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Q: How did the disbelievers try to prove that the prophet Solomon (Suleiman) was a magician and not a prophet with miracles from Allah?
A: And they (disbelievers) followed what the Satans used to recite during the kingdom of Solomon. And Solomon did not disbelieve but the Satans disbelieved; they (Satans) taught people magic and what was sent down on the two angels (= malakayn) in Babel Haroot and Maroot. And they (Haroot and Maroot)* would not teach anyone before telling them that they are only a test (from Allah) so do not disbelieve. And they learned from them (Haroot and Maroot) with what they divide between man and his wife; and they weren't going to harm anyone without the permission of Allah; and they learned what harms them and does not benefit them; And they had known that whoever had bought it, it (magic) would have no benefit in the Other World; and it is miserable what they sold their selves for, if only they knew. And if they believed and became in awe (of Allah), a reward from Allah would have been better for them; only if they knew!
Translation of: Ayat 102 - 103, Surat AlBaqarah.
* Haroot and Maroot,in Babel (a city in Iraq), were two messengers from Allah. Their miracle from Allah was magic and this is how Allah wanted to test the people in Babel at that time. Malak in Arabic means an angel also it means a king.
Words: It'abaou = They followed, Ma = What, Tatloo = They recite, AlShayateen = The Satans, Mulk = Kingdom, Kafara = Disbelieved = Yo'alimoun = They teach, Ba'bil = Babel, AlMalakain = The two kings, Dhareen = They harm, Yufariq = Divides, AlMare' = Man, Zawj = His wife, BiIthn Allah = With Permission of Allah, AlAkhirah = The Other World, Ya'lamoun = They know, Sharau = They sold, Anfousahum = Their souls, A'manou = They believed, Mathobah = Rewards, Khair = Better.

Q: Who can make the magic useless?
A: And Pharaoh (Phiroun) said bring me every knowledgeable magician; So when the magicians came Moses (Prophet Moosa) said to them throw whatever you are going to throw; So when they threw Moses said whatever magic you have brought indeed Allah will invalidate it for Allah does not make good the work of the corruptors; And Allah makes the Truth prevail with His words even if the sinners hate it.
Translation of: Ayat 79 - 82, Surat Yunus. (10:79-82)
Words: Qala = Said, Kuli = Every, Sahir = Magician, Aleem = Knowledgeable, Yubtil = Invalidate - Remove, Mufsideen = Corruptors - Wrong-doers, Kariha = Hate, Mujrimeen = Sinners - Criminals.

Q: Did the magicians at the time of the Prophet Moses (Mousa) realize that Faith in Allah is stronger than magic?
A: Then Moses (Prophet Moosa) threw his staff and suddenly it SWALLOWS up what falsehood they (magicians) were fabricating; So the magicians were thrown down in prostration* (worship); They said we have believed in the God of all the worlds; God of Moses and Aaron (= Haroon).
Translation of: Ayat 45 - 48, Surat AlShuara'. (26:45-48)
* As the late scholar Sheikh Mohammad AlSha'rawi said the top experienced magicians realized that Allah put a soul in the staff so it became a real moving snake and swallowed what tricks (ropes and sticks looked like moving snakes) the magicians made.
Words: Alqaa = Threw, Talqaf = Swallows, Aamanna = We have believed - We have Faith, Kanou Ya'fiqoun = Falsehood they were fabricating (making), Amanna = We have believed - We have Faith, Rubb = God, AlAlameen = All people - The Worlds.

Q: Why was Moses, peace be upon him, called a magician by Pharaoh?
A: And the magicians came to Pharaoh - they said indeed are we going certainly to have a reward if we were the winners; He (Pahraoh = Phiroun) said yes and indeed you are going certainly to be from the intimate (close to me); They said O Moses either you throw or we are going to be the ones to throw; He said you throw so when they threw they bewitched the eyes of the people and they terrorized them and they came up with a great magic; And We (Allah) revealed to Moses to throw your staff and suddenly it swallowed what (lies) they were fabricating; So The Truth came and became in vain what they were doing; And they (magicians) were defeated there and they turned about humiliated; And the magicians were thrown down (by themselves) prostrating (forehead on earth); They said we believe in (= Aamanna Bi) the God of all worlds; God of Moses and Aaron; Pharaoh said you have believed in Him (Allah) before I give you permission - indeed this is certainly a plot that you plotted in the city in order to drive out from it its people so you will (soon) come to know; I will cut off your hands and feet from the opposite sides and then I will crucify you all; They said indeed to our God we are returning back; And you do not have revenge against us except because we believed in the Miraculous Signs of our God (Allah) when they reached us - our God pour out on us patience and take our souls away as Muslims (submitting to Allah Alone).
Translation of: Ayat 113 - 126, Surat AlA'raf. (7:113-126)
Words: Saharah = Magicians, Tulqi = Throw, Saharou = Bewitched - Attracted, A'yun = Eyes, As'sa = Staff - Stick, Talqaf = Swallows, Guliba = Was defeated, Hunalik = There, Inqaliba = Turned about, Batala = became in vain - Became invalid, Saghir = Humiliated, Sajid = Prostrating, Aathina = I give permission, Makr = Plot, FaSawfa Ta'lamoun = So you will (soon) come to know; Uqatte' = Cut off, Aydi = Hands, Arjul = Feet - Legs, Min Khilaf = From opposite sides - Alternate, Ussalib = Crucify, Ajmaeen = All of you, Munqalib = Returning back, Tanqim = Have revenge, Ayat = Miraculous Signs - Miracles, Afrigh = Pour out, Sabr = Patience, Muslimeen = Muslims - Submitting to God.

Q: How did the magicians realize that Allah the God of the Prophet Moses is the real God?
A: They (magicians) said O Moses either you throw or we are the first to throw; He said rather you throw and suddenly their ropes and their sticks - it seemed to him from their magic to be moving; So Moses felt some fear in himself; We (Allah) said do not fear for you are the superior (above them); And throw what (staff) is in your hand it (snake) will swallow up* what they put on for they only put on the trick (deception) of a magician and the magician does not achieve prosperity (from Allah) in whatever (trick) he brings forward; So the magicians were thrown down** in prostration - they said we have Faith (believed) in the God of Aaron and Moses.
Translation of: Ayat 65 - 70, Surat Taha. (20:65-70)
* The magicians realized that the God of Moses had transferred some power (as Late Scholar AlSha'rawi said a soul) to Moses' staff to make it into a live snake while their snakes were only tricks of magic. Source: Thoughts (= Khawatir) of AlSheikh Elsha'rawi on explanation of the verses of the Qur'an (in Arabic).
** The Truth in front of them threw them down in prostration.
Words: Saharah = Magicians, Tulqi = You throw, Hibaluhum = Their ropes, Esseyuhum = Their sticks, Yukhayyal = It seemed, Tas'a = It moves, Awjasa = He felt, Kheefah = Some fear, Alqi = Throw, Talqaf = It will swallow up - seize quickly, Sana'ou = They put on - Produced, Kayd = Trick - Deception, Sahir = Magician, Yufleh = Achieves prosperity - Succeeds, Haysthu Ata = In whatever he brings forward, Ulqiya = They were thrown down, Sujjadan = In prostration - In submission, Aaron = Haroon, Moses = Moosa.

Q: What are magicians warned against?
A: Moses said to them (Pharaoh's top magicians) woe* to you - do not fabricate lies against Allah lest He destroys you (all) completely with a punishment and whoever fabricates (lies against Allah) causes himself to fail**.
Translation of: Ayah 61, Surat Taha. (20:61)
* A warning of destruction.
** Carries injustice against Allah.
Words: Waylakum = Woe to you, FaYushistakum = Lest He destroys you completely, Khaba = Causes himself to fail.

Q: Were all of Pharaoh's top magicians willingly followers of disbelieving Pharaoh?
A: So they (Pharaoh's top magicians) disputed their (controversial) affair (about Moses' challenge) among themselves and they kept the secret conversation confidential (only among themselves).
Translation of: Ayah 62, Surat Taha. (20:62)
Words: FaTanaza'ou = So they disputed - So they had opposing views, Asarrou = They kept confidential, AlNajwa = The secret conversation.

Q: What warning used by Pharaoh to gain support did some Pharaoh's top magicians repeat?
A: They (some magicians) said indeed those both are certainly two magicians who are seeking to drive you out from your land* with their magic and to make obsolete** your ideal (exmplary) way of life.
Translation of: Ayah 63, Surat Taha. (20:63)
* Tactics of spreading fear to gain support used first by Pharaoh. (Also in Surat 'Taha')
** " = Yathhab Bi". To spread more fear so that all magicians try their best to support Pharaoh.
Note: Remember smart persons who have keen insight into the details of this life will be first to understand the Truth of the Day of Judgement when it comes.
Words: LaSahiran = Certainly two magicians, Yathhaba = Make obsolete - Make forgotten, BiTareeqatikum = Your way of life, AlMusthla = Ideal - Exmplary - Model.

Q: How do we know that all types of known magic were used to refute Prophet Moses?
A: (Among magicians) So gather your crafty plots (tricks) then come in a row and the one who prospers* today is who rises superior (wins).
Translation of: Ayah 64, Surat Taha. (20:64)
* Either Moses or Pharaoh's magicians.
Words: Kaydakum = Your crafty (artful) plots, Saffa = In a row, Men Esta'la = Who rises superior.

Q: With what did Pharaoh (an arrogant leader) stereotype (give a fixed form to) Prophet Moses despite the contradictory evidence in front of Him?
Note: Please read first the translation of the preceding Lines 65-70 in Surat Taha.

A: He (Pharaoh to the magicians) said you believed* on his account before I give you permission - indeed he is certainly your leader who taught you magic so I will certainly cut off your hands and feet from the other sides and I will certainly crucify you on the trunks of palm trees and you will certainly come to know which one (Allah or Pharaoh) is more severe in the punishment and is more lasting (= Abqa).
* They believed in Allah when they saw Moses staff being transferred to a moving snake (with a soul).
Translation of: Ayah 71, Surat Taha. (20:71)
Words: Aamantum Lahu = You believed on his account, LaKabeerukum = Certainly your leader.

Q: What shows that Pharaoh (a tyrant leader) resorted to emotions rather than logic when the magicians confessed their belief in Allah?

A: He (Pharaoh) said you believed on his (Prophet Moses') account before I give you permission - indeed he is certainly your leader who taught you magic so you will (soon) certainly come to know (a threat)*- I will certainly cut off your hands and your feet from the opposite sides and I will certainly crucify you all.
Translation of: Ayah 49, Surat AlShuara'. (26:49)
* (= FaLaSawfa Ta'lamoun) An emphasized threat about the consequences of the magicians' believing action.
Note: Remember there is a deliberate detailing (repetition) of some Qur'anic Lines to emphasize Allah's Message (in Surat AlAhqaf).
Words: Min Khilaf = From the opposite sides - Alternate, Ajma'een = All.

Q: Why did the Prophet Muhammad express in a saying that some believers before you had to go through unbearable punishment methods and they showed good patience and firm belief? (Source of the saying insha Allah will be added later.)
Note: Please read first above the translation of the preceding Line 71 in Surat Taha.
A: They (magicians) said we will not prefer you over what have reached us from the eye-opening proofs (= AlBayyenat) (taking an oath) by the One (Allah) Who brought us into existence so decree (Eq'dhi) whatever you (Pharaoh) are decreeing rather the life of this world is going to end (= Taq'dhi).
Translation of: Ayah 72, Surat Taha. (20:72)
Words: Fatarna = Brought us into existence, Bayyenat = With eye-opening proofs - Evidences - with Explaining Signs, FEq'dhi = So decree, Taq'dhi = Come to end.

Q: What is the first and foremost step to gain Allah's Forgiveness?
A: (Pharaoh's magicians continue) Indeed we have believed in our God so that He (Allah) forgives us our sins and what you (Pharaoh) forced us of (practicing) magic - and Allah is Best (in rewarding) and (Allah's reward/punishment) More Lasting (= Abqa*).
Translation of: Ayah 73, Surat Taha. (20:73)
* Remember Pharaoh mentioned his punishment. (in 20:71)
Words: LiYaghfara = So that He forgives, Khatayana = Our sins, Akrahtana = You forced us, Khair = Best, Abqa = More lasting.

Q: Why should we administer justice in our business for example even if that means less profit for us?
Note:Please re-read above yesterday's translation of (20:73) because the clarifying note is edited.
Note: The translation of Line 84 in Surat Hood.
A: (Prophet Shuaib says) What (good deed) remains (= Baqiyyat*) with Allah is better for you if you are believers and I (Prophet Shuaib) am not over you an observer.
Translation of: Ayah 86, Surat Hood. (11:86)
Words: Baqiyatu Allah = What remains with Allah, Hafeedh = Observer - Watchful.

Q: Can a magical trick separate a body of water into two separate parts?

A: And We (Allah) revealed to Moses to walk with My (Allah's) servants (Beni Israel) so make for them a path in the sea - a dry one* - do not fear being caught up (by Pharaoh) and do not be afraid (worried of drowning).
Translation of: Ayah 77, Surat Taha. (20:77)
* Allah sent winds so they made the sea bottom into a dry land. Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 3, p 234.
Words: Asir = Walk - Move - travel, La Takhafu = Do not fear, Darakan = Being caught up, La Takhsha = Do not be afraid - Do not be worried.

Q: How did the sea water descend down on Pharaoh and his soldiers pursuing Moses and Beni Israel?
Note: Please read above the translation of Ayah 77 in Surat Taha.
A: Then We (Allah) revealed to Moses that strike with your staff the sea so it split open (into two parts) so every part became like the high towering mountain.
Translation of: Ayah 63, Surat AlShuara'. (26:63)
Words: An Edhrib = That strike, BiAsaka = With your staff, Fenfalaqa = So it split, Firq = Part, KelTawd AlAdheem = Like the high towering mountain.

Q: Why do we say humans plan and plot while Allah is planning and plotting at the same time?
A: And We (Allah) brought near in that place (dry land inside the sea) the others (Pharaoh and his soldiers); And We saved Moses and who were with him all of them; Then We drowned the others.
Translation of: Ayat 64 - 66, Surat AlShuara'. (26:64-66)
Words: Azlafna = We brought near, Sthamma = In that place, Ajma'een = All of them, AlAkhareen = The others, Sthumma = Then, Aghraqna = We drowned.

Q: What is sad about a lot of humans who realize the existing Miraculous Signs (such as human body and the Universe) indicative of Allah and His Attributes?
Note: Please read first above the translation of the preceding Lines 84-66 in Surat AlShuara'.
A: Indeed in that (Beni Israel crossing the sea) is certainly a Miraculous Sign (indicative of Allah) and yet most of them were not believers (= Mo'mineen*); And indeed your God (Allah) certainly He is The AlMighty The Most Merciful.
Translation of: Ayat 67 - 68, Surat AlShuara'. (26:67-68)
* Remember "believing = Iman" is a stage higher than Islam.
Words: LaAyah = Certainly a Miraculous Sign, Akstharuhum = Most of them, Mo'mineen = Believers - Filled with Faith, LaHowa = Certainly He is.

Q: Is it true that people tend to have herd (sheep) mentality* - they follow the leader without thinking for themselves?
Note: The translation of the preceding Lines 30-37, in Surat AlShuara'.
A: So the magicians (as ordered by Pharaoh) were gathered to an appointed time of a known day (festival day); And it was said to people are you getting together; Perhaps that we follow the magicians if they were the triumphant ones (winners).
Translation of: Ayat 38 - 40, Surat AlShuara'. (26:38-40)
* Definition of herd mentality.
Words: Mujtame'oun = Getting together, Nattabe' = We follow, AlGhalibeen = The triumphant ones - The winners.

Q: Do the top followers of a religious leader who disbelieves in Allah, have a spiritual nature (faith-based) or materialistic nature (money-based)?
A: Then when the magicians came they said to Pharaoh is there indeed for us a certain honorarium (payment) if we (magicians) were the triumphant (winners); He said yes and you will indeed be certainly from those held near (to Pharaoh).
Translation of: Ayat 41 - 42, Surat AlShuara'. (26:41-42)
Note: According to "The Holy Qur'an: English Translation of the Meanings and Commentary. Based on the translation of Abdullah Yusuf Ali, page 1062: There was no such thing as pure loyalty to an exploiting ruler like this Pharaoh. The sorcerers who were probably also priests were venal and they hoped to establish their own hold on both king and people by the further enrichment of themselves and their order.
Words: LaAjran = Certain honorarium - Certain payment, AlAlMuqarrabeen = Those held near.

Q: When Muslims launch on doing something they say "In the Name of Allah = BismAllah". Who do those who believe in other than Allah bring to their minds for brining success?
A: So Moses told them cast whatever you are going to cast; So they cast their ropes and their sticks and they said by the might* of Pharaoh (= Phiroun) indeed we certainly are the triumphant ones.
Translation of: Ayat 43 - 44, Surat AlShuara'. (26:43-44)
* Pharaoh claimed to be a god. (in Surat AlShuara'). And so they (magicians) appeal to his "divine" power. Source: The Holy Qur'an: English Translation of the Meanings and Commentary. Based on the translation of Abdullah Yusuf Ali, page 1063.
Note: The translation of the succeeding Lines 45 - 48 in Surat AlShuara'.
Words: Hibalahum = Their ropes, Issiyahum = Their sticks, BiIzzati = By the might, LaNahn = We certainly are.

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