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Jews & Christians (People of The Book) = (Ahl AlKitab)

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Q: Will Allah talk to Jesus peace be upon him on the Day of Judgment?
Note: A true scene from the Day of Judgment yet to come.
A: And when Allah said O Issa Ibn Maryam (Jesus son of Mary) did you tell people make me (Jesus) and my mother two gods (= ilahayn) without Allah (The One God) - he (Jesus) said glory to You (= Subhanaka)* (Allah) I do not have the right to say what I do not have (own) truly. If I had said it You would have known it - You know what is in myself and I do not know what is in Yourself for You are the All-Knowing of All the Unseen; I (Jesus says) did not tell them but what You COMMANDED me to worship Allah my God and your God
and I (Jesus) was a witness (= Shaheedan) upon them while I was among them; So when You took away my soul (= tawafaitani)** You were the Overseer upon them and You (Allah) are a Witness upon everything; If you punish them then because they are your servants and if You forgive them then because You are the AlMighty the All-Wise. Allah says this is a Day (when) their truth will benefit the truthful: For them are Gardens underneath which the rivers flow - eternal in them forever - Allah is satisfied with them and they are satisfied with Him - that is the Superb Victory. To Allah belongs the Kingdom of the Heavens and the earth and what is in them and He is Capable over everything.
Translation of: Ayat 116 - 120, Surat AlMa'idah. (5:116-120)
* How Far and High is Allah above what people ascribe to Him and join partners with Him.
** Jesus peace be upon him is dead (like in sleep) with Allah. At the end of time he is coming back and then he will die like all.
Words: Ibn = Son, AAnta = You, Qulta = said, Ilahayn = Two gods, Min Doun Allah = Without Allah - Without Allah (Alone) - Other than Allah, Aqoul = Say, Bihaq = Truely, Alimtah = Would have known it, Amara = Commanded, E'boudu = Worship, Shaheed = Witness, Tawafaitani = Took my soul - Lifted me up alive, Raqeeb = Overseer, Tu'athib = You punish, FaInahum &@61; So because they, Ibad = Servants, Taghfir = Forgive, Yawm = Day, Tajri = Flow, Anhar = Rivers, Fawz = Victory, Adheem = Superb - Ultimate, Mulk = Kingdom - Dominance, Qadeer = Capable.

Q: Why was Jesus and his mother Mary eating food like other people?
A: The Messiah (Jesus) son of Mary (Maryam) was not but a messenger (of Allah) before whom the messengers had passed away; And his mother was a strictly veracious (marked by truth) woman; They both were eating food (humans) - (Allah says) see how We explain to them the Miraculous Signs (about who is Jesus) and see how they are deluded (away from Allah's Straight Path)
Translation of: Ayah 75, Surat AlMa'idah.
Words: AlMaseeh = Messiah - Christ, Messiah, Ibn = Son, Rasool = Messenger, Khalat = Had passed, Um = Mother, Siddiqah = Strictly veracious - very honest, Ya'kul = Eats, Ta'am = Food, Nubayyen = Explain, Yu'fakoun = Deluded from The Straight Way (of Allah).

Q: Who can be very close in friendship to Muslims and why?
A: You will certainly find that the most severe in enmity to those who believed are the Jews and those who disbelieved and you will certainly find the most close in friendship to those who believed (Muslims) are those who said we are Christians; That is because from them are priests and monks and they do not show arrogance; And if they heard what had been sent down to the Messenger (Prophet Muhammad) you see their eyes overflowing with tears because of what they knew from the Truth; They say our God we have Faith so write us down among the witnesses; And why should we not have Faith in Allah and what came to us from the Truth and we look forward that our God admits us with the righteous people; So Allah rewarded them for what they said with Gardens (of Paradise) underneath which the rivers flow - remaining for eternity in them and that is the reward of those who perfect their Religion (= AlMuhsineen*);
And who disbelieved and rejected Our Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) as lies they are the companions of Hell.
Translation of: Ayat 82 - 86, Surat AlMa'idah. (5:82-86)
* Remember that AlIhsan is a higher step in Allah's Religion.
Words: Tajid = You find, Aqrab = Most close, Mawaddah = Friendship, Nassaara = Christians, Qisseeseen = Priests, Ruhbanan = Monks, La Yastakbiroun = Do not Show arrogance - Do not become arrogant, Sami'ou = Heard, Tara = You see, A'yunahum = Their eyes, Tafeedhu = Overflow, Dam'e = Tears, Arafou = They Knew, AlHaqq = The Truth, Uktub = Write down, Shahid = Witness, Natma' = Look forward, Yudkhil = Admit, Salih = Righteous, Asthaba = Rewarded, Jannat = Gardens, AlMuhsineen = Those who perfect their religion - Righteous persons, Kafarou = Disbelieved, Kaththabou = They rejected as lies - They denied, Ayat = Miraculous Signs - Qur'anic Verses, AlJaheem = Hell - Hellfire.

Q: The Christians have become different groups. What did Jesus, peace be upon him, tell his people?
A: Certainly they had disbelieved those who said indeed Allah is the Messiah (Jesus peace be upon him) son of Maryam (Mary) and the Messiah (Jesus) said O people of Israel worship Allah my God and your God - whoever joins partner(s) with Allah indeed Allah had forbidden Paradise for him and his dwelling place is the Fire (of Hell) and there is for the transgressors (against Allah) no supporters (Jesus).
Translation of: Ayah 72, Surat AlMa'idah. (5:72)
Words: U'bodou = Worship, Rubbi = My God, Rubbbakum = Your God, Yushrik = Joins partner(s) - Makes one or more partners, Harrama = Had forbidden, AlJannah = Paradise, Dhalimeen = Transgressors - unjust - sinners, Ma'wa = Dwelling Place, Ansar = Supporters.

Q: Who from the Jews believe in the Religion of Islam?

A: And due to the transgression of those who became Jews We (Allah) made forbidden for them delicacies* that had been allowed for them and because of their preventing a lot from the Path of Allah; And their taking usury when they have been forbidden from it and their consuming of other people's wealth wrongfully and We (Allah) had prepared for the disbelievers among them a severe punishment;
But those who are well grounded in (Allah's) knowledge among them (Jews) and the believers (among them) believe in what was sent down upon you (Prophet Muhammad) and what was sent down before you and the performers of regular prayer and the givers of (dictated) charity (= Zakat) and the believers in Allah and the Last Day - those We (Allah) will grant them a great reward.
Translation of: Ayat 160 - 162, Surat AlNisa'. (4:160-162)
* The ceremonial law of the Jews forbade the eating of the meat of the camel, rabbit and hare and the fat of oxen, sheep and goats and was in other respects very strict. Source: The Holy Qur'an: English Translation of the Meanings and Commentary. (based on the translation of Abdulla Yusuf Ali), page 269.
** Prophet Muhammad was asked about the well grounded in knowledge so he said: Whose hand does good deeds, his tongue is truthful, his heart is pure, his belly and private place are kept safe against the forbidden. Source: Mukhtasar Tafsee Ibn Kastheer, volume 1, page 266.
Words: Bidhulm = Due to injustice, Haado = Became Jews, Harramna = We made forbidden, Ttayyebat = Delicacies - Good food, Uhillat = Had been allowed, Saddihim = Their Preventing, Sabeel = Path, AlRaasikhoun Fi AlIlm = (plural) The well grounded in knowledge ,Yu'minoun = Believe, Muqeem = Performer, Salat = Prayer, Mu'toun = Givers, Zakat = Mandatory Charity, AlYoum AlAkhir = The Last Day - Day of Judgment, Ajr = Reward, Adheem = Great.

Q: Will Allah gather the prophets in front of all the people on The Day of Judgement and talk to them?
Note: A true scene from the coming Day of Judgement.
A: The Day Allah gathers the messengers and asks what were you answered (by your people) - They said no knowledge we have got You are the All-Knowing of the Unseen (plural = AlGhuyoub);
When Allah said O Jesus son of Mary (Maryam) remember My favour upon you and your mother when I supported you with the Holiness Spirit (Angel Gabriel) you talk to people in the cradle and when mature - and when I taught you the Scripture (Revealed Religion) and wisdom and the Torah and the Gospel - and when you make out of clay like the shape of the bird with My permission and then you blow in it and it becomes a bird with My permission and you heal the born blind and the leprous (skin disease) with My permission and you raise up the dead with My permission - and when I restrained the people of Israel from you when you brought them the Miraculous Signs (Miracles) so those who disbelieved from them said this is certainly but clear magic.
Translation of: Ayat 109 - 110, Surat AlMa'idah.
Words: Yawm = Day, Yajma'e = Gathers, Rusul = Prophets, Maatha = What, Ujibtum = You were answeredWas answered, Ilm = Knowledge, Ghuyub = Plural of the Unseen, Uthkur = Remember, Ni'mah = Favour, Rouh AlQudus = The Holiness Spirit = Angel Gabriel - (Angel Jibreel in Arabic), Tukallim = You talk, Fi AlMahd = In the cradle - In infancy, Kahlan = Mature - At middle-age, Tawrat = Torah, Injeel = Gospel - Bible, Takhluq = Make, Teen = Clay, Hay'ah = Shape, Tayr = Bird, Tubre' = Heal, Akmah = Born blind, Abras = Leprous - With scaly skin (Difficult skin disease), Tukhrij = Raise, Mawta = Dead, Ithni = My Permission, Kaffaftu = Restrained, Sihr = Magic.

Q: Did Jesus peace be upon him foretell about the coming of Muhammad peace be upon him?
A: And when Jesus (Issa) son of Maryam said O people of Israel I am a prophet of Allah to you confirming what is before me from the Torah (= AlTawrat) and bearing the good news of a messenger coming after me his name is Ahmad*; So when he brought them the Clear Evidences (Miracles) they said this is explicit magic.
Translation of: Ayah 6, Surat AlSaff.
* Ahmad = The Best Praised, Muhammad = Praiseworthy. Both are names of the Prophet Muhammad. The Prophet Muhammad was also known by other names such as "AlAmeen" = "The honest".
Words: Musadiq = Confirming, Bayna Yaday = Before me, Mubashshir = Bearing good news - Bringing good news, Rasool = Messenger, Ja'ahum = Brought them, Bayenat = Clear Evidences, Sihr = Magic, Mubeen = Explicit - Fully developed.

Q: How will all humanity be gathered for judgement?
A: Be it so that whoever is in the Heavens and the earth will come to the Most Merciful but as a servant; He had counted them and enumerated them one by one; And all of them will come to Him on the Day of Judgement one at a time.
Translation of: Ayat 93 - 95, Surat Maryam.
Words: In = Be it so - For sure, Abd = Servant, Ahssa = Counted, Ad = enumerated, A'ti = Coming, Farda = One by one - Singly.

Q: Why does Allah compare the creation of Jesus to the creation of Adam?

A: Indeed the example of Jesus (= Prophet Issa) according to Allah is like the example of Adam - He created him from soil (earth) then He said to him Be! and it is been (made); The Truth = AlHaqq is from your God so (command to Prophet Muhammad) do not be from the doubtful (about this matter); So whoever disputes with you (Prophet Muhammad) in it (in Jesus' matter) after what knowledge has reached you then say come we call our children and your children and our women and your women and ourselves and yourselves then we pray and we ask for the curse* of Allah to be upon the liars; Indeed this (Qur'an) is cetainly the Truthful (= AlHaqq) Narrative - and there is no god but Allah and indeed Allah is certainly the AlMighty the All-Wise; But if they turn away then Allah indeed is All-Knowing of the corrupters.
Translation of: Ayat 59 - 63, Surat AlImran.
* Away from Allah's Mercy.
Words: Masthala = Example, Ind Allah = According to Allah, Khalaqa = Created, Turab = Soil - Earth, Kun = Be, FaYakoun = Is made - Command is fulfilled, AlHaq = The truth, Mumtareen = Doubtful (plural), Hajjaka = Has Disputed, Nadou = Call, Nisa' = Women, Abna' = Children, Anfus = Selves, La'nat = Curse, Kaathibeen = Liars, Qasas = Narrative, AlHaqq = The Truthful, LaHowa = Certainly is The One Who is, Mufsideen = Corrupters.

Q: What is The Word of Allah with which Allah created Jesus?
A: When the angels said O Maryam for Allah gives you the good news with a Word from Him (Be and Jesus creation started) - his name is the Messiah (Jesus) Issa son of Maryam a distinguished person in Life and in the Other Life and he is from the most close* (to Allah); And he talks (wisdom) to people in the cradle and at middle-age and he is from the righteous; She (Jesus' mother) said my God how can I have a son and a human has not touched me - he (Angel Gabriel) said that is Allah Who creates what He wills - when He (Allah) rules something then indeed only He says to it Be and it is been (= Kun FaYakoun); And He (Allah) will teach him The Book (Revealed Religion) and wisdom and The Torah and The Bible; And (Jesus will be sent as ) a Messenger to Bani (the people) of Israel that I have brought you a Miraculous Sign from Your God - that I create for you from clay in the shape of the bird then I blow in it and it becomes a bird with the permission of Allah and I heal the one born blind and the leprous (complex skin disease) and I give life to the dead with the permission of Allah - and I inform you about what you eat and what you save in your houses indeed in that is certainly a Miraculous Sign for you (to consider) if you are believers; And confirming what I have before me from The Torah and to make lawful to you some of that was forbidden to you; And I have brought you a Miraculous Sign from your God so protect yourselves by fearing Allah and obey me; Indeed Allah is my God and your God so worship Him this is A Straight Path (to Paradise = Sirat Mustaqeem); So when Jesus (Issa) sensed from them disbelief he said who are my supporters towards Allah - the Disciples said we are the supporters of Allah - We believe in Allah and (you) witness that we have submitted to God (= Muslimoun); Our God we believed in what You sent down and we followed the Prophet so write us among the witnesses; And they plotted and Allah plotted (before them) and Allah is the Best of the plotters;
When Allah said O Jesus (Issa) for I (Allah) am taking away YOUR SOUL (= Mutawffeeka = dead like in sleep)** and lifting (BODY)(= raafi'uka") you towards Me (Allah) and I am purifying you from those who disbelieved and I am making whoever followed you above those who disbelieved until the Day of Judgment and then to Me is the return of (all of) you so I will judge you in what you were disagreeing; So as for those who disbelieved then I am going to punish them a severe punishment in Life and the Other Life and for them there will be no supporters; But those who believed and did righteous deeds then He (Allah) will pay them their rewards and Allah does not like the transgressors (ungrateful to Allah); That is what We (Allah) recite upon you (Prophet Muhammad) from the Miraculous Signs (= Ayat (Lines) of the Qur'an) and The Wise Reminder (of Allah = AlThikr AlHakeem).
Translation of: Ayat 45 - 58, Surat AlImran. (3:45-58)
* On Day of Judgment people will be divided into three groups: The most close to Allah: In the best place of the Paradise, Right: In Paradise, and Left: In Hell. (refer to Surat AlWaqiah)
** Also refer to the Science Page: Has the Science of Neurology proved that the human brain becomes dead for some time during the human sleep? (refer to Surat AlZumar)
Words: Qaalt = Said, Mala'ikah = Angels, Messiah = (AlMaseeh) Jesus - Issa , Ibn = Son, Wajeeh = Distinguished - Outstanding, Muqarabeen = The most close to Allah, Yukallim = Talks, Mahd = Cradle, Kahl = middle-aged, Salih = Righteous, Yamsas = Touch, Yakhluq = Creates, Qadha = Ruled, Amr = Something - Matter, Kun = Be, FaYakoun = And it is been (done), Hikmah = Wisdom, Tawrah = Torah = Injeel = Bible, Rasoul = Prophet, Ayah = A miraculous sign, Tteen = Clay, Hay'ah = Shape, Tayr = Bird, Anfukh = Blow, Ubre' = Heal, Akmah = Born Blind, Abras = Leprous, Uhye = Give life, Mawta = Dead, Unab'e = I tell, Ta'kul = You Eat, Taddakhir = Save, Boyout = Houses, Ayah = Miraculous Sign - Miracle, Musad'diq = Confirming, Bayna Yaday = Before me, Uhil = To make lawful - I allow, Hurrima = Was Forbidden, Ji'tukum = I brought you, Ittaqou = Fear, Atioun = Obey me - Listen to me, U'bud = Worship, Sirat = Path, Mustaqeem = Straight, Ahassa = Sensed, Kufr = Disbelief - Rejection as lies, Anssari = My supporters, Ila Allah = Towards Allah, Hawariyoun = Disciples - Supporters, Eshhed = Witness, Muslimoun = Submitting to Allah, Ammanna = We have faith, Uktub = Write, Makarou = They plotted, Makara = He plotted, Khair = Best, Mutawafeeka = Taking away your soul - Making you dead, Rafiuka = Lifting you, Mutahir = Purifying, Ja'il = Making, Marje' = Return, Ahkum = I rule, Takhtalifoun = Disagreeing (plural), FaUaththibuhum = Then I will punish them, Shadeed = Severe, FaYuwaffeehim = Then He will pay them, Ujourahum = Their rewards, Dhalimeen = Sinners - Unjust - Wrong doers.

Q: When Jesus peace be upon him, in the cradle, talked for the first time what did he say about his truthful mother?

A: And she (Mary = Maryam) came to her people carrying him (Jesus) - they said O Maryam you have done an unprecedented thing; O sister of Aaron** your father was not a man of evil deeds and your mother was not adulteress (unchaste)*; So she pointed at him - they said how do we talk to who is in the cradle a child;
He (Jesus) said I am a servant of Allah = Abdu Allah) - He granted me the Scripture and He made me a prophet (= nabiya); And He (Allah) made me blessed (= Mubarak) wherever I am; And He directed me about the prayer and the mandatory charity as long as I am alive; And (showing) kindness (= Barran) towards my mother and He did not make me tyrannical, wicked;
--- (Jesus continues) And indeed Allah is my God and your God so worship Him - this is a Straight Path; And (then) the parties (religious sects) DIFFERED (= ekhtalafa) among them
so woe (destruction) to those who disbelieved from the scene of a Great Day. (Just wait to) Listen to them and see the Day (of Judgement) (when) they will come to Us (Allah) but the transgressors (against Allah) today (in life) are in explicit straying away (from the Truth); And warn them about the Day of Regret (= Yawm AlHasrah) when everything is over and they are (now) in inattentiveness and they do not believe.
Translation of: Ayat 27 - 32, 36 - 39, Surat Maryam. (19:27-32, 36-39)
* They made a false accusation against the veracious Mary.
** There were two pious people with the name of Aaron (= Haroon) in Israel: Moses' brother and Imran's son. Sister here = relative.
Words: Attat = Came, Qawmiha = Her people, Tahmiluhu = Carrying him, Shaye' = Something, Fariyya = Unprecedented - Not head of before, Ukht = Sister, Ab = Father, Emre' = Man, Sou' = Evil deeds, Um = Mother, Bagheyya = Adulterous - Unchaste - Whore, Asharat = Pointed, Sabbey = Child, Abd = Servant, Ja'alani = Made me Nabi = Prophet, Mubarak = Blessed, Awsani = He directed - He advised, Salah = Prayer, Zakat = Charity, Hayy = Alive, Barran = Kindness - To be kind, Walidati = My mother, Jabbar = tyrannical- Violent, Shaqeyyq = Wicked - Wretched, Rubbi = My God, Rubbukum = Your God, Wayl = Woe - Destruction, Kafarou = Disbelieved, Mashhed = Scene, Yawm = Day, Asmie' = Listen, Absir, See, Dhalal = Straying away from the truth, Mubeen = Explicit - Unmistakable, Anthir = Warn, Hasrah = Regret, Ghaflah = Inattentiveness - Unawareness.

Q: Are Muslims allowed to dispute with the People of The Book about their worship?

A: And do not dispute with the People of the Book but in the best way except (dispute) with those who transgressed** (wronged themsleves) from them and (command to Muslims) say we believe in what was sent to us and what was sent to you and our God (Allah) and your God (what Christians call the Father) is the same One and to Him we are submitting (= Muslimoun); And that is how We sent down to you The Book (Qur'an) so those whom We gave The Book (Jews and Christians) believe* in it (Qur'an) and from these (people at the time of the Prophet Muhammad) who believe in it (Qur'an) - and no one rejects Our Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) but the disbelievers.
Translation of: Ayat 46 - 47, Surat AlAnkaboot. (29:46-47)
* What shows the submission of some of the People of the Book to Allah when hearing the Qur'an? (refer to Surat AlIsra')
** 'Dhallamou' = Did injustice. Doing injustice can be divided into two parts: Doing injustice to others. And doing injustice to one's own self by being ungrateful to Allah. Remember in the Qur'an joining a partner with Allah is a grave sin. (refer to Surat Luqman).
Words: Tujadilou = Dispute (plural) - Argue, BilLati Hiya Ahsen = In the best way, Dhalamou = They transgressed - Were unjust, A'man'na = We have Faith, Ilahuna = Our God, Ilahukum = Your God, Wahid = The Same One, Yajhad = Rejects - Be ungrateful.

Q: What is the reaction of the people of the Book (Jews and Christians) when they listen to the Qur'an without prejudice?
A: And those whom We gave the Book (Jews and Christians) rejoice (become happy) with what (Qur'an) has been sent to you (Prophet Muhammad) and from the groups (of them) who deny some of it say (command to Muhammad) indeed I am commanded to worship Allah (One and Only God) and not to partner with Him - upon Him do I call and to Him is my return.
Translation of: Ayah 36, Surat AlRa'd.
Words: Yafreh = Rejoices - Becomes happy, Ahzab = Groups - Parties, Yunkir = Denies, Innama = Indeed, Umirtu = I was commanded, Ma'ab = Return.

Q: How much time has passed since Judaism and Christianity started?
A: Hasn't the time come for those who have faith for their hearts to yield to the remembrance of Allah and what has come down from the Truth and they do not become like the ones who were given The Book from before; And the time has passed long upon them so their hearts hardened and a lot of them are sinners.
Translation of: Ayah 16, Surat AlHadded.
Words: Ya'en = time has come, Takhshe' = Yields - Becomes humble, Quloub = Hearts, Thikr = Remembrance, Nazala = Has come down, Haq = Truth, Outou = Were given, Min Qabl = From before, Tala = Has become long, Amad = Time, Qasat = Hardened, Kas(th)eer = A lot of them, Fasiqoun = Sinners.

Q: What type of guidance does the Torah (Old Testament) have?
A: Indeed We (Allah) sent down the Torah in it Right Guidance and Light - judges by it the prophets who submitted to Allah (= aslamou) to those who became Jews - And (judges by it) those who are devoted to God (= Rubbaniyoun) and the religious scholars (= Ahbar) because of what they were entrusted (= Estohfidhou)* with the Scripture of Allah and they were upon it witnesses; So do not fear people but fear Me (Allah) and do not purchase with My Miraculous Signs (Holy Books' Verses) a small price (in this Life) - and who does not judge according to what Allah sent down then those are the disbelivers (= alKafiroun);
And We had written in it (Torah) that the soul (is) for the soul and the eye for the eye and the nose for the nose and the ear for the ear and the tooth for the tooth and punishment for the wounds; And whoever voluntarily gives up so it is a penance (act showing repentance for sins) for him and who does not judge according to what Allah sent down then they are the unfair (unjust - transgressors).
Translation of: Ayat 44 - 45, Surat AlMa'idah. (5:44-45)
* To guard and bear in mind.
Words: Huda = Right Guidance, Noor = Light, Yahkum = Judges, Aslam = Submitted to Allah, Hadou = Became Jews, Rubbaniyoun = Those devoted to God, Ahbaar = Religios Scholars - Rabbis - Bishops>, Nafs = Soul, Ayn = Eye, Anf = Nose, Uthun = Ear, Sin = Tooth, Jurouh = Wounds, Qisas = Punishment, Tasaddaqa = Voluntarily gave up, Kaffarah = Penance, AlDhalimoun = The unfair - The unjust - The transgressors.

Q: What type of guidance does the Injeel (The Gospel - the New Testament) have?
A: And We (Allah) made follow in their footsteps with Issa (Jesus) son of Maryam (Mary) confirming what was before him from the Torah and We (Allah) gave him 'AlInJeel' (Gospel) in it Guidance and a Light and confirming what was before him from the Torah and Guidance and a lesson to those who protect themselves by fearing Allah; And let the people of the Gospel (Bible) judge according to what Allah sent down in it and who does not judge according to what Allah sent then they are the ones who strayed away (from Allah's Path).
Translation of: Ayat 46 - 47, Surat AlMa'idah. (5:46-47)
Note: Please read first the translation of the preceding Ayat 44-45 in Surat AlMa'idah.
Words: Qafayyna = We made follow, AlInjeel = The Gospel - The Bible, Atayna = Gave, Mawidhah = Lesson, Fasiqoun = Who strayed away from Allah's Path.

Q: Which righteous man in the Qur'an asked for an offspring from Allah?
A: And Zechariya when he called his God O my God do not leave me alone (without offspring) and You are the Best of the inheritors*; So We (Allah) answered him and We granted him Yahya (= John the Baptist in the Bible) and We reformed (cured) his wife; They were hurrying in (doing) the good deeds and they were calling upon Us (Allah) desiring (Allah's Satisfaction = Raghaban) and fearing (Allah's Punishment = Rahaban) and to Us they were humble; And the one who guarded her vulva so We blew in her (Maryam = Mary) from Our Spirit (Angel Gabriel) and We made her and her son (Jesus = Issa) a Miraculous Sign** to all people; Indeed this nation of yours (all people) is one nation and I (Allah) am your God so Worship Me (Allah); And they cut off their affair (of unity) among them; All to Us (Allah) are returning; So who does from the good deeds while being a believer so there is no rejection to his work and We are for him writing it down.
Translation of: Ayat 89 - 94, Surat AlAnbiya'. (21:89-94)
* Everything belongs to Allah. (refer to Surat AlQasas).
** Maryam (Mary in the Bible) conceived without a man and Jesus was born without a father.
Words: Naada = Called, Farda = Alone, Waristheen = Inheritor, Wahaba = Granted, Yusarie'oun = Were hurrying, Khairat = Good deeds, Raghaban = Desiring - Requesting, Rahaban = Fearing, Kha'shie' = Humble, Ahsanat = Guarded, Faraj = Vulva of the female - Female Opening, Ayah = Miraculous Sign, Ummah = Nation, U'budouni = Worship Me (Allah), Taqatta'ou = They cut off, Amr = Affair, Sa'ey = Work, Katibeen = Writing down.

Q: Why did Jesus (Issa) peace be upon him call his people towards Allah?
A: And when Jesus (Issa peace be upon him) brought the Clear Signs (Miracles) he (Jesus) said I brought you WISDOM and to make clear to you some of what you are disagreeing in so protect yourselves by being aware of Allah and obey me; Indeed Allah is MY GOD and YOUR GOD so WORSHIP HIM (not me)- this is A STRAIGHT PATH (leading to Paradise); Then the parties among them disagreed (differed in opinion) - so woe (destruction) to those who transgressed (against Allah) from the punishment of a Painful Day; Are they (then) waiting for the Hour (Day of Judgement) to reach them suddenly while they are unaware (of it).
Translation of: Ayat 63 - 66, Surat AlZukhruf. (43:63-66)
Words: Ja'a BilBay'inat = Brought the clear signs, Hikmah = Wisdom, Ubay'yin = To make clear, Ba'dh = Some, Takhtalifoun = Disagree (plural), Fetaqqou Allah = So protect yourselves by being aware of Allah - Fear - Be in awe, Rubbi = My God, Rubbukum = Your God, Sirat = Path, Mustaqeem = Straight, Ikhtalafa = Disagreed - Differed in opinion, Ahzab = Parties - Sects, Wayl = Woe, Dhalamou = Who transgressed - Who were unjust - did wrong, Yandhuroun = Wait (plural), AlSa'ah = The Hour, Baghtah = Suddenly, Yash'uroun = Not aware of (plural).

Q: How many Miracles from Allah was Moses peace be upon him sent with?
A: And We (Allah) gave Moses (= Moosa) nine Clear Miraculous Signs so ask the people of Israel when he came to them so Pharaoh (Phiroun) told him I think O Moses you are bewitched (with magic); He (Moses) said you know no one sent these down except the God of the Heavens and the earth as Evidences (of Him) and I think O Pharaoh you are doomed to destruction; So he (Pharaoh) wanted to remove them from the earth so We drowned him and all of those who were with him.
Translation of: Ayat 101 - 103, Surat AlIsra' (also known as Surat Bani Israel).
Words: Atayna = Gave, Tise' = Nine, Is'el = Ask, Mashoor = Bewitched, Bas'ir = Evidences, Adhun = I think, Masthboor = Doomed to destruction, Yastafiz = Remove, Agraka = Drowned.

Q: Why do people of the high society obey their leader when he goes astray from the Right Path?

A: And Pharaoh (Phiroun) called in his people - he said O my people does not the kingdom of Egypt belong to me and these RIVERS FLOW underneath me so can you not see; Or am I not better than this (Prophet Moses = Mousa) who is despised (of low people = maheen) and even cannot express (himself); So why are not bracelets of gold bestowed upon him or the angels coming with him as companions; So his people became light-headed (foolish) and they obeyed him indeed they were people who sinfully strayed away (from Allah's Path); And when they provoked Us We (Allah) REVENGED (= Entaqamna) from them so We drowned them all; And We made them people of the past (ancestors to be remembered) and an example to the others.
Translation of: Ayat 51 - 56, Surat AlZukhruf. (43:51-56)
Words: Naada = He called, Mulk = Kingdom, Anhar = Rivers, Tajri = Flows, Taht = Underneath, Maheen = Despised - Contemptible - Of low people - of low cast, Yubeen = express, Ulqiya = Bestowed - Given, Uswarah = Bracelet, Thahab = Gold, Mala'ikah = Angels, Istakhafa = Became light-headed, Became foolish, Ata'ouh = They obeyed him, Faasiqeen = Who sinfully strayed away - Sinful, Asfouna = provoked Us, Intaqamna = We revenged, Aghraqnahum = We drowned them, Ajma'een = All, Salafan = People of the Past - Ancestors, Akhereen = The others.

Q: Allah spoke to Moses directly although Moses did not see Allah. What was the great greeting that Moses received from Allah?
Note: Please remember that Allah's concepts are different from human's. So do not ponder upon the location of Allah when Allah talked to Moses.
A: And you (Prophet Muhammad) are receiving the Qur'an from (Allah) the All-Wise, the All-Knowing. When Moses said to his family: I have sensed a fire so I am going to bring you from it some news or I will bring you a flame of a firebrand so that you may warm yourselves. Then when he reached it it was called: Blessed is who is in the Fire and who are around it (Angels and Moses) And glory to Allah the God of the inhabitants of all worlds. O Moses! For it is I am Allah the AlMighty, the All-Wise; And throw your staff (stick) so when he (Moses) saw it moving like a snake he turned running away and he did not look back - O Moses! Do not fear - in My presence the messengers do not get afraid; Except who was unjust* then he changed into good deeds after wrongdoing so I am the Forgiving, the Merciful;
And slip your hand inside your pocket it will come out shiny without harm in nine Miraculous Signs to Pharaoh (= Phiroun) and his people; Indeed they were sinful people; So when Our (Allah's) Miraculous Signs reached them to enlighten them they said this is clear magic; And they refused to acknowledge them (= Jahadou Biha) and (the truth is) their souls (secretly) recognized (= Istayqanatha) them - (they refused) out of injustice (transgression against Allah = Dhulman) and arrogance so see how was the ending of the corrupters.
Translation of: Ayat 6 - 14, Surat AlNaml.
* In a quarrel in Egypt Moses pushed a man from Phiroun's people who fell down and died. So Moses ran away from Egypt.
Words: Tulaq'a = Is receiving, Anasa = Sensed, Nar = Fire, BiKhabar = Some news, Shihab = Flame, Qabas = A firebrand, Tastaloun = You warm yourselves, Noudiya = It was called, Borika = Blessed is, Asa = Staff, Yuaq'qib = Looks back, Yakhaf = Fears, Mursal = Messenger, Bayda' = Shiny, Sou' = Harm, Faasiqeen = Sinful, Mubsirah = Englightening, Sihr = Magic, Jahadou = Refused to acknowledge them, Istayqanatha = Recognized them - Were sure of them, Dhulm = Injustice - Transgression, Ulou = Arrogance, Aqibat = Ending, Mufsideen = Corrupters.

Q: Other than Muslims, who know for sure that the Qur'an is from Allah?
A: Those whom We gave the Book (among believing Jews and Christians) know it (the Qur'an) as they know their (own) sons - the ones who caused a loss to themselves so they DO NOT BELIEVE (= La Yo'minoun)*; And who can be more of a transgressor (unjust) than who fabricated lies against Allah or rejected His Miraculous Lines (Qur'anic Verses); Indeed the transgressors do not prosper; And the Day when We gather them all then We say to those who joined any partner (with Allah) where are your partners (with Allah) whom you were claiming; Then their source of agony (= Fitnatuhum) was not but they said by Allah our God we were not polytheists (= Mushrikeen); See how they made lies against themselves** and went astray from them what (lies) they were fabricating.
Translation of: Ayat 20 - 24, Surat AlAn'am. (6:20-24)
* They are considered disbelievers in Allah's Eyes.
** They harmed their own selves by lying.
Words: Aatayna = We gave, AlKitab = The Holy Book - The Scripture, Ya'rifoun = They Know, Abna'ahum = Their sons, Khasirou = Caused a loss, Iftara = Fabricated - Made up, Kathib = Lies, Yuflih = Prosper - succeed, Kuntum Tazamoun = You were claiming, Fitnatuhum = Source of agony - distress - Mental and physical suffering, Mushrikeen = Polytheists, Who joins any partner with Allah, Kaththabou = They made lies - Lied, Dhalla = Went astray - left.

Q: Muslims believe in all the Holy Books from Allah. The Torah (AlTawrat) is one of them. Why should the followers of Allah's Straight Path believe in the Qur'an even if they decide to remain on their religions?
A: So the one (Prophet Muhammad) who is well informed* from His God and it is (Qur'an) being recited by a witness** (Prophet Muhammad) from Him (Allah) and before it (Qur'an) the Book of Moses (Prophet Moosa) as a Guide (= Imam) and a Mercy - those ones (believers in Allah's Former Revelations) believe in it (Qur'an) and who rejects it as lies from the parties (different groups among disbelievers) so Hell will be his meeting place so (command to Prophet Muhammad) do not be in a dispute over it (Qur'an) indeed it is the Truth from your God yet most people do not believe (in it).
Translation of: Ayah 17, Surat Hood. (11:17)
* "Ala Bayyenah" = Being well-informed supported by an indisputable evidence (the Qur'an). Prophet Muhammad was well informed from Allah by Angel Gabriel who brought down the Qur'an. Example of Allah's Prophets being "Ala Bayyenah": Prophet Noah, Prophet Saleh (refer to Surat Hood), Prophet Moses.
** Another title for Prophet Muhammad. (refer to Surat AlMuzzammil)
Note: In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: By the One in Whose Hand is my soul, no one from this nation ( = Hathihi AlUmmah) hears about me be it a Jew or a Christian and then does not believe in me (as Allah's Messenger) he will be admitted to Hell. Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 2, page 641.
Notes: Remember 1. Even Muslims will be punished in Hell to be purified from their sins if Allah does not forgive their sins (refer to the Note about the scenes which Prophet Muhammad saw on the night of "Isra and Mi'raj". 2. Muslims are promised Paradise as a permanent staying place. 3. No one enters Paradise except those who meet Allah with pure hearts or those who have been purified.
Words: Kana Ala Bayennah = Is fully informed - Is with evidence - Proof - Clear Sign, Yatlouho = Recites it, Shahid = Witness, Kitab = Book, Imam = Guide, Ulaika = Those ones, Yakfur = Rejects as lies, Ahzab = Parties - Different Groups of the People of the Book, Fi Miryah = In dispute - In doubt, Aksthar = Most, Yu'minoun = Believe.

Q: What question did Allah order the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him to ask the learned from the People of the Book to think about?

Q: Does Allah send down punishment on those people who do not tell the wrong doer to stop?

Note 1: In a summary of an authenticated saying of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him: Allah destroyed some of the people of Israel in the past because when their scholars saw injustice or wrongdoing they used to tell the wrongdoer: You do not have the right to do so! The next day the scholar was sitting, befriending and eating with him.
Note 2: In a summary of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him: The best type of fight in the Path (cause) of Allah (AlJihad) is a word of justice in front of a tyrant ruler.

A: Those who disbelieved from the people of Israel were cursed (away from Allah's Mercy) by the tongue of David (Dawood) and Jesus (Issa) son of Mary (Maryam) that is because they disobeyed and they were committing aggression; They were not prohibiting one another from a forbidden act they did - so how miserable (at a loss) was what they were doing.
Translation of: Ayat 78 - 79, Surat AlMa'idah. (5:78-79)
Words: Lu'ina = Was cursed, Bani = People, Lisan = Tongue, Assou = Disobeyed (plural), Ya'tadoun = They were committing aggression - They were transgressing - They were exceeding Allah's limits, Yatanahoun = Prohibiting, Munkar = Forbidden act - Wrongdoing, Bi'sa = How miserable - How evil, Yaf'aloun = They were doing.

Q: Why will Allah give the People of the Book who believe in the Qur'an their reward double?
A: And We (Allah) had sent to you (Prophet Muhammad) the Word (Qur'an) connected (in stages) perhaps they may remember.
The ones whom We gave The Book (Jews, Christians) from before it (Qur'an) they in it (Qur'an) believe; And when it is recited upon them they say: We have believed in it; It is the Truth from Our God; We were before it (Qur'an) submitting to Allah (Muslimeen); Those will be given their reward twice* because of what they were patient about; And they ward off the bad deed with the good deed and from what We provided them they spend; And when they hear the nonsense they turn away from it and they say: We have our deeds and for you are your deeds; And peace be upon you - we do not aim at seeking the ignorant. You (Muhammad) do not guide whom you like but it is Allah Who guides whom He pleases and He is More Knowledgeable about the guided.
Translation of: Ayat 51 - 56, Surat AlQasas.
* Once because they believed in their prophets. The second time because they believed in the Prophet Muhammad.
Words: Was'sala = Sent you connected, Yatathakkar = Remember, Yutla = Recited, Muslimeen = Submitting to Allah, Ajr = Reward, Mar'ratayin = Twice, Muhtadi = Guided.

Q: What did Allah place in the hearts of the faithful Christians?
A: And We had sent Noah (Nooh) and Abraham (Ibraheem) and We made in their offspring Prophethood and The Book (The Scripture). So from them who is guided and a lot of them are sinful. Then We followed up in their footsteps with Our prophets; And We followed up with Issa (Jesus) son of Maryam (Mary) and We gave him The Injeel (Gospel); And We (Allah) put in the hearts of those who followed him kindness and sympathy and monasticism* they invented it: We did not ordain it for them; Only (We ordained) seeking the approval of Allah; And even so they did not pay it (monasticism) its proper right; So We gave those who believed from them their reward and a lot of them are sinful.
Translation of: Ayat 26 - 27, Surat AlHadeed.
* Observing monastic life by monks and nuns such as not getting married....etc.
Words: Thuriyyah = Offspring, Nubow'wah = Prophethood, Muhtadi = Who is guided, Fa'siq = Sinful, Injeel = Gospel, Quloub = Hearts, Ittaba' = Followed, Rahbaniyyah = Monasticism, Ridhwan = Approval, Ra'a Haq Ria'yah = Gave its proper right, Ajr = Reward.

Q: What is the major Command that Allah commanded both the People of the Book and Muslims to follow?
A: And to Allah belongs what is in the Heavens and what is on earth; And We had directed those who were given The Book (Jews and Christians) before you (Muslims) and yourselves (Muslims) to fear Allah and if you become disbelievers well to Allah belongs what is in the Heavens and what is on earth! And Allah is Who can do without, The Praise-Worthy. And to Allah belongs what is in the Heavens and what is on earth and Allah is enough for a Controller. If He wills He can remove you, O people! And He can bring about others and Allah is upon that Capable! Who wants the reward of This Life well with Allah the reward of This Life and The Other Life and Allah is All-Listener, All-Seer.
Translation of: Ayat 131 - 134, Surat AlNisa'.
Words: Wassayna = Directed - Advised, Iyakum = Yoursleves, It'taqou = Fear Allah, Ghani = Who can do without, Hameed = Praiseworthy, Yasha' = Wills, Yuth'hib = Removes, Akhareen = Others, S(th)awab = Reward.

Q: Jesus peace be upon him was enforced with the miracle of raising up the dead. Which other prophet asked Allah for the same miracle?

A: And when Abraham (Ibraheem) said my God - show me how you raise up the dead - He (Allah) said have you not believed - he said certainly yes but for my heart to become certain (of Faith = LiYatma'inna Qlabi) - He (Allah) said: then take four from the birds and get them to you (know them well)- then place on each mountain from them a piece (cut them) - then call them they will come to you with speed and let it be known to you that Allah is AlMighty, All-Wise.
Translation of: Ayah 260, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:260)
Note: An incident that will affect Prophet Abraham's willingness to mediate for humanity with Allah for the Judgement to begin on the Day of Judgement. (Allah might have forgiven him but prophets worry even about the smallest 'faults').
Words: Arini = Show me, Tuhye = Raise up, AlMawta = The dead, Tu'min = Have you not believed, Bala = Certainly yes, Ij'al = Place, Ya'ti = Come to you, Sa'yan = With speed, E'lam = Let be known to you, Yatma'inna = Becomes certain, Qalbi = My heart, Azeez = AlMighty, Hakeem = All-Wise.

Q: The People of Israel endured a lot from Pharaoh and his people. The Prophet Moses was supported with nine miracles and the People (Bani) of Israel were finally set free to go with Moses. After crossing the sea the People of Israel were tested by Allah. Why did many of them fail the test? And except whom Allah guides, do humans tend to be gullible and ungrateful because they tend quickly to change from Allah's Straight Path to Satan's misleading path?

A: (Allah asks)And what made you come ahead of your people** O Moses; He said they (70 men) are following in my footsteps and I hastened to You my God so that you become pleased; He said then We had tested your people*** in your absence and the Samiri (a hypocrite Jew = Samaritan) has misled them;
So Moses went back to his people angry feeling sorry; He said O my people had your God not promised you a good promise so was it a long ago - or did you want Wrath of your God to descend upon you so you broke your promise to me (to worship Allah); They said we did not break your promise with our own will but we were carrying (sinful) heavy loads from the ornaments of the people (of Pharaoh)**** so we cast them them (in the fire) and that is what AlSamiri suggested; So he (AlSamiri) brought out for them a calf - a (lifeless) body which had a mooing sound and they said (repeated like Samiri) this is your god and the god of Moses but he (Moses) had forgotten (AlSamiri said Moses went for God and his god is here); (Allah says) Could not they see that it does not return a word to them and it does not have the power to do them good or bad; And Aaron (Haroon) had already told them from before O my people rather you have been tested with it and that your God is The Most-Merciful so follow me and obey my order; They said we will remain worshipping it until Moses comes back to us; He (Moses) said O Aaron what prevented you when you saw them misled; From not following me so did you disobey my order; He (Aaron) said O the son of my mother let go of my beard and my head for I was worried that you might say that I caused a division among the people of Israel and you did not wait for my word;
He (Moses) said so what was the matter with you O Samiri; He said I saw what they did not see***** so I snatched a handful from the footprint of the messenger (Angel Gabriel) so I threw it and that is how my soul whispered to me (Satan's effect); He said then go and you have in this Life to say do not touch (me)****** and you will have an appointment (with Allah) that you cannot miss - and look at your god that you remained worshipping it - we will certainly burn it and then we will certainly scatter it in the sea a proper scattering; Rather your god is Allah other than Whom there is no god but He - He embraced everything with knowledge; That is how We (Allah) narrate upon you (Prophet Muhammad) from the news of what is past and We (Allah) gave you from Us a Reminder (Qur'an); Whoever turns away from it so he is going to carry on the Day of Judgment a sinful load; Remaining for eternity in it (with the sinful load in Hell) - and what a miserable load for them on the Day of Judgment.
Translation of: Ayat 83 - 101, Surat Taha. (20:83-101)
* "(Allah says) So go (command to Moses and Aaron) to him (Pharaoh) and say we are messengers from your God so send with us the People of Israel---) Translation of Line 47 in Chapter Taha in the Qur'an.
** Allah commanded Prophet Moses to come with 70 righteous people from Beni Israel to receive the Torah.
*** Who stayed back with Aaron, other than the selected 70.
**** Gold and silver ornaments borrowed from the Copts (Egyptians).
*****According to 'Ibn Kastheer' and Egypt's ex-Mufti 'Hasanain Mohammad Makhlouf' the Samiri saw the angel Gabriel in man's form riding a horse when he came to take Moses to Mount Sinai. The land where the horse trotted became green and miraculous. So Samiri took a handful of its earth and threw it on the calf so a mooing sound was heard.
****** Nobody will fight him.
Words: A'jalaka = Made you come ahead of - Made you Hasten, Ala Asthari = In my footsteps, Fatanna = Tested, Min Ba'dek = In your absence, Adhalla = Has Misled - Misguided, Akhlafa Mawid = Broke a promise, Alqa = Suggested, Ijl = Calf, Jasad = Body - Corpse, Khowar = Mooing, Illah = god, Nasiya = Forgot, Yarjie' = Returns, Qawl = Word, Nabrah = Remain, Aakifeen = Worshipping, Mana' = Prevented, Lihyah = Beard, Ra'si = My head, Khtb = Matter, Bassartu = I saw, Asthar = Footprints, Nabathtu = Threw, Sawwalat = Whispered, Nafsi = My soul, Misas = Do not touch (me), Nasifahu = We will scatter it, Innama = Rather, Naqus = Narrate, Anba' = News, Qed Sabaq = Is past, Thikr = Reminder - Message, Yahmel = Carries, Wizr = Sinful load, Sa'a = what a miserable, Himla = Burden.

Q: Why could not Prophet Muhammad hide some Lines of the Qur'an especially those that some people might find controversial or offensive?
A: And if the People of the Book have Faith and they fear Allah We (Allah) will pardon their sins and We will admit them into the Gardens of Paradise.
And If they performed (what is in) the Torah (AlTawrat) and the Gospel (Injeel) and what had been sent to them from their God they would have eaten from above them and from under their feet (sustenance with full satisfaction): From them a people that is on the Straight Path (of Allah = Muqtasidah) and a lot of them how evil what they are doing; O Prophet (Muhammad) announce (all) what had been sent down to you from your God and if you do not do it then you had not delivered His (Allah's) Message; And Allah protects you from people for Allah does not guide people who reject Faith. Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) O People of the Book you are upon nothing (no basis) until you perform (what is in) the Torah and the Gospel (Injeel) and what had been sent to you from your God. And in a lot of them what had been sent upon you (Prophet Muhammad) from your God will indeed increase their transgression and disbelieving so do not grieve upon people who do not believe.
Translation of: Ayat 65 - 68, Surat AlMa'idah. (5:65-68)
Words: Kaffara = Pardoned, Saye'at = Sins, Adkhala = Admitted, Aqama = Performed, Fawq = Above, Taht = Under, Arjul = Feet - Legs, Ummah = A people - Community, Muqtasidah = On the Straight Path, Kastheer = A lot of, Sa' = Evil, Ya'mal = He does, Balligh = Announce, Risalah = The Message, Ya'ssim = Protects, Yazeed = Increases, Tughyan = Transgression, Kufr = Disbelieving - Rejection of Faith.

Q: Did any of the scholars from the Jews at the time of the Prophet Muhammad testify to the truth of the Qur'an?
A: And when Our clarifying lines (Qur'an) are recited upon them those who disbelieved said to the Truth when it reached them: This is clear magic! Or do they say he (Muhammad) made it up! Say (order to Muhammad): Then you have no power to help me against Allah; He (Allah) knows better what you are talking about without restraint; Enough for Him (Allah) as a Witness between me (Prophet Muhammad) and you and He is The Most-Forgiving, The Most-Merciful. Say: I was not a novelty (unprecedented) among the prophets and I do not know what will be done with me nor with you: For I follow only what is being revealed to me and I am not except a clear warner. Say: See if that was from Allah and you disbelieved in it and a witness* from the People (Bani) of Israel testified to its similarity (in The Torah) so he had faith and you remained arrogant; Indeed Allah does not guide the transgressing people. And those who disbelieved said to those who had Faith (Muslims): If it (Islam) were a good thing they (who became Muslims) would not have gone to it before us; And when they did not have guidance with it they would say: This is an old falsehood! And before it (Quran) the Book of Moses (Torah) a Guide and a Mercy. And this is a Book (Quran) confirming (Torah): An Arabic Tongue to warn those who were unjust and bringing good news to the good doers. Those who said: Our God is Allah then they followed the Straight Path (Allah's) so no fear upon them and they will not grieve; Those are the companions of The Garden permanent in it as a reward for what they were doing.
Translation of: Ayat 7 - 14, Surat AlAhqaf.
* Abdullah Bin Salam. A famous Jewish Scholar at the time of the Prophet Muhammad. Source: Safwat AlBayan LiMa'ani AlQur'an By AlSheikh Hassanain Muhammad Makhlouf, Ex-Mufti of Egypt.
Words: Tutla = Recited, Haq = Truth, Eftara = Made it up, Tamlik = Have power, Tufeedh = Talk without restraint, Kafa = Enough, Bide' = Novelty, At'tabe' = I follow, Yufal = What is done, Shahida = Testified, Khair = A good thing, Kitab = Book, Yahzan = Grieves.

Q: Are some parts of the Covenant with Allah missing in the current Holy Books of the People of the Book? (question edited)
(previously the question was: What was the responsibility of the Jews and Christians regarding their Holy Books?)

A: And when Allah took the Covenant (Contract = Meesthaq) from those who were given THE BOOK (Torah, Gospel) - you should expose it (all) to people and you do not hide* it but they threw IT behind their backs and they traded it off for a small value so how bad was what they were purchasing (doing).
Translation of: Ayah 187, Surat AlImran. (3:187)
* How did they manage to hide some of it? (in Surat AlAn'am)
Words: Akhadha = Took, Meesthaq = Covenant - Agreement - Treaty, Tubayyen = Expose - Make it known - Declare, Taktum = To hide, Nabtha = Threw it, Dhahr = Back, Eshtarou = They traded off - They Purchased, Sthaman = Value - Price, Qaleel = Small.

Q: How did Allah praise some of the Jews and the Christians?
A: And indeed there are from the People of the Book who certainly have faith in Allah and what was sent down to you (Qur'an) and what was sent down to them: Showing reverence to Allah; They do not trade the lines of Allah (from Allah's original Holy Books) for a small price (of this Life); Those for them is their reward with their God for Allah is swift in account.
Translation of: Ayah 199, Surat AlImran.
Words: Unzila = Sent down, Khashie' = Showing reverence - Humble, Yashtari = trade - Purchase, Ajr = Reward, Saree' = Swift - Quick.

Q: How did Allah authenticate the truth of the Prophet Muhammad and the Qur'an?
A: And We gave Moses The Book (Torah) after We destroyed the ancient generations: Insight to man and Guidance and Mercy so that they may remember (Allah). And you (Prophet Muhammad) were not beside the western side (of Mount Sinai) when We decreed to Moses the Command (go to Pharaoh) and you were not from the witnesses (of those events); But We did raise up new generations so their chronological age became long; And you (Prophet Muhammad) were not staying among the people of Madyan (where Moses stayed after running away from Pharaoh) reciting upon them Our lines but We were going to send messengers. And you (Prophet Muhammad) were not near the Mount (Toor Sinai = Mount Sinai) when We called (to Moses) but (you are sent) as a mercy from your God to warn a nation (contemporary Arabs then) to whom a warner has not come then (Prophet Ishmael was sent long ago) so they may remember. And so that when a disaster happens to them because of what their hands did they will not say: Our God if only you sent to us a prophet so that we follow Your Lines and we become from the faithful.
Translation of: Ayat 43 - 47, Surat AlQasas.
Words: Ata = Gave, AlKitab = The Book, Ahlaka = Destroyed, Quroun = Generations, Uwla = Ancient - First, Basa'ir = Insight - Lights, Qadha = Decreed, Ansha' = Raised up new, Tatawala = Became long, Umr = Chronological age, S(th)awi = Staying, Toor = Mount, Tuseeb = Happens, Museebah = Disaster, Natabe' = Follow.

Q: How did Allah introduce the Prophet Muhammad to the People of the Book?

A: O People of the Book Our messenger (Prophet Muhammad) has come to you to explain to you after a period of interruption of the messengers so that you do not say no bringer of good news (Paradise) or a warner (of Hell) has reached us; So a bringer of good news and a warner has reached you! And Allah upon everything is All-Capable.
Translation of: Ayah 19, Surat AlMa'idah. (5:19)
Note: Remember the Prophet Muhammad is Allah's last messenger sent to all humanity.
Any one who claims to be a messenger after the Prophet Muhammad is called in Islam "The imposter messenger" (AlNabi AlDajjal) and each one of his followers is called in Islam 'murtad = one who turns to the opposite side - a traitor'.
Note: Muhammad was known among his people as: Muhammad = Praiseworthy and Ahmad = The Best Praised. No one in Islam should use any form of the Prophet's name to claim prophethood or anything similar to prophethood.
Note: After the Prophet Muhammad some men claimed to be prophets such as Musailama AlKaththab (Musailama the Liar) and they were executed by Muslims. However nowadays there are some people who follow a claimant of peophethood or something similar. His followers have dedicated praying places.
Muslims especially the new converts: Watch out! The true religion of Islam is: Allah's Qur'an and the Prophet Muhammad's Hadeeth (speech) and Sunnah (way). And may Allah guide to His Right Path!
Words: Ja'a = Has come, Fatrah = Period of interruption, Basheer = Bringer of good news, Natheer = Warner, Yubayyen = Explains.

Q: What could have happened if Quraish, the Prophet's tribe, succeeded in getting rid of Prophet Muhammad forever?
A: So are you (Prophet Muhammad) going to make the (figuratively) deaf (who turn away) hear or are you going to guide the (figuratively) blind (who turn away) and who is in a clear straying away (from Allah's Path); And if We (Allah) take you away (dead) so from them (disbelievers around the Prophet) We are going to revenge; Or if We let you see what We promised them (disbelievers around the Prophet) so upon them We are Most-Capable.
Translation of: Ayat 40 - 42, Surat AlZUKHRUF. (43:40-42)
Words: Tusme' = Make hear, AlUmya = The blind, Muntaqimoun = Going to revenge, Wa'adnahum = We promised them, Muqtadiroun = Most-Capable.

Q: What did Allah ask Prophet Muhammad to ask the People of the Book?
A: And do question (command to Prophet Muhammad) whom We sent before you from Our messengers (question their people) did We (Allah) make other than the Most-Merciful (Allah) gods to be worshipped?
Translation of: Ayah 45, Surat ALZUKHRUF. (43:45)
Words: We'sel = And do question, AJa'alna = Did We make - Did We create, Min Doun = Other than, Aaliha = gods, Yu'badoun = to be worshipped.

Q: Are the Jews and Christians allowed to believe in some of Allah's prophets and reject the others?
A: For those who disbelieve in Allah and His Messengers and they want to make distinction between Allah and His messengers and they say we believe in some and we disbelieve in some others and they seek in that a middle way - Those are the disbelievers indeed and We (Allah) prepared for the disbelievers a humiliating punishment; And those who believed in Allah and His Messengers and they did not make distinction between any of them (Allah's all Messengers) those He will grant them their rewards and Allah is All-Forgiving, All-Merciful.
Translation of:Ayat 150 - 152, Surat AlNisa'. (4:150-152)
Words: Yakfuroun = Disbelieve, Ruslulihi = His messengers, Lem Yufarriqou = Did not make distinction, Did not divide, Sabeel = Way, E'tadna = We prepared, Yu'ti = Grants, Ajr = Reward.

Q: What does Allah tell the People of the Book to refrain from?
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) O People of the Book why do you prevent from the Path of Allah who believed (Muslims who fear Allah = Amanou**) seeking (= Tabghounaha) it (Allah's Path) to be deviated while you are witnesses (of The Holy Books) and Allah is Not Unaware* of what you do.
Translation of: Ayah 99, Surat AlImran. (3:99)
* Allah is A Witness.
** Remember Iman is a stage higher than Islam. (in Surat AlImran)
Words: Tassudoun = You prevent, Tabghounaha = Seeking it - Desiring it, Sabeel = Path - Way, Iwaja = Deviated - Distorted - Crooked, Shuhada' = Witnesses, Ma Ghafil = Not Unaware, Ta'maloun = You do.

Q: Which prophet did Allah set an example of perseverance (firm continuation) to the Prophet Muhammad?

A: And We (Allah) gave Moses The Scripture (Torah) so do not (Prophet Muhammad) be in doubt about receiving it (Qur'an) and We made it (Torah) Right Guidance to the People of Israel; And We appointed from among them religious leaders who give right guidance according to Our (Allah's) Command when they persevered and they were convinced about Our Miraculous Signs (Verses of Torah); Indeed your God will judge among them on the Day of Judgement in what they were differing.
Translation of:Ayat 23 - 25, Surat AlSajdah.
Words: Aatayna = We gave, Fi Miryah = In doubt, Liqa' = Receiving, Huda = Right Guidance, A'immah = religious leaders, Sabarou = Persevered, Were patient, Youqin = Is convinced, Yafsil = Judges, Yakhtalifoun = Differing - Disagreeing.

Q: Why should not the Jews and the Christians disagree about their Religion?
Note: A: And the Jews said that the Christians are not upon anything and the Christians said that the Jews are not upon anything while they are reciting the Scripture* (of Allah) - equally those who do not know (disbelievers) said just like their saying (about Muslims) so Allah will judge among them (all) on the Day of Judgement in what they were differing.
Translation of: Ayah 113, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:113)
* The Origion of Allah's Scriptures is one called 'The Mother (Origion) of the Book = Um AlKitab'. It is a Tablet well guarded by angels in the Heaven.
Words: Qalat = Said, Nasara = Christinas, Laysat Ala Shaye' = Upon Nothing - Upon any truth, Yatlu = Recites, Yahkum = Judges, Yakhtalifoun = Differing - Disagreeing.

Q: Why did the atheist Arabs at the time of the Prophet Muhammad applaud (cried out with noise) when Jesus Christ was set as an example?
Note: In Islam only Allah is worshipped.
A: And when the son of Maryam (Jesus) was set as an example (in the Qur'an)* suddenly your (Prophet Muhammad's) people (disbelieving Arabs) from (listening about) him were clapping**; And they said are our gods better or He (Jesus) - they did not set him (Jesus) as an example for you except for argument sake but they are quarreling people;
For he (Jesus) is only a SERVANT (= abd) (of Allah) upon whom We (Allah) bestowed Our FAVOUR and We made him an Example for the people of Israel; And if We (Allah) will We would certainly have made from you (humans) angels on the earth to succeed (humans)***;
And he (Jesus's coming back) is certainly a Sign of information for (the approach of) the Hour (Day of Judgement) so do not doubt in it and follow me (Prophet Muhammad) - this is a Straight Path (Allah's) ; And certainly DO NOT LET Satan prevent you for indeed he (Satan) is to you a full developed**** ENEMY.
Translation of: Ayat 57 - 62, Surat AlZukhruf. (43:57-62)
* What Christians think of Jesus peace be upon him and the Trinity Concept in Christianity. (refer to Surat AlNisa')
** Making loud sounds to distract from listening to it.
*** If it were that the creation of Jesus without a father sets him above other prophets, the creation of angels (with Allah's Word be) without either father or mother would set them still higher, especially as angels do not eat and drink and are not subject to physical law. Source: Based on the translation of Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Quran: English Translation of the Meanings and Commentary, page 1511.
**** With all types of misguiding.
Words: Dhuriba masthalan = Was set as an example - Set as a parable. Yassiddoun = Applaud - Cry out with noise, Khasimoun = Quarrelling, Abd = Servant, An'amna = We bestowed Our Favour, Mala'ikah = Angels, Yakhlufoun = Succeed, Ilm = Sign of Information, AlSa'ah = The Hour, Tamtarunna = Doubt, Yassud = Prevent, Adou = Enemy, Mubeen = full developed - Clear.

Q: Did any of Allah's servants receive more knowledge about Allah's Wisdom and Justice than Allah's other messengers?

Note: When Prophet Moses (= Moosa) was asked who is the most knowledgeable man Moses answered that he (Moosa) was.
A: And they (Prophet Moses and his attendant) found a servant from Our (Allah's) servants whom We gave Mercy* from Us and We taught him from Us wisdom*; Moses said to him shall I follow you on the condition that you teach me guidance (mature thinking = Rushda) from what you have been taught; He (AlKhidr, a righteous man)** said you cannot have patience with me; And how can you be patient about things that you have no information (from Allah) about; He (Moses) said you will find me with Allah's willing patient and I will not disobey any of your orders; He said if you follow me then do not ask me about anything until I mention it to you; So they set out until when they boarded a ship he (AlKhidr) made a hole in it; He (Moses) said have you made a hole in it to drown its people - certainly you have done a simple-minded thing; He said didn not I tell you that you cannot be patient with me; He said forgive me for what I forgot and do not worsen my stressful condition; So they set out until they found a young boy so he killed him - he (Moses) said have you killed an innocent soul not for a soul*** certainly you have done a shocking thing; He said did I not tell you that you cannot be patient with me; He said if I ask you about anything after that so do not accompany me for you had enough from me; So they set out until they reached people of a town so they asked their people for food but they refused to be hospitable to them then they found a wall that was about to fall down so he (AlKhidr) straightened it up he (Moses) said if you want certainly you could have taken some payment for it;
He (Righteous man 'AlKhidr') said this is a separation between me and you I will inform you about the interpretation (= ta'weel) of what you were unable to be patient about; As for the ship for it belonged to some poor people who worked on sea so I wanted to defect it for there was after them a king who took every ship by force; And as for the young boy for his parents were of Faith (in Allah) so we feared that he is burdening them with transgression and ingratitude (to Allah); So we desired that their God may give them for exchange a better one than him in purity and closer in affection; And as for the wall for it belonged to two orphan young boys in the town and there was under it a treasure for them and their father was a righteous man so your God willed that they reach their age of full strength and take out their treasure as A MERCY FROM YOUR GOD and I (AlKhidr) did not do it out of my own will (rather Allah commanded) - that is the interpretation (= ta'weel) of what you were unable to be patient about.
Translation of: Ayat 65 - 82, Surat AlKahf. (18:65-82)
* Refer to detailed info from various sources in Wikipedia about who was "AlKhidr" peace be upon him.
"AlKhidhr" had two special gifts from Allah: 1. Mercy: It freed him from the ordinary incidents of daily human life. 2. Knowledge: It entitled him to interpret the inner meaning and mystery of events, as we shall see further on. Source: The Holy Qur'an: English translation... based on the translation of "Abdullah Yusuf Ali" page 840.
** In the Island of 'Failaka' which belongs to Kuwait there is a hand mark on a wall near the sea. It is reported by some travellers that the righteous man 'AlKhidr' may Allah be pleased with him reached that place in his travel.
*** A punishment rule in the Torah: Soul for a soul.
Words: Wajad = He found, Abd = Servant, Ilm = Knowledge, Attabe' = I follow, Rushd = Guidance - Mature thinking, Sabr = Patience, Khubr = Information, A'si = Disobey, Amr = Order, Ahdith Thikr = I mention, Rakaba = Boarded, Safeenah = Ship, Kharaqa = Made a hole, Imr = Simple-minded - Stupid, Tuakhid = Forgive, Naseet = I forgot, Turhiq min Amri Usr = Worsen my stressful condition, Ghulam = Young boy, Qatala = Killed, Nafs = Soul, Zaki = Innocent, Nukr = Shocking - Detestable, Sahaba = Accompanied, Balagha Uthra = Had enough, Intalaqa = Set out, Jidaar = Wall, Yudhayef = Be hospitable, Ajr = Payment, Firaaq = Separation, Masakeen = Poor people, A'eeb = I defect, Ghasaban = By force, Khasha = Feared, Yurhiq = Overburden, Khairan = Better, Zakatan = Purity, Aqrab ruhma = Closer in affection, Salih = Righteous, Kanz = Treasure, Fa'la ann amreh = Did it out of his own will, Ta'weel = Interpretation.

Q: What is the basis of faith in any of Allah's Religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam?
A: And has the narrative of Moses (Prophet Moosa) reached you (Prophet Muhammad); When he saw a fire* so he said to his family: stay for I sensed a fire so I may bring you from it a firebrand or I may find at the fire some guidance; So when he came to the fire it was called O Moses for it is I - your God so take off your slippers for you are in the Sacred Valley 'Tuwa'**; And I have chosen you so listen to what is being revealed;
For indeed I am Allah - there is no god but I so worship Me and perform the prayer in invocation of My Name (= THIKR Allah); Indeed The Hour (Day of Judgment) is coming - I am hiding it by a narrow margin so that every soul is repaid according to what it does; So do not let prevent you from it (The Hour) who does not believe in it and has followed his (own) desire so he went from bad to worse,
Translation of: Ayat 9 - 16, Surat Taha. (20:9-16)
* It was actually a light from Allah.
** Around Mount Sinai.
Words: Hadeesth = Narrative - Story, Umkus(th) = Stay, Anasa = Sensed, Qabas = Firebrand - A piece of burning wood, Huda = Guidance, Nudiya = It was called, Ekhle' = Take off, Na'l = Slipper, Wadi = Valley, Muqaddes = Holly, Estame' = Listen, Yuwha = Is being revealed, U'bud = Worship, Aqim = Perform, Thikry = Invocation of My Name (of Allah) - Remembrance of Allah, Yassud = Prevents, Taradda = Went from bad to worse,

Q: Why did Allah free the People of Israel from Pharaoh (Phiroun) and his transgression?

A: Ta Sa Ma*; Those are the Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) of the explicit (fully developed) Book (Qur'an); We (Allah) recite upon you (Prophet Muhammad) from the narrtive of Moses (Prophet Moosa) and Pharaoh with truth for people who believe (in Allah): For Pharaoh made himself sublime (god) in the land and he divided its people in sects - oppressing a group from them, slaughtering (= Yuthabbeh) their sons and shaming their women - indeed he was from the corrupters;
And We (Allah) want to grant a favour (= Nammuna) to those (People of Israel) who were made miserable in the land and to make them religious leaders (= AImmah) and to make them the successors; And to make them have influence on earth andto show Pharaoh and Haaman and their soldiers from them what they were being on their guard against**;
And We (Allah) inspired (= awhayna) Moses mother*** to breastfeed him (Moses) and if she was afraid for his safety so cast him into the river and do not fear and do not grieve - for We (Allah) are going to return him to you and We are going to make him from those sent as messengers (of Allah); So the family of Pharaoh picked him up so as he becomes to them an enemy and a cause of sorrow - indeed Pharaoh and Haaman and their soldiers were wrongdoers (sinners).
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 8, Surat AlQasas. (28:1-8)
* Pronunciation of three letters T S M. The letters do not make any known word in the Arabic language. From Allah's World of the Unseen.
** a son from Israel will defeat Pharaoh.
*** Moses' mother was not a prophet but she was inspired from Allah as was Jesus' mother 'Mary' - the strictly veracious (marked by truth) woman.
Words: Ayat = Lines - Verses, Kitab = Book, AlMubeen = The explicit - The fully developed - The unmistakable - The most evident - The explici, Natlou = We recite, Naba' = Narrative - Story - News, Alaa = Made himself sublime, Ja'la Shiya' = Divided into sects, Yastadh'if = Oppressing - Making miserable, Yuthabbih = Slaughtering, Yastahi = Shaming, Waristheen = Successors - Followers to estate - Inheritors, Mufsid = Corrupter, Makkana = Make him have influence - Made them influential - Made them established, Yahtharoun = Being on their guard against - Fearings, Raadouho = Returning him, Mursileen = Those sent as messengers, Khate'een = Wrongdoers - Sinners.

Q: Did Allah show the Jews at the time of Prophet Moses how Allah brings the dead man to life? And why?
Hint: To bring out the truth about who killed the man.
A: And when Moses (Moosa) said to his people indeed Allah is commanding you to slaughter a cow - they said are you ridiculing us - He said I seek refuge with Allah against being from the ignorant people; They said call for us on your God to explain to us which one; He said indeed He (Allah) says it is a cow neither too old nor too young - middle-aged between that so do what you are commanded; They said call for us on your God to explain to us what its colour is - He (Moses) said He (Allah) says that it is a yellow cow - its colour is bright yellow pleasing the viewers; They said call for us on your God to explain to us which one for the cows look the same to us and God's willing we are going certainly to be guided; He said indeed He says it is a cow not trained to till the soil neither to water the fields - Healthy without blemish (different colouring) - they said now you brought the truth and they slaughtered it and they were about not to do (it); And when you (some Jews) killed a (innocent) soul so you were averting it from yourselves and blaming it on others and Allah is revealing what you were concealing; So We (Allah) said strike him with some (pieces) of it - that is how Allah brings the dead to life* and Allah shows you His Miraculous Signs so that you may understand; Then your hearts became hardened after that so they (hearts) became like rocks or even worse in hardness and from the rocks certainly some from which RIVERS GUSH OUT and some of them certainly SPLIT asunder so water comes out through it and some of them (rocks) certainly LOWER down from the fear of Allah and Allah is Not Unaware of what you are doing.
Translation of: Ayat 67 - 74, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:67-74)
* During the time of the Prophet Moses, a person was killed and people blamed one another for the crime. Allah ordered a cow to be slaughtered. The killed man was hit by a piece of the cow's corpse. The man came to life, told about his killer and died. This was a miracle to show people that Allah will raise up the dead on the Day of Judgement.
Words: Ya'murukum = Commands you, Tathbahou = You slaughter, Baqarah = Cow, Huzou = Ridicule, A'outhou = I seek refuge, Jahileen = The ignorant people, Udou = Call on, Yubayyen = Explains, Faridh = Too old, Bikr = Too young, Awan = Middle-aged, Lawn = Colour, Safra' = Yellow, Faqie' = Bright yellow, Tashabaha = Looks the same, Muhtadi = Guided, La Thaloul = Not trained, Tas(th)eer AlArdh = Tills the soil, Tusqi AlHarsth = Waters the fields, Musalammah = Healthy - Safe and sound, Lashiyah = No blemish, Kada = Was about, Yafal = Does, Edaara'tum = Avert a blame from yourselves and blame it on others, Mukhrij = Revealing, Taktumoun = You were concealing, Edhribouhu = Strike him, Yuhye = Brings to life, Yuri = Shows, Qasat = Hardened, Quloub = Hearts, Hijarah = Stones, Ashad = Worse, Yatafajjar = Gushes out, Yashaqaq = Splits asunder, Yakhuruj = Comes out, Yahbut = Lowers down, Khashyat = Fear, Ma = Not, Ghafil = Unaware.

Q: What was the first revelation that the Prophet Moses told Pharaoh about?
A: Go you (Prophet Moses) and your brother (Prophet Aaron = Haroon) with my Miraculous Signs (Miracles) and do not quit remembering Me (Allah); Go both of you to Pharaoh (Phiroun) for he transgressed beyond limits; So say to him a lenient saying perhaps he may remember or fear (Allah); They said our God indeed we fear that he abuses us or tyrannizes (us); He (Allah) said do not fear for I am (Allah) with you hearing and seeing;
So reach him and say indeed we are two messengers from your God so send with us the People of Israel and do not make them suffer - we have already brought you a Miraculous Sign from your God and peace is upon whoever follows the Right Guidance; For it has been revealed to us that the Punishment is for whoever rejects (Allah's Word) as lies and turns away.
Translation of: Ayat 42 - 48, Surat Taha. (20:42-48)
Words: Ayah = Miraculous Sign - Miracle, Taniya = Quit (both) - Leave, Layyena = Lenient, Yakhsha = Fears, La'alahu = Perhaps he may, Yafrut = Abuses, Yatgha = tyrannizes - Transgresses beyond limits - Exceeds the limits, Asme' = I hear, Ara = I see, Yuadhib = Makes suffer, Uwhiya = Has been revealed, Tawwala = Turns away.

Q: Which group of people are referred to in the following Angry Tone of Allah?
Note: Please read first the translation of the preceding Ayah 59 in Surat AlMa'idah.
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) shall I inform you about something worse than that (being sinful) as a repayment from Allah whom (plural) Allah cursed and was angry upon him and He (Allah) made from them the monkeys* and the pigs and the worshippers of falsehood** (obeying Satan against Allah) - those are worse in situation and more astray from the Straight Path (of Allah); And when they (a group of the people of the Book) come to you (Muslims) they say we believed (in Allah) and they already came in with disbelief and they came out with it and Allah is Most Knowledgeable of what they were concealing; And you see a lot of them making haste in sinning and transgression and their devouring (taking) of forbidden possessions (like usurious interest) for how evil what they have been doing; If only those devoted to God (rabbis = AlRabanniyoun) and the religious scholars (= AlAhbar) forbid them from sinful saying and from taking forbidden possession for how evil what they were making; And the Jews said Allah's Hand is fettered (tight) (Allah answers) their hands will be fettered and they are cursed (away from Allah's Mercy) because of what they said rather His Hands are widely stretched out - He He gives spending however He pleases and and certainly what was sent down to you (Prophet Muhammad) from your God will add to a lot of them transgression and disbelieving and We (Allah) had sowed among them enmity and hatred to the Day of Judgment - every time they ignite fire for war Allah extinguishes it and they seek on land corruption and Allah does not like the corrupters; And if the People of the Book had Faith and protected themselves (by fearing Allah) We would have certainly pardoned them their sins and We would have certainly admitted them into the Gardens of Paradise (in the Other Life).
Translation of: Ayat 60 - 65, Surat AlMa'idah. (5:62-65)
* Who trespassed on the Sabbath. (refer to Surat AlA'raf)
** Whom Allah had cursed (away from Allah's Mercy).
Words: Shar min thalika = Worse than that, Masthoubah = Repayment, Lanah = Cursed him, Ghadhiba = Was angry, AlQiradah = The Monkeys, AlKhanazeer = The Pigs, Abad AlTaghout = Worshippers of falsehood (Satan), Sharun Makana = Worse in situation, Aamanna = We believed - We have Faith, Dakhala = Came in, Yaktumoun = Concealing, Yusare'oun = Make haste, Akl AlSuht = Devouring forbidden possession (like usurious interest), Yanha = Forbids, Rabbaniyoun = Rabbis - Those devoted to God, Ahbar = Religious scholars - Rabbis - Bishops, Qawl AlIsthm = Sinful saying, Maghloulah = Fettered - Tied up, Mabsoutatan = Widely stretched out, Yazeed = Adds, Adawah = Enmity, Baghda' = Hatred, Awqada = Ignited, Nar = Fire, Atfa' = Extinguished, Yasa Fasadan = seeks corruption.

Q: Why should the Jews and the Muslims try to tolerate each other and live in harmony?
Hint: Their Holy Books that should guide them in life are from one source with Allah.
A: And We (Allah) gave Moses (Moosa) and Aaron (Haroon) the Criterion that that distinguishes truth from falsehood (= AlFurqan) and Enlightenment and a Reminder of Allah for the righteous; Who fear their God in the secret and they are from the Hour (Day of Judgment) pitiful; And this is A Blessed Reminder of Allah (Qur'an)* and you are of it rejecters?!
Translation of: Ayat 48 - 50, Surat AlAnbiya'.
* The Qur'an is called in the Qur'an 'The Wise Reminder (= AlThikr AlHakeem)' and 'The Criterion that distinguishes truth from falsehood (= AlFuqan)'. Ayah 1 in Chapter AlFurqan in the Quran is translated: Supremacy is to Who (Allah) sent down the Criterion that distinguishes Truth from Falsehood (= AlFurqan) upon His servant (Prophet Muhammad) to be for the inhabitants of the world a warning.
Words: Aata = Gave, AlFurqan = The Criterion that distinguishes truth from falsehood, Dhiya' = Enlightenment, Thikr = Reminder of Allah, Yakhsha = Fears, Ghayb = In secret, Sa'ah = The Hour, Mushfiq = Pitiful, Mubarak = Blessed, Munkir = Rejecter.

Q: Why is there a major discrepancy (difference) in Allah's Holy Books?
Note: Allah's Holy Books are from one source called in the Qur'an (Um AlKitab) = The Mother (Origin of the Book). Since all the prophets came with the same message from Allah so why is there a major disagreement in Allah's Message as expressed in Allah's Holy books? (Except the Qur'an which is today preserved in the original text in which it was first revealed in the sixth century C. E. The Qur'an is only in the Arabic language. Anything else is called a translation and is not the Qur'an.)

A: For those who hide what Allah sent down from the Scripture (the Book) and they sell it for a little price - those will not have in their bellies except Fire and Allah will not talk to them on the Day of Judgment neither will He recommend them (forgives) and for them is a painful punishment; Those who traded (sold) Guidance for Straying from the Truth and Forgiveness for Punishment so what is going to make them endure Fire?!; That is because Allah sent down the Scripture (the Holy Books) with the Truth
and those who disagreed in the Scripture are certainly in a far-fetched disunity.
Translation of: Ayat 174 - 176, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:174-176)
Words: Yaktum = Hides, Anzala = Sent down, Yashtari = Trades - Purchases by selling, Dhalalah = Straying from the truth, Huda = Guidance, Adhab = Punishment, Magfirah = Forgiveness, Ma Asbarahum = What is going to make them endure, Shiqaq = Disunity, Baeed = Far-fetched.


Q: Were some messengers of Allah gifted with more preference from Allah than the others?

A: Those messengers - We (Allah) favoured some over the others - from them whom Allah talked* to and He (Allah) raised some of them ranks (above others)
- and We (Allah) granted Jesus (Issa) son of Mary (Maryam) the Explicit Signs (Miracles) and We (Allah) supported him with a Holiness Spirit** (Angel Gabriel) and if Allah wills those (generations) who succeeded them (the first People of the Book) would not have fought (one another) after the Clear Signs (in Allah's Scripture) that reached them - but they differed so from them who believed and from them who disbelieved and if Allah wills they would not have fought (one another) but Allah makes happen what He wills.
Translation of: Ayah 253, Surat AlBaqarah.
* One method of Revelation as talking directly to Prophet Moses.
** Remember Allah is not a Spirit " --- Nothing is similar to Him (Allah)!" Translation of Line 11 in Chapter AlShoura in the Qur'an.
Words: Rusul = Prophets, Fadhalla = Facoured, Ba'dh ala Ba'dh = Some above the others, Ayyada = Supported, Bayyenat = Explicit Signs - Miracles, Sha' = Wills, Eqttala = Fought (one another), Min Ba'dihim = After them, Ekhtalafa = Differed - Disagreed, Yaf'el = Makes happen.

Q: How should the faithful from the Jews and the Christians read their Holy Books?
A: Those whom We (Allah) gave The Scripture (Torah, Bible) read it as its reading should be* - those (are who) believe in it and whoever rejects it as lies so those are the losers (with Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 121, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:121)
* When they pass by a verse of Mercy they ask Allah for Mercy and Paradise. When they pass by a waring verse they seek refuge by Allah against His anger and Hell. Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume a, page 244.
Words: Allatheena = Those, Aata = Gave, AlKitab = The Scripture - The Holy Book, Yatlou = Reads, Haq Tilawatihi = Its exact reading way - Its proper reading, Yakfur = Rejects as lies, Khasir = Loser.

Q: What does Allah order The People of The Book not to do?

A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) O People of the Book do not exceed (go beyond) in your religion other than the Truth and do not follow the whims (desires) of a people (community) who went astray (= Dhallou) from before and they misled (= Adhalou) a lot and they (all) went astray from the Straightforwardness of the Path (Allah's).
Translation of: Ayah 77, Surat AlMa'idah. (5:77)
Note: How was Prophet Abraham on Allah's Straight Path - the Path that leads to Paradise. (in Surat AlNahl)
Words: Taghlou = Exceed - Overstep - Add above, Deen = Religion, AlHaq = The Truth, Tatabe' = Follow, Ahwa' = Whims - Desires, Dhallou = Went astray, Adhalou = Misled, Kastheer = A lot, Sawa' = The Straightforwardness, AlSabeel = The Path.

Q: Why will the Prophet Moses peace be upon him be worried on the Day of Judgment although Allah had pardoned him his wrongdoing?
Note: Even before being granted the prophethood and while he was living with Pharaoh, Moses was God-fearing and kind-hearted towards the poor of the People of Israel.
. Note: In the incident, Moses has already known that he is originally from the People of Israel and not the people of Pharaoh who adopted him when he was an infant.
Note: Before the Judgment begins, Moses will be worried .
A: And he (Moses = Prophet Moosa) entered the city (in Egypt) when its people were not aware of him so he found in it two men fighting - this one from his own people (People of Israel) and the other from his enemy (Pharaoh) so the one who is from his own people appealed to him for help against who is from his enemy (from Pharaoh's people) so Moses thrust him so he killed him; He (Allah) said this is a work of Satan for he is an explicit misleading enemy; He (Moses) said my God indeed I have wronged myself so forgive me so He (Allah) forgave him for He is the Most-Forgiving the Most-Merciful; He (Moses) said my God for what You bestowed upon me I will never be a supporter of the sinners; Then he became in the city fearful watching so the one (Israeli) who called out to him for help the previous day was calling him (again) for help - so Moses said to him you are certainly a clearly misguided person; so when he wanted to attack the one** (from Pharaoh's people) who is an enemy to them both, he (from Pharaoh's people who understood now) said do you (Moses) want to kill me as you killed a person yesterday - certainly you want to be a tyrant in the land and you do not want to be from the good-doers; And a man (a faithful from Pharaoh's people) from the furthest end of the city came running - he said O Moses indeed the assembly is plotting against you to kill you so get out for I am to you from the advisers. So he got out of it fearful watching - he said O God save me from the transgressing people; And when he set out towards Madyan* he said I hope My God guides me to the Straight Path (Allah's).
Translation of: Ayat 15 - 22, Surat AlQasas. (28:15-22)
* Near Sinai Peninsula in Egypt which contains the Mount of Sinai where later on Moses realized that he is a prophet of Allah.
** The other wide-understood explanation is that Moses was about to attack the person from his own people (Israeli) when he told on him saying "you want to kill me as you killed a person yesterday". Both the explanations are supported by the ex-Mufti (top religious scholar) of Egypt "Hassanain Mohammad Makhlouf".
Words:Taghlou = Dakhala = He entered, Heen ghaflah min ahliha = its people were not aware of him, Yaqtatil = Fights, Sheeah = Own people - Group, Adou = Enemy, Wakaza = Thrust - Pushed, Qadha = Killed, Mudhil = Misleading, Dhalamtu = I have wronged, Ghafara = Forgave, Dhaheer = Supporter, Khaaif = Fearful, Yataraqab = Watching, Ghawi = Misguided, Yabtish = Attacks, Jabbar = Tyrant, Aqsa = Furthest end, Mala' = Assembly, Ukhruj = Get out, Tajjaha = Set out, Najjini = Save me.

Q: Just like the People of the Book why will Allah give the faithful Muslim people their reward double?
A: O people who believed protect yourselves by fearing Allah and do believe in His Messenger ( Prophet Muhammad) - He (Allah) will grant you a double share of His Mercy and will provide you with light that you can walk with And He will forgive you and Allah is Most-Forgiving Most-Merciful; So that the People of the Book know that they have no power whatever over Allah's Grace for the Grace is in the Hand of Allah - He gives it to whoever He pleases and Allah is The Lord of the Immense Grace.
Translation of: Ayat 28 - 29, Surat AlHadeed.
Note: The People of the Book knew from the Qur'an that they will be given their reward twice. They bragged about it in front of Muslim believers.
Words: Ettaqou Allah = Protect yourselves by fearing Allah, Aminou = Believe - Do have Faith, Yu'ti = Grants, Kiflayn = Double share, Rahmah = Mercy, Noor = Light, Yamshi bihi = You walk with, Li'lla = So that, Ahl AlKitab = People of the Book, Alla Yaqdirouna Ala Shaye' = They have no power whatever over, Fadhl = Grace, Yadi Allah = Hand of Allah.

Q: When a stubborn religious leader does not have a comprehensive knowledge of Allah's Religion, what does he rely on?
Note: Reference is some Jews at the time of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Also remember that the Qur'an is for all mankind and is for all times.
A: And from them (Jews) are uneducated - they do not know the Scripture (Torah) except as aspirations and in fact they rely on guesswork.
Translation of: Ayah 78, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:78)
Words: Ummi = Uneducated, La Ya'lam = Does not know, Amani = Aspirations - Hopes, In = In fact, Yadhun = Rely on guesswork.

Q: Why does Allah rebuke the People of the Book when they claim that the Prophet Abraham (Ibraheem) was a Jew or a Christian?
A: O people of the Book! Why do you argue about Abraham and the Torah (AlTawrat) and the Injeel (Gospel) were not sent down (from Allah) except after him so will you not understand! Here you are the ones! You argued about what you had (firm) knowledge about* so why do you argue about what you do not have knowledge about and Allah knows and you do not know. Abraham was not a Jew or a Christian; But he was a monotheist (Haneef), a Muslim (submitting to Allah Alone), and he was not from the polytheists.
Translation of: Ayat 65 - 67, Surat AlImran.
* Example Allah as the God.
Note: On the Map of the Prophets Abraham no 6, Moses no 15, Jesus no 24.
Words: Lima = Why, Tuhajj = You argue, Unzilat = Was sent down, Afala = Will you not, Ta'qil = Understand, HaAntum Haoula'i = Here you are the ones, Ilm = Knowledge, Ma Kana = Was not, Yahoudi = Jew, Nasrani = Christian, Haneef = Monotheist - Worshipper of Allah Alone as the One and Only God, = Submitting to Allah, Mushrikeen = Polytheists - Who partner with Allah - Worshippers of many gods.

Q: Why do Jews and Christians have to believe in Islam?
A: So if they dispute (argued) with you (Prophet Muhammad) so do say I have submitted myself to Allah and (so have) whoever follows me and say to those who are given the Book (Jews and Christians) and the ones lacking (such) knowledge (disbelievers) have you accepted Islam* - so if they submit to Allah (Muslims) then they have found Guidance and if they turn away so your duty is certainly only to convey the Message and Allah is All-Watchful of humanity.
Translation of: Ayah 20, Surat AlImran.
* According Egypt's Ex-Mufti's (top scholar) "Safwat AlBayan liMa'ani AlQur'an, page 76: This is a clear Ayah of the Qur'an that Islam is for everyone and the Prophet Muhammad was sent for all humanity. In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: By the One (Allah) in whose Hand is my soul no Jew or Christian of this nation hears about me and dies without believing in what I was sent with except he is going to be from the people of Fire. Also in another summary of a saying of the Prophet Muahammad: I was sent to the red and the black (all races) (= Bu'isthtu LilAhmar wel Aswad).
Words: Haajouka = Disputed - Argued, Aslamtu = I submitted, Wajhi = Myself - My face, Men = Whoever, Ettaba'ani = Followed my, Ummi = Lacking knowledge - Illiterate with little or no knowledge of the Holy Books, Tawwala = Turned away, Innama = Certainly only, Ehtadau = Have found Guidance, Alayka = Your duty - Upon you, Balagh = To convey the Message, Ibad = Humanity - All humans.

Q: What One major message was revealed to every and each prophet before the Prophet Muhammad?
A: And We (Allah) did not send before you (Muhammad) a prophet but We were revealing to him that there is no god but I (Allah) so do worship (all of you) Me.
Translation of: Ayah 25, Surat AlAnbiya'.
Words: Arsala = Sent, Nuhi = Were revealing, Ilaha = God, U'bodouni = Worship Me (Allah).

Q: What is the Qur'anic name given to the Lines that are the same in Allah's Holy Books and which remind us of Allah?
A: And We (Allah) gave Moses (= Prophet Moosa) and Aaron (= Prophet Haroon) The Criterion which distinguishes Truth from Falsehood (= AlFurqan), and Enlightenment and a Reminder (of Allah = Thikran*) for those who protect themsleves (by fearing Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 48, Surat AlAnbiya'. (21:48)
* AlTh(d)ikr = Remembering Allah, Invocation of Allah, Mentioning of Allah's Names and Praying to Allah. According to Abdullah Yusuf Ali, the famous translator of the Qur'an. The word (Thikr) is far more comprehensive than any single word or phrase in English. It implies: Remembrance in a spirit of reverence, Recital, celebrating the praises of Allah, Teaching, admonition, warning, Message and devotional exercise.
Note: Prophet Moses was commanded to remember Allah and mention His Name. (Refer to Surat Taha)
Words: Atayna = We gave, Dhyiya' = Enlightenment, Thikra = Reminder, AlMutaqeen = Those who protect themselves by fearing Allah - The righteous people.

A: Saad** - And the Qur'an of (AlThikr)*, Yet those who disbelieve are in arrognace and opposition.
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 2, Surat Saad.
** The letter Saad in Arabic. No one knows its meaning here. Its meaning is from Allah's World of the Unseen.
Words: Thi = Of - Full of- Endowed with - Holding - Having, Thikr = Invocation of Allah, remembering of Allah, Izzah = Arrogance - Self-esteem, Shiqaq = Opposition.

Q: Which religion was given "AlFurqan" = The Proof (in the Scripture) that distinguishes between Truth and Falsehood?

A: Alif, Lam, Meem**; Allah - there is no god but He, The Ever-Alive, The Overseer; He sent down to you (Prophet Muhammad) The Scripture (Qur'an) with Truth confirming what was before it and He (Allah) sent down the Torah (of Moses) and the Gospel (to Prophet Jesus); From before as a Right Guidance to people and He (Allah) sent down "AlFurqan"* (in each mentioned) - Indeed those who disbelieved in the Miraculous Signs of Allah FOR THEM is a very severe punishment and Allah is AlMighty, Lord of Revenge.
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 4, Surat AlImran. (3:1-4)
* The criterion which distinguishes between Truth and Falsehood.
** The pronunciation of three Arabic letters whose real meaning is not known. They are considered from Allah's world of the Unseen.
Words: Nazzala = He sent down, AlKitab = The Scripture, Musaddiq = Confirming, Bayna Yadayhi = Was before it - What preceded it, Injeel = Gospel, Min Qabl = From before, Huda = Right Guidance, Athab = Punishment, Shadeed = Very severe, Thou Intiqam = Lord of Revenge - Full of Revenge.

A: Self-Blessed is He Who sent down "AlFurqan"* to His servant (Prophet Muhammad) so that it becomes to the inhabitants of the world (= LilAlameena*) a warning.
Translation of: Ayah 1, Surat AlFurqan. (25:1)
* Remember that only Jinn (who were created before man) and man will be held accountable for their actions on the Day of Judgement. (Refer to Surat 'AlRahman', Ayah 31).
Words: Tabaraka = Self-Blessed, AlAlameen = Inhabitants of the world - All people, Natheera = Warning.

A: And when (remember) We (Allah) gave Moses (Prophet Moosa) the Scripture (Torah) and "AlFurqan"* so that you may be guided (to Allah's Path).
Translation of: Ayah 53, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:53)
* "AlFurqan" = The Proof (in the Scripture) that distinguishes between Truth and Falsehood.
Words: La'allakum Tahtadoun = That you may be guided.

Q: Was the Prophet Muhammad described in the original copy of the Torah and the Gospel?
A: Those (from the Jews and Chritians) who follow the Prophet (Muhammad) - the Illiterate* Messenger whom (his name and description) they find written in their (original copy of) Torah and (original copy of) the Gospel (= Injeel) commanding them of good acts and forbidding them of bad acts and he (Prophet Muhammad) makes lawful for them the good things (of life) and makes unlawful the bad things** and he (Muhammad) releases them from their burdens and chains*** that were upon them so who believed in him (Prophet Muhammad) and strengthened him and supported him and followed the Light (Qur'an = AlNoor) which was sent down with him - those are the prosperous.
Translation of: Ayah 157, Surat AlA'raf.
* The Prophet Muhammad was characterized as the illiterate and his Tribe of Quraish was known as the illiterate people. This supports the argument of the Qur'an being a miracle.
** Such as usury.
*** Islam came up with easy commandments for humans that are not hard to perform.
According to Hassanain Mohammad Makhlouf, the ex-Mufti of Egypt, in the book 'Safwat AlBayan Limani AlQur'an' page 224: In the Torah some commandments are: Forbiddance (= Tahreem) of Saturdays, Cutting the impure part of the cloth, the burning of booty, Punishment in a killing case without ransom.
Note: As narrated in the Abridged Explanation of "Ibn Kastheer" of the Qur'an, volume 2, page 55: An Arab Bedouin followed the Prophet Muhammad walking between his two companions Abi Bakr and Umar until they came upon a man from the Jews with an open Torah reading it to console himself for his dying son as one of the most handsome youth. So the Prophet Muhammad said: I ask you by the One who sent down the Torah, do you find in your Scripture this my description (= sifati) and my pronunciation (name = makhraji). The man said no with his head. So his son said: Yes! By the One who sent down the Torah for we find in our Scripture your description and your pronunciation. And I witness there is no god except Allah and I witness that you are the prophet of Allah. So the Prophet said: Move the Jew away from your brother. Then he administered his burial and prayed for him.
Note: As narrated in the Abridged Explanation of "Ibn Kastheer" of the Qur'an, volume 2, page 55: Narrated by Ata' Bin Yassar who said: I met Abdullah Bin Amr (a scholar and a son of the famous Prophet's companion 'Amr Bin AlAas") so I said: Tell me about the description of the Prophet Muhammad in the Torah. He said: By Allah! He is described in the Torah as his description in the Qur'an (O Messenger! For We (Allah) sent you as a witness and a deliverer of good news and a warner) and a winning person for the illiterate people (the Prophet's people). It is also written: You are my (Allah's) servant and prophet, you name is "AlMutawakel = The one putting his trust in Allah". He is not rude or harsh. And Allah will not take his soul until he straightens the crooked religion until they say: There is no god except Allah, and through him Allah will open hearts that are covered and ears that are made deaf and eyes that are made blind. The same was narrated by AlBukhari (the famous Hadeeth collector) and he added: He does not shout in the markets, does not repay the bad with bad but he forgives and ignores.
Note: The Prophet Muhammad was known with other different names derived from the Qur'an Line 159 in Chapter AlImran in the Qur'an is translated as: "So with much mercy from Allah you dealt gently with them (people around the Prophet) and if you were rude with a harsh heart they would certainly dispersed from around you so do forgive them and ask for forgiveness (from Allah) for them and consult them in affairs of moment and when you made up your mind so do put your trust in Allah = Tawakkal for Allah loves those who put their trust (in Him).
Words: Yattabe' = Follows, Rashool = Prophet, Nabi = Messenger, Ummi = Illiterate - Uneducated, Maktoob = Written, Ya'mur = Commands, Ma'rouf = the good actions and words - the righteous deeds, Yanha = Prohibits, Munkar = Bad actions and words, Yuhil = Makes lawful, Tayyebat = The good things, Yuharrim = Makes unlawful, Khabaisth = Bad things, Yadha' = Releases, Isr = Burdens, Aghlal = Chains, Azarra = Strengthened, Nasara = Supported, Etaba' = Followed, Muflih = Prosperous - Successful.

Q: Why was the birth of Jesus in itself a Miraculous Sign (= Ayah) from Allah?

A: And (command to Prophet Muhammad) mention in the Book (Qur'an) Mary (Maryam) when she withdrew from her people to an Eastern place (in the temple); Then she placed a screen from them (to seclude herself) so We (Allah) sent to her Our Spirit (Angel Gabriel) so he appeared before her as a human being of regular build; She said I seek refuge with the Most Merciful (Allah) from you if you were a God-fearing person (do not approach!); He (Angel Gabriel) said rather I (Angel Gabriel) am your God's messenger (= Rasool Rubbiki) to give you the gift of a virtuous boy (Jesus peace be upon him); She said how can I have a son and no human touched me and I was not adulteress; He (Gabriel) said this is what your God said it is easy for Me (Allah) and to make him (Jesus) a Miraculous Sign from Allah (= Ayah) and Mercy from Us (Allah) and it was an already settled matter.
Translation of: Ayat 16 - 21, Surat Maryam. (19:16-21)
Note: The news of Jesus' birth. (refer to Surat AlImran)
Words: Uthkur = Mention, Entabathat = Withdrew, Makan = Place, Hijab = Screen - Partition - Cover, Tamasthalla = Appeared, Bashar = Human being, Sawiya = Of regular build, A'outhu = I seek refuge, Taqiyya = God-fearing - Righteous, LiAhab = To give the gift, Ghulam = Boy - Lad - Servant, Zakiyya = Virtuous, Anna = How - From where, Ghulam = Son, Yamsas = Touches, Bashar = Human being, Lem = Not, Bagheya = Adulteress - Unchaste - Whore, Allaya Hayen = Easy for Me, Rahmatan = Mercy, Maqdhiya = Already settled matter.

Q: What part of the Torah were the Jews forced by Allah to take care of?
A: And when We (Allah) pulled and lifted* the Mount over them (Jews) like a sun-shade (umbrella) and they thought it was falling on them - hold firmly on to what We (Allah) have given you (Torah as a whole) and mention what is in it perhaps you may protect yourselves by fearing Allah.
Translation of: Ayah 171, Surat AlA'raf. (7:171)
* According to "The Abridged edition of Ibn Kastheer's Explanation": Then Moses walked with them to the Holy Land and (Allah made a Covenant with them). When Moses took the Commandments. He asked them: This is a Holy Book. Do you accept what is in it. It tells you what is allowed and forbidden for you. They said: If its religious obligations and religious restrictions (= hdoud) are easy we will accept it. So Allah revealed to the Mountain so it was pulled from its place and the angels lifted it over their heads. So Moses said: Do you not see what my God says: If you do not accept the Torah with everything in it I (Allah) will throw the Mount on you. So when they saw the Mount everyone of them prostrated (bowed to the ground) on his left eyebrow, looking towards the Mount with his right eye. This was the prostration that spared them Allah's Wrath. Then when the Commandments were revealed there was no mountain or a tree or a stone but it shook.
Words: Ith = When, Nataqna = We pulled and lifted, Jabal = Mountain, Thannou = They thought, Waqi' = Falling, Khuthou BiQouwah = Hold firmly on to, Uthkurou = Mention - Remember, Tataqoun = Protect yourselves by fearing Allah.

Q: How do the People of the Book, who witnessed the time of the Prophet Muhammad and those who came after and will come until the Day of Judgment, have Complete Faith?

A: And those who believed (in Allah) and did the righteous deeds and BELIEVED IN WHAT WAS SENT DOWN (QUR'AN) TO MUHAMMAD and it is the Truth (= AlHaqq**) from their God - He (Allah) pardoned them their bad deeds and He made peaceful their state of mind*.
Translation of: Ayah 2, Surat Muhammad known also as Surat AlQital. (47:2)
* Allah makes peaceful and "guides them in their journey after death as is the case with martyrs" until the Day of Judgement. Source: The Holy Quran: English Translation of the Meanings and Commentary. King Fahd Holy Quran Printing Complex. (Based on the translation of Abdullah Yusuf Ali), page 1561.
** AlHaqq is the Certainty.
A Side Note: An ending of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: By the One in whose Hand is my (the Prophet's) soul if Moses (Moosa) peace be upon him came among you and you left me and followed him, you would have gone astray (from Allah's Path). You are my share from the nations and I am your share from the Messengers. Source: Mukhtasar Tafseer Ibn Kastheer. Mukhtasar LiTafseer AlImam AlJaleel AlHafidh Imad AlDeen Abi AlFida' Ismael Bin Kastheer AlDimishqi AlMutawafi 774 Hijri. Volume 1, page. 296.
Note: Reference to Allah's Covenant (contract) with Allah's Prophets.
Words: Amilou = Did, Salihat = Good deeds, Amanou = Believed - Had Faith, AlHaqq = The Truth - The Certainty, Kaffara = Pardoned, Saye'at = Bad deeds - Sins, Aslaha = Made peaceful - Improved, Bal = State of mind.

Q: What were the People of Israel commanded to do after they made a Covenant with Allah?
A: And Allah certainly had already taken the Covenant (Contract) from the People of Israel and We (Allah) sent in them twelve chiefs and Allah said for I am with you as long as you perform the prayer and give the prescribed charity (= Zakat) and believe in My Messengers (all of them) and support them by respecting and obeying (= azzartomouhum) them and you give Allah a good loan (through charity to people) then certainly I (Allah) will forgive you your sins and I will certainly admit you to the Gardens underneath which the rivers flow but whoever disbelieves (becomes ungrateful) from you after that so he has strayed away from the Straightness of the Path (Allah's Path).
Translation of: Ayah 12, Surat AlMa'idah. (5:12)
Note: In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: Prophet Muhammad was asked how many caliphs (leaders) will rule this nation (of Islam). The Prophet said: Twelve like the leaders (Nuqaba') of the People (Bani) of Israel. In a summary of another speech of the Prophet Muhammad: People's affairs will be running (smoothly) under the ruling of twelve men. Then the Prophet's companion who narrated the speech said: The Prophet had to whisper they are all from Quraish (the Prophet's tribe). Source: Mukhtasar Tafseer Ibn Kastheer (in Arabic) page 497. Ibn Kastheer also added that the first caliphs "Abu Bakr", "Umar Bin AlKhattab", "Usthman Bin Affan" and "Ali Bin Abi Taleb" may Allah be pleased with them all were from Quraish. Also "AlMahdi" will be from Quraish. He will fight the anti-Christ (imposter christ) who is a sign of the immediate approach of the Day of Judgment and until Allah sends Jesus down to kill the anti-Christ ( = Almessih Aldajjal who will terrorize the world until Jesus, the Christ is sent down by Allah to kill him).
Words: Akhatha = Had taken, Meesthaq = Covenant, Ba'sthana = We sent, Esthnai Asharah = Twelve, Naqeeba = Chiefs - Leaders, Aqradha = Gave a loan, Sayye'at = Sins, Kafara = Disbelieved - Became ungrateful.

Q: Why was Mary (= Maryam) Jesus' mother a strictly veracious (marked by truth) woman?
A: When the wife of Imran* (Mary's mother) said my God for I make the solemn pledge to You for what is in my womb dedicated to a sacred purpose so do accept from me for You are the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing; So when she delivered her she said indeed I delivered her a female and Allah knows best what she delivered and (she said) the male is not like the female and I called her Maryam and I seek refuge with You (Allah) for her and her offspring (Jesus) from the stoned Satan (Head of devils and his followers).
Translation of: Ayat 35 - 36, Surat AlImran. (3:35-36)
* Hannah wife of Imran. This Imran is different from Imran the father of the Prophet Moses. Between both of them around one thousand eight hundred years. Source: Ex-Mufti of Egypt 'Hassanain Muhammad Makhlouf': Safwat AlBayan lima'ani AlQuran.
Note: In a summary of two sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, narrated by Abi Hurairah: There is not a new born when born but Satan has squeezed (= asara) him once or twice so he starts crying except Issa the son of Maryam and Maryam herself.
Words: Qalat = Said, Nathartu = I make the solemn pledge, Batn = Womb, Muharraran = Dedicated to a sacred purpose, Wadhat = Delivered, Thakar = Male, Unstha = Female, Ueeth = Seek refuge, Thurreyyah = Offspring.

Q: What actions of some Jews and Christians lead to Allah's Praise of them?
Note: Reference is to the righteous Jews and Christians at the time of the Prophet Muhammad.
A: They are not all alike from the people of the Book there is a group who stand their ground (endure) - they recite Allah's Miraculous Lines (Torah) during the night while prostrating; They have Faith in Allah and the Last Day (Judgment) and they command the good sayings and actions and prohibit the bad sayings and actions and they make haste in good deeds (example charity) and those are from the righteous; And whatever good they do then they will not be denied its reward (with Allah) and Allah is All-Knowing of the people who protect themselves by fearing Allah.
Translation of: Ayat 113 - 115, Surat AlImran.
Words: Laysou = They are not, Sawa' = all alike, Ummah = Group, Qaaimah = Stand their ground - Endure; Yatloun = Recite, Yasjudoun = Prostrate; Ya'muroun = Command, Yanhoun = Forbid, Yusarioun = Make haste, Khairat = Good deeds, Salih = Righteous, Khair = Good, Len Yukfarouh = Will not be denied its reward, Mutaqeen = Who protect themselves by fearing Allah.

Q: Which action is done by both: A group of the Prophet Moses' nation and a group of the Prophet Muhammad's nation?

A: And of the people (= Qawm) of Moses is a community (= Ummah) who guide with the Truth (according to the Torah) and with it they make justice.
Translation of: Ayah 159, Surat AlA'raf.
A: And of those We (Allah) created (humanity) is a people* who guide with the Truth (according to the Qur'an) and with it they make justice.
Translation of: Ayah 181, Surat AlA'raf.
* "This is for you (Muslims)!" the Prophet Muhammad said, "Among my people is a community who will remain on the Truth (from Allah) until Issa (Jesus) son of Maryam comes down". The Prophet added: The People (of the Book) before you were given like it (Line 159 in Surat AlA'raf). Source: Mukhtasar Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 2, page 69.
Words: Qawm = People, Ummah = A community, Yahdoun = They guide, Haq = Truth, Ya'diloun = Make justice.

Q: In what behaviour does Allah not want Muslim people to be like some Jews?
A: People who have faith! Do not be like the ones who hurt Moses (Moosa) so Allah cleared him of what they said and he was with Allah distinguished.
Translation of: Ayah 69, Surat AlAhzab.
* In a summary of a speech of the Prophet Muhammad when the Prophet divided shares among some of his companions one of them said: This is not a just division. His words reached the Prophet whose face turned red but he said: Peace be upon Moses - he was harmed more than this yet he was patient. Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer (the complete version in Arabic), volume 3, page 755. The Prophet also mentioned that Moses was a shy man who liked to cover up.
Some people of "Beni Israel" said Moses liked to cover up to hide a default in his skin - either leprosy (= Baras) or a genital disease (udrah). Once Moses went to take a bath and left his clothing on a rock. When he came to pick up his clothing the rock started to move and Moses chased it until a group of Bani Israel saw him naked as best what Allah created and Allah cleared him from what they said. Moses took his clothing and put it on. Then he hit the stone with his staff several times until he made dent. Source: Mukhtasar Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, page 754.
Words: La = Do not, Athou = They hurt, Barra' = Cleared, Wajeehan = Distinguished - Outstanding.

Q: Why are some People of the Book hostile towards peaceful Muslims?
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) O People of the Book is it not that you are hostile towards us only because we believe in Allah and what was sent down to us and what was sent down before (to other Prophets) and most of you had certainly sinfully strayed away from Allah's Path.
Translation of: Ayah 59, Surat AlMa'idah. (5:59)
Words: Hel tankimoun = Is it not that you are hostile - Is it not you spite us, Ammanna = We believe - We have Faith, Unzila = Was sent down, Min Qabl = Before, Akstharakum = Most of you, Faasiqoun = Sinfully strayed away from Allah's Path - Sinners.

Q: Why are there many Christians among the people of Israel?
A: O people who believed be supporters of Allah as Issa (Jesus) son of Maryam said to the disciples who are my supporters (= Ansari) toward Allah- the Disciples said we are Allah's supporters so a group of Bani Israel believed (Jesus is sent by Allah) and a group disbelieved so We (Allah) fortified those who believed against their enemy so they prevailed.
Translation of: Ayah 14, Surat AlSaff.
Note: Remember Allah's covenant with His prophets. It applies to all prophets.
Note: After more than 300 years from Jesus' time, King Constantine embraced Christianity and shaped Christianity as is known today. Reference: Tafseer Ibn Ksastheer, volume 1, page 515.
Words: Ansari = My supporters, Issa = Jesus, Hawariyoun = Disciples - Supporters, Amanat = Believed, Bani = People, Ta'ifah = A group, Adou = Enemy, Asbahou Dhahireen = Prevailed - Became on top.

Q: In the Qur'an Jesus (= Issa) is also called the Messiah = AlMaseeh". Is the Messiah alive or dead with Allah?

A: And peace be upon me the day I (Jesus) was born and the day I die (= Amootu)and the day I will be raised up alive (on Day of Judgement); That is Jesus (Issa) the son of Maryam The Word of The Truth (Created by Allah's Word: Be and it is been) in which they (people of The Book) are disagreeing.
Translation of: Ayat 33 - 34, Surat Maryam.
Note: Remember according to the Qur'an the Prophet Muhammad is the last and the seal of the prophets. Jesus "the Messiah" peace be upon him was sent before the Prophet Muhammad. According to the Prophet Muhammad: Jesus will be re-sent down to fight the anti-Christ and continue living his appointed life until his actual death.
Words: Salam = Peace, Wulidtu = I was born, Amootu = I die, Ubasthu = I will be raised up alive, Qawl AlHaq = The Word of The Truth, Yamtaroun = They are disagreeing - They are doubting.

Q: In the Qur'an why is the Qur'an compared (similar) to the Torah?

A: And We (Allah) gave Moses (= Prophet Moosa) the Scripture (Torah) entirely of what is best and detailing everything and Right Guidance and Mercy so that in the meeting with their God they (Bani Israel) believe; And this is a Scripture (Qur'an) We (Allah) sent it down - BLESSED (= Mubarakun) so do follow it and protect yourselves by fearing (Allah) so that you may receive Mercy.
Translation of: Ayat 154 - 155, Surat AlAn'am. (6:154-155)
Note: In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: A Jew complained to the Prophet Muhammad that a Muslim slapped him. The Muslim man said: I became angry when the Jew said "By the One who chose Moses (= Moosa) over humanity" I told him to say "--- chose Muhammad over humanity" but he refused. The Prophet Muhammad said: Do not favour me as better than Moses. On the Day of Judgment people will be thunderstruck. I will be the first one among humans to wake up. But I will see Moses holding the side of Allah's Throne. I do not know if Moses was among those who were thunderstruck or he was among those excepted by Allah. Source: Mukhtasar Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 2 page 49.
Words: Tamaman = Entirely - Perfectly, Ala Allathi Ahsana = Of what is best, Tafseelan = Detailing, Kuli Shaye' = Everything, Hudan = Right Guidance - Guidance, Rahmah = Mercy, Liqa' = Meeting, Mubarakun = Blessed, Turhamoun = Receive Mercy.

Q: What did Allah give the People of Israel (= Bani Israel) to inherit?
A: And We (Allah) gave Moses (= Moosa) the Guidance and We gave the people of Israel to inherit the Scripture; As guidance and a Reminder (of Allah) to those who understand.
Translation of: Ayat 53 - 54, Surat Ghafir (40).
Words: Atayna = We gave, AlHuda = The Guidance, Awrasthna = We gave to inherit, Bani = The people, AlKitab = The Scripture - The Holy Book, Thikra = As a Reminder, Uli AlAlbab = Those who understand - Those who use their minds.

Q: How were the people of Israel dispersed in the world?

Note:: People (= Bani) of Israel are descendants of twelve leaders.
A: And We (Allah) tore them apart in the land into separate peoples (= Ummaman) - from them the righteous and from them other than that and We tested them with blessings and misfortunes so that they may return (to Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 168, Surat AlA'raf. (7:168)
Words: Qatta'nna = We tore apart, Fi AlArdh = In the land - On earth, Ummaman = Separate peoples - Communities - nations, Douna Thalika = Other than that, Balawnahum = We tested them, Hasanat = Blessings - Good stuff, Saye'at = Misfortunes - Bad stuff, Yarjeoun = Return.

Q: What type of generations from the people of Israel succeeded the generations of their prophets?
A: So generations who inherited the Scripture (Torah)* succeeded them - they were taking the (unlawful) temporary offering** of this inferior world and they say it will be forgiven for us (= SaYughfar Lana) and if a similar temporary offering comes their way they will take it - (Allah says) was it not the Covenant of the Scripture taken from them that they should not say upon Allah except the truth*** and they studied what is in it and the Other World is better for those who protect themselves by fearing Allah so will you not understand (discern); And those who adhere to the Scripture and perform the prayer indeed We (Allah) do not leave to waste the reward of those who do good.
Translation of: Ayat 169 - 170, Surat AlA'raf. (7:169-170)
* See the translation of preceding Line 168 (just above) .
** Such as bribery and usury.
*** their saying Allah will forgive them. And what did <"#MeesthaqParts">they do to the Holy Book?
Words: Khalafa = Succeeded, Khalf = Generations, Aradha = temporary offering - a limited time offering, Hatha AlAdna = This inferior world (inferior to the Hereafter), Yu'khath = Was taken, Meesthaq = Covenant, Yaqolu = They say, AlHaqq = The truth, Darasou = They studied, Yataqoun = Protect themselves by fearing Allah - fear Allah, Ta'qiloun = Understand - Discern - understand the difference - Use your brains, Yumsikoun = Adhere - Hold fast, Ajr = Reward, Musliheen = Those who do good.

Q: Allah's prophets were brought up under Allah's special protection. How did Allah favour the Prophet Moses (= Moosa)?

A: (Allah is talking to Moses at the time of prophethood) And We (Allah) bestowed Our favour upon you (Prophet Moses) once before; When We revealed to your mother what was to be revealed; To cast him away in the chest and cast the chest away in the river so that the river washes him on the coast - an enemy (Pharaoh) of Mine (Allah's) and an enemy to him (Moses) will take him and I showered you with love* from Me and to be brought up under My care. When your sister went out and said shall I show you who will take care of him so We returned you to your mother*** so that she becomes pleased and not grieve and you Moses killed a soul (accidently) so We saved you from the trouble and We tested you with differnt tests so you stayed among the people of Midian then you came (on Mount Sinai) according to destiny (Fate)****, O Moses.
Translation of: Ayat 37 - 40, Surat Taha. (20:37-40)
Note: Pharaoh had ordered Israelite male children to be killed when they were born to defy what came to the knowledge of Pharaoh that a child born from Bani Israel will become a prophet and he will topple his kingdom. Remember that the Prophet Joseph (no 11 on the Prophets' Map) was a wazir to one of the earliest Pharaohs.
* The woman of Pharaoh took him as her son and Pharaoh accepted him in his palace.
** safe and secure with Allah's Protection.
*** For nursing and bringing up.
**** When Moses was above forty years old.
Words: Mananna = We bestowed Our favour, Marrah Ukhrah = Once before - Some other time, Awhayna = We revealed, Aqthifihi = Cast him, Tabout = Chest - Coffin, Yem = River - Water, Sahil = Coast, Adou = Enemy, Alqaytu = I showered you, Mahabbah = Love, Tusne' = Brought up - Made, Ala Ayni = Under My care, Tamshi = Walks out, Adulukum = Shall I show you, Yakfuluhu = Will take care of him, Taqarra Aynuha = Becomes pleased, Najaynaka = We saved you, Fatannaka = We tested you, Futouna = With different tests, Ji'ta = You came, Ala Qadar = According to destiny - According to a destined time.

Q: Are we humans allowed to say that we are children (or sons or daughters) of Allah?

A: And (both) Jews and Christians said we are the children of Allah and His beloved ones - say (command to Prophet Muhammad) so why does He punish you for your sins (in life) - rather you are humans among those ones He created - He forgives whom He wills and He punishes whom He wills - and to Allah belongs the Absolute Authority of the Heavens and the earth and whatever is between them and to Him is the return.
Translation of: Ayah 18, Surat AlMa'idah. (5:18)
Words: Nahnu = We, Abna' = Children - Sons, Ahiba' = Beloved ones, Lima = Why, Yu'athibukum = Punish you (plural), Thunoubikum = Your sins, Bashar = Humans, Miman = Of those ones, Yaghfir = He forgives, Mulk = Absolute Authority - The Kingdom, Al Maseer = The return.

Q: Why is it important to reveal all the information that was sent down in Allah's Holy Books?
A: For those who conceal what We (Allah) had sent down of Proofs and Guidance after We made them clear in the Scripture for people - those Allah curses* them and the cursers (angels included) curse them; Except those who repent, amend and reveal so those I (Allah) accept their repentance for I (Allah) am the Most-Pardoning, the Most-Merciful.
Translation of: Ayat 159 - 160, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:159-160)
* Cast them away from His Mercy.
Note: Abu Hurairah, the Prophet Muhammad's companion who narrated a lot of the Prophet's sayings and actions, once said: Wasn't it for "Line 159 in Surat AlBaqarah" I would have not revealed anything (about the Prophet). Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 1, page 293.
Words: AlLatheena = Those, Yaktumoun = They hide, Bayyenat = Proofs - Explicit Signs, Huda = Guidance, Bayyanna = We made clear, Yal'an = Curses, Laain = Curser, Taabou = Repented, Atoub = I accept their repentance - I pardon.

Q: Of what did Allah command the Prophet Moses to remind the People of Israel?
A: And We (Allah) sent Moses (= Moosa) with Our Signs - (and the command) Bring out your people from the depths of darkness (Religious ignorance) into light (Allah's Religion) and do remind them of the Days of Allah* - for in that (reminder) certainly are Signs for everyone who is very patient, very grateful (to Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 5, Surat Ibraheem.
* This life has days of human standards. The other Life will have Allah's Days with its unimaginable bounties for the believers. Line 47 in Surat AlHajj in the Qur'an is translated: "--- and a day according to your God is similar to one thousand years from what you count." Also line 14 of Surat AlJasthiyyah in the Qur'an is translated: "Say to those who believe to forgive those who do not look forward to the Days of Allah so He pays people for what they were earning (of deeds)."
Words: Arsalna = We sent, Ukhurj = Bring out, Thulumat = Depths of darkness, Noor = Light, Thakkirhum = Do remind them, Ayam = Days, Ayat = Signs, Likuli = For everyone who is, Sabbar = Very patient, Shakour = Very grateful.

Q: Why should the missionary people of the Book direct their attention to converting disbelievers and refrain from trying to convert Muslims to their Religions?

A: For the Religion of Allah is Islam* and those who were given the Book (Jews and Christians) did not differ (they were Muslims) except after the Knowledge** reached them in in show of outrage*** among them and whoever disbelieves in the Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) of Allah so Allah is Swift in taking account.
Translation of: Ayah 19, Surat AlImran. (3:19)
* Believing and submitting to Allah as the One and Only God.
** At the time of Jesus peace be upon him they were "Muslims" submitting to Allah only. Jesus foretold about the coming of the Prophet Muhammad. They were waiting for him to come of the offspring of Isaac peace be upon him. When the Prophet Muhammad was born of the offspring of Ishmael (Ismail) peace be upon him they rejected him.
Note: The Qur'anic Line (18) that precedes the translation posted here.
*** Violation of Allah's Command.
Note: The Qur'anic Line (20) that follows the translation posted here.
Words: Ma Ekhtalafa = Did not differ - Did not disagree, Ja'ahum = Reached them, Baghyan = In show of outrage - In violation - In transgression, Saree' AlHisab = Swift in taking account.

Q: For what did the Prophet Moses call the believers among his people?
A: And Moses (= Prophet Moosa) said O my people (Beni Israel) if you have believed in Allah so upon Him do depend if you are Muslims (= Muslimeen)*; So they said upon Allah we depend our God do not make us subject to persecution by the oppressing people (Pharaoh); And save us by Your Mercy from the disbelieving people.
Translation of: Ayat 84 - 86, Surat Yunus. (10:84-86)
* = Submitting to Allah Alone - the One and Only God.
Note: The Qur'anic Line (83) that precedes the translation posted here.
Words: Tawakalou = Do depend (plural), La Tajalna = Do not make us, Fitnatan = Subject to persecution, AlDhalimeen = The unjust people - The Oppressing people - The unjust people, Najjina = Save us.

Q: What are Jews and Christians witnesses of?
A: O People of the Book why do you reject the lines of Allah (Qur'an) as lies while you bear witness* (of them).
Translation of: Ayah 70, Surat AlImran.
* Jews and Christians are witnesses. They bear witness of Allah's Religion whose fundamental doctorine is one but differs in some practices because Allah's Religion is interactive with the communities of each time. The Qur'an which completes Allah's Religion is for every community and every time.
Words: Lima = Why, Takfourouna = You reject as lies - You disbelieve, Tashhadoun = You are.

Q: In Arabia what did some earlier Jews and Christians bear witness to?
A: And those who disbelieved (in Islam) say you (Prophet Muhammad) are not sent as a messenger say Allah is Enough as a Witness between me and you and who has knowledge of the Book* .
Translation of: Ayah 43, Surat AlRa'd. (13:43)
Note: Allah's Scripture given to Allah's Messengers before Prophet Muhammad. Persons who have deep knowledge of the Message of Allah, the Creator, realize that Prophet Muhammad was Allah's Messenger.
For example among the earlier Jews and Christians was a Jewish Rabbi (religious scholar) - Abdulla Bin Salam may Allah be pleased with him.
Words: Lasta = You are not, Mursala = Sent as a messenger, Kafa = Enough, Shaheedan = as Witness, Bayni = Between me, Men Indahu = Who has, Ilm = Knowledge.

Q:What was in the Temple that the Prophet Solomon (= Suleiman)* built and is considered holy by the people of Israel and even Muslims?
Note: The translation of the preceding Line 246 in the Qur'an.
The translation of the preceding Line 247 in Surat AlBaqarah in the Qur'an.
A: And (further) their (Beni Israel) Prophet (Samuel) told them for the Miraculous Sign (from Allah) of his (king Saul) kingdom is that the Ark of the Covenant will come to you in it Tranquility** from your God and a remenant (of relics) of what was left by the family of Moses (Moosa) and the family of Aaron (Haroon) carried by the angels*** for in that is a Miraculous Sign**** for you if you indeed have Faith (in Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 248, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:248)
Note: The translation of the succeeding Line 249 in the Qur'an.
* The Temple that the Prophet Solomon built contained the Ark of the Covenant (the "casket of Shekhinah") ('= "Tabut E Sakina" in Arabic)' = a movable shrine.
** Peace as a reassurance of the Covenant of Allah with Bani Israel as long as they follow what Allah commanded.
*** According to Tafseer Ibn Kastheer page 428, as explained by Ibn Abbas (a paternal cousin of the Prophet Muhammad. He is revered by Muslims for his knowledge and was an expert in Tafsir (exegesis of the Qur'an), as well as an authority on the Islamic Sunnah: Source Wikipedia.org): . : The angels brought the Casket and put it down in front of the King Talut (Saul in the Bible) while the people were looking.
**** A Miraculous Sign that Samuel is Allah's Prophet and Talut (Saul) is a king appointed by Allah.
Words: Ayet = The Miraculous Sign - The Symbol, AlTabut = The Casket "the Ark of the Covenant", Ya'tiyakum = Will come to you, Sakeenah = Tranquility, Baqiyyah = Remenant, Taraka = Left, Tahmiluhu AlMala'ikah = Carried by the angels.

One of the commandments that marks the Covenant between Allah and Bani Israel and is contained in the Torah, the Holy Book sent to the People of Israel.

Q: Some people of the Book (Jews and Christians) observe Saturday as a holiday while the others observe Sunday as a holiday. Which one is right?
A: For indeed the Sabbath* was imposed on those who differed in it** and certainly your God is going to judge between them (Jews and Christians) on the Day of Judgment about what they were differing in.
Translation of: Ayah 124, Surat AlNahl.
* A day to hold greater than the others for worship and rest.
** As reported by trustworthy sayings (of the Prophet Muhammad) in "Tafseer Ibn Kastheer" volume 4 pages 550 - 551: Friday is the sixth day from the six days in which Allah created the Heavens and the earth. On Friday Adam was created, on it he was admitted to Heaven, on it he was cast out of Heaven and on it the Day of Judgment will start. In it an hour a believer in Allah asks Allah for a favour he will be given it. It is reported that the nations (Jews and Christians) before us (Muslims at the time of the Prophet Muhammad) were commanded about Friday but they were mislead about it. And the Jews chose Saturday on which Adam was not created and the Christians chose Sunday in which creation started. And Allah chose for Muslims Friday on which Allah completed His creation. In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: Allah left those (people of the Book) who were before us go astray from the Friday. So Jews chose Saturday and Christians chose Sunday. Then Allah brought about Muslims (at the time of Prophet Muhammad) then He guided us to Friday and He made Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And in this was they (people of the Book) will be our followers (in judgment) on the Day of Judgment. We (Muslims) are the last of people (even when Jesus peace be upon him comes down to earth he will declare submitting to Allah alone "Muslims") and the first on the Day of Judgment to be judged among the creation (Jinn and angels will be judged also) of Allah.
Words: Ju'ila = Is imposed, AlSabtt = The Sabbath, Ekhtalfou = Differed - Disagreed, LaYahkum = Certainly is going to judge.

Q: What were some components of the Solemn Covenant that were violated by many People of the Book?
Note: Line 153 that precedes the line 154 translated in this posting.
A: And We (Allah) lifted over them (people with Prophet Moses) the Mount* because of their Covenant (with Allah) and We said to them enter the Gate** (of Jerusalem) humbly and We said to them do not transgress (violate the limits) on the Sabbath*** and We took from them a solemn Covenant; So because of their violation of their Covenant (with Allah) and their disbelieving in the Miraculous Signs of Allah and their killing of (many of) the prophets**** (sent to them) without any due right and their saying our hearts are closed (against Guidance) rather Allah stamped on them (their hearts) so they will not have Faith (fear Allah) except a little (of them).
Translation of: Ayah 154, Surat AlNisa'.
* Mount (Sinai = Toor Sinai) when the command to accept The Torah as a whole was objected to.
** After 40 years wandering in the desert of Sinai trying to find Jerusalem.
*** They were punished severely for violating the sanctity of the Sabbath.
**** Refer to the Bible for the names of the Prophets who were killed. 'John the Baptist' = 'Yahya' for example.
Words: Raf'na = We lifted, Udkhulou = Enter, AlBab = The Gate, Sujadan = Humbly - Prostrating, Ta'dou = Transgress - Violate, Meesthaqan = Covenant, Ghaleethan = Solemn, Naqdhihim = Their violation, Kufrihim = Their disbelieving, Qatlihim = Their killing, Ghulf = Closed, Taba'a = Stamped, Yu'minoun They believe.

Q: The People of the Book are divided into groups. Which group of the People of the Book has developed a victimized identity?
A: They will not harm* you except with damage and if they fight you they will turn their backs (running away) then they will not have help (from Allah); Humiliation is marked upon them wherever they are found except for a (safety) rope from Allah** and a (safety) rope from (supportive) people - and they incurred upon themselves a Wrath from Allah and submissiveness (victimization) is marked on them that is because they were disbelieving in the Miraculous Signs of Allah and they were killing the prophets*** without any due right - that is because they disobeyed and they were committing aggression.
Translation of: Ayat 111 - 112, Surat AlImran.
* Cannot alone control you.
** When they follow Allah's Commands and regret.
*** Many of Allah's prophets were killed.
Note: Line 110 that precedes the posting here is translated as: --- and if the People of the Book believed (as Muslims) it would be better for them - from them are the believers and most of them are who sinfully strayed away (from Allah's Path).
Note: The lines 113 - 115 that follow the lines of this posting start with "They are not all alike ---)"
Note: Read a current article of Toronto Star in this context.
Words: Yadhuroukum = They will not harm you, Atha = Damage, Yuqatiloukum = If they fight you, Yuwaloukum AlAdbar = They will turn their backs, Yunsaroun = Will not have help - Will not be victorious, Dhuribat = Marked, AlThillah = Humiliation, Habl = Rope, Ba'ou = They incurred upon themselves, BiGhadhab = A wrath, AlMaskanah = Submissiveness, Yaqtoloun = They kill, Asaou = They disobeyed, Ya'tadoun = They were committing aggression - Going beyond the lawful limits.

Q: What Statement from Allah is enough to have made all the People of Israel submit to Allah?
A: O People of Israel remember my Grace that I (Allah) bestowed upon you for I favoured* you over all people.
Translation of: Ayah 122, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:122)
* The People of Israel recieved a lot of Allah's messengers to put them on Allah's Path. (refer to 2:87)
Note: When Muslims were commanding good acts and sayings and forbidding bad acts and sayings they were the best nation ever on earth. (refer to 3:110)
Words: Bani Israel = People of Israel - Beni Israel, Uthkorou = Remember, Ni'mati = My Grace - My Blessing - Anamtu = I bestowed, Fadhaltukum = I favoured you, Ala AlAlameen = Over all people.

Q: For Whom is Allah's Punishment?
A: (Prophet Moses repents to Allah) And predestine for us in this life good and (also) in the Other Life indeed we (Prophet Moses and his companions) have turned (= HUDNA)* to Your Guidance - He (Allah) said My punishment (in this life and Other Life) I inflict it upon whomever I will and My Mercy had embraced everything** and I will DECREE it for those** who protect themselves by fearing Allah and pay the prescribed charity (Zakat) and those who in Our Miraculous Signs (Signs indicative of Allah) do believe.
Translation of: Ayah 156, Surat AlA'raf. (7:156)
* Prophet Moses (Moosa) pleads, on behalf of People of Israel, with Allah for forgiveness by saying we have turned to Your Guidance after some of Moses' companions started worshipping a golden calf and later some of them asked to see Allah. (refer to Surat Taha)
** When Allah decided (= Qadha) about the Creation Allah wrote on the top of His Throne (for Himself) "Indeed My Mercy comes before My Wrath = Inna Rahmati Ghalabt Ghadhabi". Source: AlAhadeesth AlQudsiyyah (= Holy Sayings (= "Ahadeesth Qudsiyyah" directly from Allah through the Angel Gabriel but not part of the Qur'an), page 609.
Note: The Qur'an refers 14 times to the followers of the prophet Moses (Jews) as Haadu, "Allatheena haadu" (those who turned to Allah's Guidance).
Note: what the followers of the Prophet Jacob and the prophets of Bani Israel before the Prophet Moses were called. (refer to Surat AlBaqarah)
Note: The translation of the succeeding Line 157 in chapter AlA'raf .
Words: Uktub = Predestine - Decree, Hasanah, Good, Hudna Ilayka = turned to Your Guidance - Repented to You, Athab = Punishment, Useeb = Inflicts, Rahmati = My Mercy, Wasiat = Embraced, Yo'toun = Give, Yu'minoun = Believe.

Q: Did Allah forgive those who worshipped a calf when Moses left them and went away to Toor (Mount) Sinai to receive the Commandments?
A: And when Moses said to his people O my people for you have made injustice to yourselves by your taking the calf (for worship) so do repent to your Creator then kill yourselves that is better for you with your Creator - then He (Allah) granted* you forgiveness for He is the Most-Forgiving, the Most-Merciful.
Translation of: Ayah 54, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:54)
* According to Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 1 page 145: Because of worshipping the calf, Bani Israel were commanded to kill themselves so they fought one another (under foggy circumstances) while the Prophet Moses had his hands raised towards the sky (praying) until Allah accepted their repentance and they stopped the fight. Thousands were killed. Moses and Bani Israel grieved. So it was revealed to Moses: What makes you grieve? Whoever is killed from you is alive with Me (Allah) being fed (a martyr) and those who are still alive I (Allah) have accepted their repentance so Moses and Bani Israel rejoiced.
Note: Bani Israel saw the nine Miracles with which Allah supported Moses against Pharaoh and they saw with their eyes the sea being divided when they fled from Pharaoh. After it some of them took the calf for worship and the others could or did not stop them so they were punished severely. In a similar context the Prophet Muhammad did not ask Allah for a Miracle to happen in front of his people because if a Miracle took place and they had not believed Allah would have punished them severely.
Note: Allah's Religion is one and it is interactive with the mentality of the people receiving it. In the Qur'an Allah forgives everything except to join partner(s) with Him (to disbelieve in Allah as the One and Only God).
Words: Thalamtum = You made injustice, Bitikhathikum AlIjl = By your taking of the calf, Fatobou = So do repent, Bari'ikum = Your Creator, Faqtolou Then kill, Anfusakum = Yourselves, Khair = Better, Inda = With.

Q: What happened when some of the People of Israel asked Moses to show them Allah?
* Note the Prophet Moses (Moosa) is called "Kaleem Allah" because he is the only prophet with whom Allah talked directly (without revelation) more than once. The Prophet Moses did not see Allah.

A: And when you (People of Israel) said we will not believe you (Prophet Moses) until we see Allah in public so the thunderbolt* struck you while you were looking; Then We (Allah) revived* you after your death so that you may be grateful.
Translation of: Ayat 55 - 56, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:55-56)
* Thunderbolt = A single discharge of lightning with accompanying thunder. Source: Merriam Webster's Deluxe Dictionary.
Note: No one can see Allah in this Life?
Words: Len Nu'min = We will not believe, Nara = See, Jahrah = In public, FaAkhathatkum AlSa'iqah = The Thunderbolt struck you, Tanthuroun = Looking, Ba'athnakum = We revived you - We raised you up, Ba'da = After Mawtkum = After your death, Tashkoroun = Be grateful.
A: Then (Prophet) Moses (Moosa) chose his (chosen) people - seventy men for Our (Allah's) Meeting so when they were seized by the (earth) shaking he (Prophet Moses) said my God if You willed You would have destroyed them from before* and me (with them) - are You (Allah) going to destroy us for what the fools among us did - for certainly it** is Your (Allah's) ordeal (distress) trial - with it you let stray away (from Your Path) whomever You will and You guide whomever You will - You are Our Protector so do forgive us and have Mercy on us and You are the Best of the forgivers.
Translation of: Ayah 155, Surat AlA'raf. (7:155)
* When some of them started worshipping the calf. (refer to Surat Taha)
** Both sins worshipping the calf and asking to see Allah.
Note: The succeeding Line 156 in Surat AlA'raf.
Note: Later Allah made a Convenant with the representatives of the People of Israel when they accepted the Commandments. (Refer to Surat AlA'raf)
Words: Ekhtara = Chose, Sab'eena = Seventy, Rajula = Men, LiMeeqatina For Our Meeting, Akhathathum = They were seized by, AlRajfah = The shaking, Shi'ta = You willed, Atuhlikuna = Are You going to destroy us, AlSufaha' = The fools, Fitnatuka = Your ordeal trial, Tudhil = You leave to stray away, Men Tasha' = Whoever You will, Tahdi = Guide, Waliyuna = Our Protector - Our Supporter.

Q: What happens when some people breach their Covenant with Allah?
Note: The Covenant of the People of Israel with Allah.
A: So because of their breaching of their Covenant (with Allah) We (Allah) cursed them (made them away from Allah's Mercy) and We made their hearts hardened - (how) they take words (of the Scripture) out of context and they forgot a good portion of what they were reminded (Commandments) and you continue to discover a case of trust breach from them except some of them so do forgive them and pardon (tolerate) them for Allah loves those who perfect their Religion.
Translation of: Ayah 13, Surat AlMa'idah. (5:13)
Words: FaBima = Because of, Naqdhihim = Their breach, Meesthaqahum = Their Covenant, La'anahum = We cursed them - We made them away from Allah's Mercy, Qasiyah = Hardened, Yuharifouna AlKalima En Mawadhi'ihi = They take words out of context - They distort - They rob it of its true meaning, Nasau = They forgot, Hadhdhan = A good portion, Thukirou = They were reminded of, La Tazal = You continue, Tattale' = Discover, Kha'inah = A case of trust breach - A case of deceipt because of double-crossing, FaEsfah = So do forgive, AlMuhsineen = Those who perfect their Religion.

Q: Is there a Covenant between Allah and the supporters of Jesus toward Allah (Christians)?
A: And from those who said we are supporters* of Jesus (toward Allah "Nasaara" = Christians) We (Allah) made a Covenant with them but they forgot a good portion of what they were reminded of so We caused enmity and hatred among them until the Day of Judgment and Allah will inform them of what they were doing (in Life).
Translation of: Ayah 14, Surat AlMa'idah.
* Supporters of Jesus toward Allah.
Words: Nasaara = Supporters of Jesus towards (work that pleases) Allah = Christians, Akhathna Meesthaqhahum = We made a Covenant with them, FaAghrayna = So We caused, AlAdaawah = Enmity, AlBaghda' = Hatred, Yunabe'uhum = Allah will inform them, Yasna'oun = They were doing.

Q: What are the followers of the Messiah (Christ)* Issa Bin Maryam called in the Qur'an?
Note: In the Qur'an Issa son of Maryam (Mary) is also called the Messiah (Christ = the anointed). His followers (called Christians) are mentioned in the Qur'an 'nasara' = suuporters of the Messiah and not (= messihiyeen) as a word derived from Messiah or Christ.

A: And the Jews said Uzair (Ezra** in the Old Testament) is the son of Allah and the Nasaara (Christians) said the Messiah (Christ) is the son of Allah - this is their saying with their own mouths - they match the saying of those who disbelieved*** from before - may Allah fight them (= Qatalahum Allah)**** for how they can be deluded.
Translation of: Ayah 30, Surat AlTawbah. (9:30)
* Messiah or Christ = The anointed = To apply oil to as a sacred rite especially for consecration (to devote irrevocably to the worship of God by a solemn ceremony) Source: Merriam Webster's Deluxe Dictionary. John the Baptist (= Yahya) is called in the Qur'an "hasour . Jesus the Christ was baptized by him according to the New Testament (Bible).
** Ezra mentioned as Uzair in the Qur'an.
*** What lies about an offspring (children) did the disbelievers attribute to Allah? (in Surat AlAnbiya')
**** A prayer to Allah to make them away from Allah's Mercy.
Note: The followers of Moses are called AlYahoud in the Qur'an.
Words: Qalat = Said, Ibn = Son, AlNasaara = Supporters of Jesus toward (work that pleases) Allah, Qawlahum = Their saying, BiAfwaahihim = With their own mouths, Yudhahoun = They match - they resemble, Anna = For how they can be deluded.

Q: What one harsh Message does Allah convey especially to the Christians?
Note: Remember that Allah praises the Christians who fear Allah in the Qur'an. (refer to Surat AlMa'idah)
A: O People of the Book (Christians) do not exaggerate in your Religion and do not say upon Allah except the Truth for indeed the Christ Issa Ibn Maryam (Jesus son of Mary) is Allah's Messenger and His (Allah's) Word* - He (Allah) said it to Maryam and a soul (spirit) from Him** - So believe in Allah and (all of) His messengers - and do not say 'three' stop it (= Entahou) it is better for you for indeed Allah is One God (= Inamma Allah Ilah Wahid) - Exalted (= Subhanahu) is He (Allah) from having a son - To Him belongs what is in the Heavens and what is on earth and Enough is He (Allah) as a Disposer of affairs.
Translation of: Ayah 171, Surat AlNisa'. (4:171)
* Be and it is been. (refer to Surat AlImran)
** When the Angel Gabriel blew into the pocket of Maryam's gown pocket according to Allah's Command. (refer to Surat AlTahreem)
Note: Remember Jesus's words about Allah.
Words: La Taghlou = Do not exaggerate - Do not exceed porper bounds, AlHaq = Except the Truth, Innama = For indeed, Rasool = Messenger, Kalimatuhu = His Word, Alqaaha = Said it, Rooh = Spirit - Soul, Entahou = Stop it - Put an end to it, Khairan = It is better, Ilah Wahid = One God, Subhanahu = Exalted is He - High is He - Glory to Him - Far is He from imperfection, Kafaa = Enough, Wakeela = Disposer of affairs - Protector.

Q: In life when a completely revised new edition of a textbook is out we study it and keep the old edition for reference. What about Allah's Scripture?
Note: Allah's Scripture is interactive depending on the mentality of the existing people. Remember how Satan challenged Allah. And it is Allah's Justice to show Guidance and leave it to each of us to follow.
A: O People of the Book (Jews - Christians) for Our (Allah's) Messenger (Prophet Muhammad) has reached you explaining to you a lot of what you were hiding* from the Scripture and lets go (= ya'fou) a lot (of it) - A (new) Light (Guidance of the Qur'an) has reached you from Allah and a fully-deveoped Book (Qur'an); Allah guides with it** whoever follows His (Allah's) Satisfaction (to( the (worship) ways of Peace*** - and it (Qur'an) takes them out of the depths of darkness to the Light (Guidance of the Qur'an) with His permission and it guides them to a Straight Path (Allah's Path).
Translation of: Ayat 15 - 16, Surat AlMa'idah.
* Example the punishment by stoning = "AlRajm". Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 2, page 52.
** The Light (= noor) and the fully-developed Book (= Kitab Mubeen) refer both to the Qur'an. Allah says 'yahdi bihi' (= guides with it).
*** Paradise is called the Peace Dwelling = Dar AlSalam.
Words: Yubayyen = Explaining, Kastheeran = A lot, Tukhfouna = Hiding, Min AlKitab = From the Scripture - From the Holy Book, Noor = Light, Munbeen = Ya'fou = Lets go - Rubs away by way of deletion - Fully-developed - Self-Explanatory, Subul = Ways, Yukhrijuhum = Takes them out, AlDhululmat = Depths of darkness.

Q: What should Muslims always remind themselves of?
Note: In Islam instead of comparing your life with people more fortunate than you, you should compare it with those people who are less fortunate than you to reach a state of contentment (Qnaa'ah) with what Allah granted you.

A: And when Moses (Prophet Moosa) told his people O my people remember the favour of Allah upon you for He appointed among you prophets and He (Allah) made (among) you kings and He granted you what He did not grant any of the people (other than you).
Translation of: Ayah 20, Surat AlMa'idah.
Words: LiQawmihi = To His people, Uthkurou = Remember Ni'mat Allah = The Favour of Allah, Anbiya' = Peophets, Muloukan = Kings, Lem Yu'ti = Did not grant, AlAalameen = People - Inhabitants of the world.

Q: What Prophecy in the Qur'an regarding Bani Israel, who act against their Scripture, has yet to come true when Muslims stand up fighting together as Allah says in Line 4 in Chapter AlSaff in the Qur'an "For Allah likes those who fight in His Way lined up (physically and spiritually) as if they are a building held firmly together)?
Note: Remember that the Qur'an was revealed in the seventh century (C.E).
And We decreed for Beni Israel in the Scripture you will certainly make corruption on earth twice and you will certainly become high with too much arrogance;
So when the first Promise of them (two Promises) was to be realized We (Allah) would have provoked against you servants for Us (Allah) of great might so they searched (for you) inside the houses and it is a Fulfilled Promise (Has to be realized);
Then We returned to you the comeback over them and We supported you with wealth and sons and We made you more in troops; IF YOU (Beni Israel)DO GOOD THEN YOU DO GOOD FOR YOURSELVES AND IF YOU DO BAD THEN UPON THEM (YOURSELVES)-
so when the Promise of the last one (= Wa'd AlAkhirah) was to be realized let them disgrace your faces (grieve) and let them enter the Mosque (Bait-al-Maqdis (Al-Aqsa) as they entered it the first time and let them destroy what they (enemy) were arrogant about a complete destruction; May your God have Mercy on you
and (after that) if you (Beni Israel) repeat (what you were doing) We (Allah) will repeat and We had made Hell for the disbelievers a mat (staying place).
Translation of: Ayat 4 - 8, Surat AlIsra' (known also as Surat Beni Israel). (17:4-8)
Headphone to learn    Listen to "Surat AlIsra Ayat 1 - 41" on YouTube
Words: Beni Israel = Beni Israel - The People of Israel - The Children of Israel, LTufsidunna = You will certainly make corruption, LTa'lunna Uluwann Kabeera = you will certainly become high with too much arrogance, Ba'asthna = We provoked against you, Uli Ba's Shadeed = Of great might - strength - Very courageous, Fajasou Khilal Aldiyar = They searched inside the houses, Radedna AlKarrah = We returned the comeback, Aksthar Nafeera = More in troops, LiYasou'ou Wujouhakum = To disgrace your faces, Ma Alau = What they were arrogant about, Tatbeera = Complete destruction, Udtum = You returned, Haseera = Mat.

Q: Is there an example in the Western Religious Culture of those who use the strategy of "make believe" and not "True Belief" for earthly gains?

A: And We (Allah) said (command to Bani Israel) enter this town* and eat freely therein as you please and enter the gate prostrating ** and say "Hittah" (= we pray for relief from the burden of sins) - We (Allah) will forgive you your wrong doing (= Khatayakum) and We will augment (reward) for those who perfect their Religion; But those who transgressed (against Allah - showed injustice = Dhalamou) substituted a different Word*** from what was said to them so We (Allah) sent down on those who transgressed a piece of a severe punishment**** from the Heaven for what they were straying away (from Allah's Path = Yafsuqoun).
Translation of: Ayat 58 - 59, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:58-59)
* After fleeing from Pharaoh and after living for forty years in the wilderness.
** Thus even today one of the gates of Masjid al-Aqsa (in Jerusalem = AlQuds) is called Bab al-Hittah or the Door of Repentance. Source.
*** They used the word Hintah = (we are after) Wheat.
**** A plague - an epidemic disease (= AlTa'oun. The Prophet Muhammad told his companions: ALTa'oun was a severe type of punishment (= Athab Rijz) Allah punished with those people before you. Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 1, page 156) .
Note: Research for example who made believe spending on gifts and saying they are from Santa Claus?
Note: Research for example who made believe what people think of Jesus the Christ peace be upon him.
Words: Udkhlou = Enter, AlQaryah = The town, Raghadan = Freely, Sujadan = In prostration, Hittah - Hittatun = Relief from the burden of sins, Naghfir = We forgive, Khatayakum = Your wrongdoing, FaBadalla = So substituted, Allatheena Dhalmou = Those who trnsgressed - Those who showed injustice, Qawlan = A Word - Words - A speech, Rijzan = Punishment, Yafsuqoun = Straying away from Allah's Path.

Q: Why does a Tone of warning accompany Allah's Promise of the land to the People of Israel?
A: And We (Allah) said after him (Prophet Moses's death) to Bani Israel dwell in the Land (in Palestine) and when the Promise of the Hereafter arrives We (Allah) will bring you forth in a huge gathering of various origins.
Translation of: Ayah 104, Surat AlIsra' (known aslo as Surat Bani Israel).
Note: Towards the beginning of Surat AlIsra', the People of Israel were warned twice by two promises: The first promise and the second promise.
Words: Qulna = We said, Eskinou = Dwell, Wa'd AlAkhirah = The Promise of the Hereafter - The Promise of the Other World, The Promise of the last one, Lafeefa = In a huge crowd of various origins.

Q: Whom do those who disbelieved from the People of the Book take as their allies?
Note: Lines 78 - 79 in Chapter AlAma'idah which precede the current posting.
A: You see a lot of them (disbelievers)* taking as allies those who disbelieved so how miserable is what their souls had sent ahead for them - that Allah's Wrath had fallen on them** and in the punishment (in the Hereafter) they will be remaining for eternity.
Translation of: Ayah 80, Surat AlMa'idah.
* Those persons Allah calls disbelievers from Jews and Christians.
** They are away from Allah's Mercy.
Words: Tara = You see, Kastheeran = A lot of, Yatawallouna = They take as allies - as bosom friends, Qaddamat = Sent forth, Sakhita Allah alayhim = Allah's Wrath had fallen on them.

Q: Could any of Allah's prophets have asked people to worship him as a god?
A: It was not possible for a human being whom Allah gave the Scripture and administration of justice, and Prophethood then he says to people be servants to me beside Allah (Alone) - but (he says) be devoted to Allah (= Rubbaniyeen) because of what you were teaching the Book (Scripture) and because of what you were studying (it).
Translation of: Ayah 79, Surat AlImran.
Note: Issa Ibn Maryam (Issa son of Mary) as mentioned in the Qur'an is the name Allah gave to Jesus peace be upon him. Will Jesus be questioned on the Day of Judgment?
Words: Ma Kana = It was not possible, AlKitab = The (Holy) Book, The Scripture , AlHukm = The administration of justice, AlNubouwah = Prophethood, Ibadan Li = Servants to me - Worshippers of me, Min Doun Allah = Beside Allah (Alone) - Other than Allah, Rubbaniyeen = Be devoted to God, Tu'alimoun = You were teaching, Tadrosoun = You were studying it.

Q: Could any of Allah's prophets have asked people to worship Gabriel peace be upon him?
Note: The coming translation of Line 80 succeeds the line translated just above this posting.

A: And he (any of Allah's prophets) would never command you to take the angels and the prophets as deities (divine beings - sacred beings = Arbab) - would he command you to disbelieving after you have submitted to Allah (= Muslimoun).
Translation of: Ayah 80, Surat AlImran. (3:80)
Note: Angel Gabriel (= Jibreel or Jibrail) is called the Holiness Spirit (The Holy Spirit = Rouh AlQudus) in the Qur'an.
Words: La Ya'murukum = He would never command you, An Tatakhithou = To take, AlMala'ikha = Angels, Arbaban = Deities - Divine beings - Sacred beings, AYa'murukum = Would he command you, BilKufr = To disbelieving.

Q: Who was helping Jesus (= Issa Bin Maryam) peace be upon him carry out his miracles with permission from Allah?
Note: Please read first the translation of the Ayat 84-85 in Surat AlBaqarah.

A: And We (Allah) granted Moses (Prophet Moosa) the Scripture and We made to follow in his tracks after him the messengers and We granted Jesus son of Mary (= Issa Ibn Maryam) the well developed Signs (Miracles) and We supported him with the Holiness Spirit (the Holy Spirit 'Angel Gabriel'*) - so whenever a messenger (of Allah) whom you (People of Israel) do not like reaches you you become haughty so a group of them (messengers) you denied as liars and a group of them you were killing**.
Translation of: Ayah 87, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:87)
* Angel Gabriel is called with many names in the Qur'an. One of these names is Rouh AlQudus 'the Holiness Spirit'.
** John the Baptist (= Yahya peace be upon him) was one of Allah's messengers who was killed.
Words: Atayna = We granted, Qaffayna Min Ba'dihi = We made to follow in his tracks after him, AlBayyenat = Well developed Signs - Clear Signs (Miracles, Ayyadnahu = We supported him - We aided him, Rouh AlQudus = Holiness Spirit (Angel Gabriel), La Tahwa Anfusukum = You do not like, Estakbartum = You became haughty - You became arrogant, FaFareeqan = So a group of them, Kaththabtum = You denied as liars, Taqtoloun = You were killing.

Q: Among the Jews which group deos Allah deem disbelievers?

A: Too much listeners to lies too much devourers of unlawful possessions* - so if they come to you (Prophet Muhammad for judgement) then judge among them or leave them alone and if you leave them alone then they will not do you any harm - and if you judge then do judge among them with justice for Allah likes those who do justice; And how can they ask for your judgment and they have the Torah - in it the judgement of Allah then they turn away after that and those are not believers.
Translation of: Ayat 42 - 43, Surat AlMa'idah.
* Got through usury/bribery.
Words: Samma'oun = Too much listeners, Akkaloun = Too much devourers - Too much eaters, LilSuht = of Unlawful possessions (through usury/bribery, A'ridh Anhum = Leave them alone - Object to them, Fahkum = Then do judge, BilQist = With justice, Yatawallawn = They turn away, Ma Ulaika BilMou'mineen = Those are not believers.

Q: How will a human being be left alone to defend himself on the Day of Judgement?
A: O People of Israel remember My (Allah's) Favour that I bestowed upon you and that I chose you over all people*; And fear a Day (of Judgement) when no soul will avail another soul anything and no intercession will be accepted from her neither will any fair settlement** be taken from her besides they will not be supported (by Allah).
Translation of: Ayat 47 - 48, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:47-48)
* No nation had the number of Allah's prophets that Bani Israel received.
** Any ransom.
Words: Uthkorou = Remember, Ni'mati = My facour, Fadhaltukum = I chose you, La Tajzi Nafs En Nafs = No soul will avail another soul anything, La Yuqbal = It will not be accept4ed, Shafa'ah = Intercession - Mediation, Yu'khath = Will be taken, Adl = Fair settlement, La Yunsaroun = Will not be supported.

Q: What did Allah repeat to Bani Israel about intercession (mediation) on the Day of Judgement?
Note: Between the two sets of Qur'anic lines (47-48) and (122-123) in Chapter AlBaqarah many lines of preaching are directed to Bani Israel.
A: O People of Israel remember My (Allah's) Favour that I bestowed upon you and that I chose you over all people; And fear a Day (of Judgement) when no soul will avail another soul anything and no fair settlement (ransom) will be accepted from her neither any intercession (mediation) will be of use to her besides they will not be supported (by Allah).
Translation of: Ayat 122 - 123, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:122-123)
Note: The lines refer to those who do not remember Allah's Favour on them.
Words: La Tanfa'uha Shafa'ah = Neither any intercession (mediation) will be of use to her.

Q: Are the People of the Book (Jews) commanded to be only good people?
A: And We (Allah) dictated for him (Prophet Moses 'Moosa') in the Tablets in all matters - preaching and explaining of everything so hold onto them firmly and command your people to commit to their best (what perfects their religion (= Ahsaniha)* - So I (Allah) will show you (warning) the dwelling (in Hell) of those who sinfully stray away (from Allah's Path).
Translation of: Ayah 145, Surat AlA'raf. (7:145)
* The reward also on the Day of Judgement will be according "--- to the best of what they were doing." Translation of Line 35 in Surat AlZumar in the Qur'an.
Note: The Qur'anic lines that precede Line 145.
Words: Katabna = We dictated, AlAlwah = The Tablets, Min Kuli Shay' = In all matters, Mawidhah = Preaching - Moral lessons, Tafseela = Explaining - Detailing, FaKhthha = So hold onto them, BiQuwwah = Firmly, Uumur = Command, Yakhothou BiAhsaniha = To commit to their best (acts) - To what perfects their religion, SaUreekum = So I will show you (warning), Dar = Dwelling, AlFasiqeen = Those who sinfully stray away from Allah's Path.

Q: What is one sly way of cocealing aims against Muslims?
A: And a group of the People of the Book said accept faith in what (Qur'an) has been sent down to those who believed (Muslims) during the day and disbelieve in it at the end of it so that they (Muslims) may (too) turn back (away from Islam).
Translation of: Ayah 72, Surat AlImran.
Words: Taaifah = A group, Aminou = Accept faith, Wajh AlNahar = during the day, Ukfurou = Disbelieve - Reject as lies, Aakihrahu = At the end of it, Yarj'oun = Turn back.

Q: Why does a group of the People of the Book really fear Muslims?
A: (A group of the People of the Book say) And do not trust (in faith) except whoever has followed your religion (Judaism or Christianity) - say (command to Prophet Muhammad) for The Guidance is Allah's Guidance (you fear) that someone (Prophet Muhammad) can be given (Revelation) similar to what you (Bani Israel) were given or (you fear) they (Muslims) can dispute with you* (Jews and Christians) in your God's Presence (Day of Judgement) - say (Command to Prophet Muhammad) indeed grace (favour) is in Allah's Hand - He grants it to whoever He wills and Allah is All-Embracing** All Knowing; He singles out for His Mercy whoever He wills and Allah is The Owner of the Great Grace.
Translation of: Ayat 73 - 74, Surat AlImran.
* An example of the disputes.
** Comprehensive in His Attributes.
Words: Tu'minou = trust (in faith) - Believe, Tabi'a = Has followed, Deenakum = Your religion, Huda = Guidance, Yu'ta = Can be given, Ahad = Someone, Misthla = Similar to what, Yuhajoukum = They dispute - They argue, Inda Rubbikum = In your God's Presence, BiYadi Allah = In the hand of Allah, Yu'teehi = He grants it, Waasi' = All-Embracing, Yakhtas = Singles out, AlFadhl AlAdheem = Great Grace - Great Favour.

Q: When Jesus peace be upon him is sent back to earth what religion do you think he will follow?
A: And when I (Allah) inspired (guided = Awhaytu) the Disciples (with Jesus) to believe in Me (Allah) and in my Messenger (Jesus) they said we believed and bear witness (you Jesus)* that we are Muslims (= Muslimoun 'submitting to Allah Alone').
Translation of: Ayah 111, Surat AlMa'idah.
* Jesus is being addressed by his Disciples. Source: The Holy Qur'an: English Translation (Based on the translation of Abdullah Yusuf Ali), page 325.
Note: The
Qur'anic Line (Verse) 110 that precedes the Line posted here.
Note: Explanation of the reality of the coming of Jesus Christ as appeared in a Toronto Star's Editorial. (Note: All people will believe in Christ when he comes back and peace will prevail then - (as clarified by the Prophet Muhammad) there will be no enmity between any two persons (some time before the Day of Judgement). Source: Riyadh AlSaliheen Min Kalam Sayed AlMursaleen. (in Arabic), page 495
Note: In an excerpt of a long saying of the Prophet Muhammad about the coming back of Jesus peace be upon him to kill the Imposter Christ (= AlMaseeh AlDajjal): Whoever lives to see him (the imposter Christ) then read the beginning verses of Surat AlKahf in the Qur'an (to ward him off). Source: Riyadh AlSaliheen Min Kalam Sayed AlMursaleen. (in Arabic), page 492.
Words: Ith = When, Awhaytu = I inspired (guided), AlHawariyyeen = The Disciples (12 persons), Aminou = Believe - Have faith, BiRasouli = In my messenger, Eshhed = Bear witness, Muslimoun = Muslims - Submitting to Allah Alone.

Q: How does Allah rebuke a specific group from the Jews and Christians who attack Islam?
Note: Reference to some leaders who verbally attack Muslims in general. Attacking Muslims in general is attacking Islam.
Note: Line 70 in Surat AlImran that precedes the Ayah translated here.
A: O people of the Book (Jews and Christians) why do you confuse (cover) the Truth (Allah's) with (your) falsehood and you conceal the Truth while you know (it)*.
Translation of: Ayah 71, Surat AlImran.
* Jews and Christians who know their religion realize that Islam is Allah's Religion.
Note: Lines 72, 73 and 74 in Surat AlImran that succeed the Ayah translated here.
Words: Lima = Why, Talbisouna = You confuse - You cover - You obscure, AlHaqq = The Truth, BilBatil = With falsehood - With fabricated lies, Taktomoun = Conceal, Ta'lamoun = You know (it).

Q: Is the Torah a Holy Book that is difficult to understand and bear in mind?

A: And We (Allah) certainly bestowed Our Favour upon Moses (Prophet Moosa) and Aaron (Prophet Haroon); And We saved them and their people from the grave distress (of Pharaoh); And We supported them (plural) so they were the victorious; And We gave them (the two) the self-explanatory (= AlMustabeen) Book (Scripture).
Translation of: Ayat 114 - 117, Surat AlSaffat. (37:114-117)
Words: Mannana = We bestowed Our Favour, Najjaynahuma = We saved them, Qawmuhuma = Their people, AlKarb = Distress, AlAdheem= The grave, AlGhalibeen = The victorious, AlMustabeen = The self-explanatory - Explaining itself.

Q: Why are many People of the Book (Jews and Christians) turning away from their Holy Books?
A: And they (People of the Book) did not become divided except after the Knowledge (from Allah) reached them in show of outrage among them - and was it not for a Prior Word (Day of Judgement) that was uttered by your God to an appointed time (then) it would have certainly been ruled (in life) among them - and indeed those (contemporary People of the Book) who were given THE BOOK to inherit (who came) after them are certainly in suspicious doubt* ABOUT IT.
Translation of: Ayah 14, Surat AlShoura. (42:14)
Note: Please read the translation of the preceding Ayah 13 in Surat AlShoura.

* Was there any tampering (unauthorized alteration) in Allah's earlier Holy Books? (refer to Surat AlImran)
Words: Ma Tafarraqou = They did not become divided, AlIlm = Knowledge, Baghyan = In show of outrage - In transgression - Infringement - Injustice, Kalimah Sabaqat = A Prior Word that was uttered, LaQudhiya = It would have certainly been ruled - It would have certainly been judged, Uristhou = Were given the Book to inherit, Min Ba'dihim = After them, Shak = Doubt, Mureeb = Suspicious - Questionable.

Q: Why did the Prophet Muhammad not dispute (fight) with the People of the Book about their beliefs?
Note: The preceding Line 14 in Surat AlShoura is translated above.
A: So for that (worshipping Allah Alone)* then (command to Prophet Muhammad) do call - and you (Prophet Muhammad) remain on the Straight Path (of Allah) as you are commanded and do not follow their (People of the Book) whims and say I have believed in whatever Scripture Allah sent down and I was commanded to do justice among you (Muslims and the People of the Book) - Allah is our (Muslims) God and your (People of the Book) God - for us are our deeds** and for you are your deeds - no dispute*** (regarding belief) between us and you - Allah will gather us together (on Day of Judgement) and to Him belongs the outcome (of us all).
Translation of: Ayah 15, Surat AlShoura. (42:15)
* As commanded in Ayah 13 in Surat AlShoura (posted above).
** We will be responsible for our deeds.
** If a dispute about belief is about to start what should Muslims say to the People of the Book?
Words: FaDu =Then do call, Estaqim = Remain on the Straight Path, Umirta = Was commanded, Tatabe' = Follow, Ahwa'ahum = Their whims - Their desires, Kitab = Scripture - Book, LiA'dala = To do justice, Ahwa'ahum = Their whims - Their desires, A'maluna = Our deeds, Hujjata = Dispute (fight) - Argument, Yajme' Baynana = Gathers us together, AlMaeer = The Outcome - The ending.

Q: Why should the People of the Book refrain from disputing (arguing) in Allah with Muslims?
Note: The three preceding Ayat (lines) in Surat AlShoura are above.
A: And those (Jews or Christians) who dispute* in Allah after He (Allah) has been answered** (by Muslims) their dispute is refuted with their God and upon them is Wrath (Allah's) and for them is a severe punishment.
Translation of: Ayah 16, Surat AlSoura.
* Muslims have only to convey Allah's Message to the Jews and Christians and it is up to the latter mentioned to accept or not.
** = Allah's Command of worshipping Him as the Only and One God was complied with by Muslims.
Words: Yuhajjouna = Dispute - Argue, Min Ba'di = After, Ma Estujeeba Lahu = He has been answered - His Command has been accepted, Hujjatihim = Their dispute - Their argument, Dahidah = Is refuted - Is disapproved - Is invalidated, Ghadhab = Wrath.

Q: What do many Jews and Christians deny about Islam?
Note: Lines 83 - 103 are about Bani Israel.
A: And when a (Holy) Book (Qur'an) reached them from Allah confirming what is (already) with them and they were before imploring Allah for victory* over those who disbelieved but when what they had recognized (from Allah) reached them they disbelieved in it so Allah's Curse (away from His Mercy) is upon the disbelievers.
Translation of: Ayah 89, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:89)
* They were imploring Allah to grant them victory over the disbelievers by sending the (Arab) Prophet (Prophet Muhammad) who was to come at the end (of prophets) and whose description they found in the Torah. Source: AlSheikh Hassanain Muhammad Makhlouf, the ex-Mufti of Egypt, page 23.
Words: Yastaftihoun = Imploring Allah for victory, Ma Arafou = They had recognized - They had known, FaLa'nat Allah = So Allah's Curse, AlKafireen = The disbelievers.

Q: Why do many of Bani Israel who have knowledge of the Torah/Bible reject Islam?
Note: Please read first Ayah 89 In Surat AlBaqarah translated above.
A: Miserable is what* they sold their souls for to disbelieve in what Allah sent down (Qur'an and Prophet Muhammad) in show of outrage (anger against Allah = Baghyan)** that Allah sends down from His Bounty upon whoever He pleases from among His people so they incurred upon themselves Wrath (of Allah) upon Wrath*** and for the disbelievers a humiliating punishment.
Translation of: Ayah 90, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:90)
* "= Bi'sama": They offered their souls for sale at a loss (= a distress merchandise). Source: Merriam Webster's Deluxe Dictionary.
** The new Prophet (Prophet Muhammad) came from the Arabs and not from Bani Israel as they expected. Source: Tafseer waBayan Mufridat AlQuran, in Arabic, page 14.
*** The first Wrath.
Words: Bi'sama = How miserable, Estarou = They sold, Anfusahum = Their souls, Baghyan = In show of outrage - In transgression, Yunazzil = Sends down.

Q: Why should those Jews and Christians who do not believe in the Qur'an beware of Allah's Angry Tone in this coming translation?
A: And when it was said to them (many Jews and Christians) believe in what (Qur'an) Allah sent down they said we believe in what was sent to us and they disbelieve in what (Qur'an) is after it - (Allah says) and it (Qur'an) is the Truth confirming what is (already) with them say (command to Prophet Muhammad) *so why were you killing Allah's prophets** from before if you were believers (in Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 91, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:91)
* Notice the Angry Tone.
** Many prophets of Allah were killed. (refer to Surat AlImran)
Words: Anzala = Sent down, Yakforoun = They disbelieve - They reject as lies, BiMa Wara'ahu = In what is after it, AlHaqq = The Truth, Mussadiqqan = Confirming, Min Qabl = From before.

Q: For what preferred treatment from Allah should Bani Israel be grateful to Allah?
A: And We (Allah) granted the People of Israel the Book* and administration of justice and prophethood** and We gave them for sustenance good food and We preferred*** them over the inhabitants of the world.
Translation of: Ayah 16, Surat AlJasthiyah. (45:16)
* More than one Holy Book.
** Most of Allah's prophets were sent to Bani Israel.
*** By virtue of the mentioned bounties.
Words: Atayna = We granted, AlHukm = Administation of justice, AlNubowwah = Prophethood, Razaqnahum = We gave them for sustenance, AlTayyebat = Good food, Fadhalnahum = We preferred them, AlAlameen = Inhabitants of the world - all people.

Q: What major sin of Bani Israel, after they were saved from Pharaoh, was going to stamp them as disbelievers?
Note: Bani Israel repented and Allah forgave them but their worship of the calf is repeated in Allah's Word.

A: And (Prophet) Moses brought you the evident Miraculous Signs (Miracles) then you took the calf (for worship) after him (when he went away) while you were transgressors; And when We (Allah) took your Covenant (of the Torah) and We lifted over you the Mount* - HOLD FIRMLY to what We (Allah) gave and obey - they said we have listened and (secretly) we have disobeyed - and the (worship of the) calf** was saturated in their hearts because of their disbelieving say how evil what your Faith commands you (to do) if you were (really) believers.
Translation of: Ayat 92 - 93, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:92-93)
* Mount Sinai was raised over the heads of the delegates of Bani Israel. (refer to Surat AlA'raf)
** The incident of worshiping of the calf occured first. (refer to Surat Taha)
Words: BilBayyenat = Th evident Miraculous Signs - Miracles, Etakhathtum = You took, AlIjl = The calf, Dhalimoun = Transgressors - Ungrateful - Wrongdoers, Meesthaqakum = Your Covenant, Rafa'na = We lifted, AlToor = The Mount, Sami'na = We have obeyed, Asayna = We have disobeyed, Ushribou fi Quloubihim AlIjl = The calf was saturated in their hearts, BiKufrihim = Because of their disbelieving, Imanukum = Your Faith - Your believing.

Q: Why do a group of the People of Israel worship Allah Alone and another group worship Jesus for example with Allah?
Note: The preceding Verse 16 in Surat AlJasthiyah is translated above the previous posting.
A: And We gave them evident Signs of the Command (worshipping Allah) but they did not disagree* except after the knowledge (Truth from Allah through prophets) reached them in show of outrage among themselves for your God is going to judge** among them on the Day of Judgement in what they were differing.
Translation of: Ayah 17, Surat AlJasthiyah. (45:17)
* A warning for Muslims not to be like the People of the Book. Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, Volume 4, page 240.
** Remember that a group of the People of the Book will be responsible for putting Jesus peace be upon him in a position of being questioned by Allah.
Words: Bayyenat = Evident Signs - Explaining Signs - Revelations, AlAmr = the Command - The matter, Ma Ekhtalafou = They did not disagree, Yaqdhi = Will judge.

Q: Why was the Prophet Muhammad commanded to follow the Command of Allah Alone and not the whims of people?
Note: The preceding Verse 17 in Surat AlJasthiyah is translated above this posting.
A: Then We (Allah) set you (Prophet Muhammad) on a Passed (revealed) Law* based on the Command (worshipping Allah) so do follow it and do not follow the whims of those who do not have (true) knowledge; For they will not avail you anything against Allah and indeed the transgressors are allies of one another and Allah is The ALLY (SUPPORTER & PROTECTOR = Weli) of those who protect themselves by cautious of Allah (= AlMutaqeen).
Translation of: Ayat 18 - 19, Surat AlJasthiyah. (45:18-19)
* Islam is the Religion which Allah passed for humanity. (refer to Surat AlShoura)
Words: Ja'alnaka = We set you, Shariah = Passed law - Islamic Law - Revealed law, Fatebe'ha = So do follow it, Ahwa' = Whims - Desires, Len Yughnou Anka Shayan = They will not avail you anything, Awliya' = Allies - Supporters - Protectors, AlMutaqeen = Those who protect themselves by being cautious of Allah - by fearing Allah - by being aware of Allah - The righteous ones.

Q: Who is worshipped (without his knowledge) yet he is an exception who can intercede for his followers on the Day of Judgement?
A: And those whom people call upon* other than Him (Allah) do not have the power of pleading (intercession) except who bore witness** to the Truth while having full knowledge (of it ' of the Truth').
Translation of: Ayah 86, Surat AlZukhruf.
* Remember calling upon (supplicating to) a person is worshiping him.
** An example of who bore witness to the Truth.
Note: Remember there is no pleading on the Day of Judgement except to whom Allah allows.
Words: La Yamlik = They do not have the power, AlShafa'ah = Pleading - Intercession, Shahida BilHaq = Bore witness to the Truth, Ya'lamoun = They have full knowledge.

Q: Among the forbidden food for Jews which particular food did Allah make forbidden as a means of punishment for their transgression against Allah?
Note: The Jews used to say that Allah's messenger Jacob (= Ya'qoub known also as Messenger Israel) made some food forbidden upon himself so they also made it forbidden. Source: Tafaseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 2, page 270.
A: And for those who became Jews We (Allah) made forbidden (= harramna) each (animal/bird) with undivided (uncloven) hooves (feet)* and from the cows and the sheep We made forbidden for them their fats except what their backs hold or the intestines (bowels) or what is mixed up with bones - that is how We repaid them for their transgression** (against Allah) and indeed We are certainly telling the Truth.
Translation of: Ayah 146, Surat AlAn'am (6).
* Such as camels. And ostriches.
** Details of their transgression against Allah. (Why was some food made forbidden for Jews?) (in Surat AlNisa')
Note: Details of the forbidden food in the Torah.
Words: Haado = Became Jews, Harramna = We made forbidden, Kulla Thi Dhufur = Each with undivided hooves, AlBaqar = Cows, AlGhanam = Sheep, Shohoumohuma = Their fats, Hamalat = Holds, Dhuhouruhuma = Their backs, AlHawaya = Intestines, Ekhtalata = Is mixed up, BiAdham = With bones, Jazaynahum = We repaid them, BiBaghyehim = For their transgression, LaSadiqoun = We are certainly telling the Truth.

Q: How do the disbelievers among the Jews humble themselves explaining why they cannot believe in all of Islam?

Important Note: Please read first the translation of the preceding Line 87 in Surat AlBaqarah (2:87)
A: And they (some Jews) said our hearts are wrapped in covers* (concealed and hardened = ghulf) - (Allah corrects them) rather Allah had cursed** them because of their disbelieving so only a small number (of them) who believe***.
Translation of: Ayah 88, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:88)
* Making an excuse for not being able to understand Islam but actually they are ridiculing and playing with words.
** Away from Allah's Mercy.
*** (= Qaleelan Ma Yo'minoun). Not many of them adhere to the Covenant with Allah.
Note: Other disbelievers mock believing in Islam.
Why do they mock?
Note; Soon insha Allah Ayah 46 in Surat AlNisa' will be translated. (it explains how they mock believing in Islam).
Words: Quloubuna = Our hearts, Ghulfun = Wrapped in covers, La'anahum = Cursed them, FaQaleelan = So only a small number.

Q: Why were the disbelievers among the Jews using words that have double meanings?
A: From those who became Jews* (who) use words out of context** and they say (mutter to Prophet Muhammad) we hear and we disobey*** and hear may you not hear**** and (please) pay us attention (ra'ina)***** - speaking ill (about the Prophet) with their tongues (= layyan biAlsinatihim) and attacking the religion (of Islam) - and (Allah says) if they said (direct words) we listen and we obey and (you) hear (= isme') and give us some time (= undhurna) certainly it would have been better for them and more proper but Allah had cursed******* them because of their disbelieving so little is what they believe.
Translation of: Ayah 46, Surat AlNisa'. (4:46)
* Remember Prophet Moses' supplication where he uses the word in Arabic "Hudna" and Jews are "Yehud".
** Using words that have double meanings.
*** Usually the phrase is "we hear and we obey".
**** Usually indicates may you not hear anything bad. They meant may you become out of the range of hearing (deaf).
***** "Ra'ina" means please pay us attention. The second meaning is "our shepherd". They meant the one who takes care of our sheep. (A side note: Remember that in a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: The Prophet was asked if he worked in some time of his life as a shepherd. The Prophet answered is there a prophet who did not tend sheep." (Source will be added later).
******* Away from Allah's Mercy.
Note: Another example they used "ALSamu Alayka" instead of "AlSalamu Alyaka". AlSam in Arabic means death and AlSalam means peace. Source: "Safwat AlBayan liMa'ani AlQur'an" by ex-Mufti of Egypt, in Arabic, page 117.
Note: After reading the translation down please see Allah's Angry Tone in the succeeding Line 47 Surat AlNisa'.
Words: Yuharrifoun AlKalima An Mawadhi'ihi = Use words out of context, Sami'na waAsayna = We hear and we disobey, Ghayra Musma' = May you not hear, Raa'ina = Pay attention to us, Layyan BiAlsinatihim = Speaking ill with their tongues, Undhurna = , Khairan = Better for them, Aqwam = More proper.

Q: How was a Muslim rule dictated by Allah on Muslims out of a word that could have harmed the Prophet Muhammad?
Note: Please refer above to the word "Ra'ina" in the translation of Ayah 46 in Surat AlNisa'.
A: O people who believe do not say "ra'ina" (pay attention to us) but say "undhurna"* (give us some time) and (Allah commands Muslims) do obey (plural) and for the disbelievers is a severe punishment.
Translation of: Ayah 104, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:104)
* (edited today even in the translation above. The word is "undhurna" = "give us some time" and not "undhur ilayna" = "look at us") Remember the scene from the Day of Judgement where the word "unndurouna" is used.
Words: La Taqolou = Do not say, Ra'ina = Pay attention to us, Undhurna = Give us some time - Wait for us - Tend to us, Isma'ou = Do obey (plural), Aleem = Severe.

Q: Why should we not assign to Allah's Religion what we wish and think?

A: And they (People of the Book) said the Fire (of Hell) will not afflict us except for a number of days* - say (command to Prophet Muhammad) have you taken a pledge (under oath) from Allah then Allah will not fail His Obligation (Word) or are you (simply) saying upon Allah what you do not know.
Translation of: Ayah 80, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:80)
* Why?
Words: Tamssana = Afflict us, Ma'doudah = A number - A few, Ahd = Pledge - Obligation, Len Yukhlif = Will not fail.

Q: Why does not Allah punish immediately those who harm the Prophet Muhammad?
A: Have you (Prophet Muhammad) not seen those* who were prohibited from secret conversation then they go back to what they were prohibited from and they converse secretly about sinning and doing aggression and disobeying the Messenger (Prophet Muhammad) - and when they come to you they greet** you with what Allah did not greet you - and they say to themselves why have not Allah punished us (now) for what we say - (Allah says) enough for them is Hell - they will be burnt in it then what a miserable ending.
Translation of: Ayah 8, Surat AlMujadilah, (58:8)
* Hypocrites among Muslims and from the Jews. Source: Tafseer waBayan Mufridat AlQuran, in Arabic, page 543.
** they used "ALSamu Alayka" instead of "AlSalamu Alyaka". AlSam in Arabic means death and AlSalam means peace.
Words: Nuhu = Were prohibited, AlNajwa = Secret conversation, Ya'odoun = They go back, Ma'siyat = Disobeying, Hayyouka = They greet you, Law La = why have not, Yaslawnaha = They will be burnt in it.

Q: Since inheriting the land why should Bani Israel regularly watch their own acts?
Note: One aspect of the Qur'an being a miracle is that the Qur'an is for all times. It refers to specific incidents or events that also have general implications.
Note: Please read first the translation of the preceding Lines 127-128 in Surat AlA'raf.
A: They (Bani Israel) said we were harmed before you (Prophet Moses) reached us and after you came to us - he said may Allah destroy your enemy and give you the land to inherit then He (Allah) will see how you act.
Translation of: Ayah 129, Surat AlA'raf. (7:129)
Words: Utheena = We were harmed, Min Qabli an Ta'teena = Before you came to us, Yuhlika = Destroy, Adowakum = Your enemy, Ystakhlifakum fi AlArdh = Makes you inherit the land, Kayfa Ta'maloun = How you act.

Q: When did the People of Israel inhabit the Sacred Land (known now as Israel) for the first time?
A: And We (Allah) gave to inherit the people (of Israel) who were oppressed (by Pharaoh in Egypt) all the East and all the West (the whole land) of the (Sacred) Land which We (Allah) blessed it and the Word of your God about the best outcome for the people of Israel was fulfilled because they persevered - and We (Allah) destroyed what Pharaoh (Phiroun) and his people were doing (in Egypt) and what (buildings) they were raising up*.
Translation of: Ayah 137, Surat AlA'raf. (7:137)
* According to the famous translator of the Qur'an 'Abdullah Yusuf Ali' in 'The Holy Qur'an: English Translation of the Meanings and Commentary' page 441: Their great cities - Thebes (or No-Ammon), Memphis (or Noph)... became as if they had not existed, and archaeologists have had to dig up their ruins from the sands. The splendid monuments-temples, palaces, tombs, statues, columns and stately structures of all kinds - were buried in the sands. Even monuments like the Great Sphinx, which seem to defy the ages, were partly buried in the sands, and owe their rescue to the comparatively recent researches of archaeologists. As late as 1743 Richard Pococke in his Travels in Egypt (p. 41) remarked: "Most of those pyramids are very much ruined".
Words: Awrasthna = We gave to inherit, Yustadha'foun = Were oppressed, Mashariq AlArdh wa Magharibiha = All the East and the West of the land - All the land, Kalimat Rubbuka AlHusna = The Word of your God about the best outcome, Sabarou = They persevered - They were patient, Dammarna = We destroyed, Yasne' = Does, Ya'rishoun = They were raining up.

Q: How soon do humans forget Allah's Favour on them?
Note: Please read first above the translation of the preceding Line 137 in Surat AlA'raf.
A: And We (Allah) made the People of Israel cross the sea* so they reached a people busy worshipping idols they had - they (People of Israel) said O Moses make for us a god (idol) as they have gods he (Prophet Moosa) said indeed you are people lacking understanding**.
Translation of: Ayah 138, Surat AlA'raf. (7:138)
* While Pharaoh and his people drowned.
** Lacking understanding about Allah's worship - there is no god but He.
Words: Jaawazna = We made cross, Ya'kofoun = Busy worshipping, Asnam = Idols, Ej'al = Make, Alihah = gods, Tajhaloun = Lacking understanding - Being ignorant.

Q: What should the disbelievers know about their worship as destined by Allah - the Owner of the Universe?
Note: Please read first above the translation of the preceding Line 138 in Surat AlA'raf.
A: (Prophet Moses continues) Indeed these people - is going to be ruined (by Allah) what (worship) they are in and without purpose (in vain)* is what they are doing.
Translation of: Ayah 139, Surat AlA'raf. (7:139)
* Remember the purpose behind Allah's creation of humans..
Words: Mutabbar = Is going to be ruined, Batil = Without purpose - In vain.

Q: Why should affluent societies not be disbelievers?
Note: Please read first above the translation of the preceding Line 139 in Surat AlA'raf.
A: He (Prophet Moses) said other than Allah do I seek a god for you and He (Allah) favoured* you above all people.
Translation of: Ayah 140, Surat AlA'raf. (7:140)
* How did Allah favour the People of Israel. Why did Allah favour the People of Israel?
Words: AGhayr = Other than, Abgheekum = Do I seek for you, Ilah = god, Fadhdhallakum = Favoured you, AlAlameen = All people _ The inhabitants of the world.

Q: Why does Allah allow tyrants (like Pharaoh) to oppress their subjects?
Note: if the subjects are believers then it is an ordeal painful trial to test their Faith and patience.
Note: Please read first above the translation of the preceding Line 140 in Surat AlA'raf.
Note: Remember Prophet Joseph (Yusuf) (no 11 - to the left of the prophets Map) was in Egypt - a time before Prophet Moses (Moosa) (no 15 on the map). So there were believers in Allah in Egypt hiding their Faith from Pharaoh (Phiroun).
A: And when We (Allah) saved you from the people of Pharaoh - (they were) inflicting upon you the worst punishment ever - (they were) killing your sons and shaming (into slavery) your women and in that was a great calamity trial (test = bala') from you God.
Translation of: Ayah 141, Surat AlA'raf. (7:141)
Words: Yasowmonakum = Inflicting upon you, Sou' AlAthab = The worst punishment ever, Yuqatilloun = Killing, Yastahyoun = Shaming, Bala' Adheem = Great calamity trial.

Q: What advice should a Muslim leader leave with the deputy who acts in his absence?
A: And We (Allah) appointed for Moses thirty nights and We completed them with ten (more)* so the appointed term with his God was completed in forty nights and Moses said to his brother Aaron (= Prophet Haroon) take my place among my people and reconcile (keep together) and do not follow the way of the corrupters**.
Translation of: Ayah 142, Surat AlA'raf. (7:142)
* Prophet Moses (Moosa) fasted for forty days.
** Dividing and making enmity among people.
Words: Waa'adna = We appointed, Sthalastheen = Thirty, Laylah = Nights, Atmamnaha = We completed them, BiAshr = With ten, Akhlifni = Take my place, Aslih = Reconcile - Keep together - Make peace, La Tatabe' = Do not follow, Sabeel = The way, AlMufsideen = The corrupters.

Q: For the disbelievers: If you worship an idol as a physical form of a god what physical action should you expect sometimes from such a form?
Note: Please read first the translation above of Ayah 142, Surat AlA'raf.
A: And the people of Moses took (for worship) after him (Prophet Moses) of their ornaments a calf - a (lifeless) body with a mooing sound* - (Allah rebukes) have they not seen that it does not speak (like a god) to them neither does it give them right guidance to a way (of his) - they took it (as a god) and they were transgressors (against Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 148, Surat AlA'raf. (7:148)
* Remember how did the calf, made of golden ornaments, get a mooing sound?
Words: Etakhatha = Took, Huliyyihim = Their ornaments - Their jewelery, Ijlan = Calf, Jasadan = A body, Khuwar = Mooing sound, La Yahdeehim = It does not give them guidance, Etakhathouh = They took it, Dhalimeen = Transgressors.

Q: What still shows good morals when people realize that they are being ungrateful to Allah?
Note: Please read first the translation above of Ayah 148, Surat AlA'raf.
A: And when they (People of Israel) regretted* and it became clear for them that they went astray (from Allah's Path) they said certainly (a supplication) if our God does not have Mercy upon us and forgive us certainly we will be from the losers.
Translation of: Ayah 149, Surat AlA'raf. (7:149)
* = 'Suqita fi Aydeehim' = it hit their hands. The expression refers to wringing the hands or biting it as an expression of deep regret.
Words: Suqita Fi Aydiyahum = They regretted, Dhallow = Went astray, Yaghfir = Forgive, AlKhasireen = Losers.

Q: What can diffuse the tension of an angry intelligent person?
Note: Please read first the translation above of Ayah 149, Surat AlA'raf.
A: And when Moses returned to his people angry feeling sorry (for their stupid action) he said (to Bani Israel) how evil is what you did in my absence - did you want to bring about quickly the command (of punishment) of your God - and he dropped (angrily) the Tablets (of Torah) and held (instead) the head of his brother pulling him towards himself - he (Prophet Aaron = Haroon) said O the son of my mother* for the people have deemed me weak and they were about to kill me so do not make the enemies rejoice at my misfortune and do not make me among the transgressing people.
Translation of: Ayah 150, Surat AlA'raf.
* To make Moses (= Prophet Moosa) fee compassion for him.
Note: Remember why Prophet Moses felt so angry with his people.
Words: Bi'sama = How evil, Khalaftomouni Min Ba'di = You did in my absence, AAjltum = Did you want to bring about quickly, Amr = Command, Alqa = He dropped (angrily), Yajurruhu = Pulling him, Estadh'afouni = They deemed me weak, Yaqtolouni = Kill me, Tushmit Biya AlA'da' = Make the enemies rejoice at my misfortune, Tajalni = Make me.

Q: When anger is finally controlled what should the person immediately say?
Note: Please read first the translation above of Ayah 149, Surat AlA'raf.
A: He (Prophet Moses) said my God grant me forgiveness and my brother and admit us in your Mercy* and You are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy.
Translation of: Ayah 151, Surat AlA'raf. (7:151)
* A supplication.
Words: Eghfir = Grant forgiveness, LiAkhi = To my brother, Adkhilna = Admit us, Arham = The Most Merciful, AlRahimeen = Those who show mercy.

Q: Why should the believers be aware not to follow novice worship in the name of Allah?
Note: Please read first the translation above of Ayah 151, Surat AlA'raf.
A: (Allah says) For those (among Bani Israel) who took the calf (for worship) will receive Wrath* from their God and humiliation in this life and this is how We (Allah) repay those who fabricate (invent) lies.
Translation of: Ayah 152, Surat AlA'raf. (7:152)
* They were punished in life.
Words: Etakhathou = They took, SaYaluhum Ghadhab = They will receive Wrath Thillah = Humilation, AlMuftareen = Those who fabricate lies - Those who invent lies.

Q: What to do if one realizes that in worship he unknowingly joined a partner with Allah?
Note: Please note how this coming Line (153) follows the idolatry worship mentioned in the translation of Ayah 152 of Surat AlA'raf mentioned above.
A: And those who committed sins then they repented after it and believed (= aamanou)* indeed your (Prophet Muhammad) God after it is certainly Most-Forgiving Most-Merciful.
Translation of: Ayah 153, Surat AlA'raf. (7:153)
* Remember 'Iman' (Belief or Faith) is a step higher than Islam (submitting to Allah Alone).
Words: Amilou = Committed, AlSayyeat = Sins - Bad deeds, Tabou = They repented, Min Ba'diha = After it.

Q: What is the Message of the Torah about?
Note: To recall what Prophet Moses (=Moosa) did to the Tablets please read first the translation of Ayah 150 in Surat AlA'raf.
A: And when Moses' anger receded he picked up the tablets and in their copy is Right Guidance and Mercy for those who regard their God with awe (= yarhaboun)*.
Translation of: Ayah 154, Surat AlA'raf. (7:154)
* An emotion combining dread, veneration and wonder. Source: Merriam Webster's Deluxe Dictionary.
Words: Sakata = Receded - Vanished, Akhatha = He picked up, Nuskhatiha = In their copy, Huda = Right Guidance, Rahmah = Mercy, Yarhaboun = Regard with awe - Regard with reverence.

Q: Where can Christians find answers for what their sects are differing in?
A: Indeed this qur'an narrates to the people of Israel* the most of what they are differing** in.
Translation of: Ayah 76, Surat AlNaml. (27:76)
* Remember that Prophet Jacob (no. 10 on the prophets' Map) is known also as 'Israel'.
** An example of what the Christian religious sects nowadays differ from what Christianity was in its original form at the time of Jesus peace be upon him.
Words: Yaqus = Narrates - Tells, Beni = People - Children, Aksthar = The most, Yakhtalifoun = Differing - Disagreeing.

Q: Whose judgement about 'which Christian sect is on Allah's Path' should Christian sects wait for if they do not want to accept Allah's Guidance in the Qur'an?
A: Indeed your God (Allah) will judge among them with His Ruling and He is the AlMighty the All-Knowing.
Translation of: Ayah 78, Surat AlNaml.
Words: Yaqdhi = Judges, BiHukmihi = With His Ruling.

Q: What does Allah deem the practice of confessing* to free a person from his sins?
Note: Islam does not have the practice of confession. The whole matter is only between the sinner and Allah.
* The Sacrament of Penance".
A: They (People of the Book) took their rabbis and their priests gods leaving Allah - and the Messiah** son of Mary*** (maryam) - (Allah confirms) and they were not COMMANDED but to worship One God - there is no god but He - Glory to Him (= Subhanahu)* from what partners they join (with Him).
Translation of: Ayah 31, Surat AlTawbah. (9:31)
* Allah is Far and High above what people join as partners with Him.
** Followers of Jesus peace be upon him put him in a position to be questioned by Allah.
*** Many times in the Qur'an Jesus peace be upon him is named followed by son of Mary. Other prophets are named only by their first names.
Note: The translation of the preceding Line 30 in Surat AlTawbah.
Words: Etakhathou = They took, Ahbarahum = Their rabbis, Ruhbanahum = Their priests, Arbab = gods, Min Doon Allah = Leaving Allah - Other than Allah, AlMaseeh = The Messiah - The Christ, Umiru = They are commanded, Ilah = God, Yushrikoun = They join as partners.

Q: What is the objective behind joining partners in worship with Allah?
Note: Please read first above the translation of the preceding Line 31 in Surat AlTawbah.
A: They (ref to Ayah 31 above) want to extinguish Allah's Light (= Noor)* with their mouths and Allah refuses but to complete His Light even if the disbelievers hate it.
Translation of: Ayah 32, Surat AlTawbah. (9:32)
* Allah's Light shines in the Truth and Guidance brought by Allah's messengers in Allah's original Holy Books. An example of Allah's Light in the Torah.
Words: Yureedoun = They want, Yutfi'ou = Extinguish, Noor = Light, BiAfwahihim = With their mouths, Ya'ba Refuses, Yutim = Complete, Kariha = Hate.

Q: Why did Allah divide the People of Israel into twelve tribes?
Note: Please read first the translation of the preceding Line 159 in Surat AlA'raf.
A: And We (Allah) divided them into twelve tribes - communities (= ummaman) - and We revealed to Moses when his people asked him for water to strike with your staff the rock so twelve springs gushed forth of it - every people knew their drinking place - and We shaded them with white clouds and We sent down to them manna (sweets) and quails (birds)* - (Allah's command) eat of the delicacies of what We provided you - and they did not make injustice to Us but (rather) they were to their own selves making injustice**.
Translation of: Ayah 160, Surat AlA'raf. (7:160)
* To humble them (limited kind of food only) and to test their obedience to Allah.
Note: Salwa plural Salawa means quail. Source: Hans Wehr's Arabic-English dictionary.
** For example some of Prophet Moses' companions rebelled against one kind of food. (refer to Surat AlBaqarah)
Words: Qata'nahum = We divided them, Assbat = Tribesmen, Ummaman = Communities - Nations, Estasqahu = Asked him for water, Edhrib = Strike, Ayna = Springs, Unas = People, Mashrabahum = Their drinking place, AlSalwa = Quails, Tayyebat = Delicacies, Yadhlimoun = Making injustice, Wronging.

Q: How did a group of Beni Israel with Prophet Moses rebel against Allah's command in food?
A: And when you (Jews with Prophet Moses) said O Moses we will not bear one type of food (in the wilderness) so do call upon your God to produce for us of what the earth grows - of its leafy green (herbs) cucumber garlic lentil and onions - he (Prophet Moosa) said are you exchanging what (food) is inferior (common) for what is blessing** - go to Egypt and for you is what you asked - and humiliation as well as submissiveness (victimization)*** were marked on them and they incurred Allah's Wrath because they were disbelieving in the Miraculous Signs of Allah and (after Moses) they were killing the prophets without any due right - that (punishment) is because they disobeyed and they were committing aggression.
Translation of: Ayah 61, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:61)
* Foom can mean garlic/wheat.
** = Khair. Luxurious food from Allah to humble them and to test them. "Manna and quails" provided easily without any hunting or hard work.
*** These are the ones who were with the Prophet Moses. And after that.
Note: Remember Allah says not all People of the Book are the same.
Note: The translation of the succeeding Line 62 in Surat AlBaqarah.
Words: Len Nasbira = We will not bear, Ta'am Wahid = One type of food, Tunbit = Grows, Baqliha = Its leafy green, Qisthaa'iha = Its cucumber, Foomiha = Its garlic/wheat, Adasiha = Its lentil, Baslaiha = Its onions, ATastabdilouna = Are you exchanging, Adna = Inferior, Khair = Blessing.

Q: What should we pray to Allah for before and after being granted our wish?
Note: Please read first the translation of the preceding Line 160 in Surat AlA'raf.
A: And when it was said to them (People of Israel) (you will) dwell in this town and eat therein as you please - and say "Hittah"* (= we pray for relief from the burden of sins) and enter the gate prostrating - We (Allah) will forgive you your sins (= Khatee'atikum) - We will augment (reward) for those who perfect their Religion (= AlMuhsineen).
Translation of: Ayah 161, Surat AlA'raf. (7:161)
* "Hittah" before entering the Gate of the town and instead they replaced it with another word after entering the Gate. (refer to Surat AlBaqarah)
Words: Uskunou = Dwell, Khatee'atikum = Your sins - Your faults,

Q: Why are people punished when they stray away from Allah's Path?
Note: Remember that one of Allah's Attributes is: The Most Tolerant (= AlHaleem).
Note: Please read first above the translation of the preceding Line 161 in Surat AlAl'raf.
A: So those who transgressed* (against Allah) among them** substituted a different Word* from what was said to them so We (Allah) sent down on them (who transgressed) a piece of a severe punishment from the Heaven for what injustice (ungratefulness to Allah) they were making***.
Translation of: Ayah 162, Surat AlA'raf. (7:162)
* Showed ungratefulness to Allah so they were unjust and unfair.
** Not all of them.
*** (= Yadhlimoun). What does showing ungratefulness (injustice) to Allah result from?
Words: BiMa Kanou Yadhlimoun = For what injustice they were making.

Q: In order to make the group return with repentance to Allah, why is a specific group of the People of Israel from time to time facing persecution?
Note: Remember that Beni Israel were chosen people by Allah. Allah delivered them from slavery of Pharaoh. Allah did not annihilate them because they kept coming back to Allah with repentance.
Note: Please read first the translation of the Qur'anic Lines about a group of people at the time of Prophet Moses. The group rebelled against Allah's commands:
Ayat (in almost successive order): 160 - 162, 162 and Ayat 163 - 166 in Surat "AlA'raf".
A: And when your God made it known (= Taththana) that He will certainly send against them to the Day of Judgement who will impose upon them the worst punishment - indeed your God is certainly Swift in taking account and indeed He is certainly Most-Forgiving Most-Merciful.
Translation of: Ayah 167, Surat AlA'raf. (7:167)
Words: Taththana Rubbuka = And when your God made it known, LaYabasthsthanna = Certainly will send, Men = Who, Yasoumuhum = Will impose upon them, Sou' AlAthab = The worst punishment, LaSaree' AlHisab = Is certainly Swift in taking account.

Q: Are all Jews on Allah's Straight Path?
A: And We (Allah) gave Moses the Scripture (Torah) so there was disagreement* about it (by different Jews) and was it not for a Prior Word (Day of Judgement) that was uttered by your God it would have certainly been ruled (in life) among them and indeed they are in a suspicious doubt** about it. .
Translation of: Ayah 110, Surat Hood. (11:110)
* Different opinions. Only a people from them is on Allah's Straight Path.
** Suspicious doubt.
Words: FaUkhtulifa Feehi = There was disagreement about it.

Q: How is Allah going to judge Jews on the Day of Judgement?
Note: Please read first above the translation of the preceding Line 110 in Surat Hood.
A: And for sure each one (group) Allah is certainly going to give them in full their deeds* - indeed He is with what they do Well-Acquainted.
Translation of: Ayah 111, Surat Hood. (11:111)
* Remember that repayments on the Day of Judgement will be similar to the deeds done in life.
Words: LaYowafiyyanahum = Certainly going to give them in full, Khabeer = Well-Acquainted.

Q: Are there people among Prophet Moses' followers whom Allah dictated on them to continue to be away from Allah's Path?
A: And when Moses (= Prophet Moosa) said to his people O my people why do you harm* me and you have already known that indeed I am Allah's Messenger to you - so when they deviated (went away from Allah's Path) Allah caused their hearts (forever) to deviate and Allah does not guide people who sinfully stray away (from Allah's Path).
Translation of: Ayah 5, Surat AlSaff. (61:5)
* A reference.
Words: Zaghou = They deviated - They swerved, Azagha = Caused to deviate, AlFasiqeen = Who sinfully stray away (from Allah's Path).

Q: Where Christians when Prophet Jesus was alive among them considering him a god or son of God?
Note: Please read first the translation of the preceding Lines 1-3 in Surat AlBayyenah.
A: And those who were given the Book (Jews and Christians) did not disunite (become separate)* except after the Evidence (Prophet Muhammad) reached them; And they were not commanded but to worship Allah devoting to Him the Religion worshipping One God (monotheists = Hunafa') and to perform the prayer and to give the mandatory charity (= AlZakat) and that is the Religion of the True Faith (= AlQayyemah)**.
Translation of: Ayah 4 - 5, Surat AlBayyenah. (98:4-5)
* In their worship of Allah.
** Reference Hans Wehr's Dictionary Arabic-English.
Note: The Faith in Arabic is AlAqeedah. Islam as a Faith guides straight to Allah's Straight Path which leads to Paradise.
Note: Remember the Qur'an is full of Messages that place one on Allah's Straight Path.
Note: Islam was the Religion of Prophet Abraham.
Words: Tafarraqa = Disunite - Become separate, Hunfa' = Worshipping One God, Deen = Religion, AlQayyemah = The True Faith on Allah's Path.

Q: Who makes haste in turning into disbelievers?
A: O Messenger (Prophet Muhammad) do not grieve over those who make haste into disbelieving (= Yusari'ouna Fi AlKufr*) from (1) those (hypocrite Muslims) who said we have believed with their mouths but their hearts did not believe (= Aamanna*) -

and (2) from those who became Jews they are much listeners to lying much listeners to other people who (even) did not come (for judgement) to you (Prophet Muhammad) - they distort** (misrepresent) the sense (of some Verses of the Holy Book other than the Qur'an) of its true meaning (then) they say if you (Jews) are given this (judgement) then take it (from Prophet Muhammad) but if you are not given it then beware (don't take the judgement) - (Allah says) and whoever Allah wants to leave him to be tempted (by Satan) then you (Prophet Muhammad) cannot do for him against Allah anything - those (hypocrite Muslims and Jews) are the ones Allah did not want to purify their hearts - for them in this World humiliation and for them in the Other World severe punishment.
Translation of: Ayah 41, Surat AlMa'idah. (5:41).
* Remember "Iman" is Belief or Faith that is REPOSED IN THE HEART and dictates a Muslim's actions (Refer to the saying of Prophet Muhammad about Islam, Iman, Ihsan).
** In a summary according to Ibn Kastheer, volume 2, pages 86-89: The incident of two Jewish man and woman who committed adultery. Some Jews went to Prophet Muhammad for judgement. The Prophet asked them what does the Torah say in this context. They said "publicly disgracing and whipping". Abdullah Bin Salam said you lied. Bring the Torah. They read while hiding a line. Abdullah said remove your finger. Stoning (= AlRajm) was mentioned (like in the Qur'an). A Jewish scholar was called the Prophet asked him by the One who sent down the Torah to Moses. The man said if you did not ask me in this way I would not have told you. The truth is when our honorable persons committed adultery we left them and when our weak did it we stoned them. So we looked for some common ground for both: Disgracing and whipping but not stoning.
Note: Why is Allah Angry with a certain group? (in Surat AlImran)
Words: La Yahzunka = Do not grieve, Yusari'ouna = They make haste, Haado = They became Jews, Samma'oun = Too much listeners, LlKathib = To lying, Yuharifouna = They distort - alter - Change - Misrepresent, lKalima = The sense - The meaning - The Words - The Speech, Min Ba'di Bawadhi'ihi = Of its true meaning - Out of their contexts, Uwteetum = You are given, Yurid Fitnatahu = To leave him to be tempted - Wants to exposes him to ordeal trial, Len Tamlika Lahu = You cannot do for him, Yutahhir = Purify, Khizy = Humiliation.

Q: How worshipping other than Allah is an unjust and unfair act towards the Right of Allah to be worshipped Alone?
Note: The translation of 1. the preceding Line 75 in Surat AlMa'idah.
The translation of 2. the succeeding Line 77 in Surat AlMa'idah.
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) will you (continue to) worship other than Allah what has no power of doing harm to you or benefit and Allah - it is He Who is All-Listening All-Knowing.
Translation of: Ayah 76, Surat AlMa'idah. (5:76)
Words: A'Ta'bodoun = Will you (continue to) worship - Are you worshipping, La Yamlik = Has no power - no control, Dhurran = Harm, Naf'an = Benefit - Good.

Q: Why do those Allah deems disbelievers from the People of the Book take as allies disbelievers who oppose Islam?
Note: Please read first the translation of the preceding Line 80 in Surat AlMa'idah.
A: And if they (disbelievers from the People of the Book) were believing in Allah and the Prophet (Prophet Muhammad) and what (Qur'an) was sent down to him they would not have taken them (disbelievers) as allies - but a lot of them have sinfully strayed away (from Allah's Path).
Translation of: Ayah 81, Surat AlMa'idah. (5:81)
Words: Ma Etakhathouhum = They would not have taken them, Awliya' = As allies, Kastheeran = A lot of them, Fasiqoun = Have sinfully strayed away (from Allah's Path)

Q: As a believer why should you not try to test Allah with unusual requests?
Note: Please read first the translation of the preceding Line 111 in Surat AlMa'idah.
A: When the disciples (supporters of Jesus) said O Jesus (Issa) son of Mary (Maryam) can your God send down for us a Table set with food from Heaven - he (Jesus) said protect yourselves by fearing Allah* if you are believers.
Translation of: Ayah 112, Surat AlMa'idah. (5:112)
* Do not doubt Allah's Capability. Another similar reminder. (in Surat AlMulk)
Words: Yasta'tee' = Can - Is Capable, Yunazzil = Send down, Ma'idah = Table set with food.

Q: Why does a believer's heart not need a physical evidence as a proof of Allah's Truth?
A: They (Jesus' disciples) said we want to eat from it and our hearts to feel certain* (of Faith) and to know that you (Jesus) told us the Truth and to be of it witnesses.
Translation of: Ayah 113, Surat AlMa'idah. (5:113)
* Note how disbelieving after Allah's requested Miracle happens can lead to unknown punishment.
Refer to the translation of the succeeding Lines 114-115 in Surat AlMa'idah.
Note: Even once Prophet Abraham wanted his heart to become certain of Faith.
Words: Tatma'inna = Feel certain - Feel reassured, Qoloubona = Our hearts.

Q: Which people among the Jews refuse Allah's Judgement found in the Torah for example?
A: Have you considered those who have been given a portion (knowledge) of the (Holy) Book being called to the Book of Allah (Torah) to judge between them then a group of them turn away while objecting (to the Torah).
Translation of: Ayah 23, Surat AlImran. (3:23)
Note:The Torah has Allah's Judgment among people:
Translation of Ayah (Line, Verse) 41 in Surat AlMa'idah.
Translation of Ayat (Lines, Verses) 42 - 43 in Surat AlMa'idah.

Q: How do many people among the People of the Book justify their objection to Allah's Commands in their Holy Books?
A: That (rejecting the judgement in Allah's Holy Book) is because they said that the Fire* (of Hell) will not touch us except for some numbered days and what lies they were fabricating (about Allah) have deceived them about their (own) religion.
Translation of: Ayah 24, Surat AlImran. (3:24)
* Why do many People of the Book think that they will not be burnt in Hellfire for a long time? (in Surat AlMa'idah)
What makes them so sure that Allah will forgive them? (in Surat AlBaqarah)
Words: Len Tamassana = Will not touch us, Ma'doudat = Some numbered, Gharrahum = Have deceived them, Yaftaroun = Lies they were fabricating.

Q: Why should the People of the Book stop saying they are special to Allah?
A: So just imagine (their situation) when We (Allah) gather them for a day there is no doubt about it and every soul was paid out what it earned and no injustice will be done to them.
Translation of: Ayah 25, Surat AlImran. (3:25)
Words: La Rayba Feehi = There is no doubt about it, Woffiyat = Was paid out, Kasabat = Earned, La Yudhlamoun = No injustice will be done to them.

Q: What is Allah's Command to make the worship of Jews, Christians and Muslims the same?
Note: Remember the religion of your forefathers Prophet Abraham and prophet Jacob son of Prophet Isaac (Ishaq) said. (in Surat AlBaqarah)
A: Say (Command to Prophet Muhammad) O People of the Book (Jews and Christians) come to common terms between us (Muslims) and you (plural) that we do not worship but Allah and we do not join with Him anything (any revered human or concept) and some of us do not take others as deities (divine or sacred beings = Arbab) other than Allah so if they turned away then say be witnesses that indeed we are Muslims (submitting to Allah Alone).
Translation of: Ayah 64, Surat AlImran. (3:64)
Note: None of Allah's prophets commanded worship other than Allah. (in Surat AlImran)
Words: Kalmatin Sawa' = Common terms, Yattakhith = Take, Arbab = Deities - Divine beings - Sacred beings, Tawallaw = Turned away.

Q: Since a long time what is the goal of one party (a people = Ta'ifah) among the People of the Book (Jews and Christians) when dealing with Muslims?
A: A party (a people) among the People of the Book (Jews & Christians) wanted sincerely (was devoted) to lead you astray* (away from Allah's Path) and they do not lead astray except their own selves and they are (even) not aware (of this).
Translation of: Ayah 69, Surat AlImran. (3:69)
* How? (in Surat AlMa'idah)
Words: Waddat = Wanted sincerely - Loved sincerely - Was devoted to, Yudhilounakum = To lead you astray, Ma Yashuroun = They are not aware.

Q: How does Allah warn the People of the Book against disbelieving in (all or some of) His Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Verses = Ayat)?
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) O People of the Book (Jews and Christians) why do you disbelieve* in Allah's Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Verses = Ayat) and Allah is a Witness upon what you do.
Translation of: Ayah 98, Surat AlImran. (3:98)
* The purpose behind their disbelieving? (in the translation of the succeeding Ayah 99 in surat AlImran)
Words: Shaheed = A Witness.

Q: What is Allah's Answer for a group of Jews who argued with the Prophet Muhammad: *You say you are on the religion of Prophet Abraham and you eat camel meat and drink its milk and it was forbidden for Abraham and his sons?
* Source: Ex-Mufti of Egypt's "Safwat AlBayan liMa'ani AlQur'an", in Arabic, page 88.
A: All food was allowed for the People of Israel except what Israel (Prophet Jacob = Ya'qoub) made forbidden** for himself before the Torah was sent down - say (command to Prophet Muhammad) bring the Torah and recite it if you are telling the truth.
Translation of: Ayah 93 , Surat AlImran. (3:93)
Note: Why delicacies which were allowed before became forbidden in the Torah for Beni Israel. (in Surat alNisa')
** Prophet Jacob became very sick so he vowed to Allah if he becomes well he is going to leave the best food he liked camel meat and its milk. Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 1, page 534
Words: Beni Israel = The People of Israel, Harrama = Made forbidden, Tunazzal = Was sent.

Q: What are the rejecters of Ayah (Line, Verse) 93 in Surat AlImran (translation above) warned against?
A: So whoever fabricates lies against Allah after that (understanding Ayah 93) then they are the transgressors (Sinners against Allah's Commands).
Translation of: Ayah 94, Surat AlImran. (3:94)
Words: FaMen Eftara = So whoever fabricates lies, FaUla'ika = Then they are, AlDhalimoun = The transgressors - The unfair and unjust.

Q: Is it injustice for Jews that Allah made some food forbidden for them?
A: And upon those who became Jews We (Allah) made forbidden what We narrated* upon you (Prophet Muhammad) from before and We (Allah) did not make injustice to them rather they to themselves they were making injustice.
Translation of: Ayah 118, Surat AlNahl. (16:118)
* Forbidden food for the Jews. (in Surat AlAn'am)
Words: Qassassna = We narrated, Anfusahum = To themselves - To their own selves, Yadhlimoun = Were making injustice, They were wronging.

Q: What should the People of Israel fulfill with Allah so that Allah fulfills His?
A: O People of Israel (Beni Israel) remember My (Allah's) Favor which I bestowed upon you and fulfill My Covenant* I will fulfill your Covenant and Me do hold in awe**.
Translation of: Ayah 40, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:40)
* Allah's Covenant with Beni Israel. (in Surat AlMa'idah)
** Awe means a mixed feeling of reverence, fear, and wonder, caused by something majestic, sublime, sacred, etc. Source: Yourdictionary.com.
Note: An example of what was not fulfilled of the Covenant by Beni Israel. (in Surat AlImran)
Words: Awfou = Fulfill, Erhabouni = Do hold Me in awe - Fear.

Q: What is the FIRST example of Allah's Favour and Mercy on the People of Israel (Jews and Christians)?
A: And when We (Allah) saved you (Beni Israel) from the People of Pharaoh (= Phiroun) - (they were) inflicting upon you the worst of punishment slautering your sons and shaming (making slaves) your women and in those for you is a great ordeal trial (tribulation*) from your God.
Translation of: Ayah 49, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:49)
* To test you through Pharaoh's actions which caused great trouble and suffering.
Words: Yasomounakum = Inflicting upon you, Sou'a = The worst, Yuthabihouna = Slaughtering, Yastahyouna = Shaming, Bala' = Oreal trial - Tribulation.

Q: What is the SECOND example of Allah's Favour and Mercy on the People of Israel (Jews and Christians)?
A: And when We (Allah) made the sea parted for you (People of Israel in the middle) so We saved you and We drowned the People of Pharaoh while you were looking.
Translation of: Ayah 50, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:50)
Words: Faraqna Bikum AlBahr = Made the sea parted for you, Aghraqna = We drowned, Tandhoroun = You were looking.

Q: What is the THIRD example of Allah's Favour and Mercy on the People of Israel (Jews and Christians)?
A: And when We (Allah) made an appointment with Moses (Prophet Moosa) for forty days* then you (People of Israel) took the calf (for worship) after him (in his absence) while you were transgressing (against Allah); Then We (Allah) forgave you after that so that you may be thankful.
Translation of: Ayat 51 - 52, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:51-52)
* Prophet Moses was summoned by Allah . (in Surat Taha)
Words: Wa'adna = We made an appointment, Etakhathtum = You took, AlIjl = The calf.

Q: What is another example of Allah's Favour and Mercy on the People of Israel in difficult times such as in the Wilderness?
A: And We (Allah) shaded you with white clouds and sent down to you manna (sweets) and quails (birds) - eat* of the delicacies We provided you and they did not make injustice to Us but they were to their own selves making injustice.
Translation of: Ayah 57, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:57)
Note: The translation of the succeeding Lines 58 - 59 in Surat AlBaqarah.
* An example of Allah's Favour on the People of Israel when they were thirsty. (in Surat AlA'raf)
Words: Dhallna Alaykum = We shaded you.

Q: Despite their recurring disobedience to Allah what had so far saved the People of Israel from Allah's Wrath when they repented and turned to Allah for forgiveness?
A: And when We (Allah) took your Covenant and We lifted* over you the Mount (Mount Sinai = AlToor) - hold firmly to what We gave you and mention what is in it perhaps you may protect yourselves (by fearing Allah); Then you (plural) turned away after that so was it not for Allah's Favour and His Mercy (over you) you would certainly have been among the losers.
Translation of: Ayat 63 - 64, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:63-64)
* The Mount (of Sinai, known now as Jabal Moosa) was lifted to punish them. (in Surat AlBaqarah)
Words: Khuthou BiQuwah = Hold firmly.

Q: Is there any hope from People of the Book to believe in Islam if they intentionally neglected Allah's Holy Books which were given to them?
A: So do you (Muslims)(still) have hope that they (People of the Book) will believe on your account and a party of them was listening to the Word of Allah (in Torah) and then they were distorting* it after they grasped it while they knew it (= WaHum Ya'lamoun*).
Translation of: Ayah 75, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:75)
* What type of hearts did they have to be able to distort Allah's Holy Book given to them? (in Surat AlMa'idah, Ayah 13)
Note: According to 'Tafseer Ibn Kastheer', volume 1, page 177: Who (intentionally) distorted (other than what is meant) and did some of concealing of Allah's Word in their Book are the scholars of Jews (= AlUlama'). Like distorting the praise of Prophet Muhammad in their Book. And they made some lawful "= halal" unlawful and vice versa. Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 1, page 177.
Words: AfaTa'maouna = So do you have hope, Yo'minou Lakum = Believe on your account - Believe because of you, Yuharifounahu = They were distorting it - They were robbing it of its meaning - They were taking words out of context, Aqalouhu = They grasped it - They fully understood it, Ya'lamoun = They knew it.

Q: Why do some People of the Book not want to reveal some details in their original copies of Allah's Holy Books?
A: And when they (some hypocrite Jews) met those who believed (Muslims) they said we (also) believed (in the Anuran) and when they (Jews) became alone with one another they said do you speak to them (Muslims) about what (prophecy)* Allah has opened for you (in the Torah) so that they (Muslims) may dispute with you in front of your God so will you not fully understand.
Translation of: Ayah 76, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:76)
* Some Jews rebuked others who told Muslims about the description of Prophet Muhammad in the Torah that Muslims will argue that we knew about Prophet Muhammad but we did not believe in him. Source: Tafseer waBayan Mufradat AlQuran, in Arabic, page 11.
(Jews had a prophecy in the Torah of a new prophet from Arabia. They were priding themselves of this prophecy over the disbelievers. When Prophet Muhammad did not come from their own Semitic offspring they rejected him and they tried to conceal it.)
Refer to a youtube video about Prophet Muhammad mentioned in the Torah.
Words: Kayla = They became alone, Fat aha Oakum = Opened for you, LiYuhajoukum = So that they may dispute with you - argue with you, India = In front of, Aqualung = Fully understand.

Q: What should some People of the Book understand when they talk secretly about hiding some information in Allah's Holy Book?
Note: Please read first above the translation of the preceding Line 76 in Surat AlBaqarah.
A: Do they not know that Allah knows what they are concealing and what they are making public (of the Torah).
Translation of: Ayah 77, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:77)
Words: Awa La Ya'lamoun = Do they not know, Yusirouna = they are concealing, Ma Yu'linoun = What they are making public.

Q: What becomes of a bad deed if the person does not repent sincerely to Allah to get rid of it?
Note: Please read first the translation of the preceding Line 80 in Surat AlBaqarah.
A: Rather (not few days in Hell) whoever earns (does) a bad deed and his Sinful Deed (disbelieving* = Khattia'tuhu) had surrounded him (he did not repent to Allah) then they are the companions of Hell - they are in it remaining for eternity.
Translation of: Ayah 81, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:81)
* Note: Sinful deed here is "Disbelieving" in Allah. Source: Safwat AlBayan liMa'ani AlQur'ang: Tafseer AlQuran AlKareem by AlSheikh Hassanain Muhammad Makhlouf, page 23.
Words: Kasaba = Earned - Did, Ahatat = Had Surrounded, Khattia'tuhu = His sinful deed.

Q: What deeds will place one in Paradise?
A: And those who believed and did righteous deeds - those are the companions of Paradise they in it are remaining for eternity.
Translation of: Ayah 82, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:82)
Words: Amanou = Believed - Had Faith, Amilou = Did, AlSalihat = Good deeds.

Q: Why Persons who feel for sure that Allah will forgive their sins and reward them with Paradise, why should they not be afraid of death?
Note: Please re-read first the translation of the day before yesterday (translation of Ayah 81 in Surat AlBaqarah). Note is added.
Note: Remember what Prophet Muhammad said about the thing that will admit one to Paradise? (Note under Surat AlAnbiya')
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) if the Other World is yours (People of the Book who said so*) with Allah exclusively (yours) other than all humanity so do wish for death if you were truthful; (Allah replies) And they will never wish for it (death) because of what their hands sent forward (of deeds) and Allah is All-Knowing of the transgressors (who go beyond Allah's Limits).
Translation of: Ayat 94 - 95, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:94-95)
* They said if in Hell they will not be long there. (Refer to Surat AlImran)
Words: Khalisatan = Exclusively, Min Doon AlNas = Other than all humanity, FaTamanou = So do wish for, Qaddamat = Sent forward - Did, AlDhalimeen = Transgressors - Who go beyond Allah's Limits - Wrongdoers.

Q: Who covets to live one thousand years if possible?
A: And you will find them (hypocrite Jews*) the most attached to life from among all people and also (the same) among those who became polytheists (whoever joins a partner with Allah) - one of them wishes if he could live long for a thousand years (Allah says) and it is not going to move him away from the punishment (of Allah) (the concept of) that he lives long and Allah is All-Seeing of what they do.
Translation of: Ayah 96, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:96)
* Jews who say yes to Allah's Commands in the Torah and disobey. (refer to Ayat 92-93 in Surat AlBaqarah)
Words: Ahrassa AlNas = The most attached to life from among all people, Ashrakou = Became polytheists - Joined any partner with Allah, Yawadu = Wishes, Ahaduhum = One of them, BiMuzahzihihi = Going to move him away, An Yua'mmara = That he lives long.

Q: What is the pattern found in the Covenants made by the People of Israel with Allah through the Torah?
A: Is it not (true) that everytime they (People of Israel) make a Covenant (with Allah) a party from them discard it (refuse to abide by it) rather most of them do not believe (in Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 100, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:100)
Note: Examples of some Covenants made by the People of Israel with Allah when they accepted the Torah. Example 1. Example 2. (in Surat AlImran)
Words: A Wa Kullama = Is it not everytime, Nabathahu = Discard it - Throw it off - Refuse to abide by it.

Q: What did the People of the Book (Jews and Christians) do to the part in their Holy Book which foretold of the coming of Prophet Muhammad?
A: And when a messenger from Allah (Prophet Muhammad) came to them (People of the Book) confirming to whatever (Holy Book) is with them, a party of the People of the Book (Jews and Christians = Ahl AlKitab) discarded* the Book of Allah (The Holy Book) behind their backs as if they had no knowledge of it.
Translation of: Ayah 101, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:101)
* They discarded the part which foretold of the coming of Prophet Muhammad. (Remember Prophet Muhammad came from offspring of Prophet Ishmael (Ismaeel). Prophets sent to the People of Israel were from the offspring of Prophet Isaac (Ishaq).
Remember both Isaac and Ishmael were half brothers. Isaac's mother was Sarah. Ishmael's mother was Hagar. Isaac and Ismael's father was Prophet Abraham (Abraham) peace be upon him and all of his family.
Note: Prophet Muhammad's Name in the Bible" (Youtube.com video)
Words: Fareequn = A party - A group, Nabatha = Discarded it - Threw it off - Refused to abide by it, Wara' Dhohourihim = Behind their backs, Ka'Anahum La Ya'lamoun = As if they had no knowledge of it.

Q: Which party of the People of the Book (Jews and Christians) was against the Qur'an being sent to Prophet Muhammad who was an Arab?
ims not from their offspring Muslims of Arabia having Prophet Muhammad and did not wish at the time of Prophet Muhammad that Muslims receive Allah's Word through Prophet Muhammad?
A: Those who disbelieved of the People of the Book and the polytheists do not wish that something good* is sent down to you (Muslims) from your God - and Allah singles out for His Mercy whomever He pleases and Allah is the Holder of the Supreme Favour.
Translation of: Ayah 105, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:105)
* The Qur'an through Angel Gabriel to be heard from Prophet Muhammad who was not a Jew.
Words: Min Khair = Something good, Yakhtassu = Singles out.

Q: Why does a party of the People of the Book want Muslims to be disbelievers in Allah?
A: Quite a lot of the People of the Book loved if they could return you (Muslims) after your believing into disbelievers out of envy from themselves after the Truth* became clear to them - so (command to Muslims) do forgive (& erase) and do pardon (let it continue) until Allah brings about His Command indeed Allah is upon everything is Capable.
Translation of: Ayah 109, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:109)
* Some other persons of the People of the Book become in awe when hearing the Truth in the Qur'an. (in Surat AlMa'idah)
Words: Wadda = Loved, Kastheerun = Quite a lot, Yarodounakum = They return you, Fe'fou = Forgive, Esfahou = Pardon - Condone, BiAmrihi = His Command.

Q: When will the majority of Jews and Christians be pleased with Muslims?
A: And Jews and Christians will not be pleased with you (Prophet Muhammad) until you follow their religious beliefs (Millat*) - say (command to Prophet Muhammad) indeed the Right Guidance of Allah is THE GUIDANCE and certainly if you follow their whims** after what reached you from (Allah's religious) knowledge you will not have from Allah any ally or supporter.
* Remember what was "Millat" (= the religious beliefs embraced by) Prophet Abraham? (in Surat AlAn'am)
** The Major Message in Allah's Holy Books is the same. Why do the People of the Book and Muslims differ? (Refer to Surat AlShoura (42).
Translation of: Ayah 120, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:120)
Words: Tatabe'a = You follow, Ahwa'ahum = Their whims, Ma Laka = You will not have, Weli = Ally.

Q: Why should the People of the Book use the Name of "Allah" for God the Creator and Supreme Authority?
Note: Please read first the translation of the preceding Lines 137-138 in Surat AlBaqarah.
A: Say (Command to Prophet Muhammad to the People of the Book) do you dispute with us (Muslims) about Allah and He is our God and your God and for us are our deeds and for you are your deeds and we (Muslims) are to Him (Alone) entirely devoted.
Translation of: Ayah 139, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:139)
A Side Note: The Word "We" refering to Allah is a Word of respect and awe. Also Allah is All-Just and All-Fair. When Allah refers in His Holy Book to Himself as "We" it is because Allah utters the Command of "Be" and Allah may assign the carrying out of the command to His Soldiers (angels) headed by Angel Gabriel. BUT WHEN IT COMES TO WORSHIPPING, ALLAH USES THE SINGULAR FORM ONLY. Refer to an example in Surat Maryam in Ayat 89 - 94. And Allah knows Best.
Words: A Tuhajouna = Do you dispute with us, A'maluna = Our deeds, Mukhliseen = Entirely devoted.

Q: Instead of depending on the glorious past of their Prophets and their followers then, what should current Jews and Christians wach?
Note: Please read first the translation of the preceding Line 140 in Surat AlBaqarah.
A: That (believing persons of the past) is a nation which had passed away - for it what (deeds) it earned and for you (current Jews and Christians) is what you earned and you (plural) will not be asked about what they (past people) were doing.
Translation of: Ayah 141, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:141)
Words: Ummatun = A nation, Qed Khalat = Had passed away, Kasabtum = You earned, Tusalouna = Asked.

Q: To the Party among Jews and Christians who is hiding the Religious Truth: What does Allah command you to reveal now?
A: The ones whom We (Allah) gave the (Holy) Book (knowing Jews and Christians) - they know it (the Qur'an) as they know their children and indeed a party of them is certainly concealing THE TRUTH (= AlHaqq)* while they know (it).
Translation of: Ayah 146, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:146)
* What Truth Allah commands you to reveal now? Refer to Ayat 20 - 24 in Surat AlAn'am (6:20-24).
Words: Fareeqan = A Party, LaYaktomouna = Certainly are concealing, AlHaqq = The Truth, Ya'lamoun = Know - Realize.

Q: Why should we all not doubt the Truth in the Qur'an?
A: The Truth is from your God (clear in the Qur'an) so (command to Prophet Muhammad) do not be (one) of the doubtful*.
Translation of: Ayah 147, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:147)
* People of the Book became doubtful and they DIFFERED about worshipping Allah. (Refer to Ayat 93-97) in Surat Yunus (10).
Words: AlMumtareen = The doubtful.

Q: What MAJOR FAVOUR of Allah should each one of the believing People of Israel (Jews & Christians) be aware of not replacing with its opposite?
A: (Command to Prophet Muhammad) Ask the People of Israel about how many clear Miraculous Signs We (Allah) granted them and whoever replaces Allah's Grace* (= Nia'mat Allah) after it reached him then indeed Allah is Severe in punishment.
Translation of: Ayah 261, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:261)
* Faith and belief in Allah as per Allah's Religion. (Refer to Ayah 108 in Surat AlBaqarah.
Words: Ataynahum = We granted them, Yubaddil = Replaces, Ni'mat = Grace - Blessing - Favour, Shadeedul Iqab = Severe in punishment.

Q: What is an example of the People of the Book being accustomed to abide by the their Holy Book Commands in some matters and leaving them in other matters?
An explanatory Note: An example is from the pre-Islamic period in AlMadinah known then as Yasthrib. 'AlAws and 'AlKhazraj - two famous Arab disbelieving (polytheist) tribes were at war. Jewish tribes of AlMadinah were DIVIDED helping them. So Jews themselves sometimes KILLED their own people when at war with 'AlAws' or 'AlKhazraj' and they DROVE them out from their homeland. But when their people were held CAPTIVES they ransomed them. So they were killing, driving out (against Torah Commands) and ransoming (abiding by Torah Command). Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 1, pages 185-186.

A: And when We (Allah) took your (People of Israel) Covenant that you do not spill your (plural) blood* and you do not drive* out one another (your people) from their homes then you expressed approval while you were bearing witnesses (to it); Then here you are killing one another and driving out a party of you from their homes backing one another against them in sin and aggression - and if they come to you as captives you ransom* them and it is forbidden for you (in first place) driving them out - so do you believe in some of the (Holy) Book and you disbelieve in some others - so the repayment of whoever does that is nothing but disgrace in this life and on the Day of Judgement they will be returned to the most severe punishment and Allah is Not UnAware of what they do.
Translation of: Ayat 84 - 85, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:84-85)
* Three Commands in the Torah.
Words: Tusfidouna Dima'akum = Spill your blood, Anfusakum = One another, Aqrartum = Your expressed approval - You assented, Ba'dh = Some - Some others, Jaza' = Repayment, Khizy = Disgrace, Ashad = Most severe.

Q: Those who follow some Commands of Allah's Holy Book and reject some others what type of TRADE do they make?
A: Those are the ones who traded off the life of the Other World with life of this world so neither punishment (on Day of Judgement) will be lightened for them nor will they be supported.
Translation of: Ayah 86, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:86)
Words: = Eshtarou = Traded off - Purchased, Yukhafaf = Lightened.

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