narud = Turn back, Adbariha = Their rear parts - Their backs, Nal'an = We curse, As hab AlSabt = Companions of Sabbath, Amr = Command, Maf'oula = Has to be fulfilled, Yushrik = Joins any partner, Iftara = Fabricated with lies - Made up with lies, Isthm = Sin, Adheem = Grave.

Q: In cloud physics, what is the difference between good rain clouds and devastating storm clouds?

A: And (command to Prophet Muhammad) mention the brother (Prophet Hood) of Aad* when he warned his people among the sand dunes (= AlAhqaf) and there were warners (prophets as Noah) before him and (prophets as Saleh) after him - do not worship except Allah for I fear for you the punishment of a severe day; They said have you come to us to tell us lies about our gods so bring about to us what you are promising us if you were telling the truth; He said on the contrary the knowledge (of punishment) is with Allah and I inform you about what I have been sent with but I do see you as people who are ignorant;
So when they saw it (cloud) wide-spread facing their valleys they said this wide-spread cloud is bringing us rain - (Allah says) rather it is what you asked to be hastened - wind in it a painful punishment; Ruining everything according to the Command of its God so by the morning nothing was to be seen except their houses** - in this way We (Allah) repay the sinful*** people.
Translation of: Ayat 21 - 25, Surat AlAhqaf. (46:21-25)
* According to the late Hassanain Mohammad Makhlouf, Egypt's ex-mufti (a top scholar of Islam): The ancient nation of Aad first had their homes in north of Hadramout (in Yemen) bordered from the north with AlRube' AlKhali (vast desert region in Saudi Arabia). They were from the most known powerful people.
Also according to Hassanain Mohammad Makhlouf: At the time of the Prophet Moses the giant people in the Sacred Land were the remnants of the people of Aad (ancient Arabs). The Giants in the Holy Land?
** It seems the houses of Aad (of Prophet Hood) and the houses of Sthamud (of Prophet Saleh) were similar because the two peoples were related. 'Mada'in Saleh' is now an archaelogical site in Saudi Arabia. (Youtube Video)
And refer to Surat AlFajr.
*** 'AlMujimeen" Sinful = Criminals "in Allah's 'Court' on the Day of Judgement.
Note: In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: The wind is from the Mercy of Allah. It brings the mercy (wanted rain) and it brings the punishment. So when you see it do not curse it. And call on Allah for the best in it and ask refuge with Allah from its worst.
Words: Akh = Brother, Ahqaf = Sand dunes, Nuthur = Warners, Bay Yadayhi Before him, Min Khalfihi = After him, Ta'fik = Tells lies, Taaid = Promise, Innama = On the contrary, Tajhaloun = Who are ignorant, Be ignorant, Aaridh = Wide-spread cloud, Mustaqbil = Facing, Mumtir = Bringing rain, Bel = Rather, Ista'jaltum = You asked to be hastened, Reeh = Wind, Tudammir = Ruins - Destroys, Masakin = Houses, Mujrimeen = Sinful people - Criminals.

Q: What is the difference between he light of the sun and the light of the moon?
A: Raised Far Above is He (Allah) Who made in the sky constellations of stars and made in it a radiant light (with heat - the Sun) and an illuminating moon (light without heat); And He is Who made the night and the day followers of each other for whoever wants to mention God's Name or wants to be grateful.
Translation of: Ayat 61 - 62, Surat AlFurqan.
Words: Burouj = Constellations of stars (such as Zodiac), Siraj = Radiant light - Lamp, Qamar = Moon, Muneer = Illuminating - Shining, Layl = Night, Nahar = Day, Yath'akkar = Mention God's name - Remember God, Shukour = Grateful.

Q: How is water important to the composition of the human body?
Note: Research what percentage of the human body is water!
A: And He (Allah) is Who created from water a human being so He made him related by blood and related by marriage and your God is The Most-Capable.
Translation of: Ayah 54, Surat AlFurqan.
Words: Khalaqa = Created, Ma' = Water, Bashar = Human being, Nasaban = Related by blood, Sihran = Related by marriage, Qadeer = Most Capable.

Q: Why does the taste of milk change when left in a warm place for a long time?

A: The parable (moral example) of the Garden (in Paradise) that those who protect themsleves by fearing (Allah) were promised - in it rivers of water that does not become stagnant (stale) and rivers of milk* whose taste does not change and rivers of wine that is a pleasure for the drinkers and rivers of honey purified and for them in it from all the fruits and forgiveness from their God - is (what they are promised) comparable to the one who is remaining for eternity in Hell and they were given to drink very hot water so it cut their intestines.
Translation of: Ayah 15, Surat Muhammad. (47:15)
* Pure milk not mixed with bacteria or anything else.
Words: Anhar = Rivers, Ma' = Water, Ghayr Aasin = Not stagnant, Laban = Milk, Khamr = Wine, Laththah = Pleasure, Shaarib = Drinker, Asal = Honey, Sthamarat = Fruits, Maghfirah = Forgiveness, Khalid = Remaining for eternity, Hameem = Very hot - Boiling, Qatta' a = Cut, Ama' = Intestines.

Q: Was man created from the soil of the earth that humans live on (our earth)?

A: And to Sthamud (ancient Arab nation) their brother (fellow) Saleh* - he said O my people worship Allah - you do not have any god other than Him - He Made you from the earth and made you settle on it so ask Him (Allah) for Forgiveness then turn to Him in Repentance for my God (Allah) is NEAR ANSWERING** (prayers).
Translation of: Ayah 61, Surat Hood. (11:61)
* Refer to no. 5 on Site's Map of Prophets.
** Believers know if their sincere supplication is not answered then because maybe it is not its proper time, maybe it is better for them not to be answered or Allah is testing them. And Allah is liking their supplication.
Words: Ilaah = god, Ansha' = Made, AlArdh = The earth, Est'mara = Made you settle, Estaghfar = Ask for forgiveness, Toub = Turn in repentance, Qareeb = Near, Mujeeb = Answering.

Q: What keeps the earth in its place in the universe?
A: Did We (Allah) not make the earth as a resting place; And the mountains as pegs.
Translation of: Ayat 6 - 7, Surat AlNaba'.
Note: According to the late scholar of Islam Muhammad Mutawali AlSharawi: The mountains are created as pegs to fasten the atmosphere (the earth's air envelope) around the earth. Otherwise the earth will be lost in the Universe. He further clarifies that the pegs of a tent do not fasten the earth but the tent.
Words: Alam Naj'al = Did We not make, Mihadan = Resting place, Jibal = Mountains, Awtadan = Pegs.

Q: What will force the ocean water to severely flood the land and cause huge damage?
A: When the sky is rendered split; And when the stars in constellations are scattered; And when the bodies of water are exploded (overflowed); And when the graves are scattered; Each soul will come to know what it sent forward (deeds) and what it kept back.
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 5, Surat AlInfitar. (82:1-5)
Note: Remember: "O people fear your God for the Earthquake of the Hour (Day of Judgement) is a catastrophic thing." Translation of Line 1 in Chapter AlHajj (22) in the Qur'an.
Note: Underwater explosions because of an earthquake can cause a Tsunami.
Words: Sama' = Sky, Inftarat = Rendered split, Kawaakib = Stars - Stars in constellations, Entastharat = Scattered, Bihar =Bodies of water - Seas, Fujjirat = Are exploded, Qubour = Graves, Nafas = Soul, Qaddamat = Sent forward, Akhkhara = Kept back.

Q: Why are there explicit flames flying in the universe?

A: And We (Allah) indeed made in the sky constellations of stars and We decorated them for the seers; And We safeguarded it (sky) from every stoned Satan; Except who eaves-drop (secretly listen) so an explicit flame follows him.
Translation of: Ayat 16 - 18, Surat AlHijr. (15:16-18)
Note: Why do bad Jinn listen secretly?
Words: Ja'alna = We made, Borouj = Constellations of stars, Zayyana = Decorated, Naathir = Seer, Rajeem = Stoned, Men Estaraqa Alsame' = Who eaves-drops, Atba' = Follows, Shihab = Flame.

Q: What happens in an aged person's worst part of life?
A: And Allah created you then He makes you dead and from you who is driven back to the worst part of life (feeble) so that he knows nothing after his (vast ex) knowledge for Allah is All-Knowing, All-Capable.
Translation of: Ayah 70, Surat AlNahl.
Words: Khalaqa = Created, Yatawafa = Makes dead - takes away, Yurad = Is driven back, Arthal AlUmr = Worst part of life - Feeble age, Ya'lam = Knows. Ilm = Knowledge.

Q: Why will the sun be winded around itself (like a turban) on the Day of Judgment? Has science discovered that the sun is losing its energy?

A: When the sun is encircled (winded); And when the stars become dimmed; ---; a soul will come to know (by seeing) what it has brought forward (deeds).
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 2, 14, Surat AlTakweer.

Note: The sun will have a last effect on people. In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: The Prophet Muhammad said "I am the head of humanity on the Day of Judgement do you know because of what?": Allah will gather 'AlAwwaleen = First ones' and 'AlAkhireen = Those who came after them' in one leveled place so as any spectator looking can see all of them and any caller calling can make them all hear. The sun will be very near to the earth and people will be immersed in perspiration according to the level of their sins (In 'Being Me' conference at the Convention Centre/Toronto last Saturday (7 Mar 2015) the Sheikh mentioned that voluntary charity "= AlSadaqat" will relieve Muslims accordingly). People will feel that they cannot take it any longer so they will look around for who can mediate with Allah. They will decide on Adam - the father of humans to mediate with Allah. Adam will say: Allah was never angry like today (Day of Judgment). Allah prevented me from the tree but I disobeyed him. Myself today! Myself! Myself! Go to someone else. Go to Noah from the first prophets to humanity. Noah will say: Allah was never angry like today. I called on Allah with a (wrong) call against my people ( to judge openly between him and his people so the disbelieving people were drowned) Myself! Myself! Myself! Go to Abraham. People will say: You are called a friend of Allah. Mediate for us! Abraham will say: Allah was never angry like today. I lied three lies (One fault is that Abraham broke the idols and blamed it on the top idol). (He also asked Allah to show him how Allah makes the dead alive). Myself! Myself! Myself! Go to someone else! Go to Moses. The people will say: Allah favoured you among the prophets by talking directly to you. Mediate for us with Allah! Moses will say: Allah was never angry like today. I killed a soul I was not commanded to kill. Myself! Myself! Myself! Go to someone else! Go to Jesus (= Issa). The people will say: You are the Word of Allah (Be and is made) mediate for us with Allah. Jesus will say: Allah was never angry like today but he does not mention any sin. Myself! Myself! Myself! Go to someone else! Go to Muhammad. People will go to Muhammad and they say: O Muhammad! You are a prophet of Allah and the seal of the prophets. And Allah had forgiven you your former and later sins. Mediate for us with Allah. So I (Muhammad is saying) will go and reach under The Throne so I will fall down prostrating to my God. And I will praise Allah like I did not do before so Allah will let me as long as Allah wills. Then it will be said: O Muhammad! Raise up your head! Ask and you will be given and mediate (plead or intercede) and your mediation will be answered. So I (Muhammad) will raise my head and say: My nation (of Muslims), O God! So it will be said: O Muhammad! Admit from your nation (in another speech 70 thousand) those who will be admitted without account from the Right Gate of The Garden of Paradise. And the rest will share the other gates with the other (believing) people. And then the prophet said: By (oath) in Whose Hand is my soul! The distance between two Gates of The Garden is like the distance between Mecca (in Saudi Arabia) and Basrah (in Iraq). (Paradise has Seven Gates). Sources: 1. 'AlAhadeesth AlQudsiyyah', (in Arabic) page 248. 2. Riyadh AlSaliheen Min Kalam Sayed AlMursaleen". 3. Tafseer Iban Kastheer,volume 3 page 242.
Words: Itha = When, Shams = Sun, Nujoum = Stars, Kuwirat = Winded (like a turban) or rolled, Inkadarat = become dimmed, Alimat = Comes to know by seeing, Ma = What , Ahdharat = Brought forward.

Q: Is the universe going to end?
Note: Scientists know that the universe was created billions of years ago.
A: Ha Meem*; The sending down of the Scripture (Qur'an) is from Allah - The Omnipotent, the All-Wise. We (Allah) did not create the Heavens and the earth and what is between them except with the truth (as deemed appropriate) for a limited period and those who disbelieved from what they were warned against are turning away (not following it).
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 3, Surat AlAhqaf.
* Two letter that make a word not known in the Arabic language. From Allah's World of the Unseen.
Words: Tanzeel = Sending down, BilHaq = With the truth, Unthira = Is warned, Mu'ridh = Turning away.

Q: Why does Allah want us to contemplate in our surroundings?
Hint: To reach the truth about the creation of Allah and to understand the true purpose of human life (To be grateful to Allah, The Creator and simultaneously work to advance human life).
Note: Remember the Qur'an was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad who was living in a desert environment.

A: So will they not look into how the camels are formed*; And into the sky how it is raised up**; And into the mountains how they are pitched (firm)***; And into the earth how it is leveled****; So (command to Prophet Muhammad) do remind (of Allah) for you are a reminder; You are not over them dominant (having control).
Translation of: Ayat 17 - 22, Surat AlGhashiyah. (88:17-22)
* To hold water and remain without drinking water for many days.
** According to the Qur'an "without pillars that humans can see".
*** (Like the pillars of a tent) To prevent the earth atmosphere from getting blown away in the universe.
**** To allow human life.
Words: Yandhur = Look into - Study, Ibil = Camels, Khuliqat = Are formed - Are created, Sama' = Sky, Rufiat = Raised up high, Jibal = Mountains, Nusibat = Pitched - fixed, Ardh = Earth, Sutihat = Leveled - Spread out, Thakkir = Remind, Lasta You are not, Musayter = Dominant.

Q: Mountains are of different types. What are the steps of demolishing the mountains on the Day of Judgment?
Note: Remember on the Day of Judgment what happens to the earth: "When the earth is shaken by its (Major) Earthquake:" Translation of Line 1 in Chapter 'AlZalzalah' in the Qur'an.

A: The Day the earth will shake so do the mountains and the mountains became loose sand hills.
Translation of: Ayah 14, Surat AlMuzzammil.
Words: Tarjuf = Shake, Kastheeban = Sand hills, Maheelan = Loose.

A: When the earth is shaken its proper shaking; And when the mountains are crushed their proper crushing so they become scattered tiny dust particles.
Translation of: Ayat 4 - 6, Surat AlWaqiah.
Words: Rujjat = Is shaken, AlArdh = The earth, Rajja = Proper shaking - Complete shaking, Bussat = Crushed, Haba'an = Tiny dust particles, Munbastha = Scattered.

A: And the mountains will be like the puffed up wool.
Translation of: Ayah 5, Surat AlQariah.
Words: Kal Ihn = Like the wool, AlManfoush = The puffed up - Swollen out.

A: And the Heaven (sky) will be opened into gates; And the mountains will be moved away so they look like a mirage.*
* Mountains will no longer exist. But from far away their dust will give the illusion of a mountain.
Translation of: Ayat 19 - 20, Surat AlNaba'.
Words: AlSama' = The Heaven - Sky, Futihat = Is opened, Abwab = Gates, AlJibal = The mountains, Suyyerat = Are moved away, Saraba = A Mirage.

A: And the Day (of Judgment) We (Allah) make the mountains move away (being dust = Nussayyer) and you will see the land prominent (in sight) and We gathered them (people) so We did not leave from them anyone behind (in the grave).
Translation of: Ayah 47, Surat AlKahf. (18:47)
Words: Yawm = The Day, Barizah = Prominent, Hashara = Gathered, Nugadir = We leave behind, Lem = Did not, Ahada = Anyone.

Q: 'Burouj" in Arabic means towers. Are the stars grouped in towers?

A: (Allah takes an oath) By the sky with its towering constellations (burouj); And the Promised Day (of Judgement) and a witness (spectator) and witnessed* (on that Day).
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 3, Surat AlBurouj. (85:1-3)
* Each of us will be either a witness or witnessed. The Day of Judgement will take place in the presence of spectators 'witnesses').
Note: The continuation of the Ayat in Surat (AlBurouj).
Words: Sama' = Sky, Burouj = Towering constellations - Towers, Shahid = Witness, Mashhood = Witnessed.

Q: Were the mountains formed over years?
A: And the earth We (Allah) spread it out and We set in it immovable mountains and We made to grow in it from every kind in due balance.
Translation of: Ayah 19, Surat AlHijr.
Words: Ardh = Earth, Madada = Spread out, Alqa = Set, Rawasi = Immovable mountains - Firm mountains, Anbata = Made to grow, Shaye' = Kind - Thing, Mawzoon = In due balance.

Q: Will our earth still exist after the Day of Judgment?
A: And We (Allah) do not delay it (Day of Judgment) except for some time; The Day it comes no soul will be allowed to talk except with His permission - so from them will be wretched and some happy; As for those who became wretched so they will be in The Fire - for them in it exhaling and inhaling (of The Fire); Remaining forever in it with the remaining of the Heavens and the earth except if your God wills* (something else) for your God is The Doer of what He wants. But those who became happy so they will be in The Paradise - remaining in it with the remaining of the Heavens and the earth except if your God wills - An unceasing gift.
Translation of: Ayat 104 - 108, Surat Hood.
* Everything exists according to Allah's will.
Words: Nu'akhir = We delay, Ajal = Time, Ma'doud = Some - Numerable, Takallam = Will be allowed to talk, Shaqi = Wretched - Miserable, Saeed = Happy, Zafeer = Exhaling, Shaheeq = Inhaling, Ma damat = With the remaining - as long as, Ataan = Gift, Ghayr Majthouth = Unceasing.

Q: What is the biggest organ in the human body? Will it be able to talk?
Note: A true scene from the Day of Judgement.
A: And the Day (of Judgment) when the enemies of Allah are pushed towards the Fire then they are restrained (to catch up); Until when they reached it their ears eyes and skins bore witness of what they were doing; And they said to their skins why did you bear witness against us - they (skins) said Allah Who gave speech to everything has given us speech and He created you (all) the first time and to Him you are returned; And you were not covering up* so that your ears or eyes or skins do not bear witness against you but you thought that Allah does not know a lot of what you were doing; And that was your negative supposition that you supposed about your God which brought your ruin so you became from the losers.
Translation of: Ayat 19 - 23, Surat Fusilat (41:19-23).
* You let your body parts see you acting against Allah's Commands.
Words: Yuhshar Ila = Pushed towards, Yuze'oun = Are restrained, Ja'a = Reached, Shahada = Bore witness, Antaqa = gave speech, Yastatir = Covers up - Hides, Dhan = Negative supposition, Dhanntum Bi = You supposed about, Ardakum = Brought your ruin, Khasireen = Losers.

Q: How were the water bodies created?
Note: Please embrace yourself for the great rhetorical examples in the translation of the Qur'anic verse down.
A: He (Allah) sent down from the sky water so valleys flew with their due measurement then the torrent (unwillingly) bore up increasing foam (bubbles) and from what they (people) set on fire for the purpose of an ornament or object froth (bubbles) similar to it - that is how Allah speaks in parables about Truth and Falsehood - so as for the foam it passes away with no use (Falsehood) and as for what benefits people so it remains on earth (Truth) - that is how Allah sets the examples.
Translation of: Ayah 17, Surat AlRa'd (= The Thunder).
Note: The example of the difference between Truth and Falsehood is like natural water and its foam, and what people set on fire to make ornaments or other objects and the foam that rises then.
Words: Anzala = Sent down, Salat = Flew, Awdiyah = Valleys, Ehtamala = Bore up, BiQadariha = With their due measurement, Sayl = Torrent - Flowing stream, Zabad = Foam - Scum, Raabiya = Increasing, Youqad = Sets on fire, Ebtigha' = For the purpose of, Hilyah = Ornament, Mata' = Object, Yadhrib AlHaq WaAlBatil = Speaks in parables (examples) about Truth and Falsehood, Zabad = Foam - Froth - Scum - Bubbles formed on a liquid, Yathhab Jufa' = Passes away with no use, Yanfe' = Benefits, Yamkasth = Remains, Yadhrib AlAmsthal = Sets the examples.

Q: What was before the creation of the Heavens and the earth?
A: And He (Allah) is Who created the Heavens and the earth in six days and His Throne was (before their creation) over the water, (why they were created) in order to test you (people) which ones among you are best in deeds and if you (Prophet Muhammad) say that you are going to be raised up after death those who disbelieved would certainly say this (raising up) is (nothing) but manifest magic.
Translation of: Ayah 7, Surat Hood. (11:7)
Note: Remember what is 1000 years of our time equal to? (refer to Ayah 47 in Surat AlHajj)
Words: Khalaqa = Created, Sitati = Six, Arshuhu = Hi Throne, Ma'e = Water, LiYablowakum = In order to test you, Ayukum = Which ones among you, Mabousthoun = Raised up, Mawt = Death, Sihr = Magic, Mubeen = Manifest - Obvious.

Q: Why does Allah compare a human life to a plant? Why is human life so volatile, fragile and not secure?
A: And do set (order to Prophet Muhammad) for them the example of life of this world is like water that We (Allah) sent down from the sky so the earth's plants absorbed it so they became dry stalks (fragile) - moved by the winds and Allah upon everything possesses Power.
Translation of: Ayah 45, Surat AlKahf. (18:45)
Note: the creation of man is similar to the creation of a plant.
Words: Edhrib = Set, Masthat = Example, Anzala = Sent down, Ekhtalata = Absorbed, Nabat = Plants - Vegetation, Hasheeman= Dry stalks - Fragile, Tathr = Moves - Scatters, Riyah = Winds, Muqtadara = Possesses power.

Q: What are the two known signs of old age?

A: Kaf Ha Ya Ain Sad*. Mentioning of your God's Mercy upon His servant Zachariah (= Zakarias); When he called his God with a call in secret; He said my God for the bones of me became frail and the hair turned grey and I was never by calling You miserable (in vain); And I have indeed feared my kinsmen (from Beni Israel) after me (my death) and my wife is barren (= Aaqir) so do grant me from you an heir; To inherit me and inherit from the Family of Jacob (= Prophet Ya'quob) and my God make him favorable (to Allah); O Zachariah (= Zacharias) for We (Allah) do give you the good news of a boy - his name is Yahya (= John the Baptist) - We (Allah) did not make to him similar** from before; He said my God how can I have a boy and my wife is barren and I reached an awful old age; He (Angel) said that is what your God has said - it (giving a child) is for Me (Allah) easy and I created you from before and you were nothing.
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 9, Surat Maryam.
* The pronunciation of five Arabic letters. These five letters make a word not known in the Arabic Language. It is from Allah's World of the Unseen.
** John the Baptist's (Prophet Yahya's) birth and characteristics were special.
Words: Thikr = Mentioning, Nida' = Call, Khafeya = In secret, Khiftu = I Have feared, Mawali = Kinsmen - Heads of relatives, Aqir = Barren, Yaristh = Inherits, Wali = Heir, Radheya = Favourable, Sameya = Similar, Min AlKibar Ateya = Awful old age - Decrepit, Hayen = Easy, Shay'a = Thing.

Q: Which one is created first in the womb: The flesh or the bones?
A: Or (example) like the person* who passed by a town which was completely devastated. He said: How is Allah going to bring to life this (town) after its death so Allah made him dead for a hundred years then He (Allah) raised him up. He said: How many years did you stay (dead)? He said: I stayed a day or part of a day. He said: No! You stayed a hundred years so do look at your food and drink - not affected by years and look at your donkey (bones) and to make you a Sign (Miracle) for people - and look at the bones how We (Allah) revive them then We cover them with flesh so when it became clear to him (man) he said: I know that Allah upon everything is Capable.
Translation of: Ayat 259, Surat AlBaqarah.
Note: The creation of man.
* Hassanain Mohammad Makhlouf, the Ex-Mufti (ex-top religious scholar of Egypt) and Abdullah Yusuf Ali, the famous Qur'an translator mention that commentators refer it most probably to Ezra (Esdras, = Uzair - a famous priest sent by the Persian King after the captivity of Jerusalem). (More about Uzair).
Words: Marra = Passed, Qaryah = Town, Khawiyah Ala Oroushiha = Completely devastated - Ruined to its roots, Yuhye = Brings to life, Miata Am = A hundred years, Labistha = Stayed, Ba'dh = Part, Ta'am = Food, Sharab = Drink, Lem Yatasannah = Did not get affected by years, Himar = Donkey, Idham = Bones, Nunshiz = Revive - Bring to life - Elevate, Naksou = We cover, Lahm = Flesh, Tabayyana = Became clear.

Q: Why do scientists continue to discover many new species?
A: Glory is to Who (Allah) created the mates (males-females) - all of them from what the earth produces and from themselves (humans) and from what they do not have knowledge of.
Translation of: Ayah 36, Surat YaSeen. (36:36)
Words: Subhana = Glory, Allathi = Who, Khalaqa = Created, Azwaj = Mates - Couples, Kulaha = All of them, Tunbit = Produces, Anfusihim = Themselves, La = Not, Ya'lamoun = Have knowledge of - Know.

Q: Why can not man have control on the kind of the newborn: Boy or girl?
A: And your (Prophet Muhammad's) God creates what He wills and chooses - for them (people) there is no choice (in Allah's Creation), Glory to Him and Sublime is He above what they partner with (Him).
Translation of: Ayah 68, Surat AlQasas.
Note: Among the five questions to test his prophethood some Jews asked the Prophet Muhammad this question: When does a woman have a female newborn or a male newborn? The Prophet said: The two waters (= AlMaa'an "sperm and egg") meet and if the man's water (sperm) becomes on the top (= ma' alrajul) the woman has a male if the woman's water (egg) becomes on the top (= ma' alunstha) the woman has a female. Cited in "The Abridged version of the Explanation (of the Qur'an) of Ibn Kastheer = Mukhtasir Tafseer Ibn Kastheer.who died in 774 Hijri (12th century B.C.), page 91 (in Arabic).
Words: Yakhluq = Creates, Yasha' = Wills - Wants, Yakhtar = Chooses, Kheerah = Choice, Ta'ala = Sublime - High, Yushrik = Partners with.

Q: What happens to the human body after one dies?
A: That is the Day of Truth (Day of Judgment) so whoever wishes let him take towards his God a returning Path. For We (Allah) had warned you (humanity) of a Punishment coming soon - the day when man will see what (deeds) his hands had sent forward and the disbeliever will say: I wish I were soil*.
Translation of: Ayat 39 - 40, Surat AlNaba'.
* dead.
Words: AlYawm AlHaq = Day of Truth, Men Sha' = Whoever wills, Etakhatha = Let him take, Ma'aba = Returning Path, Anthara = Warned, Qareeban = Coming soon, Yathur = Sees, Mare' = Man - Human being, Qadamat Yadaah = His hands sent forward, YaLaytani = I wish, Turaba = Soil - Earth.

Q: Why did the Prophet Muhammad cry when a Qur'anic Line about Allah's huge creation came down?

A: For in the creation of the Heavens and the earth and the alternation of night and day there are certainly Miraculous Signs (= Ayat) for men of understanding; Those who remember Allah standing and sitting and when on their sides (= lying down) and they contemplate in the creation of the Heavens and the earth - (they say) Our God You did not create this without purpose* - glory to You so protect us against the punishment of the Fire (of Hell).
Translation of: Ayat 190 - 191, Surat AlImran. (3:190-191)
* To worship Allah as the One and Only God. (Note: This is a supplication repeated whenever we see something beautiful in nature like Canada's summer greenery = 'Rubbana Ma Khalaqta Hatha Batilan Subhanaka FaQina Athab AlNar.')
Note: 'Aishah' the Prophet's wife was asked about a matter of the Prophet Muhammad that filled her with admiration (= Ajaban). In a summary of her narration, she said: All the Prophet's matter (life) was 'Ajaban'. One night before going to bed the Prophet asked Aisha if she gives him permission to pray to Allah. In the long prayer the Prophet cried a lot when standing, bowing and prostrating to the extent that his beard became very wet. At dawn when Bilal came to ask the Prophet to call for the dawn prayer he asked the Prophet what makes him cry and Allah has already forgiven him his sins (mentioned in the Qur'an). The Prophet said: What prevents me from crying and Allah has sent down the (Line 190 in Chapter AlImran) . Then the Prophet added: Woe to whoever reads it and does not contemplate about it..
Words: Khalq = Creation, Samawat = Heavens (7), Ekhtilaf = Alternation, Layl = Night, Nahar = Day, Uli AlAlbab = Men of understanding = Those who understand - Those who use their brains, Yathkur = Remembers - Mentions Allah's lines, Qiyaman Standing, Quoudan = Sitting, Ala Junoubihim = On their sides, Yatafakkaroun = They contemplate - They think about, Batilan = Without purpose - In vain, Qina = Protect us, Athab = Punishment, Nar = Fire.

Q: When is the shape of each human being decided?
A: He is Who shapes you in the womb however He pleases - there is no god but He - the AlMighty, the All-Wise.
Translation of: Ayah 6, Surat AlImran.
Note: In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: The creation of each of you is gathered in the womb: Forty days as a drop (nutfah), then forty days as blood clot (alaqah) and forty other days as foetus lump (mudhghah) then the angel (Gabriel according to another saying of the Prophet) is called. So he blows (fayanfukh fihi) the soul (= AlRouh) in him and he is commanded (by Allah) with four commands: To write his sustenance, his death time, his work, and whether fortunate (saeed) or unfortunate (shaqi). Source: Riyadh AlSaliheen min Kalam Sayed AlMursaleen, p. 145.
Words: Yusawwir = Shapes - Forms, Arham = Womb (plural), Kayfa = However, Yasha' = Pleases.

Q: Allah created Seven Heavens as layers one above another (Line 15 Chapter Noah). Which one is the Lowest Heaven?
Hint: Wherever the stars and the lights are located.

A: So He (Allah) completed them (as) seven Heavens in two days and He revealed in every Heaven its business - and We decorated the lowest Heaven (sky) with lamps* (light) and safeguarding (by guardian angels) - That is the proportion of The AlMighty, The All-Knowing.
Translation of: Ayah 12, Surat Fusilat. (41:12).
* Stars...etc.
Words: FaQadhahunna = So He completed them, Sabe' = Seven, Awha = He revealed, Amraha = Its business, Zayyanna = We Decorated, AlDunya = The Lowest, Masabeeh = Lamps - Sources of Light, Hifdh = Safeguarding - Protection, Taqdeer = Proportion - Measurement - Judgment.

A: For We (Allah) decorated the Lowest Heaven (sky) with the decoration of stars.
Translation of: Ayah 6, Surat AlSaffat.
Note: Lines 6 - 10 in Chapter AlSaffat.
Words: Zayanna = Decorated, AlSama' AlDunya = The Lowest Heaven (sky), AlKawaakib = Stars - Stars in Constellations.
A: And We (Allah) decorated the Lowest Heaven (sky) with lights and We made it a place of stoning the Satans (evil Jinn) and We had prepared for them the Punishment of the Blazing Fire (Hell).
Translation of: Ayah 5, Surat AlMulk.
Words: Masabeeh = Lights - Sources of Lights - Lamps, Ja'ala = Made, Rujouman = Place of stoning, E'tadna = We had prepared, AlSa'eer = Blazing FireDecorated, AlSama' AlDunya = The Lowest Heaven (sky), AlKawaakib = Stars - Stars in constellations.

Q: Why should not a human being argue with Allah?
A: Had man not yet seen that We (Allah) created him from a sperm-drop* then suddenly he is a visible opponent (to Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 77, Surat YaSeen. (36:77)
* A Sperm drop in a scientific video.
Words: Awa Lem = Had not yet seen, Insan = Man - Human being, Khalqnahu = We created him, Nutfah = Sperm-drop, Khaseem = Opponent, Mubeen = Visible - Clear.

Q: Why is it easy for Allah to re-create man on the Day of Judgment?
A: Is not Who created the Heavens and the earth Capable of creating the like of them (man) - yes indeed and He is the Powerful-Creator, the All-Knowing.
Translation of: Ayah 81, Surat YaSeen. (36:81)
Note: Which one is more difficult to create: Man or the sky?
Words: Awa Laysa = Is not, Allathi = Who, AlSamawat = The Heavens, Yakhluq = Creates, Misthlahum = Like them, AlKhallaq = The Powerful-Creator.

Q: Why do some people with a high Intelligence Quotient score (IQ Testing) still not believe in Allah?
Hint: They lack the discerning skill of the mind: To see and understand the difference. To grasp what is obscure. And Satan deludes them away from Allah's Path.
A: And they (disbelievers) will say only if we were listening or discerning ( = na'qil) we would not have been among the companions of the Blazing Fire! So they confessed their sin; So To Hell with the companions of the Blazing Fire.
Translation of: Ayat 10 - 11, Surat AlMulk.
Note: The people of the Prophet Saleh "Sthamud" were discerning but Satan deluded them.
Words: Nasma' = Listening, Na'qil = Discerning - Understanding the difference, As'hab = Companions, E'tarafou = They confessed, Thanb = Sin, Suhqan = To Hell with, Sa'eer = Blazing Fire - Hell.

Q: What do many people not realize ahout the creation of man?
A: For the creation of the Heavens (7) and the earth is greater than the creation of humans but most of humans do not realize*.
Translation of: Ayah 57, Surat Ghafir (40).
* The creation of man is easy for Allah. So the recreation of man after death will be even easier.
Words: Khalq = Creation, Samawat = Heavens, Akbar = Greater, Aksthar = Greater, La = Not, Ya'amoun = Realize - Know.

Q: Why does Allah remind us that the creation of the Heavens and the earth is a great creation?
A: Have they not thought that Allah Who created the Heavens and the earth and did not become exhausted by their creation is Capable of bringing the dead to life - yes indeed! For certainly upon everything He is All-Powerful.
Translation of: Ayah 33, Surat AlAhqaf.
Words: Awa Lem = Have they not thought - considered, Khalaqa = Created, Lem Ya'i = Did not become exhausted, Qaadir = Capable, Ala an Yuhye = Of bringing to life, AlMawta = The dead, Qadeer = All-Powerful - Omnipotent.

Q: Is there an end to the movement of the sun and the moon?
A: Have you not seen that Allah makes the night penetrate into day and makes the day penetrate into night and He made the sun and moon yield* - each one (of them) moves for an appointed time** and Allah with what you (plural) do is Well-Acquainted.
Translation of: Ayah 29, Surat Luqman. (31:29)
* through their obedience and submission to Fate written by Allah.
** The sun and moon will last until the Day of Judgement. (refer to Surat AlQiyamah)
Words: Yulij = Makes penetrate, Layl = Night, Nahar = Day - Day time, Shams = Sun, Qamar = Moon, Ajal = Time, Musamma = Appointed - Known, Khabeer = Well-Acquainted - All-Expert.

Q: How could humans have saved some time if they had paid more attention to the Qur'an?
A: As We (Allah) sent among you a messenger (Prophet Muhammad) from your own to recite to you Our Lines (Qur'anic Verses) and to purify you and to teach you the Scripture (of Allah) and wisdom and to teach you what you were not knowing.
Translation of: Ayah 151, Surat AlBaqarah.
Hint: Many scientific discoveries of the latest centuries for example are found in the Qur'an since it was revealed in the seventh century CE. Also remember that the Qur'an is a clear miracle of language and context so it needs proper attention to understand its treasures.
Note: Examples:
The Heavens and the earth were joined in the beginning.
Shape of the earth.
Words: Kama = As, Arsalna = We sent Yatlou = Recites, Yuzakkikum = Purifies you (plural), Yu'alimkum = To teach you (plural), AlHikmah = Wisdom, Ma Lem Takouno Ta'lamoun = What you were not knowing.

Q: Why should man contemplate about the various forms of life that Allah create?

A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) travel throughout the earth and see how the creation began then Allah will form the other creation* (of man) for Allah upon everything is Capable.
Translation of: Ayah 20, Surat AlAnkaboot.
* In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: The people of Paradise will enter Paradise with the height of our forefather Adam - sixty cubits (A cubit = Thira' = = 18 inches), with the beauty of Joseph, the age of Jesus - thirty three years and the tongue of Muhammad (Arabic) with no unwanted hair (= Jurd), beardless (= Murd), and with kohl (= Mukahaloun). Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 4, page 448.
Words: Seerou = Travel, Walk, Unthorou = See - Contemplate - Think about, Yunshe' = Will form, AlNash'ah AlA'khirah = The other creation, Qadeer, Capable.

Q: Why are the Heavens lofty (very high)?
A: (Qur'an) Descending from Who (Allah) created the earth and the lofty Heavens (7).
Translation of: Ayah 4, Surat Taha.
Note: In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: The thickness (= sumk) of each Heaven is the travel (= maseerat) of five hundred years and the distance (= bu'd) between one Heaven and the other is the travel of five hundred years. Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, Tafseer Surat Taha line 4, volume 3 page 208.
Words: Tanzeelan = Descending - Sending down, Khalaqa = Created, Samawat = Heavens, Ula = Lofty - Very high.

Q: Where is our universe in Allah's Kingdom?
A: To Allah belongs the Kingdom of the Heavens (seven) and the earth and whatever is in them and He is upon everything Capable.
Translation of: Ayah 120, Surat AlMa'idah.
Note: Remember "For We decorated the lowest Heaven (sky) with the decoration of stars" Translation of Line 6 in Chapter "AlSaffat" in the Qur'an.
Words: Mulk = Kingdom, Samawat = Heavens, Ardh = Earth, Qadeer = Capable.

Q: Who is nearer to man than his neck's Jugular Vein?
A: And We (Allah) already CREATED man and We know what his soul secretly ill whispers* and We are nearer to him than the Jugular Vein**.
Translation of: Ayah 16, Surat Qaf. (50:16)
* Prophet Muhammad mentioned that Satan flows (= yajri) (ill whispering) in the human body like the flowing of blood. Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 4, page 342.
** According to Abdullah Yusuf Ali's translation of the Holy Qur'an page 1600: "Two Jugular Veins on both sides of the neck bring blood back from the head to the heart. They correspond to the two carotid arteries which carry the blood from the heart to the head. Being "nearer than the Jugular Vein" implies that Allah knows more truly the innermost state of our feeling and consciousness as well as our desires and motives than does our own ego."
Also remember the two angels that stay with each of us. (refer to Surat Qaf)
Words: Laqad Khalqna = We already (it happened) created man, Tuwaswis = secretly ill whispers, Nafsuhu = His soul - His self, Aqrab = Nearer, Habl AlWareed = The Jugular Vein.

Q: Allah created seven Heavens one above the other. Which Heaven faces the earth?
A: He (Allah) is Who created the Heavens and the earth in six days then He established Himself on the Throne - He knows what enters into the earth (soil) and what comes out of it and what comes down from the sky (lowest Heaven)* (example angels, rain) and what rises into it and He is with you** wherever you are and Allah with what you do is All-Watchful. To Him (Allah) belongs the Kingdom of the Heavens and the earth and to Allah all affairs go back (for judgement).
Translation of: Ayat 4 - 5, Surat AlHadeed.
* Remember wherever there are stars that is called the lowest Heaven: "For We decorated the lowest Heaven (sky) with the decoration of stars;" translation of Line 6 in Chapter AlSaffat in the Qur'an.
** Allah is all time All-Watchful of each one of us. Allah has appointed angels physically to be with each of us continuously.
Note: In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: Three things whoever does them will taste Faith: Whoever worships Allah alone, gives prescribed charity from the middle quality of his wealth (example the field harvest) and whoever purifies himself. A man asked: O Allah's Prophet: How can one purify himself? The Prophet said: He knows that Allah is with him (= watching him) wherever he is. Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 4, page 464.
Words: Yalij = Enters, Yakhruj = Comes out, Yanzil = Comes down, Ya'ruj Feeha = Rises into it, Ma'akum = With you, Mulk = Kingdom - Supreme Authority, Turje' = Goes back, Umour = Affairs.

Q: What are the steps in obtaining knowledge about the certainty of Hell?
A: You are distracted by striving for more (of good things); Until you visit the graves; On the contrary (in graves) you will come to know*; And again on the contrary you will come to know (on Day of Judgement)**; On the contrary (in Life) only if you have (true) knowledge of absolute certainty; You will definitely see (imagine) Hell; Then you will definitely see it (in the Other Life) with the eye of absolute certainty; Then you will definitely be questioned that Day about the affluent life (which you lived).
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 8, Surat AlTakasthur. (102:1-8)
* and **: In graves, in AlBarzakh, disbelievers will sense their places in Hell and this will psychologically increase their suffering before the severe suffering on the Day of Judgement. (Believers will sense their places in Paradise).
Note: In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: The Prophet Muhammad with some of his friends passed some Muslim graves. So he said: Peace be upon you the dwelling places of Muslim people. We wish if we could see our brothers. The friends asked the Prophet: Aren't we your brothers? The Prophet said: No, you are my companions. The Muslims who will come after (all later Muslims) are our brothers. Source: The Hereafter (in English) cassette no 11 by Sheikh Anwar AlAwalki.
Note: In a summary of a saying by the Prophet Muhammad as narrated originally by the companion Abdullah Bin Masoud: We visited some graves. Then the Prophet Muhammad came to a grave and talked secretly there for a while then he cried. The companions cried too. Umar Bin AlKhattab approached the Prophet and the Prophet asked him why they cried. The companion Umar said: We cried for your crying. The Prophet said: The grave I sat near is the grave of "Amna" the Prophet's mother*. The Prophet said: I asked my God for permission to visit her so He gave me the permission. Then I asked Him to pray (ask forgiveness) for her but Allah did not give me permission so I was overwhelmed with what overwhelms a son for his mother. And I prevented you in the past against visiting the graves but now visit them for they remind you about the Other Life. Source: Mukhtasar Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 2, page 171.
* The Prophet's mother "Amna Bint Wabab" died when the Prophet Muhammad was only six years old. The Prophet Muhammad became a prophet at the age of 40. The Prophet's mother was a polytheist (worshipped Allah and joined idols with Him) like most of her clan.
Note: Prophets were not allowed to ask Allah for forgiveness for the disbelievers. (refer to Surat AlTawbah).
Words: Takasthur = Striving for more, Zurtum = You visit (plural), Maqabir = Graves, Kalla = On the contrary, Ta'lamoun = Will come to know, Ilm = Knowledge, AlYaqeen = Absolute certainly, Taroun = You will see, Jaheem = Hell, Ayn = Eye, Na'eem = Affluent life.

A: But if he is from those who treated (Allah's Truth) as lies and who went astray; So a guest service (in Hell) of boiling water; And being burnt in Hell; For this is definitely the validity (= Haqq) of absolute certainty (= AlYaqeen); So glorify the Name of your God the Most-Great.
Translation of: Ayat 92 - 96, Surat AlWaqiah.
Note: According to AlShaikh ElSharawi's thoughts of the Ayat: In the Qur'an there are three steps for obtaining knowledge: Gaining the true information (= ilm alyaqeen) - Seeing with the real eyes (= ayn alyaqeen) - Experiencing that it actually exists (= haqq alyaqeen). AlShaikh gives a parable: You hear about a city and imagine it. You fly over it and see it exits. You settle in it and be sure that the information was true.
Words: Mukaththibeen = Those who treated as lies, Dhalleen = Who went astray - Who went away from Allah's Path, Nuzul = Guest service - Guest house, Hameem = Boiling water, Tasliyat = Being burnt - Burning, Jaheem = Hell, Haqq = Validity - the Very truth, AlYaqeen = Absolute certainty, Sabbeh = Glorify, AlAdheem = The Most Great - The Supreme.

Q: What is Allah's law that governs the creation of the universe including man and plants?
Hint: Repetition of the non-stoppable phenomenas. Check which one of the following man can stop: Stars from piercing the darkness. Ejaculation at the time of sex climax. Rain coming down from the sky or the earth when it cracks open. Source: Thoughts (= Khawatir) ElSheikh AlSha'rawi on the verses of the Qur'an.
A: (Allah does not swear*) by the sky and the Nocturnal (night) Visitor; And what do you know about the Nocturnal Visitor; The star of piercing brightness; For every soul surely has a watcher (angel recording - one on the right and another on the left); So let man think from what he was created; He was created from gushing (cannot be stopped) fluid; That (sperm) comes out from between the lower backbone and (female egg) the lower chestbones; For on bringing him back He (Allah) is certainly Capable. (when) The Day the souls are tried; Then he will have no power (from inside) neither a supporter; And (Allah swears) by the sky of the repeated rain**; And the earth that repeatedy cracks open***; For it is (Qu'ran) surely a DECISIVE (unquestionable) Word; And it is not a joke; For they (disbelievers) plot a scheme (against Allah); And I (Allah) plot a scheme**** (against them); So (command to Prophet Muhammad) give the disbelievers time (do not ask punishment for them) - just give them some time (and see).
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 17, Surat AlTariq.
* According to the late scholar "Muhammad Mutawali AlSha'rawi" if Allah was going to take an oath then He would have sworn by what is mentioned in the oath which should be the focus of contemplation because of its major impact on human life.
* What Allah takes an oath on should be the focus of human contemplation and research.
** Water comes down, evaporates, goes up and becomes water again.
*** To take in water and bring out the vegetation.
**** Allah knows their plot, but they do not know what Allah has for them.
Words: AlSama' = The sky, Tareq = Nocturnal Visitor, Najm = Star - Stars, AlSthaaqib = Of piercing brightness, Kulu Nafs = Every soul - Everyone, Yanthur = Think, Mimma = From what, Khuliq = Was created, Ma' = Fluid, Daafiq = Gushing, Sulb = Lower backbone, Traa'ib = Lower chestbones, Raj'ihi = Returning him, Tubla = Are tried, Saraair = Souls - Secrets, Nasir = Supporter, That AlRaj' = Of the repeated rain, That AlSad' = Repeatedly cracks open, Qawl = Word - Statement - Saying, Fasl = Decisive, Hazl = Joke - For fun, Yakeedoun = Plot, Mahhil = Give time, Amhilhum Rowayda = Just give them some time.

Q: Which cells in the human body should the scientists pay attention to?
A: He (Allah) is Who created you (first ancestry 'Adam') from soil then (offspring) from a drop (of sperm) then from a blood clot then He brings you forth as a baby then (He leaves you) to reach your age of full strength then (He leaves you) to become aged and from you who dies from before (all mentioned stages) - and to reach an appointed time (of life) and perhaps you use your brains (show maturity = t'aqiloun)*.
Translation of: Ayah 67, Surat Ghafir (40:57).
The steps of human creation.
* that you will be raised up after death.
Words: Khalaqakum = He created you, Turab = Soil - Dust, Yukhrijukum = Brings you forth, Tifl = Baby, Tablaghou = To reach, Ashudakum = Your age of full strength, Shuyoukh = Aged - Old, Yatawaffa = Dies, Ta'qiloun = You use your brains - You understand - You show maturity.

Q: Why was the first man's body different from the modern day man's body?

A: And We (Allah) said dwell you (Adam) and your wife in the Garden (of Paradise) and eat from it with ease as you (both) wish but do not approach this tree (otherwise) you become then from the transgressors (against Allah); But Satan (head of the bad Jinn) made them slip from it so he removed them from what they were in and We (Allah) said get down (human race) some of you (humans) are enemy of the others and for you (humans) on earth a staying place and a temporary enjoyment for some time.
Translation of: Ayat 35 - 36, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:35-36)
Note: Man was created for Paradise and not the earth. Prophet Muhammad said people will enter Paradise with the height of our forefather Adam. (refer to the note under Surat AlAnkaboot)
The Prophet added: Ever since man's height is shrinking. Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, (page will be added here later).
Words: Uskun = Dwell, Zawj = Wife, Kula = Eat (for two), Raghada = With ease - Freely, La Taqraba = Do not approach, Azalahuma = Made them slip - Made them do wrong, Akhrajahuma = He removed them, Ehbitou = Get down (plural), Ba'dhumkum LiBa'dh Adou = Some of you are enemy to the others - Enemity among you, Mustaqar = Staying place, Mata' = Temporary enjoyment.

Q: How is the creation of female another Miraculous Sign of Allah?
A: And from His (Allah's) miraculous signs is that He created for you from yourselves* (human race) mates so that you feel at ease with them and He made between you love and mercy for in that are certainly miraculous signs for the people who contemplate.
Translation of: Ayah 21, Surat AlRoum.
* Eve the first female was created miraculously by Allah from Adam's shortest left rib. Because of Allah's mercy upon humans Allah did not create Eve from another race otherwise many types of misunderstanding could have risen. Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume page 628.
Words: Anfusikum = Yourselves - Your race, Azwaj = Mates - Spouses, Litaskanou = So that you feel at ease - So that you calm down, Mawaddah = Love, Rahmah = Mercy - Kindness, Yatafakaroun = Contemplate (plural) - Think deeply.

Q: How can Allah's Punishment affect spring water?
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) see (you all) if your water becomes deep-reaching* then who will bring out for you spring water.
Translation of: Ayah 30, Surat AlMulk.
* Becomes scarce and you cannot take it out.
Words: Ara'aytum = See - Consider - Tell me (plural), Asbaha = Becomes, Ma'oukum = Your water, Ghawran = Deep-reaching - Penetrates deep, Ya'teekum = Bring out for you - Produce for you, Maeen = Spring.

Q: Who do not waste their time contemplating about the true purpose of the creation of the great Signs in the Universe?

A: He (Allah) is Who made the sun a radiant light and the moon an illuminating light and He proportionally divided it into phases so that you (males and females) LEARN the number of years and calculation (= AlHisab*) - Allah did not create that except for a true purpose** - He details the Miraculous Signs*** for people who come to know (the purpose of creation).
Translation of: Ayah 5, Surat Yunus. (10:5)
* "AlHISAB" = Calculation, Arithmetic, Calculus, Computation, Accounting. Source: Wehr, Hans. A Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic: Arabic-English.
** The true purpose behind the creation of the Heaven and the earth. (refer to Surat AlAnbiya')
*** (= Ayat) Miraculous Signs which could only be created by Allah are explained in the Verses (Lines) of the Quran.
Words: Dhiya' = Radiant Light, Qamar = Moon, Noor = Illuminating Light, Qadarrahu = He proprtionally divided it, Manazil = Phases, LiTa'lamou = So that you learn - know, Adad = Number, AlSineen = The years, AlHisab = Counting, Yufassil = He details, Ya'lamoun = Come to know - Understand - Have profound knowledge.

Q: Why is Allah's Throne described as the Sublime (= AlAdheem)?
Hint: Note how the Throne is mentioned after the Seven Heavens.
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) who is the God of the Seven Heavens and the God of the Sublime Throne; They will say (they) belong to Allah say so will you not protect yourselves by fearing Allah.
Translation of: Ayat 86 - 87, Surat AlMo'minoun.
Note: According to Merriam Webster's Deluxe Dictionary, SUBLIME means tending to inspire awe because of elevated quality or transcendent excellence. Also SUBLIME means supreme or lofty (high in place).
Note: In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: The Seven Heavens and the Seven earths and what is in them and between them in comparison to the Chair of (Allah) but like a link of a chain thrown in a desert (ardh falat) and the Chair (of Allah) with what in it according to the Throne is like that link in that wilderness. Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, Volume 3, Page 372.
Words: Rubb = God, AlSamawat = The Heavens, AlArsh = The Throne, AlAtheem = The Sublime.

Q: Why does not the sky fall on the earth?

A: Have you not (yet) considered that Allah made yield for you whatever is on the earth and the vessels sail across the sea by His Command and He holds the sky (lowest Heaven) from falling on the earth except by His Permission indeed Allah to humans is certainly Most-Compassionate, Most-Merciful.
Translation of: Ayah 65, Surat AlHajj. (22:65)
Note: Is the sky (lowest Heaven) with pillars?
Ships sail across the sea.
Words: Sakhkharra = Made yield, AlFulk = The vessels - The ships, Tajri = Sails, An Taqa' = From falling.

Q: Is it a coincidence that the sun always rises from the East?
A: Have you not yet considered the one who debated Abraham (Prophet Ibraheem) about his God for Allah gave him kingdom* when Abraham (= Ibraheem) said my God is Who gives life and makes dead he (King Nimrod) said I give life and make dead (being in command) - Abraham said because Allah brings out the sun from the East so you bring it out from the West then the one who disbelieved was shocked (no answer) and Allah does not guide the people who are unjust (unfair to Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 258, Surat AlBaqarah.
* King Nimrod Ben Canaan was at war with the Prophet Abraham. Early Judaic sources also assert that the king Amraphel, who wars with Abraham later in Genesis, is none other than Nimrod himself. Source:
Note: As indicated by the Prophet Muhammad among the Signs that announce the immediate coming of the Day of Judgment is that the sun will rise from the West.
Words: Haajja = Debated, Aatahu = Gave, AlMulk = Kingdom, Yuhye = Makes alive - Gives life, Yumeet = Makes dead, Ya'ti = Brings out, AlMashriq = The East, AlMaghrib = The West, FaBuhita = Was shocked - Became pale - Was dumbfounded, AlDhalimeen = Who are unjust (unfair) - transgress - The sinners.

Q: Why do some people who depend on their senses to perceive everything fail to understand the concept of creation and God as the Creator?
An Important Note: According to Abu Hamid Muhammad ibn Muhammad Ghazali (1058 - 1111 C.E.) (a famous Islamic theologian, jurist, philosopher, cosmologist, psychologist (ref. "The deficiency in the perception of beasts (animals) lies in its being limited to the senses, and sensory perception is limited because it only perceives things by contact or proximity. Without contact or proximity, a sense faculty is cut off from perception. For taste and touch require contact, while hearing, sight and smell need proximity. The senses are instantly cut off from perceiving any existing thing which cannot be conceived to be in contact or proximity to them. Furthermore, their activity is limited to what is dictated by passion or anger, and cannot be triggered by anything else, for they lack reason to summon them to activities which differ from the demands of passion and anger. Source: Al-Ghazali the Ninety-Nine Beautiful names of God "Al-Maqsad Al-Asna fi Shrh Asma' Allah Al-Husna, page 33 (see the reference page).
A: And We (Allah) had prepared for Hell a lot of Jinn and humans - they have hearts with which they do not understand (about Allah) and they have eyes with which they do not see and they have ears with which they do not hear - they are like ---* yet they are more in straying away - they are the inattentive (unaware).
Translation of: Ayah 179, Surat AlA'raf.
* One word is missing. Please research it yourself.
Note: What type of knowledge one gets depending on senses alone?
Words: Thar'na = We had prepared, Kastheeran = A lot of, AlIns = Humans, Quloub = Hearts, Yafhaqhoun = Understand - Have insight, A'yun = Eyes, Y ubsiroun = See, Athan = Ears, Yasma'oun = Hear, Adhal = More in straying away, AlGhafiloun = The inattentive - The unaware - The fools.

Q: What makes people face a horrible situation after another horrible situation? (Death in itself is an exmaple)
A: So I (Allah) do not swear* by the evening glow (at sunset); And by the night and what it gathers (under its cover); And by moon when it becomes full; you certainly will face (one horrible) situation** after (another horrible) situation; So why they do not have Faith: And when the Qur'an is recited to them they do not prostrate***.
Translation of: Ayat 16 - 21, Surat AlInshiqaq.
* According to the late scholar "Muhammad Mutawali AlSha'rawi" if Allah was going to take an oath then He would have sworn by what is mentioned in the oath which should be the focus of contemplation because of its major impact on human life.
In this verse: Evening glow (at sunset), Night (and darkness was everywhere in the beginning) and full moon - the three mentioned have to do with light. So is the sun responsible for producing the night or is the night an entity in itself (worth research).
** In this Life people are exposed to tests in their fortunate times as well as unfortunate times. In the Other Life if you are a disbeliever then you will face a misery after another misery.
*** All Muslims prostrate when a prostration (forehead on the ground) is mentioned in the Qur'an.
Words: La Uqsim = I do not swear, BilShafaq = By the Evening Glow (at sunset), AlLayl = The night, Wasaq = Gathers under its cover, AlQamar = The moon, Etasaq = Becomes full, LaTarkabunna = You will face, Tabaqan = Situation, En Tabaq = After (another) situation, Yasjodoun = Prostrate.

Q: What will happen to the sky and the earth on The Day of Judgment?
A: When the sky will be split open and it listens to the command of its God and its obedience is fitting for it; and when the earth is flattened, and it throws out what is in it and becomes empty and listens to the command of its God and its obedience is fitting for it. O human being you are working hard towards your God, and you will find your hard work (waiting for you). So the one who is given his book with his right hand, he will be judged for easily and he will return to his people happy. But who is given his book from behind his back, he will ask for grief, and he will enter Hell; He was happy among his people and he thought he will not return (to Allah). Yes! His God was watchful of him!
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 15, Surat AlInshiqaq.

Q: Does the sun cause the night or does the night take over the sun?
A: And by the sun* and its morning brightness; And by the moon as it followed it (sun); And by the day as it revealed it (sun); And by the night as it covers it (sun); And by the sky (lowest Heaven) and how He (Allah) built it; And by the earth and how He spread it; And by the soul and how He formed it; Then He inspired it (to know) its immorality and its piety; Certainly is prosperous whoever purified it (soul); And truly has failed whoever corrupted it (soul).
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 10, Surat AlShams.
* If Allah was going to take another oath it would be by the objects mentioned in the above Qur'anic lines. They should be the focus of contemplation because of their major impact on human life.
Words: AlShams = The sun, Dhuhaha = Its morning brightness, Talaha = Followed it, Jallaha = Revealed it, Yaghshaha = Covers it - Conceals, Ma Banaha = How He built it, Tahaha = Spread it, Nafs = Soul, Sawwaha = Formed it, FaAlhamaha = Then He inspired it, Fujouraha = Its immorality, Taqwaha = Its purity, Aflaha = is prosperous, Zakkaha = Purified it, Khaba = Has failed, Dassaha = Corrupted it - Poisoned it.

Q: Across humanity why do people allow unverified information from top people to become part of their culture?
Hint: They do not follow the scientific method of verifying information.

A: And from his (Prophet Noah) religious followers is certainly Abraham (Ibraheem); When he approached his God with a healthy (free of prejudice) heart; Then he said to his father* and people what do you worship; Falsehood (untruth without evidence) - gods besides Allah you desire; So what is your opinion about the God of all people; Then he glanced a look at the stars**; So he said I feel sick; So they turned going away from him.
Translation of: Ayat 83 - 90, Surat AlSaffat.
* Azar whom Prophet Abraham called "father" was a famous sculptor who used to make idols out of stone and sell them. Source:
** In acknowledging Allah as the One and Only God, Prophet Abraham followed a scientific method of eliminating the wrong answers.
Note: For example unverified information (without genuine evidence) was the basis of how idol-worshipping started in man's history.
Words: Shia'tihi = His religious followers - His religious sect, Ja'a = Approached, BiQalb = With a heart, Saleem = Free of prejudice, Matha = What, Ta'bodoun = You worship, AIfkan = Falsehood - Untruth, Tureedoun = You desire, Dhannukum = Your opinion, FaNadhara = Then he glanced a look, AlNujoum = The stars, Inni Saqeem = I feel sick, Mudbireen = Going away.

Q: Who is the God of what humans call "the universe"?
A: And to Allah belongs the (whole) Praise - the God of the Heavens, the God of the earth, the God of the inhabitants of all worlds.
Translation of: Ayah 36, Surat AlJasthiyah. (45:36)
Words: Lillah = To Allah, AlHamd = Praise, Rub = God - Lord. AlAlameen = Inhabitants of all worlds.

Q: In a challenge why does Allah call the disbelievers with their false gods to climb up towards Him if they were capable?

A: Or do they (disbelievers) possess the bounty treasures of your God the AlMighty the Grantor; Or belongs to them the Kingdom of the Heavens and the earth and whatever is between them so let them climb up in the ways (of Heavens)*; An armed alliance of whatever are over there (disbelievers) are going to be defeated.
Translation of: Ayat 9 - 11, Surat Saad.
* Allah is the Owner of the Universe.
Note: Angels' place is the Heavens. Allah is on the top of the Seventh Heaven (understood from the Prophet Muhammad's sayings).
Words: Khaza'in = Treasures, Rahmat = Bounty - Mercy, Mulk = The Kingdom - The Absolute Authority, FelYartaqou = So let them climb up, AlAsbab = In the ways, Jundun Min AlAhzab = Armed alliance, Ma Hunalika = Of whatever are over there, Mahzoom = Are going to be defeated.

Q: Knowing the Power behind a natural phenomenon yet denying His Command to worship Him shows what type of mentality?
A: And if you ask them who sent down from the sky water and brought to life with it the land after its death they will say certainly Allah say Praise to Allah yet most of them do not grasp it.
Translation of: Ayah 63, Surat AlAnkaboot.
Words: Nazzala = Sent down, FaAhya = So He brought to Life, Min Ba;di = After, Akstharhum = Most of them, La Ya'qiloun = They do not grasp it - They do not understand it.

Q: What element of life symbolizes affluent living?
Note: The race of Jinn are divided into two: Believers and disbelievers. Lines 14 - 15 in Chapter AlJinn is translated: And from us (Jinn) there are the Muslims (submitting to Allah) and there are the ones who swerved from justice '= Qasitoun').

A: And if they (disbelievers among Jinn) remained on Allah's Path according to the Creed (Absolute Faith in Allah Alone) We (Allah) would have certainly bestowed on them abundant water**; To put them to the test with it and whoever turns away from the Message of his God (Qur'an) He (Allah) makes him undergo escalating punishment (suffering).
Translation of: Ayat 16 - 17, Surat AlJinn. (72:16-17)
** Sustenance with water as its major component. Note: Even the People of the Book would have been blessed by abundant sustenance. (refer to Surat AlMa'idah)
Words: WAlaw = And if, Estaqamou = They remained on Allah's Path - They remained righteous, Ala AlTareeqah = According to The Creed (Faith), LaAsqaynahum = We would have certainly bestowed on them water, Ghadaqa = Abundant, Ma' = Water, LiNaftinahum = To put them to the test - To test them, Yu'ridh = Turns away, Thikr = Message - Reminder, Yaslukhu = Mades him undergo, Athaban = Punishment - Suffering, Sa'ada = Escalating - Growing,

Q: What did the mountains do similar to the birds at the time of the Messenger David (Dawood)? (Geologists: Research if the mountains' yielding is still going on).
Note: The line translated here is a continuation of Allah's praising of the Messenger David (Dawood).
A: For We (Allah) made the mountains yield with him (Messenger David) - glorifying (echoing Allah's praise) at sunset* and sunrise*; And (We made yield) the birds* gathering - all back and forth to Him (Allah) returning (glorifying).
Translation of: Ayat 18 - 19, Surat Saad.
* The mountains glorify Allah. Those who are familiar with country life would have heard the flocks of birds chirping at sunset and sunrise.
Words: Sakhkharna = We made yield, Yusabihna = Glorifying, BilAshiyy = At sunset, AlIshraq = At sunrise, AlTayr = Birds, Mahshouratan = Gathering, Awwab = Back and forth returning.

Q: If Prophet Jonah (Yunus) was eaten by the whale how did he survive?

A: So (command to Prophet Muhammad) do have patience* and do not be like the companion of the whale (Prophet Yunus = Jonah in English) when he called out (for Allah's Help)** while being filled with distress; Was it not for favour from his God that set him right (became on Allah's Path) he would have been cast out on the barren land (shore) while being disgraced; So his God picked (towards Himself) him and He made him from the righteous***.
Translation of: Ayat 48 - 50, Surat AlQalam.
* The Prophet Jonah (Yunus) angrily prayed againt his people of Nineveh and left their preaching. (The Prophet Muhammad was about to pray against the tribe of AlSthaqeef in AlTaa'if near Mecca, Source: Ex-Mufti of Egypt "Hassanain Muhammad Makhlouf's' Safwat AlBayan liMa'ani AlQur'an, page 742). They made him suffer when he went for their help. But instead the Prophet prayed for them.
** Prophet Jonah (Yunus) was alive in the whale's belly. His supplication to Allah was: There is no god but You (Allah) for I was from the transgressors (against Allah - unjust to Allah) = "La Ilaha Illa Anta (Allah) Inni Kuntu mina AlDhalimeen".

*** Prophet Jonah (Yunus) went back to preach his people of Nineveh.
Note: Remember that the Qur'an is in the Arabic language which is a very elaborate language. So words in the Qur'an should be scrutinized carefully as to their exact meanings. The Prophet Jonah was not eaten by the whale he was swallowed. A swallowed object can come out.
Words: KaSahib = Like the companion, Nada = Called out, Makthoum = Filled with distress, Tadarakahu = Set right, Ni'mah = Favour - Grace, LaNubitha = He would have been cast, BilAra' = On the barren land, Mathmoum = Disgrased - Defamed, Fajtabahu Rabbuhu = So his God picked (towards Himself) him.

Q: For the evolutionists: On the Day of Judgement will man be raised up as an ape?
Note: A true scene from the Day of Judgment.
A: Certainly you (plural) have come back to us singly (no relationship) as We (Allah) created you (naked*) the first time and you left what We (Allah) bestowed upon you behind and We do not see with you your intercessors** whom you claimed that they are in your affairs partners (with Allah) - truly it (communication) is cut off between you (and them) and what you were claiming went astray (wrong).
Translation of: Ayah 94, Surat AlAn'am. (6:94)
* People will be raised up naked as they were created. (Refer to Pophet Muhammad's saying)
** Disbelievers of Arabia during the time of the Prophet Muhammad were polytheists. They worshipped Allah but they joined with Him more than 300 idols. They used to make sacrificial offerings to Allah as well as to their selected idols thinking that the idols are their intercessors with Allah.
Note: Evolutionists believe in the theory of evolution (man evolved from an ape) which is known in science to be against the theory of creationism.
Note: Note how adaptation occurred in the human race. Adam, the first man created was very tall because he was created to live in Heaven. Since then the human body is shrinking according to an authenticated saying of the Prophet Muhammad.
We will be raised up tall again: (Fire is in towering columns). And chambers in Paradise are high. And more on the shape of man on the Day of Judgment.
Words: LaQad Ji'tomouna = Certainly - Truly you have come back to Us, Furaada = Singly - One by one, Awwal = First, Marrah = Time, Khawwalnakum = We bestowed upon you, Wara' Dhohourikim = Behind - Behind your backs, Nara = See, Shufa'aakum = Your intercessors, Feekum = In your affairs - Among yourselves - Shuraka' = Partners, Taqata'a = Cut off - Severed, Dhalla = Went astray - Went wrong, Tazamoun = Claiming - Alleging.

Q: Is the Qur'an an ancient text that ignores nature as some people claim?
A: And on earth there are Miraculous Signs (to consider) for the convinced (about their Faith); And in yourselves (Signs to consider) so will you not have an insight; And in the sky is your sustenance (food)* and what you are promised; So by the God of the Heaven and the earth IT** is the Truth exactly as you are able to speak..
Translation of: Ayat 20 - 23, Surat AlThariyat. (51:20-23)
* Gates for sustenance in the Heaven.
** Refer to Ayah 12 in the same Surah "AlThariyat" about the Day of Judgement.
Note: Reference is to an editorial published on 'Toronto Star' claiming that religion ignores nature. Surely not in the case of the Qur'an. As a Supervising Text, the Qur'an protects the truth, completes and seals Allah's Holy Books (Torah, Bible).
Words: Ayat = Miraculous Signs, Muwqineen = Convinced, Anfusikum = Yourselves, AfaLa Tubsiroun = So will you not have an insight - Will you not consider - Will you not see, Tuadoun = You are promised, Haqq = Truth, Annakum = You are able, Tantiqoun = You can speak.

Q: Is praying for rain comical as some people claim?
Note: An example in the same Toronto Star article which is cited above, thinking that praying for rain in comical.
A: And when Moses (Prophet Moosa) prayed for water for his people (Beni Israel) so We (Allah) said strike with your staff the rock then from it twelve springs gushed out - every group of people knew their water hole - (command to Beni Israel) eat and drink from Allah's sustenance and do not act wickedly on earth causing corruption.
Translation of: Ayah 60, Surat AlBaqarah.
Note: In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad narrated by Anas bin Malik, a well-known companion of the Prophet Muhammad: The Prophet Muhammad did not lift up his hands in any of the prayers except in the prayer for rain and he used to lift them up to the extent you could see the whiteness of his armpits. Source: AlLou'lou' walMarjan --- AlSheikhan AlBukhari wa Muslim, page 151.
Note: In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad narrated by Anas bin Malik: People at the time of the Prophet Muhammad had a year of hardness (lack of rain) so while the Prophet was delivering the Friday Seron a bedouin stood up saying: O Prophet of Allah! the wealth is destroyed, the children became hungry so pray to Allah for us. So the Prophet raised his hands while we could not see even a small cloud in the sky. And by the the One in Whose Hand is my soul as soon as the Prophet put down his hands the clouds spread and became like the mountains. And the Prophet did not climb down from his preaching position except when I saw the rain dropping down on his beard. So we had rain that day, then the next day until the next Friday. And the Bedouin stood up and said: O Prophet of Allah! The houses are damaged and the wealth is drowned so pray to Allah for us. The Prophet Muhammad raised his hands and said: Our God around us and not upon us. And he kept on indicating towards different directions of the clouds and they got dispersed. The valley became like a canal for one month. And no one came from anywhere without talking about the generosity. Source: AlLou'lou' walMarjan --- AlSheikhan AlBukhari wa Muslim, page 151 - 152.
Words: Estasqa = Prayed for water, Edhrib = Strike, AlHajr = The stone, Esthna Asharah = Twelve, Ayn = Spring, Mashrabahum = Their drinking hole, La Ta'sthou = Do not act wickedly - Do not make mischief, Mufsideen = Causing corruption - Corrupting.

Q: Why is Allah Capable of re-creating man on the Day of Judgement?

A: Have they not seen that Allah Who created the Heavens and the earth is Capable of creating* the likes of them and He made for them an appointed time** (Day of Judgement) no doubt about it (Day of Judgement) yet the transgressors (ungrateful to Allah = AlDhalimoun) refused but too much disbelieving (ungratefulness).
Translation of: Ayah 99, Surat AlIsra' (known also as Surat Beni Israel). (17:99)
* Creation in this life and the Resurrection from the state of the dead is only by re-creation. (refer to Surat Noah)
** Known as 'Ajalan Musamma' - time of the Day of Judgement.
Words: Khalaqa = Created, Qadir = Capable, Misthlahum = The likes of them, Ajalan = Appointed time, La Rayba Feehi = No doubt about it, FaAba = Yet, Kufoura = Too much disbelieving - ungratefulness.

Q: When you think about it you realize that Allah is Capable of recreating man on the Day of Judgement, what is it?
A: And He (Allah) is Who originates the creation and then He will re-do it (on the Day of Judgement) and it is easier* for Him and to Him belongs the Highest Pattern in the (creation of) Heavens and the earth** and He is AlMighty, the All-Wise.
Translation of: Ayah 27, Surat AlRoum.
* The creation of the first thing is more difficult than the second time.
** The Heavens and the earth is what man refers to as the Universe.
Words: Yabdau' = Originates - Begins, Yu'eeduhu = Will re-do it, Ahwen = Easier, AlMasthal = The Pattern, AlAl'la = The Highest - The Supreme, AlSamawat = The Heavens, AlArdh = Earth, AlAzeez = AlMighty, AlHakeem = The All-Wise.

Q: What Sign from Allah shows Allah's benevolence and favour on the land?

A: (Prophet Hood* says) O my people ask your God (Allah) for forgiveness then turn to Him in repentance He will make the sky pour forth on you abundant rain and He will add force to your strength and do not turn away doing wrong.
Translation of: Ayah 52, Surat Hood.
* Prophet Hood no. 4 on the Map of Prophets.
Words: YaQawmi = O my people, Estaghfirou = Ask forgiveness, Yursil AlSama' = He will make the sky pour forth, Midrara = Abundant rain, Yazidkum = He will Add, Quwwah = Force, Mujrimeen = Doing wrong - indulging in sin.

Q: What is a description of the Seven Heavens that Allah created?
A: And We (Allah) have already made above you Seven Much-Frequented Passages* (Heavens) and We were Not of the creation Unaware**.
Translation of: Ayah 17, Surat AlMo'minoun.
* The Seven Heavens are layered above one another and through them are the Ways (Passages) of Ascent towards Allah.
** The Heavens are frequented by angels who carry out the Command of Allah between the Heavens and earth.
Words: Khalaqna = Created, Fawqakum = Above you, Sabe' = Seven, Taraaiq = Much-frequented passages (ways), Ma Kunna = We were not, Ghafileen = Unaware.

Q: Will the sun still exist in the Other World?
A: Seated in it (Paradise) on couches - they do not see in it a sun* neither (feel) bitter coldness.
Translation of: Ayah 13, Surat AlInsan.
* Thare will be no purpose for the sun as well as the other stars in the Other World.
Words: Muttakieena = Seated, AlAraaik = Couches, La Yarawna = They do not see, Shamsan = Sun, Zamhareera = Bitter cold.

Q: Why should we fear that we can be turned into other creatures if We anger Allah?
A: We (Allah) had decreed among you death and We will not be surpassed to transform the like of you and form you in what (creature) you do not know; And (Allah warns) you have already known the first formation (of man) so only if you may remember.
Translation of: Ayat 60 - 62, Surat AlWaqiah.
Note: In the past when a group of humans insisted on continuing to anger Allah they were transformed into apes as a Punishment from Allah.
And more are away from Allah's Mercy.
Words: Qaddarna = We had decreed, AlMawt = Death, Ma Nahnu BiMasbouqeen = We will not be surpassed, Nubaddila = To change, Amsthalakum = The like of you, La Ta'lamoun = What you do not know, Alimtum = You have known, AlNashah = The first formation - The first creation, Tathakkaroun = You remember.

Q: Is day and night two separate entities or are they the result of the effect of the sun?
A: And He (Allah) is Who created night and day and the sun and the moon - each in an orbit floating (passing swiftly and smoothly).
Translation of: Ayah 33, Surat AlAnbiya'.
Note: According to the Bible: The First Day of the Creation: Darkness was everywhere ---. God said: Let there be light and there was light. The Fourth Day of the Creation: God said: Let there be lights in the sky of heaven to divide the day from the night --- God made two great lights, the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night.
Words: Khalaqa = Created, AlLayl = The night, AlNahar = The day, AlShams = The sun, AlQamar = The moon, Falak = Orbit, Yasbahoun = Floating - Passing swiftly and smoothly.

Q: Why will humans continue to have the sun and the moon until the Day of Judgement?

A: And He (Allah) made yield (useful) to you the sun and the moon continuing to move persistently (= daa'ibayn) and He made yield to you night and day.
Translation of: Ayah 33, Surat Ibraheem.
Note: Note the sun and the moon are moving only until the Day of Judgement. No need for them in the Other World.
Words: Sakhkharra = Made yield, Daa'ibayn = Continuing to move persistently, AlLayl = Night, AlNahar = Day.

Q: What phenomena created by Allah are similar to Allah's bringing the living thing out of the dead thing and vice versa?
A: (Say) You (Allah) make night penetrate* into day (= nahar) and You make day penetrate into night and You bring the living out of the dead** and You bring the dead out of the living and You give sustenance to whoever You will without limits.
Translation of: Ayah 27, Surat AlImran.
* What amount increases in one decreases in the other. Source: Tafseer waBayan Mufridat AlQuran. In Arabic. Page 53.
** Examples.
Words: Toulij = Make penetrate, AlLayl = Night, AlNahar = Day - Morning, Tukhrij = Bring out - Take out, Tarzuq = Gives sustenance.

Q: What two large entities that benefit humans are miraculous signs of Allah (indicating Allah's Existence)?
A: Have they not seen (thought) that We (Allah) made the night so as they rest in it and the day with light to see - indeed in that are certainly Miraculous Signs (of Allah) for people who believe.
Translation of: Ayah 86, Surat AlNaml. (27:86)
Words: Alem = Have they not seen, Ja'alna = We made, LiYaskonou = So as they rest, AlNahaar = Day, Mubsira = With light to see, LaAyat = Certainly Miraculous Signs, LiQawm = For people, Yu'minoun = Believe - Have Faith.

Q: Who breaks dawn making way for sunrise?
A: (Allah) Who causes dawn to break* and He made the night for tranquility and the sun and the moon for calculation (of time) - that is the proportion (calculation) of the AlMighty the All-Knowing.
Translation of: Ayah 96, Surat AlAn'am.
* Here lies the secret of what we call day (= nahar). Note how the word (nahar) is missing in the above translated line of the Qur'an.
Words: Faaliq AlIsbah = Who causes dawn to break - Dispels the shadows of night, Ja'ala = Made, AlLayl = Night, Sakana = For tranquility - For restfulness, AlShams = Sun, AlQamar = Moon, Husbana = For calculation, Taqdeer = Proportion - Measurement - Calculation - Judgment.

Q: What initiated the difference in the length of the day and the night?
A: And He (Allah) is Who gives life and He makes dead and to Him (Allah's Appraisal) belongs the difference* in the night and the day so will you not then understand.
Translation of: Ayah 80, Surat AlMo'minoun.
* According to Tafseer Ibn Kastheer volume 4 page 465: Allah makes the night penetrate into day and vice versa because Allah appraises them according to His Wisdom and as He wills. So sometimes the night becomes longer and the day shorter and vice versa. And sometimes Allah makes them the same length. And the seasons differ according to His Wisdom and His proportional measurement as He wills for His creation.
Note: Remember that Allah had dictated that the night cannot come before the day.
Words: Yuhye = Gives life, Yumeet = Makes dead, Ikhtilaf = Difference - Variation, AfaLa = Will you not then, Ta'qiloun = Understand - Use your brains logically.

Q: What do many people not know about the purpose behind Allah's creation of the Heavens and earth?

A: And We (Allah) did not create the Heavens and the earth and whatever is between them for having fun; We did not create them except for a True Purpose* - yet most of them do not realize.
Translation of: Ayat 38 - 39, Surat AlDukhkhan.
* To contemplate in their creation.
Words: Khalaqna = Created, Baynahuma = Between them, Laaibeen = For having fun, BilHaq = For a true purpose, Akstharahum = Most of them, La Ya'lamoun = Do not realize.

Q: Who many angels inhabit the Seven Heavens?
A: And the Day (of Judgement) the sky will be ripped open* with clouds and angels will be brought down in continuous disembarkation (in ranks)**.
Translation of: Ayah 25, Surat AlFurqan.
* Remember what will happen to the sky on the Day of Judgement. (the link is edited today).
** In a summary of an interpretation of the mentioned Ayah, made by the scholar Ibn Abbas may Allah be pleased with him (A direct cousin of the Prophet Muhammad): On the Day of Judgement all Jinn and humans will be gathered. Then the Lowest Heaven will split open and its inhabitants (angels) will be brought down and they are more than all Jinn and humans and Allah's other creation. And they will surround all Jinn, humans and Allah's other creation, And this is the Day of Meeting when the inhabitants of the Heaven and the inhabitants of earth will meet. Then the Second Heaven will be rendered open and its angels will be brought down and the action is repeated until the Seventh Heaven. Then Our God will come down to earth in shades of clouds, surrounded by the special angels (= AlKarobiyoun) and they are more than all mentioned above together. Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 3, page 465. (remember that all earth will be leveled for this meeting).
Words: Yawma = The Day, Tashaqaqu = is ripped open - Is split, BilGhamam = With clouds, Nuzzila = Are sent down, Tanzeela = Continuous disembarkation - Continuous sending down.

Q: How does the unity (how it is together) and the symmetry (how it is similar) of the Universe testify that its Creator is One?
A: Rather We (Allah) brought them* the Truth and indeed they are certainly liars; Allah did not take (for Himself) a son** neither there was beside Him any god - (if there were) then each god would have certainly set apart what he created and they would have certainly risen above*** one another - Glory**** to Allah above what they ascribe (to Him).
Translation of: Ayat 90 - 91, Surat AlMo'minoun. (23:90-91)
* Those who partner with Allah. Refeer to Ayat 88 - 89 in Surat AlMo'minoun in the Qur'an.
** If Allah had a son who also would have worshipped Him? (refer to Surat AlZukhruf)
*** Quarreled.
**** 'Subhan Allah' = Glory to Allah = 'How far from imperfection' as explained by Sheikh Muhammad AlShareef).
Note: Ayah 92 in Surat AlMo'minoun was translated ealier as: "Everything belongs to) The All-Knowing of the (World of the) Unseen and Witness - so Self-Elevated (= Ta'ala) is He above what they partner (with Him)".
Note: Remember how Jesus peace be upon him called his people towards Allah. (refer to Surat AlZukhruf)
Words: Bel = Rather, Ataynahum BilHaq = We brought them the Truth, LaKathiboun = Certainly are liars, Ma Etakhatha = Did not take, Walad = Son - Child - Offspring, Ilah = God, LaThahaba = Would have certainly set apart, LaAla = Would have certainly risen, Ba'dhuhum Ala Badh = Above one another, Yasifoun = Ascribe - Attribute.

Q: Will our earth and the sky remain the same on the Day of Judgement?

A: The Day (of Judgement) when the earth* is turned into another earth and (so will be) the Heavens and they (all humanity) stepped out (from graves) before (in front of) Allah The One, The Overpowering**.
Translation of: Ayah 48, Surat Ibraheem. (14:48)
* Will our earth be inherited in the Other World? (refer to Surat AlZumar)
** The Overwhelming Who can make you cry.
Note: Remember that the lowest Heaven (out of the Seven Heavens) is decorated with stars (refer to Surat AlSaffat)
and constellations of stars (refer to Surat AlHijr).
Words: Tabaddalu = Is turned, Ghayr = Another, Barazou = They stepped out - They appeared, AlWahid = The One.

Q: What natural disasters will take place before the resurrection (raising up of all the dead) on the Day of Judgement?
Note: Lines 1 - 2 in Surat AlTakweer are translated: "When the sun is encircled (winded (like a Sikh person's turban) or rolled); And when the stars become dimmed."
A: And when the mountains are made to move*; And when the pregnant camels** are neglected; And when the beasts are gathered***; And when the oceans are made to overflow****.
Translation of: Ayat 3 - 6, Surat AlTakweer.
* Before the mountains' moving they are crushed. After that they are moved and they look like a mirage. (space is being made for all creatures to be judged on the earth).
** Arabs used to love pregnant camels because they are part of their wealth.
*** Beasts will be gathered. They will not be afraid of each other because of the natural disasters around them.
**** The Earthquake of the Day of Judgement will make the water overflow.
Note: Lines 7 - 9 in Surat AlTakweer.
Note: Those who are alive then will start witnessing the natural disasters until it is blown in the Horn (= Nufikha fi AlSoor) the first time (death blow) and everyone becomes dead). In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: The Day of Judgement will arrive on the head of the worst living persons (= shirar alNas) - they do not command the good and they do not forbid the bad and they will be following Satan by worshipping idols. The first blow (death blow) will be heard. The first person to hear it is one who is doing a sodomite action with the pelvis of his camel (= yalout hawdh iblihi).And all living people will be thunderstuck (dead). Source: Riyadh AlSaliheen Min Kalam Sayed AlMursaleen, in Arabic, page 495
Words: Suyyerat = Were made to move, AlIshar = The pregnant camels, Utilat = Are neglected,Alwuhoush = Beasts, Hushirat = Are gathered, Bihar = Ocean - Body of water, Sujjirat = Are made to overflow.

Q: What special favour of Allah do we have to thank Allah for it so as to continue enjoying it?

A: Allah is Who created the Heavens and the earth and He sent down from the sky water so He brought out with it produce (= AlSthamarat) as a sustenance for you and He made subjugated to you the ships so that they sail through the sea with His permission and He made subjugated to you the rivers.
Translation of: Ayah 32, Surat Ibraheem. (14:32)
Note: Remember that Allah warns us about the scarcity of water.
Words: Khalaqa = Created, Anzala = Sent down, Sthamarat = Produce - Fruits - Vegetables...etc, Sakhkhara = Made subjugated - Made yield, Made in your service - Made useful, LiTajri = So that they sail, AlAnhar = The rivers.

Q: Why do we not feel worries or pain while we are in deep sleep??
Note: the preceding Lines 6 - 7 in Surat AlAnaba'.
A: And We (Allah) created you (plural) in pairs*; And We made your sleep inactivity (= subata)**; And We made the night as a garment (cover up); And We made the day for livelihood.
Translation of: Ayat 8 - 11, Surat AlNaba'. (78:8-11)
* Male and female.
** During deep sleep all outside activities come to a halt and this is a Sign of Allah's Mercy on humans.
Note: All the mentioned are Miraculous Signs of Allah's Existence that no human made god can ever claim.
Words: Nawmakum = Your sleep, Subata = Inactivity - Cut off from outside activities - Slumber, Ma'asha = For livelihood.

Q: How did Allah make the sun beneficial to human life?
A: And We (Allah) made a glowing (shining with heat) Lamp (Sun).
Translation of: Ayah 13, Surat AlNaba'. (78:13)
Words: Sirajan = Lamp - Light, Wahhaja = Glowing - Radiant.

Q: In the beginning how did the agricultural land get irrigated with water?
A: And We (Allah) sent down from the rainy clouds (AlMu'sirat) water flowing abundantly; So as to bring out with it seeds and plants; And gardens with densely growing trees.
Translation of: Ayat 14 - 16, Surat AlNaba'.
Note: Surat AlNaba' details how Allah created man and made life feasible for him. (Please refer to the two postings above).
Words: AlMu'sirat = The rainy clouds; Ma' = Water, Sthajjaja = Flowing abundantly, LiNukhrija = So as to bring out, Habban = Seeds, Nabata = Plants, Jannat = Gardens, Alfafa = Densely growing trees - Thicket.

Q: When will humans see other forms of life that Allah created in the Universe?
A: And from His (Allah's) Miraculous Signs* is the creation of the Heavens and the earth and what He scattered in them (both = feehima) of moving creatures and He is upon gathering them (plural - for the Day of Judgement)** WHENEVER HE (Allah) WILLS*** is Most-Capable.
Translation of: Ayah 29, Surat AlShoura. (42:29)
* Indicative of Allah's Attributes.
** All creatures will be gathered. Remember the only two races: Humans and Jinn are burdened with the responsibility of Islam (submission to Allah Alone). (refer to Surat AlRahman) They will be judged for Paradise or Hell.
*** Allah Alone has the knowledge of when the Day of Judgement is. (refer to Surat AlZukhruf)
Words: Ma Basthstha = What He scattered, Min Daabbah = Of moving creatures, Ala Jamihim = Upon gathering them, Qadeer = Most-Capable.

Q: Why do we sometimes have good rain when we have given up all hope that it rains?
A: And He (Allah) is Who sends down the (abundant) rain* after they have given up hope and He spreads out (= Yanshur) His Mercy** and He is the Ally (Who helps), the Worthy of all praise.
Translation of: Ayah 28, Surat AlShoura. (42:28)
* = Ghayth: Rain when it is needed.
** Bringing the dead land to life.
Note: In Islam the best charity is giving water. (Reminded by the Imam of AlMdinah Masjid in South Toronto in a Friday Sermon).
Words: Yunazzil = Sends down, AlGhaysth = The rain when needed, Min Ba'di Ma Qanatou = After they have given up hope; Yanshur = Spreads out, AlWely = The Ally - The Protector - The Helper.

Q: Why doesn't good rain that plants need cause floods?
A: And (Allah) Who sent down from the sky water with due measurement so We revived with it a dead (barren) land - thus you (humans) will be brought out* (from graves).
Translation of: Ayah 11, Surat AlZukhruf. (43:11)
* On the Day of Judgement with Allah's Command. A special rain from Allah will make our bodies grow up in our graves like a plant.
Words: Nazzala = Sent down, BiQadar = With due measurement, FaAnsharna = So We revived - So we raised up, Baldatan = Land, Maytan = Dead - Barren, Kathalika = Thus - In this way, Tukhrajoun = You will be brought out - You will be raised up.

Q: Why do we have immovable mountains on our earth?
A: And We (Allah) placed on earth immovable mountains lest it (the earth) shakes* with them - and We made in it roads between mountains as paths so that you may get the right guidance
Translation of: Ayah 31, Surat AlAnbiya'.
* According to "The thoughts = 'Khawatir' AlSheikh (Muhammad Mutawali) AlSha'rawi on the verses of the Qur'an": Just as the poles of the tent keep the tent fixed on the ground, the mountains keep the atmosphere fixed to earth so that the earth does not float around in the universe.
Note: Mountain tracts with different colours.
Words: Ja'alna = We placed, Rawasi = Immovable - Firm, Yahtadoun = they may get the right guidance.

Q: How is the sky well-guarded besides it does not fall on the earth?
A: And We (Allah) made the sky (lowest Heaven) a well-guarded* ceiling and they (people) about its Miraculous Signs are turning away.
Translation of: Ayah 32, Surat AlAnbiya'.
* The sky is guarded (= Hifdhan) against intrusion. For example. Another example. Man's trips into space.
Words: Ja'alna = We made, AlSama' = The sky, Saqfan = Ceiling, Mafoudhan = Well-guarded, Ayatiha = Miraculous Signs, Mu'ridoun = Turning away.

Q: Who decides when and what sustenance to give all moving creatures including humans?
A: And no moving creature on earth except that upon Allah is its sustenance (food) and He knows its resting place (when alive) and its laying down place (when dead)* - all is in a manifest (unmistakable) Record**.
Translation of: Ayah 6, Surat Hood.
* The earth as a holding place for humans.
** The Record that Allah created before creating anything else.
Words: Daabah = Moving creature, Rizquha = Its sustenance - Its provision - Its food, Mustaqarraha = Its resting place - Its residing place, Mustawda'aha = Its laying down place - Its putting down place, Mubeen = Manifest - Clear - Unmistakable.

Q: What type of people realize that mankind is not an evolution from another species?
A: And He (Allah) is Who made you from a single soul* then (on earth) a resting place (when alive) and a laying down place (when dead) - We have already detailed the Miraculous Signs (in this Qur'anic Verse) (only) for people who comprehend**.
Translation of: Ayah 98, Surat AlAn'am.
* All humanity is created from Adam - the first man Allah created.
** Who have insight to gain correct information from knowledge.
Words: Ansha'akum = Made you - Brought you into existence, Nafs = Soul, Wahidah = Single - One, Qed Fassalna = We have already detailed, Yafqahoun = Comprehend - Gain information - Have insight.

Q: Who knows that it is Allah Who made the stars useful to humanity?
A: And He (Allah) is Who made for you the stars (in the sky) so that you are guided with them in the depths of darkness of land and sea - We have already detailed the Miraculous Signs (only) for people who have knowledge (about Allah)*.
Translation of: Ayah 97, Surat AlAn'am.
* They know that Allah made the stars yield to man (useful to man) and they do not worship them like some other people.
Words: AlNujoum = The stars, Litahtadou = So that you are guided, Dhulumat = Depths of darkness, AlBar = Land, AlBahr = Sea, Ya'lamoun = They have knowledge - They know.

Q: Do scientists know when the night starts merging with the day and vice versa?
A: He (Allah) makes the night penetrate into day and makes the day penetrate into night and He is All-Knowing of the secret thoughts in the hearts.
Translation of: Ayah 6, Surat AlHadeed.
Note: Remember besides our hidden actions Allah knows our apparent actions.
Words: Yulij = Makes penetrate - Makes merge, BiThatil Sodour = Secret thoughts in the hearts.

Q: What will happen to the sky besides splitting open on the Day of Judgement?
A: The Day the sky* sways back and forth** a proper swaying; And the mountains*** moves away a proper moving away.
Translation of: Ayat 9 - 10, Surat AlToor.
* The Lowest Heaven (with all the stars and constellations) of the Seven Heavens.
** Like a pendulum. A stage in the change happening to the sky. Anoter stage in the change. Another stage. And another.
*** The steps of the mountains moving away.
Note: Translation of a few succeeding Lines in Surat AlToor.
Words: Yawma = The Day, Tamoor = Sways back and forth - Move to and fro, Mawra = A proper swaying - A Complete swaying, Taseer = Moves away.

Q: What is the last stage of the physical creation of man?
A: And We (Allah) created man from argil (potter's clay) (that was made) of stinky sludge*; And Jinn We created before (before man) from the fire** (made) of scorching wind.
Translation of: Ayat 26 - 27, Surat AlHijr.
* Muddy deposit as on riverbed. Remember all the stages of the physical creation of man
** Fire free of smoke that can penetrate through the pores of the skin. A summary of an excerpt of the Prophet Muhammad's saying: Satan can flow in man's body like the flow of the blood (yajri AlShaytan fi Beni Adam majra AlDem). (Source will be added later).
Words: Khalqna = We created, Salsal = Argil - Potter's clay, Hama' = Sludge - Muddy deposits as on riverbed, Masnoon = Stinky, Min Qabl = Before, Nar = Fire, AlSamoom = Scorching wind (like of Hell).

Q: Who pays attention to the stars and realizes how they prove to be a creation of Allah?
A: For in the alternation of night and day and what Allah created in the Heavens and the earth there are certainly Miraculous Signs (indicative of Allah) for people who protect themselves by being conscious (of Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 6, Surat Yunus. (10:6)
Note: What do Muslims say when they contemplate in the creation of Allah? (refer to Surat AlImran)
Words: Ikhtilaf = Alternation, Khalaqa = Created, LaAyat = Certainly Miraculous Signs, Yattaqoun = They protect themselves by being conscious (of Allah)- By fearing Allah - They take heed.

Q: Ask polytheists who worship more than one God: Who created the Universe?
A: And if you (Prophet Muhammad) ask them who created the Heavens and the earth they will certainly say the AlMighty the All-Knowing (Allah) created them.
Translation of: Ayah 9, Surat AlZukhruf.
Words: Khalaqa = Created, LaYaqolunna = They will certainly say, AlAzeez = The AlMighty, AlAleeem = The All-Knowing.

Q: Why mountains do not cover all the land of the earth?
Note: The succeeding Line 9 in Surat AlZukhruf is translated above.
A: (Allah) Who made for you the land leveled and He made for you through it paths so that you may get the right guidance (about Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 10, Surat AlZukhruf.
Note: Allah cast mountains on the earth.
Words: Mahda = Leveled - Flattened - Smoothed out, Subula = Paths, Tahtadoun = Get the right guidance.

Q: Is there a pair (male/female) of anything created by other than Allah?
A: And (Allah) Who created the pairs all of them and He made for you from the ships (sea/space) and the cattle (land) what you ride on.
Translation of: Ayah 12, Surat AlZukhruf. (43:12)
Note: Why does Allah create a pair of everything (male and female)? (refer to Surat AlThariyat)
Note: Reproduction in plants. (refer to Surat AlRa'd)
Words: Khalaqa = Created, AlAzwaj = Pairs - Couples - Mates, AlFulk = Ships, AlAn'am = The cattle, Tarkaboun = You ride on.

Q: What do humans have to do with Allah's creation of the Universe?
A: And Allah created the Heavens and the earth* for a true purpose** and so that each soul gets repaid (on the Day of Judgement) according to what it earned (of deeds) and no injustice will be made on them.
Translation of: Ayah 22, Surat AlJasthiyah.. (45:22)
* What humans refer to as the Universe.
** To contemplate in Allah's creation to realize the existence of Allah. So as to worship Him. For Allah's Truth must prevail.
Words: BilHaq = for a true purpose, LiTujza Kulu Nafsin = So that each soul gets repaid, Kasabat = Earned, La Yudhlamoun = No injustice will be made.

Q: Is nature powerful by itself?
Note: Air is a part of what humans call nature. Reference to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's saying while assessing the damage to his city: "Nature is an awful more powerful than we are.". Source: Toronto Star, October 31, 2012, page A9, 3rd paragraph.

A: And in Aad* We (Allah) sent upon them the barren (infertile = Aqeem)** wind; It (wind) does not leave behind anything it came upon except it has made it like the decayed***.
Translation of: Ayat 41 - 42 , Surat AlThariyat.
* And in the narrative of Aad a Miraculous Sign as a Reminder from Allah.
** The wind was barren (sterile) because it stopped their offsrping. They were killed.
*** Cannot be recognized. The wind attacked their corpses until their bones became decayed. So only their dwellings were to be seen.
Words: Arsalna = We sent, AlReeh = The wind, AlAqeem = Infertile, Tatharu = Leave behind, Atat Alayhi = It came upon it, Ja'althu = It made it, KelRameem = Like the decayed.

Q: Why doesn't Allah punish communities as soon as it becomes evident that they are arrogant and disobeying Him?
Note: The preceding Lines 41-42 are translated above.

A: And in Sthamud* when they were told (by Prophet Saleh**) induge in temporary enjoyment until a fixed time (punishment time); So they insolently transgressed the Command of their God so the thunderbolt*** (= AlSa'iqah) seized them while they were looking; Then they could not stand up neither were they supporters of one another.
Translation of: Ayat 43 - 45, Surat AlThariyat. (51:43-45)
* People of Prophet Saleh (from the Extinct Arabs no. 5 on the Prophets Map).
** Prophet Saleh warned his people about Allah's punishment.
*** The thunderbolt was caused by a single scream.
AlSa'iqah = Thunderbolt: A single discharge of lightning with accompanying thunder. Source: Merriam Webster's Deluxe Dictionary.
Words: Qeela Lahum = They were told, Tamatta'ou = Indulge in temporary enjoyment - Enjoy, Heen = Fixed time, FaA'taou = They insolently transgressed - They insolently exceeded the limits, Yadhuroun = They were looking, Muntasireen = Supporters of one aonther.

Q: Were the people of the civilizations that perished with Allah's punishment lacking understanding (stupid)?
A: And as for Sthamud so We (Allah) did give them Right Guidance* but they preferred blindness (of hearts) over Right Guidance so the thunderbolt** of the disgracing punishment took (annihilated) them for what (bad deeds) they were earning; And We (Allah) saved those who believed and they were protecting themselves (by fearing Allah).
Translation of: Ayat 17 - 18, Surat Fusilat (41:17-18).
* People "Sthamud" of the Prophet Saleh were showing insight and understanding. (refer to Surat AlAnkaboot)
More (above) about the ancient people of Sthamud (refer to Surat AlThariyat).
** The thunderbolt was caused by Angel Gabriel's scream that stirred nature.
Note: The people of Aad were the ancestors of the People of Sthamud.
Words: FaHadaynahum = So We did give them Right Guidance, AlAma = Blindness, Sa'iqat = Thunderbolt, AlAthab AlHoon = Disgracing punishment, Yaksiboun = Were earning, Yattaqoun = Were protecting themsleves by fearing Allah - Were Allah mindful.

Q: In life what are those people who defy Allah warned against?
A: So if they turned away (from Allah) then (command to Prophet Muhammad) say I have warned you a thunderbolt (punishment) similar to the thunderbolt of Aad* and Sthamud*.
Translation of: Ayah 13, Surat Fusilat (41:13).
* Thunderstorms were Allah's punishment methods of 'Aad' and 'Sthamud'. People of 'Aad' became lifeless like "hollow (waste) stumps of Palm trees". And People of 'Sthamud' became lifeless "scum" (like dry wood on top of water).
Words: A'radhou = They turned away, Anthartukum = I have warned you, Sa'iqat = Thunderbolt - Lightning.

Q: In life Allah punishes people because of their sins*. What is the biggest sin that sinners commit?
Note: Please read first the Translation of the preceding Line 13 in Chapter Fusilat posted above.
A: When the messengers (of Allah) reached them (People of Aad and later Sthamud) from before them and behind them** (with warning) DO NOt WORSHIP BUT ALLAh - they said if Allah willed He would have certainly sent down angels*** so we are indeed in what (Message) you have been sent disbelievers.
Translation of: Ayah 14, Surat Fusilat (41:14).
* Allah punishes in life whomever He wills because of their sins.
** They also received warnings from other towns. Aad lived in Yemen. Sthamud lived north of AlMedinah (in Saudi Arabia). Refer to the Map of Allah's Prophets. (Note besides the Ancient Arabs even China and India received Allah's Message of worshiping Allah Alone through the remaining sons of Noah who were believers and survived the Flood that covered the world.)
Note: Remember humanity received a lot of Allah's messengers and prophets.
*** What does Allah say about why He sent only humans as His messengers to humanity?
Note: The translation of the succeeding Lines 15 - 16 in Surat Fusilat.
Words: Min Bayni Aydeehim = From before them, Min Khalfihim = From behind them, Al la = Do not, Sha'a = Willed - Pleased, Ursiltum = Have been sent, Kafiroun = Disbelievers.

Q: Why did humanity have a Flood that covered the world in the past?

A: And the People of Noah when they rejected the messengers as liars We (Allah) drowned* them and made them for people a Miraculous Sign (Ayah)** and We (Allah) had prepared for the transressors (against Allah) a severe punishment (Hell).
Translation of: Ayah 37, Surat AlFurqan. (25:37)
* Prophet Noah's people drowned in the Great Flood. (refer to Surat AlQamar)
See a youtube video Noah's Ark found.
** Indicative of Allah's Attributes so man take heed.
Words: Kaththabou = They rejected as liars, Aghraqnahum = We drowned them, Ayah = Miraculous Sign - Miracle - Model - Examplar.

Q: When building an Ark to save from a flood why was the Prophet Noah not a mad man as his people thought?
A: For We (Allah) sent Noah to his people so he said O my people worship Allah - you do not have any god as Protector except He for I do fear for you the punishment of a severe day; The assembly of his people said indeed we see you in manifest delusion (a mad man); He said O my people there is no delusion in me but I am a messenger from the God of the inhabitants of the worlds; I deliver to you the Messages of my God and advise you and I know* from Allah what you do not know; Or do you find it surprising that a Reminder** reached you from your God through a man of your own to warn you and so that you may protect yourselves by fearing (Allah) and perhaps you may receive Mercy (of Allah); So they rejected him as a liar*** so We saved him and those who were with him in the Ark and We drowned those who rejected Our Miraculous Signs (Allah's Messages in His Word) as lies for they were blind (about hearts) people.
Translation of: Ayat 59 - 64, Surat AlA'raf.
* Noah was a messenger of Allah. (Remember that Prophet Muhammad (570 - 632 CE) is the last messenger to humanity. Remember that anyone who claims to be a prophet after the Prophet Muhammad is an imposter man).
** There were prophets to humanity before the Prophet Noah. They preached about Allah's Word.
*** Rejecting Allah's prophets is rejecting Allah's Word.
Words: U'bodu = Worship, AlMala' = Assembly - Leaders, Dhallal = Delusion - Deception - Error, Uballighukum = I deliver to you, AwaAjibtum = Or do you find it so surprising, Thikr = Reminder - Message, Minkum = Of your own, AlFulk = The ark, A'meen = Blind.

Q: Did Allah's messenger Noah know that a flood is coming?
A: And he was constructing the Ark and whenever an assembly (group of leaders) from his people passed him they made fun of him he said if you make fun of us (now) so we are indeed going to make fun of you as you are making fun (of us);
For you soon will come to know who receives a punishment that humiliates him* (in life) and a lasting (= muqeem) punishment (on Day of Judgement) that overwhelms him.
Translation of: Ayat 38 - 39, Surat Hood.
* Ayah 37 in Surat Hood. (See in the link how Noah was commanded not to intercede for his people who were going to face Allah's Wrath.)
Words: Yasne' = He was constructing, Marra = Passed, Mala' = Assembly - Leaders, Sakhirou = They made fun, Ya'teehi Athab = Receives punishment, Yukhzeehi = Humiliates him, Yahil = Overwhelms - Overcomes, Muqeem = Lasting - Remaining.

Q: Who gets the moral lesson behind Allah's reviving of the dead land?
A: And Allah sent down from the sky water (rain) so He brought to life with it the land after it was dead for in that is certainly a Miraculous Sign* for people who listen.
Translation of: Ayah 65, Surat AlNahl.
* What is similar to reviving the dead land?
Words: FaAhya = So He brought to life - So He revived, Ba'da Mawtiha = After it was dead, LaAyah = Certainly a Miraculous Sign, Yasma'oun = They hear.

Q: What do we experience in life that is similar to reviving the dead on the Day of Judgement?
A: And Allah is Who sent the winds so they stir up clouds then We drove them to a dead land (without produce) so We revived with it (rain from clouds) the earth after being dead - Such is the resurrection* (on the Day of Judgement).
Translation of: Ayah 9, Surat Fatir.
* What is meant by the parable in this Qur'anic Line?
Words: Arsala = Sent, AlRiyah = The winds, FaTustheeru = They stir up, Sahaban = Clouds, FaSuqnahu = We drove it, Balad = Land, Mayyet = Dead, FaAhyayna = So We revived, AlNoshour = The resurrection.

Q: What is the moral lesson in Allah's reviving of the land so it starts giving produce?
A: And from His (Allah's) Miraculous Signs that you see the land (soil) submissive (lowered) so when We (Allah) send down on it water (rain) it quivers (moves) and rises (swells) indeed Who brought it to life is certainly going to bring the dead to life for He is upon everything Capable.
Translation of: Ayah 39, Surat Fusilat (41:39).
Note: Remember the Prophet Muhammad's saying about how will the dead be brought to life in the Other World.
Words: Khashi'ah =Submissive - Humble - Lowered, Ehtazzat = Quivers - Stirs - Moves, LaMuhye = Is certainly going to bring to life, AlMawta = The dead.

Q: What does lightning symbolize?
A: He (Allah) is Who shows you (plural) lightning for fearing* (of strikes) and hoping** (good rain) and He is Who builds up the heavy (with rain) clouds.
Translation of: Ayah 12, Surat AlRa'd. (13:12)
* Of Allah's Punishment.
** For Allah's Mercy.
Note: The translation of the succeeding Line 13 in Surat AlRa'd.
Words: Yureekum = Shows you, AlBarq = Lightning, Khawfan = Fearing, Tama'an = Hoping, Yunshe' = He builds up, Alsahab = Clouds, Alsthiqal = Heavy.

Q: Which one is easy to do: Creation for the first time or the re-creation?
Note: Man in the Other World will be re-created of his original bones and flesh (resurrection). Only the form (shape and size) of man will be different to match the new world there.
A: Have they not seen how Allah begins creation* then He will repeat it (on the Day of Judgement) indeed that for Allah is easy.
Translation of: Ayah 19, Surat AlAnkaboot. (29:19)
* For example the creation of man.
Note: The translation of the succeeding Line 20 in Surat AlAnkaboot.
Words: Yubde' = Starts, AlKhalq = Creation, Yaseer = Easy.

Q: Generally speaking how can helpless animals find their provision?
A: And how many moving creatures (animals) do not carry* their (own) provision - Allah gives them sustenance and you (plural) and He is the All-Hearing the All-Knowing.
Translation of: Ayah 60, Surat AlAnkaboot (29:60).
* Helpless to get its food by itself or to store it for later.
Words: = Daabah = A moving creature - Animal, La Tahmil = Does not carry, Rizqaha = Their sustenance - Their provision - Their food, Iyakum = You

Q: Why there is no other planet in the universe inhabited with humans other than our earth?
A: And We (Allah) made you (plural) settle on earth and We made for you in it means of livelihood - a little you become thankful.
Translation of: Ayah 10, Surat AlA'raf. (7:10)
Words: Makkannakum = We made you settle, Ja'alna = We made, Ma'ayesh = Means of livelihood - Ways of living, Qaleelan = A little, Tashkuroun = You become thankful.

Q: Why insisting to observe with our senses what Allah says does not lead to accepting Faith in Allah?
Note: Please read first the translation of the preceding Ayah 50 in Surat Yunus.
A: When it (punishment in life) then happens you believe* in it - now** - and you were hastening it on (to happen)?!
Translation of: Ayah 51, Surat Yunus. (10:51)
* When our senses perceive what Allah says of course we will be obliged to believe and Faith is believing in Allah's Word that details also the World of the Unseen.
** No use believing when Allah's punishment in life starts. (refer to Surat AlAn'am)
Words: Ma Waqa'a = When it happens, Aamantum = You believe - You have Faith, AlAan = Now, Tasta'jiloun, hastening it on.

Q: What all time evidences prove Allah's Attributes despite many people's rejection of Allah?
A: And (command to Prophet Muhammad) say praise to Allah - He (Allah) will show you His Miraculous Signs (= Ayatihi)* and you will know them (His for certain) and (a Warning Tone) your God is Not Unaware of what you do.
Translation of: Ayah 93, Surat AlNaml. (27:93)
* Miraculous and Indicative Signs = 'Ayat' (refer to Surat AlRoum) of Allah's Attributes.
Note: Also the Qur'anic Verses (Lines) are called 'Ayat' = Miraculous Signs - Indicative Signs - Wonders - Morals - Warnings. (refer to Surat AlNaml)
Words: AlHamdu Lilah = Praise to Allah,SaYureekum = He will show you, Ayatihi = His Miraculous Signs, FaTa'rifounaha = And you will know them, Ma BiGhafil = Is Not Unaware, Ta'maloun = You do.

Q: An evolution question: Why will human race as Allah created them continue and not be extinct until the Day of Judgement?
A: And He (Allah) is Who made you (humans) multiply on earth and to Him you will be gathered (on Day of Judgement).
Translation of: Ayah 79, Surat AlMo'minoun. (23:79).
Words: Thara'akum = Made you multiply, Tuhsharoun = You will be gathered.

Q: What organ in the body is often mentioned in the Qur'an with hearing and seeing? (And why)**
A: And He (Allah) is Who made for you hearing and eyesight and hearts* - little is what you become thankful.
Translation of: Ayah 78, Surat AlMo'minoun. (23:78)
* Container of emotions: Love, hate, lust, envy...etc. And Faith (= Iman).
** Why?
Also remember Faith (= Iman) is love in Allah's Name or hate in Allah's Name as the Prophet Muhammad explained. (Source will be added later)
Note: Who will examine (aim at) the hearts in Hell?
Words: Ansha' = Made, AlShame' = Hearing, AlAbsar = Eyesight, AlAf'idah = The hearts, Qaleelan = Little is, Tashkoroun = You become thankful.

Q: Why does Allah have the right to the command of everything?
A: Indeed your God is Allah - He created the Heavens and the earth in six days* then He settled on the Throne** - He makes the night cover the day - (night) going after it (day) (pursuing) it rapidly*** - and the sun the moon and the stars made subjugated**** by His Command - well to Him (Allah) belongs the Creation (of everything) and the Command - Self-Blessed is Allah God of the inhabitants of the worlds.
Translation of: Ayah 54, Surat AlA'raf. (7:54)
* A Day of Allah is not like our days. (refer to Surat AlHajj, Ayah 47)
** Allah is daily in business. (refer to Surat Yunus)
*** Remember one of the Qur'an's miracles is that it is for all people and all times. Maybe in the future science will discover the scientific meaning of the night as a cover for the day. (night and day are often mentioned in the Qur'an as two entities).
**** Yielding through their obedience and submission to Allah's Fate.
Note: Remember that blessings are only from Allah. Humans can supplicate for Allah's blessings but cannot themselves bless others. Example the Qur'an. (refer to Surat Saad)
Example: Allah Alone made Jesus peace be upon him blessed. (refer to Surat Maryam)
Words: Khalqa = Created, Sitat = Six, Estawa = Settled - Sat firmly - Established Himself straight, Musakhkharat = Made subjugated - Made yield, Made in your service - Made useful, Ala = Well, Tabaraka = Self-Blessed - Lord of Blessings.

Q: Why there is no doubt that Allah is the Creator of man?
A: He (Allah) created the Heavens and the earth* for a true purpose** and He formed you so He excelled*** in your forms and to Him is the return.
Translation of: Ayah 3, Surat AlTaghabun. (64:3)
* The creation of our Universe is more complicated than the creation of man.
** To contemplate in Allah's creation to realize the existence of Allah.
*** Watch a video about human cells.
Words: Sawwarakum = He formed you - He shaped you, AlMaseer = The return.

Q: Why there is no doubt that Allah knows even our deep hidden secrets?
Note: Please read first above the translation of the preceding Line (3) in Surat AlTaghabun.
A: He (Allah) knows what is in the Heavens (the Universe)* and the earth and He knows what you conceal and what you reveal and Allah is All-Knowing of what is in (bottom of) the hearts**.
* Remember where there are stars in galaxies that's only the sky (Lowest Heaven).
Translation of: Ayah 4, Surat AlTaghabun. (64:4)
** "= BiThat AlSodour": Place of deep hidden human secrets and feelings.
Words: Tusiroun = You reveal - Tu'inoun = You conceal, BiThat Sodour = What is in the hearts - What is in the bottom of hearts.

Q: In agriculture what can we think of and it will remind us about resurrection after death?
A: And a Miraculous Sign (indicative of Allah's Attributes) for them (all people) is the lifeless land - We (Allah) brought it to life* and We brought out from it grain (cereal crop) so of it they eat.
Translation of: Ayah 33, Surat YaSeen. (36:33)
* In the same way Allah will bring the dead to life on the Day of Judgement.
Words: AlMaytatu = Lifeless - Dead, Ahyaynaha = We brought it to life, Akhrajna = We brought out, Habban = Grain.

Q: What is made by Allah as a temporary decoration for the earth which we all enjoy looking at?
A: And We (Allah) made in it gardens of palm trees and grape vines and We made gush out therein (many) of the springs (of water).
Translation of: Ayah 34, Surat YaSeen. (36:34)
Words: Jannat = Gardens, Nakheel = Palm trees, Fajjarna = We made gush out, Min AlUyoun = Of the springs.

Q: Why does Allah give us good nourishment such as dates from palm trees?
A: So as they eat from its fruits and what their hands have made (of molasses...etc)* so will they not be thankful (to Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 35, Surat YaSeen. (36:35)
* Source: Tafseer waBayan Mufridat AlQuran, in Arabic, page 442.
Words: Min Sthamarihi = From its fruits - From its produce, Ma Amilathu Aydeehim = What their hands have made, Yashkoroun = Be thankful.

Q: Why did not science discover until today human life in space other than our earth?

A: And the earth He (Allah) put it down* (= Wadha'aha) for the human race; In it fruits and palm trees with sheathed clusters** (of dates); And grains with husks - and aromatic plants (= AlRayhan); So which of the Favours of your God do you both (Jinn and humans) reject as lies.
Translation of: Ayat 10 - 13, Surat AlRahman. (55:10-13)
* Earth and sky were joined before.
** Before they become ready for eating.Words: AlArdh = The earth, Wadh'aha = He put it down - He laid it, Fakihatun = Fruits, AlNakhl = Palm trees, Thatul Akmam = With sheathed clusters - Encased dates; AlHab = Grains, Thu AlAsf = With husks, AlRayhan = Aromatic plants.

Q: What is considered a wonder where both ocean water and river water meet?
A: He (Allah) let flow the two bodies of water (freshwater and saltwater) - they meet*; Between them is a divider - they do not take over (each other); So which of the Favours of your God do you both (Jinn and humans) reject as lies.
Translation of: Ayat 19 - 21, Surat AlRahman. (55:19-21)
* Usually in a landform called river delta.
Words: Maraja = Let flow, Barzakh = Divider - Partition, La Yabghiyan = They do not take over - Overflow to replace - They do not infringe on one anther.

Q: What precious stones come from water animals?
A: Getting out from them (sea water and river water) are natural pearls* and coral*.
Translation of: Ayat 22 - 23, Surat AlRahman. (55:22-23)
* From animals. "AlLo'lou".
And "AlMarjan"
Words: Yakhruju Minhuma = Getting out, AlLo'lou' = Natural pearls, AlMarjan = Coral - Small pearls.

Q: Why do some ships cross easily oceans while others get drowned especially during storms?
A: And to Him belong* (the movement of) the vessels (ships) in the sea as distinguishing marks (like tall mountains).
Translation of: Ayat 24 - 25, Surat AlRahman. (55:24-25)
* If Allah wills Allah will drown ships.
Words: Kel A'lam = As distinguishing marks - As tall mountains.

Q: Other than man and Jinn races who have free will to worship or not worship Allah who declares the Glory of Allah and worship Allah?
A: Whatever* is in the Heavens and the earth declared Allah's Glory** and He is the AlMighty the All-Wise.
Translation of: Ayah 1, Surat AlSaff.
* Living and non-living things. Everything glorifies Allah. Also for example thunder.
** Allah is High Above whatever people join with Him.
Words: Sabbaha Lillah = Declared Allah's Glory.

Q: Why should humans try to control what bad thoughts* cross their minds?
A: And your God knows what their hearts (chests)* cover and what they make known.
Translation of: Ayah 69, Surat AlQasas. (28:69)
* In Arabic 'Sodour' means chests. 'Qoloub' means hearts. 'Sodour' is translated in this Website as hearts based on translations and explanations of the Qur'an.
What body faculties contribute to ones thoughts? Please read first (17:85) for a reference in the posting to Ibn Taymiyyah's writings in this context.
Words: Takinnu = Cover - Conceal - Hide, Sodoruhum = Their hearts - Their chests, Yu'linoun = They make known - They reveal - They make public.

Q: What is a physical proof of Allah we see in daily food yet many people refuse to recognize it?
A: Have they (people) not seen the land - how We produced in it of every gracious* pair; Indeed in that is certainly a Miraculous Sign (indicative of Allah) and (yet) most of them were not believers; And indeed your (Prophet Muhammad's) God is certainly the AlMighty the Most-Merciful**.
Translation of: Ayat 7 - 9, Surat AlShuara'. (26:7-9)
* Allah's Grace on humans to give us plants as food.
** Allah is Ready to accept your turning towards Him with repentance.
Words: Zawj = Pair - Couple - Two, Kareem = Gracious - Good, Mo'mineen = Believers.

Q: Why do humans not have comprehensive knowledge about everything they experienced with and why can scientific theories be refuted?
A: He (Allah) knows what is before them and what is behind them and they do not have comprehensive knowledge about Him* (Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 110, Surat Taha. (20:110)
* They do not know thoroughly anything about the Knowledge of Allah.
But Allah Alone has the comprehensive knowledge about everything. (in Surat 'AlTalaq').
Note: For example: Scientific theories that were later refuted and replaced.
Words: La Yuheetuna Ilma = They do not have comprehensive knowledge.

Q: How is everything that happens in life pre-documented with Allah?
A: And Allah created you (plural) from soil (dust = turab*) then from sperm (= Nutfah) then He made you into two sexes (males and females) and no female becomes pregnant and does not give birth except with His (Allah's ) Knowledge - and no elderly person is allowed to live long or his life is cut short except in a Record** (with Allah) indeed that is for Allah easy.
Translation of: Ayah 11, Surat Fatir. (35:11)
* Creation of first man (Adam) was from soil. All humans are his descendants.
Sheikh AlSha'rawi's explanation of stages of the creation of man based on the Qur'an.
** What is Allah's Initial Record called? (in Surat YaSeen)
Words: Ma Yuammar Min Muammar = No elderly person is allowed to live long, Yunqas Min Umrihi = His life is cut short, Kitab = Record - Book, Yaseer = Easy.

Q: How do you know that Allah is telling you that nothing is created by CHANCE?
A: Have you considered what (seeds) you plant; Is it you (plural) who cause it to grow or are We (Allah) Who cause it to grow.
Translation of: Ayat 63 - 64, Surat AlWaqiah. (56:63-64)
Words: Tahrosthoun = You plant, AAntum Tazra'ounahu = Is it you who cause it to grow - make it grow.

Q: What proves that man has no control over what he plants so man is not who causes the plant to grow?
Note: Please refer to the argument just above (56:63-64)
A: If We (Allah) will We (Allah) will certainly render it (all what you planted) damaged (breakable dry stalks)* then you will remain uttering "humorous" remarks (to console yourselves).
Translation of: Ayah 65, Surat AlWaqiah. (56:65)
* Man has no ultimate control over plants.
Words: Hattaman = Damaged - Breakable dry stalks - Destroyed - Into broken pieces, Tafakkahoun = Uttering "humorous" remarks - Joking.

Q: When persons who disobey Allah incur loss what are their wrong remarks based on?
Hint: Blame and self reproach.
A: Indeed we were made to make a payment (through the damage); Rather (after contemplation) we are being deprived* (of Fortune 'Allah's Favour').
Translation of: Ayat 66 - 67, Surat AlWaqiah. (56:66-67)
* And the truth is: What was required from them to avoid the damage? (in Surat AlQalam)
Note: In the same Surah (AlWaqiah) and after two more arguments, Ayah 74 is translated: So do glorify (= FaSabbeh) the Name of your God the Most-Great.
Translation of Ayat 68-70 in Surat AlWaqiah.
Words: LaMughramoun = We were made to make a payment, Bel = Rather.

Q: How is wood used for fire considered a miracle from Allah?
A: Have you considered the fire that you kindle; Is it you (plural) who brought its tree into existence or are We (Allah) Who brought it into existence.
Translation of: Ayat 71 - 72, Surat AlWaqiah. (56:71-72)
Note: A video about making fire with wood.
Note: Miracle of wood in the Qur'an.
Words: Touroun = Kindle - Light, Shajarataha = Its tree, Ansha'tum = Brought into existence - Made.

Q: What should fire remind us of?
A: We (Allah) made it (fire) a reminder (of Hellfire*) and a temporary enjoyment (especially) for travelers across desolate** regions; So do glorify the Name of your God the Most-Great.
Translation of: Ayat 73 - 74, Surat AlWaqiah. (56:73-74)
* In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: Your fire this one (in this life) is a part of seventy parts of Hellfire. This fire has been hit by sea water twice so that man can come near to it and benefit from it. (Remember man will be huge in the Other World). Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 4, page 453.
** Deserted of people.Words: Tathkiratan = A reminder, Mata'an = Temporary enjoyment, LilMuqween = Travelers across desolate regions - across wasteland.

Q: If man does not have control on the physcial changes happending to the earth he lives on - is he going to win against Allah?
A: Rather We (Allah) gave these (current disbelievers*) and their fathers temporary enjoyment (in this life) until they had a long (disbelieving) life so do they not see that We (Allah) come to the earth reducing it from its edges so are they going to be the winners.
Translation of: Ayah 44, Surat AlAnbiya'. (21:44)
* Current disbelievers. Remember 1) the Qur'an is interactive with people. So reference is to the disbelievers around Prophet Muhammad when the Qur'an was being sent down (610 CE - 632 CE. Remember 2) the Qur'an, Allah's Last Holy Book, is for every time and every place. Therefore Allah guarantees its protection against any modification to the end. (refer to Surat AlHijr)
Note: Why no one can challenge Allah? (in Surat AlRa'd)
Note: Watch ancient lost lands video. Note: Video: Land loss at the extremities.
Words: Bel = Rather, Matta'na = We gave temporary enjoyment, Tala Alayhim alumuru = They had a long life, Attrafiha = From its edges - From its extremities, AfaHum = So are they, AlGhaliboun = The winners.

Q: Why should we thank Allah when we compare between our knowledge now and when we were newborns? (What is developed first in the fetus inside the womb: Hearing or seeing?)
A: And Allah brought you out from your mothers' wombs you did not know anything - and He made for you hearing and eyesight and hearts so that you may give thanks.
Translation of: Ayah 78, Surat AlNahl. (16:78)
Words: Akhrajakum = He brought you out, Ja'ala Lakum = He made for you, AlSame' = Hearing, AlAbsar = Eyesight, Af'idah = Hearts, La'alakum = So that you may.

Q: Who recognizes Allah's Favour then he denys it?
A: They recognize Allah's Favour* then they deny it and most of them are (among) the disbelievers.
Translation of: Ayah 83, Surat AlNahl. (16:83)
* An example of Allah's Favour on humanity which persons who understand things immediately cannot deny. (Note: Search for "Surat AlRahman" on this page. The "Surah" mentions examples of Allah's Favours on humanity)
Words: Ya'rfoun = They recognize, Ni'mat = Favour, Bounty, Yunkirounaha = They deny it, Akstharuhum = Most of them, AlKafiroun = The disbelievers.

Q: Following in the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad, what should Muslims do when perceiving persons deny Allah as the Creator?
A: But if they turned away (denying) then rather upon you (Prophet Muhammad) is only the clear delivery of the Message.
Translation of: Ayah 82, Surat AlNahl. (16:82)
Words: Tawwalaw = They turned away, FaInnama = Then rather - Then indeed, AlBalagh = The delivery of the Message, AlMubeen = Clear.

Q: What is special about our homes that we all tend to say "home sweet home"?
A: And Allah made for you from your homes places for tranquility (= Sakana) and He made for you from the skins of animals homes which you find them light the day you decamp and the day you settle down and from their wool fur and hair* furnishing and temporary enjoyment for some time.
Translation of: Ayah 80, Surat AlNahl. (16:80)
* Houses of animal hair.
Words: Boyoutikum = Your homes, Sakana = Places for tranquility - Restfulness, Joloud = Skins, Tastakhifounaha = You find them light, Yawma = When, Dha'nikum = You decamp, Iqamatikum = You settle down, Aswafiha = Their wool, Awbariha = Their fur, Ashariha = Their hair, Asthathan = Furnishing, Ma'taan = Temporary enjoyment, Ila Heen = For some time.

Q: Why birds can fly in the air and man cannot?
A: Have they not considered how the birds are subjugated* in the sky's surrounding (air) - no one holds them except Allah indeed in this are certainly Miraculous Signs (indicative of Allah) for people who believe.
Translation of: Ayah 79, Surat AlNahl. (16:79)
* Under Allah's Control birds fly naturally. How birds fly.
Words: Musakhkharat = Subjugated - Made yield, Jaww = Surrounding - Air - Enviornment, Ma Yumsikhunna except = No one holds them except.

Q: What do all creatures sometimes need to do?
A: And to Him (Allah) belongs whatever rests (stays still) in the night and the morning and He is the All-Hearing the All-Knowing.
Translation of: Ayah 13, Surat AlAn'am. (6:13)
Note: The darkness of the night for resting. (in Surat AlQasas)
Note: One of Allah's Favour on humans is to give us night with its darkness to sleep in it. (in Surat AlFurqan)
Note: Consider this article about sleeping.
Words: Ma Sakana = Whatever rests - Whatever stays still.

Q: Why does the famous translator of the Qur'an 'Abdullah Yusuf Ali' refer to sleep as "the twin brother of death*"?
* Source: The Holy Qur'an: English Translation of the Meanings and Commentary. King Fahd Holy Qur'an Printing Complex. Based on the translation of Abdullah Yusuf Ali, page 355.
A: And He (Allah) is Who takes away your souls* at night (during sleep) and He knows what you earned with your limbs (= jawareh) during daytime (when awake) then He will raise you (plural) up in order an appointed term is spent then to Him is your return then He will inform you about what you were doing (in life).
Translation of: Ayah 60, Surat AlAn'am. (6:60)
* = Yatawafffakum. (in Surat AlZumar)
Remember who is still in the state of (from the verb) "Yatawaffa"? (in Surat AlMa'idah)
Words: Jarahtum = Earned with your limbs - Committed with your limbs, Yabasthukum = He will raise you up - resurrect you.

Q: What proves that man's existence is for a purpose and not by coincidence?
A: Allah begins the creation* (of man) then He will repeat (on Day of Judgement) it then to Him you (plural) are going to return.
Translation of: Ayah 11, Surat AlRoum. (30:11)
* Creation of man. (in Surat AlMo'minoun)
Words: Yabda'o = Begins, Yu'eeduhu = He will repeat it.

Q: Why does Allah say it is easy* for Him to raise the dead from their death places?
* Refer to Ayah 19 in Surat AlAnkaboot.
A: He (Allah) brings out the living from the dead and the dead from the living and He brings the earth to life after its death and in this way you will be brought out (resurrected).
Translation of: Ayah 19, Surat AlRoum. (30:19)
Note: Who can not recognize Allah after looking at the dead land which comes to life? (Refer to Surat AlAn'am)
Note: Allah wants you to contemplate on natural phenomena that even many scientists tend to take for granted. (Refer for example to Ayat 50-51 in Surat AlRoum).
Words: Tukhrajoun = You will be brought out - You will be resurrected.

Q: What is expected from us when we see good natural weather that helps farmers and fishers for example?
A: And from His (Allah's) Miraculous Signs that He sends the winds as bearers of good news (of rain) and so that He gives you (plural) a taste of His Mercy (rain) and so that the ships sail according to His Command and so that you seek of His Favour and so that you may become thankful.
Translation of: Ayah 46, Surat AlRoum. (30:46)
Words: Mubashshirat = Bearers of good news, Litabtaghou = So that you seek of His Favour - Bounty, Tashkoroun = Become thankful.

Q: What Miraculous Sign indicative of Allah is in the creation of man?
A: Allah is Who created you out of weakness (helpless in the womb) then He made after the weakness strength then He made after the strength weakness and old age - He creates whatever He wills and He is the All-Knowing the All-Capable.
Translation of: Ayah 54, Surat AlRoum. (30:54)
Words: Khalaqakum = Created you, Dha'f = Weakness, Min Ba'di = After - Following, Quwwah = Strength, Shaybah = Old age.

Q: How does one realize that Allah's creation of night and day is a Miraculous Sign which humans must contemplate upon?
A: He (Allah) is who made the night so as you rest in it and the day with light to see - indeed in that are certainly Miraculous Signs for people who listen*.
Translation of: Ayah 67, Surat Yunus. (10:67)
= 'LiQawm Yasma'oun'. Who are those people who pay attention to Allah's Qur'an? (refer to Surat AlNaml)
Words: Howa AlLathi = He is Who, Yasma'oun = Listen - Pay attention.

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