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Jinn = (AlJinn)

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Please remember that the Qur'an is not mythology, a fantasy or man-made. It is the powerful truth from The Ultimate Truth (Allah).

First: Who are the Jinn?

The Jinn are creatures whom Allah created before man. Man cannot see Jinn but Jinn can see man.

Second: Who is Satan (The Devil, Lucifer) = (Iblees, AlShaitan)?

And when We told the angels to bow down to Adam, they bowed down except for Iblis (Satan). He was from the Jinn and he rejected sinfully the command of His God. So do you take him and his offspring masters rather than Me (Allah) and they are your enemy? What a miserable alternative for the unjust!
The answer is a translation of Line (= Ayah) 50 in Chapter (= Surah) AlKahf in the Qur'an.

Q: What is the Jinn created from?
A: He created human being from argil (potter's clay) like pottery. And He created Jinn from fire free of smoke. So which of the Signs of your God do you both (Jinn and humans) deny.
Translation of: Ayat 14 - 16, Surat AlRahman.
Words: Khalaqa = Created, AlInsan = Human being, Salsal = Argil _ Potter's clay, KelFakhar = Like Pottery, AlJan = Singular ofthe Jinn, Maarij Min Nar = Fire without smoke, Aala' = Signs, Rabikuma = Your God, Tukathiban = You both deny (lie).

Q: Why did Allah create Jinn?

A: And I (Allah) did not create Jinn and humans except to worship Me (Allah); I do not want any sustenance from them neither do I want them to feed Me; It is Allah Who is The Sustainer, The Powerful, The Sturdy.
Translation of: Ayat 56 - 58, Surat AlThariyat.
Words: Liya'bodoun = To worship Me (Allah), Rizq = Sustenance - wealth, Yut'em = Feed, Ureed = Want, Howa = He is, AlRazzaq = The Giver - Sustainer, Thou Alqow'a = The Powerful, AlMateen = The Sturdy.

Q: What did the Jinn say when they heard the Qur'an?
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) it has been revealed to me that a group of Jinn* listened and said we listened to a marvelous Qur'an (= Qur'anann Ajaba); It guides to the Straightforwardness (Allah's Guidance) and we believed in it and we will not join with our God anyone (= ahada); And indeed Exalted is the Majestic Seriousness of our God He did not take a wife nor a son; And indeed the fool among us was saying about Allah what exceeds the proper bounds (deviation = shatata); And we were certain that humans and Jinn should not say about Allah fabricated lies.
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 5, Surat AlJinn. (72:1-5)
* From the following Lines it becomes clear that the Jinn were originally Christian Jinn before embracing Islam.
Words: Qul = Say, Uwhiya = Has been revealed, Istama' = Listened, Nafar = A group, Sami'a = Listened, Yahdi = Guides, AlRushd = Straightforwardness - The Right Way, La Nushrik = We will not join, Ahada = Anyone, Ta'ala = Exalted, Jadd = Majestic Seriousness - Majesty, Ma Etakhatha = Did not take, Ssahibah = Wife, Walada = Son, Safeehuna = The fool among us, Shatata = Exceeding the bounds - Extravagant things, Dhannana = We were certain.

Q: Also what did the Jinn say when they heard the Qur'an?

A: And (some Jinn are saying) that we touched the sky (lowest Heaven) and we found it was filled with strong guards and meteors (flames); And we used to take seats there for listening and who listens now will find an ambushed meteor (flame)**.
Translation of: Ayat 8 - 9, Surat AlJinn. (72:8-9)
** Remember Jinn are made out of flame of fire so they are chased away from the sky by angels hurling fiery stuff on them. (refer to Surat AlA'raf)
Words: Lamasna = We touched the sky, AlSama' = The sky - The Lowest Heaven, Harasan = Guards, Shuhuban = Meteors - shooting stars - flames, Maqa'id = Seats, Shihaban = A meteor, Rassada = Ambushed.

Q: What did the Jinn say more, when they heard the Qur'an?
A: And that when we heard the Right Guidance (= AlHuda) we believed in it and who believes in his God does not fear loss or injustice; And from us (Jinn) there are the Muslims (submitting to Allah) and there are the ones who swerved from justice (Allah's Path). And those who became Muslim had found the Right Path; But those who swerved from justice (= Qasitoun) will be wood** for Hell.
Translation of: Ayat 13 - 15, Surat AlJinn. (72:13-15)
Words: AlHuda = The right guidance, Amanna = We believed, Yakhaf = Fears, Bakhs = Loss, Rahaq = Injustice, Qasitoun = Who swerved from justice - the unjust, Rashada = The Right Path - The Right Way, Jahanam = Hell, Hattaba = Wood.

Q: Can the race of Jinn see humans?

A: O children of Adam do not let Satan tempt you as he got out your parents (Adam & Eve) from the Heaven - taking off their clothes to show them their private parts for he (Satan) and his offspring see you from where you cannot see them - indeed We (Allah) made Satans (Satan and his soldiers) supporters to those who do not believe (in Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 27, Surat AlA'raf.
Words: Yaftin = Tempt, AlShaitan = Satan, Akhrajam = Got out, Abawaikum = Your parents, AlJanna = The Paradise, Libas = Clothes, Sawaat = Private places, Yara = Sees, Kabeeluh = His Offspring - his soldiers, Awliya' = Supporters - Friends, La Yu'minoun = Do not believe - Do not have Faith.

Q: Does Satan, the devil, (who is from the Jinn) have control over humans?
A: And when you read the Qur'an so do seek protection from Allah against the cursed Satan; For he (Satan) has no control over who believed and in their God they put their trust; Rather his (Satan's) control is over those (including hypocrite Muslims*) who ally themselves with him and (over) those (polytheists) who with Him (Allah) join any partner**.
Translation of: Ayat 98 - 100, Surat AlNahl. (16:101)
* Hypocrites among Muslims listen to Satan. (in Surat AlMujadilah)
** Holding in esteem and worshipping other than Allah: Any idol, force, hero, one's own self (who says he does not believe in religion)...etc. is equal to worshipping Satan.
Words: Qara'ta = You read, Ista'ith = Seek protection, AlRajeem = The Cursed - Stoned, Sultan = Control, Aamanou = Who believed, Bihi Mushrikoun = Who join any partner.

Q: Is there any communication between humans and Jinn (example prophecy telling)?
Note: A true scene from the Day of Judgement.
A: And the Day He (Allah) gathers them together O people of Jinn you have demanded much from humans and their supporters from humans said Our God we enjoyed (benefited) one another and now we reached the fixed time that you had postponed for us - He (Allah) said Fire (of Hell) is your staying place remaining for eternity in it except what Allah wills for your God is All-Wise, All-Knowing.
Translation of: Ayah 128, Surat AlAn'am. (6:128)
Words: Yawm = Day, Yahshurhum = Gathers them, Ma'shar = People, Istakthartum = You demanded much, Awliya' = Supporters - Friends, AlIns = Humans, Estamta' = Enjoyed - Benefited, Ajal = Fixed time, Masthwakum = Your dwelling place, Khalideen = Remaining for eternity.

Q: What is the challenge between Allah and Satan?
A: He (Allah) said (to Satan) what prevented you from prostrating (to Adam) when I commanded you - He (Satan) said I am better than him (man) - You (Allah) created me from fire and you created him from clay; He (Allah) said then get down from it (a Garden of Heaven where Adam was created) because you do not have the right to be arrogant in it so get out for you are from the humiliated; He (Satan) said grant me a respite (some time) to the Day they are raised up; He (Allah) said you are from those who have been given a respite;
He (Satan) said with what You (Allah) left me to go astray (away from Allah's Straight Path) so I (Satan) will certainly wait for them on Your Straight Path (to mislead them); Then I will come at them from their front (= Bayni Aydeehim) and their behind (= Min Khalfihim) and from their right sides and their left sides and You (Allah) will not find most of them grateful; He (Allah) said get out from it (Garden of Heaven) disgraced and expelled - and whoever follows you (Satan) from them I (Allah) will CERTAINLY FILL HELL with you (from Jinn and humans) altogether.
Translation of: Ayat 12 - 18, Surat AlA'raf. (7:12-18)
Note: If there was a challenge between Allah and Satan who disobeyed Allah, why did Allah send messengers to humanity with Prophet Muhammad as Allah's Last messenger? (Hint: Allah's Mercy which was pre-decreed by Allah - refer to Surat AlA'raf.)
Words: Qala = Said, Mana'ak = Prevented, Tasjud = Prostrate - Bow down, Amara = Commanded, Khair = Better, Khalaqtani = You created me, Nar = Fire, Tteen = Clay, Ehbet = Get down, Tatakabur = Be arrogant, Sagher = Humiliated, Unthurni = Give me a respite (some time), Aati = I will come, Ayman = Right sides, Sirat = Path - Way, AlMustaqeem = The Straight, Ukhruj = Get out, Mathmoum = Disgraced, Madhoor = Expelled.

Q: Satans (Satan and his followers) are rebellious and harm-doing creatures. Does the Qur'an mention two types of Satans (bad Jinn): Satans from AlJinn ,whom we cannot see, and Satans from humans?

A: And also We made to every prophet an enemy - Satans* of humans and AlJinn - they reveal to one another sweet-talk deceptively and if your God willed they would not have done it - so leave them with what (lies) they fabricate; And let the hearts of those who do not have Faith in the Other World pay attention to it (sweet-talk) and let them accept it and let them commit (from bad deeds) what they are committing. (Say) So other than Allah do I seek for Judge and He is the One who sent down the Book (Qur'an) detailed - and those whom (Jews and Christians) We had given the Book know that it (Qur'an) is sent down from your God with Truth so do not be from the doubtful.
Translation of: Ayat 112 - 114, Surat AlAn'am. (6:112-114)
* Satan (Head of bad Jinn known in English as Lucifer) has followers - the majority of them are Jinn and also followers of humans who guide the others away from Allah's Path.
Words: Nabi = Prophet, Adou = Enemy, Shayateen = Satans (Satan and his soldiers), AlIns = Humans, Zukhruf Alqawl = Sweet-talk, Fa'alou = Did, Yaftaroun = Fabricate - Make up, Tasgha = Pay attention, Hakam = Judge, AlKitab = The Book, Rubbika = Your God, AlMumtareen = The Doubtful.

Q: Is 'AlWaswas = The Whisperer' and 'AlKhannas = Who withdraws away when the name of God is mentioned' two characteristics of Satan?
A: Say: I seek refuge with The Lord of mankind, The King of mankind, The God of mankind, from the evil of The Whisperer (AlWaswas) - Who withdraws away (AlKhannas); Who whispers in the chests of mankind; (satan) from the Jinn and mankind.
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 6, Surat AlNas.
Words: Rub = Lord - Master - Owner, Malik = King, Ilah AlNas = God of mankind, Waswas = Whisperer, Khannas = Who withdraws, Sudour = chests, AlJinnah = AlJinn (Hidden Creatures), AlNas = Mankind - People.

Q: Satan was cast out of Allah's Mercy for being arrogant and challenging Allah, but does Satan fear Allah and why?

A: And when Satan made their (evil) deeds look good to them and he said no conqueror from people over you today and I am near (supporter) to you so when the two forces (fighting) came in sight of each other he turned back on his heels and said indeed I am innocent of you for I see what you cannot see - I do fear Allah and Allah is Relentless in the punishment.
Translation of: Ayah 48, Surat AlAnfal. (8:48)
Words: Zayyana = Made it look good, A'mal = Deeds, Ghalib = Conqueror, Nas = People, Jar = Near, Tara'at = Came in sight, Fi'atan = Two forces - Two groups, Baree' = Innocent- Clear, Ara = I See, Tarawn = You (plural) see; Akhaf = Fear, Shadeed = Relentless - Strict, Iqaab = Punishment.

Q: Satan whispers in man's chest but upon whom does Satan and his offspring continuously come down to?

A: And Satans (Satan and his soldiers) did not come down with it (Qur'an); And they do not have the right and they are not capable; For they (Satans) from the hearing (of the Qur'an while being revealed) are certainly isolated (by angels = LaMa'zoloun).
So do not call with Allah another god otherwise you will be from the punished. ---. Shall I (Allah) tell you on whom Satans do come down; They come down on every sly lying sinner (example fortune tellers, lying monks etc); They (Satans) eavesdrop the hearing (among angels) and most of them are liars.
Translation of: Ayat 210 - 213, 221 - 223, Surat AlShuara'.
Words: Tanazzalat = Came down, Shayateen = Satans (Followers of Satan), Yanbghi = Has the right, Yastatee' = To be capable, Same' = Hearing, Ma'zool = Isolated, Mo'ath'ab = Punished, Hal = Shall?, Unab'e' = I tell you, Tanazal = Come down, Affak = Sly lying, Astheem = Sinner, Yulqoun = Eavesdrop, Same' = Hearing, Aksthar = Most of, Kathiboun = Liars.

Q: On The Day of Judgement is Satan going to support those who followed him in Life?
A: And they all appeared before Allah so the weak said to those who became arrogant indeed we were your followers so are you availing (relieving) us something from the punishment of Allah they (disbelievers' leaders) said if Allah had guided us we would have certainly guided you - it is the same for us (now) if we worry or become patient - there is no escape for us;
And Satan said when all was over (on the Day of Judgement) indeed Allah had promised you the Promise of Truth (= wa'd AlHaqq); And I (Satan) had promised you but I failed you - and I had no authority (power) over you except that I (Satan) (only) called (= Da'awtukum) you (plural) and you listened to me - so do not blame me and blame yourselves - I am not helping your shouting and you are not helping my shouting indeed I have disbelieved in what you had joined me (Satan)* as a partner (with Allah) before - indeed the transgressors (against Allah) for them is a severe punishment.
Translation of: Ayat 21 - 22, Surat Ibraheem. (14:21-22)
* Remember worshipping anything other than Allah is worshipping Satan because Satan makes people listen to him and be away from Allah's Path.
Words: Baraza = Appeared, Jamee'an = All, Dhuafa' = Weak, Istakbara = Became arrogant, Taba'an = Followers, Mugnoun = Availing - Relieving - Being of use, Min Shaye' = Something, Hada = Guided, Jaza'a = Worried, Sabara = Became patient, Sawa' = The same, Kudi'ya AlAmr = Was all over, Wa'ada = Promised, Sultan = Authority - Power, Da'aa = Called, Istajaba = Listened, Akhlafa = Failed, Talumouni = Blame me, Musrikh = Helping the shouting, Kafartu = I have disbelieved - I have rejected, Athab = Punishment, Aleem = Severe.

Q: What state of mind are usually the disbelievers in and why?
A: And they took other than Allah gods so that they (gods) make them powerful; Never - they (gods) will reject their worship and they will turn against them; Have you not seen that We send the Satans (from Jinn) upon the disbelievers inciting them to [do evil] with proper incitement; So do not make haste against them rather We (Allah) are preparing for them a proper preparation; The Day when We gather those who protected themselves (by fearing Allah = AlMutaqeen) towards The Most-Merciful as a delegation (honorable); And We drive the criminals (in Allah's Court = AlMujrimeen) towards Hell as a group going to a watering place (thirsty); They (all humans) will not have the mediation (pleading for) except who has taken a promise from The Most-Merciful.
Translation of: Ayat 81 - 87, Surat Maryam. (19:81-87)
Words: It'takhathou = They took, Aaliha = gods, Iz'a = Powerful, Dhidh'dha = Against them, Ta'ouzzuhum = Inciting them to do evil - Making them in an inward turmoil (to do evil), Azza = With a proper incitement - with a proper inward turmoil; Ta'jal = Make haste, Na'ud = Prepare, Adda = A proper preparation. Nahshur = Gather, AlMutaqeen = Those who protected themselves (by fearing Allah) - The righteous ones, Wifd = Delegation, Nasouq Drive, Mujrimeen = Crimminals - Sinners, Wird = A group going to a watering place, Yamlik = Will have, Shafa'ah = Mediation - Pleading for, Ahd = Promise - Word.

Q: Does Satan try to make people afraid of those who are his friends and supporters?
A: It is only Satan making (believers) fear his supporters; So do not fear them and fear Me (Allah) if you are believers.
Translation of: Ayah 175, Surat AlImran. (3:175)
Words: Yukhawwif = Making (you) fear, Awliya' = Supporters.

Q: Why does Allah leave hypocrites and disbelievers to enjoy life for a long time?

And let not those who disbelieved think that We (Allah) grant them a long time to enjoy is better for their souls rather We do grant them a long time to enjoy so that they increase their sins and for them is a humiliated punishment (on the Day of Judgement).
Translation of: Ayah 178, Surat AlImran. (3:178)
Note: Refer to the translation of Ayah 173 in Surat AlImran.
Words: Yahsab = Thinks, Numli Lahum = We grant a long time to enjoy, Yazdadou Isthman = They increase their sins.

Q: Do those people who partner with Allah and claim that He has sons and/or daughters have the right knowledge?
A: And it is He Who sent down from the sky water so We produced with it the plant of everything; So We produced from it green (crops) We produce from it overlapping grains (seeds) and from the palm trees from their spadix (beginning to bloom) clusters of dates hanging downward, and gardens of grapes and olives and pomegranates: Similar and not the same (same in kind but different in taste). Look at its fruit when it yields and at its ripeness! In all those things there are indeed Signs for people who have Faith;
And they made with Allah partners from Jinn* - and He (Allah) created them (Jinn) - and they violated the Truth by making up for Him sons and daughters without knowledge - Glory to Him and Sublime is He above what they attribute;
The Marvelous Originator of the Heavens and the earth - from where will He (Allah) have an offspring/son (= walad) when He had no woman (companion) and He created everything and He is with everything Knowledgeable; That is Allah your God - No god but He; The Creator of everything so do (all) worship Him and He is Disposer of everything.
Translation of: Ayat 99 - 102, Surat AlAn'am. (6:99-102)
* Joining any partner with Allah is worshipping Satan and his offspring.
Note: Remember how Prophet Abraham told his father (Azar) who was worshipping idols not to worship Satan. (refer to Surat Maryam)
Note: Remember the challenge between Allah and Satan after Adam was created. (refer to Surat AlA'raf)
Words: Anzala = Sent down, Ma' = Water, Akhraja = Produced, Nabat = Plant, Khadhir = Green, Hab = Grains, Mutarakib = Overlapping, Nakhl = Palm Trees, Tale' = Spadix, Qinwan Clusters, Daniyah = Hanging downward, Jannat = Gardens, A'nab = Grapes, Zaitoun = Olives, Ruman = Pomegranates, Mushtabeh = Similar, Ghayr Mutashabeh = Not the same, Undhur = Look, S(th)amar = Fruits, As(th)mar = Yields - bears fruit, Yane' = Ripeness, Shuraka' = Partners, Khalaqa = Created, Kharaqou = violated the truth by making up, Baneen = Sons, Banat = Daughters, Ilm = Knowledge, Subhanahu = Glory to Him, Ta'ala = Sublime is He, Yasifoun = They attribute. Badee' = Marvelous Originator, Walad = Offspring - Son - Daughter, Sahibah = Woman, Khalaqa = Created, Aleem = Knowledgeable, Ilah = god, Khaliq = Creator, U'bud = Worship, Wakeel = Disposer - Overseer.

Q: Why is Satan so intent (concentrated) to make people follow him?
A: And when We told the angels to prostrate (forehead on the floor) to Adam so they prostrated except Iblees (Satan who was present there) - he (Satan) said am I going to prostrate to whom You created FROM CLAY*?!; He (Satan) said I give You my opinion about this one (man) whom You honoured (= karramta) above me - only if You delay me to the Day of Judgement** I will certainly fully control his offspring except a little (number of them); He (Allah) said go and who follows you from them then indeed Hell will be the punishment of all of you - an ample punishment; And provoke (to do bad) whoever you could from them with your voice and win over them with your cavalry (army on horses) and your army on foot - and share with them the wealth and the children*** - and promise them and Satan does not promise but deception; For My (Allah's) devout servants you have upon them no power and enough is your God for an Overseer (Disposer of affairs).
Translation of: Ayat 61 - 65, Surat AlIsra'. (known also as Surat Beni Israel) (17:61-65)
* (refer to Surat alSajdah. And the explanation of the late Sheikh "AlSharawi") Stages of the creation of human race whose forefather is Adam - first human created.
** Note how Satan knew that there is a coming Day of Judgement and he will be judged so therefore before the creation of man he was pious staying with the angels. When man was created Satan became arrogant.
*** Ill-gotten gains and children of sin. Source: Abdullah Yusuf Ali in "The Holy Qur'an: English Translation" page 797.
Words: Usjudou = Prostrate (plural), Iblees = Satan (Head of Jinn), Khalaqta = You created, Ara'aytaka Hatha = I give You my opinion about this one, Karramta = Honoured, Ahtanikenna = Fully control, Thurriyah = Offspring, Tabiaka = Followed you, Jaza' = Punishment, Mawfoura = Ample, Istafziz = Provoke - Agitate, Sawtik = Your voice, Ajlib = Win over, Khaylik = Army on horses, Rajilik = Army on foot, Shaarik = Share, Amwal = Wealth (plural), Awlad = Children, Id'hum = Promise them, Ghurour = Deception, Ibad = Devout people, Sultan = Power - Authority.

Q: What type of advice does Satan and his offspring give to people?
A: O people who believed do not follow the footsteps of Satan and who follows the footsteps of Satan then indeed he (Satan) commands obscenity (indecency) and abominable actions (the forbidden = AlMunkar); And was it not for Allah's Favour upon you (plural) and His Mercy none of you all would have been guiltless (sinless) but Allah purifies whom He wills and Allah is All-Hearing All-Knowing.
Translation of: Ayah 21, Surat AlNoor. (24:21)
Words: La Tatabe'ou = Do not follow, Khutuwat = Footsteps, Ya'mur = commands, Fahsha' = Obscenity - Indecency, Munkar = Abominable actions - The forbidden, Fadhl = Favour, Rahmah = Mercy, Zaka = Be guiltless, Yuzakki = Purifies, Yasha' = Wills - Wants.

Q: Where there prophets sent to the race of Jinn?
A: O company of the Jinn and the humans - did not messengers from you (your kind) reach you telling you My (Allah's) Miraculous Signs (Allah's Word) and warning you about the meeting of your Day - this one (Day of Judgement) - they said we witnessed upon ourselves and Life on earth had deceived them and they witnessed upon themselves that they were disbelievers.
Translation of: Ayah 130, Surat AlAn'am.
Words: Ma'shar = Company - Gathering, Alem Ya'tikum = Did not reach you, Yaqusoung = Telling, Shahidou = Witnessed, Garrathum = Deceived.

Q: Do the devils (Satans) whisper only in the hearts of humans?
A: And say: My God I seek refuge with You from the urging (pushing to do) of the Satans; And I seek refuge with You so that they do not come near me.
Translation of: Ayah 97 - 98, Surat AlMo'minoun.
Words: Aouthu = Seek, Hamazat = Urging, Yahdhur = Come near me.

Q: Can the Jinn forsee the Unseen, the knowledge of which only belongs to Allah? Note: According to the Chapter of AlJinn in the Qur'an the Jinn have the capacity to eavesdrop (listen) on the angels' meetings in the Heavens (for fortune telling) but they are always cast away by angels with flames of fire (meteors).
A: And We (Allah) bestowed upon David (Dawood)* from us a favour: O mountains! Echo with him (praise of Allah); And the birds (too)! And We softened for him the iron. Do make coats of chain mails (war garments) and do measure the links (of armour) well. And do righteous deeds; I am with what you are doing aware. And to Solomon (Suleiman)** the wind (yields to him); Its coming (takes) a month and its going (takes) a month; And We made flow for him a fountain of molten brass (metal). And from the Jinn who works under his command with permission from his God (Allah); And whoever from them deviates from Our command We make him taste from the punishment of the Blazing Fire. They were doing for him (David) whatever he wanted from temples and statutes*** and bowls such as basins and cauldrons (cooking pots) fixed (in their places). Do work, family of David, with thanks (to Allah) and a little of My servants are the grateful. Then when We decreed his death nothing showed them (Jinn) his death except the earthworm gnawing away at his stick. So when he fell down (dead) the Jinn realized that if they had known the Unseen they would not have remained in the humiliating labour (under Solomon's command).
Translation of: Ayat 10 - 14, Surat Saba'.
* David was a prophet after the time of Moses. David was a son of Jacob son of Isaac son of Abraham.
** Solomon son of the Prophet David.
*** Statutes of prophets and angels...etc, to remind people that those whose statues are made were worshipping Allah. When people started to worship the statutes instead, all types of statutes became prohibited in Islam.
Words: Jibal = Mountains, Awwibi = Echo, Tayr = Birds, Alanna = We softened, E'mel = Make, Sabighat = Coats of mail chains, Qaddir = Measure well, Sard = links of armour, Reeh = Wind, Ghodou = Coming, Rawah = Going, Asala = Made flow, Ayn AlQitr = Spring of molted brass, Yazug = Deviates, Nuthiq'hu = We make him taste, Dabbat AlArdh = Earthworm, Min'sah = Stick - Staff, Kharra = Fell down, Labistha = Remained, Muheen = Humiliating - Demeaning.

Q: What does Satan sow among people?
A: And say (command to Prophet Muhammad) to my servants to say what is better for Satan sows enmity among them; Indeed Satan had been to man a fully developed (unmistakable) enemy..Your God knows you better; If He pleases He will have mercy upon you and if He pleases He will punish you and We did not send you (Prophet Muhammad) upon them a protector. Your God knows whoever is in the Heavens and the earth
and We (Allah) favoured some prophets (= AlNabiyeen) over the others and We gave David Psalms (Zabour)*
Translation of: Ayat 53 - 55, Surat AlIsra'.
* 'Zabour" = one Holy Book of wisdom and praise of Allah, "zubur" is the plural.
Words: Yanzuq = Sows enmity, disagreement, discord, Ahsen = Better, Fadhdhala = Favoured, Zabour = Psalms.

Q: Does Satan who is from the Jinn cause enmity among step-brothers?
A: They (Joseph's brothers) said O our father (Prophet Jacob) ask Allah to grant us forgiveness for our sins for we were wrongdoers*; He said I will ask my God for forgiveness for you for He is The Most-Forgiving, The Most-Merciful;
So when they entered into the presence of Joseph (= Yusuf) he drew his parents towards him and he said enter Egypt Allah willing feeling safe; And he raised his parents on the throne and they fell down to him in prostration** and he said O my father this is the fulfillment of my vision of the past for My God had made it (vision) come true - and He was Gracious to me when He freed me from the prison,*** and he brought you from the desert (Canaan) after Satan sowed enmity between me and my brothers - indeed my God is Most-Kind to what He pleases for He is the All-Knowing, the All-Wise;
My God You have given me from the power and you taught me from the interpretation of the narratives (dreams) - (O) Creator of the Heavens and the earth You are my Ally (Protector) in this Life and the Other Life - TAKE MY SOUL AS A MUSLIM (submitting to Allah Alone = Muslim) and join me with the righteous (in the Other World);
That was from the news of the Unseen We (Allah) reveal them to you (Prophet Muhammad) and you were not near them when they (Joseph's brothers) agreed unanimously while they were plotting; And most of people (= AlNas) no matter how hard you tried will not be believers (= mou'mineen)****; And you do not ask them for a payment for it is only a Message to the inhabitants of the world; And how many Miraculous Signs in the Heavens and the earth they pass by them yet they are from them turning away; And most of them do not believe in Allah except while joining partners with Him.
Translation of: Ayat 97 - 106, Surat Yusuf. (12:97-106)
* Joseph's brothers plotted against their half brother Joseph. They got rid of him in the desert and told Jacob, peace be upon him, that Joseph was killed. But Joseph was sold and was taken to Egypt where he eventually rose to be a ruling personality.
** Joseph's miracle was the true interpretation of visions. When he was a child he saw a vision that later on came true.
*** Joseph was judged as innocent in the case where he was subdued by his master's wife in Egypt. Yet he was imprisoned for years because of his virtue and before the king finding out about him.
**** Remember Iman = Faith is a step higher than Islam.
Words: Istaghfir = Ask Allah for forgiveness, Aawa = Drew, took, Arsh = Throne, Ta'weel = Interpretation, Sijn = Prison, Nazagha = Sowed enmity, sowed discord, Yamkur = Plots, Mu'ridh = Turning away, Mushrik = Joining partners.

Q: On the Day of Judgement why is the judgement of the worshippers of other than Allah connected to the judgement of Satan and his soldiers?
A: And Paradise was brought near to those who protected themselves (by fearing Allah = AlMutaqeen); And Hell was made in full view of the misguided (= AlGhaween); And it was said to them where are those that you were worshipping; Other than Allah can they help you or help themselves? So >they were thrown headlong in it (into Hell = Kubkibou*) they (false gods) and those who went astray (false god worshippers); And the soldiers of Iblees (Satan) all of them; They said while they were in it arguing; By Allah (oath) we were in a clear error; For we (companions of Hell) were holding you (idols) EQUAL to (Allah) the God of the worlds; And no body deceived us but the criminals (their leaders); So there is for us no pleaders; Neither is there an intimate friend; And only if there is a return for us we will be from the believers; Indeed in that is certainly a Miraculous Sign (for all to be warned) and most of them were not believers; And your God He is certainly the AlMighty, the Most-Merciful.
Translation of: Ayat 90 - 104, Surat AlShuara'. (26:90-104)
* Why it will be easy to push the companions of Hell frontward into Hell? (refer to Surat AlAnfal)
Note: Remember Hell is a living place with special Hell food and Hell water for its companions. (refer to Surat AlMursalat)
Words: Uzlifat = Was brought Near, AlMutaqeen = Those who protected themsleves by fearing Allah - The Righteous, Burrizat = Made in full view, AlGhaween = The misguided, Yansurounakum = Help you, Kubkibou = Were thrown headlong - Were made to topple frontwards, Junoud = Soldiers, Yakhtasimoun = Argue, Dhalal = Error - Straying away, Nusawi = We hold equal, Mujrimoun = Criminals (in Allah's Court) - Sinners, Shafieen = Pleaders, Hameem = Intimate.

Q: Who follows a man who was before a believer in Allah then he became a disbeliever?
A: And recite (order to Muhammad) upon them the story of whom* We (Allah) gave him (understanding of) Our lines (from the Holy Book) but he withdrew himself from them so Satan followed him up and he was from the tempted (away from Allah). And if We wanted We would have raised him high with them but he inclined to earth and he followed his pleasure; So his example is like the dog: If you launch an attack on it, it will pant with a lolling tongue or you leave it alone it will pant with a lolling tongue; That is the like of the people who rejected Our lines as false; So narrate (command to Prophet Muhammad) the stories so that they may reflect. How bad is the example of the people who rejected Our lines as fasle and they were doing injustice to .themselves. Whoever Allah guides so he is the guided; And whoever He leaves to stray so they are the losers.
Translation of: Ayah 175 - 178, Surat AlA'raf.
* A man from the People of Israel.
Words: Utlu = Recite, Naba' = Story, Atayna = We gave, Insalakha = Withdrew - Removed, Atba' = Followed up, Gha'wi = Tempted, Rafa' = Raised high, Akhlada = Inclined - Clung, Hawa = Pleasure - Desire, Kalb = Dog, Tahmil = Launch an attack, Yalhas(th) = Pants with lollying tongue, Tatruk, = Leave alone, Mas(th)aL = Example, Qasas = Stories, Yatafakkar = Reflects - Thinks.

Q: What happens to the person who does not remember Allah often?

A: And who becomes dim-sighted (unclear) about remembering the Lord of Mercy We (Allah) appoint in exchange for him a Satan* so he becomes his comrade (close associate); And indeed they (Satan and his followers) certainly drive them away from the Path (Allah's) while they (persons) think that they are being Rightly Guided; Until when he (person) comes to Us (Allah) he will say I wish between me and you (Satan) there is the distance of the East and the West so what an evil comrade; And it will not benefit you Today (Judgement Day) because you transgressed (against Allah) that you (people and their Satans) are in the punishment together.
Translation of: Ayat 36 - 39, Surat AlZukhruf. (43:36-39)
* Every member of Jinn who follows Satan "= Lucifer" is also called Satan.
Note: Any human who follows Satan and guides other persons towards Satan is called in the Qur'an Satan. (refer to Surat AlAn'am)
Words: Ya'shu = Becomes dim-sighted - Becomes night-blind - Becomes dim-sighted, Thikr = Remembering, Nuqayedh = We appoint in exchange, Qareen = Comrade - Close associate, Yasuddoun = They prevent, AlSabeel = The Path, Muhtadoun = Rightly Guided, Bu'd = The distance, Mashriqain = East and West, Bi'sa AlQareen = What an evil comrade, Yanfe' = Benefits, Dthalamtum = You Transgressed - Made injustice, Mushtarikoun = Together.

Q: Which prophet peace be upon him had the miracle from Allah of controlling the Jinn?
A: And We (Allah) granted David (Prophet Dawood) Solomon (Prophet Suleiman) what an excellent servant indeed he always turns (to Allah) in repentance; When in the evening the horses standing (marching) on three legs and a hoof were paraded before him; So he said indeed I preferred the love of wealth to remembering my God (missed prayer time) until it (sun) became hidden behind a partition (out of sight); Bring them (horses) back to me so he started immediately anointing (marking) their legs and necks*; And We tested with suffering Solomon and We threw a (lifeless) body** on his throne then he returned to us in repentance.
He (King Solomon) said My God forgive me and grant me dominance (kingdom) that no one after me can have indeed You are The Granter (Giver); So We made the wind yield to him flowing to his order gently wherever he pointed; And Satans (follwers of Satan) - every (kind of) builder and diver; And some others (rebellious Satans) joined with fetters (chains); This is Our grant (to Solomon) so give away or withhold without any account (from Allah); And indeed for him with Us is a close rank and a good return (on Day of Judgement).
Translation of: Ayat 30 - 40, Surat Saad. (38:30-40)
* Marked to be sacrificed in Allah's Path. Source Ibn Kashtheer, volume 4, Surat Saad. (Note: In Islam permission is given to eating horse meat. Muslims usually sacrifice sheep, goats, and cows).
** According to the explanation of Hasanain Mohammad Makhlouf, the previous official interpreter (Mufti) of Islam (mufti) in Egypt: Prophet Solomon visited all his wives so that they get pregnant and deliver knights who fight in the way of Allah, but Solomon did not say 'Allah's willing' = 'insahh Allah'. So only one wife got pregnant and she delivered a lifeless corpse.
Words: Ni'ma = Excellent, Abd = Servant, Ashey = Evening, Sa'fin = Standing on three lengs and a hoof, Jiyad = Horses, Ahbabt = I preferred - Liked, Hub = Love, AlKhair = The wealth, Ann = Than, Thikr = Remembering, Tawa'rat = Became out of side, Hijab = Behind a partition, Rud = Bring back, Ttafiqa = Started immediately, Mashh = Anointing - Marking, Souq = Legs, A'naq = Necks, Fatanna = We tested with suffering, Jasad = Lifeless corpse, Anab = Returned in repentence, Heb = Grant, Mulk = Dominance - Kingdom, Sakhkharnaa = We made yield, Reeh = Wind = Ruhkha'ann = Gently, Haysthu Assab = Wherever he pointed, Banna' = Builder, Ghawwass = Diver, Assfad = Fetters, Atta'n = gift, Zulfa = Close rank - Close place.

Q: Why do humans have the tendency to follow Satan and forget that Allah warned us that Satan is an enemy to humans?
A: And We had imposed a commitment* on Adam before but he forgot and We (Allah) did not find him of a strong will; And when We (Allah) said to the angels prostrate (in obedience to Allah) to Adam so they prostrated except for Iblees (Satan: Head of the bad Jinn) refused; So We (Allah) said O Adam this (Satan) is an ENEMY to you and to your wife so let him not get you both out of the Garden (of Paradise) otherwise you will live in hardship;
Indeed for you (Adam) not to go hungry in it (Paradise) neither to go naked; And you will not be thirsty therein neither will you be struck by the sun's rays; But Satan whispered to him O Adam shall I guide you to the Eternity Tree and a Kingdom that does not wear out**; So they ate from it then their private parts appeared to them and they started immediately to stick together upon themselves from the leaves of the Garden and Adam did disobey his God so he was tempted away (from the Right Path); Then his God picked him out and He forgave him (when Adam repented) and rightly guided him;
He (Allah) said (to Adam and Eve) get down from it (Garden) both of you - some of you (humanity) are enemies to the others - but when from Me (Allah) Right Guidance reaches you so whoever follows My (Allah's) Right Guidance then he will not go astray (in life) and he will not be miserable (in the Other World);
And whoever turns away from My (Allah's) Reminder (Allah's Message in the Qur'an) so for him is a life of hardship (in death called 'AlBarzakh'***) and We will raise**** him up on the Day of Judgement blind (= A'ma); He said (on he Day of Judgement) O my God why did you raise me up blind and I was (in Life) with eyesight; He (Allah) said that is how Our Miraculous Signs (Qur'an) came to you and you forgot them and so today you will be forgotten (away from Allah's Mercy = Tunsa); And this is how We repay who transgressed beyond bounds and did not believe in the Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) of his God and certainly the punishment of the Other World is more violent and everlasting;
Translation of: Ayat 115 - 127, Surat Taha. (20:115-127)
* The Commitment (Covenant) made with Adam and his offspring. (refer to Surat AlA'raf)
** Did Adam and Eve hear Allah saying that the Garden they are in is going to wear out? No! But Satan knows how to tempt humans. And Adam immediately forgot Satan is his enemy.
*** Life of "AlBarzakh" (The Barrier). (refer to Surat AlMo'minoun)
**** Note: A true scene from the coming Day of Judgment.
Note: In a summary of a speech of the Prophet Muhammad narrated by Abi Hurairah: The believer in his grave is in a green garden and his grave is enlarged for him seventy arm-length (= thira'). And his grave is lightened for him like the light of the full moon. The Prophet asked: Do you know the meaning of "for him is a life of great hardship"? That is the punishment of the disbeliever in his grave. The Prophet then swore an oath: By the One in Whose Hand my soul is ninety nine dragons (tinneen) are set upon him. Do you know what is a tinneen? (the Prophet said) Ninety nine snakes - every snake has seven heads - they breathe in his body (= yanfakh) and they cause him a sharp burning pain (= yalse') him and scratch (= yakhdesh) him to the Day they are raised up. Source: Mukhtasar Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, the Imam who died 774 Hijri, volume 2, page 497.
Note: Note how a dragon, a creature known in human mythology is a reality. Humans across ages heard from Allah's prophets about creatures from the World of the Unseen and then they used their own imagination to make stories of them. And Allah knows best.
Words: Ahadna = We had imposed a commitment - We had entrusted - Obligated, Nasiya = He forgot, Azm = Firm will, Adou = Enemy, Tashqa = Live in hardship - Be miserable, Tajou' = Go hungry, Ta'ra = Go naked, Tadhma' = Go thirsty, Tadhha = Be struck by the sun's rays, Waswasa = Whispered, Shajarat AlKhuld = Tree of Eternity, Mulk = Kingdom, Yabla = Wears out - Becomes ruined - Ends, Saw'at = Private parts, Tafiqa = Started immediately, Yakhasif = Sticks together - Sews, Asa = Disobeyed, Ghawa = Tempted away, Ijtaba =Picked out, Taba = Forgave, Ehbet = Get down, Tadhil = Goes astray, Yashqa = Be miserable, Maeeshatan = A life, Dhanka = of hardship, Nahshur = We raise up, Baseera = with eyesight, Asrafa = transgressed beyond limits, Abqa = Everlasing.

Q: Who understand that their recent community inherited the land from a destroyed community so they should keep it save from Allah's Wrath?
A: So was it not of enough Right Guidance to them (disbelievers) how many generations did We destroy before them - they are walking** in their dwelling places - indeed in that are Miraculous Signs (of Allah's Attributes*) for intellectual people.
Translation of: Ayah 128, Surat Taha. (20:128)
* Reference to Allah's Attributes which Allah made known to humans.
** Example Pharaoh and his worshipping way were destroyed.
Another example "Mada'in Saleh in Saudi Arabia". (posted to explain the translation of Ayah 26, in Surat AlAhqaf)
Words: Afa Lem Yahdi = Was it not of enough Right guidance, Uli AlNuha = Intellectual people - People with intellect.

Q: Allah created the Jinn (Satan is from the Jinn) before man. Did Allah make the Jinn witness the creation of the Heavens and the earth or even the creation of the Jinn themselves?
A: I (Allah) did not call them to witness the creation of the Heavens and the earth neither the creation of themselves and I was not going to take the misleaders as helpers.
Translation of: Ayah 51, Surat AlKahf.
Note: The answer to 'who is Satan' (in a division at the top of this page) is the line before the Qur'anic Line that is being translated here.
Words: Ashhada = Called them to witness - Made them present to witness, Khalq = Creation, Anfus = Selves, Mut'takhidh = Going to take, Mudhil = Misleader, Adh'ud = Helper - Supporter.

Q: Where common place does Satan who is from the Jinn and his offspring like the most?
Note: First Satan was cast out of the Garden because of his disobedience of Allah and arrogance. Then Adam was cast out of the Garden because of his disbedience of Allah and his listening to Satan.
A: And We (Allah) had created you (all) and then shaped you (all) then We said to the angels to prostrate to Adam (stands for humanity); So they prostrated except for Iblees (Satan) - he was not from those who prostrated. He (Allah) said: What hindered you from not prostrating when I ordered you? He said: I am better than him; You created me from fire and you created him from clay. He (Allah) said: So get down from it (Garden)* because you do not have the right to be arrogant in it (Garden): So get out you are from the humiliated.
Translation of: Ayat 11 - 13, Surat AlA'raf.
* Adam was created in a Garden in the Heaven.
Note: Satan is from the bad Jinn. There are also good Jinn (refer to Chapter AlJinn in the Qur'an).
Note: In a summary of the Prophet Muhammad's saying: Beware of the markets because Satan lays his eggs and has his young ones there (which means he establishes himself and spreads like a plague there).
Words: Khalqa = Had created, Sawwara = Shaped, Mana' = Hinder, Khair = Better, Ehbet = Get down, Takabbara = Became arrogant.

Q: Had the Jinn knowledge about the Day of Judgement even before Adam was cast out from the Garden?
A: He (Allah) said get down from it (Garden where Adam was created) because you don't have the right to be arrogant in it; Get out! You are from the humiliated. He (Satan) said: Grant me some time to The Day (of Judgement) they are raised up. He (Allah) said: You are from those who have been granted some time ---
(Allah says) And O Adam dwell you and your wife in the Garden (in Heaven) so eat from wherever you desire but do not approach this Tree lest you become from the transgressors (against Allah's Command).
Translation of: Ayat 13 - 15, 19, Surat AlA'raf.
Words: Ehbet = Get down, Tatakabur = Be arrogant, Sagher = Humiliated, Unthur = Grant time, Yub'as(th) = Rasised up, Uskun = Dwell, Taqraba = Approach (for two), FaTakouna Min AlDhalimeen = Lest you become of the transgressors - Unjust.

Q: Whom does Allah call the brothers of Satan and his offspring?
A: And give your relative his due right and the needy and the wayfarer (unknown traveller in need) and do not squander (waste)-lavish squandering; For the squanderers are the brothers of Satan(s)* and Satan had been to His God ungrateful; And if you turn away from them in pursuit of Mercy (Forgiveness) from your God which you hope to get then say to them a lenient word**; And do not make your hand chained to your neck (miser) and do not extend it to the full extension then you will end up blameworthy, regretful; Indeed your God extends the sustenance to whom He pleases and He restrains - indeed He is with His servants Well-Acquainted, All-Seeing.
Translation of: Ayat 26 - 30, Surat AlIsra' (known as Surat Beni Israel).
* Satan and his offsrping and followers.
** For example: Sorry or forgive me...etc.
Note: A believer should not be fooled by those who try to take for themselves what is considered the right of other needy persons. (Read the story of a beggar who died leaving behind a fortune)
Words: Aati = Give, Tha AlQurba = Relative, Haqqahu = His due right, AlMiskeen = The needy, The poor, Ibn AlSabeel = Wayfarer, Tubathir = Squander, Tabtheer = Lavish squandering, Kafour = Ungrateful, Tu'ridh = Turn away, Maysoura = Lenient - Easy going, Magloulah = Tight, Unuq = Neck, Tabssutt = Extend, Yaqdir = Restrains - Restricts - Limits.

Q: What is Allah's Word of Covenant that Allah entrusted man with?
A: And be distinguished (as wrongdoers) today O sinners; Did I (Allah) not entrust (= A'had) you O offspring of Adam not to worship Satan* for he is to you an unmistakable enemy**; And to worship Me (Allah) - this is a Straight Path; And he misguided from you great numbers so could you not understand; This is Hell that you were promised; Get burnt in it Today for what you were rejecting as lies.
Translation of: Ayat 59 - 64, Surat YaSeen.
* Worshipping any form other than Allah is worshipping Satan because Satan misguides people to worship other than Allah.
** Unmistakable enemey that guides to Hell: This is why Allah entrusted man not to worship (follow) Satan.
Words: Emtazou = Be distinguished - Separated, Mujrim = Sinner - Criminal, Ta'bud = Worship, Adhalla = Misguided, Jibbil = numbers, Kastheer = Great.

Q: Why is there a reference in the Qur'an to two rising of the sun and two setting of the sun?
A: The God of the two rising of the Sun and the God of the two setting of the sun; So which of the Signs of your (both humans and Jinn) God do you deny.
Translation of: Ayat 17 - 18, Surat AlRahman.
Note: Chapter AlRahman in the Qur'an talks to both humans and Jinn in a Qur'anic line that is repeated 31 times: "So which of the Signs of your (both humans and Jinn) God do you deny? In the Arabic language the addition of 'ma' (= Rabukuma) to the noun and 'an' to the verb (= tukathiban) means two or both.
Words: Mashriq = Rising of the sun, Maghrib = Setting of the sun, Ala' = Signs - Wonders - Miracles, Tukathib = Deny - Reject as lies.

Q: What is the Message that was heard and believed by some of the Jinn?
Note: Remember Satan is the leader of the bad Jinn. They disobey Allah and they whisper and incite people to guide them away from Allah's Path.
A: And when We (Allah) directed towards you a group of Jinn* to listen to the Quran so when they attended it (recitation) they said listen quietly (= Anssitou) - so when it was done they ran away to their people warning; They said O our people indeed we heard a (Holy) Book that was sent down after Moses (Prophet Moosa) confirming what was before it - guiding to the Truth and to a Straight Path (of Allah); O our people comply with the caller to Allah and believe in Him (Allah) He will forgive you your sins and deliver you away from a painful punishment; And who does not comply with the caller to Allah so he is not escaping (from Allah) in the earth and he does not have other than Him allies - those are in clear straying away (from Allah's Path).
Translation of: Ayat 29 - 32, Surat AlAhqaf. (46:29 - 32)
* According to Hassanain Mohammad Makhlouf, ex-mufti (scholar) of Egypt: It is reported that some Jinn came to hear the Quran six times. This time either they were from the Jinn of 'Naseebeen' from 'diyar Bakr' near AlSham ( nowadays Syria and its surroundings) or from the Jinn of Nainawa near the city of AlMousul (in Iraq). The Prophet was leading the Dawn Prayer and he read Chapter 'AlAlaq' or said to be 'AlRahman' in the way to AlTa'if near Mecca.
Words: Sarafa = Directed, Nafar = Group, Hadharou = They attended, Anssitou = Listen quietly - Listen attentively, Wallou = They ran away, Munthir = Warning, Kitab = (Holy) Book - Scripture, Musaddiq = Confirming, Yahdi = Guides, Mustaqeem = Straight, Ajeebou = Comply with - Answer, Yujir = Delivers - Saves, Mu'jiz = Escaping - Making give up, Dhalal = Straying away - Error.

Q: What type of blood relatives do some disbelievers attribute to Allah?
A: And they (disbelievers) made with Him (Allah) partners from the Jinn (Satan & his offspring) and (note) He (Allah) created them (Jinn) And they foolishly attributed (= Kharaqou) to Him sons and daughters* without (true) knowledge - Glory to Him and Sublime He is above what they attribute.
Translation of: Ayah 100, Surat AlAn'am. (6:100)
* What type of blood relationship did some disbelievers fabricate about Allah? (refer to Surat AlSaffat)
Words: Ja'alou = They made, Shuraka' = Partners, Khalqahum = He created them, Kharaqou = Foolishly attributed, Baneen = Sons, Banat = Daughters, Ilm = Knowledge, Yasifoun = They attribute - They describe.

Q: Why do the disbelievers ask for certain Jinn on the Day of Judgement?

A: And those who disbelieved said (on the Day of Judgement) our God show us those two (ones) who both misguided us (away from Allah's Path) from Jinn and humans - we will crush them under our feet so that they become reduced to the lowest status.
Translation of: Ayah 29, Surat Fusilat. (41:29).
Words: Arina = Show us, Adhalana = They both misguided us- Both made us astray, Ins = Humans, Naja'l Tahta Aqdamina = We will crush them under our feet - We will trample them under our feet, Yakoun Asfel = Reducad to the lowest status.

Q: What are the two names of Satan?
A: Say I seek refuge with The Lord of humans, The Dominant over humans, The God of humans; Against the harm of who whispers (when Allah is not mentioned); Who withdraws (when Allah is mentioned); Who whispers in the hearts of humans; From Jinns and among men (like Satans).
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 6, Surat AlNas.
Note: In a summary of a speech of the Prophet Muhammad, narrated by Anas Bin Malik: Satan is putting his snout (like animal's nose) over the heart of the son of Adam, so if he remembers Allah Satan withdraws, but if he forgets Satan becomes the winner. Source: The Abridged Version of Tafseer Ibn Kastheer.
Note: In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: There is none of you except with a companion (who makes evil look good to him). They said: And also you, prophet of Allah? He said: Yes except that Allah has helped me against him so he became Muslim so he does not order me but to do good.
Words: A'outhu = I seek refuge, AlNas = Humans - Mankind, Malik = The Dominant - The King, Ilah = God, Waswas = Who whispers, Khannas = Who withdraws, Sodour = Hearts - Chests, Jinnah = Jinn - Hidden creatures.

Q: What was the first sin committed by Satan that cast him out of Paradise?
A: And when We (Allah) told the angels to prostrate to Adam so they prostrated except Iblis (name of Satan)* refused and became arrogant and he was from the disbelievers**.
Translation of: Ayah 34, Surat AlBaqarah.
* Satan is from the Jinn yet he was always with the angels. He was very pious and used to worship Allah just like the angles who never disobey Allah. Then he became jealous of Adam whom Allah honoured above the Jinn and the angels.
** Note that Satan did not ask Allah for forgiveness.
Words: Usjudu = Prostrate - Bow down with the head on the ground, Aba = He refused, Estakbara = He became arrogant, Kafireen = Disbelievers.

Q; What happens if a person's relationship with Satan is stronger than his relationship with Allah?
A: Satan has dominated them (hypocrites among Muslims) so he made them forget remembering Allah - those are the troop of Satan - well the troop of Satan are the losers.
Translation of: Ayah 19, Surat AlMujadilah. (58:19)
Note: The worthy ancestors (= AlSalaf) of Islam said: Man is between Allah and Satan. If Allah is his Supporter Satan will leave him. If Satan is his supporter Allah will leave him. Source: Sheikh Khaled AlHusainan's "How do you keep yourself safe (against Satan)" lecture in Arabic.
Words: Estahwatha = Dominated - Took control, Ansahum = Made them forget, Thikr Allah = Remembering Allah, Hizb = Troop - Party, Ala = Well!, Khasiroun = Losers.

Q: What sort of a guide is Satan who is an enemy of Allah?
A: And from people who argues about Allah without knowledge (of Allah's Religion) and he follows every rebellious Satan (bad Jinn); It is destined for him (Satan) that whoever supports him then he (Satan) will lead him astray (from Allah's Path) and guides him to the punishment of the Blazing Flame (Hell).
Translation of: Ayat 3 - 4, Surat AlHajj.
Words: Yujadil = Argues - Disputes, BiGhayr = Without, Ilm = Knowledge, Yattabe' = Follows, Shaytan = Satan, Mareed = Rebellious, Kutiba = It is destined - It is written, Tawallahu = Supports - Befriends and follows, Yudhilluhu = He will lead him astray - He will mislead him, Yahdeehi = guides, AlSaeer = Blazing Fire.

Q: Will Satan (the evil Jinn) defend his followers on the Day of Judgement?

A: (Allah takes an Oath) By Allah We (Allah) had sent messengers to communities before you (Prophet Muhammad) then Satan made their deeds look good to them so he (Satan) is their companion (in Hell) today (Day of Judgement) and for them is a severe punishment.
Translation of: Ayah 63, Surat AlNahl. (16:63)
Note: Satan is weak and coward but he is strong in deceiving people to commit sins. (refer to Surat AlAnfal)
Words: TaLillah = By Allah, Waliyuhum = He is their companion - their ally.

Q: Why should Muslims beware of those humans who can control Jinn?
Note: Line 128 in Surat AlAn'am that precedes the Line translated here.
A: And in that (Line 128) way We (Allah) allow transgressors to control one other because of what (bad deeds) they were earning.
Translation of: Ayah 129, Surat AlAn'am.
Note: Line 130 in Surat AlAn'am that succeeds the Line translated here.
Note: Many fortune-tellers (who call themselves righteous people = 'peer' for one) in Pakistan and India for example have started to announce publicly that they can cure physical illnesses and psychological problems by communicating with Jinn. Even sometimes you can see their paid ads in Urdu speaking newspapers in Canada.
Example of an Islamic forum about communicating with Jinn.
Words: Kathalika = In that way, AlDhalimeen = Transgressors - Wrongdoers, Ba'dh + Ba'dha = One another - Each other, Yaksiboun = Earning - Doing.

Q: Can Muslims defend Satan, whom Allah cursed, in any way?
Note: When Allah says that Satan disobeyed him out of arrogance, does man then have the right to resort to love as an excuse for Satan? Reference to 'No god but God' by the scholar Reza Aslan page 218, about the philosophy of love on which Sufism is based: Rumi illustrates in 'Apology of Iblis' that his refusal to obey God arose from love of God not from disobedience... If this somewhat flattering impression of the Devil is shocking to most Muslims, it is important to remember that that is precisely the point. As Attar claimed: 'Love knows of neither faith nor blasphemy'...
A: When your God said to the angels for I (Allah) am going to create man out of clay; So when I have made him and I have blown in him from My Spirit then do fall down to him in prostration*; So all the angels prostrated together; Except Iblis (Satan) - he became arrogant and he became from the disbelievers; He (Allah) said O Iblis what prevented you from prostrating to what My Hand created - Have you become arrogant or were you from the sublime; He (Satan) said I am better than him - you created me from fire and you created him from clay; He said (to Satan) then get out of it for you are stoned (damned); And indeed upon you is My Curse to the Day of Judgement; He (Satan) said My God then give me respite to the Day they are raised up; He (Allah) said then you are from those who are given the respite; To the Day of the Appointed Time; He (Satan) said then by Your Might I will certainly lure them all (away from Allah's Path); Except Your servants from them - the devoted ones; He (Allah) said then the Truth and the Truth I say; I will certainly fill Hell with you** and whoever follows you from all of them.
Translation of: Ayat 71 - 85, Surat Saad. (38:71-85)
* A prostration to see who disobeys Allah. Allah honoured man over all His other creation.
** Satan and his offspring from the bad Jinn. Remember that Satan was from the Jinn (reared up among the angels so he was like one of them in the beginning).
Words: Khaaliq = I am going to create, Basharan = Man, Teen = Clay, Sawwaytuhu = I have made him, Nafakhtu = I have blown, Ruhi = My Spirit, FaQau = Then do fall, Saajideen = In prostration, Estakbara = Became arrogant, AlAaleen = From the sublime, Khair = Better, Nar = Fire, Rajeem = Stoned - Damned - Cursed, La'nati = My curse, LaAghwayanahum = I will certainly lure them away, AlMukhlaseen = The devoted.

Q: Why in Islam Muslims should not consult fortune tellers or dealers of black magic?

A: (Some Muslim Jinn are saying) And indeed some men of mankind were seeking refuge with some men of Jinn so they (Jinn) overwhelmed them with excessive (tiriing) demands*.
Translation of: Ayah 6, Surat AlJinn.
* In pre-Islamic Arabia some disbelievers used to call on the Jinn to protect them when entering a new place. In Islam Muslims seek refuge with Allah. Source: "Safwat AlBayan liMa'ani AlQur'an" page 753. Also a person to be able to do black magic has first to follow orders concerning the disbelieving in Allah to place him fully under the command of the disbelieving Jinn. Then he can summon Jinn to help him in his black magic. Listen to some discussion about black magic and how black magic backfires on the persons dealing with it.
Note: If black magic happens then the solution is 'AlRuqyah' = Ayat from the Qur'an and calling on Allah. Example 'Surat AlFalaq and Surat AlNas in the Qur'an'. View it on youtube.com.
Note: Listen to Surat AlJinn in the Qur'an on youtube.com.
Words: Rijal = Men, AlIns = Mankind - Humans, Ya'outhoun = Seeking refuge - Seeking shelter, FaZadouhum = They overwhelmed them, Rahaqa = With excessive demands.

Q: What did many Jinn not realize about resurrection just like many humans?
Note: Just above is Line 6 in Surat AlJinn that precedes the Ayah translated in this posting.
A: (Some Muslim Jinn are saying) And they (humans) thought as you (Jinn) thought that Allah is not going to raise up (from death) anyone (on the Day of Judgement).
Translation of: Ayah 7, Surat AlJinn.
Note: Lines 1 - 5 in Surat AlJinn in the Qur'an.
Words: Dhannou = They thought, Len Yabastha = Will not raise up, Ahada = Anyone.

Q: How much do Jinn know about what Allah destined (pre-decreed) for humans?
A: And indeed we (a group of new Muslim Jinn) do not know if disaster* is intended (destined by Allah) for those (mankind) who inhabit the earth or their God intended (destined) for them straightforwardness (Allah's Guidance to His Path).
Translation of: Ayah 10, Surat AlJinn.
* Straying away from Allah's Path leads to disaster (Allah's Punishment). Remember that Allah guides to Hismself whoever is ready to be guided. And Allah knows who is ready to be guided.

Note: Remember in a CD of Sheikh (Dr) Tareq Suwaidan entitled "Stories of the Prophets peace be upon them", about the time before the creation of man: Allah created Jinn around 2000 years before man. They inhabited the earth and made corruption in it. There was a lot of bloodshed. Allah sent angels to fight them (bad Jinn). Angels won and Jinn were cast away from the earth to deserted islands (but they move freely on earth)...Allah then created man and man was cast away from Heaven to live on the earth. (Remember that Satan, the head of bad Jinn, was cast away from Heaven to earth before the casting away of man to earth).
Note: In a well known saying of the Prophet Muhammad: (say) the fortune tellers said lies even if they said the truth. (This is because an actual fortune teller who tries to see the future usually has contact with bad Jinn who are used to eavesdropping. The bad Jinn may bring the fortune teller some news and more is added to it.
Words: Anna = Indeed we, Nadri = Know, Ashar = If disaster, Ureeda = Is intended, Arada = Intended - Wanted, Rashada = Straightforwardness (of Allah's Path).

Q: What should a believer do when he realizes that his companions are ridiculing the Qur'an?
A: And when you see (command to Prophet Muhammad) those who indulge in (ridiculing) Our Miraculous Lines (Qur'anic verses) so do turn away from them until they indulge in another talk - and if Satan has made you forget so after remembering do not sit with the transgressing (against Allah) people.
Translation of: Ayah 68, Surat AlAn'am.
Note: But what if one is too timid to leave the inappropriate gathering?
Words: Ra'ayta = You have seen, FaA'ridh = So do turn away, Yunasiyannka = has Made you forget, Taq'ud = Sit, AlThikra = Remembering, AlDhalimeen = Transgressing - Unjust - Wrong doing.

Q: What is the objective behind the believer's leaving the gathering that ridicules the Qur'an?
Note: The preceding 'line 68' is translated just above.
A: And those (believers) who protect themselves by fearing (Allah) are in no way accountable for them (who ridicule) but it (the command in Ayah 68) is a Reminder so that they (who ridicule) may (too) protect themselves by fearing (Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 69, Surat AlAn'am.
Words: Yattaqoun = Who protect themselves by fearing (Allah); Thikra = Reminder.

Q: When Allah made man what made Satan feel arrogant and disobey Allah?
A: And when your God told the angels for I (Allah) am going to create a human being from argil (potter's clay) (made) of stinky sludge; So when I have made him and I have blown in him from My Spirit then do fall down to him in prostration*; So all the angels prostrated together; Except Iblis (Satan) rejected to be among those who prostrated; He (Allah) said what is wrong with you that you were not among those who prostrated; He (Satan) said I was not going to prostrate to a human being you created from argil (potter's clay) (made) of stinky sludge; He said then get out of it for you are stoned** (damned); And indeed upon you is The Curse*** to the Day of Judgement; He (Satan) said My God then give me respite to the Day they are raised up; He (Allah) said then you are from those who are given the respite; To the Day of the Appointed Time.
Translation of: Ayat 28 - 38, Surat AlHijr.
* A prostration to see who disobeys Allah. Allah honoured man over all His other creation.
** Throwing symbolic stones on the place of Satan who tried to convince Prophet Abraham to disobey Allah, is part of the Muslim Pilgrimage rituals every year.
*** When Satan is mentioned or remembered Muslims curse him saying: "Alayhi Alla'nah = Upon him is The Curse" or "Allah Yalanah = Allah curses him"...etc.
Words: Nafakhtu = I have blown, Ruhi = My Spirit, FaQau = Then do fall, Ma Laka = What is wrong with you, Salsal = Argil (potter's clay), Hama' = Sludge, Masnoon = Stinky, Rajeem = Stoned - Damned - Cursed.

Q: How does Satan and his soldiers work with the disbelievers among humans?
A: And they (human disbelievers) worship other than Allah what (human made god*) does not benefit them nor harms them and the disbeliever has always been against his God someone who baks up (Satan**).
Translation of: Ayah 55, Surat AlFurqan.
* Worshipping any form other than Allah is worshipping Satan.
** Satan with his soldiers (followers) and the disbelievers are supporters of each other.
Words: Ya'bodoun = They worship, Yanf'uhum = Benefit them, Yadhuruhum = Harms them, AlKafir = Disbeliever - Ungrateful to Allah, Dhaheera = Supporter - One who backs up.

Q: What is Satan after when he and his soldiers, from Jinn and humans, keep on constantly tempting man?
A: Just like Satan when he said to man disbelieve (in Allah) so when he disbelieved he (Satan) said indeed I am innocent of you - indeed I fear* Allah the God of the inhabitants of the worlds.
Translation of: Ayah 16, Surat AlHashr. (59:16)
* Why does Satan fear Allah? (refer to Surat AlAnfal)
Note: Remember Satan was a devout worshipper of Allah but his jealousy of man made him arrogantly defy Allah. (refer to Surat AlA'raf)
Allah cursed Satan and cast him out of the Heaven where he used to be among angels. He had asked Allah time to the Day of Judgement to delude people and he was granted it.
Words: KaMasthal = Just like, Ukfur = Disbelieve, Baree' = Innocent - Clear, Akhaf = I fear.

Q: Who will also be in Hell besides those who listen to Satan?
Note: Please read first the translation of Line 16 in Surat AlHashr above.
A: So their ending (Satan and human disbelievers) is that they both are in the Fire (of Hell) remaining for eternity in it and that is the repayment of the transgressors (against Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 17, Surat AlHashr. (59:17)
Words: Aaqibatuhuma = Their ending, Jaza' = Repayment.

Q: Muslims are divided into many groups but what about the believers among the race of the Jinn?
Note: Please read first the translation of Ayat 1-5 in Surat AlJinn.
A: (Some righteous Jinn say) And from us are righteous and from us are less than that - we split into many groups; And indeed we are certain that we will not make Allah give up on earth and we will not make Him give up by ESCAPING*.
Translation of: Ayat 11 - 12, Surat AlJinn. (72:11-12)
* Running away because they are fast movers. Remember that Prophet Muhammad mentioned that Satan (bad Jinn = Satans) flows in the human body with the flowing of the blood. (Source will be added later).
Words: AlSalihoun = The righteous, Doona Thalika = Other than that, Tara'iq Qadada = We split into many groups, Len Nu'jiz Allah = We will not make Allah give up, Haraba = By escaping.

Q: Why were the miracles which supported some of Allah's messengers completely performed and never went wrong?
Note: Please read first the translation of the preceding Line 81 in Surat AlAnbiya'.
A: And of Satans* who dive for him (Prophet Solomon 'Suleiman') and they were doing work other than that and We (Allah) were of them Observers**.
Translation of: Ayah 82, Surat AlAnbiya'. (21:82)
* Plural of Satan. Satan (head of bad Jinn) and his offspring.
** Watching them attentively. Prophet Solomon 'Suleiman' could not have controlled the Jinn (another race) working for him without Allah's Help.
Words: Men Yaghosouna = Who dive, Hafidheen = Observers.

Q: What was the race of Satan?
Note: Remember before his arrogant disobedience to Allah, Satan was initially raised up and used to be found always with angels worshipping Allah.
A: And when We (Allah) said to the angels prostrate* to Adam so they prostrated except 'Iblis' (Satan) - he was from Jinn so he sinfully strayed away from the Command of his God - so do you (humans) take him and his offspring helpers (= awliya') other than Me and they are to you an enemy - what a miserable substitute for the transgressors**.
Translation of: Ayah 50, Surat AlKahf. (18:50)
* Remember Allah honored Adam . (in Surat AlIsra')
Note: Refer to some history about the Jinn race by Dr. Tareq Suwaidan.
** Ungrateful and unjust to Allah.
Words: FaFasaqa = So he sinfully strayed away, Awliya' = Helpers - Supporters, Min Dooni = Other than me, Adou = An enemy, Bi'sa = What a miserable, Badala = Substitute.

Q: How do both believers and disbelievers follow "the footsteps" of Satan when they say upon Allah what they did not receive knowledge of (through the Qur'an or Prophet Muhammad)?
A: Indeed he (Satan) only commands you to do evil and obscenity and to say upon Allah what you do not know.
Translation of: Ayah 169, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:169)
* Whom do people who commit morally detestable actions follow? (Refer to Surat AlNoor)
Note: The translation of the preceeding Line 168 in Surat AlBaqarah.
Words: BilSou' = To do evil, AlFahsha' = Obscenity, Ma la Ta'lamoun = What you do not know.

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