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First: Why is the Qur'an a Miracle to the end of the World?

It is We (Allah) who sent down the Reminder (Message of Allah = "AlThikr" = The Qur'anic Verses) and it is We who will preserve it.
Translation of: Ayah 9, Surat AlHijr. (15:9)

Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) if all human beings and all Jinn gather together to produce the like of this Qur'an they cannot make the like of it even if they backed up one another.
Translation of: Ayah 88, Surat AlIsra' (known also as Surat Beni Israel).

Q: What is the effect of the Qur'an on the human heart?

A: If We sent down this Qur'an on a mountain you (command to Prophet Muhammad) would have seen it reduced to submission (showing reverence), full of cracks (broken = Mutassaddian) from the Awe of Allah and those parables We (Allah) set them for people so that they may contemplate (about the Attributes of Allah - the Creator).

Translation of: Ayah 21, Surat AlHashr (59:21)

Words: Anzalna = Sent down, Jabal = Mountain, Khashia'n = Reduced to submission - Displaying humility - Humble - Showing reverence, Mutassaddian = Full of cracks - Broken, Khashia'n = Humble - Showing reverence, Yatafakaroun = Contemplate - Think deeply.

Q: What are we supposed to do when we hear the Qur'an?

A: And a Qur'an We made it into parts (= Faraqnahu) so that you (Prophet Muhammad) recite it to people (= LilNas) in stages and We sent it down a proper sending down (through Angel Gabriel); Say believe (plural) in it or do not believe - indeed those who have received pre knowledge of it (Jews and Christians included) when it is recited to them they fall down to their chins in prostration; And they say glory to our God indeed the promise of our God has certainly to be fulfilled; And they (Jews and Christians included) fall down to their chins crying and it increases their awe (of Allah).
Translation of: Ayat 106 - 109, Surat AlIsra'. (17:106-109)
Also everything from the beginning to the end is written in Allah's Record before the creation even began. (under the translation of Surat AlTakweer).
Words: Faraqnahu = We made it into parts - We made it separate - We made it distinct, AlNas = People - Humans - All people, Aminou = Believe, AlIlm = The Knowledge, In Kana Wa'du Rubbina LaMafou'la = Indeed the Promise of our God has certainly to be fulfilled, Yakhkhiroun = They Fall Down, LilAthqan = To the chins, Sujjada = In prostration - Prostrating, Yabkoun = Crying, Khoshou'a = Awe - Submission - Reverence.

Q: Why does the Qur'an contain variations (not in the from Allah's Torah or Allah's Bible (Injeel in Arabic)?
A: And We (Allah) had sent messengers before you (Prophet Muhammad), and we gave them wives and offspring - and no messenger was allowed to show a Miraculous Sign (= ayah) except with permission from Allah - every appointed time has a Record*; Allah erases and makes firm** what He pleases and He has The Mother (Origin) Of The Book***.
Translation of: Ayat 38 - 39, Surat AlRa'd.
* Is written with Allah.
** Praying to Allah can change the writtin Fate. In the Islamic tradition "nothing changes Fate (Destingy) except supplication = La Yughayyer AlQadha' Illa AlDua'".
*** Called in the Qur'an "Um AlKitab = Mother (Origin) of the Book.
Words: Arsalna = We had sent, Rusul = Messengers, Qablika = Before you, Azwaj = Wives, Thuriyah = Offspring, Ithn = Permission, Ajal = Appointed time - Fixed time, Kitab = Record - Book - Written, Yusthbit = Makes firm.

Q: In one word what is the Qur'an? And what is the language of the Qur'an?
A: And thus We had sent it down a judgement (wisdom) in Arabic and if you (Prophet Muhammad) follow their desires after the knowledge that has reached you, you will not have a supporter or a protector against Allah.
Translation of: Ayah 37, Surat AlRa'd.
Words: Kathalika = Thus, Hukm = Judgement - wisdom, Arabiyan = In Arabic, Ahwa' = Desires, AlIlm = Knowledge, Min = From, Wali = Supporter, Waqi = Protector.

Q: Why has Allah chosen the Arabic language as the language of the Qur'an?
A: We didn't send a prophet but in the language of his people so as to explain to them. And Allah makes astray (away from the Right Wath) whom He wants and He guides to the Right Way whom He wants. And He is The Powerful and The Wise.
Translation of: Ayah 4, Surat AlRa'd.
Words: Arsalna = We sent, Rashool = Prophet, Koum = People, Yubayen = Explain, Yahdi = Guides, AlAzeez = The Powerful, AlHakeepm = The Wise.

Q: What type of Qur'an did the disbelievers ask for?

A: And if there were a Qur'an with which mountains were moved or the earth was cut or the dead were spoken to - rather to Allah belongs the matter - all of it so have those who believed not given up (and know) that if Allah wills He would have guided all mankind to (Allah's Path) - and those who disbelieved (ungrateful to Allah) continue to be afflicted because of what they did by a heavy blow (calamity with a loud noise like earthquake = 'Qariah') or it lands near their dwelling (country) until Allah's Promise arrives indeed Allah does not fail the Promise.
Translation of: Ayah 31, Surat AlRa'd. (13:31)
Words: Law = If, Suyyerat = Were moved, AlJibal = The Mountains, Qutti'at = Was cut, Kullima = Were spoken to, Yayes = Give up, Amanou = Believed, Allatheen Kafarou = Those who disbelieved - Those ungrateful to Allah, Qariah = Heavy Blow - Maker of tumultuous noise - Maker of loud noise - Calamity with a loud noise, Darihim = Their dwelling - Their country, Wa'd = Promise, Yukhlif = Fail - Break, AlMiad = The Promise - Appointed Time.

Q: What is the value of the Qur'an to Allah?

A: (If Allah was going to take an oath) And I (Allah) truly do take an oath by* the orbits of the stars; And it is indeed a great oath if only you knew; It is indeed an Honorable Qur'an; In a cherished (safely guarded) Book (also cherished in Heaven); Touched only by the purged (clean); A sending down by the God of the inhabitants of the worlds; So with this speech you are lenient; And you make your living by rejecting it (Qur'an) as lies; So when it (soul of dying person) indeed reaches the throat; And at that time you are looking; And We (Allah's Command and Angels) are nearer to him than you but you can not see; So if you were not going to be judged based on Allah's Religion (= Ghayra Madeeneen**) bring it (the soul) back if you were truthful.
Translation of: Ayat 75 - 87, Surat AlWaaqiah. (56:75-87)
* If Allah was going to take an oath so it will by what is mentioned in the oath. It should be a point of focus and research for its value in religion and to human life.
** = If you do not believe in the Day of Judgement.
Words: Lawla = If, Uqsim = Take an oath - Swear, Mawaaqi' = Orbits, Setting sites, Spots, Setting or Falling places, AlNojoum = The stars, Qasam = Oath, Ta'lamoun = You know, Adheem = Great, Kareem = Honourable - Holy, Yammassuhu = Touch it, Muttahiroun = Purged, Clean, Tanzeel = Sending down, Hadeesth = Speech, Rizq = Living, Tukathiboun = Rejecting it as lies - Denying it as lies, Ghayra Madeeneen G Not going to be judged based on religion, YSaadiqeen = Truthful - Telling the truth.

Q: What does Allah answer those who say that the Qur'an was not revealed from Allah but taught by someone who knows about Allah and has knowledge of a foreign language?
A: And We do know that they say a human being teaches him (Prophet Muhammad) - the tongue of the one they sinfully point to is foreign* and this (The Qur'an) is a clear Arabic tongue; Indeed those who do not believe in the Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) of Allah, Allah does not guide them (to Allah's Path) and for them is a painful punishment; Rather those who fabricate lies (against Allah) are those who do not believe in Allah's Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) and those are the liars.
Translation of: Ayat 103 - 105, Surat AlNahl. (16:103-105)
* Indication to a foreign speaking man who was a slave to some people related to the Tribe of Quraish. He was a salesman who used to sell near AlSafa and perhaps Prophet Muhammad used to sit with him and talk some time to him. The man did not know much Arabic. Also it is narrated that he was a Christian from Rome with another slave like him there. Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, Volume 2, pages 861-862.
Note: Remember the Qur'an is a miracle in its language and content. No creature can claim it or make the like of it (refer to Surat AlIsra')
Words: Na'lam = We know, Yu'alimuhu = Teaches him, Bashar = Human being, Ayat = Miraculous Signs - Qur'anic Lines (Verses), Lisan = Tongue, Yahdi = Guides to the Straight Way, Azaab = Punishment, Aleem = Painful, Yaftari = Forges, Yu'min = Believes - Has faith, KAlKaathiboun = The liars.

Q: Did Allah direct the Prophet how to recite the Qur'an that was being revealed to him through the Angel Gabriel (Jibrail)?
A: (To Prophet Muhammad) Do not move your tongue with it (Qur'an) to rush through it; It is on Us its collection and its recitation; So when We have finished reciting it, you follow its recitation. And then it is on Us its explanation.
Translation of: Ayat 16 - 19, Surat AlQiyamah.
Words: La = Do not, Tuharik = Move, Lisanak = Your Tongue, Ta'jal = Rush, Jama'hu = Its collection, Qur'anah = Its recitation, It'tabi' = Follow, Bayanah = Its Explanation.

Q: Does Allah mention that The Holy Qur'an, the word of Allah, is delivered through Gabriel (Jibreel) and is not the words of Muhammad, peace be upon him?
Note: What Allah swears by should be a point of focus in contemplation and scientific research.
A: And I (Allah) do swear by the withdrawing stars (before dawn) - The sweeping away (of light) runners (stars), and by the night when it dissipates (before vanishing), and by the dawn when it breathes: It (Qur'an) is but the utterance of an honorable messenger (Angel Gabriel); Having power (Angel Gabriel) and is distinguished by the Owner of the Throne (Allah), With authority (Angel Gabriel) and is honest worthy. And your companion (Prophet Muhammad) is not possessed (mad); And he (Prophet Muhammad) had seen him (Angel Gabriel) in the clear horizon*. And he (Prophet Muhammad) is not stingy (sparing) with the knowledge of the Unseen, And it (Qur'an) is not the utterance of a stoned (cursed) Satan. So where do you go? It (Qur'an) is but a Message to the worlds, to whoever wanted to go Straight (on Allah's Way); And it will not happen what you want except when Allah the God of the inhabitants of worlds wills.
* After the first revelation, and near Mount Hira, Prophet Muhammad saw Angel Gabriel who visited him for the first time in his form of a man, blocking the horizon in his angel form and the Prophet Muhammad fainted.
Translation of: Ayat 15 - 29, Surat AlTakweer.
Note: Please see the beauty of the Arabic words describing the oath:
La Uksimu BilKhunnus, Aljawari Alkunnus, Wallayli Idha Asas, WalSubhi Idha Tanafas.
Words: Uqsim = Swear, Khunnas (adjective) = Withdrawing (stars), Jawari = Runners, Kunnas (Adjective) = Sweeping away, Layl = Night, Asas = Dissipates, Subh = Dawn, Tanafas = Breathes, Kawl = Utterance - words that are delivered, Thi AlArsh = Owner of The Throne (Allah), Makeen = Distinguished - Of rank, Muta' = With Authority - Obeyed, Sahib = Companion - Friend, Majnoon = Possessed - Mad, Ra'a = Saw, Ufq = Horizon, Mubeen = Clear, AlGhayb = The knowledge of The Unseen - The Unseen, Tadh'hab = go, Thikr = Message, AlAlameen = Inhabitants of the worlds, Yastaqeem = Go straight on The Right Way, Ma Tasha'oun = It will not happen what you want - Will - Desire, Rubb = God.

Q: Was The Qur'an revealed in intervals (stages)?

A: And when you (Prophet Muhammad) did not bring them a Miraculous Sign (Miracle - Qur'anic Line) they (disbelievers) said if only you made it up - say rather I (only) follow what is being revealed to me from my God - this (The Qur'an) is much englightening (= Basaa'ir)* from your God and Right Guidance and Mercy for a people (a nation) who believe.
Translation of: Ayat 203, Surat AlA'raf.
* Teaching with eye-opening proofs.
Words: Ijtabaytaha = You made it up, Attabi'u = I follow, Basaa'ir = Much englightening - Much teaching with eye-opening proofs - Much teaching with proofs that enlighten, Huda = Right Guidance, Rahmah = Mercy, Qawm = A people - A nation, Yo'minoun = Believe - Have Faith.

Q: Is The Holy Qur'an all that Allah has from Words and Commandments?
A: And if all the trees on earth were to be pens and the ocean (ink) supplies it from behind it seven oceans - the Words of Allah will not end indeed Allah is AlMighty All-Wise.
Translation of: Ayah 27, Surat Luqman. (31:27)
Words: Law = If, Annama = Were to be, Ardh = Earth, Shajarah = Tree, Aqlaam = Pens, Bahr = Sea, Yamuduh = Supplies, Sab'ah = Seven, Abhur = Seas, Nafidat = Ends, Kalimat = Words, Azeez = All-Powerful, Hakeem = All-Wise.

Q: Is Allah enough for a Witness that The Qur'an is His Word?
A: But Allah bears witness that what He (Allah) sent down upon you (Prophet Muhammad), He sent down with His knowledge and the angels bear witness; And Allah is enough for a Witness.
Translation of: Ayah 166, Surat AlNisa'.
Words: Yashhed = Bears witness, Anzala = Sent down, Ilm = Knowledge, Malaikah = Angels, Kafa = Enough.

Q: What two types of Miraculous Signs (Verses) are in the Qur'an?
A: He (Allah) is Who sent down upon you (Prophet Muhammad) the Book (Scripture: Qur'an) - from it (there are) Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Verses) which are made firm (made fundamental = Muhkamat)* - they are the Mother (Origin - Foundation) of The Book (= Um AlKitab)** - and others are made look similar (= Mutashabihat)***; So those who have in their hearts deviation (departure from Truth) they follow what is made similar from it (Qur'an) seeking the riot and seeking its interpretation (= ta'weelihi 'as they want') - and no one knows its (true) interpretation (fulfillment of the unseen) (= ta'weeluhu) except Allah - and those firmly grounded in knowledge (of Allah's Religion) say we believe in it - all (Qur'an) is from our God and no one remembers (the Message) except men of understanding.
Translation of: Ayah 7, Surat AlImran. (3:7)
* = Muhkamat. Containing prescribed obligatory religious duties. Very clear in their meanings. Example. (Read the coming, together 23 - 26): Ayat 23-24, 25, and Ayah 26 in Surat AlIsra' (17:23-24, 25,26), as narrated by Ibn Abbas may Allah be pleased with him. Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 1, page 485.
** Mother (Origin) of the Book (called "Um AlKitab" in the Qur'an) is kept in the Heaven and is guarded by angels. It is the Origin of Allah's Holy Books: The Torah, the Psalms, the Bible and the Qur'an which is the last and the seal of Allah's Holy Books. Even some earlier messengers of Allah such as the Prophet Abraham received scrolls of the Scripture (called Suhuf Ibraheem) which are now lost.
*** = Mutashabihat. Having obscurity and not very clear in their meanings. It is said they show no contradiction rather correlation of Allah's Qur'anic Lines. And it is said that they have somehow ambiguous meanings through which Allah tests His servants. Source: Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 1, page 485.
Words: Muhkamat = Made firm, Mutashabihat = Made look similar, Qalb = Heart, Zaygh = Deviation, Fitnah = Riot - Discord, Ta'weelihi = Its interpretation, Ya'lam = Knows, Raasikh = Firmly grounded, Ilm = Knowledge, Yakoul = Says, Kul = All, Yaththakur = Remembers (the Message), Ulu AlAlbab = Men of understanding.

Q: Do the Muslims make full use of The Qur'an?
A: And the Prophet said my God my people made this Qur'an deserted (out of use). And thus We (Allah) had made to every messenger an enemy from the sinners; And enough for your God to be a Guide and a Supporter.
Translation of: Ayah 30, Surat AlFurqan.
Words: Qawmi = My People, It'takhada = Made - Made the use of, Mahjoor = Deserted, Ja'ala = Made, Nabi = Messenger, Adou = Enemy, Mujrimeen = Sinners, Kafa = Enough for, Hadi = Guide, Naseer = Supporter.

Q: Are people allowed to believe in some Lines (Verses) of the Qur'an and reject some other lines?

A: And We (Allah) have certainly given you (Prophet Muhammad) seven of the Dual Verses(= Masthani)* and (the rest of) the Great Qur'an;
Do not extend your eyes to what We have given some couples of them (rich disbelievers) as temporary enjoyment (in life = Matta'na) and do not grieve over them (such as the Prophet's own rich uncles) and lower your wing (like a bird) to the believers;
And (command to Prophet Muhammad) say indeed I am the evident warner; Just like what we had sent down upon the dividers (= alMuqtasimeen 'people of the Book'); Those who made the Qur'an into separated limbs (parts)**; So by your God We (Allah) will ask them all; About what they were doing; So declare*** (publicly) what you are commanded and (command to Prophet Muhammad) turn away (= a'ridh) from the polytheists (disbelievers); For We have turned away from you the ridiculers (= AlMustah'zeen); Those who make with Allah another god then soon they will come to know; And We (Allah) certainly know that your chest tightens up (annoyed) with what they say****; So glorify the Praise of your God and be from those who prostrate (worshippers); And worship your God until the Certainty (death) comes to you.
Translation of: Ayat 87 - 99, Surat AlHijr. (15:87-99)
* Surat AlFatiha that starts the Qur'an includes Seven Verses that are Dual. The Surah is mainly to glorfiy and praise Allah and to supplicate for Allah's Guidance. Surat AlFaiha is recited in every prayer.
** Also Meccan Paggans in the early days of Islam in order to dishonour and ridicule the Qur'an divided what was so far revealed into bits and apportioned them to people coming on pilgrimage to Makkah by different routes, slandering and abusing the Prophet Muhammad. Source: The Holy Qur'an: English Translation of the Meanings and Commentary, based on the translation of Abdullah Yusuf Ali, page 728.
*** When the Lines translated above were sent down, the Prophet Muhammad started to declare the Message publicly.
**** Refer to Surat AlHijr Ayat 6-8 to see an example of what annoyed Prophet Muhammad.
Words: Lqed Aataynaak = We have certainly given you, Sabe' = Seven, Masthani = Dual, Aynayk = Your eyes, Mataa' = Have given as temporary enjoyment, Ekhfedh = Lower, Janah = Wing, Natheer = Warner, AlMubeen = The evident - The explicit, Muqtasimeen = The dividers, Idh'dheen = Separated limbs - Separated parts, Nas'al = We will ask, Essda' = Declare publicly, Tu'mar = is commanded, A'ridh = Turn away, Mushrikeen = Polytheists - Who join partner(s) with Allah, Mustah'zeen = Ridiculers, Yadheeq = Tightens up, AlYaqeen = The Certainty (death).

Q: Are people allowed to make fun of any line in The Qur'an
A: Those are the Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) of Allah We recite them upon you (Prophet Muhammad) with Truth so with which Words after Allah and His Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) will they have Faith;
Woe (destruction) to every liar, sinful; He hears the Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Verses) of Allah being recited to him then he remains arrogant as if he had not heard them so give him the news of a severe punishment; And if he learns from Our Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Verses) something he takes them as a RIDICULE those for them is a humiliated punishment; From behind them is Hell and nothing they earned will avail (be of use) them nor will what they took masters other than Allah and they will have a great punishment; This (Qur'an) is a Right Guidance and those who reject the Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) of their God will have a punishment of a painful penalty.
Translation of: Ayat 7 - 11, Surat AlJasthiyah. (45:7-11)
Words: Natlou = We recite, BilHaqq = With Truth, Hadeesth = Words - Talk, Affaak = Liar, Astheem = Sinful, Yasma' = Hears, Yusir = Remains, Mustakbir = Arrogant, Bashshir = Give promise of, Huz'ou = Ridicule, Muheen = Humiliated, Yughni = Avails - to be of use, Kasaba = Earned, Min Doun Allah = Other than Allah - Besides Allah, Awliya' = Masters, Huda = Right Guidance, Rijz = Penalty (inflicted by God), Aleem = Painful.

Q: Did the earlier Holy Books (= Zubur) such as The Psalm (= Zabour) of David (Dawoud) foretell about the Qur'an that was going to be revealed to Prophet Muhammad?

A: And it (Qur'an) is undoubtedly a sending down (a revelation) from the God of all people; Descended with it the Honest Spirit (Angel Gabriel); Upon your (Prophet Muhammad's) heart so that you become from the warners; With an explicit Arabic tongue; And it is (mentioned) in the Books of Psalms (Earlier Holy Books = 'Zubur') of the ancient people; Is it not for them a Miraculous Sign that the SCHOLARS (learned people) of the people of Israel KNOW IT (Qur'an is Allah's Word).
Translation of: Ayat 192 - 197, Surat AlShuara'. (26:102-197)
Words: LaTanzeel = Undoubtedly a sending down - a revelation, Undoubtedly sending down Nazala = Descended, AlRouh AlAmeen = The Honest Spirit (Gabriel = Jibreel), Qalbika = Your Heart, Lisan = Tongue, Mubeen = Explicit - Fully developed - Unmistakable - Evident, Zubur = Books of Psalms - (Plural of 'Zabour'), Awwaleen = Ancient people, Ayah = Miraculous Sign, Ulama' = Scholars - Learned people, En Ya'lamahu = know it, Bani Israel = People of Israel.

Q: What is the effect of the Qur'an on the believer?
Note: The translation of the preceding Ayah 22 in Surat AlZumar.

A: Allah sent down the Best of Speech - A Book (Qur'an) made similar* in Dual Verses (= Masthani** (Qur'anic Lines) from which the skins of THOSE WHO FEAR ALLAH shiver and then their skins and hearts soften to the praise of Allah - that is Allah's Right Guidance He guides with it whom He wills and whom He leaves to stray will not have a guide.
Translation of: Ayah 23, Surat AlZumar. (39:23)
* = Mutashabihan. The Qur'an is a miracle for every place and every time until the Day of Judgement so many Ayat (Verses) of the Qur'an are made look similar (obscure = Mutashabihat).
** = Masthani. (refer to Surat AlHijr)
Seven of the Dual Verses (= Masthani) of the Qur'an are in Surat 'AlFatiha' which Muslims repeat in every standing up in prayer.
Words: Ahsen = The best, Hadeeth = Speech - Words, Masthani = Many times doubled Lines - Repeated Lines, Taqsha'ir = Shiver - Tremble, Juloud = Skins, Yakhsha = Fears, Taleen = Softens, Huda = Right Guidance, Haad = A Guide.

Q: Different from how the other Holy Books were sent down, why was the Qur'an sent down in stages?
A: And thus We (Allah) have allowed for every messenger an enemy from the sinners and enough your God for a Guide and a Supporter; And those who disbelieved said only if the Qur'an was sent down upon him (Prophet Muhammad) all at once - that is to make your heart firm and We recited it a proper recitation; And they do not bring you a parable* (example) except (to answer them) We bring you the Truth and best explanation; Those (disbelievers) who will be tucked on their faces into Hell - Those are (in life) the worst in position (with Allah) and the most gone astray (from Allah's Path).
Translation of: Ayat 31 - 34, Surat AlFurqan. (25:31-34)
* Example of disbelievers' parables to refute Islam (refer to Surat AlFurqan, Ayat 7-11).
Words: Ja'alna = We have allowed, Adou = Enemy, Kafarou = Disbelieved - Rejected faith, Jumlah Wahida = All at once, Nusthabbit = To make firm, Fu'ad = Heart, Tarteel = Proper recitation (gradually and slowly), La Ya'tounaka = As soon as they bring you, Masthal = Example, Haqq = Truth, Ahsen = Best, Tafseer = Explanation, Yuhshar = Will be tucked on their faces, Sharr = Worst, Makan = Place, Adhallu Sabeela = The most gone astray.

Q: Why does the Qur'an repeat the stories of the previous prophets like Moses' and Jesus'?
A: And altogether We (Allah) do narrate upon you from the news of the prophets with which We make your heart firm and in these (narratives) the Truth has reached you and a Moral Lesson and a Reminder (of Allah) for the believers; And say to those who do not believe continue to work for (keeping) your status (of disbelieving) indeed we are working (for believing); And wait (for Allsh's punishment) for we are waiting (for Allah's Reward); And to Allah belongs the Unseen of the heavens and the earth and to Him returns the whole matter (command to Prophet Muhammad) so worship Him (Allah) and put your trust in Him and your God is Not Unaware of what you are doing.
Translation of: Ayat 120 - 123, Surat Hood. (11:120-123)
Words: Kulan = Altogether, Naqus = Narrate, Anba' = News, Rusul = Prophets, Nusthabit = Make firm, Fuad = Heart, AlHaq = The Truth, Mawidhah = Moral lesson - Advice, Thikraa = Reminder - Message, E'malou = Work - Do, Makanatikum = Your status - Way, Intadhirou = Wait, Ghayb = Unseen - Secret, Yurja'u = Returns, AlAmr Kuluhu = The Whole Matter, Fe'budhu = So worhsip Him, Tawakal = Put your trust - Depend, Ma biGhafil = Not Unaware, Ta'maloun = Doing.

Q: Why was not the Qur'an sent down in another language other than the Arabic Language?
A: Indeed those who disbelieve in Our Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) cannot be hidden from Us - so is the one who is thrown in Hell better or the one who comes feeling secure on the Day of Judgment - do whatever you wish indeed He of what you are doing is All-Watchful; Indeed those who rejected the Reminder (Qur'an) when it reached them (they don't know its value) and indeed it (Qur'an) is an Honorable Book; No falsehood can reach it from before it nor from behind it - sending down from A Most-Wise, a Most-Praised; Nothing is being said to you that was not said to the messengers before you indeed your God certainly is the Lord of Forgiveness and is the Lord of Severe Punishment; And if We made it a Foreign (tongue) Qur'an they would have certainly said only if its Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) were explained - a Foreign (Qur'an) and an Arab (Prophet) say it (Qur'an) is for those who believed a Right Guidance and a Healing; And those who do not believe in their ears there is cavity (deafness) and it (Qur'an) is upon them blindness and those are (as it were) being called from a far away place; And certainly We gave Moses (Prophet Moosa) the Book and it was disagreed in it and was it not for a Word that was pre-uttered from your God it would have certainly been judged among them and indeed they are from it (Qur'an) in a questionable doubt; Whoever does good then it is for himself and who does wrong then it is upon himself and your God is Not Unjust to the servants (all people).
Translation of: Ayat 40 - 46, Surat Fusilat. (41:40-46).
Words: Yulhidoun = Disbelieve - Sinfully deviate (change to abuse), Yukhfoun = Are hidden, Yulqa = Is thrown, Khairan = Better, Aaminan = Feeling secure, Shi'tum = You wish, AlThikr = The Reminder - The Message Azeez = Honourable, AlBaattil = Falsehood, Y'ateehi = Reaches it, Beyn Yadayhi = From before it, Min Khalfihi = From behind it, Yuqal = Is said, Qeela = Was said, LaThou Maghfirah = Certainly is the Lord of Forgiveness, Thou Iqab Aleem = Lord of Severe Punishment, A'jami = Foreign tongue - Not Arabic language, Huda = Right Guidance, Shifa' = Healing, Aathan = Ears, Waqr = Cavity - Deafness, Ama = Blindness, Ukhtulifa = Was disagreed, Kalimah = Word, Sabaqat = Was pre-uttered, Qudhiya = Was judged, Fi Shak = In doubt, Mureeb = Questionable, Salihan = Good, Asa' = Did wrong, Ma Bi Dhallim = Not Unjust.

Q: How did Allah challenge those who said that the Qur'an is made up by the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him?

A: And it was not for this Qur'an to be made up by other than Allah; But a confirmation of what was before it (Original Torah and Bible) and detailing (= Tafsseel*) of the Scripture (The Origin of The Holy Books) - no suspicion (uncertainty) in or about it (Qur'an) - from the God of the inhabitants of all worlds;
Or do they say that he (Prophet Muhammad) made it up - say (command to Prophet Muhammad) then bring a chapter (= Surah) like it and call whoever you can other than Allah if you were telling the truth; Yet they rejected as lies what they did not have thorough knowledge of (Allah's Unseen World) and its interpretation has not reached them - in the same way those before them rejected as lies so see how the ending of the transgressors (unjust to Allah because of disbelieving) was.
Translation of: Ayat 37 - 39, Surat Yunus. (10:37-39)
* Example detailing of the angels which people join with Allah as goddesses. (refer to Surat Saba')
And detailing of the sins of the People of Propht Lut. (refer to Surat AlA'raf)
Words: Yuftara = Made up, Doon Allah = Other than Allah, Tassdeeq = Confirmation, Bayna Yadayhi = Before it, AlKitab = The Scripture - The Holy Book, La Rayba Feehi = no suspicion - no uncertainity - no doubt in or about it, Rub AlAlameen = The God of the inhabitants of all worlds - The God of all people, E'tou = Bring, Ista'te'tum = You can, Saadiqeen = Truthful (plural), Kaththabou = They lied (plural), Lem Yuheetou BiIlmihi = They didn't have thorough knowledge of, Kaththaba = Lied, Ta'weeluhu = Its interpretation - Its realization, Aaqibah = Ending, Dhallimeen = Transgressors - Unjust.

Q: Why do some people dispute about the Qur'an?
A: Indeed those who dispute in the Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) of Allah without an authority that reached them it is nothing but that in there chests is arrogance they are not going to reach it (greatness) - so seek refuge with Allah indeed He is the All-Listener the All-Seer; Certainly the creation of the heavens and the earth is (a) greater (matter) than the creation of humans yet most of humans do not know; And the blind person and the person who sees are not equal neither are those who believed and did the good deeds and the wrongdoer - little is what you (plural) remember; Indeed the Hour (Day of Judgment) is coming there is no doubt in it but most of humans do not believe; And your God said call upon Me (= Udouni) I will answer you indeed those who become arrogant against worshipping Me (= Ibadati) (= Ibadati) will enter Hell humiliated.
Translation of: Ayat 56 - 60, Surat Ghafir. (40:56-60)
Words: Yujadil = Dispute, Sudour = Chests, Kibar = Arrogance, Ista'ith = Seek refuge, Khalq = Creation, Yastawi = Are equal, A'ma = Blind, Basseer = One who can see, Musee' = Wrongdoer, Aatiyah = Coming, Udouni = Call upon Me, Yastakbiroun = Become arrogant, Ibadati = Worshipping Me, Dakhireen = Humiliated.

Q: Why is there a repeated threatening about Allah's punishment in the Qur'an?

A: And that is how We sent it down an Arabic Qur'an and We detailed (repeated in different forms) in it of the warning perhaps they may protect themselves by fearing (Allah) or it may bring about for them a Reminder (of Allah); So Elevated is Allah far above all - the True King -
And do not (command to Prophet Muhammad) make haste with the Qur'an before its revelation (communication) has been completed to you and say my God add to my knowledge.
Translation of: Ayat 113 - 114, Surat Taha. (20:113-114)
* Allah told Adam when, he was still in heaven, not to listen to Satan.
Words: Anzala = Sent down, Sarrafna Feehi Min AlWa'eed = We detailed in it of the warning - We discharged freely in it the threatening, Yattaqoun = Protect themselves by fearing (Allah) - Fear, Yuhdisth = Brings about - Causes, Thikr = Reminder - Remembrance - Recollection of old times and of Allah - Message, AlMalik = God, the One and Only, AlHaqq = The Truth, Ta'ala = Elevated far above all, Yuqdha = Completed, Wahy = Revealtion, Zidni = Add to my, Ilm = Knowledge.

Q: What did Allah refute the accusations made against the Qur'an?

A: Closer to people comes their Reckoning (Judgement) and they are in inattentiveness turning away (= Mu'ridhoun); No message (lines of Qur'an) new comes to them (revealed by Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad) from their God but they listen to it while playing; Their hearts are inattentive and they concealed the secret conversation - those who transgressed (against Allah) (said) - is he (Prophet Muhammad) not but except a human being like you- so do you show up for the magic and you are looking; He (Prophet Muhammad) said my God knows the (secret) speech in the Heavens and the earth and He is the All-Hearing the All-Knowing; Rather they said (about the Qur'an) a mixture of dreams - rather he made it up - rather he is a poet so let him bring us a miracle with which the first (prophets) were sent down; (Allah says) No town before them that We destroyed had believed so will they believe;
And We did not send (prophets) before you (Prophet Muhammad) except as men - We reveal to them so ask the people of The Reminder (of the Message 'Jews and Christians') (= Ahl AlThikr) if you were not knowing; And We did not make them into corpses not eating food and they were not immortal; Then We made Our promise to them come true so We saved them and whoever We willed and We destroyed the transgressors beyond bounds; We Have already sent down to you a Book (Qur'an) in it your Reminder (Message from Allah = Thikrukum) so will you realize; And how many towns did We crush - they were transgressors (against Allah) And We set up after them (towns) other people (in each); So when they sensed Our Mighty Attack suddenly from it (town) they started to run away; Do not run and return to what you were spoiled in and your houses so that you might be questioned; They said woe (destruction) to us indeed we were transgressors (against Allah); And such remained their calling until We made them (like) cultivated crop - lifeless.
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 15, Surat AlAnbiya'. (21:1-15)
Words: Hisab = Reckoning - Judgment, Iqtarba = Closer - Comes near, Ghaflah = Inattentiveness - Unawareness - Foolishness, Mu'ridh = Turning away, Thikr = Remidner - Message - Verses of the Qur'an, Muhdisth = New, Istma' = Listened to it, Yal'ab = Playing, Lahiyah = Inattatentive, Asarou = Concealed, Najwa = Secret conversation, Tatoun = You show up, Sihr = Magic, Tubsir = Look, Adgasth Ahlam = Mixture of dreams, Iftara = Made up, Sha'ir = Poet, Qaryah = Town, Rijal = Men, Nouhi = Reveal, Jasadan = Into corpses, Yaokuloun = Eat, Khalideen = Immortal, Thikrukum = Your Reminder - Your Message, Qasamna = Did We crush, Ahasa = Sensed, Yarkudh = Runs, Utriftum = You were spoiled in, Da'wahum = Their calling, Haseed = Cultivated crop, Khamideen = Lifeless.

Q: Why did the righteous companions of the Prophet Muhammad used to cry when hearing the Qur'an?

A: And He (Allah) is Who made rich and Who made own possessions (Aqna)***; And He is the God of Sirius (mighty star)*; And He is Who destroyed the ealier (the first) "Aad" (= Aad AlOula); And "Sthamud" so He did not leave (a trace of them); And the people of Noah from before - they were the ones who were more transgressors and more tyrannical; And the city (of Prophet Lut) which was turned upside down fell deeper; So it was covered with what it was covered (Allah's stones of punishment 'Sijeel'); So about which of the Favours of Allah do you argue and doubt; This (Qur'an) is a warning of the (series of) earlier warnings; The Day (Judgement) which is drawing nearer has come nearer (to our current time) (= Azifat AlAzifah); No one other than Allah can uncover it; So about this Word (of Allah) you become surprised; And you laugh and you do not cry; While raising your heads up proudly; So (now) prostrate (put your forehead on earth) to Allah and worship (Him)**.
Translation of: Ayat 48 - 62, Surat AlNajm. (53:48-62)
*** Edited today.
* Worshipped by people in the past.
** Muslims do a prostration after reading this Qur'anic Line.
Words: Aghna = Made rich, Aqna = Made own possessions - properties, Shi'ra = Sirius star (clear from January to April), Ahlaka = Destroyed, Abqa = Left, Adhlam = More transgressors, Atgha = More tyrannical, Mu'tafikah = City that was turned by the Angel Gabriel upside down as punishment from Allah, Ahwa = Fell deeper in earth, Ghashsha = Covered, Natheer = Warning, Kashifah = One who uncovers - Shows, Azifat = Has come nearer - Approached, Ta'jab = To be surprised, Tadhhak = Laugh, Tabki = Cry, Saamid = Raising the head up proudly, Usjud = Prostrate.

Q: What is better than wealth and what people like to accumulate?
A: O people (humanity) preaching (Qur'an) from your God had already reached you and HEALING TO WHAT IS IN THE HEARTS in the hearts* and A Right Guidance and Mercy for the believers; Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) it is because of Allah's Grace and Mercy - so in that they should rejoice (be happy) - it (Qur'an) is BETTER** than what they accumulate.
Translation of: Ayat 57 - 58, Surat Yunus. (10:57-58)
* Qur'an renounces hypocrisy, hatred, jealousy, envy .. etc. Qur'an teaches patience, justice and all good qualities needed for psychological health.
** Reciting, Learning and understanding the Qur'an is a wealth for its doer.
Words: Ya Ayuha AlNas = O people - O humanity, Ja'akum = Reached you (plural), Mawi'dhah = Preaching - Teaching, Shifa'un = Healing, Sudour = Hearts - Chests, Huda = Right Guidance, Rahmah = Mercy, BiFadhl Allah = It is because of Allah's Grace, Yafrah = Rejoice, Khair = Better, Yajme'oun = They Accumulate.

Q: Does Allah mention in the Qur'an that the Qur'an is priceless guiding to Allah's Straight Path?
A: Praise to Allah Who sent down upon His servant (Prophet Muhammad) the Scripture (Qur'an) and He did not make for it any distortion (falsification); Guiding to True Faith ( = Qayyeman*) to warn a severe punishment from Him (Allah) and to give the good news to the believers who do righteous deeds that for them is a good reward; Staying in it (Paradise) forever;
And to warn those who said Allah took a son/offspring (walada)**; They have no knowledge of it neither did their fathers - what a big (grievous) word comes out from their mouths for they say but a lie; Then you (Prophet Muhammad) might be killing yourself with grief (= Bakhie'un Nafsaka Asafa) over them because they do not believe in these words; For We (Allah) had made what is on earth a decoration for it to TEST THEM WHICH ONE OF THEM IS BEST IN WORK; And We are going to make whatever is on it a barren leveled field (= Ssa'eedan Juruza).
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 8, Surat AlKahf. (18:1-8)
* Guiding Straight to be on Allah's Path. Priceless is another meaning for 'Qayyeman' in Arabic. Also another meaning for 'Qayyeman' in Arabic is being in charge to supervise and control. (refer to Surat AlMa'idah)
** Among Christians in Arabia at the time of the Prophet Muhammad who associated a son (Jesus peace be upon him) with Allah. Also polytheists of Arabia worshipped Allah and associated human-made gods with Him. Also they considered angels as daughters of Allah. (refer to Surat AlAnbiya').
Note 1: In a summary of a saying by the Prophet Muhammad: Since Allah created Adam to the Day of Judgment there will be no test with punishment (fitnah) more catastrophic than the 'fitnah' of the Imposter christ. (Source will be added insha Allah later)
Note 2: The real Christ peace be upon him will be sent down to get rid of the Imposter christ and that will signal the approach of the Day of Judgment.
Words: Iwaj = Distortion, Qayyeman = Guiding to True Faith - Guiding straight to Allah's Path - Being in Charge, Yunthir = Warns, Yubashshir Gives the good news, Ajr = Reward, Hasan = Good, Maakistheen = Staying (plural), Abada = Forever, Kaburat Kalimah = What a big word, Afwah = Mouths, Kathib = Lie, Bakhie'un Nafsaka Asafa = Killing yourself with grief, Ja'ala = Made, Zeenah = Decoration, Nablou = To test, Ahsen = Best - Better, Amal = work, Ssa'eedan = Leveled field - Leveled land, Juruza = Barren (without plants).

Q: The Qur'an is sublime in rhetoric, rhythmic prose and free verse. Is the Qur'an poetry?
A: And We (Allah) did not teach him (Prophet Muhammad) poetry and it is not appropriate for him; It (Qur'an) is not but a Message and a clarifying Qur'an (reading) to warn those who are alive and The Word (of Allah about punishment) comes true against the disbelievers.
Translation of: Ayat 69 - 70, Surat YaSeen.
Words: Ma = Not, Al'lama = Taught, Thikr = Message - Reminder of Allah - Remembering Allah, Hay = Alive, Qawl = Word.

Q: What type of poets are condemned in the Qur'an?
A: And the (evil) poets are followed by those who go astray (from Allah's Path); Didn't you see that they wander in every valley and they say what they do not do; Except those who had faith and did the righteous deeds and they mentioned the name of Allah a lot; And they defended themselves after injustice was inflicted upon them; And those (poets) who transgressed (against Islam) will come to know what end (in death) they will turn to!
Translation of: Ayat 224 - 227, Surat AlShuara'.
Words: Shuara' = Poets, Yat'tabe' = Follows, Ghawi = Who goes astray, Wadi = Valley, Yaheem = Wanders, Yaqoul = Says, Yafel = Does, Thakara = Mentioned the name of Allah, Entasara = Defended himself, Munqalib = End, Yanqalib = Turns to.

Q: Before being written in scrolls where was the Qur'an preserved?
Note: Some Arabs in Mecca could read and write. The Prophet Muhammad was illiterate. He could not read or write.
A: And you (Prophet Muhammad) were not reciting before it (Qur'an) any book neither were you writing it with your hand otherwise then the nullifiers (liars) would have doubted. But it (Qur'an) is clear lines in the hearts of those who have been given knowledge and no one rejects to recognize Our Miraculous Signs except the transgressors. And they said: If only Signs (miracles) from his God were sent upon him! Say for the Signs are certainly with Allah and I am certainly only a clear warner. Isn't it enough for them that We (Allah) sent down The Book to be recited upon them; For in that is Mercy and a Reminder for people who have faith. Say enough for Allah as a Witness between me and you - He knows what is in the Heavens and the earth and the ones who believe in falsehood (other gods) and disbelieve in Allah - those are the losers.
Translation of: Ayat 48 - 52, Surat AlAnkaboot.
Words: Tatlou = Recite, Takhut = Write, Yameen = Hand, Irtaba = Had doubt, Mubtil = Nullifier - Liar, Sodour = Hearts - Chests, Yajhad = Rejects to recognize.

Q: Why should not anyone refer to the Qur'an as mythologies (imaginary stories) from the past?
A: Indeed your God is Who knows better who has strayed away from His Way and He knows who is the guided ones. So do not obey the nullifiers; They wished only if you (Prophet Muhammad) had compromised (about Religion) so that they could compromise (too). And do not obey every mean swearer, a backbiter, a spreader of calumny, an objector of good deeds, an aggressor, a sinner, cruel and on top of that impolite because he has wealth and sons; when Our lines (Qur'an) are recited upon him he says mythologies of the ancient people - We (Allah) will brand him on the prominent nose (his nose in the Other Life).
Translation of: Ayat 8 - 16, Surat AlQalam.
Words: Tute' = Obey, Mukadhib = Nullifier - Rejector of the truth, Tudhin = You compromise, Hallaaf = Swearer, Maheen = Mean, Hammaaz = Backbiter, Mashsha' Binameem = Spreader of calumny - Spreader of false information that damages people's reputation, Mannaa' LilKhair = Objector of good deeds, Mu'tadi = Aggressor, As(th)eem = Sinner, Utul = Cruel - Rough, Zaneem = Impolite - Ill-bred, Mal = Wealth, Baneen = Sons, Tutla = Recited, Asateer = Mythologies - Imaginery stories, Awwaleen = Ancient people, Nasim = Brand - Mark with disapproval, Khurtoum = Prominent nose - Readily noticeable nose.

Q: For whom really are the warnings in the Qur'an?

A: And (command to Prophet Muhammad) pay attention to the Day the Caller (Angel Israphil) calls from a nearby place*; The Day they hear the Scream (trumpet blowing) with the truth (it brings) - that is the Day of Resurrection (coming out); For it is We (Allah) Who give life and make dead and to Us is the Return; The Day the earth will split asunder revealing them quickly - that is for Us an easy gathering; We know best what they (disbelievers) say and you (Prophet Muhammad) are not over them a dominant - so remind with THE QUR'AN whoever fears My (Allah's) Warning.
Translation of: Ayat 41 - 45, Surat Qaf. (50:41-45)
* Remember the Day of Judgement will take place on our earth. (refer to Surat AlBaqarah)
Words: Estame' = Pay attention, Qareeb = Nearby, Yasme' = Hears, Sayhah = Scream, Khurouj = Resurrection, Tashaqaq Ann = Splits asunder revealing them, Hashr = Gathering, Yaseer = Easy, Jabbar = Dominant, Thakkir = Remind, Yakhaf = Yakhaf = Wa'eedi = My Warning.

Q: Can any part of the Qur'an be described as false or likely to be falsified?
A: For those who rejected the Message (Qur'an) as lies when it reached them! And it is certainly a Precious (among Allah's Books) Book: Falsehood cannot approach it from its front neither from its back - a sending down from The All-Wise, The Worthy of All-Praise. Nothing is being said to you (Prophet Muhammad) except what was said to the prophets before you; Indeed your God is The Holder of Forgiveness and The Holder of a Severe punishment.
Translation of: Ayat 41 - 43, Surat Fusilat. (41:41-43)
Words: Kafara = Rejected as lies, AlThikr = The Message - Remembering Allah, Kitab = Scripture - Book, Azeez = Precious, Ya'ti = Approaches, Batil = Falsehood - Lies, Bayna Yadayhi = From before it, Bayna Khalfihi = From behind it, Tanzeel = Sending down, Yuqal = Was said, Thou = Holder - Owner.

Q: Were there attempts by the enemies of Islam to make changes in the verses of the Qur'an?
A: For those who sinfully deviate (from the truth) in Our Lines cannot be hidden from Us. Is the one who is thrown in Fire better or who comes peacefully on the Day of Judgment? Do whatever you want for He of what you do is Watchful.
Translation of: Ayat 40, Surat Fusilat (41:40).
Note: It is through the faith of the devoted Muslims that the Qur'an will remain original. "It is We (Allah) who had sent down the Message and it is We (Allah) who will preserve it." Translation of line 9 in chapter AlHijr in the Qur'an.
Words: Yulhid = Sinfully deviates (changes to abuse), Yukhfa = Is hidden, Yulqa = Is thrown, Aaminan = Peacefully, E'mel = Do, Shi'ta = You want - wanted, Baseer = Watchful.

Q: What type of Word is the Qur'an?
A: For We (Allah) are going to deliver to you a weighty (important) Word (talk).
Translation of: Ayah 5, Surat AlMuzzammil.
Note: Remember the Qur'an is a miracle that contains concepts that require dedication and mental effort to grasp its sublime meanings.
Words: Nulqi Alayka = Deliver to you, Qawl = Word - Talk - Speech, S(th)aqeel = Weighty - Important.

Q: Nowadays we have different sects of Islam. Who will be questioned for not sticking to Allah's Qur'an and not following it tightly?

A: So ADHERE to what (Qur'an) was revealed to you (Prophet Muhammad) indeed you are on a Straight Path (of Allah); And it is a Reminder (of Allah = Thikr) for you (Prophet Muhammad) and your people and you (plural) will be questioned* (about it).
Translation of: Ayat 43 - 44, Surat AlZukhruf. (43:43-44)
* Prophet Muhammad was from Arabia and the Qur'an is in Arabic. So the people around the Prophet had the major responsibility of learning and teaching it. Prophet Muhammad is sent to all mankind " And We did not send you but for all mankind as a bringer of good news and a warner but most people do not know." Translation of Line 28 in Chapter Saba' in the Qur'an.
Note: In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: My nation (of Islam) will be divided into seventy three sects. All of them are in Hell(will be punished) EXCEPT who followed the Qur'an and my way (Prophet Muhammad's sayings and actions). (Note: Remember Prophet Muhammad did not say anything which can contradict the Qur'an).
Note: Nowadays we have different sects of Islam because a lot of Muslims do not adhere (hold fast) to the Qur'an.
Note: Top religious leaders of Muslims must be men with sound judgement who are all the time conscious of Allah.
And to understand the Qur'an well and to avoid misleading others, Muslim religious leaders should be fully proficient in the Arabic language (the language of Allah's Qur'an and the Prophet's sayings and actions).
Words: FeEstamsik = So adhere - Cling - Hold onto - Hold fast as if firmly glued to it, Siratt = Path, Thikr = Message - Quran - Reminder of Allah - Remembering Allah, Qawmika = Your people - Nation, Tusaloun = Will be questioned (plural).

Q: What other description does Allah give the Qur'an?
A: So do believe in Allah and His Messenger (Prophet Muhammad) and the Light (The Qur'an) that We sent down and Allah with what you do is Well-Acqainted.
Translation of: Ayah 8, Surat AlTaghabun. (64:8)
Words: Aaminou = Believe (plural), AlNoor = The Light, Anzala = Sent down, Khabeer = Well-Acqainted.

Q: Why there is no changing in the words of the Qur'an from the time it was first revealed todate?
A: And do recite (Command to Prophet Muhammad) from your God's Scripture (Qur'an) - there is no changer for its Words and you will not find a refuge other than with Him (Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 27, Surat AlKahf.
Note: The Qur'an is a miracle from Allah
Believers from around the world are the defending guardians of the Holy Qur'an which is only in the Arabic language.
Words: Utlu = Recite, Kitab = Scripture - Book, Mubaddil = Changer - Changing, Kalimat = Words, Len = Not, Tajida = You find, Multahad = Refuge.

Q: What is the place of the Qur'an in "Um AlKitab" = The Origin of Allah's Holy Books?
A: H M*; (an Oath**) And by the Evident (fully developed) Scripture (Qur'an); For We (Allah) made it a Qur'an in Arabic so that you (Arabs around the Prophet) may come to understand; And in 'Um AlKitab'*** with Us it (Qur'an) is certainly sublime, full of wisdom (= Hakeem).
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 4, Surat AlZukhruf.
* Pronounced Ha Meem. Arabic letters that do not make a word known in the Arabic language - the language of the Qur'an. From Allah's World of the Unseen. Nobody knows their true meaning. (Possibly they refer to a part in 'the Origin of the Book = Um AlKitab' from which specific Qur'anic Lines (verses) were brought down to Prophet Muhammad by Angel Gabriel. And Allah knows best.)
And according to AlSheikh Hassanain Muhammad Makhlouf, ex-mufti of Egypt in 'Safwat AlBayan liMa'ani AlQur'an', in his explanation of Surat 'Ya Seen', page 556: The letters are said to may be a name either for the Surah, the Qur'an or the Prophet Muhammad.
** The Origin of the Holy Books of the Jews, Christians and Muslims is one called in the Qur'an Um AlKitab = The Mother (Origin) of the Book. The Origin is in a Tablet well-guarded by angels in Heaven. The Tablet is called in the Qur'an "AlLawh AlMahfoudh = The Preserved and Well-guarded Tablet".
*** If Allah was going to take an oath then this will be Note: Remember that Allah's Religion is interactive with humanity. Older communities were given religious instruction as much as they could handle and obey. The Qur'an is Allah's last Holy Book (like the final edition) to humanity.
Note: "And We (Allah) did not send a messenger except with the tongue (lanugage) of his people so as to explain to them ..."Translation of Line 4 in Chapter Ibraheem in the Qur'an.
Words: AlKitab = The Scripture - The Holy Book, AlMubeen = The Evident - The Explicit - The Fully Developed, Arabiyan = In Arabic, Ta'qiloun = Come to understand - Use your brains, Alyyun = Sublime - High, Hakeem = Full of wisdom - Wise.

Q: Sometimes while reading the Qur'an why should we take our time?

A: A Scripture (Qur'an) We (Allah) sent it down to you (Prophet Muhammad)- blessed (= Mubarakun) so that they CONTEMPLATE its MIRACULOUS SIGNS (Qur'anic Lines) and so that men of understanding remember (Allah and His Message).
Translation of: Ayah 29, Surat Saad. (38:29)
Words: Kitab = Scripture - Book, Anzalnahu = We sent it down, Mubarakun = Blessed, Yaddabarou = (plural) Contemplate - Study, Li = So that, Yatathakkar = Remember - Take heed - Receive admonition, Be warned, Oulou AlAlbab = Men of undertanding.

Q: Why there is no doubt in any Verse (Qur'anic Line) of the Qur'an?
A: A L M*; That Book (Qur'an) no uncertainty in it is the Right Guidance for the God-fearing; Those who believe in the Unseen** (Allah's) and they perform the prayer and of what sustenance (provision) We (Allah) gave them they spend; And those who believe in what has been sent down to you (Prophet Muhammad) and what was sent before you (to Allah's other messengers) and of the Other World (Day of Judgment) they are certain; Those ones are upon the Right Guidance from their God and those ones are the prosperous***.
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 5, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:1-5)
* Arabic letters that do not make a word known in the Arabic language - the language of the Qur'an. From Allah's World of the Unseen. Nobody knows their true meaning. (Possibly they refer to a part in 'the Origin of the Book = Um AlKitab' from which specific Qur'anic Lines (Verses) were brought down to Prophet Muhammad by the Angel Gabriel. This is only a speculation and And Allah knows best.)
** Such as angels, Destiny with its good and bad ... etc.
*** Who attain salvation from Hellfire.
Words: Kitab = Book - Scripture, La Rayba Feehi = No uncertainity - No suspicion - No doubt in it, Hudan = is the Right Guidance, LilMutaqeen = For the God-fearing - For those who protect themselves (by fearing Allah), Ghayb = World of the Unseen - The Secret World of Allah, Yuqeem AlSalat = Performs the prayer, Yunfiq = Spends, Unzila = Was sent down, Youqinoun = They are certain - Are assured - They have sound belief, Ala Huda = Upon the Right Guidance, Ulaika = Thoses ones.

Q: Why are the verses (lines) of the Qur'an called "Ayat" and the miraculous signs of Moses are also called "Ayat"?
Hint: Verses of the Qur'an are actually called in the Qur'an miraculous signs from Allah (=ayah or ayat) and not verses or lines.
Note: "Ayah" is singular. "Ayat" is plural.
A: A.L.R.* Those are the ayat of the Wise Scripture (Qur'an).
Translation of: Ayah 1, Surat Yunus.
* Arabic letters from Allah's World of the Unseen. Nobody knows their true meaning.
Words: Ayat = Miraculous signs - Verses of the Qur'an - Lines of the Qur'an, Kitab = Scripture, Hakeem = Wise.

A: (Allah speaks to Moses) And put your hand inside your pocket it will come out shiny without harm in nine ayat to Pharaoh (= Phiroun) and his people for they were sinful people.
Translation of: Ayah 12, Surat AlNaml.
Words: Adkhil = Put inside, Yad = Hand, Jayb = Pocket, Takhruj = Comes out, Baydha' = Shiny - bright - white, Min ghayr sou' = Without harm, Tise' = Nine, Qawm = People, Fasiq = Sinful.

A: Jesus son of Mary (= Issa Ibn maryam) said O God our Lord send down to us from Heaven a table set with food (feast) so that it becomes a solemn festival (Eid) for the first and the last of us and a Miraculous Sign from You and provide us with sustenance for You are the Best of the sustainers; Allah said for I am sending it down to you but whoever disbelieves after that from you then certainly I (Allah) will punish him with a punishment that I do not punish with anyone else from all people.
Translation of: Ayat 114 - 115, Surat AlMa'idah. (5:114-115)
Words: Allahumma = Our God, Rubbana = Our Lord - Our God, Anzil = Send down, Ma'idah = Table set with food - Feast, Eid = Solemn festival, Awwal = First, Akhir = last, Urzuq = Provide sustenance, Munazzil = Sending down, Uaththib = I punish, AlAalameen = All people - Inhabitants of the worlds.
A: Woe (destruction) that Day to the rejecters (of Faith) ; Those who reject the Day of Religion (Judgment) as lies; And none rejects it except every transgressor, full of sin; When Our (Allah's) ayat are recited to him he says: Mythologies of the ancestors.
Translation of: Ayat 10 - 13, Surat AlMutaffifeen.
* Arabic letters from Allah's World of the Unseen. Nobody knows their true meaning.
Words: Wayl = Woe - Destruction, Yawmaithin = That day, Mukathibeen = Rejecters (of Faith), Yawm = Day, Deen = Religion, Mu'tad = Transgressor, Astheem = Full of sin, Tutla = is recited, Asateer = Mythologies, Awalleen = Ancestors.

Q: What accusations do the disblievers make about the Qur'an?
A: So Today (Day of Judgment) you (disbelievers and Jinn) cannot benefit or harm one another; And We will say to those who sinned: Taste the punishment of Hell that you were denying! And when Our lines were recited upon them clearly, they said: This is only a man (Prophet Muhammad) who wants to prevent you from what your fathers were worshipping. And they said: This (Qur'an) is only a fabricated falsehood. And those who disbelieved said about The Truth when it reached them: This is only a clear magic. And We (Allah) did not give them books (of disbelieving religion) to learn them and We did not send them before you any warner (messenger of disbelieving religion). And those before them had (also) lied and they (latest disbelievers) did not reach a tenth of what We gave them (disbelievers of old times such as the people of Pharaoh and Thumud) and they rejected My (Allah's) prophets so how was My Rejection (Allah's punishment: They perished)!
Translation of: Ayat 42 - 45, Surat Saba'.
Words: Nafe' = Benefit, Dhar = Harm, Nakoul = We say, Thouku = Taste (plural), AlNar = The Hell, Rajul = Man, Yasud = Prevent, Yabud = Worship, Ab'e = Fathers, Ifk = Falsehood, Muftara = Fabricated - Lied, Sihr = Magic, Kutub = Books, Yadrus = Learns, Mi'shar = Tenth, Rusul = Messengers, Nakeer = Rejection,

Q: Whom does the Message of the Qur'an reach and whose hearts does it touch?
Note: The translation of the preceding Lines 7, 8 (under 7) and 9 (under 8) in Surat YaSeen.
A: And the same for them (stubborn disblievers) if you (Prophet Muhammad) warned them or you did not warn them - they will not believe*; Rather you warn who follows the Message (The Qur'an) and fears Allah in the Unseen** so do give him the good news of Forgiveness (from Allah) and an Honorable Reward.
Translation of: Ayat 10 - 11, Surat YaSeen. (36:10-11)
* Allah knows them better so Allah does not guide them to His Path.
** We cannot see Allah in this life. The companions of Paradise in the other World will be able to see Allah. (under Surat Yunus)
Words: Sawa' = The same, Sent, Anthurtuhum = You warn them, Yu'minoun = Believe - Have Faith, Innama = Rather - However, Tunthir = You warn, Ettaba' = Follows, Khashiya = Fears, BilGhayb = In the Unseen - in secret, Bashshirhum = Give the good news, Maghfirah = Forgiveness, Ajr = Reward, Kareem = Honorable - Generous.

Q: When will the disbelievers believe in the Qur'an?
A: And those who disbelieve continue to be in dispute over (Qur'an) until the Hour (Day of Judgment) comes suddenly upon them or the punishment of a Barren* Day (of Judgment) reaches them.
Translation of: Ayah 55, Surat AlHajj.
* Barren for it is the Last Day - after it are the Days of Allah and not human-standard days. Also barren because it is of no use for humans: It is their Judgment Day.
Note: In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: The Hour (Day of Judgment) will not begin until the sun rises from its setting place (West). When it comes out and people see it they will all have Faith (in Allah and the Qur'an) that is when Faith is of no use for the soul if it did not believe before or did not earn good deeds in its Faith. Source: Mukhtasar Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 2 page 71.
Words: Fi Miryah = In dispute - In doubt, AlSa'ah = The Hour, Athab = Punishment.

Q: Why is denying the Qur'an similar to denying the Torah?

A: And they did not estimate the True Worth of Allah when they said that Allah did not send anything (Qur'an) to a human (Prophet Muhammad) - say (command to Prophet Muhammad) who sent down the Scripture (Torah) that Moses (= Prophet Moosa) brought as a Light (= Noor) and a Right Guidance for people (= LilNas) - you making it (Torah) into separate sheets (= Qarattees) which you reveal and you conceal* many and you were taught (knowledge from Allah) what you did not know - you neither your forefathers - say (the answer is) Allah - then (command to Prophet Muhammad) leave them wasting time in their false talk.
Translation of: Ayah 91, Surat AlAn'am. (6:91)
* Such as the description of the prophet Muhammad and the verse of stoning. Source: Egypt's ex-mufti "Hassanain Mohammad Makhlouf's" book 'Safwat AlBayan lima'ani AlQur'an'.
Words: Qadarou = estimate, Haq Qadr = True worth, Anzala = Sent down, Noor = Light, Huda = Right Guidance, Qarattees = Separate sheets, Tubdoun = You reveal, Tukhfoun = You conceal, Thar = Leave, Khawdh = False talk - Vain talk, Yalaboun = Wasting time - Playing.

Q: What important things should the wise people remember about the Qur'an?
A: This (Qur'an) is a Message (from Allah) to (all) people and let them be warned by it and let them know that He (Allah) is only One God and let the ones who use their brains remember (the Message).
Translation of: Ayah 52, Surat Ibraheem.
Words: Balagh = Message - Announcement, Yuntharou = Be warned (plural), Yaththakkar = Remember, Ulou AlAlbab = The ones who use their brains.

Q: What knowledge if missing man remains ignorant and why?
Hint: For example knowing about an invention without its inventor!

A: Read in the Name of your God Who created (everything); Created man from blood clot (Alaq)*; Read and your God is the Most Gracious; Who taught with the pen (writing); Taught man what he did not know**.
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 5, Surat AlAlaq. (96:1-5)
* Alaq literally means something clinging to something else. An early stage in man's creation
** Adam, the first man to be created was not ignorant. He came to earth with knowledge from Allah.
Note: These are the first Qur'anic Verses (Lines) revealed to Prophet Muhammad from the Qur'an.
Words: Iqra' = Read - Recite - Study, Bismi = In the name of, Khalaq = Created, Alaq = Blood clot, AlAkram = The Most Gracious - The Most Bountiful, Allama = Taught, BilQalam = With the pen, Lem Ya'lam = Did not know.

Q: What is as important as reading the Qur'an?
Hint: Doing what the Qur'an says.
A: For this Qur'an guides to what is the most correct and gives the good news to the believers who do good deeds that for them is a great reward; And those who do not believe in the Other World - We (Allah) had prepared for them a severe (painful) punishment.
Translation of: Ayat 9 - 10, Surat AlIsra' (known also as Surat Beni Israel).
Words: Yahdi = Guides, Aqwam = The most correct, Yubashshir = Gives the good news, Ya'maloun = They do, AlSalihat = The good deeds, Ajr = Reward, Kabeer = Great, A'tadna = We had prepared, Athab = Punishment, Aleem = Severe.

Q: "Certainly in it sweetness and upon it elegance," said one major opponent* of Islam to Prophet Muhammad about the Qur'an. Why is the Qur'an special?
A: And you (Prophet Muhammad) are certainly receiving the Qur'an on the part of (Allah) One All-Wise, All-Knowledgeable.
Translation of: Ayah 6, Surat AlNaml.
* AlWaleed Bin AlMugheerah, a major opponent of Islam asked the Prophet Muhammad to recite verses of the Qur'an. When the Prophet did he said: = Inna lahu lahalawah waInna alayhi latalawah. Source: Mentioned in a Friday sermon at AlMadinah Mosque/Toronto.
Note: The Qur'an is Allah's Word revealed to Prophet Muhammad through the Angel Gabriel.
Words: Tulaqqa = Certainly receiving, Min Ladun = On the part of - From, Hakeem = One All-Wise, Aleem = All-Knowledgeable.

Q: What is the answer for the miracle that the disbelievers ask for to believe in Allah?
A: And they (disbelievers) said only if he (Prophet Muhammad) could bring us a miraculous Sign from his God - (Allah says) Has not an eye-opening proof (any previous miracle) reached them of what was in the earlier scrolls (of the Scripture).
Translation of: Ayah 133, Surat Taha.
Words: Law la = If only, Ya'teena = He brings us, Ayah = Miraculous Sign, Bayyenh = Eye-opening proof - Clear evidence - Explaining sign, Suhuf = Scrolls, AlOula = The earliar.

Q: What is the reason for Allah's sending a Miracle (Qur'an) and a Prophet (Muhammad) among the Arabs of Arabia?
Hint: Allah knows the nature of the disbelievers. If Allah sent them only a Miraculous Sign (Qur'an) they would have asked for a Prophet. If Allah sent only a Prophet they would have asked for a Miracle. So Allah sent them both.
A: And if We (Allah) did destroy them with a punishment before it (Qur'an) they would have certainly said: Our God if only you sent us a messenger so that we follow Your Miraculous Signs (Qu'ran) before we are humiliated and disgraced (on Day of Judgment).
Translation of: Ayah 134, Surat Taha.
Words: Ahlakna = We destroyed, Athab = Punishment, Ursilta = You had sent, Nattabe' = We follow, Ayat = Miraculous Signs - Lines of the Qur'an, Nathil = We are humiliated, Nakhza = We are disgraced..

Q: How does the foretelling that a strong enemy of Islam will remain a disbeliever to his death relate to the miracles of the Qur'an?
Note: "Abu Lahab = Of flame" who was one of the Prophet Muhammad's uncles was a strong opponent of Islam and the Prophet. He died as a distressed disbelieving leader ten days after the Battle of Badr.
A: Utter destruction to the hands of Abi Lahab* and he is already destroyed; His wealth did not avail him neither did whatever he earned (of bad deeds); He will be burned into Fire with flame; And (also burned will be) his wife - the carrier of the wood**. (Marked by) Around her neck is a palm-fibre rope***
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 5, Surat AlMasad. (111:105)
* In a summary of an incident: When the Prophet Muhammad was commanded to "And warn your nearest kinsmen;" Translation of Line 214 in Chapter AlShuara' in the Qur'an, the Prophet climbed a mountain and his people of Quraish gathered to hear him. The Prophet said: If I tell you that the enemy will attack you will you believe me. They said: Yes (the Prophet was known to tell the truth). He continued: "So I am warning you against a severe punishment of Allah". His uncle "Abu Lahab" (his original name was Abd AlUzza Bin AbdulMatalib and he was nicknamed "Abu Lahab" because of his ruddy (red-color) complexion) said: For this you gathered us? Destruction to you (= Tabban Laka")! So Surat "AlMasad" was revealed. Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 4, page 864.
** "Um Jameel" (wife of Abu Lahab and sister of Abu Sufyan) used to intertwine thorny sticks and lay them at night in the way of the Prophet Muhammad to harm him.
*** The rope to help her hold the sticks. In Hell it will be of Fire according to what the Prophet explained about how the punishment will be of the kind of the bad deeds done in life. (Reference is to the horrible scenes of punishment of the Day of Judgment that the Prophet was given a glimpse of on the Night of the Ascent to the Heaven (= Laylat AlMi'raj) whose reference is in Surat AlIsra' in the Qur'an.
Words: Tabbat = Utter destruction - Evil to befall - Call for perishing, Yada = The two hands, Wa Tabb = And he is already destroyed, Ma Aghna = Did not avail, Kasab = What he earned, SaYasla = He will be burned, Lahab = Flame, Emra'atuhu = His wife, Fi Jeekiha = Around her neck, Habl = Rope, Masad = Palm-Fibre.

Q: What is the basis of the Qur'an that helped preserve it as it was originally revealed?
A: And the Word (Qur'an) of your God is complete in truth and in justice - there is no replacer* for His Words and He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.
Translation of: Ayah 115, Surat AlAn'am. (6:115)
* Allah here guarantees the preservation of the words of the Qur'an as they were originally revealed.
.Words: Tammat = Is complete, Kalimat = Word, Sidqan = As truthful, Adlan = As just, La Mubaddila = No Replacer, Kalimat = Words.

Q: Why there is not any other prophet or Holy Book sent by Allah after the Prophet Muhammad and the Qur'an?
A: For We (Allah) sent down upon you (Prophet Muhammad) the Scripture (Qur'an) for all people (= LilNas)* with Truth - so whoever is guided then it is for himself (his benefit) and whoever does wrong then he only does wrong for himself and you (Prophet Muhammad) are not for them responsible.
Translation of: Ayah 41, Surat AlZumar. (39:41)
* Other prophets were sent to their peoples but the Prophet Muhammad was sent to all humanity.
Remember that the Qur'an was revealed between 610 CE to 632 CE
and it was Allah's LAST Message to humanity through Allah's LAST Messenger Prophet Muhammad. (refer to Surat AlAhzab)
(Remember the well known saying of Prophet Muhammad that 30 persons after me (to the Day of Judgement) will claim to be messengers of Allah and they are all liars.)
The famous liar, known to Muslims, who claimed to be a messenger is known in Islamic history as Musaylimah AlKaththab = Musailamah the liar'.
Words: LilNas = For all people - For humanity, BilHaq = With Truth - For a purpose, Ehtada = Is guided, Dhalla = Does wrong - Goes astray, Wakeel = Responsible - Custodian.

Q: In the Qur'an what does the word "Proof = Burhan" refer to?
A: So when Moses (Prophet Moosa) completed the term* and he travelled with his family he sensed a fire from the side of the Mount (Sinai) - he said to his family stay for I have sensed a fire perhaps I bring you from it some news or a firebrand so that you may warm yourselves; Then when he reached it it was called from the right-hand side of the Valley (Tuwa in Sinai) in the blessed spot from (the side of) the tree -

O Moses indeed it is I Allah the God of the inhabitants of all worlds; And throw your staff so when he saw it moving - it was looking like a snake* he turned running away and he did not look back - O Moses come and do not fear for you are of those who are secure (with Allah); And slip your hand inside your pocket it will come out shiny without harm and get a grip on the fear (relax stiffness) so those are two Proofs = Burhanan) from your God to Pharaoh (Phiroun) and his assembly for they were sinful people.
Translation of: Ayat 29 - 32, Surat AlQasas. (28: 29 - 32)
* Remember Allah put a soul inside the snake. (in Surat AlShuara')
Note: Allah's Miracles (= Mu'jizat) ended by the death of the Prophet Muhammad, the last and seal of the Prophets, What extraordinary marks some people sometimes still experience are not miracles but they are called "extraordinary marks of Allah's favour = karaamat min Allah). Source: "Mathaahir AlShirk = Forms of joining partners with Allah), by AlUstath (scholar) Wajdi Ghunaim, in Arabic.
Note: Proofs = Miraculous Signs.
Words: Qadha = Completed, AlAjal = The term, Ahlihi = His family, Jathwah = Firebrand - A piece of burning fire, Udhmum Ilayka Janahaka = Get a grip, Min alrahb = From the fear, Qawman Faasiqeen = Sinful people - People who strayed away from Allah's Path.

Q: What did the Prophet Joseph (Yusuf) see that restrained him from committing a grave sin?
A: And the one (wife of "AlAzeez") in whose house he (Prophet Joseph) is (living) tried to seduce him and she closed the doors and said now come he said seeking refuge with Allah for he (her husband) is my master - he took care of my stay - indeed the transgressors do not achieve success (from Allah); And she might have started with him and he started with her if only he did not see the Proof (Burhan)* of his God - in this way so as We (Allah) turn away from him bad deeds and obscenity for he is (one) of our purified servants.
Translation of: Ayat 23 - 24, Surat Yusuf. (12:23-24)
* The image of his righteous father Prophet Jacob (Israel = Ya'qoub) came in front of his eyes. Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 2, page 693.
Words: Rawadathu = Tried to seduce him, Ghallaqat = She closed, Hayta Laka = Now come, Ma'ath Allah = Seeking refuge with Allah, Allah forbid, Ahsana Masthwai = He took care of my stay, Hammat = Might have started, Law la an ra'aa = If only he did not see, Burhan = Proof, AlSou' = Bad deeds, He saw, AlSou' = Bad deeds - Evil, AlFahsha' = Obscenity - Adultery - Immoral deeds, AlMukhlasseen = Purified - Morally chaste - Not sinful.

Q: How do you know that a "holy" book is man-made and not from the Creator of the Universe?
Note: To be from the Creator of the Universe, the Holy Book should state clearly what came before it or at least fortell what will come later.

A: And whatever (Qur'an) We (Allah) revealed to you (Prophet Muhammad) from the (Holy) Book* is the Truth confirming what was before it (The Original Torah and Bible) for Allah of his servants (all people) is certainly Well-Acquainted, All-Seeing.
Translation of: Ayah 31, Surat Fatir.
* Allah's Book that contains Allah's Message to humanity is One.
Note: The Qur'an confirms what Allah sent before.
Words: Allathi = Whatever, Awhayna = We revealed, AlHaq = The Truth, Musadiqqan = Confirming, BiIbadihi = Of His servants.

Q: Before rejecting the Qu'ran as lies why should the rejecter think twice?
Hint: In the Other Life Allah knows best who deserves His anger and at what time and place.
A: And who in this (Life) rendered himself blind (blindness of the heart)* then in the Other Life he is blind (blindness of the eyes)* and even further away from the Path*** (Allah's Path that leads to Paradise).
Translation of: Ayah 72, Surat AlIsra' (known also as Surat Beni Israel).
* The blindness of the heart.
Also who blinds himself towards remembering Allah.
** The blindness of the eyes.
Note: Line 66 in Chapter YaSeen in the Qur'an is translated: "And if We (Allah) please We will certainly blot out (obliterate) their eyes so they will race to the Path (leading to Paradise) but from where they can see."
*** Allah's Path.
Note In life if a person's eyes are blind see what Allah says. In a summary of a Holy Saying (= "Hadeesth Qudsi" directly from Allah through the Angel Gabriel but not part of the Qur'an) said by the Prophet Muhammad: Allah said: if I test my servant with his eyes (blind) and he became patient I will recompense him for them (eyes) with Paradise. Source: AlAhadeesth AlQudsiyyah, page 173.
Words: A'ma = Blind, Fi Hathihi = In this, AlAkhirah = The Other Life, Adhalu Sabeela = Further away from the Path.

Q: Why the Qur'an and its spreading is feared the most among those who do not believe in Allah?
A: And they (disbelievers) are forbidding it (Qur'an) and they are keeping themselves away from it and in fact they are destroying none except their own souls and they do not realize (it).
Translation of: Ayah 26, Surat AlAn'am. (6:26)
Note; The Lines 27-28 that come after the line translated in this posting.
Words: Yanhoun = They forbid - They Prevent, Yuhlikoun = They are destroying, Anfusahum = Their own souls, Ma Yasharoun = They do not realize (it) - They are not aware.

Q: How is the Qur'an a Miracle that supported the prophet Muhammad as a Messenger of Allah?
Hint: Several of Allah's Messengers were sent with miracles to fortify the messengers. The miracles were to surpass what their people were masters in. (At the time of Prophet Moses there were great magicians. At the time of Jesus peace be upon him physicians were important. Arabs at the time of the Prophet Muhammad were famous for their mastering of the Arabic language both in style and vocabulary. There were great poets among them. The Qur'an is a miracle in Arabic language. Miracles are difficult and so is the Qur'an but the Qur'an is simplified by Allah.
A: For We (Allah) simplified* it (Qur'an) in your (Prophet Muhammad's) tongue (Arabic Language) perhaps they may remember (the Message); So (command to Prophet Muhammad) do watch (with patience) for they (disbelievers at the Prophet's time) are watching (for the punishment to happen).
Translation of: Ayat 58 - 59, Surat AlDukhkhan.
* Miracles are extraordinary and very difficult. Being a Miracle yet the Qur'an is
simplified. (in Surat AlQamar)
Words: Yassarnahu = We simplified it, BiLisanika = In your tongue, Fartaqib = So do watch - wait.

Q: What Truth do disbelievers continue to deny?
A: So they rejected as lies the Truth (in Qur'anic Lines) when it came to them so soon the news* (plural) of what they were making fun of will reach them.
Translation of: Ayah 5, Surat AlAn'am. (6:5)
* The news of destruction either in Life or the Other Life. (in Surat AlAnfal)
Words: Kaththabou = Rejected as lies - Denied as lies, BilHaqq = The Truth, Ja'ahum = When it reached them, Anba' = News, Yastahzaoun = They were making fun of - ridiculing - mocking.

Q: Who rejects the Qur'an as lies?
A: And We (Allah) sent down to you (Prophet Muhammad) Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) with eye-opening proofs (= Bayyenat) and no one reject them as lies except those (= alFasiqoun) who sinfully stray away (from Allah's Path).
Translation of: Ayah 99, Surat AlBaqarah.
Words: Anzalna = We sent down, Bayyenat = With eye-opening proofs - With evidences - With Explaining Signs, Yakfur = Reject as lies, Illa = Except, AlFasiqoun = Those who sinfully stray away - The sinners against Allah = 'alMujrimoun'.

Q: Lack of what does this question indicate: Why did not Allah send a tangible miracle to the Prophet Muhammad similar to the miracles sent to the Prophets Moses and Jesus?
Note: Remember it is mentioned in the Qur'an that the Qur'an is a miracle.
A: And they (disbelievers) said if only a Miracle from His God was sent down to him (Prophet Muhammad) - say (command to Prophet Muhmmad) certainly Allah is Capable of sending down a Miracle but most of them do not realize (it).
Translation of: Ayah 37, Surat AlAn'am. (6:37)
Note: Other than the Qur'an, Allah did not send a tangible (physical) miracle to fortify the Message brought by the Prophet Muhammad.
Words: Nuzzila = Was sent down, Ayah = Miracle, Qaadir = Capable, Akstharuhum = Most of them, Ya'lamoun = Realize.

Q: Why should Muslims beware of using the verses (lines) of the Qur'an out of their context?
A: And We detailed (repeated in different forms) in this Qur'an for people from every parable* (example) and man was the most in arguing (the Qur'an).
Translation of: Ayah 54, Surat AlKahf.
* To speak in parables - to point out moral lessons.
Note: In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad. Narrated by Ali Bin Abi Taleb may Allah be pleased with him: Once at night the Prophet Muhammad came to Ali Bin Abi Taleb and his wife Fatimah (the Prophet's beloved daughter) so the Prophet said: Are you (both) not praying (extra prayers at night). So Ali Bin Abi Taleb answered: Our souls are in the Hand of Allah (when we were asleep) so if He wills He can send us back to life (= we were asleep and we did not awake because Allah did not make us awake). So the Prophet Muhammad left when he heard this and he did not say anything. Ali Bin Abi Taleb heard the Prophet while leaving hitting his thigh saying " And man was the most in arguing (= waKana AlInsanu Aksthara Shayen Jadala). Narrated in "Muslim" and "AlBukhari's" books of the Prophet's authenticated sayings. Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, Volume 3, page 132.
Note: Remember the Qur'an says about the Prophet Muhammad: And We did not send you except as a Mercy to all people. Translation of Line 107 in Chapter AlAnbiya' in the Qur'an. This clearly means that the Prophet Muhammad was Allah's Mercy to humanity because he was sent with the Message (Qur'an) to take people out of the darkness of disbelieving into the light of believing.
On the other hand the mentioned Line does not mean, as a Muslim Imam preached on Friday (April 22, 2011), that Allah's Mercy comes down where you are discussing the Prophet's life story and the high morals of the Prophet peace be upon him. (Note: Allah's Mercy can surround where anything of Allah's Religion including the Prophet's high character is discussed. But the mentioned line should not be taken out of context). And Allah knows Best.
Words: Sarrafna = Detailed, Masthal = Example - Parrable, Aksthara Shayen Jadala = The most in arguing - The most in quarreling.

Q: When the warning signs are very clear should not they be followed?
A: And We (Allah) detailed (repeated warning in different forms) in this Qur'an so that they remember (Allah and His Warning) and it only increases their turning further away (from Allah's Path).
Translation of: Ayah 41, Surat AlIsra' (known also as Surat Beni Israel).
Words: LiYathakarou = So that they remember - So that they take notice, Yazeeduhum = Increases their, Nufoura = Turning further away.

Q: Other than to remember Allah why is the Qur'an full of preaching in parables?
Note: Also Jesus peace be upon him preached in parables.
A: And thus We (Allah) detail the Miraculous Signs (Lines of the Qur'an)* and (also) that the path of the sinners becomes clear.
Translation of: Ayah 55, Surat AlAn'am. (6:55)
* The Qur'an is detailed to remind us of Allah.
Words: Nufasil = Detail, LiTastabeen Sabeel = That the path becomes clear, AlMujrimeen = Sinners.

Q: Why was the Prophet Muhammad advised to feel easy when delivering the fully developed lines of the Qur'an?
A: A L M S*; A Scripture which is sent down to you (Prophet Muhammad) so let not be in your chest uneasiness (hesitation) because of it so as you warn (humanity) by it and (it is) a Reminder to the believers.
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 2, Surat AlA'raf. (7:1-2)
* Pronounced Alif Lam Meem Ssad. Arabic letters that do not make a word known in the Arabic language - the language of the Qur'an. From Allah's World of the Unseen. Nobody knows their true meaning. (Possibly they refer to a part in 'the Origin of the Book = Um AlKitab' from which the Qur'an (Verses) was brought down by Angel Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad. And Allah knows Best.)
Words: Kitab = Scripture - Holy Book, Unzila Holy Book - Is sent, Sadrika = In your chest, Haraj = Uneasiness - Hesitation - Tightness, LiTunthira = So as you warn, Thikra = A Reminder, Mo'mineen = Believers.

Q: Many times people who tell lies manage to get away with their lying. But why not in the case against Allah?
A: And who can be more of a transgressor than the one who made up lies against Allah or treated His Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) as lies for the transgressors do not win (with Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 21, Surat AlAn'am. (6:21)
Words: Adhlam = More transgressor - More unjust, Eftara = Made up, Kathiban = Lies, La Yufleh = Do not win - Do.not prosper - Do not succeed.

Q: Why is it a must for the believers not to talk while the Qur'an is being recited?
A: And those who disbelieved said do not listen to the Qur'an and chat* in it (its recitation) perhaps you may gain the upper hand.
* Also to make loud sounds such as clapping during its recitation to distract from listening to it. (refer to Surat AlZukhruf)
Translation of: Ayah 26, Surat Fusilat. (41:26).
Words: La Tasma'ou = Do not listen, Alghou = Chat - Talk nonsense - Make loud sounds, Taghliboun = You may gain the upper hand.

Q: Why should Muslims be patient with those who oppose the Qur'an?
A: And (command to Prophet Muhammad) adhere to what is being revealed (Qur'an) to you and be patient until Allah judges* and Allah is the Best among judges.
Translation of: Ayah 109, Surat Yunus. (10:109)
* Either in this life and in the Other Life.
Words: Etabe' = Adhere to - Follow, Ma Yuwha = Being revealed, Esber = Be patient, Yahkum = Judges, Khair AlHakimeen = Best among judges.

Q: Was it a coincidence that the Qur'an is detailed and the warning for example in it is repeated?
A: And We (Allah) had certainly brought them a Scripture (Qur'an) - We detailed* it deliberately** as Guidance and Mercy for people who believe.
Translation of: Ayah 52, Surat AlA'raf.
* Why is the Qur'an detailed with parables for example.
** Allah has detailed the Qur'an with His Knowledge to make it clear for the believers.
Words: LaQad Ji'nahum = We had certainly brought them, Fassalnahu = We detailed it - We explained it, Ala Ilm = Deliberately - Knowingly, Huda = As Guidance, Rahmah = As Mercy, LiQawm = For people, Yu'minoun = Believe.

Q: In what way does the Qur'an address all topics that concern humanity including science?
Note: The Qur'anic verses repeatedly open human eyes to think about nature including man.

A: Indeed much enlightening (= Basaa'ir) (Qur'an) has reached you from your God so whoever had an insight (into the Qur'an) then (it is) for himself and whoever cast a blind eye then (it is) upon it (his soul) (command to Prophet Muhammad to say) and I (Prophet Muhammad) am not upon you an observer.
Translation of: Ayah 104, Surat AlAn'am. (6:104)
* Much teaching with eye-opening proofs.
Words: Basaair = Much englightening - Much teaching with eye-opening proofs - Teaching with proofs that enlighten, Absara = Had an insight - Perceived, Amiya = Cast a blind eye, BiHafeedh = An observer.

Q: Why is the Qur'an comprehensive dealing with all important aspects of life?
A: A L R'* - A Book (Qur'an) whose Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) were made fundamental** then they were detailed from the One Who is All-Wise, All-Expert; Do not worship but Allah for I (Prophet Muhammad) am to you from Him (Allah) a warner and a bearer of good news.
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 2, Surat Hood. (11:1-2)
* Alif Lam Ra'. Arabic letters that do not make a word known in the Arabic language - the language of the Qur'an. From Allah's World of the Unseen. The meaning is ambiguous and is known only to Allah.
** The Qur'an includes commands that are considered fundamental in all of Allah's Books. (refer to Surat AlImran)
Note: When asked about the very small details of some affairs that will come up in future the Prophet Muhammad said: You will know better about the affairs of your life then. (= Antum A'lam biUmour Dunyakum).
Words: Uhkimat = Are made fundamental, Fusillat = Were detailed, Min Ladun = From the One, Alla = Do not, Ta'badou = Worship, Illa = But - Except, Natheer = Warner, Basheer = Bearer of good news.

Q: What happens to one's good deeds if he does not believe in the Qur'an?
A: And those who rejected as lies Our (Allah's) Lines (Qur'an) and the meeting of the Hereafter their (good) deeds failed* - will they not be repaid except according to what they were doing.
Translation of: Ayah 147, Surat AlA'raf.
* Note if the base is faulty all the building comes to fall. The base of everything in Life is worshipping Allah Alone.
Words: Kaththabou = Rejected as lies, Liqa' = Meeting, Habitat = Failed, Yujzawna = Are repaid, Ya'maloun = Were doing.

Q: What do you call the information from Allah that the messengers of Allah preached?
A: So who can be more of a transgressor* (unjust) than the one who uttered lies against Allah and rejected as lies the Truth (from Allah) ** that reached him.
Translation of: Ayah 32, Surat AlZumar. (39:32)
* Trangressing Allah's commands brings punishment to the transgressor and thus he becomes unjust to himself.
** The Truth (= AlSidq) revealed in the Qur'an which is Allah's last Holy Book. (refer to Surat Muhammad)
Words: Adhlam = More of a transgressor - More of an unjust (unfair), Kaththaba = Uttered lies - Rejected as lies - Disbelieved, AlSidq = The Truth - Truthfulness, Masthwa = Staying Place, LilKafireen = For the disbelievers - For the ungrateful.

Q: How can disbelievers be categorized?
Note: What can send a person who believes in Allah in Hell?

A: And as for those who disbelieved (in Allah) and rejected Our Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) as lies and (rejected) the meeting of the Other World (as lies) so those in the punishment (of Hell) will be brought.
Translation of: Ayah 16, Surat AlRoum. (30:16)
Words: Kafarou = Disbelieved, Kaththabou = Rejected as lies, Liqa' = Meeting, AlAkhirah = The Other World, Muhdharoun = Will be brought - Will be made present.

Q: Why does the Qur'an continue to refute (show wrong) the disbelievers?
A: (The Day of Judgement is coming) So as to reward those who believed and did righteous (deeds) - those for them is Forgiveness and honorable sustenance (in Paradise); And those who tried to invalidate* Our Miraculous Signs (Lines of the Qur'an) - those for them is a painful severe type of punishment (= Rijz Aleem).
Translation of: Ayat 4 - 5, Surat Saba'.
* To render them invalid by toiling to find fault, contradiction or simply not believing in them.
Words: Mu'ajizeen = Tried to invalidate - Tried to defeat, Athab rijz = Severe type of punishment, Aleem = Painful.

Q: How does Allah prove invalid any argument made against the Prophet Muhammad?
A: Or do the disbelievers say that he (Prophet Muhammad) fabricated against Allah lies* well if Allah wills He (Allah) can place a stamp (seal) on your heart**.- And Allah obliterates (puts an end to) Falsehood and makes Truth come true through His Words*** (of the Qur'an) - for He is Well-Acquainted with what is in the hearts.
Translation of: Ayah 24, Surat AlShoura.
* A wrong argument. The answer begins with "well if ..."
** No revelation if the disbelievers' argument is true. Since the revelation contined the disbelievers' argument was refuted.
*** The Qur'an proves that Truth is valid and Falsehood is invalid.
Words: Am = Or, Eftara Kathiban = Fabricated lies, Yakhtem = Places a stamp - Seals, Yamhu = Obliterates - Puts an end to - Rubs off - Removes, AlBatil = Falsehood, Yuhiq = Makes come true, AlHaqq = Truth, BiKalimatihi = Through His Words, Aleem = Well-Acquainted, AlSodour = Hearts - Chests.

Q: Why was the Qur'an sent to warn the disbelievers?

A: Or do they say that the Prophet Muhammad fabricated it (Qu'ran) - rather it is the Truth from your God to warn a people whom a warner (prophet) did not reach them before you (Prophet Muhammad) so that they may be guided (to Allah's Religion).
Translation of: Ayah 3, Surat AlSajdah.
Words: Em = Or, Yaqoloun = They say, Eftarahu = He fabricated it - It produced lies, AlHaqq = the Truth, Litunthira = To warn, Ma Atahum = Did not reach them, Natheer = Warner, Qablika = Before you, La'alahum Yahtadoun = So that they may be guided.

Q: Why does Allah mention the Holy 'Book' and the 'Qur'an' together in one line (verse)?
A: A L R*.- those (all Qur'anic lines) are the Miraculous Signs (lines or verses) of the (Holy) Book **and a fully developed Qur'an***.
Translation of: Ayah 1, Surat AlHijr.
* The letters do not make any known word in the Arabic language. From Allah's World of the Unseen.
** The Holy Book has to be given its due respect because it is purely Allah's Word. Therefore it is not allowed to keep the Holy Qur'an in public libraries for example where anyone can touch it. But the translation of the Qur'an and its explanation...etc can be found there.
*** The Qur'an is meant to be read and its Lines should be memorized and remembered on a regular basis so as to become the Muslim's character. Aishah the respected wife of the Prophet Muhammad said: The Prophet's character was the Qur'an (= Kana Khuluquhu AlQur'an).
Note: In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: Commit yourselves (keep up) to the Qur'an - by the One in Whose Hand is my soul it is certainly more slipping away (freeing itself) than the camel in its cord (cord used to hobble the feet of a camel). Source: Riyadh AlSaliheen Min Kalam Sayed AlMursaleen, In Arabic, page 303. (= Ta'ahadu Hatha AlQur'an faWallathi Nafs Muhammad BiYadihi LaHowa Ashadu Tafalutan min AlIbl Fi Uquliha).
Words: Tilka = Commit yourselves - Keep up, AlKitab = The Book - The Scripture, Qur'an = Reading - Recitation, Mubeen = Fully developed - That makes clear.

Q: Why should the disbelievers take their time and feel at peace trying to understand the Qur'an?
A: So what is wrong with them (disbelievers) that they are turning away from the Reminder (Qur'an); As if they were zebra put on the alert*; Running away from a lion.
Translation of: Ayat 49 - 51, Surat AlMuddasthir.
* Fearful.
Words: FaMa Lahum = What is wrong with them, AlTathkirah = The reminder, Mustafirah = On the run, Humur = Zebra - Wild donkeys, Mustafirah = Put on the alert, Farrat = Running away, Qaswarah = Lion.

Q: Can Muslims leave the Qur'an easily accessible to non-Muslims who do not value its Status? What is the Status of the Qur'an?
Note: Reference: "Obama apologizes for Qur’an burnings"
In a summary of a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: The Prophet Muhammad prevented to travel with the Qur'an to the enemy's land." (= do not make it easily accessible to non-Muslims. They do not know its Status and can handle it disrespectfully.) Source: Riyadh AlSaliheen Min Kalam Sayed AlMursaleen, in Arabic, page 488, mentioned under the Chapter of "Preventing the Travel with the Qur'an to Disbelievers' Countries in Case there is Fear that it will Fall in their Hands",
A: And We (Allah) set forth for humanity in this Qur'an from every parable* so that they may remember; (Allah sent down) Arabic (language) Qur'an without any distortion (falsification) so that they may protect themselves (by fearing Allah).
Translation of: Ayat 27 - 28, Surat AlZumar.
* To speak in parables - to point out moral lessons.
Note: The Qur'an (Allah's Word only) should be guarded in safe closed places because only the purified (with ablution) can touch it (Surat AlWaqiah Ayah 79 in the Qur'an). Only items that we do not call 'the Qur'an' though they may contain the explanation or the translation of the Qur'an should be allowed on public library shelves for study and reference.
Note: If you have pages of the Qur'an that got torn somehow, the only known methods of what Muslims say "making those pages martyrs" is through placing in fire, burying in clean soil or placing them in running water to get the ink washed off. They are not to be placed with the garbage.
Words: Dharbna = We set forth, LilNas = For humanity - For (all) people, Masthal = Parable - Example (for moral lessons), Yatathakkaroun = They remember, Arabiyyan = Arabic (language), Ghayra Thi Iwaj = Without any distortion - without any falsification, Yattaqoun = They protect themselves (by fearing Allah).

Q: If a non-Muslim becomes captive in Muslims' hands how can he save himself from being killed?
Hint: By declaration of Islam because Islam leaves out (does not judge) everything that was done before being a Muslim. A well-known Islamic saying based on the Prophet's saying: Islam leaves out what was before it "= Islam yajjubu ma qablahu". But be aware that becoming a Muslim is an obligation in front of Allah and people. If a Muslim turns back he is called "murtad". And Muslims know (such a person deserves to be killed = almurtad waajib alQatl).
A: O Messenger (command to Prophet Muhammad) say to those in your hands (captivity) from the captives if Allah finds in your hearts any goodness (of Islam) He (Allah) will grant you better than what was taken from you (plural) and He will grant you Forgiveness* and Allah is Most-Forgiving Most-Merciful.
Translation of: Ayah 70, Surat AlAnfal.
* Allah grants Forgiveness only to those who believe in Him as the Only and One God.
Note: In a summary of a Holy Saying (= "Hadeesth Qudsi" directly from Allah through the Angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad, but not part of the Qur'an), the Prophet Muhammad said: Our God, the Exalted AlMighty, admires people entering Paradise while being chained (captives) (The Arabic version: Ajiba Rubunna, Azza wa Jal, min qawmin yuqaadouna ila AlJannati fi AlSalasil) (= When in captivity they declare Islam and they continue honouring their pledge of Islam with Allah). Source: AlAhadeesth AlQudsiyyah, (in Arabic) page 168.
Words: Qul = Say, Fi Aydeekum = In your hands - In your captivity, AlAsra = Captives - Prisoners, Ya'lam = Finds, Ukhitha = Is taken, Yaghfir = Grants Forgiveness.

Q: According to Allah who is to be blamed: The one who does wrong to others or the one who avenges himself after wrong was done to him?
A: And whoever avenged himself after wrong was done to him then on those there is no cause of blame; But indeed the blame is on those who transgress against people and they corrupt on earth without any right - those for them is a severe punishment.
Translation of: Ayat 41 - 42, Surat AlShoura.
Words: Entasara = Avenged himself,Ba'da = After, Yadzhlimoun = Transgress - Attack unjustly, Bighayr AlHaq = Without any right, Aleem = Severe.

Q: Please read first above the transaltion of Lines 41-42 in Surat AlShoura.
Note: Is it better for a capable Muslim who has the power to settle in life his account with the killer of his relative, or wait for Allah to settle it for him on the Day of Judgement plus Allah's reward for his patience?

A: And certainly whoever remains patient and forgives (is better) indeed that is certainly a matter of firm will*.
Translation of: Ayah 43, Surat AlShoura. (42:43)
* Allah knows it is not an easy matter for it requires strong decision and shows the person's firm will.
Note: A believer being punished in life according to Allah's punishment rules settles one's criminal account in life. In a summary of an excerpt of a long saying of the Prophet Muhammad: --- And do not disobey in any command (of Allah) - so whoever fulfills it then his reward is with Allah, and whoever commits in it (disobeys) then he is punished in life and it is atonement (relief from it = kaffarah lahu); and whoever commits in it (disobeys) then Allah covers him up (no one knows about it) then his matter is with Allah - if He wills He will forgive him or if He will He will punish him. Source: AlLou'lou' walMarjan feema etafaqqa alayhi AlSheikhan AlBukhari wa Muslim, in Arabic, pages 352-353.
Words: Ssabara = Remained patient, Ghafara = Forgives - Overlooks, Min Azm AlUmour = A matter of firm will.

Q: Were the Jews and the Christians before Islam studying their Holy Books?
Note: The translation of the preceding Ayat 154-155 in Surat AlAn'am.
A: Lest you (disbelievers of pre-Islamic Arabia) say indeed the Scripture (of Allah) was sent down to two groups* before us but we of their studying (of their Holy Books)** were certainly unaware.
Translation of: Ayah 156, Surat AlAn'am. (6:156)
* Jews and Christians whom people in pre-Islamic Arabia were well aware of.
** What they were studying in their Holy Books.
Note: Remember even in war times Muslims are commanded to study the Qur'an. (refer to Surat AlTawbah)
Note: As briefly mentioned in 'no god but God' by Reza Aslan, 2011, pages 223 - 224:
Shah Wali Allah, an influential "political Sufi" of the eighteenth century, strove in his books and lectures to strip Sufism of its "foreign" influence (e.g. Neoplatonism, Persian mysticism, Hindu Vedantism)...to make it bound to Sunni orthodoxy... Wali Allah's emphasis on orthodoxy sparked "puritan" movements in India, the famous is the "Deobandi School" whose students ("taliban" in Arabic) ... and whose ethnic Pashtun contingent would seize control of Afghanistan.
Words: An Taqolou = Lest you say - So that you do not say, Innama = Indeed, Unzila = Was sent down, Ta'ifatayn = Two groups, WaIn = But, An Dirasatihim = Of their studying, LaGhafileen = Certainly unaware.

Q: When we pay special attention to listen to the Qur'an and understand it what is our ultimate goal?
Note: The preceding Line 36 in Surat Qaf is translated: "And how many generations did We (Allah) destroy (for their sins) before them (disbelievers of Arabia) - they were mightier than them in violence so they excavated the land - was there any place of escape (from Allah's Punishment in Life)."

A: For in that* is certainly a Reminder (of Allah) to whoever has a heart** or who listened*** carefully while being a witness (= shaheed)****.
Translation of: Ayah 37, Surat Qaf. (50:37)
* Destruciton of disbelieving civilizations.
** With a believing heart one is alive otherwise he is living as a dead person without a heart that beats.
Remember Allah guides hearts towards Him.
*** As Christ said "he that hath ears to hear let him hear". Source: The Holy Qur'an: English Translation of the Meanings and Commentary. Based on the translation of Abdullah Yusuf Ali, page 1605.
**** Even the People of the Book were given their Holy Books to be witnesses on guarding them and bearing them in mind.
Words: Thikra = Reminder, Qalb = Heart, Alqa AlSame' = Listened carefully, Howa = He, Shaheed = Witness - Present.

Q: What is the Evidence that the Qur'an is to warn all humanity without exception including Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus..etc)?
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) which counts as the biggest testimony - say Allah is Witness between me (Prophet Muhammad) and you (people of Pre-Islamic Arabia) and this Qur'an has been revealed to me to warn you and whoever it (the Qur'an) reaches him (= men baladha)* - for you certainly bear witness that with Allah there are other gods - say (command to Prophet Muhammad) I do not bear witness - say rather He is One God and I am certainly innocent of what you partner (with Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 19, Surat AlAn'am. (6:19)
* The Qur'an is for all humanity and all times.
Note: Line 20 in Surat AlAn'am that follows the line posted here.
Words: Ayyu Shayyen Akbar Shahadah = Which counts as the biggest testimony, Shaheed = Witness, Uhiya = It has been revealed, LiUnthirakum = To warn you, Men Balagha = Whoever it reaches, AInnakum = For you, Alihah = gods, La Ashhad = I do not bear witness, Innama = Rather, Ilah = God, Tushrikoun = You partner - You join partner(s).

Q: What was the reaction of the Prophet Muhammad when he considered the Qur'anic lines?
Note: Ayah 11 in Surat AlSaffat is translated: "So ask them (disbelievers) if they are a more powerful creation or whom We created (Jinn, Angels...etc) - We created them (humans) from sticky clay.
A: Rather you have marveled* while they make fun (of the Qur'an); And when they are reminded (through the Qur'an) they do not bear (it) in mind.
Translation of: Ayat 12 - 13, Surat AlSaffat.
* You have become filled with wonder and amazed curiosity.
Note: Ayat 14 - 18 in Surat AlSaffat that follow the lines posted here.
Note: Remember that a group of Jinn who heard the Qur'an and dashed away giving the news to their people (Line 1 in Surat AlJinn in the Qur'an).
Words: Ajibta = You have marveled - You have wondered, Yaskhoroun = They make fun, Thukkirou = They are reminded, La Yathkuroun = They do not bear it in mind.

Q: Besides being a Guidance to Allah's Path what is the Qur'an?
A: This (Qur'an) is a Clarification (of all major matters) for people and a Guidance (to Allah's Path) and a Preachment for those who protect themselves by fearing (Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 138, Surat AlImran.
Words: Hatha = This is, Bayan = Clarification, Huda = Guidance, Mawidhah = A preachement - A moral lesson - A warning, LilMutaqeen = For those who protect themselves by fearing (Allah).

Q: If Prophet Muhammad is sent to all humanity without exception why is the Qur'an in the Arabic language?
Note: The Prophet Muhammad is Allah's messenger to all people.

A: And We (Allah) did not send a messenger except in the tongue (language) of his people so that he explains* to them - and Allah leaves to stray whoever He wills and He guides (towards Him) whoever He wills and He is The AlMighty The All-Wise.
Translation of: Ayah 4, Surat Ibraheem.
* The Qur'an is in the Arabic language because Prophet Muhammad's people were Arabs. The Prophet had to explain the Qur'an and call first his own Arab people to Islam before calling all humanity.
Note: It is unethical to translate some major concepts that appeared in the Qur'an into another language and mix it with some disbelieving concepts and create a new religion. Research among current religions who else calls God with the name of Allah other than Muslims and Arab Jews and Arab Christians. Remember that the Qur'an was revealed on the Prophet Muhammad in 610 CE and concluded in 632 CE, the year the Prophet Muhammad died. Also remember that Prophet Muhammad was the seal of the prophets. Anyone who claims to be a prophet of Allah after the Prophet Muhammad is an imposter prophet. Remember in a summary of a well known saying of the Prophet Muhammad: After the Prophet Muhammad and until the Day of Judgement thirty persons will claim (falsely) (= yaddaown) to be prophets of Allah.
Words: Arsalna = We did not send, BiLisan = In the tongue - In the language, FaYudhil = And leaves to stray, Yahdi = Guides.

Q: What is the function of the Qur'an - the Word of Allah?
A: A L R* - a Book (Qur'an) We (Allah) sent it down to you (Prophet Muhammad) to bring people (humanity = AlNas**) out from the depths*** of darkness (of disbelieving) to the Light (of believing) with the permission of their God to the Path**** of the AlMighty, the Worthy of all Praise .
Translation of: Ayah 1, Surat Ibraheem.
* Pronounced Alif Lam Ra'. Arabic letters that do not make a word known in the Arabic language- the language of the Qur'an. From Allah's World of the Unseen. Nobody knows their true meaning. (Possibly they refer to a part in 'the Origin of the Book = Um AlKitab' from which specific Qur'anic lines (verses) were brought down to Prophet Muhammad by Angel Gabriel. And Allah knows best.)The pronunciation in Arabic of the letter A L R. The meaning is ambiguous and is known only to Allah.
** This is a proof that the Qur'an is for all people and not only for the Prophet's Arab community.
*** By making 'disbelieving' plural and 'believing' singular this shows there are many ways for 'disbelieving' and only one way for 'believing'. Source: 'Safwat AlBayan liMa'ani AlQur'an', by AlSheikh Hassanain Muhammad Makhlouf, the ex-Mufti of Egypt, in Arabic, page 327.
**** The Path of Allah is the Straight Path that leads to Paradise.
Words: Kitab = Book - Scripture, Anzalnahu = We sent it down, LiTukhrija= To bring out, AlNas = People - Humanity, Sirat = Path, BiIthni = With the permission.

Q: Prophet Muhammad was sent to all humanity (refer just above) because he was the last messenger of Allah. To whom was Prophet Moses, just like Allah's other prophets, sent?
A: And certainly We (Allah) sent Moses (Moosa) with Our Miraculous Signs* - do get your people from the depths of darkness to the Light and do remind them about Allah's Days** (the Other World) - indeed in that are certainly Miraculous Signs (of Allah's Existence) for every person with too much patience, a too much grateful person.
Translation of: Ayah 5, Surat Ibraheem.
* Nine miracles supported the Prophet Moses in his calling towards Allah.
** Days of the Other World are different from the days of this life.
Words: Arsalna = We sent, An Akhrij Qawmaka = Do get your people out, AlDhulumat = Depths of darkness, AlNoor = Light, BiAyam = Days, Sabbar = A person with too much patience, Shakour = Too much grateful person.

Q: Why do Muslims say "Allah said the Truth = Sadaqa Allah AlAdheem" after reciting Lines (= Ayat) of the Qur'an?
A: A L M*; The sending down of the Book (Qur'an) - no doubt** in it - is from the God of the inhabitants of the worlds.
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 2, Surat AlSajdah.
* Pronounced Alif Lam Meem. Arabic letters that do not make a word known in the Arabic language - the language of the Qur'an. From Allah's World of the Unseen. Nobody knows their true meaning. (Possibly they refer to a part in 'the Origin of the Book = Um AlKitab' from which specific Qur'anic lines (verses) were brought down to Prophet Muhammad by Angel Gabriel. And Allah knows best.)The pronunciation of the letters A L M. The meaning is ambiguous and is known only to Allah.
** Do not fear there is any untruth in it. Go ahead and believe in it.
Words: Tanzeel = Sending down, AlKitab = Book - Scripture, La Rayba Feehi = No suspicion - No uncertainity - No doubt - No misgiving in or about it, Min = From, AlAlameen = Inhabitants of the worlds.

Q: How does Allah challenge anyone who has any doubt about the Qur'an and its content?
A: And if you (plural) are in suspicion (uncertainity) about what We (Allah) sent down to Our servant (Prophet Muhammad) then do bring about a 'Surah' (= Chapter in the Qur'an) of its (Qur'an) kind and do call upon (pray to) your witnesses* (to support you) other than Allah if you are telling the truth.
Translation of: Ayah 23, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:23)
* Muslims have Allah as their Witness because Allah sees and knows all.
Words: Fi Rayb = In suspicion - In uncertainity - In doubt, Nazzalna = We sent down, Abdina = Our servant, Fa'tou = Then bring about - Then produce, Min Misthlihi = Of its kind - Similar to it, Ud'ou = Call upon - Pray to, Min Douni Allah = Other than Allah, Ssadiqeen = Telling the truth - Truthful.

Q: Why does a person who accepts Allah's challenge (as mentioned in Ayah 23, above) must prepare to become a believer in case he loses?
Note: The preceding Ayah 23 in Surat AlBaqarah is posted above.
A: But if you did not do (produce a 'Surah') and you will never do (produce it) so do protect yourselves (through believing) from the Fire (of Hell) whose fuel will be people and stones* - it is prepared for the disbelievers.
Translation of: Ayah 24, Surat AlBaqarah.
* Idols.
Words: Lem Taf'alou = You did not do, Len Taf'alou = You will never do, FaTaqou = So do protect yours levers, AlNas = People - Humans, AlHijarah = Stones, U'idat = It is prepared,

Q: How are Jews right and Muslims also right in ("There is nothing in life that the Talmud does not cover" and "We (Allah) did not miss anything in the Scripture (Qur'an)." Translation of Line 38 in Chapter "AlAn'am in the Qur'an)?
Note: The translation of the preceding Ayah 156 in Surat AlAn'am. (6:156)
A: Or lest you (disbelievers of pre-Islamic Arabia) say if only the Scripture (The Book = AlKitab **) was sent down to us we would have certainly been guided better than them - so (now) an eye-opening proof (= Bayyenah)*** from your God has reached you and Right Guidance and Mercy so who can be more of a transgressor (against Allah) than who rejected as lies Allah's Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) and turned away from them - We (Allah) will repay those who turn away from Our Miraculous Signs the worst of punishment for what they were turning away.
Translation of: Ayah 157, Surat AlAn'am. (6:157)
* Reference to the last paragraph in ""Thousands of Jews celebrate completion of Talmud study".
** Allah's Religion is One and is interactive with the communities to which Allah's messengers were sent. Such messengers were provided by copies Allah's Scripture (called The Book). The last and final copy was sent to Prophet Muhammad. Allah's Book is written in the which is kept in the Heaven.
Prophet Muhammad bringing the Message of Allah.
Words: Aw Taqolou = Or lest you say - So that you do not say, Ahda = We would have been guided, Bayyenah = Evidence - Eye-opening proof - Explaining Sign, Huda = Right Guidance, Rahmah = Mercy, Sadafa = Turned away.

Q: Why do we have in the Qur'an some letters that do not make a word known in the Arabic language - the only language of the Qur'an?
A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) if the sea were ink for the words of my God certainly the sea would have dried up before the Words of my God get exhausted and even if we brought up similar to it (sea) as reinforcement.
Translation of: Ayah 109, Surat AlKahf. (18:109)
Words: AlBahr = The sea - The water body - the ocean, Midadan = Ink, LiKalimat = For the words, LaNafida = Certainly would have dried up, Tanfad = Get exhausted, Madada = Reinforcement.

Q: If the Qur'an is a Mercy for the believers what is it for all humanity?

A: This (Qur'an) is (consists of) much enlightening (= Basaa'ir)* for all people and Right Guidance and Mercy for a people (a nation) who believe.
Translation of: Ayah 20, Surat AlJasthiyah. (45:20)
* Much teaching with eye-opening proofs. Who sent the enlightening?
Note: Believe in the Qur'an or do not believe.
Words: Hatha = Basaa'ir = Much englightening - Much teaching with eye-opening proofs - Teaching with proofs that enlighten, Huda = Right Guidance, Rahmah = Mercy, Qawm = A people - A nation, Yo'minoun = Believe - Have Faith.

Q: What happens to communities in life when they reject as lies Allah's Word expressed in the Qur'an?
A: Just like the persistent work of the People of Pharaoh (Phiroun) and those before them - they rejected* as lies our Miraculous Signs so Allah destroyed them for their sins and Allah is Relentless in the punishment.
Translation of: Ayah 11, Surat AlImran.
* Rejecting Allah's Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Verses) makes a person a disbeliever.
Note: Remember to prove Allah's Word several of Allah's messengers were fortified with tangible miracles. The Messenger Muhammad was fortified with the Qur'an whose Lines (Verses) are Miraculous. (in Surat AlIsra')
Words: KaDa'bi = Just like the persistent work, Shadeed = Relentless, Severe.

Q: What makes people reject to listen and think about the Qur'anic Lines?
Note: Translation of the preceding Ayah 6 in Surat Luqman.
A: And when Our (Allah's) Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) are recited to him he turns away arrogantly as if he did not hear them - as if there is in his ears cavity(deafness) so give him the early news of a severe punishment (in the Other World).
Translation of: Ayah 7, Surat Luqman. (31:7)
Words: Tuttla = Are recited, Walla = He turns away, Lem Yasma'ha = He did not hear them, Waqra = Cavity - Deafness, FaBashshirhu = So give him the early news.

Q: What did the People of Pre-Islamic Arabia who opposed the Qur'an know about the language of the Qur'an?
A: H M*; (the Qur'an) A sending down from the Lord of Mercy the Most Merciful; A (Holy) Book whose Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) were detailed (as) an Arabic (language) Recitation (Qur'an) for people who do know**.
Translation of: Ayah 1 - 3, Surat Fusilat (41:1-3).
* Pronounced Ha Meem. Arabic letters that do not make a word known in the Arabic language - the language of the Qur'an. From Allah's World of the Unseen. Nobody knows their true meaning. (Possibly they refer to a part in 'the Origin of the Book = Um AlKitab' from which specific Qur'anic lines (verses) were brought down to Prophet Muhammad by the Angel Gabriel. And Allah knows best.).
** Who do know that the Qur'anic lines can only be from Allah. The people of the Pre-Islamic Arabia were priding themselves of being eloquent in the Arabic language and the Arabic lanugage of the Qur'an (verses) surpassed their language capabilities.
Note: Please consider the following about only the Words and phrases of the Qur'an. (Source: 'Allah's Mathematical Miracles in the Qur'an' in the Book "Allah's Miracles in the Qur'an", by Harun Yahya, 2005)
- The statement of 'seven heavens' (saba'a samawaat) is repeated 7 times in the Qur'an.
- 'The creation of the heavens' (khalq al-samawat) is also repeated 7 times.
- Day (yawm) is repeated 365 times.
- Days (ayam and yawmayn) is repeated 30 times.
- Month (shahar) is repeated 12 times.
- Plant is repeated 26 times; Tree is repeated 26 times.
- Payment (payment or reward) is repeated 117 times and Forgiveness (maghfirah) is repeated 117x2=234 times.
- Say is repeated 332 times; They said is repeated 332 times.
- World (Dunyaa) is repeated 115 times, The Hereafter (Akhirah) is reated 115.
--- etc.
Words: Tanzeel = Sending down, Kitab = Book, Fusilat = Detailed, LiQawm = For people - For a community, Ya'lamoun = They do know.

Q: Who is the bringer of good news and warner against Hell as detailed in the Qur'an?

A: (Prophet Muhammad as) A bearer of good news (of Paradise) and a warner* (of Hell) but most of them turned away so they were not listening; And they said our hearts are under coverings** (concealed = fi akkinnah) from what you (Prophet Muhammad) are calling us and in our ears (there is) a cavity*** (heard of hearing) and between us and you a barrier so continue doing (your way) for we are doing****.
Translation of: Ayat 4 - 5, Surat Fusilat (41:4-5).
* The Prophet Muhammad as
a 'bearer of good news' and as a 'warner'.
** Mocking tone starts here.
*** How did the disbelievers become hard of hearing?
**** Heads of disbelievers do what they can to keep their status and way of disbelieving. For example the disbelievers against Prophet Shuaib.
Words: FaA'radha Akstharuhum = But most of them turned away, La yasma'oun = They do not hear, Quloubuna = Our hearts, Akinnah = Coverings - Veils, Hijab = Barrier, Fa'mel = Continue doing.

Q: How does one feel when he discovers at the time of death that it is too late to reconcile with Allah?

A: Say (command to Prophet Muhammad) consider if it (Qur'an) is* from Allah but then you rejected it as lies - (so) who can be more astray (more wrong = Adhallu) than who is in a far-away discord (Shiqaq)** (with Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 52, Surat Fusilat (41:52).
* On the Day of Judgement whatever is in the Qur'an will be proven to be true.
** No reconciliation ever.
Note: Remember that at the time of death it will be of no use announcing to be a believer. Neither will it be of use when the Day of Judgement or any of its Miraculous Signs arrive.
Words: Araytum = Consider - Think, Kafartum Bihi = Rejected it as lies, Adhallu = More astray, Shiqaq = Discord - Schism, Ba'eed = Far away.

Q: What is the only way to become guided on Allah's Straight Path (AlSirat AlMustaqeem) that leads to Paradise?
A: O people a Proof (= Burhan) (Prophet Muhammad) had already reached you from your God and We (Allah) sent down to you a fully developed (= Mubeen) Light (= Noor*); So those who believe in Allah and stick to it (The Light - The Qur'an)** so He (Allah) will admit them in Mercy (Allah's satisfaction) from Him and Favour (Bounty) and He will guide them towards Himself - a Straight Path***.
Translation of: Ayah 174 - 175, Surat AlNisa'. (4:174-175).
* Reference to the Qur'an.
** Stick (hold tight) to the Qur'an (refer to Surat AlImran).
*** AlSirat AlMustaqeem is a real Path that leads Straight to Paradise in the Other World.
Note: Light (= Noor) which Allah sent down in His Holy Books guide to Allah. Otherwise a person is in "darkness". (refer to Surat AlAhzab)
Words: Qed Ja'akum = Had already reached you, Burhan = Proof, Nooran = Light, Mubeena = Fully Developed - Explicit, E'tasamou Bihi = Stick to it - Adhere to it - Hold tight - Find protection - Find refuge, FaSaYudkhiluhum = So he will admit them, Rahmatin = Mercy, Fdhl = Favour, Siratan Mustaqeema = A Straight Path.

Q: Why do the majority of the world's Muslims (Sunni) follow the authenticated sayings (AlHadeesth also called AlSunnah) of the Prophet Muhammad after following the Qur'an?
A: O people (= AlNas) the Messenger (Prophet Muhammad) already reached you with the Truth from your God so do believe - it is better for you and if you disbelieve then indeed to Allah belongs whatever is in the Heavens and the earth and Allah is Ever All-Knowing All-Wise.
Translation of: Ayah 170, Surat AlNisa'. (4:170)
Note: Sunni Muslims (majority of Muslims) consider "Saheeh AlBukhari" by AlImam AlBukhari the most authentic book for the Prophet Muhammad's sayings (= hadeesth) or what we call Way of Life (Sunnah). See a list including other compilers. (Remember 'Hijri Islamic calendar' started 622 CE when the Prophet Muhammad migrated from Mecca to AlMadinah - Dates in Hijri Calendar have the letters (AH) indicating after the Hijra. Remember the Prophet Muhammad was born 570 CE.
Note: Shia Muslims (second majority of Muslims) use other hadeesth books.
Words: Ja'akum = Reached you, Khairan Lakum = Better for you, Takfurou = Disbelieve.

Q: The Qur'an is full with parables to make people understand Allah's Word and believe in Him but why people still do not believe?
Note: In life we provide examples to explain our point of view to make others agree with us.
A: And We (Allah) had detailed (repeated in different forms) for people in this Qur'an from every parable* yet most people refused but to be too much ungrateful (disbeliever).
Translation of: Ayah 89, Surat AlIsra' (also known as Surat Beni Israel). (17:89)
* An example of a parable.
Words: FaAba Illa = Refused but - Refused except - Insisted, Kufoura = too much ungrateful.

Q: What are two main job titles given by Allah to Prophet Muhammad?
A: With Truth We (Allah) sent it (Qur'an) down and with Truth it descended* and We (Allah) did not send you (Prophet Muhammad) except as a bearer of good news (of Paradise = Mubashirran) and a warner (of Hell = Natheera).
Translation of: Ayah 105, Surat AlIsra'. (Also known as Surat Beni Israel). (17:105).
Note: Nowadays in their many times per year religious celebrations about the Prophet Muhammad especially in non-Arab Muslim countries many Muslim sheikhs (religious leaders) spend hours performing qualifying description (= na't) of the Prophet Muhammad leaving aside the Prophet's main job titles (= basheer wa natheer) given by Allah and consequently leaving aside the Message that the "basheer" and "natheer" preached.
* What were the security measures for the Qur'anic Ayat when being revealed by Angel Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad?
Words: Anzalnahu = We sent it down, BilHaq = With Truth, Mubashirran = Bearer of good news, Natheera = Warner.

Q: What are the two acts that come before the act of mocking the Qur'an?
A: And no recent Reminder (Qur'anic Line) from the Most-Merciful reaches them but from it they were turning away; So they rejected (the Qur'an) as lies so (the result) soon the news of what they were mocking will reach them.
Translation of: Ayat 5 - 6, Surat AlShuara'. (26:5-6)
Words: Ya'teehim = Reaches them, Muhdasth = Recent - New, Kaththabou = They rejected as lies, Anba' = News.

Q: How do those who reject the Qur'an as falsehood attack the Qur'an?

A: (after they reject Allah's messengers as lies) Then the ending of those who committed bad deeds (= asa'ou) was the worst punishment (= alSuwwa')* that is because they rejected as lies Allah's Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) and they were mocking them.
Translation of: Ayah 10, Surat AlRoum. (30:10)
* The worst punishment (Hell). Source: Tafseer waBayan Mufridat AlQuran, in Arabic, page 405.
Note: Disbelieving in Allah and His Word is the biggest sin which brings about the severe punishment of Hell in the Other World. Other different sinners are punished differntly.
Words: Aqibat = Ending, Asa'ou = Worst punishment, AlSuwwa' = The worst punishment - Hell.

Q: Why does an understanding person reject the contents of the Qur'an as lies?
A: And those who rejected as lies Our (Allah's) Miraculous Signs (the Qur'anic Lines) and they turned arrogantly away* from them - those are the companions of the Fire (of Hell) - they are in it remaining for eternity.
Translation of: Ayah 36, Surat AlA'raf. (7:36)
* What is the Message of the Qur'an that they are turning away from?
Words: Kaththabou = They rejected as lies, Estakbarou Anha = They turned arrogantly away from them, Ashhab = Companions.

Q: What does Allah call those who do not believe in Him and his Word - the Qur'an?
Note: Please read first the translation of the preceding Lines 37 - 39 in Surat Yunus.
A: And from them (all people) who believe in it (the Qur'an) and from them who do not believe in it and your (Prophet Muhammad) God is Most Well-Knowing of the corrupters*..
Translation of: Ayah 40, Surat Yunus.
* Allah set the universe according to a just and fair balance based on submitting to Him as the One and Only God. Disbelieving in Allah which includes joining partner(s) with Allah shakes the balance so they are called corrupters (= Mufsideen).
Words: Yu'min = Believe, A'lam = Most Well-Knowing, BilMufsideen = Of the corrupters.

Q: What type of enemy are the disbelievers who oppose the Qur'an because of its Message of Allah as the One and Only God?
A: So indeed We (Allah) simplified* it (Qur'an) in your (Prophet Muhammad's) tongue (Arabic language) so that you give the good news to those who protect themselves (by fearing Allah = AlMutaqeen) and you warn with it (Qur'an) a people showing powerful enmity**
Translation of: Ayah 97, Surat Maryam. (19:97).
* What is the Major Message behind Allah's simplifying the Qur'an (Allah's Word) to humans? (refer to Surat AlQamar)
** Whom does the Qur'an mainly target in its warning and what is the Major Message of the Qur'an? (refer to Surat AlNahl)
Words: Yassarnahu = We simplified it - We facilitated it, BiLisanika = In your tongue - In your language, AlMutaqeen = Those who protect themselves by fearing Allah - Those who are God-mindful, Tunthira = And that you warn, Ludda = Showing powerful enmity.

Q: How does arrogance distract disbelievers from understanding the Qur'an?
A: And when Our (Allah's) Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) are recited to them with eye-opening proofs - those who disbelieved say to those who believed which side (you or us) is superior in status* and better in assembly*; (Allah answers them) And how many generations did We destroy before them - they were better in furnishing** and in outward looks**.
Translation of: Ayat 73 - 74, Surat Maryam. (19:73-74).
* Showing an arrogant attitude towards the believers.
** 'Asthath wa Ri'ya' refer to both internal and external affluence. For example.
Words: Itha Tutla = When recited, Bayyenat = With eye-opening proofs - Evidences - with Explaining Signs, Ayu AlFareeqain = Which side, Khair = Superior, Maqama = In status, Ahsanu = Beeter, Nadiyya = In assembly, Min qarn = Many generations, Ahsanu Asthastha = Better in furnishing, Ri'ya = Outward looks - Outward appearance.

Q: What was a reason behind the Prophet Muhammad not giving up the delivery of the Message of Allah?
A: (Command to Prophet Muhammad) So do put your trust in Allah for indeed you are upon the Explicit Truth.
Translation of: Ayah 79, Surat AlNaml.
Words: FaTawwakal = So do put your trust, AlHaqq =The Truth, Mubeen = Explicit - Fully developed - Unmistakable - Evident - that makes clear.

Q: If we summarize the Mission of the Qur'an what is it for the believers?
Note: Remember what the Mission of the Qur'an is for the People of the Book who had already received Allah's Scripture before the Qur'an. (note answer is in the preceding Ayah 76 in Surat AlNaml
A: And indeed it (Qur'an) is certainly a Right Guidance and a Mercy* for the believers (Muslims).
Translation of: Ayah 77, Surat AlNaml. (27:77)
* And --- is also a Mercy for mankind?
Words: LaHuda = Certainly a Right Guidance, Rahmah = A Mercy, LilMo'mineen = For the believers.

Q: How ignoring or rejecting the Qur'an intentionally can make one a companion of Hell?
Note: Please read first the translation of the preceding Line 104 in Surat AlMo'minoun.
A: Were My (Allah's) Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines 'Verses') not being recited to you so you were rejecting them as lies (= Tukaththiboun)*.
Translation of: Ayah 105, Surat AlMo'minoun. (23:105)
* Making oneself on purpose inattentive or unaware (= Ghafil) of the Qur'anic Verses can make him among the companions of Hell.
. Words: ALem Takun Tutla = Were not being recited, Tukaththiboun = Treating them as lies.

Q: When it comes to the Qur'an how can you tell that the person is clearly away from Allah's Path?
Note: Please remember that the preceding Line is about those who reject the Qur'an as lies. Line 105 in Surat AlMo'minoun.
A: They (companions of Hell) said our God our discord* (with Allah) got the better of us and we were people who strayed away (= Dhalleen); Our God take us out of it (Hell) and if we return (in discord) then we will indeed be transgressors (against Allah).
Translation of: Ayah 106 - 107, Surat AlMo'minoun. (23:106-107)
* 'Shiqwah = Shiqaq = Discord - Separation' and not 'Shaqwah = Misfortune'. Disbelieving in the Qur'an and its content places one in discord with Allah and thus straying away from Allah's Path. (note the same topic in this posting and in the linked one).
Words: Ghalabat Alayna = Took the better of us - Had mastery over us, Shiqwatuna = Our discord - Our schism - Our separation, Dhalleen = Who strayed away - Who were in the wrong, Akhrijna = Take us out, Udna = We returned, Dhalimoun = Transgressors - Who do injustice.

Q: What will be Allah's Answer to disbeliever's plea to be removed once only out of Hell?
Note: A true scene from the coming Day of Judgement.
Note: The translation of the preceding Lines 106-107 in Surat AlMo'minoun.
A: He (Allah) said (to companions of Hell) disgraced be in it and do not speak to Me; For there was a party* of My servants saying our God we believed so do grant us Forgiveness and be Merciful upon us and You are the Best of those who show mercy; So you made them an object of ridicule until their ridiculing made you forget My Remembrance (Message) and you were laughing at them; I indeed rewarded them today for what they persevered (were patient**) that they are the winners (of Paradise).
Translation of: Ayat 108 - 111, Seurat AlMo'minoun. (23:108-111)
* '= Fareeq'. Remember the saying of the Prophet Muhammad about how Muslims will be divided.
** Sheikh A. Hakim Quick from IIT, Toronto mentioned in the Friday Sermon (18 Nov 2016) (they were rewarded for being patient and Allah did not say for fasting, for praying and other forms of Allah's Worship.) It shows how much being patient is appreciated by Allah.
Words: Ekhsaou = Be disgraced - Remain disgraced, La Tukalimouni = Do not speak to Me, Fareeq,= A party - A group - A division, Erhamna = Be Merciful upon us, Fetekhathtomouhum Sikhriya = So you made them an object for ridicule Tadhhakoun = Laughing, Jazaytuhum = I rewarded them, Sabarou = They persevered - They were patient, AlFa'izoun = The winners.

Q: A warning for those who reject the Qur'an as lies: Why especially they should be aware of Allah?
A: And those who rejected as lies Our (Allah's) Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) We (Allah) will lure them gradually from where they do not know (anticipate); And I (Allah) will make them enjoy for quite a while for My Plotting is robust (firm).
Translation of: Ayah 182 - 183, Surat AlA'raf. (7:182-183)
Note: What aggravates the situation of luring?
Words: Kaththabou = Rejected as lies, La Ya'lamoun = They do not know.

Q: What is Allah's Challenge to those who claim the Qur'an is other than Allah's?
Note: Please read first the translation of the preceding Line 12 in Surat Hood.
A: Or do they say that he (Prophet Muhammad) fabricated* it - say (command to Prophet Muhammad) then bring about ten fabricated chapters (= Sowar) similar to it (Qur'an) and call in whoever you can (call = esta'tatum**) other than Allah if you were telling the truth
Translation of: Ayah 13, Surat Hood. (11:13)
* Not made up lies - rather what is the Qur'an?
** They can call in for this task even Jinn.
(A side note: It is understood from the Qur'an that some humans can make contacts only with bad Jinn (Satan and his followers).
Words: Eftarahu = He fabricated it - He invented lies - BiAshar = Ten, Sowar = Chapters, Edou = Call in.

Q: In case disbelievers fail in the challenge of bringing about verses similar to the Qur'an (Ayah 13 in Surat Hood translated above) what should they accept?
A: But if they do not answer* you (followers of the Qur'an) so do know (plural) that rather it (Qur'an) was sent down with Allah's Knowledge and that there is no god but He (Allah) so are you (then) going to be Muslims (submitting to Allah as the Only and One God).
Translation of: Ayah 14, Surat Hood. (11:14).
* Fulfill your request.
Words: Yastajeebou = Answer, Unzila = Sent down, Muslimoun = Submitting to Allah as the Only and One God.

Q: When it comes to the Qur'an how was the Prophet Muhammad's main duty to deliver it?
Note: Please read first the translation of the preceding Lines 32-34 in Surat Hood.
A: Or do they (disbelievers) say he (Prophet Muhammad) fabricated it (Noah's Narrative) - say (command to Prophet Muhammad) if I fabricated it then upon myself* is my sinning and I am innocent* of what sins you commit.
Translation of: Ayah 35, Surat Hood. (11:35)
* Allah is Who settles accounts.
Words: Eftarahu = He fabricated it - He made it up, Ijrami = My sinning, Tujrimoun = Sins you commit.

Q: What type of revelation was Prophet Noah's?
A: And it was revealed (= Ouwhiya)* to Prophet Noah that no one (else) from your people will believe except those who have already believed so do not be distressed by what they were doing.
Translation of: Ayah 36, Surat Hood. (11:36)
* Allah's Revelation to His messengers took different forms.
Words: FaLa Tabta'is = So do not be distressed - Do not suffer.

Q: What happens to those who recognize the Truth from Allah but refuse to acknowledge it?
Note: Two past specific strong communities with insight Allah remind people of their destruction.
A: Has the narrative of the soldiers reached you (Prophet Muhammad); Pharaoh* (= Phiroun) and Sthamud**.
Translation of: Ayat 17 - 18, Surat AlBurouj (85:17-18)
Note: They recognized the truth from Allah but refused to acknowledge it so they remained disbelievers and Allah annihilated them.
* Pharaoh (= Phiroun)
Note: Video Pharaoh's Pyramids.
** People of Sthamud
- people of Prophet Saleh (no 5 on "the Prophets' Map")
Note: Video The Towns of Saleh.
Words: Hadeesth = Hel Ataka = Has reached you, Narrative - Speech- Talk, AlJunoud = Soldiers - Forces.

Q: Considering the Qur'an, why is there no place for innovation (= Tajdeed) or innovators (= Mujaddiddeen) in Islam?
Note: Please read first above the translation of the preceding lines 17-18 in Suart AlBurouj.
A: Rather those who disbelieved continue to be in denial (of the Truth); And Allah from behind them is surrounding (them)*; Rather it is a Glorious Qur'an; In a Preserved Tablet** (in Heaven).
Translation of: Ayat 19 - 22, Surat AlBurouj (85:19-22).
* Allah surrounds everything with His Knowledge.
** No changes can be made to Allah's Message. According to the famous translator 'Abdullah Yusuf Ali' in 'The Holy Qur'an: English Translation of the Meanings and Commentary', page 1932: Allah's Message is not ephemeral (transient). It is eternal. The 'Tablet' is preserved or guarded from corruption.
Words: Fi Taktheeb = They continue to be in denial (of the Truth), Min Wara'ihim = From behind them, Muheet = Surrounding, Majeed = Glorious, Mahfoudh = Preserved - Well-guarded - Kept safe.

Q: How do you know if disbelievers listening to the Qur'anic Lines are hating them?
Note; Please read first the translation of the preceding Line 71 in Surat AlHajj.
A: And when Our (Allah's) Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) with eye-opening proofs (= Bayyenat) are being recited to them (disbelievers) you see on the faces of those who disbelieved objectionable action (hostility) - they nearly assault those who recite to them Our Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) - say (command to Prophet Muhammad) shall I then tell you what is worse than that of yours (your action) - the fire* (of Hell) - Allah had promised it to those who disbelieved and what a miserable ending.
Translation of: Ayah 72, Surat AlHajj. (22:72)
* Allah's Hatred is bigger than the hatred shown by disbelievers.
Words: Tutla = Are being recited, Bayyenat = Eye-opening proofs, Ta'rifu = You see, AlMunkar = Objectionable action, Yakadoun = Nearly - Are about, Yastoon = Assault - Attack violently, BiShar = What is worse, Wa'adaha = Had promised, Bi'sa = What a miserable.

Q: Why are we commanded to protect ourselves by fearing Allah and His Punishment?
A: And when it is said to them protect yourselves (by fearing Allah) in what is in front of* you and what is behind* you so that you may receive Mercy (of Allah)**; And no Miraculous Sign (indicative of Allah = Qur'anic Line) reached them except they were from it turning away.
Translation of: Ayat 45 - 46, Surat YaSeen. (36:45-46)
* Comprehensive protection from all sides and at all times.
Remember Satan comes to man from every side to delude him.
** The answer is they reject as explained in the next Ayah (46).
Words: Ettaqou = Protect yourselves (by fearing Allah), Bayna Aydeekum = What what is in front of you, Ma Khalfakum = What is behind you, La'alakum Turhamoun = So that you may receive Mercy, Mu'ridoun = Turning away.

Q: What will happen to all humans without most of them willing for it?
A: Indeed The One Who imposed the Qur'an on you (Prophet Muhammad) is certainly going to take you back to a promised returning place* - say (command to Prophet Muhammad) my God knows best who brings forth guidance (becomes on Allah's Path) and who is in a clear straying away (away from Allah's Path)
Translation of: Ayah 85, Surat AlQasas. (28:85)
* Prophet Muhammad is being promised here of a return to his birth place 'Mecca' also a return to the Other World (which starts with a resurrection). Source: Tafseer Ibn Kastheer, volume 3, pages 590-591. (Remember Adam was born in another world and was cast down to earth when he disobeyed Allah).
Note: A part of the Qur'an being a miracle is that its Miraculous Signs (= Ayat) refer to specific incidents that happened in life while they have also a general connotation or also they refer to the Other World.
Note: The translation of the succeeding Lines.
Words: Faradha = Imposed, LaRaduka = Is certainly going to take you back, Ma'ad = Promised returning place, Ja'a = Brings forth - Performs, Mubeen = Clear - Unmistakable.

Q: If you think there is discrepancy (inconsistency) in the Qur'an what should you do?
A: So will they not contemplate the Qur'an and if it were from other than Allah then certainly they would have found in it a lot of inconsistency.
Translation of: Ayah 82, Surat AlNisa'. (4:82)
Words: Yatadabbaroun = Contemplate - Reflect on - Study, Ikhtilaf = Inconsistency - Discrepancy, Kastheeran = A lot of.

Q: Why was Prophet Muhammad - an Arab sent as a Messenger (and not any other non-Arab person) to call to Islam first the Arabs around Allah's Holy House in Mecca?
Note: Allah had dictated that the Qur'an should be in Arabic language. Remember the Qur'an was sent as a miracle to surpass any human writing or saying. (In 'Hint')
A: And if We (Allah) had sent it (Qur'an in Arabic) down upon any of non-Arabs (foreigners); So he recited it (in Arabic) upon them (polythesits of Mecca then) they would have not been in it believers.
Translation of: Ayat 198 - 199, Surat AlShuara'. (26:198-199)
Note: Prophet Abraham (Ibraheem), his wife "Sarah" and his nephew "Lut" were saved from what is called Iraq now to the land known then as "Bilad AlSham". (Read in Surat AlAnkaboot).
Prophet 'Lut' settled (separate from Prophet Abraham) in "AlMo'tafikah" (= "the cities turned upside down" near the dead sea). Source: Ex-Mufti of Egypt in "Safwat AlBayan LiMa'ani AlQur'an, in Arabic, page 418.
Prophet Lut, (a foreigner in a new land) was sent to his people in the cities including Sodom and Gomorrah. The people there rejected him. After that Allah did not send any prophet but in the tongue of his people. Source will be added insha Allah later.
Words: Nazzalnahu = We sent it down, Ba'dh AlA'jameen = Any of non-Arabs - Any foreigner, FaQara'ahu = So he recited it, Ma Kanou = They would have not been, BiHi = In it, Mo'mineen = Believers.

Q: When will a disbeliever who is told about the Qur'an and rejects it as lies, really believe in it?
A: In this way We (Allah) inserted it (disbelieving) into the hearts of the sinners*; That they will not believe in it (Qur'an) until they see the painful punishment (in life and/or Day of Judgement).
Translation of: Ayat 200 - 201, Surat AlShuara'. (26:200-201)
* Criminals in Allah's Court on the Day of Judgement.
An example of fake excuses that disbelievers make to reject the Qur'an. (in Surat AlHijr)
Words: Kathalika = In this way, Salaknahu = We inserted it, Quloub = Hearts.

Q: What is a main characteristic of Allah's punishment in this life and the nearing Day of Judgement which is full of punishment from the beginning?
A: So it (punishment) will reach them suddenly while they are unaware* (of it).
Translation of: Ayah 202, Surat AlShuara'. (26:202)
* For example earthquakes. (in Surat AlAn'am)
Words: Baghtah = Suddenly, La Yashuroun = They are unaware - Not aware.

Q: Do you know whose punishment disbelievers are challenging Allah to bring on them in this life? (Believers get afraid from even bringing it to mind.)
Note: Please read first above the translation of the preceding Lines in Surat AlShuara'.
A: (When Allah's punishment starts) Then they will say can we be given more time; (Allah warns) Are they then (before the punishment) asking for Our (Allah's) Punishment to be hastened?!
Translation of: Ayat 203 - 204, Surat AlShuara'. (26:203-204)
Note: Besides earthquakes, especially pay attention to the WIND. (in Surat AlAhqaf)
Words: Hel Nahnu Mundharoun = Can we be given more time, Yaste'jiloun = Asking to be hastened, Hastening - Asking to come sooner.

Q: When the Qur'an was being revealed to Prophet Muhammad how was it interactive with the community in Arabia then?
A: And if We (Allah) substituted a Miraculous Sign (Qur'anic Verse) in place of another Miraculous Sign (Qur'anic Verse) and Allah is Most-Knowing of what He was sending down they (disbelievers) said indeed you (Prophet Muhammad) are one who fabricates lies (Allah answers) rather most of them do not know*.
Translation of: Ayah 101, Surat AlNahl. (16:101)
* Most of them are ignorant about this matter.
For example Ayah 219 in Surat AlBaqarah mentioned there is some benefits in alcohol but the harm in it outweighs the benefits.
When people became psychologically ready, Ayah 90 in Surat AlMa'idah was descended making the consumption of alcohol completely forbidden (= haram).
Words: Baddalna = We substituted - We replaced, Makana = In place of, A'lam = Most Knowing, Muftarin = One who fabricates lies, Aksharuhum = Most of them.

Q: What is the responsibility of the Arabs since the Qur'an is in the Arabic language?
A: A L R* - those are the Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) of the Unmistakable Book (the Qur'an); Indeed We (Allah) sent it as an Arabic Qur'an so that you may use your brains (show maturity)**.
Translation of: Ayat 1 - 2, Surat AlNahl. (12:1-2)
* Pronounced Alif Lam Ra'. Arabic letters that do not make a word known in the Arabic language - the language of the Qur'an. From Allah's World of the Unseen. Nobody knows their true meaning. (Possibly they refer to a part in 'the Origin of the Book = Um AlKitab' from which specific Qur'anic Lines (Verses) were brought down to Prophet Muhammad by Angel Gabriel. And Allah knows best.) ** = La'alakum Ta'qiloun. So that you may realize and understand it.
A Side Note: The Ayah is a Reminder for those who sow seeds of hatred among Muslims and separate instead of unite Prophet Muhammad's Nation (= Ummat Muhammad) as what appended today (26/6/2015) in an Arab country known to be peaceful.
Note: Remember Allah's Command about brotherhood in Islam (all Muslims). (in Surat AlImran)
Remember Islamic history about "AlKhawarij"
in Islam (In the reference 'Wikipedia.org': "The Kharijites were particularly noted for adopting a radical approach to Takfir").
Words: AlKitab = The Book, AlMubeen = The Unmistakable - The Well-Developed - The Manifest, Ta'qiloun = Use your brains - Show maturity - Use your reason - Realize.

Q: What shows that the majority of disbelievers are "biased" people?
Note: The definition on google: Biased: Unfairly prejudiced for or against someone or something.
A: And no Miraculous Sign (Qur'anic Line = Ayah) from the Mirculous Signs (= Ayat) of their God reaches them (disbelievers) except that they were from it turning away*.
Translation of: Ayah 4, Surat AlAn'am. (6:4)
* How do disbelievers turn away from the Qur'an. (in Surat AlAn'am)
Note: Translation of the succeeding Ayah 5 in Surat AlAn'am.
Words: Ma Ta'teehim = Does not reach them, Mu'ridheen = Turning away.

Q: What would disbelievers at the time of Prophet Muhammad have said if Allah sent down the Qur'an as A PHYSICAL BOOK and not revealed verbally to Prophet Muhammad through the Angel Gabriel?
Note: Many disbelievers believe in only what they can see, hear and touch with their physical senses. Otherwise they disbelieve in it.
A: And if We (Allah) sent down to you (Prophet Muhammad) a Scripture in paper then they touched it with their hands those who disbelieved certainly would have said this is only well developed magic.
Translation of: Ayah 7, Surat AlAn'am. (6:7)
Note: The translation of the succeeding Line 8 in Surat AlAn'am.
Words: Kitaban = A Book - A Scripture, Fi Qirtas = In paper - In parchment, FaLamasouh = So they touched it, Sihr = Magic.

Q: What is the underlining Message of the Qur'an?
A: And this (Qur'an) is a Scripture We (Allah) sent it down Blessed Confirming what (Holy Books) came before it* and (command to Prophet Muhammad) to warn** the Mother of the Towns (Mecca*** = Umm AlQura) and whoever around it - and those who believe in the Other World believe in it (the Qur'an) and they keep up their prayers.
Translation of: Ayah 92, Surat AlAn'am. (6:92)
* There is no Holy Book from Allah after the decent of the Qur'an from Allah.
** Prophet Muhammad was a warner (refer to Surat Saad)
and the Qur'an is full with warnings. (refer to Surat AlQamar).
*** Mecca was also known by some other names. (see the Etymology section on Mecca on a Wikipedia page) Note: Pictures of Mecca.
Note: Muslims' long greeting to one another: Peace be upon you and Allah's Mercy and His Blessings (= Assalamu Alaykum WaRahmatullahi WaBarkatuhu).
Words: Kitab = Scripture - Book, Umm AlQura = Mother of the towns - Mother of the settlements, BilAkhirah = In the Other World - in the Hereafter, Yuhafidhoun = Keep up - Perform.

Q: What is the Main Message of Allah's Revelation (the Qur'an)?
A: (Command to Prophet Muhammad) Follow what is revealed to you from your God there is no god but He (Allah) - and turn away from the polytheists*.
Translation of: Ayah 106, Surat AlAn'am. (6:106)
* Who join any type of god with Allah. Remember people of Arabia at the time of Prophet Muhammad were polytheists. They knew from their ancestors about Allah from the time of Prophet Ishmael (Ismaeel or Ismail in Arabic)). But they joined many other human made gods with Allah.
Note: Who lures to such polytheist practice? (in Surat AlNahl)
Words: Etabe' = Follow, A'ridh = Turn away - Leave alone, AlMushrikeen = Polytheists - Who worship any god with Allah.

Q: Why should Muslims not go out of their way to persuade polytheists to give up joining any partner with Allah?
A: And if Allah willed* they (polytheists) would not have joined any partner (= Ma Ashrakou) - and We (Allah) did not appoint you (Prophet Muhammad) to keep watch over them neither are you in charge of them.
Translation of: Ayah 107, Surat AlAn'am. (6:107)
* Remember who willfully strays away from Allah's Path, Allah does not guide him and leaves him in his straying. (in Surat AlQasas)
Words: Ma Ja'alnaka = We did not appoint you, Hafeedha = To keep watch, Wakeel = Charge of - Guardian.

Q: What proves that the Qur'an has its Original Narratives even though the Bible as Allah's Previous Holy Book narrates similar ones?
Note: Please read first the translation of the preceding Line 249 and Lines 250-251 in Surat AlBaqarah about the Narrative of 'King Talut = Saul in the Bible'.
A: Those are the Miraculous Signs (Qu'ranic Lines) of Allah We (Allah) recite them to you (Prophet Muhammad) with Truth and indeed you (Prophet Muhammad) are certainly (one) of those who were sent as messengers.
Translation of: Ayah 252, Surat AlBaqarah. (2:252)
Words: Natlouha = We recite them, BilHaqi = With Truth, LaMina = Certainly of those who were sent as messengers.

Q: Who will be among the group that will be going to Hell?
A: And those who rejected Our Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) as lies are the companions of the Left Side; On them is a closing in (in a confined space = Mu'ssadah*) Fire.
Translation of: Ayat 19 - 20, Surat AlBalad. (90:19-20)
* How will Hellfire close in on the companions of Hell? (refer to Surat AlHumazah)
Note: The translation of the preceding Lines 1-18 in Surat AlBalad. (Some translation words are edited today)
Words: Kaththabou = Rejected as lies - Disbelieved, AlMash'amah = The Left Side, Mu'ssadah = Closing in - Shutting in - Engulfing.

Q: Some people who do not have comprehensive and thorough understanding of the Qur'an and claim the Qur'an is taken from the Bible how are they refuted in the Qur'an itself?
Note: Please read first the translation of the preceding Ayat 99-102, and Ayah 103, and Ayah 104 in Surat AlAn'am.
A: And thus We (Allah) detail (repeat in different forms) the Miraculous Signs (Qur'anic Lines) and let them (disbelievers) say you (Prophet Muhammad) had learnt* (not from Angel Gabriel) and so that We (Allah) make it clear to people who gain insight (understand).
Translation of: Ayah 105, Surat AlAn'am. (6:105)
* Prophet Muhammad was accused of learning the Qur'an from a foreigner and not from Angel Gabriel. Allah refuted their claim. (Refer to Surat AlNahl).
What is repeated in the Qur'an for example? (refer to Surat Taha)
Words: Darasta = You learnt, LiNubayyinahu = So that We make it clear - explain it, Ya'lamoun = They gain insight - They understand.

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