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Disbelievers = Rejecters of Faith = (AlKafiroun)

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Q: Why should the disbelievers contemplate about Allah and the Qur'an?
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) indeed I do advise you with one (advice) to stand up for Allah, in pair or individually and then to contemplate that your companion (Prophet Muhammad) is not possessed (controlled by evil) (rather) he is only a warner to you of a coming severe punishment; Say I have not asked you for a payment so it (payment) is yours, (rather) my payment (reward) is only due from Allah and He is over everything an All-Witness.
Translation of: Ayat 46 - 47, Surat Saba'. (34:46-47)
Words: A'edhukum = I Advise you, Masthna = In Pair, Furada = Individually, Tatafakarou = Contemplate - Think, Aleem = Severe - Payment, Ajrri = My payment - reward.

Q: When one supplicates to Allah what should he remember about Allah?
Say if I (Prophet Muhammad) become misguided then indeed I will be misguided to my own self and if I become guided then it is with what My God IS REVEALING (Qur'an) to me indeed He (Allah) is All-Listening All-Near.
Translation of: Ayah 50, Surat Saba'. (34: 50)
Words: Adhilu = I will be misguided, Youhi = Is revealing, Qareeb = Near.

Q: From what and whom will the disbelievers be separated in the Other World?
And only if you could see (on Day of Judgement) when they (disbelievers) are terrorized and there is no escape and they were taken (to Hell) from a near-by place (in the Other World); And they will say we have Faith in it (Allah's Truth on Day of Judgement) and how could they engage in a skirmish from a far away place (the Other World); And they had before disbelieved in it (Day of Judgement) and they were abusing the Unseen (Day of Judgement) from a far away place (Life); And it was separated between them and what they were desiring as was done with their parties (Pharaoh etc) for they were in questionable doubt.
Translation of: Ayat 51 - 54, Surat Saba'. (34:51-54)
Words: Fazi'ou = Were terrorized, Fawt = Escape, Makan = Place, Qareeb = Near-by, Baeed = Far away, Tanawush = Engagement, Yaqdhifoun BilGhayb = Abusing the Unseen, Ashya = Parties, Shak = Doubt, Mureeb = Questionable.

Q: Some people say there is no God and some say there is a God but still they partner with Him by praying to names other than Allah - are they confused?
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) who is the God of the Heavens and the earth say Allah - say and you have taken leaving Him (Allah) helpers (allies = Awliya') who do not own the power to make benefit or harm to their own selves - say is the blind equal to the one who can see - or are the depths of darkness equal to the light - or did they (disbelievers) make with Allah partners who created like His (Allah's) creation so the creation became indistinct (who created what) say Allah is The Creator of everything and He is The One and The All-Overwhelming (Overpowering that makes one cry).
Translation of: Ayah 16, Surat AlRa'd.
Words: Qul = Say, Rub = God, AlSamawat = The Heavens, Ardh = Earth, Ittakhatha = He took, Min Dounihi = Leaving Him, Awliya' = Helpers - Allies - Masters, Nafe' = Benefit, Dhar = Harm, Yastawi = Equals, A'ma = Blind, Baseer = Who can see, Dhulumat = Depths of darkness, Noor = Light, Shuraka' = Partners, Tashabaha = Became indistinct, Khalq = Creation, Khaliq = Creator, Kuli Shaye' = Everything, Wahid = One, Qahhar = Overwheliming - All-Conqueror.

Q: Some people join partner(s) with Allah. Other than Allah, who can give you some news from The Other World?

A: If you call upon them (gods other than Allah) they will not hear your call and even if they could hear they would not have responded to you and on the Day of Judgement they (partners with Allah) will reject your partnership and none is informing you (Prophet Muhammad) except an All-Expert* (Allah) (= La Yunabbiuka Misthlu Khabeer).
Translation of: Ayah 14, Surat Fatir.
* Allah is All-Expert with every situation including the mentioned (refer to Surat 'AlNahl') which will take place on the Day of Judgement.
Words: Tadou = Call, Yasma' = Hears, Dua' = Call upon - Prayer, Istajaba = Responded - Fulfilled, Yakfur = Rejects, Shirk = Partnership, Misthl Khabeer = Except an All-Expert.

Q: Who will be judged with the disbelievers on The Day of Judgment?
A: And by your God We (Allah) will certainly gather them (disbelievers) with Satans (Satan and his soldiers) then We will certainly bring them around Hell on their knees; Then We will certainly pull out for sure (= LaNanze'anna) from every group of followers the strongest against the Most-Merciful in rebellion; Then it is certainly We Who know better those who are more deserving of being burnt in it (Hell).
Translation of: Ayat 68 - 70, Surat Maryam. (19:68-70)
Words: Nahshur = Gather, Nahdhur = Bring, Hawl Jahanam = Around Hell, Jisthiyya = On their knees, LaNanze'anna = We will certainly pull out for sure, Sheea'tin = Group of followers, Ashad = Strongest, Ittiya = in Rebellion, LaNahnu = Certainly We, Awla = More Deserving, Ssilliya = Of being burnt.

Q: As a Mircacle why is the Qur'an simplified for Miracles are supposed to be difficult?
Note: Remember that the Qur'an is a Miracle that no one can say or write like it.
The following is the translation of Ayat 9 - 53, Surat AlQamar. (54:9-53):

A: Before them (curent disbelievers) the People of (Prophet) Noah (= Nooh) rejected (Allah's Message) as lies so they accused of lying Our servant and they said a mad person and he was rebuked; So he called upon his God I am overcome so show (Your) support; So We opened the Gates of the Heaven with pouring water (rain); And We made the earth gush out springs so the water met for a matter that was decreed beforehand; And We carried him on (Ark) of planks and nails; Running under Our Eyes (Care) as a reward for who was rejected as lies; And We left it (Ark) a miracle so is there one who remembers (the warning); So how was My punishment and Warnings (= Nuthur); And We (Allah) simplified = Yassarna) the Qur'an for (delivering) the Message (of Allah = AlThikr*) so is there one who remembers;
The People of Aad (their Prophet Hood) rejected (Allah's Message) as lies so how was My (Allah's) Punishment and Warnings? We (Allah) sent upon them a squeaking wind in a day of continuous omen (misfortune); Plucking out people like the pulled out stumps of palm trees; So how was My Punishment and Warnings? And We (Allah) simplified the Qur'an for (delivering) the Message so is there one who remembers;

The People of Sthamud rejected the Warnings as lies; So they said one person (PROPHET SALEH)from us (humans) should we follow - indeed we are then certainly in wrong and madness; The Message has been sent down upon him from among us rather he is a liar, ungrateful; (Allah answers them) They will know tomorrow who is the liar, the ungrateful; For We (Allah) are sending the camel as an ordeal trial (= Fitnatan*+) for them so anticipate from them and endure; And tell them that the water is a sharing out between them (people - Camel)** - every drinking is attended (in turns); Then they called their companion so he handled (sword) and he slaughtered; So how was My punishment and Warnings;
For We (Allah) sent upon them a single scream (= Sayha Wahidah), By Angel Gabriel that stirred nature) so they became (lifeless) like the dry stalks of the barn maker; And We (Allah) simplified the Qur'an for (delivering) the Message so is there one who remembers;

The People of (Prophet) Lut rejected the Warnings as lies; We sent on them a wind with stones (= Hassib) except the family of Lut - We (Allah) saved them at dawn; A favour from Us that is how We reward whoever gives thanks; (a re-cap) And he (Prophet Lut) had warned them about Our (Allah's) Violent Attack (= Batshatana) so they doubted the Warnings; And they seeked to tempt*** him about his guests (angels in shape of men) so We (Allah) obliterated (wiped out = Ttamsna) their eyes so have a taste (plural) of My punishment and Warnings; And a settled (constant) punishment had already met them in the early morning; So have a taste of My punishment and Warnings; And We (Allah) simplified the Qur'an for (delivering) the Message so is there one who remembers;
And the Warnings reached the people of Pharaoh (= Phiroun): They rejected as lies Our Miraculous Signs (Miracles) - all of them so We inflicted upon them the punishment of the AlMighty, The All-Powerful;
So are your disbelievers (current ones) better than those or do you have amnesty (innocence) in the Psalms (Allah's Holy Books); Or do they say that we are all one - supported; The crowd will be defeated and they will turn their backs; Yet The Hour (Day of Judgment) is their appointment and The Hour is more disastrous and more bitter; Indeed the criminals (sinners in "Allah's Court") are in a straying away and madness (not thinking properly);

The Day they will be pulled in the Fire (of Hell) on their faces - taste the touch of Saqar (rank in Hell); For We (Allah) - everything We created it with measurement; And Our Command is not except one as a twinkling of the eye;
And We had already destroyed your (plural) parties so is there one who remembers; And everything they did is in the Books (of writing angels); And every small and big (every detail) is (already) recorded (in Allah's Initial Record)****.
Translation of: Ayat 9 - 53, Surat AlQamar. (54:9-53)
* AlThikr (in Arabic) = The Message - The Reminder of Allah, Invocation of Allah's Names, Mentioning of Allah's Names and Praying to Allah.
*+ So that Satan incites and lures people through the camel to follow him.
** It was the time of drought. Poor people were deprived of their share of water. So the camel was a trial from Allah.
*** The people of Lut were having abnormal sex activities.
**** Allah's Initial Record is called in the Qur'an "AlLawh AlMahfoudh = The Preserved Tablet". It also contains the Mother (Origin) of the Book (= Umm AlKitab) from which the Holy Books of Allah (Torah, Bible, Qur'an) originated.
Words: Kaththaba = Rejected as lies - Accused of Lying, Qawm = People - Nation, Majnoon = Mad, Izdujir = Was rebuked, Da'a = Called upon, Maghloub = Overcome, Intassir = Show support, Fataha = Opened, Abwab = Gates, Sama' = Sky, Ma'a = Water, Munhamir = Water, Faj'jara = Gushed, Uyoun = Springs, Iltaqa = Met, Amr = Matter, Qudir = Decreed beforehand - Destined, Hamala = Carried, Alwah = Boards, Dusur = Nails - Fastening materials, Muddakir = One who remembers Allah - Warned - Advisee, Yassarna = We simplified - We facilitated, Thikr = Message - Recollection, Reeh = Wind, Sarsar = Squeaking, Yawm = Day, Nahs = Omen - Misfortune, Mustamir = Continuous, Tanza' = Plucking out, A'jaz = Stumps, Nakhl = Palm Trees, Munqa'ir = Pulled out, Nuthur = Warnings, Yas'sara = Simplified - Facilitated, Nattabiuhu = We follow him, Dhalal = Wrong, Su'ur = Madness (like maddened by a bite from an animal), Ulqiya = Sent down, Kaththab = Liar, Ashir = Ungrateful, Naqah = Camel, Nab'be Tell them, Fitnah = Ordeal trial - Distress trial - Prosecution (punished until finished), Irtaqib = Anticipate from, Istabir = Endure - Tolerate, Sayha = Scream, Hasheem = Dead stalks, Muhtadhir = Maker of a barn for animals, Haasib = Hurricane - Wind with stones, Sabbaha = Met them in morning, Bukrah = Early morning, Mustaqir = Settled, Azeez = Mighty, Muqtadir = Capable as a master, Sahar = Dawn, Ni'mah = Favour, Anthara = Warned, Batshah = Violent attack, Tamaraw = Doubted, Kuf'far = Disbelievers, Bara'ah = Amnesty - Innocence, AlZubur = Heavenly Holy Books, Muntasir = Victorious, Yuh'zem = Will be defeated, Yu'wali AlDubur = Turns his back - Flees, AlSa'ah = The Hour, Yus hab = Will be pulled, Thouqou = Have a taste, Massa = Touch, Qadar = Measurement, Lamh Bilbaser = Twinkling of the eye, Ahlaka = Destroyed, Ashya' = Parties, Fa'ala = Did, AlZubur = The Books - Holy Books, Sagheer = Small, Kabeer = Big, Mustattir = Recorded, AlMutaqeen = The ones who fear Allah - Righteous, Jannat = Gardens of Paradise, Nahr = River.

Q: How did the disbelievers mock the Qur'an at the time of the Prophet Muhammad?
Note: Previously posted with the Question: Why did Allah not punish the Pagan Arabs at the time of the Prophet Muhammad?

A: And when they (polytheists) said our God if this (Qur'an) is the Truth from You then shower us with a rain of stones from the Heaven or bring us a severe punishment; And Allah was not going to punish them and you (Prophet Muhammad) are among them and Allah was not going to punish them and they* were praying (to Allah) for Forgiveness**.
Translation of: Ayat 32 - 33, Surat AlAnfal. (8:32-33)
* Polytheists of Arabia worshipped Allah, called upon Him and asked Him for Forgiveness. But they did not want to stop joining idols in their worship of Allah. This worship practice made them one kind of disbelievers called "mushrikeen" = polytheists (worshipping with Allah other god(s).
** Allah's Attribute is "AlGhafour" = The Most-Forgiving. Another Attribute of Allah is "AlHaleem" = The Most-Tolerant.
Words: Allahuma = Our God, AlHaqq = The Truth, Amtir = Shower us with a rain, Hijarah = Stones, I'etina = Bring us, Adhab = Punishment, Yu'adhib = Punish, Yastaghfiroun = Praying to Allah for forgiveness.

Q: When did Allah punish the old nations that became extinct?
A: And We did not send before you (Prophet Muhammad) except men We reveal to them among the people of the towns so have they (current disbelievers) not walked on earth and thought how the ending of those before them was - and certainly the Other World is better for those who protected themselves by fearing Allah so will you not understand; Until when the prophets lost hope and they became certain that they were treated as liars Our support reached them and whoever We willed were saved and Our violent attack will not be driven away from the sinning (criminal) people; Certainly there was in their narratives a lesson for men of understanding - it (Qur'an) was not a speech being fabricated instead it is a confirming of what is before it and a detailing of everything - and a guidance and a mercy for the people who believe (in Allah).
Translation of: Ayat 109 - 111, Surat Yusuf.
Words: Arsalna = We sent, Rijal = Men, Nohi = We reveal, Ahl AlQura = People of the towns, Yaseer = Walk, Yandhurou = They think, Aaqibat = The Ending, Ittaqou = Protected themselves by fearing Allah, Istayasa = Lost hope, Kuththibou = Were treated as liars, Nasr = Support - Aid, Nuji'ya = Were saved, Yurad = Be driven away, Ba's = Violent attack, Ibrah = Lesson, Uli AlAlbab = Men of understanding - Those who understand - Those who have brains, Hadeeth = Speech, Tasdeeq = Confirming, Tafseel = Detailing, Huda = Guidance, Rahmah = Mercy, Yu'minoun = Believe - Have Faith.

Q: If disbelievers see a miracle happening in front of them, will they have faith then?

A: And We had sent (messengers) before you (Prophet Muhammad) among the sects (parties) of the ancient people; And no messenger (from Allah) had reached them but they were making fun of him; That is how We (Allah) insert it (disbelieving) into the hearts of the sinners: That they will not believe in it - and passed away the way of the ancient people (was the same); And if We had opened for them a Gate from the Heaven and they remained climbing up therein, they would say our eyes have been intoxicated in fact we are bewitched people (under magic).
Translation of: Ayat 10 - 15, Surat AlHijr. (15:10-15)
Words: Yastehze' = Makes fun, Shi'ye = Sects - Parties, Awaleen = Ancients, Naslukuhu = We insert it, Quloub = Hearts, Sunnat = way, Awalleen = Ancient people, Fataha = Opened, Bab = Gate - Door, Dhalou = They remained, Ya'ruj = Climbing, Sukkirat = Intoxicated, Absar = Eyes, Mashooroun = Bewitched.

Q: What was the regular debate between each prophet and the disbelievers from his people?

A: Have the news not reached you (plural) of those who were before you - the people of Noah and Aad and Sthamud and those after them - no one knows them except Allah - their messengers reached them with the Clear Signs (of Allah's Attributes) so they put their hands in their mouths (doubted and ridiculed) and said indeed we have disbelieved in what you were sent with and we indeed we are certainly in a questionable doubt of what you are calling us for;
Their messengers said is there doubt in Allah - The Creator (Splitter = Fatir)* of the Heavens and the earth - He is calling you to forgive you your sins and He is delaying you to a fixed time - they (disbelievers) said you are not but humans like us - you want to prevent us from what our forefathers were worshipping so bring us about a clear authority (miracle-type); Their messengers said we are not but humans like you but Allah grants favour to whoever He wills from his devout people - and it was not right for us to bring you an authority (miracle) except with permission from Allah and upon Allah let the believers put their trust; And why should we not put our trust upon Allah and He had guided us to our ways (worshipping methods) and we will certainly be patient with what you harmed us and upon Allah let the dependants (with Faith) put their trust;
And those who disbelieved said to their messengers we would certainly cast you out from our land or for sure you return to the religious beliefs embraced by us (= Millatana) so Allah revealed to them (Allah's messengers) that We will certainly make the transgressors (against Allah) perish (in life); And We will certainly give you (plural) to inhabit the land after them (destroyed disbelievers) - that (Promise) is for who feared My (Allah's) Status (= Maqami)** and feared My warning.
Translation of: Ayat 9 - 14, Surat Ibraheem. (14:9-14)
* The root word of Fatir is 'fatar = splitted' which indicates that the earth and the Heavens (sky is the Lowest Heaven) were one and Allah splitted them.
** 'Maqami' Standing before Allah for judgement in Allah's 'Court' on the Day of Judgement.
Note: Allah is Ruthless in His punishment. (refer to Surat AlHijr)
Words: Naba' = News, Afwaah = Mouths, Shakk = Doubt, Fatir = Splitter - Creator, Ajal = Time, Musamma = Fixed, Sultan = Authority - Kingdom, Yamun = Grants favour, Yatawakkal = Put their trust - Depend, Millatan = Religious beliefs embraced by us - Our faith, Khaafa = Feared, Maqami = My Status - Standing Before Allah - Place before Allah , Wa'eedi = My Warning.

Q: What will be the excuse of the disbelievers on the Day of Judgment?

A: And the Day the Hour (Day of Judgement) takes place the sinners* will swear that they stayed only one hour** that is how they were deluded (away from Allah's Path); And those who have been given Knowledge and Faith will say indeed you had stayed in the Record of Allah to the Day of the Resurrection so this is the Day of the Resurrection but you were not knowing;

So that Day their apology will not be of use to those who transgressed (against Allah) neither will they be excused; And We had set to people in this Qur'an from every parable -

and if you (Prophet Muhammad) bring them a Miraculous Sign (any Line of the Qur'an) those who disbelieved will certainly say you are but invalidators (of our traditions); That is how Allah stamps upon the hearts of those who do not understand (Allah's Status); So (to Prophet Muhammad) be patient for the Promise of Allah is true and do not be fooled by those who are not certain (about their belief).
Translation of: Ayat 55 - 60, Surat AlRoum. (30:55-60)
* 'AlMujrimoun' = Criminals in Allah's Court. We call them sinners.
** Time in life went by quickly so they did not have time to worship Allah.
Words: Yuqsim = Swears, Mujrim = Sinner - Guilty party, Labist)a = Stayed, Sa'ah = One hour, Yu'fak = Is deluded - Is told lies, Yawm AlBasth = Day of Resurrection - Day the dead will be raised up, Yanfe' = Be of use, Ma'thirah = Apology - Excuse, Yustateboun = Be excused, Dharaba = Set - Made, Masthal = Parable - Example, Mubtiloun = Invalidators - Rejectors, Yattbe' = Stamps, Quloub = Hearts, Yastakhif = Fools, Yuqinoun = Are certain about their Faith - Are convinced.

Q: Why do some people who were believers in Allah turn into disbelievers and reject Allah or join partner(s) with Him?

A: Whoever disbelieves in Allah after having Faith (= Iman0 except who is forced (to disbelieve) but his heart is peaceful with Faith -

But whoever makes a chest widened (satisfied) with disbelief so on them is Allah's Wrath and for them is a severe punishment; That is because they preferred Life in this world to Life in the Other World and Allah does not guide people who disbelieve; Those are whom Allah had stamped (= Taba'a)* on their hearts and their hearing* and their eyesight* and those are the inattentive (unaware = AlGhafiloun); No doubt that they are in the Other World - they are the losers.
Translation of: Ayat 106 - 109, Surat AlNahl. (16:106-109)
* Remember who does not want to be guided Allah does not guide him. There is a seal from Allah on their organs so they cannot receive Guidance to Allah's Straight Path (which leads to Paradise).
Words: Ukrih = Forced, Qalb = Heart, Mutma'in = Peaceful, Iman = Faith - Belief, Sharaha Sadr BilKufr = Makes a chest widened with disbelief, Ghadhab = Wrath, Istahabou = They preferred (plural), AlHayat AlDunya = Life in This World, AlAkhirah = Life in the Other World, Taba'a = Stamped - Put a seal - Sealed, Quloub = Hearts, Same' = Hearing, Absar = Eyesight, Ghafiloun = Inattentive - Unaware - Who ignore, La Jarama = No doubt, AlKhaasiroun = The Losers.

Q: Are people tested by Allah with troubles?

A: And when a Chapter (from the Qur'an) is sent down so from them who says which one of you has this one (Chapter) added to his Faith - as for those who have Faith so it has added to their Faith and they are rejoicing with the good news; And as for those in whose hearts is sickness (hypocrisy) so it has added them filth* (impurity = Rijs) upon their filth* (= Rijs) and they died while being disbelievers;
Have they not seen that they are put to ordeal (painful) testing (from Allah) every year once or twice and still they do not repent and they do not remember (Allah); And if a Chapter (from the Qur'an) is sent down they look at one another - is someone watching you then they went away - may Allah distract (from the Truth) their hearts for being people who do not understand.
Translation of: Ayat 124 - 127, Surat AlTawbah.
* 'Filth = Rijs' is the work of Satan. In the Ayah Rijs is mentioned twice. Because their hypocrisy increased because of rejecting Allah's command of AlJiahad + lying. Hypocrisy upon hypocrisy.
Words: Unzilat = Sent down, Surah = Chapter from the Qur'an, Zada = Added, Yastabshir = Rejoices with the good news - Becomes happy, Maradh = Illness, Rijs = Impurity - Filth, Kafir = Disbeliever - Infidel, Yuftanoun = Are put to ordeal tesing, Marrah = Once, Nadhara = Looked, Yarakum = Watches you, Insarafa = Went away, Sarafa = May Allah distract, Yafqahoun = Understand.

Q: If someone joins a partner with Allah then he stops and asks for forgiveness can Allah forgive him?
A: Certainly those who said that Allah in the third (= Sthalisth) of three (= Sthalasthah) had disbelieved and there is no god but One God and if they do not stop what they are saying a painful punishment will certainly befall those who disbelieved among them; So will they not repent to Allah and ask Him for forgiveness and Allah is Most-Forgiving Most-Merciful.
Translation of: Ayat 73 - 74, Surat AlMa'idah. (5:73-74)
* Cencept of Trinity accourding to: bbc.co.uk/religion/religions/christianity/beliefs/basics_1.shtml
Christians believe in the Trinity - that is, in God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Some confuse this and think that Christians believe in three separate gods, which they don't. Christians believe that God took human form as Jesus Christ and that God is present today through the work of the Holy Spirit and evident in the actions of believers.
Words: Kafara = Had disbelieved, Ilah = God, Yantahou = They stop, Yamas = Will befall, Athab = Punishment, Aleem = Painful - Severe, Yatouboun = Repent, Yastaghfirounah = ask Him for forgiveness, Ghafour = Most-Forgiving, Raheem = Most-Merciful.

Q: How does Allah show that the disbelievers have no excuse to disbelieve in Him?
A: So remind (command to Prophet Muhammad) because by your God's favour you are not a fortune-teller neither a possessed man. Or do they say 'a poet! We are expecting him to meet with a misfortune brought by time.' Say: Expect and I am with you from the expectants. Or do their brains order them to this? Or are they people who transgress beyond bounds. Or do they say he (Prophet Muhammad) made it up? No! But they do not believe! So let them bring about a speech like it if they were truthful. Or were they created from nothing? Or are they the creators? Or did they create the Heavens and the Earth? No! But they are not certain about their faith (in Allah)! Or do they have the treasures of your God? Or are they the dominant? Or do they have a stairway (to Heaven) they can listen in it so let their listener bring about a clear proof! Or does He (Allah) have the girls and they have the boys? Or do you ask them for a payment so they are from a debt burdened? Or do they have the Unseen so they are writing (what will happen)! Or do they want to plot but the ones who disbelieved are the plotted against! Or do they have a god other than Allah? Glory to Allah from what they partner (with Him)!
Translation of: Ayat 29 - 43, Surat AlToor.
Words: Thak'kir = Remind, Kaahin = Fortune-teller - Soothsayer, Majnoon = possessed man - Insane - Madman, Sha'ir = Poet, Rayb AlManoon = Misfortune brought by time, Tarab'bas = Expect, Ahlam = Brains, Qawm Ta'ghoun = People who transgress beyond bounds, Taqawwala = Made up, Yuqinoun = Are certain about their faith - Are convinced, Khaza'in = Treasures, Musayter = Dominant, Sulam = Stairway, Banat = Girls, Banoun = Boys, Maghrim = Debt, Mus(th)qal = Burdened, Kayd = Plot.

Q: Do the natural disasters from the sky carry a deeper meaning?
A: And if they see pieces* from the sky falling down they will say accumulated clouds*; So leave them until they meet their Day (of Judgment) when they will be thunderstruck; The Day their plotting will not avail them anything and they will not be supported; And for those who transgressed (were against Allah) a punishment** other than that (of the Other World) but most of them do not know; And (command to Prophet Muhammad) be patient with the Rule of your God because you (Prophet Muhammad) are under Our care and glorify the Praise of your God when you rise up (during the day); And (a part) from the night do glorify Him and at the setting of the stars (dawn).
Translation of: Ayat 44 - 49, Surat AlToor. (52:44-49)
* Pieces of punishment - example a hurricane. Refer to the punishment of the People of Prophet Shuaib in Madyan. (refer to Surat AlAhqaf)
** Punishment in life. Examples (refer to Surat AlQamar). And punishment in the grave. An Example. (refer to Surat Ghafir).
Words: Yarau = They see, Kisfan = Pieces, Saqittan = Falling down, Sahabun = Clouds, Markoum = Accumulated - Gathered, Tharhum = Leave them, Yus'aqoun = They will be thunderstruck, Yughni = Avails, Athaban = Punishment, Esber = Be patient, BiA'yunina = Under Our Care - Under Our Watchful Eyes, Idbar = Setting, AlNujoum = The stars.

Q: Who is the god who claims that he is equal to Allah?
A: Have you guaranteed that Who is in the Heaven will not make the earth sink down with you while it moves to and fro (like a pendulum); Or have you guaranteed that Who is in the Heaven will not send down on you a violent wind with pebbles* so you will know how a warning (of Allah) is; And those before them rejected (Allah's Message) so how (drastic) was My condemnation (of their disbelieving); ---
Or who is this who is an army of you supporting you other than the Most-Merciful (Allah) yet the disbelievers are in arrogant deception (= ghurour); Or who is this who provides you with sustenance if He (Allah) held back His sustenance yet they insisted (on disbelief) with insolence and hate; So the one who walks falling on his face** is more guided or the one who walks steadily on a Straight Path***;
Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) He is Who created you and provided you with hearing and eyes and hearts - little is what you are grateful (to Allah) for; Say He is Who scattered you throughout the earth and to Him you will be gathered (on Day of Judgement).
Translation of: Ayat 16 - 18, 20 - 24, Surat AlMulk. (67:16-18, 20-24)
* Also Allah's punishment with brimstones which are called Sijjeel. An example (refer to Surat AlHijr).
** In life because any path other than Allah's Path is wrong and bumpy that makes one metaphorically fall.
*** Allah's Path that leads to Paradise.
Words: Amina = Has Guranteed, Yakhsif = Makes sink down, Tamour = Moves to and fro, Ha'sib = Violent with with pebbles, Natheer = Warning, Nakeer = Condemnation - Disapproval, Jund = Army, Yansur = Supports, Ghurour = Arrogant deception, Yarzuq = Provides with sustenance, Lajja = Insisted, Utou = Insolence, Nufour = Hate, Amsaka = Held back, Mukib = Falling on, Wajh = Face, Sawey = Steady, Tashkoronn = You are grateful for; Thara'kum = Scattered you, Tuhshar = Will be gathered.

Q: What argument does a disbeliever make while his own body carries the answer to the argument?
A: So (to Prophet Muhammad) do not let their words grieve you; We do know what they are concealing and what they are revealing. Has not the human being seen that We (Allah) created him from a drop of sperm then he is (surprisingly) an explicit opponent. And he made a comparison for Us while he forgot his (own) creation. He said: Who is going to give life to the bones when they become decayed? Say: Who has created them the first time will make them alive and He is with every creation Knowledgeable. He Who has made for you out of the green tree* fire so you are able from it to kindle fire. Is not He Who created the Heavens and the Earth capable of creating the like of such people; Yes! He is The Creator, The Knowledgeable. Indeed His order when He wills something is to say Be and it is (done). So glory to Him in Whose Hand is the control of everything and to Him you will be brought back.
Translation of: Ayat 76 - 83, Surat YaSeen.
* A Special type of green trees. When their branches are struck together they produce fire.
Words: Yusiroun = They conceal, Yu'linoun = They reveal, Nutfah = Drop of sperm, Khaseem = Opponent, Mubeen = Explicit - Clear, Yuhye = Gives life, I'zam = Bones, Rameem = Decayed, Jala = Made, Shajar = Trees, Akhdhar = Green, Nar = Fire, Yuqid = Kindles fire, Malakout = Control.

Q: All the prophets from Allah came with the same Message. Does history repeat itself with the disbelievers?
A: The people of (Prophet) Noah rejected as liars who were sent as messengers; When their brother Noah told them will you not protect yourselves (by fearing Allah); For I am to you AN HONEST MESSENGER (= Rasoolun Ameen); So protect yourselves by fearing Allah and obey me; And I do not ask you any payment (reward = Ajr) for it for my repayment (= Ajr) is upon the God of the inhabitants of the worlds; So protect yourselves by fearing Allah and obey me; They said shall we believe in you and the lowest (among us) have followed you; He said and what is my knowledge of what they were doing; It is that their account is only with my God if you are aware; And I (Prophet Noah) will not drive the believers away;
For I am only a clear warner
; They said if you do not stop O Noah you will be from the stoned; He said my God my people have rejected me as a liar; So RENDER JUDGEMENT (= FaFteh) BETWEEN ME AND THEM WITH A FIRM JUDGEMENT and save me (Prophet Noah) and who are with me from THE BELIEVERS; So We saved him and who is with him in the loaded Ark; Then We drowned the rest who remained behind; Indeed in that is a Miraculous Sign (= Ayah) and most of them were not believers; And indeed your God is the AlMighty, the Most-Merciful;

(The People of) "Aad" rejected as liars who were sent as messengers; When their brother (Prophet) Hood told them will you not protect yourselves (by fearing Allah); For I am to you AN HONEST MESSENGER; So protect yourselves by fearing Allah and obey me; And I do not ask you any payment for it for my repayment is upon the God of the inhabitants of the worlds; Are you (aware of) building in every high place a landmark (tower)* to play around uselessly; And you take up fine buildings so that you might live forever; And when you attack - you attack like TYRANTS (JABBARREEN = Tyrants - giants - gigantic); So protect yourselves by fearing Allah and obey me; And protect yourselves by fearing Who provided you with everything you know; He provided you with livestock and sons; Gardens and springs; Indeed I (Prophet Hood says) FEAR for you the PUNISHMENT of a SEVERE DAY (of Judgement); They said it is the same for us if you warn or if you were not from the warners; For this is only the morals (lessons) of the ancient people; And we (disbelievers) are not going to be punished; Then they rejected him as a liar so We destroyed them - indeed in that is a Miraculous Sign and most of them were not believers; And indeed your God is the AlMighty, the Most-Merciful;
The people of Sthamud (after people of Aad) rejected as liars who were sent as messengers; When their brother (Prophet) Saleh told them: Will you not protect yourselves (by fearing Allah); For I am to you AN HONEST MESSENGER; So protect yourselves by fearing Allah and obey me; And I do not ask you any payment for it for my repayment is upon the God of the inhabitants of the worlds;
(Prophet Saleh says) Are you going to be left secure in what you have here; In gardens and springs; And fields and palm trees their dates are agreeable; And you carve from the mountains houses pompously (arrogantly); So protect yourselves by fearing Allah and obey me; And do not submit to the order of the transgressers (against Allah); Who corrupt on earth and do not repair; They said indeed you are from the bewitched; You are not but a human like us so bring us a Miraculous Sign if you were from the truthful; He said this is a she-camel** for her a drinking turn and for you a drinking turn of a recognized day; And do not touch her with any harm otherwise the punishment of a severe day will overtake you; So they slaughtered her then they became regretful; So the punishment overtook them indeed in that is a Miraculous Sign and most of them were not believers; And indeed your God is the AlMighty, the Most-Merciful;

The people of Lut rejected as liars who were sent as messengers; When their brother Lut told them will you not protect yourselves (by fearing Allah); For I am to you AN HONEST MESSENGER; So protect yourselves by fearing Allah and obey me; And I do not ask you any payment for it for my repayment is upon the God of the inhabitants of the worlds. Are you (aware of) having intercourse with the males among people and you leave what your God created for you from your wives - rather you are transgressing (unjust to Allah and humanity) people; They said really if you do not stop O Lut you will be from the cast out; He said I am of your work from the detesters; My God save me and my family from what they are doing; So We saved him and all of his family; Except an old woman (his wife) is (going to be) from the past; Then We destroyed the rest; And We showered them with a proper rain (rain with brimstones) and how horrible was the rain of the forewarned; Indeed in that is a Miraculous Sign (= Ayah) and most of them were not believers; And indeed your God is the AlMighty, the Most-Merciful;

The companions of The Small Wood*** (= Asshab AlAykah) rejected as liars who were sent to them; When (Prophet) Shuaib told them will you not protect yourselves (by fearing Allah); For I am to you AN HONEST MESSENGER; So protect yourselves by fearing Allah and obey me; And I do not ask you for it any payment for my repayment is upon the God of the inhabitants of the worlds; And be adequate in the measurement and do not be from those who cause loss; And weigh with accurate scales; And do not deprive people of what is theirs and do not act wickedly corrupting in the land; And protect yourselves by fearing the One Who created you and the past generations; They said you are from the bewitched; And you are not except a human like us and we think you are certainly from the liars;
So bring down on us pieces of punishment from the sky if you (Prophet Shuaib) were from the truthful; He said My God knows best what you are doing; So they rejected him as a liar then the punishment of the Day of the Shade**** took them for it was the suffering of a grave day; Indeed in that is a Miraculous Sign but most of them were not believers; And your God is the AlMighty, the Most-Merciful;
And it (Qur'an) is a sending down from the God of the inhabitants of the worlds; The Honest Spirit (Angel Gabriel) came down with it; Upon your (Prophet Muhammad's) heart so that you become from the warners; In a fully developed (clear) Arabic tongue; And it (Qur'an) is (mentioned) in the (original) Scriptures (Psalms) of the former people.
Translation of: Ayat 105 - 196, Surat AlShuara'. (26:105-196)
* A tower for pigeons.
** There was a drought. Poor people and their cattle were deprived from their right to have water. So the she-camel was sent as a test.

*** The Companions of the Small Wood lived near the Cities of the Plains (Sodom and Gomorrah) to whom Prophet Lut was sent. (refer to Surat Hood)
Prophet Shuaib was sent to the Companions of the Small Wood and to the tribe of Midian (= Madyen). Prophet Shuaib is identified in the Syriac language as 'Jethro'. According to Abdullah Yusuf Ali in "The Holy Qur'an: English Translation...", page 1160 the Madyan people's sin was fraud and commercial immorality.
**** After many hot days they gathered under the shade of a big cloud. They liked the cool breeze at first then they were burnt in fire because of an earthquake.
Note: The punishment for the sinners (criminals in Allah's 'Court') is in stages depending on the crime committed.
Words: Tattaqi = Fear Allah in yourself, Mursaleen = Who were sent to them - Messengers, Ameen = Honest, Ateeouni = Obey me, As'al = I ask, Arthal = Lowest, Ilm = Knowledge, Hisab = Account, Tash'ur = Are aware - Sense, Ttarid = Drive away, FaFteh = Render judgment - Separate between us with judgement - Judge us openly, Tabni = Build, Ree' = High places, Ta'buth = Play around uselessly, Masani' = Fine buildings, Batasha = Attacked, Jabbarreen = Like Tyrants - Being tryrants, Itaqqou = Fear Allah (plural), Amadda = Provided, Waidh = Warner, Khulq = Morals, Yutee' = Submits, Musrif = Transgressor - Who goes beyond limits, Faarih = Pompus, Yufsid = Corrupts, Yuslih = Repairs, Qa'l = Detester - Leaver, Najini = Save me, Ajouz = Old woman, Ghabir = of the Past, Dammara = Destroyed, Awfou = Be adequate - Fulfill, Kayl = Measurement, Qistas = Scales - Balance, Mustaqeem = Accurate - Straight, AlAwalleen = The past, Jibillah = Generations, La Ta'sthau = Do not act wickedly, Mufsideen = Corrupting, Kisfan = Pieces of punishment, AlDhullah = The Shade.

Q: Who disputes in the lines of the Qur'an?

A: Ha Meem*; (The Qur'an) Sending down from Allah the AlMighty the All-Knowing; The Forgiver of sins and the Acceptor of Repentance - Severe in punishment - Infinite in bounty - there is no god but He - to Him is the destiny (the End); No one disputes in Allah's Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) except those who disbelieved so do not be deceived by their movement back and forth (for business)** across the land; Before them (disbelievers of pre-Islamic Arabia) the people of Noah (Prophet Nooh) rejected (Faith) as lies and the Parties (disbelieving communities) after them (did also) - and every community reached the point of removing its messenger and they disputed with falsehood to disprove the Truth so I (Allah) took them away (with punishment) and how was My punishment; And thus the Word of your God has come true against those who disbelieved that they are the companions of Fire (Hell).
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 6, Surat Ghafir. (40:1-6).
* Refer to the possible meaning of Ha Meem. (in Surat AlZukhruf)
** Successful rich businessmen.
Words: Ghafir = Forgiver, Thanb = Sin(s), Qaabil = Acceptor, Tawb = Repentance, Shadeed = Severe, Iqab = Punishment, Thi AlTawl = Infinite in Bounty (Attribute of Allah), Maseer = Destiny, Yujadil = Disputes, Yaghrur = Deceives, Taqalub = Movement back and forth, Bilad = Land, AlAhzab = The Parties - The disbelieving communities - Groups, Ummah = Community, Hammat = Reached the point of, Yakhudh = Removes, Batil = Falsehood, Yudhidh = Disproves, Haqq = Truth, Iqab = Punishment, Kathalika = Thus - In this way,

Q: Why do people continue to worship idols (statutes)?
A: And this (Qur'an) is a blessed Reminder (Message); We (Allah) sent it down so you are rejectors of it; And We gave ABRAHAM (IBRAHEEM) his maturity (of the mind) from before and We were well acquainted with him; When he said to his father and his people what are these statutes that you are to them devotees; They said we found our forefathers of them worshippers; He said certainly you and your forefathers had been in a manifest straying away (from Allah's Path); They said have you brought us the Truth or are you from the players; He said rather your (True) God is the God of the Heavens and the earth Who originated their creation and I am upon that from the witnesses; And by God I will certainly plot against your idols after you turn your backs going away; So he broke them into pieces except their biggest so that they may to it refer; They said who did this to our gods indeed he is certainly from the transgressors (offenders); They said we heard a boy talking about them - he is called Ibraheem (Abraham); They said then bring him in front of the eyes of the people so that they may witness (his trial); They said did you do this to our gods O Abraham? He said rather their biggest had done it so ask them if they can talk; So they turned to themselves then they said (to themselves) indeed you are the transgressors (against Allah); Then they lowered their heads (with shame) (and said to Abraham) you have certainly already known that those do not speak; He said do you then worship other than Allah what does not benefit you anything neither does it harm you; I am bored of you (= Uff*) and what you are worshipping other than Allhah so will you not use your brains; They said burn him and support your gods if you are going to do (it); We (Allah) said O Fire be cool and safe for Abraham; And they plotted against him but We made them the losers; And We delivered him and Lut** to the land (near Syria) that We blessed it for all people; And We gave him Isaac (Is'haq) and Jacob (Ya'qoub - Issac's son) as an additional gift and each one (of them) We made righteous; And We made them religious leaders guiding according to Our (Allah's) Command and We revealed to them doing of the righteous deeds and performing of the prayer and giving of the voluntary charity (= Zakat) and they were of Us (Allah) worshippers.
Translation of: Ayat 50 - 73, Surat AlAnbiya'. (21:50-73)
* Expression of displeasure.
** Prophet Lut was Abraham's nephew.
Words: Munkir = Rejector, Rushd = Maturity, Aalim = Well acquainted, Tamastheel = Statutes, Aakifeen = Devotees - Devoted, Aabideen = Worshippers - Worshipping, Dhalal = Straying away - Error, Mubeen = Manifest - Clear, Laaib = Player, Fatarahunna = Originated their creation, Akeed = Plot against, Assnaam = Idols, Juthath = In pieces, Fa'ala = did, Yanttiq = Talks, Yanfe' = Benefit, Yadhur = Harms, Uff = Bored - Expression of displeasure, Bard = Cool, Salam = Safe, Akhsareen = losers, Nafilah = additional gift.

Q: Why does Allah say that man is created hasty?
A: And when the disbelievers see you (Prophet Muhammad) they will but ridicule (make fun) you: Is this who talks of your gods?! And at the mentioning of the Most-Merciful they are rejectors of Faith. Human being is created hasty. Soon I will show you My Miraculous Signs (Indicative Signs of Allah) so do not make haste! And they say when is the Promise (Day of Judgment) if you were truthful?
Only if disbelievers knew when they will not be able to ward off the fire from their faces or their backs and they will not be helped. Yet it (Day of Judgment) will come upon them suddenly and it will make them speechless; So they can not push it away nor will they be given time. And the prophets before you (Prophet Muhammad) werw ridiculed so those who mocked from them (disbelievers) had suffered because of what they were ridiculing.
Translation of: Ayat 36 - 41, Surat AlAnbiya'.
Words: Min A'jal = Hasty - Of haste, Tasja'jil = Do not make haste, Wa'd = Promise, Sa'diq = Truthful, Yakuf = Wards off - Stops, Wajh = Face, Dhahr = Back, Baghtah = Suddenly, Bahata = made him speechless, Rad = Push away, Ustuhzia' = Was ridiculed.

Q: According to Allah's standards what is the base that without it all good deeds of a human being become of no use to him?
A: Allah, the Creator of everything and He is over everything a Controller; To Him belongs the keys (control) of the Heavens and the earth and those who disbelieved in the Miraculous Signs (Quranic Lines) of Allah those are the losers; Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) other than Allah then you order me to worship - you the ignorant ones; And it was already revealed to you (Prophet Muhammad) and to those (prophets) before you if you join any partner (with Allah) your work (good deeds) will certainly come to fail and you will certainly be from the losers; Rather (only) Allah do worship and be from the thankful.
Translation of: Ayat 62 - 66, Surat AlZumar. (39:62-66)
Words: Wakeel = Controller, Maqaleed = Keys - Control, Kafara = Disbelieved - Were ungrateful, AlKhasiroun = the losers, AfaGhayr Allah = Other than Allah then, Ta'murouni = You order me, AlJaahiloun = The ignorant ones - Without the right knowledge, Ouhiya = Was revealed, Ashrakta = Joined partners, LaYahbitanna = Will certainly come to fail, Amaluka = Your work, Bel = Rather, AlShakireen = The thankful.

Q: What is the argument that Allah made against the disbelievers who believe in anything other than Allah?
A: He (Allah) is Who created you from one soul and He made from it its mate so that he rests with her - so when he lied with her she became pregnant with a light pregnancy so she passed with it (unnoticed) so when she became heavy they both prayed to Allah their God - certainly if you grant us a righteous one (child) we will be from the thankful ones; So when He granted them a righteous one (child) they made parnters with Him in what He granted them so exalted Allah is High above what they partner with; How can they partner (with Allah) which does not create anything and they are created!; And they cannot support them (humans) neither can they support themselves; And if you call them for the Right Guidance (from Allah) they will not follow you - it is the same for them if you (all) call them or you remain silent;
For those whom you call upon other than Allah are servants (creation of Allah = ibad) like you so call them and let them answer you if you are truthful; Do they (idols*, humans, nature force, self and other forms of partnership) have legs with which they walk or hands with which they attack or do they have eyes with which they see or do they have ears with which they hear - say (command to Prophet Muhammad) call upon your partners (with Allah) then plot against me (Prophet Muhammad) and do not give me time;
(Prophet Muhammad says) Indeed my Ally is Allah Who has sent down the Scripture (Holy Qur'an) and He is The Ally of the righteous ones (believers); And those whom you call upon other than Him (Allah) they cannot support you neither can they support themselves; And if you call them (disbelievers) to the Right Guidance (from Allah) they will not hear and you see them looking at you while they cannot see (Allah's Guidance); (command to Prophet Muhammad) Seek forgiveness and order what is right and turn away from the ignorant ones.
Translation of: Ayat 189 - 199, Surat AlA'raf. (7:189-199)
* History of how idol-worshipping started.
Note: According to Hasanain Muhammad Makhlouf, Ex-Mufti (top religious scholar) of Egypt, these lines initially refer to Adam and Eve. They did not want their children to die so they listened to the whispering of Satan. They called their two sons 'AbdulHarasth' = Servant of AlHarasth, as Satan was known (AlHarasth) among the angels. So by naming their sons with this name, they both partnered with Allah - through the name only not the actual worship of Satan.
Words: Nafs = Soul, Yaskun = Rests, Taghasha = Lied with - Had a sexual intercourse, Hamalat = Became pregnant, Saleh = Righteous, Shuraka' = Partners, Yakhluq = Creates, Nasr = Support, Yshrik = Makes partner, Huda = Guidance, Samit = Remain silent, Ibad = Servants, Yastajeeb = Listens, Arjul = Legs, Aydi = Hands, Yabtish = Attacks, A'yun = Eyes, Athan = Ears, Keedouni = Plot against me, Welliyi = My Ally, Yanthuroun = Look, Yubsiroun = See, AlAfou = Forgiveness, Urf = what is right - Good deeds, A'ridh = Turn away, Jahileen = Ignorant ones - Those without knowledge.

Q: What is the main reason that makes most of the disbelievers not believe in Allah?
A: Have you (plural) not seen that Allah had made what is in the Heavens and what is on earth yield to you (for your benefit) and He bestowed upon you amply His Blessings - seen and unseen - and from people who disputes in Allah without knowledge and without Right Guidance (from Allah) and without an enlightening Book (Holy Book from Allah);

And if it was said to them follow what (Qur'an) Allah had sent down they would say rather we follow what we found our fathers upon (Allah says) even if Satan was calling them to the punishment of the Blazing Fire (in Hell).
Translation of: Ayat 20 - 21, Surat Luqman. (31:20-21)
Words: Sakhkhara = Made yield, Asbagha = Bestowed amply, Ni'amah = His blessings - Grace, Yujadilu = Disputes, Ilm = Knowledge, Huda = Right Guidance, Muneer = Englightening, Qeela = Said, Nattabie' = We follow, Yadou = Is calling, AlSa'eer = Blazing Fire - Hell.

Q: In life when one has the copyright of a work or a patent of an invention no one else can claim it. What are Allah's blessings on humans and has anyone else claimed what Allah had made and where is the proof?
Note: Remember the Qur'an is not mythology or human-made.

A: The Command (Day of Judgement) of Allah had come nearer so do not hasten it - glory to Him (= subhanhu*) and Elevated = Ta'ala) is He above what partner(s) they join (with Him); He sends down the angels through The Spirit (ArchAngel Gabriel)* with His (Allah's) Command upon whoever He wills from His servants (as messnegers) to warn that there is no god but I (Allah) so protect yourselves by fearing Me (Allah); He created the Heavens and the earth for a True Purpose - Elevated (= ta'ala) is He above what they join as partner(s) (with Him); He created man from sperm so suddenly he became a clear opponent (to Allah = khaseem);

And the livestock He created them - for you in them warmth and benefits and from them you eat; And for you in them beauty when you leave them to rest and when you leave them to graze; And they carry your burdens to a land you were not going to reach it without killing yourselves with tiredness; For your God is really Kind, Most-Merciful, And horses, mules and donkeys so as to mount them and a luxury and He creates what you do not know; And upon Allah is (to guide you) the Straight Path; And from them (paths) crooked and if He wills He would have guided you all;
He is Who sent down from the Heaven water ; For you from it a drink and out of it shrubs (grow) on which you let your cattle graze freely. He (Allah) produces for you with it (water) the crop, the olives, the palm trees, the vines and from every fruit; For in that is really a Miraculous Sign for people who contemplate; And He made to yield to you the night, the day, the sun, the moon and the stars yielding with His Command; Indeed in that certainly Miraculous Signs for men of understanding; And what He scatterd on earth for you (materials) of different colours**; Indeed in that is certainly a Miraculous Sign for the people who remember; And He made the sea yield so that you eat from it tender meat (fish) and you extract from it jewelry you wear and you see the ships cutting their way through it; Also so as to seek from His favour (from the sea) and perhaps you may be thankful; And He set up on earth fastening mountains so as it does not shake up with you and rivers and paths so that you may be guided (to Allah's Path); And landmarks and with the stars they guide themselves; SO IS THE ONE WHO CREATES SIMILAR TO THE ONE WHO DOES NOT CREATE WILL YOU THEN NOT REMEMBER (take heed); And if you enumerate the favours of Allah you cannot count them indeed Allah is certainly Most-Forgiving Most-Merciful; And Allah knows what you hide and what you reveal;

And those whom they call upon (pray to = yadoun) other than Allah do not create anything and they are created; (They are) Dead not living and they are not aware when they will be raised up.
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 21, Surat AlNahl. (16:1-21)
* Subhaana: Far and Above is Allah from any imperfection (reference Muhammad Alshareef 'founder of discoverulife.com').
Words: Ata = Had come nearer, Amr = Command, Tasta'jilouh = Do not hasten, Subhanahu = Glory to Him - Far and above is Allah from any imperfection, AlRouh = The Spirit (Angel Gabriel), Ittaqouni = Protect yourselves by fearing Me (Allah), Anthir = Warn, Nutfah = Sperm, Dife' = Warmth, Jamal = Beauty, Tasrah = Leave to graze freely, Asthqalakum = Your burdens, Shaq AlAnfus = Killing the selves with tiredness, Khayl = Horses, Bighal = Mules, Hameer = Donkeys, Qasdu AlSabeel = The Straight Path, Sharab = Drink, Taseem = Let to graze, Zaytoon = Olives, Sakhkhara = Made yield, Nujoum = Stars, Mukhtalif = Different, Alwan = colours, Lahm = Meat, Hilyah = Jewelry, Fulk = Ships, Najm = Stars, Yakhluq = Creates, AfaLa = Will you not then, Tathakkaroun = Remember - Take heed, Taudou = You Enumerate - You number, Amwat = Dead.

Q: Why should people stay away from arrogance?
A: And those who were before them (ancient disbelievers) plotted so Allah destroyed their buildings from their foundations so on them fell the roof from above them and the punishment came to them from where they were not aware of; Then on the Day of Judgement He (Allah) will disgrace them and He will say: Where are My partners that you were showing enmity and objection because of them (against Allah); Those who were given the (religious) knowledge will say indeed disgrace today and misery is upon the disbelievers; Those whose souls the angels take away while being unjust to themselves will surrender - (they say) we were not doing evil*** - certainly yes - indeed Allah is All-Knowing of what you (all) were doing so enter the Gates of Hell remaining for eternity in it and what a miserable dwelling place for the arrogant; And it was said to those who protected themselves (by fearing Allah) what had your God sent down - they said all that is good - to those who did good in this Life there is good (for them) and certainly the Other World is better and certainly what an excellent dwelling place of the righteous.
Translation of: Ayat 26 - 30, Surat AlNahl. (16: 26-30)
* In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: When the prophet Muhammad went with the Message of Islam to the people of AlTa'if near Mecca they turned him away. The Prophet bleeding and in tears looked up to see the Angel Gabriel looking down at him from a cloud. Gabriel told the Prophet that Allah has sent him to fulfill Muhammad's wish. If Muhammad wants Gabriel will ask the angel of the mountains to close up the two mountains that surround Mecca and its surrounding. The prophet said if Allah is satisfied with him he does not care about what has happened to him. He added that he prays that believers be born from their offspring.
** metals, stones, animals, birds...etc.
*** Remember that Satan encourages evil BEGINNING with making the action of 'partnering with Allah' look good to Satan's followers.
Words: Kharra = Fell down, AlSaqf = The roof - The ceiling, Yukhzeehim = Will disgrace them - humiliate them, Shuraka'i = My partners - Those whom you joined as partners with Me, Tushaqouna = Showing enmity and objection, AlSou'a = Harm - Evil, Tatawafahum = Takes their lives - Takes their souls, Dhalimee = Unjust, Khair = Good, AlMutaqeen = The righteous - Those who protect themselves by fearing Allah.

argument to learn the Quran

Q: In real human life is a slave equal to a free man?
A: And to Him (Allah) belongs whatever is in the Heavens and on earth: All to Him are submissive*; And He is Who originates the creation then He repeats it and it is easier for him; And to Him blongs the Ideal Example in the (creation of the) Heavens and the earth and He is the Al-Mighty, The All-Wise. He (Allah) has set an example for you from your own selves: Do you take for yourselves from your slaves partners in what We (Allah) had provided you with, so you (both parties) are equal in it? (And) You fear (make value for) them as you fear yoursleves?! That is how We detail the Miraculous Signs (indicative of Allah) for the people who understand - yet those who transgressed (against Allah) followed their whims (= Ahwa'ahum) without knowledge so who is going to guide whom Allah have left to stray and for them there are no supporters.
Translation of: Ayat 26 - 29, Surat AlRoum. (30:26-29)
* All humans are submissive (obedient) to Allah by nature when they are born. Remember man's First Covenant with Allah. (refer to Surat AlA'raf)
Words: Qaanitoun = Obedient, Yabde' = Originates - Begins, Yueed = Repeats, Ahwen = Easier, Mas(th)a; = Example, AlA'la = Ideal, Dharaba = set an example, Anfus = Selves, Malakat Ayman = Slaves, Shuraka' = Partners, Nufassil = Detail, Ya'qil = Understand, Ettaba' = Followed, Allatheena Dhalamou = Those who transgressed - Those who are ungrateful, Ahwa'ahum = Their whims - Fantasies - Desires, Yahdi = Guides, Adhdhala = Left to stray - be misguided, Nasireen = Supporter.

Q: Why does Allah give the disbelievers wealth and whatever they wish for?
Note: In life if we have a slave and he continuously disobeys us we will certainly not be generous to him. But Allah's concept of justice is different from humans.

A: Whoever wants the Hastened Life (life of this world) We (Allah) will hasten for him in it what We will to whoever We want then We make for him Hell to be burnt in it disgraced, chased away (from Allah's Mercy); And whoever wants the Other Life and he works for it its hard work (= Sa'yaha) while being a BELIEVER (in Allah) so those their work is appreciated (by Allah); To both (believers and disbelievers) We do provide these and those from the grant of your God; And the grant of your God is not restricted; Look howw We preferred some of them upon others and the Other Life is greater in ranks and greater in preference; Do not make with Allah another god otherwise you will end up disgraced, disappointed (in what you worshipped with Allah).
Translation of: Ayat 18 - 22, Surat AlIsra' (also known as Surat Beni Israel).
Words: AlAajilah = The Hastened Life - Life of this world, Ajjalnaa = We will hasten, Nureed = We want, Yassla = Be burnt, Mathmoum = Disgraced, Madhour = Chased away - Rejected, Sa'a = Worked, Sa'e' = Hard work, Mashkoura = Is appreciated, Ata' = Grant - Giving - Favour, Mahdhoura = Restricted, Fadhalna = We preferred, Darajaat = Ranks, Fataq'ud = You will end up - You will reamin, Makhthoula = Disappointed - Abandoned.

Q: When a person rejects Faith in Allah is he really doing good to himself?
Note: A true scence from the coming Day of Judgement.

A: Indeed those who disbelieved will be called (on Day of Judgment) certainly Allah's Hatred (to you) is greater than your hatred of yourselves* for you were called to the Faith (in Allah) but you were disbelieving (in it); They (disbelievers) said (on Day of Judgment) our God you made us dead twice** and you made us alive twice (in womb and on Day of Judgment) so we are confessing our sins so is there a way out (from Hell)***; Such (previously said) is because when Allah Alone is invoked (called) you disbelieve and when He (Allah any partner is joined to Him **** you believe so the Rule is to Allah the Most-Elevated, the Most-Great.
Translation of: Ayat 10 - 12, Surat Ghafir (40:10-12).
* Disbelievers who hate Allah hate their own selves because they bring Allah's Wrath on themselves.
** Before the spirit (soul) is injected in the fetus, the fetus is created dead. Then a person dies in Life.
*** "And the prayer of the disbelievers is not but in vain." Translation of Line 50 in Chapter Ghafir in the Qur'an.
**** Joining any Partnerwith Allah can be any form: Belief in one's self, natural forces, idols, heros, other characters ...etc.
Words: Yunaasdaun = Will be called, Maqt = Hatred, Anfusakum = Yourselves, Takfur = You disbelieve, Amattana = You made us die, Ahyyetana = You made us alive, Thalikum = That is - Such is - Previously said is, Du'iya = Was invoked, Yushrak = Partnered with, Hukm = Rule.

Q: If Allah's justice dictates that a town will not be punished if a prophet was not sent to it, what about Allah's punishment nowadays?
Hint: Prophet Muhammad was Allah's last messenger sent to ALL HUMANITY and he was the seal of Allah's prophets.
A: So are they (disbelievers) are asking to hasten Our (Allah's) punishment; So (command to Prophet Muhammad) have you thought if We (Allah) granted them (disbelievers) temporary enjoyment for years then what they were promised (punishment in life) reaches them; It will not be of use what they were given to enjoy; And We had not destroyed communities except they had their warners: As a reminder (of Allah) and We were not unjust.
Translation of: Ayat 204 - 209, Surat AlShuara'. (26:204-209)
Words: AFaRa'ayta = So have you thought, Athab = Punishment, Yasta'jil = asks to hasten, Matta' nahum = Granted them temporary enjoyment, Sineen = Years, Yuadoun = Were promised, Aghna = Be of use - Avails, Min Qaryatin = Communities - Towns, Ahlakna = Had not destroyed, Munthireen = Warners, Thikra = As a reminder; Dhalimeen = Unjust.

Q: Some rich polytheists who worshipped idols with Allah argued with the Prophet Muhammad that Allah had favoured them in This Life so they certainly will be favoured in the Other Life. What does Allah say about this?
A: Certainly for the righteous there are Gardens of Paradise with their God; Or are We (Allah) going to make Muslims (submitting to Allah Alone) equal to the sinners (disbelievers including polytheists);
What is wrong with you how you judge; Or do you have a scripture (of disbelief) in which you study; Certainly that for you in it whatever you choose?; Or do you have solemn oaths with Us (Allah) binding to the Day of the Resurrection that for you will be what you decide? Ask (command to Prophet Muhammad) them which one of them is a guarantor of that?; Or do they have partners (with Allah in their claim) so let them bring about their partners if they were telling the truth;

The Day (of Judgment) when the whole matter becomes very serious and they (disbelievers) will be asked to prostrate (bow down to Allah) but they will not be able (stiffened with fear); Their eyesight will be cast down - humiliation will tire them out and they were asked to prostrate when they were in good shape (in life);
(Allah says) So leave Me (Allah) Alone with whoever rejects this Word (Qur'an) as lies - We (Allah) will lure them gradually* from where they do not know; And I (Allah) will make them enjoy for quite a while for My Plotting is robust (firm); Or do you (Prophet Muhammad) ask them for a payment so they are burdened with debt; Or do they have the (World of) Unseen so they write (what will happen).
Translation of: Ayat 34 - 47, Surat AlQalam. (68:34-47)
* just like luring a mouse with a bait.
Words: Naj'al = We make, Mutaqqeen = Righteous, Mujrimeen = Guilty party - Sinners - Criminals, Tahkumoun = You decide (plural), Tadrus = Study, Takhayyar = You choose, Aymaan = Solemn oaths, Balighah = Binding, Tahkum = Decide, Sel = Ask, Zaeem = Guarantor - Claimant, Shuraka' = Partners, Yukshaf un saaq = it becomes very serious - very hard, Yud'aun = Will be asked, AlSjoud = Prostration (The forehead on the ground), La Yastattioun = They will not be able, Abssaruhum = their eyesight, Khashi'ah = Cast down, Tarhaquhum = Tires out, Thillah = Humiliation, Sujoud = Prostration, Saalimoun = In good shape, Tharni = Leave Me Alone, Hadeesth = Word - Speech, SaNastadrijuhum = We will lure, Umli = Give to enjoy for quite a while, Kaydi = My plotting, Mateen = Robust, Ajr = Payment, Mughram = Debt, Musthqal = Burdened, Yaktuboun = They write.

Q: Will idols and the other forms of gods that people associate with Allah defend themselves on the Day of Judgment? What will they say?
Note: A true scene of the coming Day of Judgement.
A: And the Day We (Allah) will gather them all and then We will say to those who joined partner(s) (with Allah) stop in your places - you and your partners (worshipped as gods) then we separated between them and their partners (with Allah) said you were not us worshipping; And Allah is Enough for a Witness between us and you for we were about your worship certainly inattentive; Then and there every soul will take notice of what it did in the past and they were returned to their God The Rightful Lord and went in vain what lies they were fabricating.
Translation of: Ayat 28 - 30, Surat Yunus. (10:28-30)
Words: Nahshuruhum = We gather them, Jameean = All, Makanakum = Stop in your places, Shuraka'ukm = Your partners, Zayyala = Separated - Broke up, Ta'bodoun = You were worshipping, Kafa = Enough, Ghafileen = Inattentive - Unware, Hunalika = Then and there, Mawlakum AlHaqq = Your God the Rightful Lord, Nafs = Soul, Tablou = Will takes notice - Will realize, Dhalla = Went in vain, Yaftaroun = Lies they were fabricating.

Q: Why don't people learn from the past to enable them to see the Truth from Allah?

A: And if they rejected you (Prophet Muhammad) as a liar so did before them the people of Noah disbelieved and the people of Aad (their Propeht Hood) and the people of Sthamud (their Prophet Saleh); And the people of Abraham (Ibraheem) and the people of Lut and the companions of Madyen (their Prophet Shuaib) and Moses was rejected as a liar; So I granted the disbelievers time to enjoy then I took them so how (tough) was My Condemnation (of their disbelieving); And how many towns did We (Allah) destroy when they were transgressors so they (towns) tumbled down on their roofs* (became upside down) and (there was) a deserted well and a built palace;
Have they (current disbelievers) not then traveled through the land (for contemplation) so that they have hearts with which they understand or ears with which they listen because it does not make the eyes blind but it blinds the hearts which are in the chests.
Translation of: Ayat 42 - 46, Surat AlHajj. (22:42-46)
* Roofs fell down first and the towns became upside down and compeletely devastated.
Words: Yukathib = Rejects as a liar, Nakeer = Condemnation - Disapproval, Ahlaka = Destroyed, Khawiyah Ala Urushiha = Tumbled down on their roofs - Became upside down, Became void of inhabitants - Completely devastated - Lying as ruins, Bi'r = Well, Muatalah = Deserted, Qasr = Palace, Musheed = Built, Quloub = Hearts, Ta'ma = Blinds, Sudour = Chests.

Q: At the time of the Prophet Muhammad what excuse did the disbelievers make for rejecting Faith in Allah?
A: And when the Truth from Us (Allah) reached them they (Arab polytheists) said only if he (Prophet Muhammad) was given what (Prophet) Moses was given (Miracles) - Did not they reject as lies what Moses was given from before - They said two types of magic (Miracles of Moses and the Qur'an) backed each other and they said indeed we are rejecting each of them as lies; Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) then bring about a Book from Allah* that is better guidance than both of them (Torah and Qur'an) so that I (Prophet Muhammad) follow it if you were telling the truth; And if they do not respond to you then let it be known to you (Prophet Muhammad) that they are indeed following their own whims (fancy - desires) and who can be further astray (lost) than the one who follows his own whim without Right Guidance from Allah - indeed Allah does not guide the transgressing (against Allah) people; And We (Allah) made the Word (Message of Allah) reach them** so that they may remember (the Message).
Translation of: Ayat 48 - 51, Surat AlQasas. (28:48-51)
* Remember that the polytheists of pre-Islamic Arabia worshipped Allah but they joined gods with Him and they rejected the Day of Judgement as lies.
** In their own Arabic tongue.
Words: Ja'a = Reached, Utiya = Was given, Sihran = Two types of magic, Tadhara = Backing each other - Helping, Kafir = Rejecting as lies, Ahda = Better guidance, Yastajeeb = Responds, Hawa = Whim - Desire, Wassala = Delivered - Passed on - Connected.

Q: Who is usually behind misleading people and making them disbelievers?
A: Indeed Allah had cursed (made away from His Mercy) the disbelievers and He had prepared for them a Blazing Fire; Remaining for eternity in it forever - they will not be finding an ally or a supporter; The Day their faces will be turned about in the Fire (of Hell) they will be saying we wish we obeyed Allah and obeyed the Prophet; And they said (on Day of Judgment) our God indeed we obeyed our masters and the great ones among us so they mislead us away from the (Straight) Path; Our God give them double of punishment* and curse them with a very big Curse.
Translation of: Ayat 64 - 68, Surat AlAhzab. (33:64-68)
* Double punishment for going astray themselves and leading others to stray away from Allah's Path.
Words: La'na = Cursed - Made away from Allah's Mercy - Utterd condemnation, Sa'eera = A Blazing Fire, Wali = Protector, Naseer = Supporter, Tuqallab = Turned about, Wujouh = Faces, YaLaytana = We wish, Ata'na = Obeyed, Sadat = Masters - Lords, Kubara' = Great ones, Dhe'fayn = double, Al'en = Curse.

Q: How much knowledge of the whole truth about Allah do the disbelievers have?
A: So avoid (command to Prophet Muhammad) those who turned away from Our Word (Qur'an) and they did not want except the Life of this World: That is their level of knowledge ; For your God knows best who went astray from His Path and He knows best who was guided (to the Straight Path of Allah).
Translation of: Ayat 29 - 30, Surat AlNajm.
Words: A'ridh = Avoid, Tawalla = Turned away, Thikr = Word of Allah - Message, Mablagh = Level - Standard, Ehtada = Was guided (to the Straight Path).

Q: Why does not Allah provide all disbelievers with a lot of wealth to enjoy life since there is nothing good for them in the Other Life?
Hint: Allah knows well human nature. Allah does not want all humans to be disbelievers. If Allah had given all disbelievers a lot of wealth without exception, the believers would have turned into disbelievers to attain the same.
A: And they said if only this Qur'an was sent down to a distinguished man from (either of) the two towns (near each other: Mecca and AlTa'if); Do they divide the Mercy of your God? - We (Allah) divided among them their livelihood in this Life and We raised some of them above others so that some of them take others in service and the Mercy of your God is better than what they accumulate (wealth);
And were it not for people to be one nation (of disbelivers)* We (Allah) would have cetainly made for those who disbelieve in the Most-Merciful (Allah) for their houses roofs of silver and staircases (of silver) upon which they ascend; And for their houses gates (of silver) and couches (of silver) to sit on; And ornaments and all of that is nothing but temporary enjoyment of the life of this world (= Mata' AlHayat AlDunya) and the Other World with your God is (better) for those who protect themselves (by fearing Allah).
* For fear that people will be tempted with richness and they become one nation of disbelievers.
Translation of: Ayat 31 - 35, Surat AlZukhruf. (43:31-35)
Words: Qaryah = Town - Village, Adheem = Distinguished - Great, Yaqsimoun = Divides, Ma'eeshatahum = Their livelihood, Rafa'na = We raised, Darajat =Ranks, Sukhriyah = In service, Khair = Better, Law La = Were it not, Byout = Houses, Suquf = Roofs, Fidhah = Silver, Ma'arij = Staircases, Yadhuroun = They ascend, Zukhruf = Ornament, Mata' = Temporary enjoyment, LilMutaqeen = For those who protect themselves - For those who are God conscious.

Q: Before rejecting Allah why should the disbeliveres contemplate in their own creation?
A: Condemned to ruin is man (a disbeliever) - how much of ungrateful (a disbeliever) is he; From what stuff He (Allah) created him; From a drop of sperm He created him then He brought him into proportion; Then He made The Path (of Allah) easily attainable* then he made him dead then he made him be buried**; Then when He pleases he will raise him up.
Translation of: Ayat 17 - 22, Surat Abasa. (80:17-22)
* Through contemplation in the creation of the human body.
** According to the late Islam scholar (Mufti Egypt) Hasanain Mohammad Makhlouf Muslims should bury their dead out of respect to the dead person and because it is the way of the Prophet (Sunnah); Not to burn the dead.
Words: Qutila = Condemned to ruin - Damned (away from Allah's Mercy), Ma Akfarah = How much of ungrateful is he How much of a disbeliever is he, Shaye' = stuff, Nutfah = Drop of sperm, Qaddara = Brought into proportion, AlSabeel = The Path, Yassara = made easily attainable, Amata = Made dead, Aqbara = Made him be buried, Ansharah = Raised him up - Resurrected him.

Q: Why should humans contemplate in the creation of their food?
A: By no means (no salvation) until he (man) performs what He (Allah) commanded him; So let man look into his food; For We (Allah) poured the water an abundant pouring; Then We split the earth a proper splitting; So we grew in it grains; And vines and fresh vegetation; And olives and palm trees; And gardens with thick trees; And fruits and fodder; A provision to enjoy for you and your cattle.
Translation of: Ayat 23 - 32, Surat Abasa. (80:23-32)
Words: Lamma = Until, Yaqdhi = Performs, Amarahu = Commanded him, Yandhur = Look, Tta'amihi = His food, Sababna = We poured, Shaqaqna = We split, Anbatna = We grew, Inaban = Vines - Grapes, Qudhba = Fresh vegetation, Nakhla = Palm tree, Gulba = Thick trees - Great, Fakihatan = Fruits, Abba = Fodder (for cattle), Mata'an = Provision for temporary enjoyment, LiAn'amikum = For your cattle.

Q: If there are truly gods other than Allah why will Allah punish them in Hell? Can not they defend themselves?
Note: Disbelievers who do not believe in Allah must believe in something else: Idols and what they represent, nature forces and what they represent or at least their own selves.

A: Indeed you (disbelievers) - and what (idols) you worship other than Allah are crushed rock (= hassab)* for Hell - you are going to get into it (Fire); If these were (really) gods they would not have got into it and all in it will remain for eternity; For them in it sighing (exhaling of angry Fire) and they in it can not hear (because of Fire's sound); Indeed for those to whom the Best Outcome (Paradise) from Us was pre-decreed those from it (Hell) are kept away; They do not hear its hissing and what their souls have desired in that they will remain for eternity; They will not be grieved with the Major Terror (= AlFaze' AlAkbar) and the angels will meet them this is your Day that you were promised.
Translation of: Ayat 98 - 103, Surat AlAnbiya'. (21:98-103)
* What flares the Fire.
Words: Ta'budoun = You worship, Doun Allah = Other than Allah, Hassab = Crushed rock - Small stones - Pebbles - Road Metal, Waaridoun = Will get in it, Zafeer = Sighing - Exhaling, Sabaqat = Was pre-decreed, AlHusna = The Best Outcome - The Happy Ending, Mubadoun = Kept away, Hasees = Hissing - Faint noise, Ishtahat = Has desired, Khalidoun = Remaining for eternity, Faze' = Terror, AlAkbar = The Major, Tatalaqa = Meets.

Q: What makes disbelievers absolutely dumbfounded (puzzled)?

A: And you (Prophet Muhammad) are calling them to a Straight Path (Allah's); And those who do not believe in the Other World are certainly deviated from the Path; And if We (Allah) had Mercy upon them and We removed what harm they are in they would certainly persist in their transgression - wandering about (away from Allah's Path = Ya'mahoun); And We overtook them with punishment but they did not humble themselves to their God nor were they begging (submissive to Allah). Until We opened upon them a gate of severe punishment then they in it became dumbfounded.
Translation of: Ayat 73 - 77, Surat AlMo'minoun. (23:73-77)
Words: Naakiboun = Deviated, Kashafna = We Removed, Dhur = Harm, Lajjou = Persisted, Tughyan = Transgression, Ya'mahoun = Wandering about, Istakana = Humbled himself, Yatadharra' = Begs, Fataha = Opened, Bab = Gate, Mubliss = Dumbfounded - Silent with astonishment.

Q: Before being punished what life do the disbelieving communities lead?
A: And We had sent (messengers) to nations before you (Prophet Muhammad) then We (Allah) overtook them with misery (poverty) and hardship (bad times) so that they might beg (Allah) earnestly; And if only they begged earnestly when Our violent attack reached them but their HEARTS had HARDENED and Satan MADE LOOK GOOD WHAT (bad deeds) THEY WERE DOING); So when they forgot what they were reminded about We opened upon them gates of everything (good) until when they rejoiced in what they were given We overtook them suddenly so they became dumbfounded (= Mublisoun); And those who transgressed were annihilated and Praise to Allah the God of the inhabitants of the Worlds.
Translation of: Ayat 42 - 45, Surat AlAn'am. (6:42-45)
Note: In a summary of a saying of Prophet Muhammad: The Prophet said that when Allah's severe punishment occurs righteous persons also perish with the sinners, when the vile deeds become dominant. (And they will be raised up according to their deeds). (reference will be added later)
Note: Remember the believers have the religious obligation to command the good and to prohibit the bad. In a summary of a saying of Prophet Muhammad: By Who has my soul in His Hand! You have to command the good and prohibit the bad or Allah will be about to send a punishment upon you and then you will call upon Him and you will not be answered.
Note: In a summary of Prophet Muhammad's saying: Who sees an atrocity (bad action) let him change it with his hands. If not with his tongue. If not within his heart and that is the weakest of Faith (= Iman).
Words: Yatadharra'oun = Beg earnestly, FaAkhathnahum = Then We Overtook them - Seized - Punished, BilBa'saa'i = With Misery, WelDharraa' = Hardship - Bad times, Ba'suna = Our violennt attack, Zayyana = Made look good, Nasau = They Forgot, Abwab = Gates, Farihou = They rejoiced, Qutia' Dabir = Were annihilated - extinguished.

Q: Nowadays when people go far in their transgression against Allah why does not Allah punish them severely as He punished the old generations of Aad, Sthamud, Pharaoh...etc.?

A: They (disbelievers) said O Noah (Prophet) you have disputed with us and prolonged our argument so bring upon us what (punishment) you are promising us if you were from the truthful; He said it is Allah Who will bring it upon you if He wills and you are not going to make Him give up (= biMu'jizeen); And my GOOD ADVICE* (= Nusshi) will not be of use to you if I wanted to GIVE YOU ADVICE if Allah wanted to let you be misguided - He is your God and to Him you will be returned.
Translation of: Ayat 32 - 34, Surat Hood. (11:32-34)
* Prophet Muhammad said (AlDeen AlNasseeha = Religion is Good Advice).
Words: Jaadaltana = Have disputed with us - Argued, Akstharta = Prolonged, Mu'jizeen = Making Him give up - Defeat Him; Nusshi = My good advice, Yanfaukum = Be of use to you, Anssaha = Give you advice, Yughwiyakum = Let you be misguided, Turja'oun = You will be returned.

Q: What two Signs from the past and the present does Allah want people to contemplate about?
A: And does it not guide them the number of the generations that We (Allah) destroyed before them - Walking in their dwellings indeed in that there are certainly Miraculous (indicative) Signs (of Allah) so will they not listen; Have they not seen that We (Allah) drive the water to the barren land so We produce with it vegetation from which their cattle eats and they themselves so will they not realize.
Translation of: Ayat 26 - 27, Surat AlSajdah. (32:26-27)
Note: Refer to the ancient site of Mada'in Saleh (= Towns of Prophet Saleh) in Saudi Arabia.
Also refer to another video of the archaeological site "Mada'in Saleh" in Saudi Arabia. (under Note)
Words: A Lem Yahdi = Does not guide - Show the way - Direct, Ahlakna = We destroyed, Min Qabl = From before, Yamshoun = Walking, Masakin = Houses, Yasme'oun = Listen, Nasooq = We drive, Juruz = Barren, Zare' = Vegetation, Yubsiroun = Realize - Understand.

Q: If Allah's Scripture from the ancient times had been found would the disbelievers have believed in Allah?
A: And they (polytheist Arabs) were certainly saying; If only we had a Scripture* from the ancient people; We certainly would have been Allah's devoted servants; Then they rejected it (Qur'an) as lies so they will come to know;
And Our (Allah's) Word had been pre-uttered for our servants - the messengers; Indeed they are certainly the supported ones (by Allah); And (that) Our soldiers (= Jundana*) are the victorious ones; So turn away (command to Prophet Muhammad) from them for some time; And give them time for they will come to see; Is it Our punishment they are hastening; But when it strikes their courtyard so how miserable the morning of the warned people will be; So turn away from them for some time; And (just) watch for they will come to see.
Translation of: Ayat 167 - 179, Surat AlSaffat. (37:167-179)
* They are supported by Allah because they are on Allah's Path. Remember Allah has angels as His soldiers. (refer to Surat AlMuddasthir)
** Like the Scripture of the Jews and the Christians.
Words: Yaqoul = Says, Awwal = Ancient, Ibad = Servants, Mukhlis = Devoted, Sabaqat = Pre-uttered, Kalimah = Word, Ibad = Servants, Mursal = Messenger, Mansour = Supported, Jund = Soldiers, Ghaliboun = Victorious ones, Tawwala = Turn away, Nazala Aladab = Punishment strikes, Sabah = Morning, Munthareen = Warned people, Absir = Give time - Watch, Yubsir = Comes to see.

Q: What is the major sin that Allah does not forgive?
A: And they (disbelievers) turned to one another (on the Day of Judgment) questioning; They said indeed you (masters) were coming to us (disbelieve) from the Right*. They (masters) said but you were not believers; And We did not have upon you any authority rather you were just people who transgress (against Allah); So the Word of Allah has come true about us that we are (altogether) certainly going to taste (the punishment); So we misguided you for we certainly were (ourselves) misguided; So certainly they are that Day in the punishment participants; That is how We (Allah) certainly do with the sinners;
For when it was said to them there is no god except Allah they used to become arrogant; And they were saying are we going to leave our gods for the sake of a possessed poet; (Allah says) Rather he (Prophet Muhammad) came with the Truth and he confirmed those who were sent as messngers (before him); (Allah says) You are certainly going to taste the Severe Punishment (in Hell); And you will not be repaid except what you were doing**.
Translation of: Ayat 27 - 39, Surat AlSaffat.
* The Right Side = 'AlYameen' has significance for Muslims. For example healthy Muslims should eat and drink with the right hand. The Prophet Muhammad used to lie down on his right side...etc.
** Remember the repayment on the Day of Judgement with the productive result of deeds.
Words: Yatasa'al = Is questioning, Ta'ti = Comes, Yameen = Right, Sultan = Authority, Taagheen = Transgressing (plural) - Unfair, Ghaawi = Misguided - In error, Mushtarikoun = Participants - Sharing, Mujrimeen = Guilty party - Sinners, Kanou Yastakbiroun = They used to become arrogant - Become hauty, Tarik = Leaving, Majnoon = Possessed - Mad, Saddaqa = Confirmed, Mursaleen = Those who were sent as messengers, Tujzaun = Be repaid.

Q: What is the argument that the Prophet Abraham (Ibraheem) made against the idol worshippers?
A: And (command to Prophet Muhammad) do recite upon them the narrative of Abraham (Prophet Ibraheem); When he said to his father * and his people what do you worship; They said we worship idols so to them we remain devoted; He said do they hear you when you pray; Or can they do you good or harm; They said rather we found our fathers doing the same (worshipping idols);
He said so do you see what you were worshipping; You and your ancient forefathers; For they are an enemy to me except the God of the inhabitants of the Worlds; Who created me so He guides me; And Who gives me food and gives me drink; And when I become ill so He cures me; And Who will make me dead then (on Day of Judgement) He will bring me to life; And Whom (Allah) I HOPE to FORGIVE ME MY Fault (= Khateeati) on the Day of Judgment.
Translation of: Ayat 69 - 82, Surat AlShuara'. (26:69-82)
* Azar in the Qur'an (= Tareh). Refer to the Prophets' Map (on the top of the word "Abraham").
Words: Naba' = Narrative - Story, Ab = Father, Ta'budoun = You worship, Assnam = Idols, Aakifeen = Remain devoted - Remain bent down, Yasme'ounakum = Hear you, Tadoun = You pray - You supplicate - You call on, Yanfaounakum = Do you good - Benefit, Yadhurounakum = Harm you, Wajadna = We found, Yafalun = Doing, Adou = Enemy, Khalqani = He created me, Yahdeeni = He guides me, Yuttemoni = He gives me food, Yasqeeni = Gives me drink, Maridhtu = I Become ill, Yashfeeni = He cures me, Yumeetuni = He makes me dead, Yuhyeeni = He brings me to life, Attmeau = I hope, Khateeati = My fault - My sins.

Q: What is the major hidden reason behind some disbelievers' rejection of faith in Allah?
Hint: Fear from people.
A: And they (disbelievers of Mecca) said if we follow the right Guidance* with you (Prophet Muhammad) we will be swept away from our land (through wars) - (Allah says) had We not made influntial for them a safe sanctuary (AlKa'ba)** to which is brought fruits from every kind - as a provision from Us (Allah) yet most of them do not understand; And how many towns did We destroy because they were ungrateful to their (rich) livelihood; So those (tracts) are their houses which had not been inhabited*** after them except a little; And We (Allah) were the Inheritors.
Translation of: Ayat 57 - 58, Surat AlQasas. (28:57-58)
* They admitted that Islam with its Prophet Muhammad and the Holy Qu'ran is the Right Guidance.
** The Prophet Abraham with his son the Prophet Ishmael built the Ka'ba (House to worship Allah) many centuries ago. The Arabs of Mecca were the custodians of The Ka'ba. Arabs from all the surrounding areas were making pilgrimage to The Ka'ba which then included around 300 idols as partners with Allah Whom the Arabs then acknowledged.

*** For example "The Rocky Tract = Wadi (= Valley) AlHijr" in Saudi Arabia (= The ancient houses of Sthamud - the people of the Prophet Saleh). According to the translator Abdullah Yusuf Ali in "the Holy Qur'an: English Translation...", pages 725-726, the tract is north of Madinah. Mount (= Jabal) Hijr is about 150 miles north of Madinah... Remains of these rock edifices in the Hijr are still found, and the City of Petra is not more then 380 miles from Jabal (Mount) Hijr.
Note: In a summary of a known saying of the Prophet Muhammad: Do not enter the places of those who were punished by Allah except when you are crying. And the Prophet covered himself up and walk hurriedly with his companions when they had to cross the Valley of AlHijr (in Saudi Arabia) where the ancient people of Sthamud (their prophet was Saleh) perished. The Arab people of Sthamud were the remenants of the Arab People of "Aad" who were originally in Yemen. (refer to the Note under Surat AlAhqaf)
Words: Nattabe' = Follow, Huda = Guidance, Nutakhataf = We will be swept away - taken by force, Numakkin = Made influential - Made available with authority, = Haram = Sanctuary, Aamin = Safe, Yujba = Brought to, Sthamarat = Fruits, Shaye' = Thing, Ahlaka = Destroyed, Batara = Was ungrateful, Ma'eesha = Livelihood, Masakin = Houses, Waaris(th) = Inheritor,

Q: What does connect the disbelievers of all times?
A: So indeed for those who have transgressed a full share (of punishment) just like the full share of their associates (of ancient times) so let them not hasten Me (Allah)! So woe (destruction) to those who disbelieved from their Day (of Judgment) that they are promised!
Translation of: Ayat 59 - 60, Surat AlThariyat.
Words: Dhalama = Transgressed - Crossed Allah's limits, Thanoub = Full Share - According to Hassanain Mohammad Makhlouf, Egypt's ex-mufti (a top scholar of Islam), Thanoub is originally a bucket full of water and Thana'ib is the plural, Asshab = Associates - Fellows, Yasta'jil = Hasten, Wayl = Woe, Youad = Is promised.

Q: What are those called who were Muslims then they turned into disbelievers?
A: For those who were believers then they rejected faith as lies then they became believers then they rejected faith as lies then they augmented their disbelief, Allah was not going to forgive them neither to guide them to the Path (of Allah). Give the news (order to Muhammad) to the hypocrites that certainly for them is a severe punishment.
Translation of: Ayat 137 - 138, Surat AlNisa'.
Words: Amanou = Were believers, Kafarou = Rejected faith, Ezdadou = Augmented - Increased, Munafiq = Hypocrite.

Q: What characteristics a book should have that entitles it to be considered a Holy Book from a god other than Allah?
Hint: The truth in it; Not its mythologies.
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) have you seen (considered) what you pray to other than Allah - show me what they created on earth - or do they have a share (in the creation) of the Heavens - bring me a (Holy) Book before this* (other than Allah's Books) - or remnant of (real) knowledge if you are telling the truth;
And who can be more astray (= Adhallu) than the one who prays to other than Allah that do not answer him until the Day of Judgment and they of their prayers are unaware; And when people will be gathered (on Day of Judgment) they (worshipped) will be their (worshippers) enemies and they will reject their worship as lies.
Translation of: Ayat 4 - 6, Surat AlAhqaf. (46:4-6)
* The Quran and the Torah revealed to Prophet Moses and the Injil (Gospel) revealed to Jesus peace be upon him are from One Source called "The Origin (Mother of the Book = Um AlKitab) - well guarded by angels in the Heaven. "Allah erases and makes firm what He wants. And He has The Origin Of The Book (Um AlKitab).". Translation of Line 39 in Chapter AlRa'd in the Qur'an.
Words: Araytum = Have you seen, Khalaqa = Created, Shirk = Share, Astharah = Remnant, Ilm = Knowledge, Adhal = Had gone astray, Yastajeeb = Answers, Ghafil = Unaware - Inattentive, Hushira = Gathered, A'da' = Enemies.

Q: What are the two major things that the polytheists should consider to reach the truth about Allah?

A: And We (Allah) destroyed what were around you from communities and We detailed the Miraculous Signs (Lines of the Qur'an in different ways = Sarrafna) so that they may return (to Allah); So only if those whom they took other than Allah gods to bring them nearer (to Him) helped them - yet they (gods) got lost from them (disbelievers) and that was their untruth and what they were making up.
Translation of: Ayat 27 - 28, Surat AlAhqaf. (46:27-28)
Words: Ahlaka = Destroyed, Qura = Communities - Towns, Hawl = Around, Sarrafa = Detailed, Yarje' = Return, Nasara = Helped, Etakhada = Took, Qurban = To make one nearer, Aaliha = gods, Dhalla = Got lost, Ifk = untruth - Lying, Yaftari = Makes up - Fabricates.

Q: Why do some disbelievers worship idols?
A: And they worship other than Allah what (idols) do not harm them nor do they benefit them and they say: these are our mediators with Allah - say (command to Prophet Muhammad) are you telling Allah about what He does not know in the Heavens or in the earth (Allah knows all) - glory to Him and High is He above what they partner with (Him).
Translation of: Ayah 18, Surat Yunus.
Words: Ya'budoun = Worship (plural), Doon Allah = Other than Allah, Yadhur = Harms, Yanfe' = Benefits, Shufa'a' = Mediators - Intermediary agents, Tunabe' = You tell, Ya'lam = Knows, Yushrik = Partner with - Joins partners with Allah.

Q: What is the major argument for not believing in Allah of the ancient and the recent disbelievers?
A: And those who disbelieved said is it that when we become dust as well as our forefathers we are certainly going to be brought out; Certainly we had been promised this and our forefathers from before this nothing but only mythologies (made up stories = Asateer) of the ancient people; Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) walk throught the land and see how the ending* was of the criminals (sinners in Allah's Court).
Translation of: Ayat 67 - 69, Surat AlNaml. (27:67-69)
* Exmaple the disbelieving people of 'Sthamud' who had Prophet Saleh among them.(refer to Surat AlQamar)
And their archaelogical site now in Saudi Arabia.
Note: Encourage ancient history research to find the truth about the ending of ancient civilizations.
Words: Ya'budoun = Worship (plural), Doon Allah = Other than Allah, Turab = Dust - Soil - Earth, A'Inna = We are certainly, Mukhrajeen = Going to be brought out, Wouidna = We were promised, Aba'una = Our forefathers, Asateer = Mythologies, Seerou FiLArdh = Walk through the land, FenDhorou = And see - And consider, Aaqibat = Ending, Mujrimeen = Criminals - Sinners - Guilty party.

Q: What do the disbelievers sometimes wish that they were?
A: Alif Lam Ra* Those are the Mirculous Signs (Lines or Verses) of The Book** and (they are in) an Explicit Qur'an (Book of recitation); Sometimes those who disbelieved wish*** if they were Muslims (submitting to Allah); Leave them to eat and indulge in temporary enjoyment and be distracted by (false) hope for they will come to know.
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 3, Surat AlHijr. (15:1-3)
* Letters at the beginning of the Chapter from Allah's World of the Unseen not known in any human language.
** Allah's Origin of His Holy Books known in the Qur'an as Um AlKitab = The Mother (Origin) of The Book.
*** When they consider the purpose of their lives.
Words: Mubeen = Explicit - Fully developed, Thar = Leave, Ya'kul = Eats, Yatamate' = Indudge in temporary enjoyment, Yulhihim = Be deluded, Amal = Hope, Ya'lam = Comes to know.

Q: Why will the disbelievers be burdened with double their weight of sins on the Day of Judgment?
A: And the ones who disbelieved say to the ones who believed follow our way and we are going to carry your sins - and they are not carrying any of their (the believers') sins for they are certainly liars; And for sure they are going to carry their (own) weights (of sins) and weights with their own weights and on the Day of Judgement they will be questioned about what lies they were making up.
Translation of: Ayat 12 - 13, Surat AlAnkaboot.
Words: Etabe' = Follow, Sabeel = Way, Nahmil = We will carry, Khataya = Sins, Haamil = Carrying, Kaathib = Liar, As(th)qal = Weights, Yusal = Questioned, Yaftari = Makes up lies.

Q: What proof will those who join any partner with Allah provide Allah with on the Day of Judgment?

A: And the Day (of Judgment) He (Allah) will call them (who partners with Allah) so He will say where are My partners whom you were claiming; And We (Allah) pulled out (= Naza'na) from every community (that joins any partner with Allah) a witness (leader = Shaheed*) so We (Allah) said bring about your proof (= burhanakum) so they came to know that the Truth is Allah's and there goes astray what lies they were making up.
Translation of: Ayat 74 - 75, Surat AlQasas. (28:74-75)
* Remember the strongest in enemity with Allah will suffer the most (refer to Ayat 68 - 70 in Surat Maryam).
Words: Yawm = Day, Yunadi = He calls, Shuraka'i = My partners, Tazamoun = You were claiming - making up, Ummah = Community, Shaheed = Witness, Naza'na = We pulled out - We extracted by force, Hatou = Bring about, Burhanakum = Your proof, Alimou = They came to know, AlHaqq = The Truth, Dhalla = Goes astray, Yaftaroun = Lies they were making up.

Q: Do the disbelievers believe there is a real purpose behind the creation of the sky and the earth that they refer to as phenomena (major events) created by chance?
A: And We (Allah) did not create the sky and the earth and what is between them without purpose - that is the assumption (guessing) of those who disbelieve so woe (destruction) to those who have disbelieved from the Fire (Hell); Or are We (Allah) going to make those who believed and did the righteous deeds similar to the corrupters on earth, or are We going to make the righteous people similar to the dissolute people (lacking restraint)?!
Translation of: Ayat 27 - 28, Surat Saad.
Words: Khalqa = Created, Batil = Without purpose - In vain, Dhann = Assumption - Guessing, Wayl = Woe, Kafara = Disbelieved - Considered as lies, Amila = did, Salihat = Righteous deeds, Mufsideen = Corrupters, Fujjar = Dissolute people.

Q: Why did the Prophet Abraham (Ibraheem) try very hard to convince his father not to worship idols made of stones?
A: And mention (command to Prophet Muhammad) in the Book (Qur'an) Abraham (Prophet Ibraheem) for he was veracious (very honest) - a prophet; When he said to his father O my father why do you worship what can not hear or see nor can it be (against Allah) of any help to you; O my father for it reached me from the knowledge (from Allah) what it did not reach you so do follow me - I will guide you to a Straight Path (of Allah);
(Prophet Abraham says) O my father do not worship Satan* for Satan had been to the Most-Merciful disobedient; O my father indeed I fear that a punishment (in life) from the Most Merciful afflicts you so you will be (doomed) an ally of Satan (enemy of Allah); He (Abraham's father) said are you turning away from my gods O Abraham? - certainly if you do not stop it I will for sure stone you and leave me for ever; He (Abraham)** said peace be on you - I will ask my God for forgiveness for you for He has been to me Gracious; And I will (peacefully) dissociate myself from you (= A'tazilukum) and what you (all) call upon other than Allah and I will call upon my God - hopefully by calling upon my God I will not be miserable (if Allah is Angry with me).
Translation of: Ayat 41 - 48, Surat Maryam. (19:41-48)
* Worshipping idols or any form of power is equal to worshipping Satan because Satan leads to any worship other than Allah. (refer to Surat AlFurqan)
** No compromise in Allah's Religion.
Words: Uthkur = Mention, Siddiq = Veracious - Honest, Abati = My father, Yasme' = Hears, Yubsir = Sees, Yugni = Be of use, La Shaye' = Anything, Ettabe' = Follow, Ta'bud = You worship, Assey = Disobedient - Rebellious, Yamas = Inflicts, Adhab = Punishment, Wali = Ally - Supporter, Aragib = Are you turning away, Aliha = gods, Tantahi = Stop it, Arjum = I stone, Uhjur = leave, Maleya = For ever, Astaghfir = I ask forgiveness, Hafey = Gracious - Hospitable, A'tazilukum = I dissociate myself from you (plural) - I separate myself from you, Dua' = Calling upon, Shaqeya = Miserable.

Q: In common what do the disbelievers in Allah deny?
A: So did We (Allah) become tired from the first creation? NO! But they (disbelievers) are confused about a renewed creation (resurrection)!
Translation of: Ayah 15, Surat Qaf.
Words: A = ?, Fa = So, Aya = Became tired, Khalq = Creation, Awwal = First, Bel = No! But, In Labs = Confused, Khalq = Creation, Jadeed = Renewed - New.

Q: What will the disbelievers think of one another on the Day of Judgment?

A: And he (Prophet Abraham = Ibraheem) said (to his people) indeed you have taken (for worship) other than Allah idols to befriend* one another in this Life then on the Day of Judgment you will reject as liars one another and you will curse one another and your dwelling will be the Fire (of Hell) and you will not have any supporters.
Translation of: Ayah 25, Surat AlAnkaboot.
* For wordly gains.
Words: Etakhatha = Took, Down = Other, Aws(th)an = Idols, Mawaddah = Friendship, Yakfur = Reject as liar, Yalan = Curse, Ma'wa = Dwelling, Nasir = Supporter.

Q: When the following questions are asked what answers could those who join partners with Allah give?
Note: Remember that joining any partner with Allah can be anything other than Allah: Belief in one's self as god, natural forces, idols, heros, other characters...etc.
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) who gives you sustenance from the Heaven and the earth - Or who is that (other than Allah) who has power over hearing and sight - and who brings out the living from the dead and brings out the dead from the living* - and who regulates all affairs** - so they (polytheists of Pre-Islamic Arabia) will say Allah - so say then will you not protect yourselves by fearing (Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 31, Surat Yunus. (10:31)
* Example the living new-born from the dead mother, and the egg (dead) from the hen (living).
** Lines (Verses) 29 - 30 in Surat (Chapter) AlRahman in the Qur'an are translated as: "Whoever is in the Heavens and the earth ask Him (Allah) - every day He is in business; So which favour of your (both humans and Jinn) God do you deny?!"
Words: Yarzuq = Gives sustenance - Gives food and wealth, Yamlik = Has power, Same' = Hearing, Absar = Eyesight, Yukhrij = Brings out, Yudabbir = Regulates - Sees over, AlAmr = All affairs, Tattaqoun = Protect yourselves by fearing (Allah)..

Q: What special field of history does the Qur'an encourage the disbelievers to explore and why?
A: And have they (disbelievers) not proceeded on land and looked into what the ending was of those (ruined) who were before them - Allah brought destruction on them and for the (current) disbelievers are their similar (endings).
Translation of: Ayah 10, Surat Muhammad. (Known also as Surat AlQital) (47:10)
Hint: Study ancient history!
Words: Yaseer = Proceed - Travel - Walk, Yanthur = Look into - Think, Aqibat = Ending - Aftermath - Consequences, Dammara = Brought destruction, Ams(th)al = Similar (plural).

Q: Do the disbelievers make justice when they worship their own selves, symbols of heroism, idols or join partners with Allah?
A: Praise to Allah Who created the Heavens and the earth and He made the veils of darkness and the light then those who disbelieved with their God they hold (other things) equal.
Translation of: Ayah 1, Surat AlAn'am.
Words: Khalqa = Created, Ja'ala = Made, Dhulumat = Veils of darkness, Noor = Light, Ya'dil = Holds as equal.

Q: How much share do those whom some people worship other than Allah own from the Universe?
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) pray (you all) to those whom you claimed (gods) other than Allah!!* - they do not control the weight of a speck of dust in the Heavens or the earth and they do not have in them both any share and He (Allah) among them (man-made gods) has no helper.
Translation of: Ayah 22, Surat Saba'.
* Scolding tone.
Words: Udou = Pray to - Call on, Za'mtum = You claimed (plural), Yamlik = Controls - Owns - Has power, Misthqal = The weight of, Tharrah = Speck of dust - Atom, Shirk = Share, Dhaheer = Helper.

Q: Who is to blame when a leader disbelieves in Allah?
A: And in Moses (Prophet Moosa) when We (Allah) sent him to Pharaoh (Phiroun) with a manifest authority; so he turned away with his supporters and he said a magician or a madman; Then We (Allah) seized them (in punishment) and his soldiers and We threw them in the water while he was blameworthy.
Translation of: Ayat 38 - 40, Surat AlThariyat.
Words: Sultan = Authority - Power, Rukn = Supporters, Majnoon = Madman, Akhatha = Overtook them - Punished them, Nabatha = Threw, Alyem = The water, Muleem = Blameworthy.

Q: What type of relationship will the disbelieving leaders have with their followers on the Day of Judgment?
A: When those who were followed (the leaders) cleared themselves from those who followed and they (all) saw the Punishment (on the Day of Judgment) and the links were severed between them; And those who followed said only if we have a return (to Life) so that we clear ourselves from them as they cleared themselves from us - that is how Allah shows them their deeds - regrets upon them and they are not getting out of Fire.
Translation of: Ayat 166 - 167, Surat AlBaqarah.
Words: Tabarra' = Cleared, Utoubiou = Were followed, Ettabaou = Followed, Athab = Punishment, Taqattat = Were severed - Were cut off, Asbab = Links - Ropes, Karrah = Return, Hasarat = Regrets, Khaarij Min = Getting out.

Q: What is the reality of what the disbelievers worship?
A: So do not get into a dispute about what these people* (disbelievers) worship - they do not worship except what their fathers worshipped before and We are certainly going to pay them their share (of punishment) in full without being reduced.
Translation of: Ayah 109, Surat Hood. (11:109)
* Reference is to the Arabs around the Prophet Muhammad.
Note: Those who say they worship nothing in fact they worship their own desires. (refer to Surat AlFurqan)
Words: La Takun = Do not get - Do not be, Fi Miryah = Into a dispute - In doubt, Illa = Except, Muwaffouhum = Going to pay them in full, Nasseeb = Share, Ghayra Manqouss = Without being reduced.

Q: What is the main reason that the disbelievers of the past rejected their prophets?
A: Have the news of those who disbelieved from before not reached you! so they tasted the consequence of their action and for them a severe punishment (on Day of Judgment); for their prophets were coming to them with the Clear Signs (from Allah) so they said: Are humans guiding us?! so they disbelieved and they turned away and Allah did without (them) and Allah Can Do Without, Worthy of all Praise.
Translation of: Ayat 5 - 6, Surat AlTaghabun.
Note: To make people believe some divine characteristics were attributed by humans to some prophets.
Words: Naba' = The news, Thaqa = Tasted, Wabal = Consequence, Amr = Action, Aleem = Severe, Ta'ti = Comes - Reaches, Bayenat = Clear Signs, Bashar = Humans, Yahdi = Guides, Tawwala = Turned away, Estaghna = Did without, Ghani = Can do without, Hameed = Worthy of all Praise.

Q: Why did Moses (Prophet Moosa) remind his people of Allah's Favour upon them?
A: And when Moses (= Prophet Moosa) said to his people remember the favour of Allah upon you when He saved you from the people of Pharaoh - they were forcing upon you the worst of the punishment and they were killing your sons and shaming your women and in that a great trial from your God; And when your God made it known that certainly if you give thanks I (Allah) will certainly give you more and certainly if you disbelieve (ungrateful) indeed My (Allah's) punishment is certainly severe; And Moses said if you disbelieve you (all) and whoever is on earth altogether then Allah is certainly Who can do without, Worthy of all Praise.
Translation of: Ayat 6 - 8, Surat Ibraheem. (14:6-8)
Words: Uthkuru = Remember, Anjaynakum = We saved you, Yasoumoun = Forcing upon you, Sou' = Worst, Yuthabbihoun = Were killing, Yastahyoun = Shaming - Taking into service - Making them ashamed to face anyone - Raping, Bala' = Trial, Taththana = Made known, Shakartum = You give thanks - You become grateful, Takforou = You disbelieve (plural) - You become ungrateful, Men = Whoever, Jameean = All of you, Ghani = Who can do without, Hameed = Worthy of all Praise.

Q: Why do the current disbelievers say things similar to the past disbelievers?
A: And those who do not have (proper) knowledge said: If only Allah speaks to us or a Sign (miracle) reaches us (to believe) - In that way those who were before them said similar to their saying - their hearts were alike - We (Allah) made clear the Signs to the people who are certain about their faith.
Translation of: Ayah 118, Surat AlBaqarah.
Words: Ya'lam = Has (proper) knowledge, Lawla = If only, Kathalika = In that way - The same, Min Qabl = Before, Misthla = Similar, Qawl = Saying - Speech, Tashabahat = Are alike, Bayyana = Made clear, Yuqin = Is certain about his faith - Is convinced.

Q: Why do the disbelievers not expect to meet Allah?

A: For those who do not expect to meet Us (Allah) and they became satisfied with this life and felt secure about it and those who are of Our Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Verses) (intentionally) inattentive (unaware = Ghafiloun)*; Those - their dwelling is the Fire (Hell) for what they were earning (of deeds).
Translation of: Ayat 7 - 8, Surat Yunus.
* Why and how does one become intentionally inattentive or unaware of the Qur'an?
Words: Yarju = Expects - Hopes, Liqa' = Meeting, Radha = Was satisfied, Etmanna = Felt secure, Ghafil = Inattentive - Unaware, Ma'wa = Dwelling, Yaksib = Earns.

Q: What are the believers supposed to do when the disbelievers do not listen to Allah's Message?
A: So if they (disbelievers) turn away then say (command to Prophet Muhammad) Allah is Enough for me - there is no god but He in Him I put my trust and He is the God of the Supreme Throne.
Translation of: Ayah 129, Surat AlTawbah. (9:129)
Words: Tawallau = Turn away, Hasbi = Enough for me, Tawakaltu = I put my trust - I depend upon, Rubb = God, AlArsh = Throne, AlAdheem = The Supreme.

Q: Why doesn't Allah punish the disbelievers on the spot but rather gives them a period of temporary delay?
A: And your God -The Most Forgiving, The Lord of Mercy if He seizes them for what they did He would have hastened the punishment for them but for them is an appointed time from which they will have no refuge.
Translation of: Ayah 58, Surat AlKahf.
Words: Law = If, Yuakhid = Seizes - Blames, Ajjala = Hastened, Mawid = Appointed time, Min dounih = Other than it, Mawil = Refuge.

Why were the Arabs around the Prophet Muhammad given AlThikr (The Qur'an)?
A: So were We (Allah) going to let AlThikr* (The Qur'an) abandon you (Arabs around the Prophet) because you were a people transgressing beyond limits?!
Translation of: Ayah 5, Surat AlZukhruf.
* AlTh(d)ikr was given to other peoples through Allah's prophets before passing it on to the Arabs around the Prophet Muhammad.
Note: Remember that Allah is the Most-Merciful because "--- And We (Allah) were not going to punish until We send a prophet." Translation of Line 15 in Chapter AlIsra' (Beni Israel) in the Qur'an.
Note: No people can say that no prophet was sent to them because the Prophet Muhammad is sent to all people "And We (Allah) did not send you except as a mercy to all people (= AlAlameen)." Translation of Line 107 in Chapter AlAnbiya' in the Qur'an.
Note: Remember that the Prophet Muhammad is the last and the seal of all Prophets. "Muhammad was not a father of any of your men but a prophet of Allah and the seal of the prophets and Allah is with everything Knowledgeable." Translation of Line 40 in Chapter AlAhzab in the Qur'an.
Words: Nadhrib AlThikr Safhan = We let AlThikr abandon, Qawman = A people - A nation, Musrifeen = Transgressing beyond limits - Sinners.

Q: Besides Allah's Guidance, what is needed to gain faith in Allah?
A: And they (disbelievers) said: If we were listening or reasoning we would not have been from the companions of the Blazing Fire; So they confessed their sin so away (to Hell) with the companions of the Blazing Fire.
Translation of: Ayat 10 - 11, Surat AlMulk.
Words: Law = If, Nasme' = Hearing, Na'qil = Reasoning - Using our intelligence, Ashab = Companions, Saeer = Blazing Fire, E'tarafa = Confessed, Thanb = Sin, Suhhqan Li = Away with - To Hell with.

Q: Why should the disbelievers run to Allah with repentance?
A: Do answer the call of your God before comes a Day from which there is no averting by Allah - you will have no refuge on that Day and for you there is no denier of responsibility (of bad deeds).
Translation of: Ayah 47, Surat AlShoura.
Note: The two angels of death who examine the dead in their graves as to their faith are called Munkir (Denier) and Nakeer (Denier of responsibility).
Words: Estajeeb = Answer the Call - Respond to the Call , Ya'ti = Comes, La = No, Maradda = Averting, Malja' = Refuge, Yawmaithin = That Day, Ma = Not, Lakum = For you, Nakeer = Denier of Responsibility.

Q: What will the disbelievers earnestly plead for on the Day of Judgment?
A: And they will be crying aloud in it: O our God! Let us out - we shall do righteous* other than what we were doing. Did not We (Allah) give you long enough life to be reminded of Allah whoever wanted to remember Allah and the warner (prophet)** reached you so taste (the punishment) for there is for the transgressors no supporter.
Translation of: Ayah 37, Surat Fatir.
* The basis of all righteous deeds is faith in Allah.
** Prophet Muhmmad is the last prophet and he was sent to: "And We (Allah) did not send you except as a Mercy to all people (= AlAlameen)". Translation of: Ayah 107, Surat AlAnbiya'.
Words: Yastarikh = Cries aloud, Akhrij = Let out, Nuammir = Give long life, Yatathakkar = Be reminded of Allah, Men Tathakkar = Whoever wanted to remember Allah, Natheer = Warner, Dhalimeen = Transgressors - Unjust to Allah - Unfair to Allah.

Q: Is it the disbelievers who do not want to understand the Qur'an and know the true meaning of Faith?
A: I (Allah) will turn away from My Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) those who become arrogant on earth without any right and if they think about every Miraculous Sign (= ayah) they will not have Faith in it and if they find the way of Guidance (to Allah) they will not take it as the way and if they see the way of transgression (against Allah) they take it as the way - that is because they rejected Our Mirculous Signs as lies and they were of them (Qur'anic lines) (intentionally) inattentive.
Translation of: Ayah 146, Surat AlA'raf.
Words: Asrif = Turn away, Yatakabbar = Becomes arrogant, BiGhayr AlHaqq = Without any right, Yaraw = They think about - They see, AlRushd = Guidance, Yathakhith = Takes, Sabeelan = the way, AlGhayy = Transgression - Error, Kathaba = Rejected as lies, Ghafileen = (Intentionally) Inattentive - Unaware.

Q: The Qur'an is a miracle in itself. If Allah sent down a miracle besides the Qur'an could the disbelievers at the time of the Prophet Muhammad have been convinced?
A: And they (polytheists of Pre-Islamic Arabia) swore by Allah with the most solemn of their oaths that if a Miraculous Sign (= Ayah) came to them they would certainly believe in it - say (command to Prophet Muhammad) indeed the Miraculous Signs are with Allah and how will you (believers)* realize that when they (Miraculous Signs) come they (disbelievers) are not going to believe.
Translation of: Ayah 109, Surat AlAn'am.
* Believers also wanted to see the Miraculous Signs so as to have more Muslims among the disbelievers.

Note: Narrated in the Abridged Version of 'Ibn kastheer's' Explanation of the Qur'an: The Prophet Muhammad talked to the Tribe of Quraish. They said: O Muhammad! You inform us that Moses had a stick with which he hit a stone and twelve springs of water gushed out. And you inform us that Jesus (=Eissa) could bring the dead to life. And you inform us that the people of Sthamud had a camel as a miracle. So bring us from the miraculous signs so we believe you. The Prophet said: Which of the signs you like me to bring you. They said: You make the hill of 'AlSafa' into gold. The Prophet said: If I do you will believe me. They said: yes, by God! We will follow you all of us. So the Prophet started praying to Allah. Then Angel Gabriel (= Jibreel) came to him and said: If you wish, 'AlSafa' will become gold and if Allah sends down a miracle and they do not believe Allah is going certainly to punish them. And if you wish leave them until their repentant repents. The Prophet said: No, but let their repentant repents (to leave them).
Words: Aqsamou = Swore, Jahda Aymanihim = With the most solemn of their oaths, Ayah = Miraculous sign, Ma Yush'ir = What do you know about, Ja'at = Reach, La Yo'minoun = They do not believe - They do not have Faith.

Q: What type of knowledge prevents many people from having faith in Allah?
A: They (most people) have knowledge of what is obvious* of life in this world and they are of the Other World - they are inattentive (unaware).
Translation of: Ayah 7, Surat AlRoum. (30:7)
* Example of what people think of as accumulated clouds while they turn into planned punishment from Allah. (refer to Surat AlToor)
Words: Yalamouna = They know, Thahiran = What is obvious - The obvious meaning, AlHayat AlDunya = Akhirah = The Other World, Ghafiloun = Inattentive - Unaware.

Q: What sign will show the extreme regret of the disbelievers on the Day of Judgment?
A: And the Day (of Judgment) (when) the transgressor (against Allah) bites* (sign of regret) his hands saying I wish I took with the Prophet the same path; I wish I did not take so-and-so as an intimate friend; Certainly he misled me away from the Remembrance of Allah (= AlThikr "The Qur'an") after it reached me and Satan** had always been for man a betrayer (in time of need).
Translation of: Ayat 27 - 29, Surat AlFurqan. (25:27-29)
* An adult biting himself is a sign of suffering silently because he is angry with himself. (refer to Surat Yunus)
** Line 36 in Chapter AlZukhruf (43) in the Qur'an is translated as: "And who makes himself blind towards the Remembrance (Qur'an) of the Most-Merciful We (Allah) appoint for him a Satan so he is to him an intimate companion."
Words: Ya'udh = Bites, Dhaalim = Transgressor, Laytani = I wish, Itakhathtu = I took, Sabeela = The same way - A way, Fulanan = So and so, Khaleelan = As an intimate friend, Adhallani = Misled me, Insan = Man - Human being, Khathoulan = Betrayer - Deserter in time of need.

Q: What sin is unforgivable by Allah if the disbeliever dies without repenting from it?
A: And whoever was given his record (of deeds) in his left hand then he will say I wish I was not given my record; And I did not know what is my account; I wish it (death) was the end; My wealth did not avail (be of use) me; My power has been destroyed;
Take him and bind him in fetters; Then in Hell burn him; Then in a chain with a length of seventy arm-length (= Thira')* put him; This is because he was not believing in Allah The Great; And he was not encouraging the feeding of the needy; So he does not have today here any friend; Neither any food except what oozes out of the wounds (with pus); No one eats from it but the wrong doers.
Translation of: Ayat 25 - 37, Surat AlHaqqah.
* Old length measurement tool equal to 18 inches. Source: Almawrid: Arabic-English Dictionary.
Note: According to AlSheikh Anwar AlAwalki's casstte 12 on "The Hereafter": Each one's record of deeds will come down flying and will land either in the person's right hand or the left hand. It will be one of the most tense moments for the person. It is one of the moments that what Allah refers to "So how will you protect yourselves if you disbelieved against the Day (of Judgment) which will make the young ones grey-haired." Translation of Line 17 in Chapter AlMuzzammil in the Qur'an.
Words: Uwtiya = Was given, Shimal = Left, Laytani = I wish, Kitab = Record, Lem Adri = Did not know, Qadhiyah = The ending, Ma Aghna = Did not avail, Mal = Wealth, Halaka Anni = Vanished away, Sultan = Power, Gholouh = Bind him with fetters, Salouh = Burn him, Silsilah = Chain, Uslukouh = Put him, Yahudh = Encourages, AlAdheem = The Great - The Supreme, Miskeen = Needy, Hameem = Friend, Ta'am = Food - Feeding, Ghisleen = What ooxes out of the wounds (with pus), Kha'te' = Wrong doer.

Q: Why do some disbelievers refer to what the Qur'an contains as ancient mythology?

A: And from them (disbelievers) who listen to you (reciting the Qur'an) and We (Allah) placed on their hearts coverings lest they should comprehend it and in their ears a cavity (hard of hearing) and even if they saw every Miraculous Sign* they would not believe in it until when they come to you arguing with you those who disbelieved will say for this (Qur'an) is only mythologies of the ancient people.
Translation of: Ayah 25, Surat AlAn'am. (6:25)
* That indicates Allah's Existence and Attributes.
Words: Yastame' = Listens, Quloub = Hearts, Akinnah = Coverings - Veils, An Yafqahouh = Lest they should comprehend it, Athan = Ears, Waqr = A cavity - Deafness - Hollowness, Yujadil = Argues, Asateer = Mythologies, Awwaleen = Ancient people.

Q: What excuse will polytheists give when asked why they were joining partners with Allah?
Note: There are different forms of joining partners with Allah: Self, humans, idols, nature forces and others. Whoever says that he is a disbeliever (an atheist) and does not consider anything as god actually he believes in his own self as one.
A: And the Day We (Allah) gather them all and then We say to those who joined any partner (with Allah) where are your partners the ones you were claiming; Then their ordeal trial (difficult trial) was only that they (polytheists) said by Allah our God we were not JOINING ANY PARTNER (with Allah); See how they lied upon themselves and went astray from them what they were fabricating as lies.
Translation of: Ayat 22 - 24, Surat AlAn'am. (6:22-24)
Words: Nahshur = Gather, Jameean = All of them, Ashrakou = Joined any partner (with Allah), Tazamoun = Claiming, Fitnatuhum = Their ordeal (difficult) trial, Ma Kunna Mushrikeen = We were not joining any partner (with Allah) - We were not polytheists, Undhur = See, Kaththabou = Lied, Anfusihim = Upon themselves, Dhalla = Went astray - Got lost, Yaftaroun = Were fabricating as lies.

Q: Who is worthy to be feared: Allah or the other forms of partnership that the disbelievers join with Allah such as the idols?
Note: Prophet Abraham's argument of Who is worthy to be worshipped.
A: (Prophet Abraham said) Why should I fear what you joined as partners (with Allah) and you (disbelievers) do not fear that you have joined as partners with Allah what He (Allah) had not revealed any legitimation for (unfounded) so which of the two parties has the right to security if only you knew; Those who believed and did not confuse (cover) their Faith with transgression* (against Allah) - for them is the security (from Allah) and they are rightly guided; And this* is Our (Allah's) Argument that We gave to Abraham (Ibraheem) against his people - We raise ranks whomever We please for your God is All-Wise, All-Knowing.
Translation of: Ayat 81 - 83, Surat AlAn'am. (6:81-83)
* Remember the grave transgression. (refer to Surat Luqman).
Note: Remember Prophet Abraham (Ibraheem) said: "For I direct my face towards Who originated the Heavens and the earth worshipping One God and I am not from the polytheists". Translation of Line 79 in Chapter AlAn'am in the Qur'an.
Words: Kayfa = Why - How, Akhafu = I fear, Ma = What, Ashraktum = You joined as partners, Yunazzil = Reveals - Sends down, Sultan = Legitimation - Authority, Ay = Which, Fareeq = Party - Group, Ahaq BilAmn = Has the right to security - Worthy to feel secure, Yalbisou = Confuse - Cover - Obscure, Dhulm = Transgression - Injustice - Wrongdoing, Amn = Security - Safety, Muhtadoun = Are rightly guided, Hujjah = Argument, Narfe' = We raise ranks, Darajat = Ranks.

Q: What does Allah swear by His Own Sublime Self to ask those who make partners with Him?
A: And they (disbelievers) assign to whatever do not know (idols) a share of what sustenance* We (Allah) have given them - by Allah you will be questioned** about what you were fabricating as lies.
Translation of: Ayah 56, Surat AlNahl.
* To be used in the idol's name.
** In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: On the Day of Judgment whoever is argued with (= nouqisha) is punished. Source: Anwar AlAlwaki, "The Hereafter" cassette.
Words: Yajallouna = They assign, Lima = Whatever, La Ya'lam = Does not know, Naseeban = A share - A portion, Mimma = Of what, Razaqnahum = Sustenance We gave them, Talillah =By Allah, Tusa'l = Will be questioned, Taftaroun = Fabricating as lies (plural).

Q: In the Other World why will the sun be thrown in Hell?*
A: And from His (Allah's) Miraculous Signs are the the night and the day and the sun and the moon; Do not prostrate (worship) to the sun or the moon; But prostrate to Allah Who created them if Him you are worshipping.
Translation of: Ayat 37, Surat Fusilat (41:37).
* Source: Anwar AlAwlaki's "The Hereafter" cassette.
Hint: The sun is one of the greatest forms of disbelieving because of the huge number of its worshippers across ages. Any form of worship other than Allah will be cast first in Hell followed by its worshippers " You and what you worship other than Allah are fuel for Hell - that is where you will arrive;" Translation of Line 98 in chapter AlAnbiya' in the Qur'an.
Note: The sun will not have its known energy on the Day of Judgment " When the sun is encircled (winded); and when the stars become dimmed;" Translation of Lines 1 - 2 in Chapter AlTakweer in the Qur'an.
Words: Ayat = Signs - Evidence, Layl = Night, Nahar = Day, Shams = Sun, Qamar = Moon, Tasjud = Prostrate (bow down with forehead on the ground).

Q: Some disbelievers brag that their idol-worshipping religion is before Allah's Religion. When did idol-worshipping religions start in human history?
A: Truly We already sent Noah to his people so he said O my people worship Allah - you do not have any (true) god except Him - for I fear upon you a punishment of a Severe Day (Day of Judgment); The assembly of his people said we certainly see you in a manifest astray; He said O my people I have not gone astray but I am certainly a messenger from the God of the inhabitants of the worlds; Conveying to you mg God's Messages and advising you and I know from Allah what you do not know.
Translation of: Ayat 59 - 62, Surat AlA'raf.
Note: How did idol worshipping start in history?
Adam was the first man on earth. He was placed on earth with Allah's Message: To submit to Allah the One and Only God (Islam). Ten centuries of Islam passed. Then people started to worship idols. Idol worshipping started when some righteous persons died so their people made prayer places on their graves. They drew their shapes there to remember them and their worship as well as to keep them as righteous examples for them. As time passed they made statutes on those drawings. When more time passed they worshipped the statutes as gods (without any genuine evidence of their being gods). They called them with the names of the dead righteous people for example (Wadd - Sawa' - Yaghousth - Ya'ouq and Nasr). Arabs of Arabia before the Prophet Muhammad were worshipping the same idols with hundreds of others. Source: Mukhtasar Tafseer Ibn Kastheer. Volume 2, pages.27 - 28. Volume 3, page 554.
Words: Ya Qawmi = O my people, Ubodou = Worship, Ilah = God, Akhaf = I fear, Athab = Punishment, Mala' = Assembly - Leaders, Dhalal = Astray - Error, Laysa Bi Dhalalah = I am not gone astray, Uballigh = I convey, Risalat = Messages, Ansah = I advise.

Q: Can the disbelievers pay a ransom to free themselves from Hell on the Day of Judgment?
A: So today (of Judgment) no ransom will be accepted from you (hypocrites) neither from those who disbelieved; Your dwelling is Hell - It (Hell) is your master and what a miserable ending.
Translation of: Ayat 15, Surat AlHadeed.
Note: In a summary of a speech of the Prophet Muhammad: A man from the companions of Hell will be asked: How did you find your place? He will answer: My God it is the worst place. He will ask: Will you ransom yourself with the worth of earth in gold? He will say: Yes, my God. Allah says: You lied! I wanted something easier from you (not to partner with Allah) and you refused. So he will be returned to Hell. Source: Mukhtasar Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 1, page 268.
Note: In a summary of a speech of the Prophet Muhammad: (In the same situation) Allah will say: I asked you for something easier than that. I took a word from you when in the back (= thahr) of your forefather'Adam' not to join partners with me but you refused and insisted on joining partners. Source: Mukhtasar Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 1, page 268.
Words: AlYawm = Today, Yu'khath = Is accepted, Fidyah = Ransom, Ma'wakum = Your dwelling, Mawla = Master, Bi'sa = Misereable, Maseer = Ending.

Q: Allah's Judgment dictates that every sinner will be responsible for his own sins. But what sins will the leaders who mislead people be responsible for?
A: Your God is One God so those who do not believe in the Other World their hearts are in denial and they are arrogant; No wonder that Allah knows what they conceal and what they reveal indeed He does not like the arrogant ones; And if they were asked what had your God sent down they would say mythologies of the ancient ones; Let them carry their burden of sins complete on the Day of Judgement and from the burdens of sins of those whom they mislead without knowledge (about Allah's Religion) - how terrible are the burdens of sins that they will be carrying.
Translation of: Ayat 22 - 25, Surat AlNahl. (16:22-25)
Words: Munkirah = In denial, AlMustakbireen = The arrogant ones, La Jarama = No wonder - Undoubtedly, Yusirroun = Coneal - Hide, Yu'linoun = Reveal, Asatteer = Mythologies, Alawaleen = The ancient ones, LiYahmilou = Let them carry, Awzari = The burdens of sins, Ala Saa' = How terrible.

Q: What two things of Allah's Mercy are the disbelievers deprived of?
A: For those who disbelieved and transgressed* (against Allah) Allah was not going to grant them forgiveness neither was He going to give them Guidance to The Path (of Allah); Except the Path of Hell remaining in it forever and that to Allah is easy.
Translation of: Ayat 168 - 169, Surat AlNisa'.
* Remember that the disbelievers transgress and plot against Allah by being ungrateful to Him or by joining partners with Him. Also remember that Allah is the Best of plotters "And they plotted and Allah plotted and Allah is the Best of the plotters." Translation of Line 54 in Chapter AlImran in the Qur'an.
Words: Dhalamou = They trangressed - They were unjust, Lem Yakun = Was not going, Yaghfir = Grants forgiveness, Yahdi = Gives Guidance, Abadan = Forever, Yaseer = Easy.

Q: Where will the disbelievers lead their supporters of the believers to?
A: (Command to the believers) And do not rely completely upon those who transgress (against Allah) then Fire will engulf (harm) you and for you other than Allah there is no supporters neither will you be helped (by Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 113 , Surat Hood.
Words: Tarkan Ila = Rely completely upon - Put your trust in, Thalmou = Transgressed (plural), Tamassakum = Engulf you - Harm you, Awliya' = Supporters, Tunsar = Be helped.

Q: Why are there so many disbelievers in the world nowadays?
A: Indeed to Allah belongs what is in the Heavens and the earth - indeed the Promise of Allah is True but most of them (humanity in general) do not know!
Translation of: Ayah 55, Surat Yunus.
Words: Al la = Indeed, Wa'd = Promise, Haq = True - Truthful, Lakinna = But, Aksthar = Most, La Ya'lamoun = Do not know.

Q: How will the idols that the disbelievers worship as gods be brought on the Day of Judgment?
A: And they took other than Allah gods so that they might be supported (by them). They (gods) cannot support them and they (gods) will be for them (disbelievers) soldiers (mobilized in Hell) brought up before them*.
* The idols will be thrown in Hell to target their supporters.
Note: Remember the idols will be fuel of Hell.
Translation of: Ayat 74 - 75, Surat YaSeen.
Words: Itakhathou = They took, Aaliha = gods, Yunsar = Be supported, Jund = Soldiers, Muhdharoun = Brought before them.

Q: Only one God?! Why does monotheism puzzle the idol worshippers?
A: And they found it strange that a warner (Prophet Muhammad) has come to them from among themselves and the disbelievers said: This is a magician telling lies; He has made the gods One God! Certainly this is a very strange thing! And their assembly (leaders) dashed out* saying: Walk away and stay faithful to your gods for this (worshipping One God) is aspired** (by Prophet Muhammad); We did not hear about this in the latest religion (Christian Trinity) for this is only a fabrication; The Messge (Qur'an) was sent to him (of all persons) from among us rather (Allah says) they are in doubt of My Message rather they have not yet tasted My punishment!
Translation of: Ayat 4 - 8, Surat Saad.
* A summary of the conditions when the mentioned Ayat were sent down: Some leaders of Quraish gathered in the house of the Prophet Muhammad's uncle "Abu Taleb" who conveyed to the Prophet their request "to stop insulting their gods and they will leave the Prophet alone with his God". The Prophet said: Uncle! Shall I call them to what is better for them - a saying with which they can make all Arabs follow them and they can with it preside over the non-Arabs." They said: What is it? We will give you its tenfold? The Prophet said: To say "There is no god but Allah". They said: Ask us for other than that. The Prophet said: If you bring me the sun and place it in my hand I will ask you nothing other than that. So they dashed away angrily. Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 4 page 71.
** To alienate the disbelieving Arabs from joining gods with Allah.
Words: Ajibou = They found it strange, Munthir = Warner, Sahir = Magician, Kaththab = Telling lies, Shaye' = Thing, Ujab = Very strange, Entalaqou = They dashed away - Departed hurriedly, Yurad = Aspired - Done on purpose, AlMilah = The religion, AlAkhirah = The latest - The other, Ekhtiliaq = Fabrication - Faking, AlThikr = The Message, Lamma = Not yet, Yathouqu = Taste, Athab = Punishment.

Q: What are the three wishes of the disbelievers on the Day of Judgment?
Note: A true scene from the coming Day of Judgment.
A: And only if you (Prophet Muhammad) could see when they were brought to a stop by the Fire (Hell) so they said we wish we could be sent back (to life) and we would not deny as lies our God's Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) and become among the believers; Rather it became clear to them what they were concealing before and if they were to be sent back they would have certainly returned to what they were prevented from and certainly they are liars.
Translation of: Ayat 27 - 28, Surat AlAn'am. (6:27-28)
Words: Tara = See, Laytana = We wish, La = Not, Nukaththib = Lie, Bada = Became clear, Yukhfoun = Concealing, Ruddou = Were sent back, Aadou = Returned, Nukou = Were prevented - Were forbidden, LaKathiboun = Certainly Liars.

Q: According to the Qur'an "Allah is light upon light". Nobody with insight can miss Allah's light. How do the disbelievers try to extinguish the light of Allah?
Note: Without One God there would have been chaos in the Universe. The symmetry and the balance of the universe and the submission of everything to Allah's Fate indicates the existence of Allah as the One and Only God.
A: And who can be more of a transgressor (against Allah) than who fabricates lies against Allah while he is being invited to Islam (One and Only God) and Allah does not guide the transgressing people; They want to extinguish the Light of Allah (One and Only God) with their mouths (by lying) and Allah will be completing His Light (Guidance to Islam)* even if the disbelievers hate it.
Translation of: Ayat 7 - 8, Surat AlSaff.
* Note: The Prophet Muhammad gave the Muslims the good news. As narrated by Tameem AlDarri, in a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: This religion of Islam will reach where the night and the daylight reach and Allah will not leave houses of the tent-dwellers and the city-dwellers without Islam (submission to One God) reaching them either with the honour of an honored person or with the humilation of a humilated person - honour with it Allah honours Islam and humiliation with it Allah humiliates the disbelieving (= AlKufr). Source: A Friday sermon. Kuwait, 2006.
Words: Athlamu = More of a transgressor, Eftara = Fabricated lies - Made up lies, Yutfi'ou = Extinguish (plural), Afwahihim = Their mouths, Noorihi = His Light, Kariha AlKafiroun = The disbelievers hate it.

Q: Why anyone who joins a partner with Allah had better to have a solid proof about the existence of such a "god"?
A: And whoever calls upon another god with Allah without having a proof (= burhan*) of it (as a god) so (a threat) really his account is with Allah for the disbelievers are not going to prosper.
Translation of: Ayah 117, Surat AlMo'minoun. (23:117)
* A proof why idols...etc were worshipped as gods will be required from disbelievers. (refer to Surat AlQasas)
Words: Yadou = Calls upon, Ilahan = god, Burhan = Proof, Hisab = Account - Reckoning, La Yuflihu = Are not going to prosper - Are not going to attain salvation.

Q: What are the two major methods that the disbelievers worship Satan with?
A: Have you (Prophet Muhammad) not considered those who are given a portion* of the Scripture believing in evil powers (= AlJibt)** and other than Allah (= AlTaghout)*** and they say of the disbelievers these are rightly guided than the believers; Those are whom Allah has cursed**** and whom Allah curses then you will find for him no (actual) supporter***.
Translation of: Ayat 51 - 52, Surat AlNisa'.
* The two lines of the Qur'an were revealed when Huyey Bin Akhtab and Ka'b Bin AlAshraf, two Jews, came to Mecca. and they were asked which are guided to the Straight Path: The noble people of Quraish or the Prophet Muhammad. Source: This is a summary of a narration in "Tafseer Ibn Kastheer", volume 1, page 721.
Note: The disbelievers usually have different levels of a portion of the knowledge of Allah's Religion and Satan misguides them with it. For example some know about the bad Jinn (Satan and his followers) and they call them evil spirits. They worship them to avoid their anger as they claim.
** Evil powers (= AlJibt) can be what idols represent, magicians, (fortunetellers, evil religious leaders = Kahanah)...etc. Source : Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 1, page 720.
*** They support them to be make injustice to themselves. (refer to Surat AlBaqarah, Ayah 257)
Superstition is a form of worshipping evil powers. In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: Scolding and driving away the bird (= Al'iyafah) and making a (superstitious) line on the ground (AlTarq) and evil omen (AlTeyrah) is from "AlJibt". Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, page 721. Merriam Webster's Deluxe Dictionary defines superstition as: A belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation.
*** Any form of worship other than Allah that makes one transgress limits set by Allah is (= AlTaghout). Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 1, page 441. Examples are idols, nature forces, wealth, one's ego...etc.
**** Cast away from Allah's Mercy.
Words: Utou = Were given - Were taught, Ha'oula' = These, Ahda Sabeela = Rightly guided, La'anhum = Cursed them, Naseer = Supporter.

Q: What combines all who are against Allah?
Hint: Mistrust in Allah.
A: And He (Allah) is going to punish the male hypocrites, the female hypocrites, the male disbelievers and the female disbelievers who think about Allah an evil (negative) thought - upon them will be the misfortune of evil (harm) and Allah is Angry with them, cursed* them and He had prepared for them Hell and what a miserable ending.
Translation of: Ayah 6, Surat AlFathh. (48:6)
* Allah made them away from His Mercy.
Note: In a summary of a Hadeeth Qudsi (from Allah) narrated by Prophet Muhammad: Allah says: I am by my servant's good opinion (= Husn Thun) about Me and I am with him when he remembers me. Source: Sheikh Khaled AlHusainan's "Kayfa Tahfth Nafsak" lecture in Arabic.
Words: Yu'athib = Punish, Munafiqeen = Male hypocrites, Mushrikeen = Male disbelievers, Thanneen = Who think, Thun AlSou' = Evil thought - Ill thought, Daairat AlSou' = Misfortune of evil - Circle of harm, Ghadhiba = Is angry, La'anahum = Cursed them, A'adda = Had prepared, Saa'at Maseera = What a miserable ending.

Q: Is Allah targeting the disbelievers?
A: These are the lines (Qur'an) of Allah - We recite them to you (Prophet Muhammad) with truth and Allah does not want any injustice for the inhabitants of the worlds.
Translation of: Ayah 108, Surat AlImran. (3:108)
Note: Remember that one Name of Allah is "The Just = AlAdl" and Allah's Justice implies to punish the disobedient servants and reward the obedient servants. And not to forget Allah's Mercy and Forgiveness for the repenting servants.
Words: Natlou = We recite, BilQaq = With the Truth, Thulman = Any injustice, AlAalameen = The inhabitants of the worlds - The creatures.

Q: Why should the disbelievers seriously consider the following 'graceful' line (verse) of the Qur'an?
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) to those who disbelieve if they stop (disbelieving) it will be forgiven for them what has past and if they return again then passed away the way of the ancient people*.
Translation of: Ayah 38, Surat AlAnfal.
* They will be punished like the ancient disbelieving people for history repeats itself.
Note: In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: Who does good in Islam his pre-Islamic sins will not be considered (= Yuaakhath). And who commits sins in Islam his past and what follows will be taken into consideration. Source: Tafseer Ibn Khastheer, volume 2, page. 453.
Words: Kafarou = Those who disbelieve, In = If, Yantahou = They stop, Yughfar = Will be forgiven, Ma qad salaf = What is past, Ya'oudu = They return, Madhat Sunnat AlAwaleen = Passed away the way of the ancient people.

Q: Why should the disbelievers who fight against Allah and His Prophet fear how their ending will be?
A: For those who fight against Allah and His Prophet (Muhammad) - they will be among the disgraced in This Life and the Other Life.
Translation of: Ayah 20, Surat AlMujadila.
Words: Yuhadoun = Fight against - Oppose vehemently, Ula'ika = They, AlAthalleen = The disgraced in This Life and the Other Life - The humiliated in this Life and the Other Life.

Q: In times of ultimate distress are idols or other partners with Allah called upon for help?
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad): What do you think if Allah's punishment befalls you or the Hour (Day of Judgment) reaches you other than Allah will you call upon if you were telling the truth; No indeed Him (Allah) you do call upon so He removes what you were calling Him for if He wills and you forget what partner you join (with Allah).
Translation of: Ayat 40 - 41, Surat AlAn'am.
Words: Araytukum = What do you think - I ask you, Atakum = Befalls you - Reaches you, AGhayr = Other than, Iyah = Him, Tadoun = You call upon, Yakshif = Removes, Tansoun = You forget, Tushrikoun = Partner you join.

Q: Which one of the following seven criteria does what the disbelievers worship claim to have control of?

A: And they (polytheists) took other than Him (Allah Alone) gods - they do not create anything and they are created and they have no power of doing harm or benefit to themselves and they have no control over death nor life nor resurrection.
Translation of: Ayah 3, Surat AlFurqan.
Words: Etakhathou = They took, Min Dounihi = Other than Him - Leaving Him, Aaliha = gods, La = Not - No, La Yakhloqoun = They do not create, Yamlikoun = Have control, Dhur = Harm, Nafe' = Benefit - Good, Nushour = Resurrection.

Q: What favour of Allah is given to all people but the disbelievers are not aware of it?
A: And two young men entered the prison* with him (Prophet Joseph "Yusuf") - one of them said indeed I see myself (in a dream) pressing wine and the other one said indeed I see myself carrying on my head bread of which birds are eating - do inform us about its interpretation indeed we see you from the righteous persons; He said no food reaches you as sustenance provided (from Allah) to you except that I will inform you about it** before it reaches you - that (dream interpretation) is from WHAT MY GOD TAUGHT ME indeed I left the religious beliefs (millat) of a people who do not believe in Allah and in the Other World they are disbelievers (end of Ayah 37); And I (Prophet Joseph) followed the religious beliefs (Millat***) of my forefathers Abraham (Ibraheem), Isaac (Ishaq) and Jacob (Ya'qoub) - We have no right to join with Allah anything and that is of Allah's FAVOUR (= FADHL) upon us (Prophets) and upon all people but most of people do not thank (Allah); O my two fellow prisoners are separate gods better or Allah The One, The Subduer (can make you cry); You do not worship other than Allah but names you named them - you and your forefathers - Allah did not send down for them any legitimation (authority: Book or Prophet) for the Ruling is Allah's - He commanded that you do not worship but Him - this is the Priceless Religion (submitting to Allah Alone) but most people do not know; My two fellow prisoners as to one of you then he will serve his master with wine and as for the other so he will be crucified and the birds will peck at his head - the matter in which you (both) asked my opinion is over.
Translation of: Ayat 36 - 41, Surat Yusuf. (12:36-41)
* Prophet Joseph (a slave then) was found innocent in the honour (sex) case plotted against him by the wife of "AlAzeez" - a dignitary - an influential man in Egypt. Yet he was sentenced to jail because the society women became after him because of his physical beauty and righteous character.
** Prophet Joseph (no. 11 on the Map) was endowed from Allah by the Miracle of true interpretation of dreams.
*** "Millat Abraham" (Prophet Ibraheem).
Words: Fatayan = Two young men, A'ssir Khamra = Pressing wine, Ahmil = I carry, Khubz = Bread, Tayr = Birds, Nabe'na = Inform us, Taraktu = I left, Millat = Religius beliefs - Creed - Faith - Religion, Ma Kana Lana = We have no right, Nushrik = To join partners, AlNas = All people, Ssahibay = Two companions, Arbab = gods, Mutafariqoun = Separate, Asma' = Names, Sultan = Legitimation - Authority, Hukm = Ruling - Judgement, Yuslab = Crucified, Qudhiya = Is over - Is decided, Tastaftiyani = You asked my opinion.

Q: Who made the religion that is not Allah's?
A: Or do they (polythesists and disbelievers) have partners* (with Allah) who passed for them from the religion what Allah did not give permission to and (the answer is) was it not for the Word of Final Decision (of Allah) (delayed for the Day of Judgment) it would have been judged among them (punishment for sure in life) and for the transgressors there is a severe punishment (waiting on Day of Judgment).
Translation of: Ayah 21, Surat AlShoura. (42:21)
* They claim there are partners with Allah when actually their religion is a man made religion.
Words: Am Lahum = Or do they have, Shuraka' = Partners, Shara'ou = They passed for the - They legislated - They made laws, Ya'than = Gives permission, Kalimat AlFasl = The Word of Final Decision - The Last Word, Qudhiya = Judged, Dhalimeen = Transgressors, Athab = Punishment.

Q: In what way are those whom the disbelievers worship similar to Allah?
A: (Allah's command to Prophet Muhammad) Say in what way you deem appropriate those whom you have joined with Him (Allah) as partners - by no means (appropriate) rather He is Allah* the AlMighty, the All-Wise.
Translation of: Ayah 27, Surat Saba'.
* Why is Allah not comparable
Words: Arouni = Tell me in what way you deem appropriate, Alhaqtum Shuraka' = You joined partners, Kalla = By no means - Never, Bel = Rather - Yet.

Q: Why does a literate person who does not believe in the Other World not get moved by the Qur'anic Lines?

A: And when you (Prophet Muhammad) recite the Qur'an We (Allah) put between you and those who do not believe in the Other World a hidden barrier (= Hijaban Mastoura); And We placed over their hearts coverings(= Akinnah) lest they should perceive it and in their ears a cavity (hard to hear) and if you mention your God Alone in the Qur'an they will turn running away in loathsomeness.
Translation of: Ayat 45 - 46, Surat AlIsra' (also known as Surat Beni Israel).
Words: Hijaban = Barrier - Cover, Mastoura = Hidden, Akinnah = Coverings, An Yafqahouh = Lest they should comprehend it, Waqra = A cavity - Hollowness, Nufoura = In loathsomeness - In disgust.

Q: Are the idols that the disbelievers worship based on real gods?

A: Does then the One (Allah) Who is Watching-Over every soul according to what it earns (from deeds) (need partners?) yet they joined with Allah partners say (command to Prophet Muhammad) name them (Allah says they are not gods) or do you inform Him (Allah) about what He does not know on earth or (do you inform Him) with the literary meaning of an expression - rather it was made look good (by Satan) for the disbelievers their plotting (against Allah) and they were prevented from the Path (of Allah) and whoever Allah leaves to stray away then for him there is no guide.
Translation of: Ayah 33, Surat AlRa'd.
Words: Afamen = Is then the One, Qaa'im = Watching-over, Nafs = Soul, Shuraka' = Partners, Samouhum = Name them, Am Tunabe'ounahu = Or do you inform Him, BiThahir Min AlQawl = Or with the literary meaning of an expression, Zuyyena = Was made look good, Makruhum = Their plotting - Their cheating - Their craftiness, Suddou = They were prevented, Hadi = Guide.

Q: If some disbelievers boast that their religion is even more than six thousand years old or pre-historic does this mean that Allah did not send them a messenger to guide them to His Religion?

A: For We (Allah) sent you (Prophet Muhammad) with the Truth as a bearer of good news and a warner and there is no nation (a people = Ummah) except a warner was among them.
Translation of: Ayah 24, Surat Fatir. (35:24)
Note: Allah's Religion of submitting to Him alone (Islam) is the oldest religion that humanity had known since it came down with the first person Allah created "Adam". Remember that Allah is the Only Creator no matter what Names different people ascribe to Him. The Prophet Muhammad mentioned in a long saying that "on the Day of Judgment the messengers of Allah will gather, some of them without a single follower. Some of them did not have many followers." Example is when Allah's punishment fell upon the people of "Lut" peace be upon him "So We (Allah) took out from them (two cities) whoever was there from the believers; But We did not find there except one house of Muslims (who submit to Allah alone)" translation of Lines 35 - 36 in Chapter AlThariyat in the Qur'an.
Words: Arsalnaka = We sent you, BilHaq = With the Truth, In Min Ummah illa = There is no nation (a people - community) except, Khala = Was among - Lived among, Natheer = Warner.

Q: Even if the disbelievers choose not to believe why at least they should not make fun of Allah's Religion?
A: And messengers before you (Prophet Muhammad) were mocked so I (Allah) gave respite to those who disbelieved then I overtook them (in punishment) and how was My penalty.
Translation of: Ayah 32, Surat AlRa'd.
Note: Example of Allah's Punishment that was inflicted on some earlier nations.
Words: Estuhzia' = Were mocked - Were made fun of, Rusul = Messengers, FaAmlaytu = So I gave respite - I gave time, Akhathtuhum = I overtook them - I punished them, Iqab = Penalty.

Q: What do some polytheists who worship more than one God at least realize?
A: And certainly if you ask them (ancient polytheists of Arabia) who created the Heavens and the earth they will certainly say indeed Allah say (command to Prophet Muhammad) praise to Allah* yet most of them do not know (that Allah is the Only and One God).
Translation of: Ayah 25, Surat Luqman. (31:25)
* At least they realized this.
Words: Sa'altahum = If you ask them, Khalaqa = Created, LaYaqoulunna Allah = They will certainly say indeed Allah, AlHamdu Lillah = Praise to Allah - Thank Allah, Ya'lamoun = Know - Realize.

Q: Why should the disbelievers start thinking about why they are enjoying their lives despite being against Allah?
A: (Prophet Muhammad says) And I do not know it (your time) might be an ordeal trial* (from Allah) for you and a temporary enjoyment to a fixed time.
Translation of: Ayah 111, Surat AlAnbiya'.
* A trial that will be followed by a great ordeal in this Life.
Words: WaIn Adri = I do not know - Even if I knew, La'allahu = It might be, Fitnah = An ordeal trial, Mata'e = Temporary enjoyment, Heen = Fixed time.

Q: When will the disbelievers apologize and wish to be excused?
A: O people who disbelieved do not apologize today (Day of Judgment) for you are being repaid for what you were doing.
Translation of: Ayah 7, Surat AlTahreem.
Words: Ta'tatharou = Do not apologize - Do not wish to be excused, Tujzawna = You are being repaid, Ta'maloun = You were doing.

Q: Why do disbelievers want to pay a ransom to free themselves on the Day of Judgement?
A: And if those who transgressed (against Allah) had everything that is on earth and similar to it they would have offered it (wealth) for ransom from the terrible suffering on the Day of Judgment and appeared* to them from Allah what they were not anticipating*.
Translation of: Ayah 47, Surat AlZumar. (39:47)
* Their bad deeds appeared because their punishment is of the same kind of their bad deeds. (refer to Surat AlJasthiyah)
Words: Thalamou = Transgressed - Were unjust to themselves by being unjust to Allah, Misthlahu = Similar to it, LaFtadou = They would have offered it for ransom, Sou' AlAthab = The terrible suffering, Bada = Appeared - Came into view Became clear, Yahtasiboun = They were anticipating.

Q: What do the modern day disbelievers repeat what the disbelievers before them did?

A: And Abraham (Prophet Ibraheem) when he said to his people worship Allah and protect yourselves by fearing Him that is better for you only if you knew; For whatever you worship other* than Allah are idols (lifeless statutes) and you invent falsehood - for the ones you worship other than Allah are not capable of giving you sustenance (food) so do seek from Allah sustenance and worship Him and thank Him - to Him you will return; And if you reject (Allah's Religion) as lies then communities before you (also) rejected** as lies and the messenger's duty is only the clear delivery of the Message.
Translation of: Ayat 16 - 18, Surat AlAnkaboot. (29:16-18)
* Those who say they worship nothing in fact they worship their own selves.
** Not unusual to reject the Truth coming from the Owner of the Universe.
Words: U'bodou = Worship, Etaqouh = Protect yourselves by fearing Him, Khair = Better, Awsthana = Idols, Takhlokouna = You invent, Ifka = Falsehood - Untruth, Febtaghou = Then do seek, AlRizq = Sustenance - Provision - Food, Umam = Communities - Peoples, Kaththaba = Rejected as lies, AlBalagh = The delivery of the Message.

Q: In Life disbelievers celebrate their deities in public so will they voluntarily witness taking gods other than Allah Alone on the Day of Judgment?
A: To Him (Allah) refers the knowledge of the Hour (Day of Judgement) and no produce (fruits etc) comes out from its sheath (cover around seeds) and no female conceives or gives birth except with His knowledge and the Day (of Judgement) He (Allah) will call them where are My partners (= shuraka'i) they (polytheists-disbelievers) will say we declare (= athannak) to You (Allah) from us there is no witness*.
Translation of: Ayah 47, Surat Fusilat (41:47).
* No witness = No one who dares to bear witness. Witnesses will be pulled from the disbelievers.
Words: Yurad = Refers, Ilm = Knowledge, Sthamarat = Produce, Akmamiha Its sheath, Tahmil = Conceives - Becoems pregnant, Unstha = Female, Tadha' = Gives birth, Shuraka'i = My partners - Those you join as partners with Me (Allah), Shaheed = Witness.

Q: Do those that people take as gods, other than Allah, tell them to worship them?

A: So have you thought about the one who took as his god his own whim (his desire = Hawaahu)* and Allah made him stray away on purpose* and He (Allah) sealed his hearing** and his heart*** and placed upon his sight a cover (= Ghishawah) then who is going to guide him (to Allah) after Allah so will you not bear it in mind.
** Allah guides to His Path who is ready to be guided.
* Such as atheists who say they do not believe in anything. Actually hey believe in something - their whims (desires such as self or wealth).
*** So he cannot hear the Guidance towards Allah.
**** Cannot have an inner feeling or understanding about Faith in Allah.
Translation of: Ayah 23, Surat AlJasthiyah. (45:23)
* Those who claim that they do not worship anything they actually worship (follow) their whims (desires without control).
Words: AFaRa'ayta = So have you thought about - considered, Etakhatha = Took, Ilahahu = as his god, Hawaahu = His Whim - His desire - His beloved thing - Adhallahu = Allah made him stray away, Ala Ilm = On purpose, Khatama = Sealed, Qalbihi = His heart, Ja'ala = Placed Basarihi = His sight, Ghishawah = Cover, Famen Yahdeehi = Then who is going to guide him, Min Ba'di Allah = After Allah, Afala = So will you not, Tathakkaroun = Bear it in mind - Remember.

Q: On the Day of Judgment what will the disbelievers say about what Allah promised them in this Life?
Note: A true scene from the Day of Judgement.
A: And the companions of Paradise called* out to the companions of the Fire that we have found what our God (Allah) promised us true so have you found what your God (Allah) promised you true - they said yes then an announcer (angel) between them announced that the curse** of Allah is on the unjust people (unjust to Allah); Those who prevent from the (Straight) Path of Allah and they desire it (The Path) to be crooked and of the Other World they are rejecters as lies.
Translation of: Ayat 44 - 45, Surat AlA'raf.
* Paradise is on a high place .
** Away from Allah's Mercy.
Words: Naada = Called out, As'hab = Companions, Wajadna = We have found, FaAthanna = Announced, Yasoddoun = Prevent, Yabghounaha = They desire, Iwaja = Crooked, Kafiroun = Rejectors as lies - Disbelievers.

Q: Why was the Prophet Muhammad commanded by Allah not to pray for the destruction of the disbelievers in this Life?

A: So (command to Prophet Muhammad) be patient as were the messengers with firm will* and do not hasten** (punishment in Life) for them for the Day (of Judgement) they see what they were promised they will be as if they did not stay (in Life) except for an hour*** of a day - this is a Warning so who will be destroyed (in Hell) except those who sinfully strayed away (from Allah's Path).
Translation of: Ayah 35, Surat AlAhqaf. (46:35)
* Adam peace be upon him was a messenger - not of firm will.
An example of messengers who were with firm will.
** The prayer of Allah's messengers can be answered for Allah supports His messengers. An example Prophet Noah's.
*** Human time in this temporary life is very short in comparison to the time of the other world.
Words: Fasbir = So be patient, Ulou AlAzm = With firm will, Tasta'jel = Hasten, Yarawna = See, Yu'adoun = Are promised, Sa'ah = Hour, Nahar = Day, Yuhlak = Destroyed, AlFasiqoun = Who sinfully strayed away (from Allah's Path).

Q: Why do we have various names of groups of disbelievers nowadays and expect more names in the future?

A: Have you considered the one who took as his god his own whim* (fancy = Hawahu) so are you (Prophet Muhammad) going to be a guardian** over him.
Translation of: Ayah 43, Surat AlFurqan. (25:43)
* Some disbelievers worship as their gods their human desires - desires which control them.
** To bring him back to Allah's Path.
Words: ARa'ayta = Have you considered - Have you thought, Etakhatha Ilahahu = He took as his god, Hawahu = His own whim - His own desire, Wakeela = Guardian - Disposer of affairs.

Q: What is the purpose of following a religion other than Allah's?
Hint: Remember that Allah's Religion is One. Any other religion is man-made.

A: And leave alone who (plural) took their religion (other than Allah's) as pastime (= La'ib) as well as distraction (from Allah's Path = Lahu) and this Life deluded them and do remind with it (Qur'an) lest a soul becomes restrained (= tubsal) because of what it earned* - for it other than Allah there is no Protector or Mediator - and if it does all justice it will not be accepted from it those are who became restrained because of what they earned - for them is a drink of very hot water and a severe punishment according to what they were disbelieving.
Translation of: Ayah 70, Surat AlAn'am. (6:70)
* Held captive (without freedom) within the bounds of Hell. The Ex-Mufti of Egypt "Hassanain Mohammad Makhlouf" explains the word "Tubsal" from Basil = the lion which does not allow its prey to flee.
Words: thar = Leave, Etakhathou = Took, La'ib = Pastime - Play, Lahwan = Distraction, Gharrathum = Deluded, Thakkir = Remind, Tubsal G Becomes restrained - Held as a prisoner, Kasabat = Earned, Ta'dil Kula Adl = Does all justice, Yu'khath = Is taken, Ubsilou = Became under obligation, Sharab = Drink, Hameem = Very hot water - Boiling water, Athab = Punishment, Aleem = Severe.

Q: Why can not the disbelievers spiritually (through their hearts) conceive the concept of the Day of Judgment?
A: Rather their (disbelievers') knowledge about the Other World is limited rather they became in a doubt about it rather they are from it blinded*.
Translation of: Ayah 66, Surat AlNaml.
* Not blindness of the eyes.
Words: Bel = Rather, Edaraka = Is limited - Has gradually declined, AlAkhirah = The Other World, Shak = Doubt, Amoun = Blinded.

Q: When it comes to choosing Religion is a human being endowed with free will (= Mukhayyar) or not endowed with free will (= Musayyar)?
A: Those who join partners* (with Allah) will say if Allah willed we would have not joined partners (with Allah) neither would have our fathers and we would have not made forbidden anything** - in the same way those who were before them told lies until they tasted Our (Allah's) Might (in Life) - say (command to Prophet Muhammad) do you have any (certain) knowledge (as proof) so that you bring it out to us - for you only follow assumption and only you are fabricating lies.
Translation of: Ayah 148, Surat AlAn'am.
* All who partner with Allah(= mushrikeen) are called in the Qur'an disbelievers (= kafireen). Even thinking of the human soul as potent as god is disbelieving.
** Other than what Allah made forbidden.
Words: Ashrakou = Those who joined partners with Allah, Harramna = Made forbidden, Thaqou = Tasted, Ba'sana = Our might, Ilm = Knowledge, FaTukhrijouh = You bring it out, Tata'bioun = You follow, AlThann = Assumption, Takhrosoun = Fabricate lies.

Q: Why are Muslims commanded not to harm the disbelievers who go around running their lives peacefully?
A: And his (the Prophet Muhammad's) saying my God for these* are a people who do not believe; So (command to Prophet Muhammad) do forgive them and say peace for they will come to know (by punishment from Allah).
Translation of: Ayat 88 - 89, Surat AlZukhruf.
* Many Arabs of Arabia who at the beginning of the Message vehemently opposed it and the Prophet.
Words: Qeelihi = His saying, Qawm = A people, La Yu'minoun = They do not believe, Fasfeh = So do forgive, Salam = Peace, Ya'lamoun = They come to know.

Q: What will the disbelievers come soon to know from Allah?

A: Those who rejected as lies the Scripture (Qur'an of Allah) and whatever (Allah's Message)* We (Allah) sent Our prophets with then soon they will come to know (on Day of Judgment); When suddenly the fetters (to restrain = AlAghlal) will be round their necks and the chains - they will be dragged; Into the very hot water then in the Fire (of Hell) they will be fired up**.
Translation of: Ayat 70 - 72, Surat Ghafir (40:70-72).
* The Origin of Allah's Holy Books is one (under translation of Surat AlZukhruf).
** Remember the fuel of Hell (refer to Surat AlTahreem). Also remember that Hell is a staying place (refer to Surat AlMursalat).
Words: Arsalna = We sent, Ya'lamoun = Will come to know, AlAghlal = The fetters, A'naaqihim = Their necks, AlSalasil = the chains, Yushaboun = Will be dragged, AlHameem = Very hot water, Yusjaroun = Will be fired up.

Q: When hearing the Qur'an do the understanding disbelievers secretly get impressed by its contents yet they oppose it?
A: And those who disbelieve (across humanity) are about to trip you up (out of envy) with their eyes when they have heard the Message (Qur'an) and they say he (Prophet Muhammad) is certainly possessed; And it (Qur'an) is not but a Message (= Thikr) for all people (all humanity = lilAlameen).
Translation of: Ayat 51 - 52, Surat AlQalam.
Words: In Yakad = Are about, LaYazlaqounaka = Trip you up -, LaMajnoon = Certainly possessed, Thikr = Message.

Q: Why do the majority of disbelievers not care about or turn to Faith in Allah?
Hint: See the huge number of disbelievers who do not care about Faith although living among the believers in North America for example.
A: And We (Allah) make their hearts and their eyes roll away as they did not have Faith in it (Qur'an) the first time (in Life) and We leave them (in Life) in their transgression (against Allah) to wander about .
Translation of: Ayah 110, Surat AlAn'am.
Note: On the Day of Judgment the disbelievers' hearts and eyes will roll and turn away because of fear and lack of Guidance (= Hidayah). They will grope for Allah's Straight Path that leads to Paradise. It is a very narrow real Path as described by the Prophet Muhammad, but they will fall down from it into Hell. Muslims pray for Guidance on it everyday in Surat "AlFatiha" (Ihdna AlSirat AlMustaqeem).
Note: Allah turns the hearts of people.
Words: Nuqalib = We roll away, Absarihim = Their eyes, Awwala Marrah = The first time, Natharhum = We leave them, Tughyanihim = Their transgression, Ya'mahoun = To wander about - to come and go.

Q: Why should Muslims stick to Allah's Path just as the Prophet Muhammad was without any doubtful novice additions to Islam or any act of betrayal of it?

A: For those (hypocrite Muslims) who turned back* after Guidance (from Allah) became clear to them - Satan has allured them and he has deceived them; That is because they said to those whom they hated** what (Qur'an) Allah sent down (to Prophet Muhammad) - we will obey you in some matters (against the Prophet) and Allah knows their secret saying.
Translation of: Ayat 25 - 26, Surat Muhammad (known as Surat AlQital). (47:25-26)
* From ALLah's Path as exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad.
** Hypocrites who did not accept Islam fully even did not like the Jews of Beni AlQuraidhah and Beni AlNadheer living with the Prophet Muhammad in AlMadinah. But they cooperated with them. The Jews wanted the last prophet of Allah (as was announced in their original copy of the Scripture) to be from them. Source: Hassanain Muhammad Makhlouf, ex-Mufti of Egypt in "Safwat AlBayan", page 648.
Note: How do you know that you are on Allah's Straight Path? Learn and understand the details of the Qur'an. Also do not be ungrateful to Allah by associating any partner with Him. Neither should you do any injustice to the Prophet Muhammad by holding anyone as a prophet or in a status similar to the status of Allah's messengers. Remember that the Prophet Muhammad was the seal of the Prophets (Ayah 40 in Surat AlAhzab) and he fulfilled completely his duty of proclaiming Islam.
Words: Ertadou ala adbarihim = They turned back - They went back as they were before, Tabayyana = Became clear, Sawwala = Allured - Made it look good, Amla = Deceived, Karihou = They hated, Sanuteeukum = We will obey you, Ya'lam = Knows, Israrahum = Their saying in secret.

Q: On the Day of Judgment will the disbelievers question each other for answers to Allah's Questions?
Note: A true scene from the Day of Judgment.
A: And the Day He (Allah) will call them (disbelievers ) so He says what answers you gave to the Messengers (of Allah); But the news (they had)* that Day became difficult for them to make out* so they will not question each other.
Translation of: Ayat 65 - 66, Surat AlQasas.
* In front of the real news of the Day of Judgment all the false news of Life will become difficult to make out.
Note: The Prophets of Allah left us Allah's Religion to follow. Prophet Muhammad is the last Prophet and he left us Islam which is Allah's Religion from the creation of humanity (Adam) and the sending of Allah's Commands. Note when Adam peace be upon him was cast down to earth he came down from Heaven with some knowledge about what pleases Allah and what angers Him. Then he received some of Allah's Words so he is considered a messenger of Allah.
Note: In Life those who are against Allah's Religion will be blaming each other on the Day of Judgment.
Words: Yunadeehum = He calls them, Ajabtum = Answers you gave, FaAmiat = Became obscure - Became difficult to make out, La Yatasa'aloun = They will not question each other.

Q: Whom does Allah guarantee that He is not going to forgive?
A: Indeed those who disbelieved and prevented from the Path* of Allah then they died being disbelievers so Allah is not going to grant them Forgiveness.
Translation of: Ayah 34, Surat Muhammad (known also as Surat AlQuital). (47:34)
* "Sabeel Allah" = Path of Allah that leads to Paradise. How to be on the Path is explained by Allah's messengers and Allah's Holy Books.
Words: Kafarou = Disbelieved, Saddou = They prevented, Matou = They died, Kuffar = Disbelievers - Not having Faith in Allah, Len = Not, Yaghfir = Grants forgiveness.

Q: What curse will continue to follow Pharaoh (= Phiroun) until the Day of Judgment?
A: And We (Allah) sent Moses (Prophet Moosa) with Our Miraculous Signs (= Ayatina) and a well-developed authority* (= Sultan Mubeen); To Pharaoh and his assembly** so they followed the command of Pharaoh and the command of Pharaoh was not rightly guided (not wise); HE (Pharaoh) WILL BE AHEAD OF HIS PEOPLE on the Day of Judgment so he brought them into*** the Fire (of Hell) and how miserable is the place that is reached; And they were followed in this (life) by a CURSE**** and on the Day of Judgment how miserable is the support***** (of a disbelieving leader = Rifd) that is given (to his people).
Translation of: Ayat 96 - 99, Surat Hood. (11:96-99)
* Pharaoh - the tyrant could not harm Prophet (= nabi) Moses who was also Allah's Messenger (= rasool). (refer to Note explaining the two Arabic words 'nabi' and 'rasool'.
** Pharaoh's assembly was his people. They were not Beni Israel. According to Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 2 page 667, they were Copts (ancient Egyptians = Qibt) who then disbelieved in Allah. (Note (year 2015): Current Copts are believers in Allah - 'Christians')
*** Three words used in this line: "Awrada" - initially it is to go to a watering place. And how miserable is the (watering) place = "AlWird" that is reached "Mawroud". Remember that Hell is a staying place with hot shade, boiling water to drink...etc. (refer to Surat AlMursalat)
**** To be cursed = To be away from Allah's Mercy. Remember that Allah punishes: 1. During life (they were drowned), 2. when dead (are being punished in their life of AlBarzakh which is like being in a restless sleep, 3. In the Other World. (refer to Surat Ghafir)
***** No real support but suffering.
Words: Arsalna = We sent, Mala'ihi = His assembly - His people, Amr = The command, Ma BiRasheed = Not rightly guided - Not wise, Yaqdum = He will be ahead - in front of, FaAwaradahum = So he brought them in, AlRifd = The Support, AlMarfoud = That is given.

Q: Why only the commands of those leaders who do not fear Allah can be merciless and inhumane?

A: And that one (people of) "Aad"* refused to acknowledge the Miraculous Signs (= Ayat of Allah's Existence) and they disobeyed His messengers and they followed the command of every stubborn tyrant.
Translation of: Ayah 59, Surat Hood.
* "Aad" were the People of the Prophet Hood.
Words: Jahadou = they refused to acknowledge , Asau = They disobeyed, Etaba'ou = They followed, Jabbar = Tyrant, Aneed = Stubborn, Obstinate.

Q: Among the disbelievers who can turn out to be a tyrant against Muslims?
A: Those who dispute in the Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) of Allah without any authority* that reached them - How loathsome it (this conduct) is in the sight of Allah and those who believed - in this way Allah seals up** the heart of every arrogant tyrant.
Translation of: Ayah 35, Surat Ghafir. (40:35)
* Signs provided to Allah's Prophets to support them as messengers of Allah.
** Allah will not guide them to believe in Him because of their arrogance and tyranny. (refer to Surat AlJasthiyah)
Words: Yujadiloun = Who dispute against, Sultan = Authority, Kabura Maqtan = How loathsome, Inda = In the sight of, Mutakabbir = Arrogant, Jabbar = Tyrant - Dictator.

Q: Why does a disbeliever who has not known the Qur'an have a better chance of becoming a Muslim?
A: Then We (Allah) sent after him (Prophet Noah) messengers to their peoples so they brought them the Clear Signs (of Allah's Attributes) but they were not going to believe in what they rejected as lies before - in such a way Allah stamps* on the hearts of the transgressors (unjust to Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 74, Surat Yunus. (10:74)
* Allah seals the hearts of the disbelievers who follow blindly their false worship traditions. (refer to Surat AlRoum)
* Allah also seals the hearts of those who negelect the Truth of the Other World. (refer to Surat AlNahl)
Words: Sthumma = Then, Ba'asthna = We sent, Rusulan = Messengers, FaMa Kanou = They were not going, Kaththabou = They rejected as lies, Natbe' = Stamp, Quloub = Hearts, AlMu'tadeen = The transgressors - The unjust.

Q: What is the answer to those who say they do not want to change the god worshipped by their forefathers?

A: For Ilyas (Elijah)* is certainly from those sent (by Allah); When he told his people will you not protect yourselves by fearing Allah; You call upon Baal** and you leave the Best Creator; Allah your (True) God and the God of your forefathers; So they rejected him as a liar so they are certainly going to be brought (for punishment)***; Except the devoted servants of Allah (among them); And We (Allah) passed him (his name)**** over to people coming after; Peace be upon Ilyaseen (Ilyas); In this way We (Allah) do reward the good doers: He is from Our believing servants.
Translation of: Ayat 123 - 132, Surat AlSaffat.
* Prophet Elijah no. 19 on the Map of Prophets whose names are mentioned in the Qur'an.
** Baal, the sun-god worshipped in Syria (before Islam). That worship included the worship of nature-powers and procreative powers as in the Hindu worship of the Lingam. Source: The Holy Qur'an: English Translation of the Meanings and Commentary. King Fahd Holy Qur'an Printing Complex. page 1360. (Based on the translation of Abdullah Yusuf Ali).
*** on the Day of Judgement.
**** His name will be remembered as distinguished for ever.
Words: AlMursaleen = Those sent (by Allah), ATadoun = You call upon, Tathroun = You leave, Ahsen AlKhaliqeen = Best Creator; Rub = God, AlAwaleen = The forefathers; LaMuhdaroun = Are certainly going to be brought, AlMukhlaseen = The devoted, Tarakna Alayhi = We passed over - We left his name, Aakhereen = People coming after; Najzi = We reward, AlMo'mineen = Believing.

Q: What words by Allah refute the claim of the disbelievers of not being resurrected (made alive) after death?
A: Those who disbelieved claimed that they were not going to be resurrected - say (command to Prophet Muhammad) yes indeed (take this!) by My God you will certainly be resurrected then you will certainly be informed about what you did and that is for Allah easy.
Translation of: Ayah 7, Surat AlTaghabun.
Words: Za'ama = Claimed, Len Yubasthou = Will not be resurrected, Bala = Yes indeed, Latubasthanna = You will be certainly resurrected, Latunaba'unna = You will be certainly informed, Yaseer f= Easy.

Q: What do the current disbelievers who indulge in fulfilling their worldly gains say about life similar to what was said by the ancient disbelievers?
A: And they said for it is only our life on this earth and we will not be raised up (for Judgement).
Translation of: Ayah 29, Surat AlAn'am.
Words: In Hiya = For it is, Hayatuna AlDunya = Our life on this earth, BiMaboutheen = Will not be raised up.

Q: Why do the disbelievers worship false gods as equal to Allah?
A: And they made (false gods) equals with Allah so as to mislead from His (Allah's) Path - say indulge in temporary enjoyment (of this Life) for your destination is the Fire (of Hell).
Translation of: Ayah 30, Surat Ibraheem. (14:30)
Words: Ja'alou = They made, Andadan = Equals, Tamat'ou = indulge in temporary enjoyment, Maseerakum = Your destination - Your end.

Q: It is one thing to disbelieve. But why should the disbelievers not prevent others from the Path of Allah?

A: Those who disbelieved and prevented* from the Path of Allah - We (Allah) added for them punishment over punishment for the corruption (untruth) they were spreading.
Translation of: Ayah 88, Surat AlNahl. (16:88)
* Being against what is written in the Qur'an is preventing from the Path of Allah. (refer to Surat Saba')
Words: Saddou = They prevented, Sabeel Allah = The Path of Allah - Allah's Path, Zidnahum = We added for them, Athaban = Punishment - Suffering, Bima Kanou Yufsidoun = For the corruption they were spreading.

Q: What do the disbelievers ask for when the Qur'an threatens them about Allah's punishment on earth?
A: And they (disbelievers) ask you to hasten bringing on the evil (punishment)* before the good thing (promised reward) and passed away before them the exemplary cases (of punishment) and certainly your God is the Holder of Forgiveness for humanity despite their injustice (to Him) and your God is certainly Severe in the punishment.
Translation of: Ayah 6, Surat AlRa'd.
* Earthquakes, hurricanes etc are ways of Allah's punishment of the community if its majority are sinners. The believers in such community know that it is a punishment so they become patient with Allah's Judgment and they will be rewarded accordingly in the Other World.
Note: When does the punishment of Allah take place on any community?
Words: Yasta'jilounaka = They ask you to hasten bringing on, AlAthab = Punishment, AlMasthulat = Exemplary cases, Latho Maghfirah = Holder of Forgiveness, Dhulmihim = Their injustice - Their wrongdoing, LaShadeed = Certainly Severe.

Q: According to which type of their sins the disbelievers' punishment will be equal?

A: And certainly We (Allah) will make those who disbelieved experience a severe punishment and We will certainly repay them according to the worst of what they were doing.
Translation of: Ayah 27, Surat Fusilat (41:27).
Note: It is Allah's Justice that the believers will have their rewards according to the best of what they were doing in Life.
Words: FelNutheeqanna Athaban = And certainly We will make them experience punishment, LaNajziyannahum = We will certainly repay them, Aswa' = the worst.

Q: In the coming Qur'anic translated line why is the argument of the disbelievers wrong?
Hint: Is man unfree to choose (= musayyar) or free (= Mukhayyar) to choose his religion?
A: And those who made partners (with Allah) said if Allah willed we would have not worshipped other than Him anything - neither we nor our forefathers and we would have not made forbidden anything without His permission - (Allah says) In the same way those who were before them acted so is not the responsibility of the messengers but the delivery of the Clear Message (of Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 35, Surat AlNahl.
Note: Man and Jinn are only endowed with free will to choose.
Words: Ashrakou = Made partners with Allah, Ma Abdna = We would have not worshipped, Min Dounihi = Other than Him, Harramna = Made forbidden, Kathalika = In the same way, Min Qablihim = Before them, FaHel Ala = So is not the responsibility, AlBalagh AlMubeen = The clear Message.

Q: When Allah's Wrath of annihilating complete communities arrives can the community be revived?
Note: Note the warning in the Qur'anic line (verse).
A: And these (disbelievers)* will not await except one scream (that begins punishment)** with no regaining consciousness after it.
Translation of: Ayah 15, Surat Saad.
* Disbelievers at the time of the Prophet Muhammad who rejected the Prophet as a liar.
** Angel Gabriel is the Head Angel who begins Allah's Command of Punishment by a scream (shout).
Words: Ma Yanthur = Will not await, Illa = Except, Sayha =Scream - Shout, Ma Laha min Fawaq = With no regaining consciousness after it.

Q: How were the disbelievers at the time of the Prophet Muhammad mocking the Qur'an?
Note: Remember that Line (verse) 27 in Chapter AlNaba' in the Qur'an is translated: For they (disbelievers of Arabia) were not hoping for the settlement of accounts (Day of Judgment).
A: And they (disbelievers of Arabia) said our God* make haste for us with our share (of punishment) before the Day of Settlement of Accounts**.
Translation of: Ayah 16, Surat Saad.
* Remember that the disbelievers are of two types: Those who do not believe in Allah. And others who join partner(s) with Allah. The disbelievers of Arabia at the time of the Prophet Muhammad belonged to the second group.
** The Line 17 that follows is translated: (Command to Prophet Muhammad) Be patient with what they say ---".
Words: Ajjil = Make haste, Qittana = Our share, Qabla = Before, Yawm = Day, AlHisab = Settlement of Accounts - Reckoning - Judgment.

Q: When it comes to patience and perseverance whom the Prophet Muhammad is reminded of?
Note: The line translated here is a continuation of the two postings above.
A: (Command to Prophet Muhammad) Be patient with what they (disbelievers) say and remember Our servant David (= Dawood) the man of strength* - indeed back and forth he returns to Allah (with repentance/praise) (= Awwab**).
Translation of: Ayah 17, Surat Saad.
* David (Allah's Messenger Dawood) was a man of extraordinary strength. He defeated Goliath.
** Remember besides being 'Awwab' a Muslim should be from the glorifiers of Allah.
Words: Esber = Be patient, Yaquloun = They say, Uthkur = Remember, Abdana = Servant, Tha AlAydi = Man of strength.

Q: Why is the disbeliever a loser no matter how many family members and friends he leaves behind to pray for him?

A: It was not right for the Prophet (Muhammad)* and those who believed to pray (to Allah) for forgiveness for the polytheists (disbelievers) even if they were relatives after it became clear to them that they are companions of Hell.
Translation of: Ayah 113, Surat AlTawbah. (9:113)
* When death came to Abi Taleb, the Prophet's uncle who took care of the Prophet from childhood, the Prophet Muhammad said to him: My uncle! Say there is no god but Allah - a Word I use it for you as a plea with Allah (= Kalimah uhaaju laka biha inda Allah). But the Prophet's other uncle who was a polytheist said: Aba Talib! Are you going to turn away from the religion of AbdulMutalib (the uncles' father). So he said: I am on the religion of AbdulMutalib. So the Prophet Muhammad said: I will certainly pray to Allah for forgiveness for you as long as I am not forbidden from it. Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, Volume 2, page 572.
Note: The Prophet's mother died when the Prophet was 6 years old. Remember that the Prophet cried, out of mercy and fear for his mother from hell, in a way no one saw him ever crying before when Allah granted the Prophet permission to visit the grave of his mother but Allah did not grant him permission to pray for forgivenss for her. Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 2, page 573.
Words: Ma Kana = It was not right, Yastaghfirou = Pray for forgiveness, Uli Qurba = Relatives, Tabayyana = Became clear, As hab = Companions.

Q: When people worship another god other than Allah what are they doing?

A: And to Aad* their brother Hood - he said O my people worship Allah - for you there is no god othan then Him (Allah) - you are simply fabricators of lies.
Translation of: Ayah 50, Surat Hood. (11:50)
* People of Aad. (refer to Surat AlFajr)
Words: Akhahum = Their brother, Ilah = god, In Antum = You are simply, Muftafroun = Fabricators of lies - Inventors of lies.

Q: When are the disbelievers who join partner(s) with Allah going to be punished?
Note: The Qur'anic Line 33 in Surat AlRa'd that precedes the Line in this posting.
A: For them (polytheists) is punishment in this Life and certainly the punishment of the Other World is more severe and for them from Allah there is no protector.
Translation of: Ayah 34, Surat AlRa'd.
Words: LaHum = For them, Athab = Punishment, Ashaq = More severe - Harder, Waaqi = Protector.

Q: Which one of the two commands of Allah are disbelievers waiting for to arrive in order to have Faith?
A: Are they (against Allah) waiting until the angels come to them (at death/for punishement in life*) or the command of your God (the Day of Judgement) arrives - so did the ones (disbelievers) before them and Allah did not do injustice to them rather to their own selves they were doing injustice; So (on the Day of Judgment) the bad deeds that they did befell on (punished = FaAsabahum) them and what they (disbelievers) were mocking brought disaster** upon them.
Translation of: Ayat 33 - 34, Surat AlNahl. (16:33-34)
* Angels also come down in life for punishment. (refer to Surat Hood)
** Double punishment. (refer to Surat AlA'raf)
Words: Yandhuroun = Waiting, Ta'tiyahum = Come to them, Amr = Command, Fa'ala = Did, Anfusahum = They themselves, FaAsabahum = Befell on them - Punished them, Saye'aat = Bad deeds - Sins, Haaqa = Brought disaster - Afflicted.

Q: What benefit are the idols for their worshippers?
A: He calls upon other than Allah what (idol) does not cause him harm (in Life) neither does it benefit* him- that is the far away straying (from Allah's Path); He calls upon that whose harm is closer (to his ruin)** than his benefit (no benefit) - what a miserable guardian (idol) and what a miserable associate (worshipper).
Translation of: Ayat 12 - 13, Surat AlHajj. (22:12-13)
* Why praying to whoever or whatever other than Allah cannot cause harm or benefit in Life? (refer to Surat AlNahl, Ayat 1-21)
** Wroshipping other than Allah makes the worshipper a disbeliever and eligible for Allah's Wrath maybe during Life, death and certainly in the Other Life if deprived from Allah's Mercy.
Words: Yadou = He calls on - He invokes, Min Doun Allah = Other than Allah, Ma La Yadhuruhu = What does not cause him harm, Yanf'ahu = Benefit him, AlBa'eed = Far away, Aqrab = Closer, LaBi'sa = What a miserable, Mawla = Guardian, Asheer = Associate - Companion.

Q: What are the characteristics of those who proclaim their rejection of Allah's Religion?

A: Then We (Allah) set up after them (people of Prophet Noah) another generation (of related people = Qarnan Akhareen*); So We sent to them a messenger from themselves - do worship Allah for you do not have a god other than Him so will you not protect yourselves (by fearing Allah); And the assembly (chiefs) of his people who disbelieved (in Allah) and rejected as lies the Meeting of the Other World and they were spoiled by the luxury that We provided them in this Life said this is not but a human being** like yourselves - he eats of what you eat and he drinks of what you drink; And certainly if you obey a human being like yourselves indeed you are going to be certainly losers.
Translation of: Ayat 31 - 34, Surat AlMo'minoun.(23:31-34)
* The People of Aad whose Prophet was Hood and after the extinction of their disbelievers, the People of Sthamud whose Prophet was Saleh. Both people had blood relation. Also they were Arabs.

** Like other disbelievers they did not want a human being to be sent as Allah's messenger. (Therefore across humanity some persons made human beings into the form of supernatural beings like angels or false gods so people do follow them in worship).
Note: Disblievers did not want to obey Allah's prophets because they were humans. So some disbelievers made some humans, after their death, into gods and asked people to worship them. Hence the idol worshipping started across humanity. Source: Dr. Tareq Suwaidan's "Stories of the Prophets peace be upon them".
Note: Remember what Allah says about a certain prophet of Allah. And remember what the same Prophet said about what happened after his death. (refer to Surat AlMa'idah)
Words: Ansha'na = We set up, Qarn = Generation - Society, Akhareen = Another, AlMala' = The assembly - The chiefs, Biliqa' = the meeting, Atranfnahum = They were spoiled by the luxury that We provided them, Y'kul = He eats, Yashrab = He drinks.

Q: In what ways do the disbelievers attack Allah's prophets?
A: And the assembly (chiefs) who disbelieved among his (Prophet Noah's) people said this is not but a human being like you - he wants to be superior over you and if Allah willed He would have certainly sent down angels - we (even) did not hear about this among our forefathers; Indeed he is a man with obsession (insanity) so watch him for some time; He (Prophet Noah) said my God support me for rejecting me as a liar.
Translation of: Ayat 24 - 26, Surat AlMo'minoun. (23:24-26)
Words: Bashar = Human being, Yatafadhdhal = Wants to be superior, Abaa'ina AlAwaleen = Our forefathers, Rajul = Man, Jinnah = Obsession - Insanity, Fatarabasou = So watch, Unsurni = Support me, BiMa Kaththaboui = For rejecting me as a liar.

Q: As a tyrant ruler against the Prophet Moses why could not Pharaoh get rid of the Prophet?
A: He (Prophet Moses = Moosa) said my God for I killed from them a person so I fear that they will kill me; And my brother Aaron (= Haroon) is more eloquent than me in the language so do send him with me as a supporter giving me credibility for I fear that they will reject me as a liar; He (Allah) said We will strengthen you through your brother and We (Allah) will provide you (both) with (divine) authority* so they will not touch (harm any of) you - with Our Miraculous Signs you both and whoever follows you both will be the victorious.
Translation of: Ayat 33 - 35, Surat AlQasas. (28:33-35)
* Sultan = Authority - Divine legitimation and Supremacy. Pharaoh became afraid of the Miraculous Signs from Allah which the Prophet Moses possessed.
Words: Qataltu = I killed, Nafsan = A person, FaAkhafu = So I fear, Afsah = More eloquent, Lisanan = In the language, Ride'en = Backup - Supporter, Yusaddiqni = Giving me credibility, Yukaththiboun = To reject me as a liar, SaNashudu Adhadhuka = We will strengthen you, Sultan = (Divine) Authority - Supremacy - Proof, Yasiloun = Touch - Reach, Antuma = You both, AlGhaliboun = The victorious.

Q: What attitude makes the disbelievers reject Allah's Religion as lies?

A: And Pharaoh (Phiroun) said O assembly I did not know any god for you except myself so do ignite (fire) for me O Haaman (Pharaoh's top priest)* on the clay (for bricks) and make me a tall building so that I may glance a look at the God of Moses and indeed I am certain that he is from the liars; And he became arrogant - he and his soldiers on the land without any due right** and they were certain that they to Us (Allah) will not return.
Translation of: Ayat 38 - 39, Surat AlQasas. (28:38-39)
* If Pharaoh thought of himself as god so naturally his main advisor will also be a top priest.
** Man does not have any right to be against his Creator.
Words: YaAyuha AlMala' = O assembly - O gathering (of people), Ghayri = Other than me, FaAwqid = So do ignite, Ala AlTeen = On the clay, Sarhan = A tall building, Attale' = Glance a look, LaAdhunnuhu = I am certain that he is, AlKathibeen = The liars, Estakbara = He became arrogant, Junouduhu = Soldiers, BiGhayr AlHaq = Without any due right - without the Truth, Dhannou = They were certain - They thought for sure, Illayna = To Us, Yurja'oun = Will return.

Q: Will some religious leaders (= a'immah) invite people to Hell on the Day of Judgement?
Note: Lines 38 - 39 are translated above this posting.
A: So We (Allah) overtook him (Pharaoh) and his soldiers and We cast them away in the water so see how the ending was of the transgressors (ungrateful to Allah); And We made them (on the Day of Judgement) religious leaders (= a'immah)* calling people to the Fire (of Hell) and (also) on the Day of Judgement they will not be supported.
Translation of: Ayat 40 - 41, Surat AlQasas. (28:40-41)
* A'immah (plural); Imam (singular).
Note: After his death a person is not responsible for the deeds of others.
Note: However who starts a bad procession he will be responsible for a share of it until the Day of Judgement. An example about killing unjustly: In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: No human is killed unjustly (across humanity) without the son of Adam (Cain = Qabil) being responsible for a share of his blood because he was the first one to start killing (unjustly). Source: Riyadh AlSaliheen Min Kalam Sayed AlMursaleen (in Arabic), Page 73.
(just wondering who was the first one to start the Arab Spring that left hundreds of Muslims killed!)
Words: FaNabathnahum = So We cast them away - So we got rid of them, AlYem = The water, Aaqibat = Ending, A'immah = Religious leaders, Yaddouna = Calling, La Yunsaroun = Will not be supported.

Q: Is there a curse that is placed by Allah on Pharaoh (= Phiroun) and his disbelieving followers in their graves?
Note: Remember that to be cursed is to be away from Allah's Mercy.
Note: Lines 38 - 39, 40 - 41 are translated directly above this posting.
A: And We (Allah) made a curse (away from Allah's Mercy) to follow them in this life (after their death)* and on the day of Judgement they are among the despicable (awful).
Translation of: Ayah 42, Surat AlQasas.
* Pharaoh and his followers are dead and a curse of Allah is placed upon them until the Day of Resurrection.
Words: Atba'naahum = We made follow them, La'nah = Curse, AlMaqbooheen = Among the despicable - the awful.

Q: What is the partnership argument that will take place on the Day of Judgement?
Note: A true scene from the Day of Judgement.
A: And the Day (of Judgement) when He (Allah) calls them (disbelievers) and He says where are My partners those you were claiming; Those against whom the Word of Allah came true* said Our God these are the ones (subordinate disbelievers) whom we deluded - we deluded them just as we went astray (from Allah's Path) - we clear oursleves - they were not worshipping us**; And it was said (by angels) call your partners*** so they called them (their leaders) but they did not answer them and they saw the punishment (Hell) (they told themselves) only if they were following the Right Guidance.
Translation of: Ayat 62 - 64, Surat AlQasas.
* The Word of Allah is to fill Hell with Satan and his followers from Jinn and humans.
** Worshipping or joining any form of worship (prayer) with Allah equals to worshipping Satan.
Also note that there are a lot of Satan-type humans.
*** For intercession with Allah and to protect you.
Words: Yawm = The Day, Yunadeehim = He calls them, Shuraka'ey = My partners, Tazzamoun = You were claiming, Haqqa Alayhim AlQawal = Against whom the Word of Allah came true - Were found guilty, Aghwaynahum = We deluded them, Ghawayna = We went astray.

Q: Who are the worst creatures according to Allah?

A: For the worst among those who walk on earth (creatures) according to Allah are the (ones who make themselves) deaf, the (ones who make themselves) dumb - those who do not (bring themselves to) understand; And if Allah found in them goodness (readiness for Guidance) He would have certainly made them listen (to understand) and if He made them listen (without readiness for Guidance)* then they would have certainly turned away while objecting to it.
Translation of: Ayat 22 - 23, Surat AlAnfal.
* Without readiness for Guidance towards Allah people do not understand Islam even if they listened carefully to it.
Words: Sharr = Worst, AlDawab = Those who walk on earth - Creatures - Animals, AlSumm = The deaf, AlBukm = The dumb, La Ya'qiloun = Do not (bring themselves to) understand - Choose not to understand, Alima = Found - Knew, Khair = Goodness - Readiness for Guidance, Asma'ahum = Made them listen, LaTawallaw = They would have certainly, Wa hum mu'ridoun = While objecting to it - While resisting it - While rejecting it.

Q: What three questions actually puzzle the disbelievers about resurrection after death yet they mock the answers to them?
A: And they (disbelievers) said (how) is it when we become bones and mortal remains - are we indeed going to be certainly raised up into a renewed creation; Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) be (made of) stones or iron; Or any creation that you deem greater (to recreate) in your hearts* - so they will say who will (then) bring us back (alive) - say the One Who originated your creation the first time then they will move their heads (astonished and mocking) and they will say when is it - say maybe it is near**.
Translation of: Ayat 49 - 51, Surat AlIsra' (Known also as Surat Beni Israel).
* The answer is yes.
** The time of the Day of Judgement according to Allah. (refer to Surat AlMa'arij)
Words: Edhaman = Bones, Rufatan = Mortal remains, AInna = Are we indeed, LaMabousthoun = Certainly raised up, Khalqan = Creation, Jadeedan = Renewed; Hijaratan = Stones, Hadeedan = Iron, Yakbur = You deem greater, Yu'eenuna = Will bring us back, Fatarakum = Who originated your creation, Awwal = First, Marrah = Time, FaSaYunghidhouna = They will move, Ro'ousahum = Their heads, Mata = When, Qareeba = Near - Coming soon.

Q: When the idol worshippers say that their 'god' is going to harm him what are they actually doing? Why should they restrain from saying it?
Note: Remember Allah Alone is One God so none other than Allah can benefit or harm.
A: Is not Allah certainly Enough for His servant (Prophet Muhammad) - and they (polytheists) frighten you with other than Him* and whoever Allah leaves to stray away (from Allah's Path) then for him there is none as a guide (towards Faith); And whoever Allah guides then for him there is none as a misleader - is not Allah certainly AlMighty Most-Capbable of Revenge (Lord of Revenge).
Translation of: Ayat 36 - 37, Surat AlZumar. (39:36-37)
* According to AlSheikh Hassanain Muhammad Makhlouf, the ex-Mufti of Egypt in 'Safwat AlBayan liMa'ani AlQur'an', page 589: It is reported that Quraish said to the Prophet Muhammad: You must stop saying bad things about our gods (idols) or they are going to make you crazy (= tuseebuka biKhabal).
Words: Alaysa = Is not, BiKafin = Certainly Enough, Yukhawifounaka = They frighten you, Yudhlil = Leaves to stray away, Hadi = A Guide, Mudhil = A misleader, Thi Intiqam = Most-Capable of Revenge - Lord of Revenge.

Q: Why a physical miracle from Allah which the disbelievers requested was not sent down to Prophet Muhammad?
A: And they (disbelievers) say only if a miraculous sign from his God was sent down to him - so (command to Prophet Muhammad) say rather the unseen belongs to Allah so do wait (for the miracle) for I am with you among those who are waiting*.
Translation of: Ayah 20, Surat Yunus.
* Waiting for Allah's Judgement which can be punishment of the disbelievers in this life.
Note: In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: The Prophet Muhammad asked the disbelievers who demanded to show them a miracle: What do you like to see? They said: You turn the Safa (a mount) into gold. The Prophet said: If I did then will you believe in me. They swore yes. The Prophet Muhammad started to pray to Allah. Then Angel Gabriel came to the Prophet and told him: If you wish it will be turned into gold but then if they do not believe we (Angel Gabriel with/without other angels according to Allah's Command) will punish them. Or if you wish then leave them alone until those who want to turn to Allah with repentance repent (for their disbelieving request) (So the Prophet stopped praying for a physical miracle). Source: Tafseer waBayan Mufridat AlQuran, in Arabic, page 216.
Words: Lawla = Only if, Unzila = Was sent down, Ayatun = A miraculous sign, Inamma = Rather, AlGhayb = Unseen, Fantadhirou = So do wait, AlMuntadhareen = Those who are waiting.

Q: Which party is really worthy of ridicule: Those who worship the Creator or those who worship what is created?
A: And if those who disbelieved see you (Prophet Muhammad) they will simply hold you up as an object of ridicule - is this the one who talks of your gods (against them) and they (disbelievers) at the mentioning of the Most-Merciful (Allah) they are disbelievers (ungrateful to Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 36, Surat AlAnbiya'. (21:36)
Words: Itha = If, Ra'aak = Saw you - Spotted you - Identified you, Kafarou = Disbelieved, In = Certainly, Tattakhithouka = Single you out, Hozowa = Object/Subject of ridicule, Yathkur = Mentions, Aalihatukum = Your gods, BiThikri AlRahman = At the mentioning of the Most-Merciful, Kafiroun = Disbelievers - Ungrateful.

Q: Which god that the disbelievers worship can protect against Allah's Wrath when it falls?
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) who can protect you at night or day from (the Wrath of) the Lord of Mercy - rather they are from the Reminder (Message = Thikr) of their God turning away (objecting = Mu'ridhoun); Or do they have gods which can defend them against Us (Allah) - they (even) cannot aid themselves and they will not be provided from Us (Allah) with a companion as a protector.
Translation of: Ayat 42 - 43, Surat AlAnbiya'. (21:42-43)
Words: Yakla'ukum = Protect you, Thikr = Reminder - Message, Mu'ridhoun = Turning away - Objecting - Rejecting - Resisting, Alihatun = gods, Nasr = Aid, Yushaboun = Provided with a companion as a protector.

Q: Thinking logically, which one is the norm: The monotheist or the polytheist?
A: Allah has set a parable of a man (servant) belonging to quarrelsome partners* and a man completely belonging to one man - can they be equal in comparison - (say) Praise to Allah yet most of them (people) do not realize (it).
Translation of: Ayah 29, Surat AlZumar.
* = many gods claiming to own one person. Naturally they quarrel to be superior to one another and this affects the person worshipping them.
Words: Dharaba Masthalan = Set a parable - Set an example, Rajulan = A man, Shuraka' = Partners, Mutashakisoun = Quarrelsome, Salaman = Completely, LiRajul = Belonging to a man, Hel Yastawiyan = Can they be equal, Masthalan = In comparison, AlHamdu Lillah = Praise to Allah, La Ya'lamoun = Do not realize - Do not know.

Q: Logically speaking if Allah AlMighty had wanted to have a son would He have asked humans to choose for Him?
A: If Allah wanted to take a son* then He (Himself) would have picked up** from what He creates*** whatever He wills - Exalted is He (= Subhanahu) - He is Allah the One the Subduer (Who can make you cry).
Translation of: Ayah 4, Surat AlZumar.
* 'Walad' in Arabic means a son and also it means an offspring.
** Note 'Estafa' is the word used in the Qur'an to mean 'picked up'. Actually the word 'estafa' comes from the root word 'safy' which means pure.
*** In the present tense (= Yakhluq). Science keeps on discovering new species.
Note: According to AlSheikh Hassanain Muhammad Makhlouf, the ex-Mufti of Egypt, in 'Safwat AlBayan liMa'ani AlQur'an' in Arabic, page 584: Disbelievers said: Angels are daughters of Allah. Jews said: Uzair (Ezra) is a son of Allah. And Christians said: Jesus peace be upon him is a son of Allah.
Words: Yatakhitha = To take, Walad = Son - Offsrping, LaStafa = He would have certain picked up, Mimma = From What, Yakhluq = He creates, Ma Yasha' = What He wills - What He pleases, AlWahid = The One, AlQahhar = The Subduer.

Q: What happens if a person joins a partner with Allah or completely rejects Allah's Supermacy over the Universe?
A: Allah to Whom belongs whatever is in the Heavens and whatever is on earth - and woe (destruction) to the disbelievers from a severe punishment (suffering)*.
Translation of: Ayah 2, Surat Ibraheem.
* The punishment is certain in the Other Life because Allah forgives everything except to disbelieve in Him or to join partner(s) with Him.
Words: Lahu = To Whom belongs, Wayl = Woe - Destruction, Athab = Punishment - Suffering, Shadeed = Severe.

Q: Why should those who embrace Islam not go back on their word with Allah?
Note: The preceding Ayah 7 in Surat AlHadeed.

A: And why should you not believe* in Allah and the messenger (Prophet Muhammad) is calling you to believe in your God and he (the Prophet) had taken your (pledge of the) Covenant (of Islam) if you were believers.
Translation of: Ayah 8, Surat AlHadeed.
* "= To'minou". Remember Iman is a belief that is reposed in the heart and dictates one's actions.
Note:: In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: The Prophet once asked his companions: Whom do you think are the most amazing because of their believing? They said: The angels. He said: Why should they not believe and they are with their God. They said: Then the prophets. He said: Why should they not believe and the revelation (from Allah) was reaching them. They said: Then we. He said: Why should you not believe and i am among you. Yet the most amazing in their Faith are people who will come after you (= existing believers) - they will see written leaflets (of the Qur'an = suhuf) and they will believe in what is in them. Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 4, page 466.
Words: Ma Lakum = Why should you, La To'minoun = You do not believe, Yadoukum = He is calling you, Akhatha = He took, Meesthakakum = Your covenant, In Kuntum Mo'mineen = If you were believers.

Q: When talking about Allah's Mercy how do we recognize the disbelievers?
A: And those who disbelieved in Allah's Miraculous Lines (of the Qur'an) and in meeting Him - those had despaired from My (Allah's) Mercy and those for them is a severe punishment.
Translation of: Ayah 23, Surat AlAnkaboot.
Words: Liqai'hi = Meeting Him, Ulaika = Those, Ya'isou = Had despaired, Rahmati = My Mercy, Aleem = Severe - Painful.

Q: When do some persons who join partner(s) with Allah realize that they are doing wrong?
A: And if a breath of your God's punishment touched them (in life) they certainly would say woe (destruction) to us for indeed we were unjust (to ourselves).
Translation of: Ayah 46, Surat AlAnbiya'.
Words: Massathum = Touched - Befell them, Nafhah = Breath, YaWaylana = Woe to us, Dhalimeen = Unjust (to ourselves) - Doing wrong.

Q: What is the relationship between rejecting Allah's Word and doing wrong?
A: And Noah when he called out (Allah) from before so We answered him and We saved him and his family from the Grave Distress (Flood)*; And We supported him against the people (Noah's people) who rejected as lies Our Miraculous Signs (Allah's Word) for they were evil doing people so We drowned them all.
Translation of: Ayat 76 - 77, Surat AlAnbiya'.
* The flood that affected the world.
Words: Naada = Called out, Min Qabl = From before, FaNajjaynahu = So We saved him, Ahlahu = His family, AlKarb = Distress, AlQdheem = Grave - Serious, Nasarnahu = We supported him, Qawma Sou' = Evil doing people - Bad deed doing people, FaAghraqnahum = So We drowned them, Ajma'een = All.

Q: Why CAN not many disbelievers comprehend the Qur'anic verses (lines) even if they are explained to them very clearly?
A: And who can be more of a transgressor (against Allah) than who was reminded of the Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines/Verses) of his God but he turned away from them and he forgot what his hands had sent forward (in his Record with Allah) - for We (Allah) placed over their hearts coverings lest they should understand it and in their ears a cavity (hard to hear) and if you (prophet Muhammad) call them to the Right Guidance (to Allah) even then they will never be rightly guided (= FaLen Yahtadou).
Translation of: Ayah 57, Surat AlKahf. (18:57)
Words: Thukkira = Was reminded, FaA'radha = But he turned away, Nisiya = He forgot, Qaddamat Yadah = His hands had sent forward, Akkinnah = Coverings, An Yafqahouh = Lest they should comprehend it, Waqr = A cavity - Hollowness - Hard to hear, AlHuda = Right Guidance.

Q: Besides being giants how were the people of Aad endowed with powerful natural abilities?
A: And We (Allah) made them* established (influential) in what We did not make you** established and We gave them (powerful) HEARING and EYESIGHT and HEARTS*** but their hearing did not avail them anything neither did their eyesight or hearts for they were rejecting to recognize**** the Miraculous Signs (everything indicative of Allah's Attributes) and what (Allah's Word) they were mocking brought disaster upon them.
Translation of: Ayah 26, Surat AlAhqaf. (46:26)
Note: The translation of the preceding Lines in Surat AlAhqaf.

Note: As mentioned in the Qur'an both 'Aad' and 'Sthamud' were understanding people yet they rejected Allah as the Only One God.
Note: Video: The current Archaeological site in Saudi Arabia called "Mada'in Saleh" = The Towns of Prophet Saleh who was the Prophet of "Sthamud".
* People of Aad (and their successors (relatives) People of "Sthamud").
** People of pre-Islamic Arabia.
*** People of "Aad" and their successors People of "Sthamud" were also richly endowed with the faculties of arts, sciences and culture than ever were the People 'Quraish' before Islam.
"Hearing and seeing" also refer to the expermintal faculties.
The word "heart" in Arabic includes intellect or the rational faculties as well as the instruments of feeling and emotion - the aethetic faculties.
Note: Remember it is not really the loss of vision which makes a person blind (blind persons who are conscious of Allah are promised Paradise according to a saying of Prophet Muhammad); Rather it is turning the heart away from Allah (refer to Surat AlHajj).
Note:The Second Aad or Sthamud have left interesting traces of their architecture in the country round the 'Hijr' in Saudi Arabia.
Source: The famous translator Abdullah Yusuf Ali in "The Holy Qur'an: English Translation of the Meanings and Commentary" page 1553.
**** "= yajhadoun" they reject to recognize by tongue although they were certain in their hearts that it is the Truth from Allah. Source: "Tafseer waBayan Mufridat AlQuran", in Arabic, page 505.
Words: Makkanahum = Made them established - Made them influential, Sama'n = Hearing, Absaran = Eyesight, Af'idah = Hearts, Yajhadoun = They were rejecting to recognize, Haaqa = Brought disaster - Afflicted, Yastahz'oun = Were mocking.

Q: What can be Allah's Plan for the disbelievers who are reminded of Allah and are made aware of Him yet they reject believing in Him and His Word?
A: And the companions of "AlHijr"* rejected as liars those who were sent as messengers** (by Allah); And We (Allah) provided them with our Miraculous Signs*** but they were objecting to them;
And they were carving from the mountains houses feeling secure; Then the Scream**** (of Angel Gabriel) took them in the morning; So it did not avail them what they were earning (of work).
Translation of: Ayat 80 - 84, Surat AlHijr.
* Who are the companions of "AlHijr"?
** The people of the Prophet Saleh (an Arab messenger of Allah).
*** Indicative of Allah.
**** The Scream of the Angel Gabriel from the sky (Source: Safwat AlBayan liMa'ani AlQur'an by the Ex-Mufti of Egypt Hassanain Muhammad Makhlouf, in Arabic, pages 439, 684) that stirred nature.
Words: Kaththaba = Rejected as liars, Ataynahum = We provided them, Ayatina = Our miraculous Signs - Our (Allah's) Word, Mu'ridheen = Objecting - Resisting - Rejecting, Yanhitoun = Carving, Buyoutan = Houses, Amineen = Feeling secure, AlSayhah = The scream, Akhathathum = Overtook them - Punished them, Musbiheen = In the morning, Aghna = Avail, Yaksiboun = Earning - Gaining.

Q: Why should Muslims continuously remind the disbelievers about Allah as the Creator of everything?
Note: To help them gain salvation.
Note: The preceding lines 17 - 22 in Surat AlGhasiyah.
A: Except* whoever turned away and disbelieved; Then Allah will punish him with the greatest punishment (of the Day of Judgement).
Translation of: Ayat 23 - 24, Surat AlGhashiyah.
* Allah forgives all sins except to disbelieve in Him or to join any partner with Allah.
Words: Illa = Except, Tawwalla = Turned away, Kafara = Disbelieved, AlAthab = Punishment, AlAkbar = Greatest.

Q: What sin Allah deems the most ungrateful to Him and Allah will not forgive it?
A: Then who can be more transgressor (unjust to Allah) than the one who fabricates lies against Allah or rejects as lies His Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) - indeed the sinners* (against Allah) are not going to prosper** (with Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 17, Surat Yunus.
* 'AlMujrimoun' = Sinners or the literal meaning in Arabic 'criminals' (according to Allah). Who are they?
** Are not going to attain salvation in the end.
Note: The translation of the succeeding Line 18 in Surat Yunus.
Words: Adlamu = More of a transgressor - More of an unjust person, Eftara Kathiban = Fabricated lies, La Yufleh = Are not going to prosper - Are not going to attain salvation.

Q: When it is explained to disbelievers that the Day of Judgement is necessary to do justice by rewarding people or punishing them for their deeds in life do they acknowledge it?
Note: The translation of the preceding Verses 27-31 in Surat AlJasthiyah.
A: And when it was said to them (in life) that Allah's Promise* is True and that the Hour (Day of Judgement) - there is no doubt in it you (polytheists of Pre-Islamic Arabia) said we do not know what is the Hour for we are (just) assuming (that) based on guessing and we are not completely convinced (= in doubt).
Translation of: Ayah 32, Surat AlJasthiyah. (45:32)
* Allah promised to gather humanity for the Day of Judgement (after their resurrection).
Words: Qeela = Was said, Wa'd = Promise, La Rayba = No doubt, Ma Nadri = We do not know, Nadhunnu = We are assuming, BiMustayqineen = Completely convinced.

Q: Do those who worship idols as gods have any proofs that those idols are creators or that they guide to Truth and Justice?
Note: The translation of the preceding Lines 34, 35 in Surat Yunus.
A: And most of them (disbelievers) do not follow except assumption and assumption (without proof) does not avail anything to Truth for Allah is All-Knowing of what you (plural) do.
Translation of: Ayah 36, Surat Yunus. (10:36)
Words: Ma Yattabe' = Do not follow, Akstharuhum = Most of them, AlDhann = Assumption - Guessing, La Yughni = Is no use - Does not avail anything, Aleem = All-Knowing.

Q: Why does Allah grant many disbelievers who oppose him a lot of success in life?
A: (Command to Prophet Muhammad) Do not be deceived by the disbelievers' movement back and forth (for business)* in the land; Little temporary enjoyment (for them in life) then their dwelling is Hell and what a miserable resting place.
* Successful rich businessmen.
Translation of: Ayat 196 - 197, Surat AlImran.
Note: Why does not Allah provide all disbelievers with a lot of wealth to enjoy this life?
Words: Yaghurrunaka = Deceive, Taqalub = Movement back and forth, Qaleel = Little, Ma'wahum = Their dwelling, Mihad = Resting place.

Q: Out of what personality trait do people deny Allah and/or fabricate lies against Allah by holding in awe other than Allah?
A: And on the Day of Judgement you will see those who told lies against Allah - their faces are darkened* - is there not a stayng place in Hell for the arrogant people.
Translation of: Ayah 60, Surat AlZumar. (39:60)
* Dishonoured.
Note: Hell situation will blacken faces.
Words: Kaththabou = Told lies, Muswaddah = Darkened, Masthwa = Staying place, Mutakabbireen = Arrogant people.

Q: What is the ending of those who are loaded with sins that Allah did not forgive?
A: And those who earned* sins (then) the repayment of a sin is its equal** and humiliation tires them out - for them from (the Wrath of) Allah there is no protector - as if their faces are covered with patches of the dark night - those are the companions of Hell in it remaining for eternity.
Translation of: Ayah 27, Surat Yunus.
* Sins that Allah has not forgiven on the Day of Judgement.
** An indication of Allah's Mercy. One good deed is multiplied by 10 or more.
Note: Only the purfied and whose sins are completely removed (either because they got their punishment in Hell or Allah's Mercy embraced them with forgivenss) will be admitted to Paradise. Remember who enters Paradise will not be expelled from it.
Words: Kasabou = Earned, Jaza' = Repayment, Tarhaquhum = Tires them out, Thillah = Humiliation, Ughshiyat = Covered, Wujouhuhum = Their faces, Qita'an = Patches, Min AlLayl = Of the night, Mudliman = Dark.

Q: What is Allah's Warning Message to all disbelievers?
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) to those who have disbelieved that you will be defeated (in life sooner or later) and (on the Day of Judgement) you will be marshalled (put in ranks) towards Hell and what a miserable resting place.
Translation of: Ayah 12, Surat AlImran.
Words: SaTughlaboun = You will be defeated, Tuhsharoun = You will be marshalled - You will be gathered, Bi'sa = What a miserable, AlMihad = Resting place.

Q: Besides being severe what is another characteristic of the punishment of Hell?

A: They wish to get out of the Fire and (Allah says) they are not going to get out" of it and for them is a staying (remaining = muqeem)** punishment.
Translation of: Ayah 37, Surat AlMa'idah. (5:37)
* Remember that Hell is a staying place. When not in the Fire the Fire follows them.
** Remember in yesterday's translation of Ayah 39 in Surat Hood about who will receive a staying punishment (= athab muqeem) in Hell.
Words: Yureedoun = They wish - They want, Yakhrojou = To get out, Muqeem = Staying - Remaining forever - Permanent.

Q: What does Allah's Wrath in life do to the punished ones?

A: (Prophet Shuaib* says) O my people continue doing for (keeping) your status (of disbelieving) for I am doing (as a prophet) - soon you will come to know who receives a punishment which humiliates** him (in life) and who is a liar and do wait (for the punishment to happen) for I am with you waiting.
Translation of: Ayah 93, Surat Hood.
* Prophet Shuaib who was rejected as a liar is (no 12) on Prophets' Map in this site.
** Allah's punishment in life humiliates the punished.
Words: E'malou = Continue doing, Ala Makanatikum = For your status - For your way, Men Ya'teehi = Who receives, Athab = Punishment, Yukhzeehi = That humiliates him, Kaathib = Liar, Ertaqibou = Do wait, Raqeeb = Waiting.

Q: How much did Prophet Saleh know about the exact timing of Allah's punishement in life?

A: (Prophet Saleh* says) And O my people this is a she-camel of Allah - to you is a Miraculous Sign (= Ayah)**.so leave her to feed on Allah's earth and do not inflict any harm on her lest a nearby punishment will get you; Then they slaughtered her so he (Prophet Saleh) said indulge in temporary enjoyment in your homes for three days - that is a Promise that is not going to come untrue;
So when Our (Allah's) Command arrived We saved Saleh and those who believed with him by a Mercy from Us and (saved them) from the disgrace (humiliation) of that day for your God is the Omnipotent the AlMighty.
Translation of: Ayat 64 - 66, Surat Hood. (11:64-66)
* Prophet Saleh no. 5 on the Map of Prophets on this site.
** To support Prophet Saleh (the she-camel came out miraculously from inside a mountain in front of the eyes of the People of Sthamud because they challenged Prophet Saleh to bring about a miracle.) An explanation and a reference is this context will be added later.
Note: Prophet Noah knew about the nearness of Allah's punishment in life.
Words: Naqat = She-camel, La Tamassouha BiSou' = Do not inflict any harm on her, Qareeb = Nearby, FaAqarooha = So they slaughtered her, Tamatta'ou = Induldge in temporary enjoyment, Sthasthat = Three, Ghayr Makthoub = Not going to come untrue, Khizy = Disgrace - Shaming - Humiliation, YawmaIthin = That day.

Q: What combined elements can Allah's severe punishment involve?

A: So they (People of Sthamud) slaughtered the she-camel and they insolently (violently) transgressed the Command of their God and they (challenged) said O Saleh bring about on us whatever (punishment) you promise us if you are (really) from those who were sent (by Allah); So the shaking* overtook them so they became in the morning in their dwellings lying (lifeless) with faces down.
Translation of: Ayat 77 - 78, Surat AlA'raf. (7:77-78)
* 'AlTaghiyah' is the description of the punishment of the People of Sthamud of Prophet Saleh. The punishment started with a scream (= Sayha) of Angel Gabriel (Head of punishment angels) that stirred nature: Thunderbolt (lightening with thunder = Sa'iqah) and shaking (earthquake = AlRajfah).
Words: Attau = They insolently transgressed - They insolently opposed, Amr = Command, E'tina = Bring about on us, Ta'iduna = You promise us, AlRajfah = The shaking - The earthquake, Jasthimeen = Lying with faces down.

Q: How much did Prophet Saleh know about the exact timing of Allah's punishement in life?
A: (Prophet Saleh* says) And O my people this is a she-camel of Allah - to you is a Miraculous Sign**.so leave her to feed on Allah's land and do not inflict any harm on her lest a nearby punishment will get you; Then they slaughtered her so he (Prophet Saleh) said indulge in temporary enjoyment in your homes for three days - that is a Promise that is not going to come untrue;
So when Our (Allah's) Command arrived We saved Saleh and those who believed with him by a Mercy from Us and (saved them) from the humiliation of that day for your God is the Omnipotent the AlMighty.
Translation of: Ayat 64 - 66, Surat Hood.
* Prophet Saleh no. 5 on the Map of Prophets on this site.
** To support Prophet Saleh (the she-camel came out miraculously from inside a mountain in front of the eyes of the People of Sthamud because they challenged Prophet Saleh to bring about a miracle.) An explanation and a reference is this context will be added later.
Note: Prophet Noah knew about the nearness of Allah's punishment in life.
Words: Naqat = She-camel, La Tamassouha BiSou' = Do not inflict any harm on her,Qareeb = Nearby, FaAqarooha = So they slaughtered it, Tamatta'ou = Induldge in temporary enjoyment, Sthasthat = Three, Ghayr Makthoub = Not going to come untrue, Khizy = Humiliation, YawmaIthin = That day.

Q: What is the Word of Allah's Wrath in Life that renders the punished ones annihilated?
Note: Translation of the preceding Lines 64 - 66 are moved above for easy reference.
A: And those who transgressed (Allah's Limits) were overtaken (punished) by the Scream (Beginning of the punishment) so they were by the morning in their dwellings lying (lifeless) with their faces down; As if they never flourished* there - well (verily) for Sthamud (Prophet Saleh's people) disbelieved in their God - well (verily) away (eliminate = Bu'dan) with Sthamud.
Translation of: Ayat 67 - 68, Surat Hood. (11:67-68)
* Their civilization marveled with pompous houses.
Words: Akhathat = Overtaken - Punished, Ala = Well, Ala = Well - Verily, Kafarou = Disbelieved, Bu'dan = Away with - Eliminate.

Q: As it follows Pharaoh (= Phiroun) what does follow the extinct people of Aad in this life?
Note: The preceding Line 59 in Surat Hood.
A: And they (annihilated People of Aad) were followed in this life by a Curse* and (also) on the Day of Judgement - (why?) well (verily) for Aad (people of Prophet Hood) disbelieved in their God - well (verily) away with Aad (gone forever) the People of (Prophet) Hood.
Translation of: Ayah 60, Surat Hood. (11:60)
* Allah's Curse: Allah uttered the Oath of condemnation. The cursed are cast away from Allah's Mercy.
After their punishment in life (annihilation) the People of Aad while being now dead are suffering in their graves just like Pharaoh and his drowned disbelieving People. (refer to Surat Ghafir)
Words: Utbi'ou = They were followed, Hathihi AlDunya = In this life, La'nah = A curse to cast the condemned away from Allah's Mercy.

Q: Why Allah's Warning against some nations whose majority were disbelievers was realized in life?
A: Before them (polytheists of Pre-Islamic Arabia) (Allah's Message) was rejected as lies by the People of Noah and the Companions of AlRass* and Sthamud; And Aad and Pharaoh (= Phiroun) and the brothers (people) of Lut; And the Companions of the The Small Wood (= AlAykah)** and the People of Tubba'* - each one (of peoples) rejected as liars the messengers (of Allah) so My (Allah's) Warning was realized.
Translation of: Ayat 12 - 14, Surat Qaf.
* Not much narrative in the Qur'an about the Companions of AlRass or the People of Tubba'. According to the scholar Hassanain Muhammad Makhlouf in "Safwat AlBayan liMa'ani AlQur'an" in Arabic page 464: The Companions of AlRass were a people "related to" Sthamud. They rejected their messenger as a liar and they "rassouh" meaning they thrust him in a well (= rass) so Allah destroyed them.
People of Tubba'.
** The Companions of the Small Wood.
Words: Kaththabat = Rejected as lies, Qawm = People - Nation, Ikhwan = Brothers, Ashab = Companions, Haqqa = Was realized - Came true.

Q: Before receiving Allah's severe punishment in life what are the punished communities made aware of?
Hint: Allah's Warnings.
Note: The translation of the preceding Line 37 in Surat AlFurqan.
A: And Aad and Sthamud and the Companions of AlRass - and many generations during that (ancient time); And each one We (Allah) set parables* for them and each one (of them) We annihilated them with proper annihilation.
Translation of: Aya 38 - 39, Surat AlFurqan.
* Allah's Parables (examples that teach moral lessons) explain in detail Allah's Message for people to contemplate and see Allah's Attributes in Allah's Creation.
An example of a parable in the Qur'an.
Words: Qurounan = Generations, Bayna Thalika = During that, Kastheera = Many, Kullan = Each, Dharabna = We set - We made, AlAmsthal = Parables - Moral examples, Tabbarna = We annihilated - We completely destroyed, Tatbeera = With proper annihilation - With complete destruction.

Q: When the People of Pharaoh opposed Allah's Message what type of destruction did they receive?
A: And We certainly gave Moses (= Prophet Moosa) the (Holy) Book and We made with him his brother Aaron (= Haroon) a minister*; So We (Allah) said go (both) to the people who rejected Our Miraculous Signs as lies so We destroyed them with proper (utter) destruction**.
Translation of: Ayat 35 - 36, Surat AlFurqan.
* To support the Prophet Moses in delivering Allah's Message.
** Pharaoh Ramesses the Great, was the third Egyptian pharaoh (reigned 1279 BC – 1213 BC) of the Nineteenth dynasty. He is the Pharaoh associated with Prophet Moses (Source wikipedia.com). Pharaoh, his soldiers and followers were drowned. (Note "Pharaoh" is a title like "king") According to the translator Abdullah Yusuf Ali in "The Holy Qur'an: English Translation of the Meanings and Commentary, page 441: Israel became a great nation under Prophet Solomon (Prophets Moses - Aaron - David - Solomon). (Later) Pharaoh (not Ramesses the Great) and his people were brought low. Their great cities - Thebes (or No-Ammon), Memphis (or Noph, sacred to the Bull of of Osiris), and the other splendid cities became as if they had not existed).
Words: Aatayna = We gave, Akhahu = His brother, Wazeera = A minister, Ithhaba = Go both, Kaththabou = They rejected as lies, FaDammarnahum = So We destroyed them, Tadmeera = Propher destruction - Utter destruction.

Q: Why do idol worshippers not pose to think if they are worshipping real gods that can benefit* them?
Note: The translation of the preceding Line 43 in Surat AlFurqan.
A: Or do you (Prophet Muhammad) think that most of them (idol worshippers) listen or realize - they are merely like cattle** - rather they are further astray from the Path.
Translation of: Ayah 44, Surat AlFurqan.
* Disbelievers agrue that their gods are forms of real creatures.
* Sheep for example are known to follow blindly.
Words: Tahsab = You think, Akstharahum = Most of them, Yasma'oun = They listen, Ya'qiloun = They realize - They grasp, In Hum Illa = They are merely - They are no more than, KelAn'am = Like cattle, Bel = Rather, Adhallu Sabeela = Further astray from the path.

Q: What will increase the panic of the disbelievers on the Day of Judgement?
Note: The translation of the preceding Line 47 in Surat Fusilat in the Qur'an.
A: And whatever they were calling upon (other than Allah) before went astray* (got lost) from them and it became certain for them that for them there is no escape.
Translation of: Ayah 48, Surat Fusilat (41:48).
* They cannot defend them.
Words: Dhalla = Went astray, Yadoun = Calling upon - Praying to, Dhannou = It became certain for them, Mahees = Escape.

Q: Who might have encouraged the act of killing new-born female babies?
A: And in this way their partners* (= shuraka'uhum) had made look good (it's okay) to many of the polytheists** the killing of their children*** so as to bring their (psychological) ruin**** and to confuse***** their religion (worshipping Allah Alone) for them and if Allah willed they would have not done it so (command to Prophet Muhammad) leave them with what lies they fabricate.
Translation of: Ayah 137, Surat AlAn'am (numbered (6) in the Qur'an).
* Idols worshipped with Allah. (Idol worshippers have their leaders to guide them).
** Worshippers of more than one god.
*** Remember the fear of being in financial difficulty leads to killing new-born females as indicated in the 'link' down.
**** = liYurdouhum. To make their situation from bad to worse.
***** To make obscure by man-invented rituals.
Note: Read a recent Toronto Star's article about female feticide (towards the second half of the article).
Words: Zuyyena = Made look good, Qatl = Killing, Awladihim = Their children, AlMushrikeen = Their partners, LiYurudouhum = So as to bring their ruin, LiYalbisou = To confuse - To make obscure, FaTharhum = So leave them, Ma Yaftaroun = With what lies they fabricate.

Q: How do you know from Ayah 151 in Surat AlAn'am that killing children out of fear of poverty is considered a grave sin?
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) come I will recite what your God had made forbidden (= harrama) for you that do not join anything as partner with Him and (show) kindness towards the parents and do not kill your children for fear of being reduced to poverty* (= imlaq) - We (Allah) give sustenance (provision) to you and them and do not commit obscenities (i.e. adultery) what is apparent of them (obscenities) or what is hidden and do not kill the life that Allah made forbidden (to kill) except by way of justice** - that is what Allah directed you about so that you may use your reason (mind).
Translation of: Ayah 151, Surat AlAn'am (6).
* Killing children is a grave sin because it is in the same Ayah of joining any partner with Allah which is an unforgivable sin according to Allah.
** Justice dictated by Allah and not what everyone of us think is just and fair according to him.
Words: Ta'alou = Come, Harrama = Had made forbidden, Tushrikou = Join as partner, Shay'an = Anything, Bilwalidayn = Towards the parents, Imlaq = Fear of reduction to poverty - Fear of becoming destitute, Taqrabou AlFawahish = Commit obscenities - Commit obscene deeds - Commit repulsive sins, Ma Dhahara Minha Wa Ma Batan = What is apparent of them or what is hidden - Openly or in secret, Wassakum Bihi = He directed you about - He advised you of, La'alakum Ta'qiloun = You may use your reason - You may grasp it.

Q: Who do actually benefit from having idols (partners) joined with the Creator? (Remember the Qur'an is for every time and every place)
A: And they made a share for Allah from what He (Allah) increased in produce (agricultural) and cattle so they said this (heap) is for Allah according to their claim* and this one is for our partners (idols) so what is for their partners then it does not reach** Allah and what is for Allah then it reaches*** their partners - (Allah says) how badly they judge.
Translation of: Ayah 136, Surat AlAn'am (6:136).
* (The priests of the polytheists of Pre-Islamic Arabia who worshipped more than 300 gods with Allah) used to make two heaps for collection of valuables. One they claimed Allah takes it because it is supposed to go to the poor and another for the gods they worship and goes to the priests and the administration. Source: The Holy Qur'an - English Translation... based on the translation of Abdullah Yusuf Ali, page 383.
** No chance of giving the poor from it.
*** Can be replaced or taken from by the priests.
Note: The translation of the succeeding Line 137 in Surat AlAn'am.
Words: Ja'alou = They made, Thara'a = He increased, AlHarasth = The produce, AlAn'am = The cattle - The livestock, Naseeban = A share, FaLa Yasil = Then it does not reach, Shuraka'ihim = Their partners, Sa'a = How bad, Sa'a Ma Yahkomoun = How badly they judge - How bad is what they judge.

Q: When does one stray really far away from Allah's Path?
A: Indeed those who disbelieved and prevented (others) from the Path of Allah they had already strayed away - a far straying away*.
Translation of: Ayah 167, Surat AlNisa'. (4:167)
* What happens to their punishment?
Words: Saddou En = Prevented from, Sabeel = Path, Dhallou = They strayed away, Ba'eeda = Far.

Q: What should you be fearing if you believe in Allah but do not believe in the Day of Judgement as detailed in the Qur'anic lines?
A: And whoever Allah guides then he is the guided one and whomever He leaves to stray away (from Allah's Path) then you (Prophet Muhammad) will not find for them any helpers other than Him (Allah) - and We (Allah) will raise them up on the Day of Judgement upon their faces* blind dumb and deaf - their staying place is Hell every time it (Fire) becomes weakened We will increase for them (its) blazing fire; That is their repayment for they disbelieved in Our (Allah's) Miraculous Signs and they said (mocking tone) is it when we become bones and remains are we really going to be certainly raised up into a new creation.
Translation of: Ayat 97 - 98, Surat AlIsra' (also known as Surat Beni Israel).(17:97-98)
* The Prophet Muhammad was asked about this Ayah so the Prophet said: Is not The One who made him walk on his two feet in life Capable of making him walk on his face on the Day of Judgment? Yes by God the questioner said. Source: AlLou'lou' walMarjan feema etafaqqa alayhi AlSheikhan AlBukhari wa Muslim, in Arabic, page 640.
Words: Nahshuruhum = We raise them up, Ala Wujouhihim = Upon their faces, Umyan = ' Blind, Bukman = Dumb - Cannot talk, Summan = Deaf, Khabat = Weakened, Zidnahum = We increase for them, Sa'eera = Blazing fire, Idhaman = Bones, Rufatan = Remains, AInna = Are we really, LaMabousthouna = Certainly raised up, Khalqan = Creation, Jadeeda = New.

Q: Why the believers will be raised up physically blind deaf and dumb in the Other World?
Note: Please read first yesterday's translation above. (Ayah 97 in Surat AlIsra').
A: And the parable (metaphoric example) of those who disbelieve is like the one that bleats (sheep*) for what they do not pay attention except (shepherd's) calling and announcing - (such disbelievers are) deaf dumb and blind** therefore they do not realize.
Translation of: Ayah 171, Surat AlBaqarah.
* Sheep are known to be followers without thinking and using their minds. '= yaniq' is the sound of the sheep, the crow or croaking.
** If disbelievers are blind deaf and dumb in life against Allah's Word so why will Allah raise them up blind deaf and dumb in the Other World? (the answer will be in tomorrow's translation insha Allah)
Note: Blind in life against Allah's Word means the heart is blind and not the eyes. (In a summary of a Hadeesth Qudsi: Allah said: If I put my servant to the test by taking away his vision and he remained patient I will repay him for them (eyes) Paradise. Source: AlAhadeesth AlQudsiyyah, (in Arabic) page 173.)
Words: Masthal = Metaphoric example - Moral example, Yaniq = Bleats - Hoots - Croaks - Screeches, Dua' = Calling, Nida' = Announcing, Ya'qiloun = Realize - Grasp.

Q: If disbelievers are blind deaf and dumb in life against Allah's Word so why Allah will raise them up physically blind deaf and dumb in the Other World?
A: And who can be more of a transgressor (against Allah) than who was reminded of the Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) of his God then he turned away from them - (A Warning Tone) indeed We (Allah) of the criminals* (sinners) are going to be Revengeful**
Translation of: Ayah 22, Surat AlSajdah. (32:22)
* = Mujrimeen. Sinners who are away from Allah's Mercy in Allah's Court.
** 'AlMontaqim' = Lord of Revenge.
Words: Adhlam = More of a transgressor - More unjust, Thukkira = Was reminded, A'radha = Turned away, Inna = Indeed We, AlMujrimeen = Criminals, Sinners, Muntaqimoun = Going to be Revengeful.

Q: When raised up physically blind and deaf on the Day of Judgement why will the disbelievers say that they can see and they can hear then?
A: And only if you (Prophet Muhammad) can see the criminals (= mujrimoun) lowering down their heads (in shame) before their God - (they say) our God we have seen* and we have heard so send us back (to life) we will do good (deeds) - indeed we are (now) convinced.
Translation of: Ayah 12, Surat AlSajdah. (32:12)
* The truth of Allah's Word realized on the Day of Judgement. In life they were blind and deaf towards the Qur'an.
Words: AlMujrimoun = Criminals - Sinners against Allah, Absarna = We have seen, Sam'na = We have heard, Salihan = Good, Muqinoun = Convinced - Certain.

Q: Why having a bad intention towards Allah's Message renders one blind and deaf according to Allah?

A: And from them who listen* to you (Prophet Muhammad) but are you going to make the deaf** hear even if they lack understanding; And from them who look* at you but are you going to guide (to Allah's Path) the blind*** persons even if they cannot see.
Translation of: Ayat 42 - 43, Surat Yunus. (10: 42-43).
* With bad intention and not to understand Allah's Message.
** Intentionally deaf. Why did Allah endow man with eyesight and hearing?
*** Intentionally blind.
Words: Yastme'oun = Listen to you, Yandhur = Looks, AlUmya = Blind persons, La Yubsiroun = They cannot see.

Q: What do those who plot to weaken Islam forget in their plotting procedures?
A: And those who where before them (disbelievers of Arabia) plotted (against Allah's Message) but to Allah belongs the (control of) plotting - all of it - He knows what every soul earns (of deeds) and soon will the disbelievers (ungrateful to Allah) know to whom belongs the (good) outcome of the (Eternal) Dwelling (= AlDar).
Translation of: Ayah 42, Surat AlRa'd. (13:42)
Words: Makara = Plotted, Jamee'an = All, Taksib = Earns, Nafs = Soul, Uqba = Good outcome, AlDar = The Eternal Dwelling - The Other World.

Q: Why cannot communities fortify themselves against Allah's Wrath which is often noticed to be in the form of nature disturbance?
Note: Please read first the transaltion of the succeeding Line 33 in Surat AlRa'd.
A: For them (polytheists)* is punishment in this life and certainly the punishment of the Other World is more severe and for them against Allah there is no protector.
Translation of: Ayah 34, Surat AlRa'd. (13:34)
* Polythesists are disbelievers who join any partner with Allah. Remember that anyone who says he believes in nothing actually he believes in his own self as god.
Words: LaHum = For them, Athab = Punishment, Ashaq = More severe, Waqi = Protector - Repellent.

Q: Why do we say that do anything you want but do not let Allah's Wrath befall you?
A: And you (plural) are certainly not going to make (Allah) give up on earth neither in Heaven (by escaping) and there is not for you other than Allah any helper or supporter.
Translation of: Ayah 22, Surat AlAnkaboot. (29:22)
Note: Remember that Allah forgives all sins if He wills but He says that He does not forgive disbelieving in Him.
Words: Ma Antum BiMu'jizeen = You are certainly not going to make give up - Not going to defeat, Ma Lakum = There is not for you.

Q: How far a community can resort to violence if a believer tries to logically convince them to stop idol worshipping?
Note: Please read first the logic used by Prophet Abraham to call his people to Allah.
A: So the answer of his people was not but that they said kill him (Prophet Abraham) or burn him so Allah saved him from the Fire indeed in that are certainly Miraculous Signs (of Allah's Power) for people who believe.
Translation of: Ayah 24, Surat AlAnkaboot (29:24)
Words: Jawab = Answer, Qawmihi = His people, Uqtolouh = Kill him, Harriqouh = Burn him, Yo'minoun = Believe.

Q: Why do we have sometimes blessing (increase) in our money and other times not enough money?
A: Allah gives* plenty of sustenance (provision) to whom He pleases and He restricts - for He is of everything All-Knowing.
Translation of: Ayah 62, Surat AlAnkaboot (29:62)
* When we get money from our business for example why should we thank Allah?
Note: Muslims should start their day by praying to Allah:to give them from His Favour. For example: O Allah, The Sustainer grant us from Your Favour (= Allahumma AlRazzaq urzuqna min Fadhlik).
Words: Yabsut = Gives plenty.

Q: Why are parties that join forces to defeat Islam eventually defeated?
Note: Please read first Allah's Challenge of the disbelievers in the succeeding Lines 9 - 11 in Surat Saad.
A: Rejected as lies before them (disbelievers around the Prophet Muhammad) the people of Noah and Aad and Pharaoh (= Phiroun) the owner of pegs* (in buildings); And Sthamud and the people of Lut** and the companions of the small wood*** - those armed alliances; Not one (of them) but rejected the messengers (of Allah) as lies so My (Allah's) punishment was befitting (appropriate for them).
Translation of: Ayat 12 - 14, Surat Saad (38:12 - 14).
* Aad and Pharaoh famous for lofty buildings.
** People of Lut.
*** The companions of the small wood.
Words: Thou AlAwtad = Owner of pegs (in buildings); Ula'ika = Those, AlAhzab = Armed forces, Iqabi = My punishment.

Q: Can we say that Allah's punishment will be more harsh for those disbelievers who fight Islam?
Note: A true scene from the coming Day of Judgement.
A: These two groups of opponents (against each other) - they quarreled about their God so those who disbelieved clothes of fire have been tailored* for them (being burnt) (and) boiling water is being poured out over their heads; With it (punishment) what is inside their bodies and the skins is being melted.
Translation of: Ayat 19 - 20, Surat AlHajj. (22:19-20)
* More details?
Note: Remember that Allah Alone punishes with burning as Prophet Muhammad mentioned.
Anyone nowadays burns himself in protest or burns others in fights is playing god and must be stopped.
Watch the violence of burning a man in Burma.
Words: Khasman = Two groups of opponents - Two antagonists, Ekhtasamou = They quarreled, Qutti'at = have been tailored - shaped out - Cut out, Sthiyab = Clothes, Yusab = Is being poured out, AlHameem = Boiling water, Yushar = Is being melted, Ma Fi Butounihim = What is inside their bodies, AlJoloud = The skins.

Q: How will disbelievers' movement in their tight positions (prisons) in Hellfire be restrained?
Note: The true scene, described above, from the coming Day of Judgement continues.
A: And for them are restraining clubs of iron; Every time they wanted to get out from it because of (one type of) grief they were forced back into it (and it is said by Hell guardians) taste* the suffering of the Blaze.
Translation of: Ayat 21 - 22, Surat AlHajj. (22:21-22)
* Verbs that psychologically add to the physical anguish. (Note: In life when one receives his punishment he should not be reprimanded according to instructions from the words of the Prophet Muhammad: "La Yu'eenou alayhi alShaytan" = "Do not support Satan against him". (Source will be added later insha Allah). (Satan is very tricky. He says do and do. When one does and is punished Satan says why did you do. Refer to the translation of Ayah 48 in Surat AlAnfal).
Words: Maqame' = Restraining clubs - Restraining whips, Hadeed = iron, Ghamm = Grief, Ueedou = They were forced back, AlHareeq = The Blaze.

Q: Will those who believe in Allah but not in the Day of Judgement attain salvation (safety from Hell)?
Note: Line 4 in Surat AlNaml was translated before. It is shifted here for easy reference.
A: For those who do not believe in the Other World* We (Allah) made their (bad) deeds look good to them so they are wandering about** (away from Allah's Path); Those are the ones for whom is the worst suffering and those in the Other World they are the biggest losers.
Translation of: Ayat 4 - 5, Surat AlNaml. (27:4-5).
* The Other World is confirmed in Allah's Word (the Qur'an) so not believing in it = not believing in Allah's Word = not believing in Allah.
** Without true purpose. Remember the true purpose of creating the Universe.
Words: BilAkhairah = In the Other World, Zayyana = We made look good - We made alluring, A'malahum = Their deeds, Lahum = To them, Ya'mahoun = They are blindly wandering about, Sou' AlAthab = The worst suffering, AlAkhirah = The Other World, AlAkhsaroun = The biggest losers.

Q: Why is it better for disbelievers not to ask about when the Day of Judgement (with its punishment) is?
Note: Line 73 in Surat AlNaml was translated before and is shifted here.
A: And (command to Prophet Muhammad) do not grieve over them (disbelievers) and do not be annoyed by what they plot (to deceive you); And they say when this promise (punishment of the Day of Judgement) is if you are telling the truth; Say perhaps some of what (punishment of the Day of Judgement) you are hastening is happening next to you (punishment in life); And indeed your (Prophet Muhammad's) God is certainly of Favour* upon all people yet most of them do not give thanks; And indeed your God certainly knows what their hearts harbor (keep negative thoughts secret) and what they reveal.
Translation of: Ayat 70 - 74, Surat AlNaml.
* Examples of Allah's Favour upon people.
Words: Tahzan = Grieve, Fi Dhayq = Annoyed, Yamkoroun = They plot - They make schemes, Radifa = Is happening next, Tasta'jloun = You are hastening, La Yashkoroun = They do not give thanks, Thu Fadhl = Of Favour - Owner of Favour, AlNas = All people, Tukkinu =Harbor - Keep negative thoughts secret, Yu'linoun = They reveal.

Q: If disbelievers are not yet punished by Allah in life why they should not feel secure?
A: And do not indeed think that those who disbelieved are making (Allah) give up* on earth - and their dwelling place is the Fire (of Hell) and certainly what a miserable ending.
Translation of: Ayah 57, Surat AlNoor. (24:57)
* (= Mu'jizeen). They cannot defeat Allah. Allah punishes in life when He wills and pleases.
Words: Tahsabanna = Indeed think, Mu'jizeen = Making Allah give up - Defeating Allah, LaBi'sa = What a miserable, AlMaseer = Ending.

Q: How did Prophet Noah realize that he should build an Ark to save humanity from the flood that covered the earth?
A: So We (Allah) revealed to him (Prophet Noah) to construct the Ark under Our (Allah's) Care and (with) Our revelation so when Our command comes and the boiling face of the earth (= AlTanoor)* explodes (Allah says at that time) then make enter (= faSluk)** into it from each (species) - a couple two pairs and your family except upon whom the Word (of Allah) has been previously uttered and do not talk to Me (Allah) on behalf of those who transgressed (against Allah) for they are going to be drowned.
Translation of: Ayah 27, Surat AlMo'minoun. (23:27)
* Kiln: Oven, furnace or heated enclosure. Source: Merriam Webster's dictionary.
** Like passing a thread through the eye of a needle.
Note: Remember there is repetition in some Lines of the Qur'an to make the Message of Allah clear. But always you find the repetitive Lines treating the subject from a new angle. For example.
Words: FaSluk = Then make enter.

Q: Just like ancient disbelievers what word do current disbelievers repeat about the resurrection on the Day of Judgement?
A: (Disbelievers say) Is he (their Prophet*) promising you that when you die and you become earth (soil) and bones that you are going to be brought out (on the Day of Judgement); Impossible (= haiyhat**) - Impossible (= haiyhat) is what you are being promised; It is only the life of this world we die (some die) and we live (some live) and we are not going to be raised up; He (Prophet) is only a man who fabricated lies upon Allah*** and we will never believe in him.
Translation of: Ayah 35-38, Surat AlMo'minoun. (23:35-38)
* Please read first the translation of the preceding Lines 31-34 in Surat AlMo'minoun.
** Ridiculing term.
*** Just like the disbelievers at the time of the Prophet Muhammad, they were polytheists.
Words: AYa'idukum = Is he promising you, Turaban = Earth - Soil, Idhaman = Bones, Tukhrajoun = You are going to be brought out, Haiyhat = Impossible - Out of the question, Tuadoun = You are being promised, Eftara = Fabricated, Kathiban = Lies,.Ma Nahnu Lahu BiMo'mineen = We will never believe in him.

Q: When do disbelievers who are fully informed about Allah's Wrath in life become regretful?
Note: Please read first, above, yesterday's translation of the preceding Lines.
A: He said (the Prophet) my God support me with what (the Truth from Allah) they rejected me as a liar; He (Allah) said soon they will certainly become regretful; So the Scream (=AlSayha)* punished them with Truth** so We rendered them scum (useless dead) so away with the transgressing people (showing injustice to Allah).
. Translation of: Ayat 39 - 41, Surat AlMo'minoun (23:39-41).
* = AlSayhah. ArchAngel Gabriel is the head of angels who execute Allah's Command of punishment. When the punishment is with 'AlSayhah' a scream of ArchAngel stirs nature. Wind, lightning, thunder and/or water participate in the disaster and Allah knows best.
** BilHaqq = They deserved it.
Words: Kaththabouni = They rejected me as a liar, AAmma Qareen = Soon - In the near future, AlSayha = Scream - Roaring sound, Ghustha' = Scum - foam - froth - bubbles formed on a liquid, AlDhalimeen = Transgressing people - People who transgress Allah's Limits - Unjust to Allah

Q: When told about Islam (submitting to Allah) which disbelievers do not care?
A: Rather their hearts are in exuberance from this* and theirs are deeds other than that* - they are their (bad deeds) doers.
Translation of: Ayah 63, Surat AlMo'minoun. (23:63)
* From what Allah-fearing persons do.
Note: Humanity in religion is originally one. But people now are divided into sects and groups.They are in emotional unrestraint (= Ghamrah) (refer to Surat AlMo'minoun) defending their sect. Allah's Religion is one. Remember the Prophet's saying whose summary is that all sects are in Hell except one - who follows Allah and the Prophet's Way (Sunnah) (in action and not just in the name of the sect). (Research authentic sayings (hadeesth) of the Prophet to see if the Prophet for example did the thing you are told to do in your sect. If the Prophet did it then you do it otherwise leave it).
Words: Ghamrah = Exuberence - Emotional unrestraint, A'mal = Deeds.

Q:Why do persons who join a partner with Allah (= shirk) not get help from Allah despite their sincere supplication to Allah Alone during disasters?
Note: Please read first the translation done yesterday of the preceding Lines 64-65 in Surat AlMo'minoun.
A: (Allah says) My Miraculous Signs (Indicative Signs of Allah = Qur'anic Verses) were being recited to you so you were turning back on your heels*.
Translation of: Ayah 66, Surat AlMo'minoun. (23:66)
* Withdrawing quickly and suddenly without taking Allah's Word seriously.
Words: Kanat Tutla = Were being recited, Ala A'qabikum Tankisoun = Turning back on your heels - Withdrawing.

Q: What can be the next step for those who listen to the Qur'anic Lines but do not take them seriously?
Note: Please read first the translation above of the preceding Line 66 in Surat AlMo'minoun.
A: (Who ignore the Qur'an) Showing arrogance in it (The Sacred House in Mecca)* - while in friendly evening conversations you use obscene (insulting) language** (ridiculing the Qur'an).
Translation of: Ayah 67, Surat AlMo'minoun. (23:67)
* = 'AlBayt AlHaram' which Prophet Abraham and his son Prophet Ishmael (= Isma'eel) built. In pre-Islamic Arabia people worshipped Allah and made pilgrimage to Allah's Sacred House. It included more than 300 idols that people joined as partners with Allah. The people of Quraysh felt arrogant because they were the custodians of the Sacred House.
** Source: Tafseer waBayan Mufridat AlQuran, in Arabic, page 346.
Words: Mustakbireen = Showing arrogance, Samiran = While in friendly evening conversations, Tahjuroun = You use obscene language - You use insulting language.

Q: Why are current disbelievers characterized as ignorant in religion when they do not understand that Allah's Religion is one (other religions are man-made)?

A: (Allah says) So did they (disbelievers of ancient Arabia) not contemplate about the Word (of Allah = the Qur'an) or did they receive (something different from) what did not reach their ancient forefathers*.
Translation of: Ayah 68, Surat AlMo'minoun. (23:68)
* Allah's Message to humanity is one.
Words: Yaddabarou = Contemplate about - Look into, Am Ja'ahum = Did they receive, Ma Lem Ya'ti = What did not reach, AlAwaleen = Ancient, Aba'ahum = Their forefathers.

Q: In life usually when do we believe for sure that what a person is saying is the truth?

Note: Please read first above the translation of the preceding Line 68 in Surat AlMo'minoun.
A: Or did they (disbelievers of ancient Arabia) not know their messenger* (from Allah) therefore they are denying him.
Translation of: Ayah 69, Surat AlMo'minoun. (23:69)
* Prophet Muhammad received prophethood at the age of 40. Long before that he was known in Mecca as the honest person = AlAmeen because of his truthfulness. People then also knew that he was a descendant from a known noble family of the tribe of Quraysh in Mecca. Some info about the Prophet's family tree and his grandfather.
Words: Lem Ya'rafou = Did they not know, Munkiroun = Denying.

Q: What is an easy though dishonest way to make a person stop preaching any message?
Note: Please read first above the translation of the preceding Line 69 in Surat AlMo'minoun.
A: Or do they (disbelievers of ancient Arabia) say he (Prophet Muhammad) is possessed (crazy) - (Allah defends His Messenger) rather he brought them the Truth* (from Allah) and most of them of the Truth are haters.
Translation of: Ayah 70, Surat AlMo'minoun. (23:70)
* An example of the Truth from Allah.
Words: Bihi Jinnah = He is possessed - He is crazy, Ja'ahum BilHaq = He brought them the Truth, Karihoun = Haters.

Q: Nowadays where do you find the Truth from Allah?
(Please refer to yesterday's translation above (23:70) because Allah's Truth is mentioned in it).
A: He (Allah) is Who sent His Messenger (Prophet Muhammad) with the Guidance (= BilHuda) and the Religion of Truth (Islam) so as to make it prevail above* all religions even if the polytheists** hate it.
Translation of: Ayah 33, Surat AlTawbah.
* Why is Allah making Islam a Religion above all religions?
** = 'AlMushrikoun'. Whoever joins a partner with Allah in worship he is considered '= mushrik'.
Words: BilHuda = With Guidance, Deen AlHaqq (of Islam) = The Religion of Truth, LiYudhhirahu Ala = To make it prevail above, AlDeen Kullihi = All religions, Kariha = Hate, AlMushrikoun = Polytheists - Who join any partner with Allah in worship.

Q: What Promise of Allah do disbelievers of all times consider as exaggerated narrative of ancient people?

A: Yet they (disbelievers at the time of Prophet Muhammad) said similar to what the ancient people said; They said is it when we die and become earth (soil) and bones - are we certainly going to be raised up; We as well as our forefathers had been certainly promised this before - this is nothing but mythologies of the ancient people.
Translation of: Ayat 81 - 83, Surat AlMo'minoun. (23:81-83)
Words: Misthla = Similar, AlAwwaloun = The ancient people, A'Inna LaMabosthoun = Are we certainly going to be raised up, In Hatha Illa = This nothing but, Asateer = Mythologies - Exaggerated narratives.

Q: Which disbelievers get irritated at the mentioning of Allah's Name?
A: And when Allah is mentioned Alone* the hearts of those who do not believe in the Other World become filled with disgust (irritated impatience) - and when those** other than Him (Allah) are mentioned suddenly they rejoice***.
Translation of: Ayah 45, Surat AlZumar. (39:45)
* As the One and Only God.
** What disbelievers worship other than Allah.
*** Welcoming the news.
Words: Thukira = Is mentioned, Eshma'azzat = filled with disgust - with irritated impatience (disgust), Yastabshiroun = They rejoice - The welcome the news.

Q: What unjustified prejudice do idol worshippers usually hold?
Note: Please read first the translation of the preceding Line 130 in Surat AlA'raf.
A: So when good fortune got to them they (Pharaoh and his people) said for us (because of us) is this - and if misfortune befalls them they see an evil omen (become pessimistic) in Moses* (= Prophet Moosa) and those with him - well rather their omen (pessimism)** is from Allah yet most of them do not know.
Translation of: Ayah 131, Surat AlA'raf. (7:131)
* They become superstitious thinking that they had misfortune because of Moses and his followers.
** All good fortune or misfortune is from Allah. What can bring misfortune?
Words: Ja'athum = Got to them, AlHasanah = Good fortune, Tusibhum = Befalls them - Afflicts them, Sayye'ah = Misfortune, Yattayarou Bi = They see an evil omen in - They become pessimistic about, Innama = Rather, Ta'iruhum = Their evil omen - Their pessimism, Akstharahum = Most of them.

Q: Why does not Allah guide those who are unwilling to be on Allah's Path?
Note: Please read first the translation of the preceding Line 185 in Surat AlA'raf.
A: Whoever Allah leaves to go astray* (away from Allah's Path) then there is no guide for him - and He (Allah) leaves them in their transgression (against Allah) wandering about (= Ya'mahoun).
Translation of: Ayah 186, Surat AlA'raf. (7:186)
* Guidance (to be on Allah's Path or not = AlHidayah) is only from Allah. Prophet Muhammad and preachers of Islam after the Prophet are guides in the sense they direct to Allah's Path.
Words: Yudhlil = Leaves to go astray, Hadi = Guide, Yatharuhum = He leaves them,

Q: With what many of Allah's messengers were supported?
A: And to the people of Sthamud* their brother Saleh (was sent) - he said O my people worship Allah - you do not have any (true) god except Him - an evidence (proof) from your God has reached you - this is a she-camel of Allah - for you (it is) a Miraculous Sign (indicative of Allah) so let her eat in Allah's land and do not harm her otherwise a severe punishment will overtake you.
Translation of: Ayah 73, Surat AlA'raf. (7:73)
* An ancient Arab tribe to whom (Prophet Saleh (no 5 on the map) was sent. Remember the towns of Saleh in Saudi Arabia nowadays.
Note: They disobeyed and challenged Allah's Prophet so they were punished.
Words: Bayyenh = Evidence - Explaining sign, Naqat Allah = She-camel of Allah., Ya'khuthakum = Will overtake you - Will punish you.

Q: What should preachers of Islam do when people refuse to believe?
A: (Prophet Shuaib* says to his people) And there is a group of you who believed in what I was sent with and a group who do did not believe - (to believers) So do be patient until Allah judges between us (two groups) and He is Best among judges.
Translation of: Ayah 87, Surat AlA'raf. (7:87).
* An Arab messenger of Allah. No 12 on the map of prophets whose names are mentioned in the Qur'an.
Words: Ta'ifah = A group, Amanou = Believed, Fasberou = So do be patient - So do persevere.

Q: Who usually fight believers who fear Allah?
Note: Please read above the translation of the preceding Line 87 in Surat AlA'raf.
A: The assembly (leaders) who became arrogant* from his (Prophet Shuaib's) people said we will certainly drive you out from our community O Shuaib and those who believed with you or you should certainly return to the religion embraced by us - he said even if we are unwilling.
Translation of: Ayah 88, Surat AlA'raf. (7:88)
* Thought of themselves as superior to others.
Words: AlMala' = Assembly - Estakbarou = Became arrogant - Felt superior, Qaryatina = Community - Village, LaTaowdonna = Should certainly return, Millatina = Religion embraced by us, Kariheen = Unwilling.

Q: Why are believers unwilling to leave Islam (submitting to Allah Alone) - the religion* chosen by Allah for the whole creation?
* Allah's Religion.
Note: Please read first above the translation of the preceding Line 88 in Surat AlA'raf.
A: We would have already fabricated lies upon Allah if we went back to the religion embraced by you (disbelievers) after Allah saved us from it - and we have no right (never) to go back there except if Allah wills - our God had embraced everything with knowledge - in Allah we put our trust - (supplication) our God render (administer) justice between us and our people with Truth and You are the Best of those who render justice.
Translation of: Ayah 89, Surat AlA'raf. (7:89)
Words: Qad Eftarayna = We would have already fabricated lies, In udna = If we went back, Millatakum = Religion embraced by you (plural), Ma Yakounu Lana = We have no right, Wasi'a Ilma = Had embraced - Had surrounded, Eftah = Render judgement - Separate with judgement.

Q: Hypocrites who believe in Allah and their tongues profess believing in Islam but secretly they oppose it - what do they think about Allah?
A: Well indeed they (hypocrites) twist their chests (in rage)* so as to hide themselves from Him (Allah) - well (even) when they pull their clothes up (on their heads)** He (Allah) knows what they conceal and what they reveal for He is All-Knowing of what is in the bottom of hearts***.
Translation of: Ayah 5, Surat Hood. (11:5)
* An act of contracting the chest in rage. Similar to other hypocrites among the People of the Book.
** To cover their heads in order not to see or hear.
*** BiThat AlSodour": Place of deep hidden human secrets and feelings.
Words: Ala = Well, Yasthnouna = They twist - They cringe, Sodourahum = Their chests, LiYastakhfou = To hide themselves, Yastaghshoun = They pull up, Sthiyabahum = Their clothes.

Q: What will happen to disbelievers' righteous deeds such as charities they do in this life?
A: Those who disbelieved* and prevented from the Path of Allah - He (Allah) made their (righteous) deeds in vain.
Translation of: Ayah 1, Surat Muhammad. (47:1)
* All disbelievers' (without exception) righteous deeds come to nothing on the Day of Judgement.
Words: Karfarou = Disbelieved, Saddou = Prevented, Adhalla = Made to fail, A'maluhum = Their deeds.

Q: Why will the righteous deeds of the disbelievers' become in vain on the Day of Judgement?

Note: Please read first above the translation of Line 1 in Surat Muhammad.
A: That is* because those who disbelieved followed Falsehood (of Satan = AlBatil)** and those who believed followed the Truth from their God - in such way Allah gives people their moral examples.
Translation of: Ayah 3, Surat Muhammad (known also as Surat AlQital). (47:3)
* Their deeds will fail. How will their deeds have no weight on the scales of good deeds on the Day of Judgement? (refer to Surat AlFurqan)
** Disbelievers are ungrateful to Allah forgetting: 1. All fortune they have is from Allah. 2. It is Allah Who will judge them not whatever else they believe in. (refer to Surat AlNahl)
Words: Etab'aou = They followed, AlBatil = Falsehood, AlHaqq = The Truth, Yadhrib LilNasi Amsthalahum = Gives people their moral examples - their parables.

Q: Where do disbelievers get their various concepts and ideas about how to disbelieve in Allah?
Note: Satan did not give disbelievers in Allah any book about disbelieving. Satan just tricks people to follow him.
A: (Allah says) So is the one who is well informed* from his God (Allah) similar to whom the evil (following of Satan) of his work was made (by Satan) to look good to him and they (all disbelievers) followed their whims (= Ahwa'ahum)**.
Translation of: Ayah 14, Surat Muhammad. (47:14)
* Well informed backed up by an evidence (= Ala Bayyenah) from Allah.
** Ahwa': Arbitrary views based on whim (fantasy) and personal opinion. Source: Hans Wehr's Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic.
Words: Ala Bayyenah = Well informed from, Zuyyena = Was made to look good, Sou' = Evil - Badness, Ettaba'ou = They followed, Ahwa'ahum = Their whims - Their fantasies.

Q: Why should especially those who do righteous deeds not oppose the Prophet Muhammad or his way in worshipping Allah?
Note: Remember disbelievers of Arabia at the time of the Prophet Muhammad were polytheists.
A: For those who disbelieved and prevented from the Path of Allah and showed enmity and objection* to the Messenger (Prophet Muhammad) after Right Guidance** became clear to them - they will not do any harm to Allah and He (Allah) is going to make their (righteous) deeds fail.
* When it comes to Muslims - how can Muslims split off from the way of the Prophet Muhammad in Islam?
** Allah's Guidance to humanity: The Qur'an and the Prophet Muhammad.
Translation of: Ayah 32, Surat Muhammad. (47:32)
Words: Saddou = They prevented, Sabeel = Path, Shaqou = They showed enmity and objection - They split off - They break up - They oppose, AlHuda = Right Guidance - Guidance, Len Yadhorrou = They will not do any harm, SaYuhbit = He will make fail.

Q: Believers: Why should you show your love to the Prophet Muhammad only in the way Allah commanded you in the Qur'an?
A: O those who believed obey Allah and obey the Messenger* (Prophet Muhammad) and do not nullify your (righteous) deeds**.
Translation of: Ayah 33, Surat Muhammad. (47:33)
* Research this: Is following a blood line of imams commanded by Allah? This is a religious practice. Allah was not going to make it unclear in the Qur'an.
** Making them of no value. Only annoying the Prophet Muhammad can make a believer's deeds fail (to some extent and Allah knows best). For example.
So what about a believer's splitting from the way of the Prophet Muhamamd into sects?
Words: Tubtilou = Nullify - Make of no value - Make useless - Render invalid, A'malakum = Your deeds.

Q: Why does Allah reward with Paradise the blind person only, and not the sighted one, for being patient with his blindness*?
A: The comparison of the two parties (disbelievers and believers) is similar to (the comparison of) the blind (person) and the deaf with the sighted (person) and the hearing - are they equal so will you not bear (it) in mind.
Translation of: Ayah 24, Surat Hood. (11:24)
* According to a saying of the Prophet Muhammad in "AlAhadeesth AlQudsiyyah, (in Arabic) page 173: Allah The Sublime said: If I test with harm My servant's eyes and he remains patient I will compensate him for them (his eyes) with Paradise. (Remember "Hadeesth Qudsi" = a Holy Saying. Directly from Allah but not part of the Qur'an, brought down by the Angel Gabriel, and narrated by the Prophet Muhammad)
Words: Masthal = Comparison, KelA'ma = Like the blind, AlAssam = The deaf, AlBaseer = The sighted person, Hel Yastawiyan = Are they equal, Tathakkaroun = Bear it in mind - Remember.

Q: What did past disbelievers demand from Allah's messengers in order to believe them?
A: They (disbelievers) said O Hood you did not bring us an (physical) evidence* and we are not going to desert our gods on your word and we are not going to be believers of you.
Translation of: Ayah 53, Surat Hood. (11:53)
* Rather all of Allah's messengers were fortified by one same evidence: Knowledge of the Truth from Allah. (An example will be in a translation of an Ayah tomorrow - Allah willing)
Words: Ma Ji'tana BiBayyenah = You did not bring us an evidence, An Qawlik = On your word, Laka BiMo'mineen = Believers of you.

Q: How were past disbelievers wrong when they could not realize the evidence of the prophethood of Allah's messengers?
A: He (Prophet Saleh) said O my people see if I was well informed (being a prophet) (= Ala Bayyenah) by my God and He bestowed on me Mercy (guided me to Islam) from Him so who is going to support me against Allah if I disobey Him then you will not increase but my loss (with Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 63, Surat Hood. (11:63)
Note: Prophet Saleh (An Arab) was sent to the People of Sthamud (relatives of Aad) who flourished after the destruction of the People of Aad. (refer to Surat Hood)
Note: Remember that Allah's Religion brought by Messengers was interactive with their communities. So Allah fortified Prophet Saleh with an extra Miraculous Sign as understood in the next Ayat 64-66. (refer to Surat Hood)
Note: Knowledge from Allah was too the evidence of Prophet Noah's Prophethood. (refer to Surat Hood)
Words: Ala Bayyenah = Was was informed, Yansurni = Supports me, In Asaytuhu = If I disobey Him, FaMa Tazeedouni Ghayra Takhseer = You will not increase by my loss.

Q: Why do many disbelievers worship other than Allah nowadays?
Note: Please read first the translation of the preceding Line 61 in Surat Hood.
A: They (People of Sthamud) said O (Prophet) Saleh you were already among us expected (to be a leader) before this - do you forbid us to worship what our fathers were worshipping and indeed we are certainly in questionable doubt of what you are calling us for.
Translation of: Ayah 62, Surat Hood. (11:62)
Words: Qad Kunta = You were already, Marjoowan = Expected, ATanhana = Do you, Aba'una = Our fathers, Mureeb = Questionable, Shak = Doubt, Tadouna = Calling us for.

Q: What is Allah's Warning in Sharp Tone to those who do not believe in Him as the One and Only God?
A: And if We (Allah) will (want) We will have certainly (in life) obliterated (Effaced = Ttamasna) their* eyes** (by now) so (then) they will have raced to be on the Path (= AlSirat)*** but from where they can see.
Translation of: Ayah 66, Surat YaSeen. (36:66)
* Who worship (follow) Satan. (Some Preceeding Lines in Surat YaSeen).
** In the Qur'an it is narrated that Allah did obliterate the eyes of an ancient community. (refer to Surat AlQamar)
*** They would have raced to utter the Testimony of Islam. But when Allah's Wrath descends on a community then that is the end of it and they will not be guided to Allah's Path.

Note 1: Remember those who do not believe in Allah will suffer because of being RAISED UP blind on the Day of Judgement.
Note 2: Then they will be able to see the punishment of the Day of Judgment. (refer to Surat Qaf)
Words: LaTtamasna = We will have certainly obliterated - wiped out - effaced - blacked out, A'yunihim = Their eyes, Fastabaqou AlSirat = So they will have raced to be on the Path, FaAnna = From where, Yubsiroun = They can see.

Q: Allah's Second Warning in Sharp Tone: What is it?
A: And if We will* (want) We will have certainly transformed them into animals (= Masakhnahum**) while in their places so they will not have been able to move on (as humans) neither will they have gone back (to human shape).
Translation of: Ayah 67, Surat YaSeen. (36:67)
* Remember Allah's Command with 'Be' (future tense) gets immediately executed 'been or done' (past tense). (= Kun FaYakoun).
** Remember Allah's Angry Tone about 'an ancient community which was cursed. (Edited, a BBC movie added).
Note: 'Masakha' = Transformed into an animal - Misshapen - Deformed - Disfigured- Distorted. Source: A Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic: Arabic-English. Hans Wehr.
Note: Remember on the Day of Judgement and according to a saying of the Prophet Muhammad (previously mentioned on this site): The disbelieving father of Prophet Abraham (= Ibraheem) will be transformed into a monster shape before being cast into Hell. (So that the Prophet does not feel the attachment to his father).
Words: Nashau = If We will - If We want, LaMasakhnahum = We would have certainly transformed them into animals, Ala Makanatihim = In their places, Mudhiyyan = To move on, La Yarji'oun = Neither will they have gone back.

Q: Whom does Allah punish in Life only when He wills?
Note: The translation of the preceding Lines 32-33 in Surat AlAnfal.
A: (Allah says) And why should they not (polytheists of Pre-Islamic Arabia) be punished* by Allah when they were preventing (Muslims) from the Sacred Mosque** and they (polytheists) were not His (Allah's) allies - those who are His allies are not but those who protect themselves (by fearing Allah) but most of them (polytheists) do not realize.
Translation of: Ayah 34, Surat AlAnfal. (8:34)
* They deserve to be punished but only when Allah Wills and Commands it.
** Polytheists of Arabia were custodians of the Sacred Mosque which in ancient times Prophet Abraham built with his son Ishmael. Polytheists of Arabia worshipped Allah but joined partners with Him.
Words: Yassodoun = Were preventing, Awliya'uhu = His allies, Aksharahum = Most of them.

Q: How was the prayer to Allah of the polytheists of Pre-Islamic Arabia not acceptable to Allah?
A: And their (Polytheists') prayer near the (Sacred) House (in Mecca) was not but whistling* and clapping** so do taste the punishment*** because of what you were disbelieving (in Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 35, Surat AlAnfal. (8:35)
* Originally "Muka'" refers to a white bird that whistles, in Saudi Arabia. Polytheists of Pre-Islamic Arabia worshipped Allah but joined idols as gods with Allah.

Note: In their worship they used to go naked around the Sacred House of Allah in Mecca (performing pilgrimage) whistling like the (whistling) bird and clapping. And remember what polytheists used to say in their prayer there.
** 'Tasdiyyatan' = 'Clapping' to prevent (= Ssad) from Allah's Path.
*** Their collective punishment started in the Battle of Badr.
Words: Muka' = Whistling - White bird that whistles, Tasdiyyah = Clapping, FaThoqou = So do taste.

Q: Why is Allah Angry with those who take the Oath of Islam but their actions can harm Muslims?

A: And of people who say we have believed in Allah and the Last Day (Day of Judgement) (Allah says) while they are not believers; They try to deceive Allah and those who believed and (Truth is) they do not deceive but themselves while they do not realize (it); In their hearts is (psychological) sickness (= Fi Quloubihim Maradh) so Allah increased them in sickness and for them is a severe punishment for what they were lying (= Yakthiboun).
Translation of: Ayat 8 - 10, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:8-10)
Note: After the confession of Islam a Muslim should become a believer (= Mo'min) who fears Allah. Read the translation of Ayah 8 in Surat AlHadeed.
Note: Remember which group among Muslims Allah is Angry with.
Words: Yukhadiouna = They try to deceive - They deceive, Quloubihim = In their hearts, Maradh = Sickness - Disease, Yakthiboun = Were lying.

Q: Why do some of those calling themselves Muslims not have the right understanding of Islamic teachings?
A: And when it was said to them* believe (in Allah) as (other) people believe they said should we believe as the fools believe (Allah says) rather they are the fools while they do not realize (it).
Translation of: Ayah 13, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:13)
* Who confess to Islam but their action is not Islamic. (Refer above to the translation of Ayat 8-10 in Surat AlBaqarah).
Words: Qeela Lahum = Said to them, Aminou = Believe - Have Faith, AlSufaha' = The Fools - The legally incompetent.

Q: Who backs those who say with their tongues they are believers but their actions harm Muslims?
A: And when they* meet those who believed they say (to them) we have believed and when they become alone with their Satans (evil men) they would say (to them) indeed we are with you rather we are making fun** (of Muslims).
Translation of: Ayah 14, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:14)
* Those who have psychological sickness (weak Faith) in their hearts (= Fi Quloubihim Maradh) are considered hypocrites Refer to Ayah 49 in Surat AlAnfal.
And hypocrites (with two faces) have psychological sickness (weak Faith - doubts about Faith) in their hearts. Remember the Prophet Muhammad's well known saying about the traits of hypocrisy.
** What excuse do the hypocrites give about ridiculing the teachings of Islam?
Words: Laqau = They meet, Aamanna = We have believed - We have Faith, Shayateenihim = Their Satans - Their evil companions, Mustahzi'oun = Making fun - Ridiculing - Mocking.

Q: Why can hypocrisy become a lifelong characteristic of a person?
Note: Please read first above the translation of the preceding Line 14 in Surat AlBaqarah.

A: Allah makes fun of them (hypocrite Muslims) and aids* them in their transgression (beyond limits) wandering about (away from Allah's Path = Ya'mahoun**).
Translation of: Ayah 15, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:15)
* How and why does Allah aid persons who persist on wrongdoing? (refer to Surat AlMo'minoun)
** Who else wander about in their wrongdoing? (refer to Surat AlMo'minoun)
Note: Please read the note with ** in the translation (above) of Line 14 In Surat AlBaqarah.
Words: Yastehze' = Makes fun - Ridicules - Mocks, Yamudduhum = Aids them, Fi Tughyanihim = In their transgression - In their tyranny.

Q: How do hypocrite Muslims incur a double loss in their dealing with Allah?
Note: Hypocrite Muslims who say with their tongues they are believers but their hearts (intentions) and actions show disobedience to any of Allah's Commands.
Note: Please read above the translation of the preceding Lines 14,15 in Surat AlBaqarah.
A: Those (hypocrites) are who traded (sold) Guidance for Straying away (from Allah's Path) so their trade (work) did not become profitable neither were they rightly guided (double loss).
Translation of: Ayah 16, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:16)
Note: Hypocrites are in the bottom of Hell.
Words: Eshtarau = Traded - Purchased, AlDhalalah = Straying away, AlHuda = Guidance, Ma Rabihat = Was not profitable, Muhtadeen = Rightly guided.

Q: When can a tyrant leader receive some type of warning from Allah in life?
A: (Allah speaks to Moses) And slip your hand inside your pocket it will come out shiny without any harm - as another Miraculous Sign (indicative of Allah AlMighty); (this showing and) Certainly We (Allah) will show you (other Signs) of Our Greatest Miraculous Signs*;
Go to Pharaoh (= Phiroun) indeed he had gone beyond the limits (in transgression).
Translation of: Ayat 22 - 24, Surat Taha. (20:22-24).
* Signs to warn Pharaoh before his punishment. Nine Miraculous Signs shown to Pharaoh.
Words: AlKubra = The Greatest, Tagha = Had gone beyond the limits - Had transgressed.

Q: Why was Allah's first Miraculous Sign to support Moses (Moses' staff) a great Sign showing that it can be only from Allah?

A: (Allah speaks to Moses) And what is that in your right hand O Moses (= Moosa); He said that is my staff - I lean on it and I herd my sheep with it and for me in it are other uses; He (Allah) said throw it O Moses; So he threw it so suddenly it is a snake moving quickly*; He (Allah) said pick it up** and do not fear - We will return it to its previous state.
Translation of: Ayat 17 - 21, Surat Taha. (20:17-21)
* Even Pharaoh's magicians realized that none but Allah can put a soul in a staff so it becomes a creature with a soul.
** According to Ibn kastheer page 213: When Allah commanded Moses to pick it up it was still a snake so Prophet Moses covered his hand with his wool garment's sleeve and tried to pick it. So an angel told Moses if Allah wanted harm for you will the garment sleeve prevent it? Moses said he is weak and man is created weak. Then Moses put his hand on the face of the snake and when he clutched his hand it returned to his staff.
Words: BiYameenika = In your right hand, Alqiha = throw it, Tasa = Moving quickly, Khuthha = Pick it up, La Takhaf = Do not fear, SaNueedaha = We will return it, Seeratah = Its state, AlUwla = Previous.

Q: Before embarking on a difficult task what first thing we should ask Allah for?
Note; Please read first the translation of the preceding Line 24 in Surat Taha.

A: He (Moses) said my God make relaxed for me my chest.
Translation of: Ayah 25, Surat Taha. (20:25)
* Opposite of a tightened chest which can be a symptom of a heart attack.
Words: Eshreh = Make relaxed, Ssadri = My chest - My heart.

Q: What is the second thing we should ask Allah for when embarking on a difficult task?
A: And make easy for me my task (mission).
Translation of: Ayah 26, Surat Taha. (20:26)
Words: Ishreh = Make Make relaxed - Make delighted - Make wide, Yassir = Make easy - Amri = My task - My mission - My matter - My affair.

Q: How did prophets ask Allah for only the amount of worldly things they were in need of - not more?
A: (Moses is supplicating) And loosen the knot (impediment)* in my tongue (speech); (So that) they may comprehend my speech*.
Translation of: Ayat 27 - 28, Surat Taha. (20:27-28)
* According to Ibn Kastheer volume 3 page 215: Prophet Moses asked Allah to make his speech fluent and not to make him get rid of his speech defect for ever.
When Moses was a baby Pharaoh before adopting him tested him. (Pharaoh had ordered the killing of all new born boys of Beni Israel because of the prophecy that a boy will grow up to overthrow his kingdom). The test was the choice between a date or an ember (live coal). Moses chose the ember and put it in his mouth. (it caused his speech defect) (And Pharaoh thought that the baby is not intelligent and he adopted him).
Note: According to Ibn Kastheer (same reference above): Pharaoh hinted to Moses' speech defect (such as lisping or stammering). (edited translation)
Words: ahlul = Loosen, Uqdatan = Knot, Min Lisani = In my tongue - In my speech, Yafqahou = They comprehend - they have insight.

Q: Why does not Allah destroy all the disbelievers (ungrateful to their Creator) in life?
Note:Please read first the translation some preceding Lines in Surat Taha.
A: And were it not for a Word pre-uttered* by your God then certainly it (judegment and punishment) would have been obliatory** (in life) and (there is) an appointed time (the Day of Judgement for punishment).
Translation of: Ayah 129, Surat Taha. (20:129)
* Allah's Final Judgement (rewards-punishment) will be on hold until the Day of Judgement.
** Why is the punishment obligatory (a must) in the Other World? (in Surat AlFurqan)
Words: Sabaqat = Pre-uttered, Lizama = Obligatory - A must, Ajal = Time - Term, Musamma = Appointed - Fixed.

Q: If idols (statues) that people worship represent gods should not those gods even by mistake come back and make their idols speak?
Note: Please read first the translation of the preceding Lines 83 -90 in Surat AlSaffat.
A: Then he (Prophet Abraham) secretly turned to their gods (idols) so he said will you not eat; what is wrong with you that do not speak; So he secretly turned upon them striking them with the right hand; So they (disbelievers) came to him hurrying with loud sounds; he said are you worshiping what you are carving (of stones); And Allah created you (all) and what you make (carved items).
Translation of: Ayat 91 - 96, Surat AlSaffat. (37:91-96)
Words: FaRagha Ila = So he secretly turned to, Tantiqoun = Speak, FaRagha Alayhim = So he turned upon them, Dharban = Striking, BilYameen = With the right hand, Yaziffoun = Hurrying with loud sounds, Tanhitoun = You carve, Ta'maloun = What you make.

Q: What is the intention of disbelievers who dispute with Muslims about Qur'anic Lines (Verses)?
A: And We (Allah) do not send the Messengers except as bearers of good news (of Paradise) and as warners (of Hell) - and those who disbelieved dispute with falsehood* (lies) to disprove the Truth (from Allah)- and they took My (Allah's) Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) and what they were warned of (punishment) as a ridicule.
Translation of: Ayah 56, Surat AlKahf. (18:56)
* How do disbelievers across humanity follow Satan and reject Allah's Message as lies? (in Surat Ghafir)
Words: Illa = Except, Mubashireen = Bearers of good news - Announcers of good news, Munthireen = As warners, Etakhathou = They took, Ma Unthirou = What they were warned of, Hozowa = As a ridicule.

Q: Why should especially wealthy disbelievers open their minds and hearts to what the Qur'an says?
A: Indeed those who disbelieved - if theirs is whatever is on earth all of it and a similar amount as much with it to ransom (themselves) with it from the punishment of the Day of Judgement - it (their ransom) will not be accepted from them and for them is a severe punishment.
Translation of: Ayah 36, Surat AlMa'idah. (5:36)
Note: Translation of the succeeding Line (37) in Surat AlMa'idah.
Words: Jamee'an = All of it, Liyaftadou = To ransom - To give as a ransom, Ma Tuqubila = it will not be accepted.

Q: Today like yesterday, why do people worship other gods leaving Allah as the One and Only God?
A: And when it is said to them come to what Allah descended (Qur'an) and to the Messenger (Prophet Muhammad's teachings) they say enough for us what we found our fathers upon - (Allah says) even if their fathers did not know anything (the Truth about Allah) neither were they guided* (to Allah's Path).
Translation of: Ayah 104, Surat AlMa'idah. (5:104)
* Guidance to the Truth is from Allah to whoever shows readiness to be guided.
Words: Ta'alou = Come, Hasbuna = Enough for us, Wajadna = We found, Aba'ana = Our fathers - Our forefathers, WeLa yahtadoun = Neither were they guided.

Q: Why do believers try to guide disbelievers to Allah's Path for disbelievers' own benefit before it is too late (either because of death or the coming of the Day of Judgement)?
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) you (polytheists/disbelievers) will not be questioned about what sins we* (Muslims) committed (in life) and we will not be questioned about what you* were doing.
Translation of: Ayah 25, Surat Saba'. (34:25)
Note: Remember humanity will be divided on the Day of Judgement into three major groups (in Surat 'AlWaqiah').
And then each person will be judged separately by Allah.
Words: La Yusalouna = You will not be questioned, Amma Ajramna = What sins we committed - What wrong we did, Ta'maloun = You were doing.

Q: Why are disbelievers and polytheists advised by believing Muslims to be on Allah's Straight Path before it is too late?
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) our God (Allah) will gather us together then He will render (administer) justice between us (believers-disbelievers) with Truth (Justice) and He is the Best of those who render justice, the All-Knowing.
Translation of: Ayah 26, Surat Saba'. (34:26)
Note: Remember polytheists of Pre-Islamic Arabia at the time of Prophet Muhammad wanted Allah's judgement in life and they got it. (in Surat AlAnfal)
Words: Yajma' = Will gather, Baynana = Together, Yafteh = He will render justice - administer justice, Baynana = Between us, AlFattah = The Best of those who render justice.

Q: When will the followers of disbelieving leaders be able speak up as a group against them?
Note: A true scene from the Day of Judgement yet to come.
A: And those who disbelieved said (in life) we will not believe in this Qur'an neither in what was before it (Torah and Bible) - and only if you could see when the transgressors (against Allah) were brought to a stop on the Day of judgement) near their God (before the Judgement) returning words (of blame) to each other - those who were oppressed (exploited) said to those who were arrogant (oppressors) if it were not for you we would have certainly been believers.
Translation of: Ayah 31, Surat Saba'.(34:31)
Words: Bayna Yadayhi = Before it, Mawqoufoun = Brought to a stop, Estudhi'fou = Were oppressed - Were exploited - Were suppressed, Estakbarou = Became arrogant - Oppressors, Lawla = if it were not.

Q: With what words will those disbelieving leaders who force others directly or indirectly into disbelieving clear themselves on the Day of Judgement?
Note: Continuation of the true scene from the Day of Judgement yet to come.
A: Those (leaders) who were arrogant said to those who were oppressed (exploited) were it we who prevented you from the Right Guidance (of Allah) when it reached you rather you were sinners (criminals in Allah's Court = Mujrimeen).
Translation of: Ayah 32, Surat Saba'. (34:32)
Words: ANahnu = Were it we, Sadadnakum = Prevented you, AlHuda = Right Guidance, Mujrimeen = Sinners - Criminals.

Q: On the Day of Judgement why will the two groups of disbelievers (oppressors and the oppressed) suddenly keep silent after arguing for some time?
Note: Continuation of the true scene from the Day of Judgement yet to come.
A: Those who were oppressed (exploited) said to those who were arrogant (oppressors) rather (it is your) plotting night and day when you were ordering us to disbelieve in Allah and that we make equal (gods) to Him - and they (disbelievers - oppressors and the oppressed) repented in secret when they saw the punishment (Hell) and We placed fetters (of iron) around the necks* of those who disbelieved - will they not be repaid except what they were doing* (in life).
Translation of: Ayah 33, Surat Saba'. (34:33)
* Punishment in the Other World will be from the same type of what people were doing in life. Controlling and being controlled into disbelieving results in actual fetters in Hell.
Remember an example is the punishment of the wife of "Abu Lahab". (refer to Surat AlMasad)
Note: Is leaving Allah and worshipping idols a cunnig method (= MAKR) introduced by cunning disbelieving leaders to GAIN FOLLOWERS? (refer to Surat Noah)
Note: Remember why disbelievers (oppressors and the oppressed) look proud in life. (in Surat YaSeen, Ayah 8)
Words: Makr = Plotting - Deceiving - Scheming, Andada = Equal, ssarrou AlNadamah = Repented in secret, AlAghlal = Fetters, Yujzawna = They be repaid.

Q: In any community who are the first persons to reject Allah's Message?
A: And We (Allah) did not send in any community a warner except that their spoiled (persons) by luxury said indeed we are in what (Allah's Message) you were sent disbelievers.
Translation of: Ayah 34, Surat Saba'. (34:34)
Words: Mutrafouha = Their spoiled by luxury - Their affluent persons.

Q: Across humanity what do those spoiled by luxury disbelievers pride themselves in?
A: And they said we are more in wealth and offspring* and we are not going to be punished**.
Translation of: Ayah 35, Surat Saba'. (34:35)
* "Awlad" in Arabic means offspring, children and particularly boys, sons. Across humanity disbelievers have a tendency to boast about having sons. ** Why do all disbelievers reject arrogantly Allah's punishment in life and/or the Day of Judgement? (refer to disbelivers' argument with their Prophet Hood). (Prophet 'Hood' or 'Hud' no 4 on prophets' map.
Words: Aksthar = More, BiMuathabeen = To be punished.

Q: Why should those spoiled by luxury disbelievers know that they have no right to be arrogant about their wealth for example?
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) indeed my God (Allah)* gives plenty of sustenance (provision) to whom He pleases and He restritcs yet most of people do not know (this information).
Translation of: Ayah 36, Surat Saba'. (34:36)
* Who had dictated that this person for example will profit today or lose? (in Surat AlNaml)
Words: Yabsut = Gives plenty - Gives in abundance, Yaqdir = Restricts.

Q: Why should one beware of rejecting the Qur'anic Lines (Verses) as lies?
A: And those who work hard in our Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) seeking to invalidate them*- those ones in the punishment (of Hell) will be brought.
Translation of: Ayah 38, Surat Saba'. (34:38)
* They think about the Qur'anic Lines (Verses) and reject them as lies. An example.
Note: The translation of the preceding Line (37) in Surat Saba'.
Note: What are the three broad basics of believing?
Words: Mu'ajizeen = Seeking to invalidate them.

Q: What emotion a disbeliever in this life should know that he will experience on the Day of Judgement?
Note: Please read first the transaltion of the preceding Line 55 in Surat AlZumar.
A: Lest a (disbelieving) soul says (on Day of Judgement) alas (regret word) on what I neglected what was Allah's Right (obedience)* and I was certainly from the ridiculing persons (of Allah's Word).
Translation of: Ayah 56, Surat AlZumar. (39:56)
Words: An Taqoula Nafsun = Lest a soul says, Ya Hasrati = Alas - Woe is me, Ma Farratu Fi Janbi Allah = For what I let go what was Allah's Right, AlSakhireen = The ridiculing persons.

Q: What is too late to say when the Day of Judgement arrives?
A: And lest it (any disbelieving soul) says if Allah guided me (towrds Him) I would certainly have been from those who protect themeselves (by fearing Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 57, Surat Alzumar. (39:57)
Words: Hadani = Guided me, AlMuttaqeen = Those who protect themselves.

Q: What is too late to say when one sees the punishment on the Day of Judgement?
A: Or lest it (soul) says when it sees the punishment (on Day of Judgement) if only there is for me a return (to life) so that I become from those who perfect their Religion (= AlMuhsineen*).
Translation of: Ayah 58, Surat AlZumar. (39:58)
* Remember AlIhsan, AlIman and AlIslam (in Surat AlImran). Also the Prophet's saying about "AlIhsan" (The traveler's questions).
Words: Karrah = Return - Second time.

Q: According to Allah what is another general name for disbelievers?
Note: Please read first the transaltion of the preceding Line 71 in Surat AlZumar.
Ntoe: A true scene from the Day of Judgement yet to come.
A: It was said (to disbelievers) enter the Gates of Hell remaining for eternity in it so what a miserable staying place of the arrogant (persons)(= AlMutakabireen*).
Translation of: Ayah 72, Surat AlZumar. (39:72)
* Too arrogant to worship Allah as per Allah's commands.
Words: Udkhulou = Enter, FaBi'sa = So what a miserable, Masthwa = Staying place, AlMutakabireen = The arrogant - The arraogant persons.

Q: When Allah's Wrath descends on a community why does whoever they worship other than Allah not save them from it?
A: And We (Allah) did not make injustice to them but they (themselves) made injustice to their own selves then their gods that they were calling upon* other than Allah did not avail (help) them anything when the Command (of punishment in life) of your (Prophet Muhammad) God came and they did not increase for them except utter destruction.
Translation of: Ayah 101, Surat Hood. (11:101)
Note: Examples of Allah's Wrath which annihilated several disbelieving communities and no one could stop it.
Words: Aghnat = Avail - Help, Yadouna = Calling upon, Tatbeeb = Utter destruction.

Q: When will the "criminals" in Allah's "Court" on the Day of Judgement become certain of the reality of Hell?
Note: A true scene from the coming Day of Judgement.
A: And the sinners (criminals) saw the Fire (of Hell) so they became certain that they are going to be dropped into it and they could not find from it any avoidance.
Translation of: Ayah 53, Surat AlKahf. (18:53)
Words: FaDhannou = So they became certain, Mowa'qiouha = They are going to be dropped into it, Massrifa = Any avoidance - any averting - any distraction.

Q: The Qur'an is nowadays readily available to those who can and want to understand it. So why do people not become believers in Allah?
A: And nothing prevented people from believing when the Right Guidance (Prophet Muhammad and the Qur'an) has reached them and to ask Allah for forgiveness except is that the ancient people's norm* (Habitual practice = Sunnat) should reach them or the punishment reaches in front of them.
Translation of: Ayah 55, Surat AlKahf. (18: 55)
* To see with their eyes the miracles that supported some of Allah's messengers, disbelievers rejection and Allah's Wrath.
(Remember Allah's Religion was interactive with the communities it was sent to. Some communities witnessed miracles).
Prophet Muhammad received such demands from disbelievers at his time. (in Surat AlIsra', above the Division)
Words: AlHuda = The Right Guidance, Sunnatu = The norm - The habitual practice - The way - The wide practice and what happened, Qubula = In front of them.

Q: If you have the chance to travel to certain lands of communities perished by Allah's punishment what should you recall to mind?
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) travel through the land then see what the ending* of the rejectors (of Faith) as lies (disbelieving communities) was.
Translation of: Ayah 11, Surat AlAn'am. (6:11)
* For example "Valley AlHijr" currently in Saudi Arabia.
Known as Madain Saleh.
Note: Besides the punishment of communities who reject Allah's Relgion as lies in life what is the types of punishment in the other World awaiting them. (in Surat AlMursalat)
Words: Seerou = Travel - Walk, Undhurou = See - Contemplate, AlMukathibeen = Rejectors of Faith as lies - Disbelievers.

Q: What practice of many disbelievers (even today) made Prophet Abraham* (Ibraheem) astonished?
* Allah gave Prophet Abraham (Ibrhaeem) maturity (mental growth = Rushd) at a young age. (in Surat AlAnbiya')
A: And when Abraham (Prophet Ibraheem) said to his father Azar* are you taking idols as gods indeed I see you and your people in a manifest straying away.
Translation of: Ayah 74, Surat AlAn'am. (6:74)
* According to Muslim scholars' interpretation: 'Azar' was like a father (step father - uncle) to Prophet Abraham. The Prophet's real father was 'Tareh' known in the Bible as 'Terah'. Evidence: Mentioning 'Azar' after 'his father' indicates 'Azar' is not the biological father.
A reference.
Words: Atatakhithu = Are you taking, Assnaman = Idols.

Q: If disbelievers want to believe in Allah why should they first and foremost turn to Allah?
A: And if We (Allah) sent down to them the angels and the dead spoke to them and We crowded for them everything face to face* they were not to believe unless Allah wills but most of them (disbelievers) lack knowledge (of this matter).
Translation of: Ayah 111, Surat AlAn'am. (6:111)
* As proofs of Allah.
Words: Kallamahum = Spoke, Hashrna Alayhim = We crowed for them, Qubula = Face to face - In front of them, Illa An Yasha' Allah = Unless Allah wills - Except if Allah wills, Yajhaloun = They lack knowledge.

Q: Who will not believe if you warn them of Allah's Wrath or you don't? Why?
A: Indeed those who disbelieved the same for them if you warn them or you do not warn them - they are not going to believe; Allah had sealed their hearts and their hearing and their eyesight with a veil* and for them is a severe punishment.
Translation of: Ayat 6 - 7, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:6-7)
* Lest they comprehend the Qur'an since they do not show readiness for it. (refer to Surat AlAn'am)
(Remember Allah guides towards Himself whoever shows readiness to be guided) (in Surat AlQasas)
Words: Sawaun Alayhim = The same for them, Lem Tunthirhum = Or you do not warn them, Khatama = had placed, Ghishawatun = A veil - A cover.

Q: How do the hypocrites among Muslims harm Muslims?
Note: Please read first the translation of the preceding Lines 8 - 10 in Surat AlBaqarah.
A: And when it is said to them (hypocrites among Muslims) do not do corruption (unethical conduct) in the land they say rather we are good doers (righteous); (Allah answers) Well indeed they are the corruptors while they are not (even) aware.
Translation of: Ayat 11 - 12, Surat AlBaqarah.(2:11-12)
Words: La Tufsidou = Do not do corruption - Do not spread unethical conduct, Muslihoun = Good doers - Righteous persons.

Q: Why do disbelievers deny Allah and the coming Day of Judgement?
A: It was made to look good* for disbelievers the life of this world and they mock those who believed - (Allah confirms) and those who protect themselves (by fearing Allah) are (in Paradise) above them on the Day of Judgement and Allah provides sustenance (= Yarzuq**) to whomever He wills without any measure.
Translation of: Ayah 212, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:212)
* Who makes disbelievers satisfied with disbelieving in this world? (in Surat AlAn'am)
** "Rizq" = "food + other favours" in the Other World. (Refer to Surat AlSaffat)
Words: Zuyyena = It was made to look good, Yaskharoun = They mock, BiGhayri Hisab = Without any measure.

Q: When will all sinners without exception be dumbfounded?
A: And when the Hour (Day of Judgement) arrives the sinners (criminals in Allah's Court) will become dumbfounded*.
Translation of: Ayah 12, Surat AlRoum. (30:12)
* In life those who incur Allah's wrath become dumbfounded. (Refer to Surat AlAn'am)
Words: Yublisu = Become dumbfounded - thunderstruck - open-mouthed, AlMujrimoun = The sinners - The criminals.

Q: On the Day of Judgement how will those who join any partner with Allah in this life deal with their false religion?
Note: A true scene from the coming Day of Judgement continues.
A: And they (disbelievers) did not have from their partners (with Allah) any intercessors and they (disbelievers) in their partners will be disbelieving (rejecting).
Translation of: Ayah 13, Surat AlRoum. (30:13)
Words: Shuraka'ihim = Their partners (with Allah), Shufa'a' = Any intercessors, Kafireen = Disbelieving - Rejecting.

Q: In life many idol worshippers defend their idols and the 'personalities' that the idols may represent to death. What happens on the day of Judgement?
A: And when the Hour (Day of Judgement) arrives they (polytheists and their partners with Allah) will be disunited.
Translation of: Ayah 14, Surat AlRoum. (30:14)
Note: What will happen to the idols that people worship? (Refer to Surat AlAnbiya')
Note: Example of the ANSWER of the 'personalities' that some idols represent. (Refer to Surat Saba', Ayat 40-41))
Words: Yatfarraqoun = Be disunited.

Q: What characteristic brought the destruction of Pharaoh and his people?
A: Then We (Allah) sent after them (Allah's earlier prophets*) Moses (Prophet Moosa) and Aaron (Prophet Haroon) to Pharaoh (Phiroun) and his assembly with our Miraculous Signs (Miracles and Torah) so they became arrogant and they were sinning people.
Translation of: Ayah 75, Surat Yunus. (10:75)
* Earlier prophets. (refer to the preceding Ayah 74 in Surat Yunus)
Words: Festakbarau = So they became arrogant, Qawman = People, Mujrimeen = Sinning - Criminals.

Q: Across humanity how do disbelievers deny and describe the Truth from Allah according to what is widely known at their time?
Note: In our 21st century which is known for science, disbelievers think of Allah's Truth (the Qur'an) as a myth* which cannot be justified and proved by scientific experiments.
A: So when the Truth (Prophet Moses and Torah) came to them (Pharaoh and his assembly) from Us (Allah) they said indeed this is certainly well developed magic*.
Translation of: Ayah 76, Surat Yunus. (10:76)
* ' Myth or mythology'. If disbelievers cannot think of other things to deny Allah's Truth, they call it mythology. (refer to Surat AlNaml)
** Pharaoh's time was known for magic and magicians respected by people. (refer to Surat Yunus)
Words: LaSihr = Certainly magic, Mubeen = Well developed - Clear.

Q: What is the difference between convincing magic and Allah's Miraculous Signs*?
* Remember Allah turned Prophet Moses staff into a snake with a soul because it swallowed the magicians' sticks and ropes, as explained by the late Sheikh Mohammad AlSha'rawi. (refer to Surat Taha)
A: Moses (Prophet Moosa) said are you saying to the Truth (from Allah) when it reached you this is magic - and (you should have known) that the magicians do not achieve prosperity (the truth)*.
Translation of: Ayah 77, Surat Yunus. (10:77)
* (They do deceptive tricks and not truthful acts). Sorcery is the very opposite of Truth - being deception of plausible shows. Source: The Holy Quran: English Translation of the Meanings and Commentary. Based on the translation of Abdullah Yusuf Ali, page 570.
Words: La Yufleh = Do not achieve prosperity - Do not succeed.

Q: Why do idol worshippers not want to leave their worship?
A: They (Pharaoh and his assembly) said have you (= Prophet Moses - Moosa) come to us in order to turn us away from what (idols) we found our forefathers upon and so that you (both Prophets Moses and Aaron) gain superiority in the land and we are not going on your (both of you) account to be believers.
Translation of: Ayah 78, Surat Yunus. (10:78)
Words: LiTalfitana = In order to turn us away, AlKibriya' = Superiority - Greatness, Lakuma MiMo'mineen = On your account (both of you) to be believers.

Q: When can a person who knows Allah is his Creator be deluded?
A: And when you (Prophet Muhammad) ask them who created them they will say Allah so to which falsehood (idols) they are deluded (away from Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 87, Surat AlZukhruf. (43:87)
Words: Sa'altuhum = When you ask them, Khalaqa = Created, FaAnna Yu'fakoun = So to which falsehood they are deluded - To which falsehood they are turning.

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